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Ender Lightblade

I want stop, not untell I can return the light to this wrold.

0 · 183 views · located in Post Apocalyptic Earth.

a character in “Nightfall”, as played by dimon lord


Name: Ender Lightblade
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Weight: 190lb
Element: wind/ sub lightning
Abilities: super speed, wind manipulation, super swordsman.
Special Ability: Future site - Able to see a few seconds into the future making him able alter event's manly allowing him to doge deadly blow's.

Ender lost everything when the eternal night came, ever since then he has trained his body to incredible incredible standard's to the point were his speed is much faster than almost every monster there is. When he lost his family he took up his father's Katana and survived by it's blade but that was not all. Ender was blessed with an eye that allowed him to see what was going to happen in the near future as well as the ability to manipulate the wind around him

So begins...

Ender Lightblade's Story

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Character Portrait: Rohan Character Portrait: Ender Lightblade
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Ender was walking back into camp when he saw a pack of monsters charge in from the other side. Ender moved with inhuman speed and saw monsters surrounding a woman who looked like she just took a shower. Without hesitating Ender charged into the pack faster than most could react. Hehacked and slashed killing about 8 of the beast before he broke thought the line and quickly moved to the women's side "Are you ok" he asked as he positioned his feet so he could react at a moments notice. Ender looked at the monsters. they seemed to be low lvl monsters that reproduced quickly. At there lvl it would be eazy to kill them off but the problem was the others. The monsters formed up and looked like they were about to pounce

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Character Portrait: Ender Lightblade
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"Names Ender." he said as he looked around too see that there was even more monsters gathering in the camp. The monsters were quickly overwhelming the normal men. From his time out in the field he new that these tip of monsters normally had an Alpha witch controlled and summon more of the smaller monsters, He called these monsters scynaps they were stronger and bigger than normal ones.

The monsters made there move. They charged in slashing at Ender with there claws witch Ender dodged and attacked back with his sword killing a few of the best. Everything turned purple. A claw when though Enders chest ripping out his heart. Ender gasped as he he came back to reality after seeing the future. Ender sidestep the claw that would have killed him and grabbed the doctor and jumped into the air and started hovering. looking though the ever growing pack of beast below him he could not see the scynaps monster, if he could kill it the pack would disperse. "Can you see a larger one of these monsters in that pack? we need to kill it or we will be overrun in minutes"