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She said she's given up, there is no happiness for me. He wanted to prove her wrong with 9 wishes, for the lives she saved. But can he heal her heart or will the wishes go to waste?

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Nine Wishes

Her life is less than perfect. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. She is an embarrassment to her family. Lost and broken apart in every way possible. With nothing left and no hope the girl decides that she can no longer deal with it. She decides she will throw herself from the cliff overlooking her wonderful town, saying that unless she can find happiness somehow, she doesn’t see a reason to exist.

However on her way to the cliff and her death she comes across a cat, whom is hurt. Filled with compassion for the cat, she leaves her quest and brings the cat home. However, he is not your normal cat. Overnight the cat transforms into the form of a human boy with cat features. He calls himself a wish granter, and says he is indebted to her. He will grant her 9 wishes for having saved his life.

However amazing it sounds, she has no hope and is doubtful of his ability. But yet… a small part of her wants to believe him. So, she decides she will allow him to stay, but he cannot possibly make her happy with any amount of wishes.

But, even though he can grant her anything her heart desires, including those forbidden by genies, there is still a problem with his wish granting ability. His spells can only be granted by one thing, a sign of affection: could be a hug, holding his hand, saying something sweet, and even a kiss. Depending on how big the wish is the greater the sign of affection should be.

To add to this, he is mischievous and childish and doesn't think of consequences, added with his constant mispronunciations he causes a lot more trouble than he helps fix things for the human girl.

Despite all this madness the girl’s life and personality begins to improve as she grows attached to the neko boy, eventually falling in love with him, enough to not want him to leave.

But what happens when the wishes run out?

How does the Neko really feel about her?

Can he grant her true happiness?

Or will all nine lives be wasted….

NekoBoy: Ruka Takasu LookAliveSunshine

HumanGirl: Yume Kitai MuteEcho

Other characters can be made if someone has an idea

Yuuma Kitai- Yume's Brother, died when they were 7. Comes back as a ghost: Rekkainferna

The girl who was Yume's friend- A weak willed girl who goes along with the crowd. Had a crush on Yuuma and rejected Yume ever since his death. Doesn't gully understand what happened. Eventuall will become Yume's friend again. Sweet but gulible. (OPEN)

Teachers, Parents, other classmates and Towns people- All loved Yuuma and blame Yume for his death. All bully her in some way.

Those after the wishes- An evil group who kidnapped Ruka's sister and are after the special wishes.

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”I give up…. There’s nothing left now…

Yume repeated the sentence in her head as she walked over the muddy ground. She trudged over fallen branches in shoes with worn-out soles. However she didn’t care for the state of the shoes, there were far too grave matters to deal with… things she was tired of dealing with. Her eyes looked around lifelessly as sodden leaves fell from trees. Some hit and scratched her arms as they made their way down as everything did because of gravity.

Gravity, how nice eh? It had such a power that it could bring anything down. That’s how she wanted it to happen she wanted to fall. At least then maybe she could find some happiness. ”No there’s no happiness for me” She reminded herself. Since that event, she convinced herself. She didn’t deserve any happiness. There was no hope for her, everyone was a constant reminder.

”It should have been you”

“It’s all your fault”

“You’re just a monster”

“Do us all a favor a die”

”Die….” she repeated. Would that make the pain go away? She wondered. Everyone would be better off if she were gone, she knew that for a long time. That time, long ago when there were two. That time when she was happier and would smile all the time that time was gone forever. She had forgotten how to smile. She didn’t deserve to smile.

”It should have been me” She whispered as she neared the edge of the forest. The trees were so thick, and were much harder to get through but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t deal with. At home, if it could be called that, there certainly was no heart. She was just a burden to everyone there, a waste of space. They would be so much happier with her gone.

At school, she had nothing but a desk full of cruel words, a locker stuffed with trash, books soaked with mop water and a torn up uniform with paint she couldn’t remove. Everyone would be able to pay attention more if she weren’t there.

Yume stepped free of the trees as stared out at the scenery around her. For a moment, she felt like it was so beautiful. The scenery was amazing. Couples could come up there to declare their everlasting love, families could come to enjoy the sunset, but for Yume there was only one use of the cliff.


She walked towards the edge almost mechanically. All the thoughts that haunted her came upon her all at once causing fresh tears to mix with the ones rain had created. ”I’m sorry brother” she whispered to her unseen memories. She stepped closer, now she was able to see over the edge. Her long brown hair clung to her body as if afraid of what was to come, but she held no fear. Only regret. She slowly turned her body around standing with her back to the edge of the cliff ready to take the step that would make everything right.

”If I can’t be happy…then I shouldn’t exist She whispered lifting her foot. She glanced around taking what she thought would be her last breath. Then from the corner of her eye she spotted something. Curious she placed her foot back down and tried to get a closer look. A form lay on the edge of the cliff beside her.

Forgetting her task she stumbled towards it and gasped. ”A c-cat!!?” the cat looked to be dead with how badly it was beaten and bruised. No normal cat could live in such a state. But as she looked on closer she could swear she saw its chest move. She had no particular love for cats, nor did she hate them but as she looked at the one lying before her, she felt she saw herself.

For the first time she felt she was needed for something. Without help, the cat would surely die. She had seen no one out here; no one would come to the cliff in the rain but her. If she didn’t help him, he’d die. She was filled with compassion for the creature as she abandoned the cliff and went to pick him up.

She lifted him in her arms gently, careful not to cause him anymore harm. Then, with one last longing look at the cliff she turned with the cat in her arms and made her way towards the forest path. Before she knew it she was running all the way back to the town who hated her, it was as if a prayer had been answered, as if some thing or someone had told her

She had something to live for.

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Character Portrait: Yume Kitai
Character Portrait: Ruka Takasu
Character Portrait: Yuuma Kitai


Character Portrait: Yuuma Kitai
Yuuma Kitai


Character Portrait: Ruka Takasu
Ruka Takasu

"You know what would be fun? Not this. Come on. Out the door."

Character Portrait: Yume Kitai
Yume Kitai

"No one can make me happy its impossible, theres no such thing as happiness"


Character Portrait: Yume Kitai
Yume Kitai

"No one can make me happy its impossible, theres no such thing as happiness"

Character Portrait: Yuuma Kitai
Yuuma Kitai


Character Portrait: Ruka Takasu
Ruka Takasu

"You know what would be fun? Not this. Come on. Out the door."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Yume Kitai
Yume Kitai

"No one can make me happy its impossible, theres no such thing as happiness"

Character Portrait: Yuuma Kitai
Yuuma Kitai


Character Portrait: Ruka Takasu
Ruka Takasu

"You know what would be fun? Not this. Come on. Out the door."

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