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Aerithra N'vael

0 · 494 views · located in Icemoor - The Polar Abode

a character in “Nineve: The Age of Men”, as played by Kiyokojordie


Aerithra ‘Aerith’ N’vael




The Spear of Konan, a magic encased spear forged throughout ages before Aerithra’s time, passed down from generations of the N’vael line. Containing a small deep blue ice-like gem on the very tip of the weapon, the blade of the spear is created from the very ice of the gems powers.

-Aerithra is able to weld very basic ice magic, enveloping things in frost. From this, she creates the tip of her spear into a cold and sharp point, allowing her to hunt or fish.
While this ability comes in handy, it cannot work in too hot conditions and she cannot use her icy skill without her spear.

-Able to stay completely still for long periods of time, this ability makes her an efficient fisher.


When Aerithra was only of the age of 6 and her brother 12, their uncle and aunt passed with a terrible sickness, leaving Aerith’s cousin, Chaeth in the care of her family. This would be the start of a wondrous sisterhood and friendship to shape both Aerithra and Chaeth’s lives.

It was only 5 years later when the two girls were out fishing with Bolton and Demetrie, watching her father teach her elder brother how to weld The Spear of Konan in all it’s effectiveness. Aerith had taken a liking to the spear, but knew better than to take a noticeable interest, for the firstborn in the line of N’veal was the one to weld it and had been the case for generations past and generations to come. She didn’t question this fact, but Chaeth did, and it was on this very day that Chaeth suggested for Aerithral to hold the spear.

It was the irritation of Demetrie that caused this suggestion, for the girls were tired of seeing him unable to fully harness the power of the spear. He was already of age and yet no sign of control was evident. The girls knew that they, too, were growing nervous but there was nothing to be done but patience.

Aerithral, of course, denied Chaeth’s remark and didn’t think of it until she was 16 years old, when the fights of a Dravasha entered many of the Balt’s lives. Bolton and Demetrie went off to fight with their king and, as few of the men had told Esriline, Bolton was injured during battle. Shouting for Demetrie to weld the spear and destroy the Dravasha killer, in the end Aerithral’s brother could not, bringing the end to their father’s life.

Demetrie threw the spear onto the ground in anger when he returned home, giving up his determination and claiming that The Spear of Konan had come to the end of it’s life. Chaeth, on the other hand, did not believe so and gave it to Aerithral to hold.

Despite her reluctance, she finally grasped it firmly in her hand and almost instantly the gem on the end lit up and created a strong, sharp blade, confirming that Aerithral was the welder of their generation.
Demetrie, hurt and astonished, attempted to murder Aerithral in a fit of rage when he found out, but failed when their mother entered the room. As if in command, her brother left Icemoor never to return again. Even now, they are unsure of his health, as the family of N’veal have not heard from him ever since that day.

After those events, Aerithral and Chaeth frequently hunted together to provide food for the household and friends. Only a few weeks ago was Aerithral on call for battle alongside the king for a dangerous skirmish and she watched the king become captured, not able to do anything as she had been wounded during battle.

Trying to recover but also wanting to help in Icemoor’s recent plans to free the king, she finds herself discussing with Chaeth about the distressing situation that the Balt race are in.


Aerith’s runic tattoo lies on her chest, the opposite side of her heart. However, it is the heart of her abilities to some degree.
She contains no scars and her skin seems ageless, just one of the many traits of one who welds The Spear of Konan.

Mother: Esriline N'veal
Father: Bolton N'veal son of Gandeth. [Deceased]
Older brother: Demetrie N'veal son of Bolton [Missing]
Uncle: Petyr N'veal son of Gandeth [Deceased]
Aunt: Sahnea N'veal [Deceased]
Cousin (Sister): Chaeth N'veal

Alliance: Nineve


So begins...

Aerithra N'vael's Story

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Noon came in bright that day. The weather was one of rarities, for no clouds hung in the sky like bad news--none but the usual walls surrounding Icemoor in the sky, clouds that indicated snow fell rapidly during the night and so there was no escape, not that Aerithral minded by any means.
She was quite fond of the cold, in fact she found it rather suffocating when the cabins were too warm from roaring fires, but the sunlight was a welcome guest, especially since the recent events that had happened, events that had been shadowing the mood of Icemoor in a colder, more barren way than the area it was placed upon.

But there she sat, stuck indoors since the cursed injury that had since plagued her mind with remorse. In fact, sometimes she hardly felt the pain in her side at all, it was only the regret of carelessness on the battlefield that wounded her; pride, to be precise.
Chaeth had asked her what had happened a few days after Aerithra had been admitted to the emergency ward, but she could give no proper answer, for she had none. All that she could remember was that she was fighting a young, struggling Mayyssus who seemed to be far too inexperienced to be on the battlefield, and so she took her eyes off him for a moment, confident that he could not hit her by any means. She would've liked to have said she was distracted by seeing the king struggling greatly, but it was only when the Mayyssus boy had struck her in the side of her waist when she saw the king in his struggle. And that was it, she was out.
Of course, the kind cousin of Aerith's had consoled her: 'It was not your fault' and 'It was your first true battle'. But Aerithral know that she was far to cocky for her own good at times, especially with the ability to wield The Spear of Konan.

The injury had not seriously harmed her, but it did keep her in bed for quite some time and she was growing tired, the only saving grace being Chaeth's daily visits. She would of liked to have said her mothers, Esriline's, visits too, but they were filled with worry and coddling in which only made Aerithral grow more restless.

Chaeth told her not only moments ago that the defenses of Icemoor were planning a state of search and attack for the king, something in which the two girls saw as foolish. Spies had attempted to have been sent into Lorcliff, but the Mayyssus guards were on edge, so it made things incredibly difficult. Then, what was the only option? A plan of attack?
Honestly, she thought, there had to be a better and smarter way. Balt's were a strong, hearty race, but sometimes they made brash decisions. It only made sense, though, why Aerith was sometimes brash herself.

"Do you think," Chaeth began, shaking Aerithral out of her thoughts, "That maybe this was their plan all along? I mean, maybe they're ready to strike when our defenses are low."
Aerith considered, it was a possibility, "I don't think they want to cause that much grief. Aren't we supposed to be banding together against Quokim? Unless the foolishness of men has dramatically increased while Ive been stuck indoors."
The cousin laughed, and muttered out loud, "The foolishness of mankind has never changed."

The two smiled and sat in silence, surrounded by their thoughts while the bright sun crept in, until once again Chaeth spoke with another quizzical look about her.
"What if it's true what the Balt men are going on about? About there being followers of the Dragon within higher ranks, even leaders?" she spoke of this quietly, it was almost voodoo to speak of this, but Aerithral wondered it herself.
"Who knows," pausing, Aerithral wanted to escape the topic. It was too much to think about, "As long as I get better soon I don't really care."

They laughed, but curtly stopped when one of the medical staff approached them.
"You may just get that wish, Ms. N'vael. The doctor said you are allowed to go outside today, but only very quickly and to take it slow." the woman gave them a stern look and walked hurriedly to another patient.
"Quickly but slowly?" Chaeth giggled.

Aerith's spirits rose almost a mile. Turning to Chaeth and giving her the most positive look she had been able to muster since the incident, she stated happily:
"Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it."