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Luna Harman

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a character in “Night World (6 SPOTS OPEN!)”, as played by LittleRedDucky






Luna is a lithe, young bodied girl. She has creamy skin, a fragile bone structure and small face. Her hair falls in wavy tresses down to her waist, it’s moonlight colour mesmerizing and quite beautiful. She has dark eyes that can be mistaken for black, when they are in actual fact an incredibly deep violet.

Age and Circle:

Luna is Eighteen years old, she’s young and beautiful and has come of age at a time where traditions are on the verge of being sacrificed for the distraught times ahead. She has naturally chosen Circle Day-break, following the Inner circle and many other witches, but feels amiss amongst the Day-Breakers.

Personality and Bio:

Luna is a young witch, growing up in the centre of a war. She’s gone from being taught to never whisper a suggestive word in a single human ear to living beside humans at Circle Day-break. Grandmother Harman is dead, everybody is moving up in the Inner circle leaving the Maiden position wide open. She’s loyal to the Inner circle, but questions everything that is happening around her. The world is quite literally unravelling with the Dragons rumoured to be awake, the Night-world split in two and the soul-mate-principle catching on like a deadly virus. Struggling with all these things is only half of it for Luna, she’s also battling the natural process of growing up and a virus of a different kind that is slowly devouring her sight.

Luna is an interesting girl, she hasn’t got a good or bad side because she can easily see from both sides of the fence. She’ll never commit to being good and she’ll never rule out being bad. She’s balanced at the moment but could easily take a turn for the worst. She worries about a lot of things that are out of her control and are above her station. She wants to put everything straight but doesn’t have the tools to.

She has her ego and pride to maintain and has a principle to always stay true to herself if no one else. She feels under pressure to develop her powers in order to fight and is frightened of killing the witches who have remained with Circle Midnight.

Luna is aware of her powers, she can feel how powerful she could be and worries the Inner Circle can feel it too, sometimes her nature feels dark and other times it feels light. Either way Luna worries she’s more powerful than she should be and may be dragged into the Inner Circle as Maiden. She’s also losing her sight in one eye which makes her even more convinced she falling into Aradia’s old shoes.

Like I said before Luna worries a lot. She’s a strong-willed girl with an awful lot on her mind. She doesn’t like the Vampires for creating such a rift between her and her sisters, she even holds a grudge against those at Circle Day-break feeling they cannot be trusted. She suspects the shape shifters and werewolves are acting as tools to whoever has the best bet on winning. She hopes it’s not true.

So begins...

Luna Harman's Story


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#, as written by thech

To all inhabitants of the Night World,

It has come to our attention of the rising rate of incidents whereby our identity as creatures of the Night World, have been compromised. Most of this incidents, have been linked to the foolish idea of soulmates.

Let me warn you, the Night World council will have no tolerance for this, as there is no such thing. Maintain your distance from the humans and NEVER let your true nature be discovered by these mortals. We, as the council, speak on behalf of the First House of Shapeshifters and for the safety of all vampires, witches, shapeshifters and werewolves.

Brothers and sisters, mind your actions. Do not be naive to think that the humans will understand or accept us. It is in their nature to be hostile to anything that is different. When you allow your identities to be discovered, you not only jeopardize yourself, but the rest of the Night World.

Order must prevail,

The Night World Council

The Council and the First House are in panic. There is an uprising and they can feel it. For centuries, the authorities of the Night World have managed to maintain power, preaching pure breed races and socialization and community within one race. It has been a social norm in the Night World for creatures to alienate themselves from other races and rivalries between races are accepted and sometimes encouraged in certain communities. Such rivalries occurs especially between vampires and werewolves, witch and shapeshifters.

However, the has been a strange force around. It is described like an invisible silver cord that urges and binds two people together, regardless of race. This is the soulmate principle.

The Council is currently trying to put an end to this. The more crossbreeds there are, the more chances of an alliance and eventually a revolution.

Will your character succumb to the force of the soulmate principle? Or will they hold strong and maintain their class pride?