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They call him the Crow.

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a character in “No Dominion”, as played by Hyperewok



We are nothing but the hand of the Emperor, remember?

Name: Sullis
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height and Build: 6’2” / Lean
Skin Color/Eye Color/Hair Color: White/Golden/Black
Distinct Features: None
*Category: Shiftborne
*Race Details:The Corvi are strange race, solitary, reclusive and secretive wanderers. They are most known for the ability to shapeshift into ravens, indistinguishable from the normal birds. Their other form is also difficult to distinguish from that of a typical Highborne, as if they naturally appear nondescript, although their eyes are usually shade of gold or orange that is the only obvious difference. Between their ability to shift from a nondescript humanoid to an even less obvious bird, the Corvi are often viewed as scoundrels, thieves, and scavengers. Another rumor suggests that they can speak with normal crows, who they use to spy on potential victims. The Corvi themselves do little to dispel these rumors,as some do use their shifting ability for less than moral pursuits. If there is any formal structure amongst the race as a whole, none of the other races have seen nor heard of it, though many grow wary at the sight of flocks of crows, wondering whether or not they may be the Corvi up to no good. The individual Corvus often travels alone, beholden to no one and revealing themselves only to their fellows, who they are far less likely to be able to hide from. If they do travel together, it is usually in very small groups of immediate family or very close friends.

Three Positive Traits: Obedient, Loyal, Steadfast
Three Negative Traits: Blunt, Brutal, Resigned
Above all else, Sullis follows orders. He will follow them exactly as stated, for good or ill. However, it is the moments that lack specific orders, or only have vague ones, that reveal something about him. So long as he is not ordered otherwise, Sullis defends his comrades or any innocents as fiercely as he would his own life. He will not take advantage of his shapeshifting to flee a doomed situation, unless he knows that there are reinforcements nearby that could turn around the situation. His enemies are dealt with swiftly and brutally, again unless otherwise ordered. He views and reacts with a calm, almost indifference expression.

*Occupation: Scout
*Deck Style: Might/Ranged
*Weapons: Shortsword (primary) / Pistol (secondary)
*Magic Class: N/A
*Description: Scouts, as the name implies, scout ahead of the main force of an army, in order to find paths around obstacles and watch for traps or ambushes. They are armed and armored enough to be able to meet the enemy and hold their own in a fight, but are better suited for ambushes and smaller flanking engagements. They are knowledgeable in tactics, tracking, and ambushes, and usually able to work alone or in small teams.

List Two Skills Here: (Name your skill and give me a brief overview. This is not for instant attacks or different ways to use your magic- this is just helpful skills that you’ve picked up over the years (i.e. sewing, star gazing, cartography, etc.) or other things to go along with your racial traits. You can branch out with this or stay along the same thread you were- this has no effect on your stats or deck- just a bit of personalization.)
Bird’s Eye: Given Sullis’s ability to shapeshift into a raven, he has an excellent understanding of the lay of the land. The longer he remains in one place, the better he is able to find his way around an area. If he is not otherwise occupied, Sullis will ensure to take the time to fly a region he has newly arrived to.
Nondescript: His other form is nearly indistinguishable from the Highborne races. Only another Corvus is likely to recognize his true race, at least at first glance. He further makes little effort to draw attention to himself, on or off the battlefield.
Dual Nature;- The essence of shiftbornes in the fact that they are of two natures and that their true façade is not always the one you see. They are able to transform into another form (if given a B or greater in control this is at will- less than will be more sporadic) and use it as adeptly as their more prominent one.
Sharp Eyed- Always keenly observant, Sullis is quick to notice when something is amiss, whether it be a rustling bush or a missing object. It is very difficult to sneak up on him.
Recluse- Sullis is quiet, dour, and observing. Most often others find is presence mildly unnerving, whether because of his blank expression or his scrying eyes. Of course, this implies they notice him quickly, and are usually instead briefly scared by his abrupt and unannounced presence in a room.

(If you wish to add more information about your weapons- feel free to do so here but keep in mind that there are no enchanted weapons here (only I hand those out) and nothing is indestructible)

What is your background? Born in the underbelly of the massive city of the Citadel, Sullis lived a fairly hand and mouth life. Following his race’s solitary nature, Sullis left the care of his parents when he was a teenager never to see them again, surviving on petty theft and scavenging throughout the city. He eventually worked his way up more impressive thievery and the occasional murder. Eventually Sullis met his watch when he was caught during a robbery and his opponent turned out to be more then capable of besting him.
How did you join the Army of the Dead? With his arrest, Sullis was well aware that his choices were limited to torture, imprisonment, and death, or the alternative of the Army of the Dead. The latter seemed to be the least painful option to him. Indeed, the possibility of luxurious rewards for service before the eventual death in combat made the offer almost enticing. And Sullis was well aware of what would happen if he deserted, and thus he has remained for several years now.
What is your reputation within the army? (How do your other members view you- and no one is an enigma the army is small enough that we have all heard tales of everyone in it. Yes this is IC information- so other characters would have heard this and interpreted it thusly.) Sullis is an oddity, but a decent soldier, and that much as granted him a grudging respect. His superiors know that he will follow orders without question or hesitance, while his comrades know that he will fight hard with them regardless of the odds. However, his reclusive nature and the understanding that he will always put orders over any loyalty to comrades make it difficult for any true sense of camaraderie.

*Strength: C
*Endurance: B
*Coordination: C
*Control: B
*Perception: B
*Intelligence: D
*Charisma: F

So begins...

Sullis's Story

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The raven flew over the Citadel, indifferently ignoring the festivities as one would expect of a bird. Soaring across the city, the black bird began it's descent to the secluded rendezvous. The man that the bird actually was, Sullis, had been given the simple orders by a Dead Army officer to ensure he was present at the determined location and time, and Sullis did not question or wonder. He had immediately shifted into his raven form and departed.

Now he was circling over the deprecated buildings, the morbid state of ruin almost reminded him of his former home, but the thought was squelched nearly as soon as it had came to him. He swooped down, landing at the table and grabbing one of the vellum scrolls with his beak. Another swish of his wings carried him to the nearby bench, where he perched, briefly eyeing the others present.

With an unpleasant sound of swirling magic and twisting flesh, the raven suddenly and quickly transformed into a man, tall, dark haired, a dour expression etched on his stubbled face. His armor was worn and tattered, a grimy metal chestplate over a leather jerkin that was the same muddy brown as his trousers and boots. Sullis opened his mouth, the scroll dropping into his hand.

Eyeing the seal on the vellum, Sullis muttered quietly. "Hail to the Emperor." His flat tone was void of any hint of actual praise. He tore it open, quickly scanning over the message.

Sullis of the Corvi
The Crow

You have been conscripted to the task before you with much secrecy on our part- so please keep that in mind as you gallivant about. There is much trepidation in the land of Aeon though it gives a welcoming façade of seeming up nominally upright and lawful. As you may not have heard- cities are disappearing. Mind you they aren't being conquered by bandits or marauders, but instead the people are just vanishing-or at least that seems to be the gist of it. There hasn't been speak of such an event in hundreds of years, and the last one was intertwined with a sighting of a ‘wyrm’. Usually we do not take to such falsities and folk tales with a critical eye, but it is the only explanation in this current set of events.

So your task is to investigate these disappearances to learn more about them- and inevitably end them. Do not be so prude as to not suspect the work of the other Immortals, or some other forces beyond that. Use your common sense, and please wrap this mission up with as much brevity and silence you can muster.

You need to start in a farming town to the Northeast called Ipsold.

Fair well and don’t die,

Folding the vellum and stuffing it into a pocket of his trousers, Sullis understood his orders and was content. He sat still and silent, waiting.

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"Sullis." The Crow grunted in response to Desken's question. He did not elaborate further, his eyes carefully examining the other members of the motley group chosen by the Rat King himself. There was a hint of curiosity, but Sullis did not consider that further. He had his orders and for now his concern was of the others present.

The rifleman seemed serious and competent, always a reassuring sign. The Groundbourne a bit odd, but hopefully harmless. It was the two Highborne that gave Sullis pause. And spellcasters at that, as if there was a worse combination then the perceived power of high birth and the magical prowess to back it up. The apparent leader of the expedition was drunk, the other a mind reader. Both made Sullis even more wary then usual.

As if to reassure himself, Sullis checked over his weapons. Two flintlock pistols holstered to each thigh, a few knives sheathed underneath his leather jerkin, and a shortsword on his belt. If nothing else, he was prepared for whatever was to come.

His attention shifted back to Desken. "When do we depart?"

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#, as written by Basta
Ah, the group had finally assembled. Makali browsed her comrades with a scrutinizing eye, though her expression was of interest, not suspicion. Of the four, the only two she'd been previously acquainted with were Desken and Aurelia. The other two members remained a mystery to her.

Sullis, brooding crow man as he was, invariably caught her eye first. His demeanor and attire led her to believe that this was a man who'd been down in the muck and grime. A man who had seen the horrors of the world and been left shaken, but with enough resolve to keep going steadfastly. This, of course, caused her to weave dramatic, romanticized tales about his life in her head, though she turned her gaze away quickly.

The next unknown in their group, Aemus, appeared much like Desken in that he was boastful and confident. Not that Makali minded, though. Those types of people were so much more exciting than reserved or cautious ones in her opinion. He seemed defensive about the eye thing, though his recovery was very quick. Maybe it was a silly accident and he was embarrassed about it? Makali could relate to that, and she cracked a grin thinking about it, exposing her razor-sharp chompers.

Aurelia and Desken didn't seem to have changed much in the time that had passed, though. Desken was still a bull-headed, arrogant noble with a distaste of commoners, and Aurelia was still a lusciously beautiful ice queen that kept herself locked inside the frigid cage of her heart. Of course, Makali meant all that in the most appreciating manner, as she didn't really care one way or another as to how an individual presented themselves as long as they didn't mess with her spitefully.

"Well, eet seemz we 'ave evrywon 'ere. I woz 'oping zis would 'appen, becauz I don like travel wizout compahny. Doz anywon want to travel wiz me? Wen we are don 'ere, I mean. I don want to steep on ze autoritie of Deskeen." Makali winked at him and chuckled slightly.

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As Sullis soared over Ipsold in his raven form, he saw no sign of anything that might even be considered a wyrm. He saw nothing living at all, the nearest few birds in the air were miles away, giving the town a wide berth. And even he himself felt the urge to turn and flap his wings as fast as they would carry him from this macabre scene, but Sullis mentally pressed down on the feeling until it slowly ebbed away. For the most part, at least. There was something decidedly wrong and it was impossible to ignore it. But whatever it was, he could not see it from the air. The only noticeable change was some broken houses, strange amidst the otherwise idyllic but empty town.

He circled the edge of the town several times, carefully examining the village and the nearby farms, but the only movement was the handful of figures making their way into town, his companions of the Army of the Dead. Still carrying the hint of morbid fear in the pit of his stomach, Sullis swooped down after them. Landing beside Desken with a flapping of wings, he shifted back into his human form with the unpleasant squelching of rearranging flesh.

"The town and all of the nearby farms are empty." He reported, not batting an eye at any reaction his transformation might have caused. "There is nothing for twenty, maybe twenty five miles. There are some signs of destruction to the northeast of here. I did not any sign of what might have caused it." Sullis's gaze shifted to the new companion, looking her over as he fell silent.

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#, as written by Modesty
Shadows played across Aurelia’s porcelain features as the steed beneath her slowed. Rays of the light shone through the hand-crotched lace that was draped over her head, hoping to ward off freckles or burn on their long journey from the airship to the city gates. There was a stillness about the area that was near uncomfortable, felt even through the unsure footing of her horse and the soft whine as it protested where it’s rider led it. Aurelia didn’t seem to notice. Her hand slid the length of the neck in an attempt to calm her equine vessel as her lips parted in a musical laugh.

“You’re too right, Makali!” She replied, agreeing whole heartedly with whatever joke her companion had just said.

If the Highborn was feeling any effects of the night prior it wasn’t being shown. A canteen of water was replaced in her saddle bags, along with a satchel of fresh fruit and baked goods that she had supplied to herself and the Brokenborn to help ease the pains of travel. All in all, Makali had been a fine travel partner; pleasant small talk had filled her time and made the journey pass more quickly.

After the initial meeting had parted, the sharp-toothed woman had begged Aurelia to join the festives. The Thread-weaver had obliged, though she had plans of her own. The pair had headed straight into the wealthy district, where Aurealia’s courtly balls were in full swing for the events of Unification day. There, Lady Declan had made sure to introduce her fellow soldier to all the titled Lords and Ladies in attendance. After that, and a glass or wine or two, she honestly couldn’t recall what had happened. Of course, that might have been because she’d found an appropriate moment to slip away into the shadows and attend her own, personal errands…

“Hello! What a pleasant day, isn’t it?”

A small group had gathered, and Makali and Aurelia had arrived just in time to hear Desken’s flowered introduction once again. Her countenance stilled, breaking into a lovely smile as she slid from her horse. Her hands retrieved a scroll of her saddlebags, A moment was taken to stretch in fluid motions that hinted at the flexibility of a trained dancer before she gracefully made way to those that gathered.

“On that note, I am Lady Aurelia Declan. More importantly, at the current juncture in time, I am an Inquistor to the High Immortal Emperor. As such, I have specifically been hired by his Immortalship, Sol, to oversee this expedition. You may consider me liaison between Sol and your Captain.”

Her smile was unflinching as she interjected her authority of their Captain, whose lingering odour spoke volumes for the hangover the man was likely feeling at her side. The crunch and slosh of bone turned her attentions to the figure that had suddenly appeared. Her eyes fluttered shut a moment, allowing the nausea of watching the shift to subside before opening her eyes warmly.

“Ah, much as we had suspected Sullis, and I’m happy to hear of your eagerness Nela. The answer to the pressing questions lay here, in your orders…” Aurelia handed the scroll, sealed in that heart-fluttering seal of the High Immortal once more as she stressed the man's title, “… Captain-Lord Farraday.”

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Sullis was in the process of attempting to mentally lock down any stray thoughts, lest the Inquisitor cause all manner of trouble for him, when he heard the mysterious and most definitely threatening roar. He scowled for a half second, wondering furiously how he could have missed seeing a creature large enough to produce such a sound, and in the next half second reacted.

With another squelching shift, Sullis was already leaping into the air as he returned to his raven form. Letting the noise of the others' scrambling hide the sound of flapping wings, he flew up to the rooftops, staying close to the houses and weaving around the occasional chimney. Whatever manner of beast or monster was in the city, he had no intention of being its next meal. He perched on the roof of a house that gave him a good view of the town square and the fountain the odd Groundborne had dove into. Remaining in his raven form, Sullis hid beside the house's chimney, watching and waiting for the creature to show itself.

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Still in his raven form, Sullis ruffled his feathers as he resisted the urge to fly away and leave the poor fools to their fate. Even after he managed to stomp down that thought, he silently raged at how he could have possibly not seen such a massive creature. Whatever foul magic the beast was using, Sullis wanted no part of it.

Of course, it was not that easy. He steeled himself and lept into the air, flying down towards the creature. He flew through the air until he was over the wyrm, then began to shift and plummeted down towards it. He was fully human only a few seconds before his boots hit the creature, landing on it's head. His sword was drawn in the next second, and plunged down into one of the eyes in another second. Gripping the hilt tightly in both hands, Sullis shoved the blade down as deep as he could.

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#, as written by Leli
The ground quivered under the monstrous charge of whatever focuses its abysmal eyes on the trio. Aemus already poised to strike waited instead. He knew that a beast of this size with power to crush buildings wasn't something that a single strike, let alone shot, would fell. Instead it would need to be worn down, prodded at like a child does a decaying corpse, until it finally let itself die. But that in itself would be no easy task he assured himself seeing Aurelia's difficulty in coping with the absolute power it presented. With her to his far right nearly between him and Dresken, who was a good few steps ahead of him, Aemus had to choose who to try and save.

Makali seemed to be the saving grace though as she fired a volley of dirt and gunk at the encroaching entity, giving Aemus time to advance forward ahead of everyone and let the rifle fall to his side. He himself would have wondered what in the hell kind of fool would put himself between the jaws of such a thing and it's meal and throw away their arm. He knew inevitably though, that he was the latter of that statement regarless. The face seemed the only viable weakness as Aurelia pointed out, and any would have assumed. The obsidian orbs, like mirrored glass tainted with death and darkness, posed a problem to that theory though; there were so many. There was however, only one mouth. And if it was anything like a starving wolf ready to fight to the death Aemus knew it would brandish it's razor maw again and then he would act.

As his rifle was moved away Aemus reached to one of the spare canisters that hung from a leather belt at his waist. His fingers gracefully slipped it from the carrier, tossed it for a short moment and readjusted as to gain a stronger throwing hold on it. Made of a fluted metal they held only enough strength to keep the steam in them pressurized and piping hot, they were about the length of a loaf of bread and half the width. When he was learning the mechanics of the rifle and steam power in general there was always a strong reminder to him that pressurized containers spell absolute death when fail, as he'd seen first hand more than once. At least in this event he hoped that it wouldn't be his death that was spoken of.

Waiting for the terrible whatever it was to flash those grizzly whites again Aemus aimed to throw the canister, fully charged, into those teeth and let the damned thing bite down on it. It would puncture and the release would undoubtedly throw shrapnel and gasses hotter than fire through any soft spot in its ugly mouth burning and shredding it. If however, it didn't try to chomp down on the trio Aemus would look like an awful fool pelting it in the face with a metal half-loaf. Even more the fool if he couldn't roll out of the way in time to avoid a swipe of sword like claws. Just as he was prepared to launch the makeshift bomb Sullis dropped from the sky and plunged a blade into one of the glossed eyes. Taking his chance Aemus bet his life on a throw.

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Sullis gritted his teeth, gripping tightly onto the sword for dear life as the creature thrashed. He was starting to consider that this may have been a poor choice in tactics as the beasts's head swung wildly back and forth. Then the explosion in the creature's toothy, cavernous mouth nearly throw him off, but still he held on. Damned creature and damned Sol for leading us to it.

It was during that moment of silent cursing that Sullis noticed his perspective shifting from a horizontal shaking to a vertical shift, as if everything was rolling. Of course that was because the beast was rolling and Sullis happened to be moving with it. He swore, giving his sword a mighty tug. The blade slid out, far more slowly then Sullis would have preferred. He felt his feet starting to slip as the beast tilted further. Finally, the sword slid out with an unpleasant squirt of blood and remnants of eyes and Sullis kicked himself off of the creature moments before it rolled fully over. Sullis fell to the ground with a grunt. He looked to the creature, grimacing as he realize it was still rolling towards him. He quickly shifted back into his raven form, hurriedly flapping his wings to retreat to the safety of a rooftop.

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The creature writhed on its’ back for a moment as it was assured that it had managed to dislodge whatever nuisance had taken to the top of it. Yet its’ eyes seem to churn and whirl in rather uncomfortable discord- unable to make out its’ opponents anymore. Another shot from the bow sent it attempting to scream through an organic cavern of destroyed bone and flesh. Then the piercing pain into its’ gut made sickening gastric juices ooze through the bullet hole; and so it attempted to find its’ feet again. Anger broiled and rolled through the creature and the plates on its’ hide seem to bristle in feral infuriation. Yet by the time it managed to get to its’ feet it no longer found the ground pliable.

In the volley of attacks Desken had managed to conjure up enough concentration and control to unleash thermal magic upon the beast before him, or namely the ground below it. Losing traction it thumped against the cobblestone street once again and flailed aimlessly against its’ lack of footing. Its belly tore more as if its’ skin was drawn taught against its’ hulking mass, and inevitably its’ innards began to burst out like an over-boiled sausage. These froze as well with contact to the ice. It attempted to scream in agony but its’ shattered throat inevitably collapsed on itself.
Suffocating and bleeding out- the creature didn’t offer up much more resistance until it flopped to the ground in utter defeat. Of course what it left behind might have been more devastating than its’ colossal might- a rank odor that permeated from it that seemed sulfurous in design.

Desken released his magic somewhat suddenly only to cover his nose and mouth. “Ah- seriously,” he commented- his tone nearly muted from his fingers over his lips. Slowly he pulled himself from the fountain, and one could note the drop of water level in it. He was near about coated in the stagnant fluid from his waist down, but seemed less worried about that predicament as he was with the toxicity of the creature’s organs. “Everyone alright?” He asked. While the battlemage had no medical skills himself- he could at least tend to some minor wounds if there were any to be had. “And does anyone know what that thing is?” It was probably a silly question considering that this creature was an enigma to the world, but he figured that he would prod. These were members of the Army of the Dead, and they had seen things that many a mortal would find unbelievable.