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Astrid Lalita Eavan

"Don't judge me before you know me."

0 · 782 views · located in New York

a character in “No Blood for the Dead”, as played by Makenna Young




Don't judge me before you know me.

Image•°• Name •°•
Astrid Lalita Eavan

•°• Age •°•

•°• Gender •°•

•°• Race •°•

•°• Role •°•
The Blood Bag

•°• Face Claim •°•
Grace Phipps


•°• Height •°•
Five foot, five inches

•°• Weight •°•
One hundred twelve pounds

•°• Hair Color •°•

•°• Eye Color •°•
Light Green

•°• Physical Appearance •°•
Astrid has wavy, haphazardous black hair that falls just below her shoulder blades. Her eyelashes - white frame light green eyes - are naturally long and dark. Astrid has extremely light skin, it's peachy color barely noticeable. Her cheeks are full, her lips pink. Astrid is built lithe, but has all the curves she should have. Her frame is rather thin.


•°• Personality •°•
Astrid puts on the show of being charming and carefree, as though nothing anyone else says matters. But deep inside, it all pents up within. And it hurts ever so much. All she really wants is companionship, a friend, perhaps even a lover who will save her from the cruel world she has existed in. She doesn't want pity - indeed she keeps her past a secret - but instead genuine love and caring. Astrid feels as though there's a void in her life, and that's why she took up the line of, ah, work that she is in. If nothing really matters, than why not go through motions of making others happy? Astrid can be snarky and sarcastic when she feels like it.

•°• Likes •°•
✓ Starry Nights
✓ Companionship
✓ Loyalty
✓ Importance
✓ Alone Time

•°• Dislikes •°•
✗ Discrimination
✗ Being Judged
✗ Reminders...
✗ Feeling Insignificant
✗ Ignorance

•°• Flaws •°•
• Driven by the Moment
• Forgetting to Think
• Overemotional
• Jealous
• Attached

•°• Fears •°•
• Losing Herself
• A Life of Sorrow
• Not Being Accepted
• Unimportance
• Naiivety

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So begins...

Astrid Lalita Eavan's Story