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Kate Harris

"Me freakin ow"

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a character in “Nine Lives To Live”, as played by fictiondoc


[size=146][i]Kate Harris


Role Girl # _?_


DescriptionAt five foot ten, Kate is a tall girl, her hair is light brown and about shoulder lenght, her eyes are a light green. She is a tom boy and hates dressing up, her normal attire is jeans and depending on the day, either a tank top or a shirt with some sports team logo on it, she likes to keep her hair up in a pony tail.

Cat Eyes


Personality: Kate has always been a carefree person, she lives life as it comes. If there is a problem she will address it, otherwise she minds her own business, she is cautious at times. She likes to cut up and laugh, many call her aggressive and she is, whether it's sports or academics, she likes to win. She is loyal to her friends and hates seeing people get hurt, even when she has played sports, you better have a reason, other wise she will tell you what she thinks.

History Kate was found on the doorstep of a orphan home one cold night, all the people inside found with her was a note with her name and a golden necklace. Kate lived at the home for seven years, she never knew about her parents, only that whoever left her on the step left her the necklace. She was adopted by a older couple named Lily and Jim Harris, Lily a teacher and Jim a baseball coach, they were thrilled to bring Kate into their home. They were her mom and dad from that point on. Years went by and Kate enjoyed have a family, she spent her Saturdays with Jim at the baseball field, and soon was playing along with the guys. Life was good. That is until a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday. Kate had decided to go for a night run, everything went fine till she was heading home and had to cross a street. At first glance everything was clear, so she moved to cross. She didn't see the black sedan coming around the corner until it hit her. The impact broke her leg, and sent her flying up into the air, unto the hood of the car and back down the back bumper. She hit the pavement, blood covered her face and clothes. The black car sped away. Kate watched as her world faded away to nothing, her heart stop beating and her lungs held no breath.

Someone in a nearby house heard a noise and happened to look out seeing Kate unmoving on the street, the old lady called 911 and soon the paramedics were there. Kate had been laying there for five minutes not breathing and bleeding. Everyone thought she was dead, as the paramedic lifted his fingers from her throat, ready to call her death, Kate gasped and grabbed his arm. Her eyes flashed a bright green then returned to normal. The paramedic's looked on the shock as the young girl opened her eyes and looked around. All she could say was that her head hurt and she needed to call her parents. At the hospital, the doctors told the Harris's that their daughter was perfectly fine except for a few bumps and scrapes. It was a miracle that she was even alive after getting hit by a car. The police filed the report as a accident, but Kate had a feeling it wasn't that. Her life changed then, she could hear things better, run faster than ever before and her sense of smell was insane, also her eyes could change when ever she wanted. Oh and now there were people trying to kill her.

OtherKate has a big fear of small spaces

So begins...

Kate Harris's Story