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Nineve: The Age of Men

Plains of Nineve


a part of Nineve: The Age of Men, by Beach-Born-Boy.

The Plains of Nineve

Beach-Born-Boy holds sovereignty over Plains of Nineve, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Dotted with mountains and scarred by years of war, the Plains of Nineve are almost entirely inhospitable. Once a lush landscape with all that any would need, it became the battlefield of great powers during the first War of Nineve, when the Giants forced the Dragons from their land. Only recently have areas of the land begun to repair themselves and at a slow rate, with the only safe place for Men being their grand palace, The Acropolis.
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Plains of Nineve

The Plains of Nineve


Plains of Nineve is a part of Nineve.

3 Places in Plains of Nineve:

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Roland Blackblood King [1] "We should just kill them and be done with it....No they might still have use and killing them will solve nothing."

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#, as written by Ulfunn
Two weeks after the battle against the Balts is when Roland started started his expedition for Torun which lays in ruins as he walks. He couldn't help but to smile thinking of his families sword hidden somewhere within those ruins among with other forgotten treasures. The blade he was looking for has sat in Torun for so long its name has been forgotten by man and only his family texts gave prove of the swords location as well as his claim in searching for it. The confirmation wasn't hard to get it was making his opponent back down in also searching The Ruined Torun. Roland remembered the event's as if they happened yesterday but in fact the dual took place the day after the battle against the Balts.

Roland walked into the mans loft Victor was his name much older than Roland which made Victor dangerous among his own people. In the other races the older the weaker you become however among the Mayyssus the older a man becomes the more knowledge he contains and among his people knowledge was or leads to power. Roland knew this was foolish challenging an elder not only was it was against he peoples beliefs but a young man has never challenged an elder and live. Roland was still going to challenge him though Roland was the grand son of The Dragonslayer as his grandfather was so claimed to be but all that was found was a dead dragon and no sign of his grandfather. His grandfather was seen around the dragon but when he was searched for he was not found.

Victor was sitting there reading a book and when Roland walked to him he saw Victors eyes flash black "What do you want boy? I told I will not deal with you I am going to Torun and I will not share my glory with a pup." Roland stood tall his own eyes turn red and his face seemed to become darker as if a hood covered his face "We challenge Victor our souls are within agreement." Roland's eyes then turned sky-blue "May our knowledge guild us." Victor looked at the young boy and his eyes flashed two colors and he said in a voice that sounded like many "We accept."

Victor led Roland down the tunnels and deep into the cliff side and into a large arena that was underground like the lofts the arena was decorated with the rare minerals found within the mines. The arena however was the grandest of all. No loft as yet been created to be as wonderful as the arena. In the seats was the witnesses Gortun and some man Victor decided to watch the dual to confirm death and to see that the dual would be fair as in there is only one person dueling than the other. Victor and Roland knew the terms of the dual and what happens when one dies. Everything of the deceased would belong to the living. The family of the dead become slaves to the living such has been the way of the dual since the Arena was created. The bell above the arena ground rung the dual as begun.

Victor summoned lightning to his hands and in a powerful bolt hurled it towards Roland who put his hand out grabbed the magical energy and with enormous effort threw the lightning aside. His eyes turned blue unlike his opponent whose eyes were now pure black. Roland summoned fire to his hand and then by putting more energy into the fire it grew until the flame had to be held with two hands meanwhile Victor was casting a summoning spell to summon a spectral defender that would harm Roland as well as defend its summoner. Roland released his giant flame and a massive pillar of flame came at Victor the spectral defender charged at Roland and Victor attempted to block the full force of the flame pillar but then the magical shield Victor summoned broke and he was only able to keep half of the flame from harming him. The spectral defender rammed Roland to a wall mean while Victor was trying to put out the flame. Roland was still pinned to the wall when Victor recovered with a shout of a command Victors summoned creature took its hand and drove it into Roland. At the moment Roland felt his blood spill he felt his soul change his eyes turned red and grabbing the spectral being he removed the hand from his body and pushed the being away. Blow his feet Roland's blood moved it was not noticeable but has Roland stood there his was really moving his blood towards Victor the sudden pause from Roland confused Victor long enough for the blood to reach its goal then in a sudden hand movement up his blood sent solid spikes upward impaling Victor. When the spikes retreated Victors body laid over and using a healing spell Roland healed himself.

Roland looked at the vast plains seeing the parts that recovered and in the distance the part of the Plains that still remained hostile to men. Roland remember he didn't have any trouble with the second witnesses to the dual with a bribe of the deceased wife in exchange for silence. Later before Roland left the witness died poisoned from deceased wife and returning to Roland who out of kindness bought all of the belongings and assets of the witness and gave the mans family the loft as well as two mines. The murdering widow of Victor was put to death besides Roland's efforts to stop it. Now all he had to do was enter Torun and find the sword everything else didn't matter to him. Everything else would have to wait.