Makali Va'rush

"Long days and pleasant nights"

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"Do what feels good, avoid what feels bad."

Name: Makali Va'rush
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Height and Build: 6' 6"; Slender
Skin Color/Eye Color/Hair Color: Pale/Dark Brown/White
Distinct Features: Three large gouges in her left calf, which gives her a noticeable limp. Black tattoo on her right shoulder and upper arm. Sharpened, sharklike teeth.
Category: Groundborne
Race: Haukosan
Race Details: The Haukosan enjoy spending time above ground, moreso than most other Groundborne. Being less burly than their brethren, most Haukosan tend towards a peaceful life of craftsmanship or merchantry. The few that do enjoy engaging in combat regularly tend to lean towards archery or magic as their methods of choice.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Three Positive Traits: Friendly, Helpful, Energetic
Three Negative Traits: Hedonistic, Scatterbrained, Circumventative
Makali, while faithful to her service and comrades-at-arms, tends to get into trouble quite often. She is never purposefully destructive or spiteful, but her curious nature and "screw around with it till it works" attitude have cost both her and her unit money in the past. Her usefulness has kept her from getting into too much trouble, however, as she is an adept with small cantrips that have saved people's lives.

Occupation: Tinkerer
Deck Style: Magic/Ranged
Weapons: Primary:Disc/Secondary:Light Crossbow
Magic Class: Ephemeral
Description: The only magic class that has no set standards. This magic is also called the Jester’s Magic, due to the fact that every few days, with no pattern the magic changes. The abilities are never extremely powerful or heightened, they are actually random and almost impractical. Still every single one has a use no matter if fits the present situation or seems to be completely nonsensical. This magic cannot be mastered for obvious reasons, and the magic-users that wield it are normally thought to be a joke among the others. The ability is rare, but not as much as you would think.

Alchemist: Being the curious person she is, Makali learned the ins and outs of potion-making at a young age. She quickly expanded her mental grimoire of knowledge, memorizing what plants and minerals when combined would produce which effects. She's become so used to tasting things that she can get a general idea of what something would do in one of her potions just by eating it. This tendency has both sharpened and dulled her sense of taste, though. She is no longer pleased by or appreciative of food, though she can eat some truly sickening things and come out none the worse for wear. As a result, her potions are not usually palatable or fragrant.

Viper's belly: Due to her tendency to put almost everything in her mouth, Makali has grown resistant to the effects of many poisons, having subjected herself to them repeatedly. While not immune, she would require a much higher dosage of poison to get the same effect as would be on another person.

Golem Sense: Living underground has given many Groundborne a natural affinity to directions. Not only that- they are less sensitive to blunt and bludgeoning injuries as their skin is thicker and more durable than any other race’s skin. They are also prone to being larger than the other races- but only by a foot or so not exceeding much more than that.

Jack of all trades- She can do a bit of anything and everything, so in a pinch she can fill whichever role is lacking.
Master of none- Lacking specialization means that Makali cannot perform any role well, and they are mostly a last resort. If anyone is using her for anything important, that probably means everyone else is dead.

Father: Croali Va'rush
Mother: Nalaa Va'rush
Sister: Ysa Va'rush

What is your background? Dreams of grandeur don't sit well with the daughter of a stonemason, and so it was with Makali. She drove her parents up the wall with her ceaseless experimentation and magical antics, and they couldn't be rid of her soon enough. On her 16th birthday, they shoved her out into the wide, wonderous world to leave her to her own fate. For a time, she traveled the land, simply experiencing life and expanding her knowledge of it.

How did you join the Army of the Dead? In her twentieth year, Makali enlisted in the Royal army. Why, she couldn't really say, but she never regretted the decision. The army itself, however, soon realized what a handful she was. Makali never made it more than three months with a unit. It was always a love/hate relationship while she was with them. They loved that little edge they'd get in combat, but hated things like being smoked out of their barracks in the middle of the night due to a failed experiment. Finally, after accidentally switching a general's drink with one of her own, serious action was taken. The officers still believed she was useful to the army, but her behavior was far too disruptive for a standard unit. She was shortly transferred to the Army of the Dead, where she found a (mostly) accepting home.

What is your reputation within the army? That crazy, good luck charm. Odd, but in an endearing sort of way. The gal with the goods. The goat.

Strength: D
Endurance: C (Racial)
Coordination: C
Control: C
Intelligence: B
Charisma: D

So begins...

Makali Va'rush's Story

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#, as written by Basta
The normally dank and depressing Citadel was awash in color and life, unseen and unheard of for all but one special day of the year. Unification day, for this very reason, was Makali's favorite. When else could she prance around the streets and share her boundless joy with the world? Any other day and she'd be accused of being head-touched and locked away. Needless to say, she enjoyed it to the fullest.

A nearby group of revelers burst into song, raucously exalting Exis with one of the many hymns written about him. Makali recognized which hymn in particular it was, and finding she liked it, pushed her way over to the group. Muscling in between two of their number, she belted out the next verse in her clear, vibrant soprano, surprising but not interrupting the revelers. They sang with heart, inviting any and all to join in, and soon a small army of singers were praising their mighty leader in unison. Not all were in key, but they all had heart, and that's all that mattered to them.

Several hymns later, Makali slipped away from the chaos she'd sown, a wide smile ever-present on her face. She loved Unification day, almost as much as she loved Exis. The High Immortal Emperor kept their country stable, fed and clothed them, and was never unfair to his Dead Army. Makali looked back to her funeral with a grin. She'd been bound and determined to make it a party rather than a depressing event, and she succeeded. She'd been blessed that day with joyous magic, calling forth dazzling, dancing lights and spraying insubstantial colored droplets like confetti everywhere. Even her former general couldn't maintain a serious demeanor in the face of such foolishness, for he knew that Makali understood and accepted that she was very likely to die, but wanted everyone else to be happy for her having lived.

She ducked into a less well used path, vaguely recalling directions from a letter she'd received a week ago. Apparently there was a dead drop of orders that her unit was supposed to recover around here. Several twists and turns later, she entered the old amphitheater. Busy looking around, Makali stumbled on the first step and pitched forward, though some quick thinking and a bit of magic saved her from injury. She threw her hands forward and unleashed a wave of soft snow, which she fell into and then out of gracelessly. Makali slid down to rest at the bottom of the steps a moment, still a bit stunned. Suddenly, she burst into laughter as she righted herself. Once again, her magic surprised and amused her. The randomness of her gift never ceased to amaze.

One of her fellows, Desken, was already here, and had apparently witnessed the entire ordeal. Makali greeted him with a cheery wave as she approached the table. Several rolls of vellum lay scattered about on its surface, all of which seemed to be addressed to individuals. She perused till one with her name made itself apparent, and she snatched it up.

Makali Va'rush
Common daughter of the House of Va'rush

You have been conscripted to the task before you with much secrecy on our part- so please keep that in mind as you gallivant about. There is much trepidation in the land of Aeon though it gives a welcoming façade of seeming up nominally upright and lawful. As you may not have heard- cities are disappearing. Mind you they aren’t being conquered by bandits or marauders, but instead the people are just vanishing-or at least that seems to be the gist of it. There hasn’t been speak of such an event in hundreds of years, and the last one was intertwined with a sighting of a ‘wyrm’. Usually we do not take to such falsities and folk tales with a critical eye, but it is the only explanation in this current set of events.

So your task is to investigate these disappearances to learn more about them- and inevitably end them. Do not be so prude as to not suspect the work of the other Immortals, or some other forces beyond that. Use your common sense, and please wrap this mission up with as much brevity and silence you can muster.

You need to start in a farming town to the Northeast called Ipsold.

Fair well and don’t die,


Makali chewed her lower lip as she read, occasionally grunting or making some sound of acknowledgement.

"Hmm.. I 'ave not 'eard of zis city, Eepsold." Makali clucked her tongue and shrugged, stowing the parchment in one of her many pockets.

"Allo, Deskeen! 'Ave you been enzoying le Unificazon Day?" queried Makali with a smile.

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#, as written by Basta
Ah, the group had finally assembled. Makali browsed her comrades with a scrutinizing eye, though her expression was of interest, not suspicion. Of the four, the only two she'd been previously acquainted with were Desken and Aurelia. The other two members remained a mystery to her.

Sullis, brooding crow man as he was, invariably caught her eye first. His demeanor and attire led her to believe that this was a man who'd been down in the muck and grime. A man who had seen the horrors of the world and been left shaken, but with enough resolve to keep going steadfastly. This, of course, caused her to weave dramatic, romanticized tales about his life in her head, though she turned her gaze away quickly.

The next unknown in their group, Aemus, appeared much like Desken in that he was boastful and confident. Not that Makali minded, though. Those types of people were so much more exciting than reserved or cautious ones in her opinion. He seemed defensive about the eye thing, though his recovery was very quick. Maybe it was a silly accident and he was embarrassed about it? Makali could relate to that, and she cracked a grin thinking about it, exposing her razor-sharp chompers.

Aurelia and Desken didn't seem to have changed much in the time that had passed, though. Desken was still a bull-headed, arrogant noble with a distaste of commoners, and Aurelia was still a lusciously beautiful ice queen that kept herself locked inside the frigid cage of her heart. Of course, Makali meant all that in the most appreciating manner, as she didn't really care one way or another as to how an individual presented themselves as long as they didn't mess with her spitefully.

"Well, eet seemz we 'ave evrywon 'ere. I woz 'oping zis would 'appen, becauz I don like travel wizout compahny. Doz anywon want to travel wiz me? Wen we are don 'ere, I mean. I don want to steep on ze autoritie of Deskeen." Makali winked at him and chuckled slightly.

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#, as written by Modesty
Shadows played across Aurelia’s porcelain features as the steed beneath her slowed. Rays of the light shone through the hand-crotched lace that was draped over her head, hoping to ward off freckles or burn on their long journey from the airship to the city gates. There was a stillness about the area that was near uncomfortable, felt even through the unsure footing of her horse and the soft whine as it protested where it’s rider led it. Aurelia didn’t seem to notice. Her hand slid the length of the neck in an attempt to calm her equine vessel as her lips parted in a musical laugh.

“You’re too right, Makali!” She replied, agreeing whole heartedly with whatever joke her companion had just said.

If the Highborn was feeling any effects of the night prior it wasn’t being shown. A canteen of water was replaced in her saddle bags, along with a satchel of fresh fruit and baked goods that she had supplied to herself and the Brokenborn to help ease the pains of travel. All in all, Makali had been a fine travel partner; pleasant small talk had filled her time and made the journey pass more quickly.

After the initial meeting had parted, the sharp-toothed woman had begged Aurelia to join the festives. The Thread-weaver had obliged, though she had plans of her own. The pair had headed straight into the wealthy district, where Aurealia’s courtly balls were in full swing for the events of Unification day. There, Lady Declan had made sure to introduce her fellow soldier to all the titled Lords and Ladies in attendance. After that, and a glass or wine or two, she honestly couldn’t recall what had happened. Of course, that might have been because she’d found an appropriate moment to slip away into the shadows and attend her own, personal errands…

“Hello! What a pleasant day, isn’t it?”

A small group had gathered, and Makali and Aurelia had arrived just in time to hear Desken’s flowered introduction once again. Her countenance stilled, breaking into a lovely smile as she slid from her horse. Her hands retrieved a scroll of her saddlebags, A moment was taken to stretch in fluid motions that hinted at the flexibility of a trained dancer before she gracefully made way to those that gathered.

“On that note, I am Lady Aurelia Declan. More importantly, at the current juncture in time, I am an Inquistor to the High Immortal Emperor. As such, I have specifically been hired by his Immortalship, Sol, to oversee this expedition. You may consider me liaison between Sol and your Captain.”

Her smile was unflinching as she interjected her authority of their Captain, whose lingering odour spoke volumes for the hangover the man was likely feeling at her side. The crunch and slosh of bone turned her attentions to the figure that had suddenly appeared. Her eyes fluttered shut a moment, allowing the nausea of watching the shift to subside before opening her eyes warmly.

“Ah, much as we had suspected Sullis, and I’m happy to hear of your eagerness Nela. The answer to the pressing questions lay here, in your orders…” Aurelia handed the scroll, sealed in that heart-fluttering seal of the High Immortal once more as she stressed the man's title, “… Captain-Lord Farraday.”

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#, as written by Basta
Orders given and speech over, Desken dismissed everyone and recommended they meet at Ipsold in three days. Since Aurelia had agreed to accompany her, Makali decided to try a bit of wheedling in an attempt to attend a few more parties before leaving. Much to her surprise, however, not only did Aurelia agree, but the Inquisitor actually brought her to some of her own, decidedly more fancy parties. Makali had never rubbed elbows with the rich before.

Several times throughout the night, she made some social gaffe or faux pas that if not for her charm and exoticism, would have gotten her shunned and expelled from the events. As it was, she just seemed more mysterious and foreign, which was a source of endless amusement to the guests attending. Eventually, however, she lost track of Aurelia and began to feel a bit enclosed, so she ditched the party and made her way to a nearby inn. The next day she met up with her travelling partner at their predetermined location and started off.

A few hours into the journey, Makali had become a chatterbox, jabbering on about whichever thing struck her fancy at that particular moment. She sat cross-legged in the saddle of her draft horse, playing with a will-o-the-wisp she'd conjured as well as yammering. She made a comment about one of the nobles at one of Aurelia's parties, to which her companion agreed very strongly. Sometimes, Makali didn't know what to make of her. She was usually so frigid and unwilling to share anything, but occasionally a bit of bubbly, happy person would shine through, like a torch or beacon. Makali grinned appreciatively at Aurelia, glad that she'd gotten a travelling partner.

A couple days later, they arrived at the deserted town, which had a decidedly creepy air to it. Aurelia greeted the presently gathered, passing off some order she must have retrieved secretly. Makali decided to stay quiet at this juncture, as the unknown new person caused her a bit of unease.

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#, as written by Basta
'Into pozisions? Since wen did we yuze pozisions?' Makali pondered to herself, though only for a moment. The sight of everyone else scattering threw her into action. She scanned her environment for several seconds, trying to figure out where would be a good place to hide and prepare to ambush this....whatever. Several carts of rotted produce caught her eye at first, but trying to scramble out of a mushy pile of gunk is not very combat efficient. The next thing that caught her eye happened to be the fountain in the middle of the square.

"Ahh! Bingo." Bubbling up within her, Makali's magic flowed through her chest, filling her lungs with air that maintained its freshness. With a huge leap, Makali managed to throw herself into the fountain, splashing the murky water substantially, and stirring up the gunk at the bottom. In her new hiding spot, Makali was almost invisible, though she could see everything above the lip of the fountain without too much trouble.

Gathering as much silt and grit as she could, the Groundborne compressed it into a fist sized ball. As soon as the fighting started, she was gonna toss it as hard as she could at whatever was coming's face, if it had one. Hopefully it could be blinded that way, and then her companions would be able to attack without fear of reprisal.

The setting changes from arc-i-a-clash-of-souls to Aeon


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#, as written by Leli


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#, as written by Basta

The setting changes from aeon to ARC I: A Clash of Souls

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#, as written by Leli
Shouting in exalted victorious bursts Aemus withdrew from the churning beast with a tinge of a skip in his step. He found his way back to the rifle only out of arms reach, pulled it back into his strong grip and made his way back behind Desken and Makali. As he came face to a building he turned and faced once again the great beast and aligned his sights. A single rough jutting piece of metal marked where the round in the still readied rifle would let fly. People often assumed guns were inaccurate because they were bulky, and relatively new; the case was anything but. In truth the rifles had little more range than a bow on a good day, but when the target stood within a hundred meters they were practically dead on in the hands of a marksman.

Aemus was one of those men, and when he squeezed on the trigger and eruption of gas shattered the distressed rumbling and growls of the beast as it loosed a volley of burning hot steam and a lead ball faster than the eyes could see towards its belly. It may not have seemed like much, but if it were to pierce the hide the round would mushroom and bounce around in the ugly things guts roiling up all manner of injuries and potentially doing some true damage that wouldn't be done away with a few days rest. It may only piss the damned thing off worse though too Aemus thought to himself, a sinister smile curling his face as he waited to see the result of his shot and reload the gun.

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The creature writhed on its’ back for a moment as it was assured that it had managed to dislodge whatever nuisance had taken to the top of it. Yet its’ eyes seem to churn and whirl in rather uncomfortable discord- unable to make out its’ opponents anymore. Another shot from the bow sent it attempting to scream through an organic cavern of destroyed bone and flesh. Then the piercing pain into its’ gut made sickening gastric juices ooze through the bullet hole; and so it attempted to find its’ feet again. Anger broiled and rolled through the creature and the plates on its’ hide seem to bristle in feral infuriation. Yet by the time it managed to get to its’ feet it no longer found the ground pliable.

In the volley of attacks Desken had managed to conjure up enough concentration and control to unleash thermal magic upon the beast before him, or namely the ground below it. Losing traction it thumped against the cobblestone street once again and flailed aimlessly against its’ lack of footing. Its belly tore more as if its’ skin was drawn taught against its’ hulking mass, and inevitably its’ innards began to burst out like an over-boiled sausage. These froze as well with contact to the ice. It attempted to scream in agony but its’ shattered throat inevitably collapsed on itself.
Suffocating and bleeding out- the creature didn’t offer up much more resistance until it flopped to the ground in utter defeat. Of course what it left behind might have been more devastating than its’ colossal might- a rank odor that permeated from it that seemed sulfurous in design.

Desken released his magic somewhat suddenly only to cover his nose and mouth. “Ah- seriously,” he commented- his tone nearly muted from his fingers over his lips. Slowly he pulled himself from the fountain, and one could note the drop of water level in it. He was near about coated in the stagnant fluid from his waist down, but seemed less worried about that predicament as he was with the toxicity of the creature’s organs. “Everyone alright?” He asked. While the battlemage had no medical skills himself- he could at least tend to some minor wounds if there were any to be had. “And does anyone know what that thing is?” It was probably a silly question considering that this creature was an enigma to the world, but he figured that he would prod. These were members of the Army of the Dead, and they had seen things that many a mortal would find unbelievable.