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Arietta Hakushiro

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a character in “No-Go AA+”, originally authored by Stiles, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Arietta Hakushiro's Story

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#, as written by Stiles


A blonde was sleeping in the back seat of her Grandmother's car when it came to a complete stop just outside of Airdalen Academy. The elderly, but uncharacteristically energetic woman reach back and shook her granddaughter, "Arietta, Dear, you've got to wake up. We're at the Academy. It's time to go to school. You can't expect to sleep all day, Ari-chan." Mrs. Hakushiro teased, running her fragile fingers through the blonde hair of the young Freshman. It was so different compared to her own. Her grey hair was once jet black, similar to Mr. Hakushiro's. The blonde came from that side of the family. A frown formed on her face, but her thoughts were interrupted when the blonde finally came to. Arietta's blue eyes fluttered open and she sat up slowly. After a moment of adjusting to consciousness, she rubbed her eyes with a cheerful laugh as well. She didn't even realize that she had fallen asleep. The second year of my new start..? I'm a nobody here.. She thought to herself in an unenthusiastic manner. Given the circumstances of her abrupt move, she understood that this was necessary, but there wasn't much of a silver lining. She had to move halfway through her high school career, and now a Senior, she had nothing to show for herself at this school. She wasn't a geek, but she wasn't exactly prom queen here either.

Well.. bright side no one here knows about my.. habit.. She let out a soft sigh as she ran a hand through her hair, eyes lowering as she felt the absence of her pendant, and presence of the bow in her hair. Losing her pendant was the worst thing that happened to her. It was the only physical possession her grandparents managed to salvage of her mother's. She felt horrible that she let it get stolen the two years before. Realizing she had to get out of the car before she made herself late, Arietta spoke up quickly, "Arigatou, Baachan!" She chimed, sliding out of the car and closed the door quietly behind her. After exiting, she spun around on her heel, shooting her grandmother a charming smile. She had to reassure the woman that she would be okay, or else she'd follow Arietta through the gates and embarrass the living daylights out of her. Please just go home..

"I can walk home.. I've got my cellphone." She reassured her, wishing to get fresh air. It had been two years since the incident, but moving to a new school didn't change the fact it happened.

"Well, alright.. If you're sure. If anything happens, make sure to call me." Her grandmother seemed a bit skeptical, but hesitantly nodded in approval. She knew that she'd have to learn to let Arietta return to a normal life eventually, and decided to give her some breathing space. She waved to the blonde girl before driving off.

Once she was out of view, Arietta sighed, closing her eyes and gripping her school bag nervously. I wonder if I will be able to become popular before graduation.. She couldn't help but worry about it, because never threw parties at her old school, and despite being high up on the popularity scale there, she had to move schools because they found out about her grandfather's business. She couldn't stay there for risk of being used against him and paparazzi was harassing her. She was forced to move to a more secure and private school, Airdalen Academy. Sure my grandfather owns a multi-million dollar company, but I can't tell anyone so that really makes things tough.. Besides, the money...we never see it. He only brings in a little over a million US dollars a year.. It was strange, but she decided to not worry on it too much. She wasn't an expert when it came to distributing pay checks to an entire company. Maybe 1.3 Million was the remainder once he paid off his employees? Though it didn't seem logical. The company earned well over 200 million annually. Every major business bought into her grandfather's company, including Airdalen Academy. Every school computer was monitored by her Grandfather's program.

She kept a slow pace as she made her way to the designated spot. She was in no rush to meet her fellow students. She only had one or two friends, and she wasn't even sure if they were here yet. Arietta planned to divide and conquer this school, but a lot happened last year, except her becoming super popular. Though her grades were doing VERY well because of it, she would gladly make bad grades to make more friends. What will make me stand out? I can't just fade into the background. I want to be somebody here!

She let her icy blue eyes wandering loosely over the school grounds, until she realized just how grand the school truly was. Sugoi.. it's beautiful.. She thought in amazement. As she approached the spot where the students were told to wait at. She knew that the school grounds would be full of people, but just Seniors and Juniors and the faculty.

She noticed an open seat next to a guy who she presumed was sleeping. She knew it wasn't proper etiquette to sit there, but she saw everyone else in equal boy to girl pairs (Akira/Mai and Shiori/Rhys) and didn't want to interrupt them. She recognized Shiori, whom she wasn't very fond of, but the chibi girl (Mai) , short boy (Akira) , and the tall guy (Rhys) were more than likely Junior students, because she didn't know them at all. She sat down quietly at the opposite side of the bench, checking her Facebook on her phone to pass the time. She sent a few messages to her friends at her old school, hoping that the extra weight on the bench didn't disturb Ryou too much. Please don't wake up.. I just didn't want to sit alone.. I don't want to look like a creeper.. She recognized him from class, and she knew he didn't like to be bothered by girls. Not that she blamed him, he seemed to constantly have a swarm after him. She could understand why, Ryou was an attractive guy, but she felt bad for him. She understood what it was like, the paparazzi tried to eat her alive when they found out she was the granddaughter of Mr. Hakushiro. She shivered at the thought. Though she had to admit that she loved to watch others, to get a general idea of their character.. but some were a bit harder to understand than others, notably Ryou and Aeon. She noticed another guy approaching, but she didn't recognize him either. He was a brunette, kind of tall. At least, he seemed tall from a distance (Johnny). Another Junior? They were definitely overrunning the place at the moment.

Popularity: +1 (@ Ryou)

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Yuuki made it to school, but she was considerably far later than she had planned. She never realized just how much she relied on her parents up until now. She had to make her own breakfast, wash her own clothes, clean her own apartment top to bottom, study, and wash the dishes. She was a bit tired, but the coffee in her hands helped soothe that irritant. She approached and noticed several students, tilting her head a bit. There was a very tall brunette male (Johnny), an ebony haired sleeping male of similar size (Ryou), and a tall and long blondish-brownish haired male who seemed to be conversing with a girl slightly taller than herself who had long and beautiful ebony hair (Shiori). When she looked in the other direction she noticed a very small and cute ebony haired girl who was being addressed by a rather short and equally adorable ivory haired boy (boy).

At least I'm not the shortest.. She thought to herself, moving away from the crowd and located herself under a nice big tree, directly under the shade. She hated bright and sunny days, it always made reading difficult. The only thing worse than a sunny day was rainy days. Yuuki took careful note of her skirt before sitting down, smoothing it out against her legs with one hand and released it after taking a seat in the grass. She removed a bag from her shoulder, unzipping it afterwards only slip a math notebook out she'd received from cram school. She immediately began reading it's contents, doing the homework as she sat there. She wasn't here to make friends, she was here for the best education that her good grades could buy her. She couldn't afford to lose focus, because the only reason she was here was due to the scholarship her grades supplied her with. Friends were distractions, she learnt that the hard way a long time ago, and she wasn't looking to make any new ones.

She didn't want to go through losing them again, because she put her studies first and others couldn't seem to respect that. Everyone else always seemed to take school as a joke, but this was Japan, it was an eat or be eaten educational system, survival of the fittest. She was not going to be at the bottom of the food chain for the sake of maintaining a high school social life that would dissipate in about three more years.

Idiots.. They're wasting so much valuable time, and for what? She thought to herself, rolling her eyes as she moved on to the next math equation. She could hear a couple students that walked by mocking her, recognizing the booklet in her lap. She only overheard a few words; "Nerd", "Weirdo", etc. She was used to these labels, and merely shrugged them off. She couldn't let them hurt her, she had a promise to keep and the only opinions she had to honor was her mother's and father's. Sure, these words from random students did hurt, but she had to move on, or she'd never make her family's home life improve. Say what you want, when you're washing my car in ten years.. she added as a mental note, continuing to scribble down her answers. She flipped the first page, moving on to the next. Apparently she had more time than she thought. The spare time was at least letting her get ahead on her cram school assignments, which she was grateful for. She wanted to start on it last night, but she had too much to do at home. Perhaps this event taking so long to begin was a good thing after all.

At least no one has tried to come over here and 'vanquish the loner that is Yuuki Fujioka'. She thought to herself, golden eyes lifting for a split second to look at the crowd before returning to her work. At this rate, she'd be prepared for anything that Airdalen had in store for her as far as academics were concerned. Give it your best shot, Airdalen. I will even buy some weights if you try to fail me for gym class. She was very determined, and it was obvious by the look on her face. She was definitely consumed by the book she was working on and gave off a vibe of not wanting to be disturbed, though usually that's when people most often bothered her. Sure, she missed having friends, she was only human, but it was a luxury she couldn't afford right now, so she had to push people away, even if it meant being disinterested and mean to them. Besides, what were the chances that she would meet any of her classmates again after graduation? Friends always went different ways, so creating precious bonds would only cause emotional pain in the end for everyone involved. Making friends in school was a ludicrous idea when she came to think on the notion. She felt that pain first hand in middle school and she never wanted to experience it again if she didn't have to. Perhaps these students would be smart and respectful enough to read her body language and leave her the hell alone?

Intellect: +1 (Yuuki is studying?)
Popularity: +1 (To Shiori)
Popularity: +1 (To Mai)
Popularity: +1 (To Akira)

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"It is yet another beginning, but whether it would change anything. I am not tempted to know or to care."

Eyes of gray blue were coldly narrowed into such a dangerous angle as the sound of wood colliding with another echoed with the giant hall resembling that of a dojo. It actually was and served as the training room for the infamous Sword Genius, Aeon Shirokami, but at this moment, he is donning the name Aeon Belrose to gain anonymity. He continued hacking at the practice dummy with his bokken. This has been his everyday morning ritual, a form of release and at the same time, it does provide him a considerable early workout. As the sweat cascaded down his body, he continued his sword strokes with such concentration. He was wearing a keikogi and hakama with his hair neatly tied in a ponytail.

It might be odd seeing someone of his features in a traditional Japanese garment, but he does look exceptionally good in it. The foreignness of his features complements the simple garb which fitted him without any errors. This also applied to his skillful handling of the bokken where a simple glint in his eyes dictated a horizontal slash as it hit the target at the same exact moment an alarm echoed throughout the room. He took a step back as the head of the wooden dummy rolled across the floor which indicated the strength he could manage with such precision. He ignored it as he approached a bench where a towel waited for him. His 2,000 slashing strikes had now been done on time. The alarm signified him not to to get engrossed in his practice as he does have other matters to attend to. He wiped the sweat from his face and body before grabbing a water bottle nearby to have a drink. Even then, it was elegantly done.

He exited the hall and returned to his room which was much larger than the previous one he was in. It was a given that he does live by himself and only allow his personal butler, Rando, to come during weekends to do chores. Other than that, he is alone and he was completely at ease by that notion. Here, he could be left in peace and without the eyes of those overbearing and annoying expectations being placed on him. It was more so as they coined him as a half-breed, a mongrel due to half of his ancestry being French. In reality, he could care less. However, he has his brother to think of and so; he will play his part in this grand scheme of things for now and bids his time as always.

For now, he entered his bathroom to take a shower and to prepare himself for the day. Airdalen had informed him beforehand that classes for them would start a day earlier due to a program being lunched in lieu of the incoming freshmen. He was of course involved in it and he has no objections. After a few minutes, he was out of his bathroom and was now donned with his uniform's white shirt and black pants. His platinum blonde hair was still wet as he uses the towel to dry it as he walked towards the couch, there was portion of his room presented as a living room in which he took a seat and opened his laptop. There were some mergers that he needed to review before sending it back to his father. They were only sent to him last night while he was sleeping. He had only known when he saw the notification on his phone when he woke up. His father never does give him a room to breathe, but he welcomes the challenge.

Other than that, he does still have some homework needed to be done. He had placed it at the bottom of his list for unlike the rest of the students who enjoyed their summer because of vacation. The summer days for him were rudimentary term for setting up business deals and learning the inner and outer workings of the various businesses they handle. He had been busier than ever since then and only has a partial of time to do it now. In any case, he began to read the documents on his laptop and began to type his notes at real time while taking a bite of his prepared meal, a sandwich and green tea. Soon enough, he was done with his business review and sent it back. If there was any other thing, his father would inform him one way or another.

Setting that aside, he grabbed hold of his school work and nonchalantly flipped through the pages. There was no need for him to read it as they were remembered perfectly by his brain whether he liked it or not. Opening his notebook, he began to finish the needed homework on time as his phone issued an alarm indicating that he should be preparing himself to leave for school.
Gathering his things on the table, Aeon rested himself for a while as he closed his eyes briefly and leisurely placed his hand on his cheek. There was a small sigh escaping his lips and he remained still for a while. Silence passed like that and soon enough, he opened his eyes and stood from his seat. He grabbed his things and went to his closet to grab his jacket. At that time, his hair was already dry as he placed final adjustments to his current appearance. There was nothing out of place as he then left his room and then exited the condominium where he lives in. His was located at the top floor and has its own personal elevator only used by him and his guests. He entered and after a while found himself at the building's lobby where the staff greeted him with such pleasantries while most of the female staff swooned at him with professionalism, if that was possible.

"Good morning, Belrose-san. Shall I prepare the car?" The manager approached him with such a wonderful smile and impeccable politeness. His eyes landed on the older male but, his face never betrayed anything as it maintained its cold and calm appearance. "Good morning, Kusaribe-san. No, I shall walk" The manager conceded without resistance. These have been normal occurrences as Aeon would at times like taking walks on his own. It was not much of a toil as the building itself was not far from Airdalen, a collective amount of 10 minutes is needed to arrive there. "Understood, please have a good day at school, Sir." He gave a nod as his answer before proceeding to the doors. There was still time and he liked watching the blooming cherry blossoms that he would walk alongside with.

Like so, he took his time while some of the people passing by could not help but notice him. His pale features contrasted with his Airdalen Uniform and even more so as the fluttering pink petals seemingly swirled around him, creating a rather angelic visage. Most would even dare concede that he might be a girl for such beauty, but his current apparel would dissuade such assumptions. As for the one catching everyone's attention, he was ignoring it either by will or not. His attention was divided by admiring the pink blossoms and his destination which he soon arrived in. The guard instantly recognized him, yet had a questionable look. It was probably due to him arriving by foot. He simply presented his ID as the guard greeted him with more respect than the others. Aeon just has that presence the naturally elicits such respect.

As he entered the grounds, he could see that there are already other students present. Today, the school was only opened for the Seniors and the incoming freshmen, or the so-called Juniors. This is all in relation for a special program. Thus, there were not much people here besides the staff and teachers. It was a welcomed peace as he would not have those people that one of his teachers had generously labeled as fans. His eyes scanned across the present students. There were faces he knew of like that of Kitogawa, Hakushiro, and Giou. Others? He does not know them which makes them the new students. In any case, he did not approach anyone and simply situated himself in one of the benches far from the others.

Aeon would like to enjoy the morning breeze and the cherry blossoms lining the benches on his own. And such, he gazed at them and somehow, his face had a slight change. It looked peaceful and one could really see why he had been called or described as an Angel at many points.

Physical/Sporting Ability | +1
Intellect | +1

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Bishop was dead asleep in bed. His chest rose and fell calmly as he snoozed in his bed, which would be interrupted by a blaring alarm suddenly going off. He groaned and rolled over smacking the snooze button and laid there for a second. Time would stand still until he suddenly jumped up in bed with a huge smile. "It's time for school!!" Normally he wasn't this thrilled to be at school, but this was the first day in an all new experience for the young teenager. He hopped out of bed and rushed out of his room to go get a shower. "Bishop~? It's good that you're up honey, breakfast is almost ready. Everyone is going to eat together on skype so make sure you have your uniform on. Your father wants to see it." His mother, Kimiko called up to him from the kitchen having heard her excited son bounce around upstairs. "Ok mom!" "What did we say about your Japanese?" Bishop sighed leaning out of the bathroom door now shirtless to shout down the stairs. "I can't get better if I never try." Japanese was his second language, he's been learning it since he was young but still had to fine tune some things here and there. He had a dictionary incase he ran into some words that he's never heard of before. But his reading and writing skills were proficient for a boy his age, the translations however simply slowed his progress down. He hopped in the shower liking his water extra hot as he washed himself. The young freshmen closed his eyes imagining himself swimming in a pool this warm, with the current song playing on the stereo. If he wasn't talking, Bishop was almost always listening to music of some kind.

Clean and refreshed Bishop walked from the bathroom to his room and eyed up his new uniform. "I can't beleive I'm going to a school that requires uniforms. That's kinda rare in the states." He began to get dressed pushing the button on his iPhone to change to the next song and smiled as his favorite band Coldplay began to play. He looked in the mirror as he got dressed the uniform fitting perfectly. In reality his father insisted on getting it a size bigger since they planned on him growing, fortunately his mother was skilled with a needle and didn't want her son to go to school wearing a baggy uniform. So it would appear as if he had a minor tailor job to his suit complimenting his physique in every fashionable way possible. <This is it! My first time going to a school for longer than a year. High school too! I wonder if I'll be popular.> He couldn't help but thing that as he grabbed his backpack, a very American styled backpack and headed down stairs. "Hey mom! What's for breakfast?" [color=BF00BF]"Why don't you come down and see! I'm sure you can smell it."[/color] Bishop grinned from ear to ear thinking of his mom's amazing cooking. He dashed into the kitchen and dropped his backpack seeing the spread that was laid out. Without a word he moved to the dining table and sat down while his mother finished some last things. "Now don't worry about the dishes honey. You have more important things to worry about." She patted his head making the young blonde blush and nod.

"Hey there sport! Lookin snazzy! You excited for school?" Bishop had a piece of toast dangling from his mouth when he noticed the computer monitor set on the table. On it was his father, dressed in the blue, grey and black colored Navy fatigues. The man's chiseled features beamed back at his son, who took a sip of a coffee mug that read 'EOD, If I start running, try and keep up' and had a tray of food in front of him as well. Though it didn't look nearlt as appetizing as what was in front of Bishop. "Yeah! I'm stoked! But mostly hungry." He took a big bite of his eggs and reached for a few pieces of bacon then drank some orange juice. His father laughed and took a sip of his coffe and ate what looked like french toast.

"I see you're speaking in Japanese like you're suppose to as well. Good! You're never going to find a pretty, rich girlfriend if you can't woo her with your words." His father smirked happily, but Bishop couched nearly choking on his food. "D-Dad! Why do you keep saying that?" He blushed heavily feeling his ears get hot, as he lowered his fork for a moment looking at the computer screen. Ever since they got the news he was getting a scholarship to Airdalen they were talking about how they were so excited for him to meet a nice rich girl, to buy all their worries away. They were only half-joking of course. "Oh, don't you know sweetie? This is a private school you're going to. A lot of the elite apply for this academy and some even get denied. You're awful lucky." "Well I knew that! But... Why do you gotta make a big deal about it? Especially a rich girl?" "Or boy...." His mother added in quietly and sipped her milk as if nothing was said.. Alex grinned catching it, but their son was completely oblivious jsut chowing down. "We're you're parents son! we, just want what's best for you. Now go and eat your breakfast. Nobody wants you to be hungry again." Bishop nodded and continued to eat. His parents just watched in awe, with small smiles on their face seeing their young boy growing up to one day be a man.

When breakfast was over, Bishop and his mother said their goodbyes to Alex his father and went out to their small car to head to school. Coincidentally his houses wasn't very far away from Airdalen, it was a little over 7 blocks deffinitely within walking distance but biking would be preferred. "Music for the road? Bishop smiled and nodded. "Of course!" Kimiko turned on the radio and started to play some J-Pop music his mother dancing the drivers seat like a fool. <Oh no... What have I done.> This was part of the reason why he tended to study at his grandmother's house. His mom was a busy body, in the sense that she was always doing something whether it was work or something fun for herself. As they drove along, he listened to the music but tried to not make any eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers seeing the lovely purple haired woman dancing in the drivers seat and singing lyrics of songs unashamedly. It was finally time that they arrived at school, Kimiko pulling up directly in front of the gate having missed the impeccable prince's subtle entrance (Aeon)

"Alright, thanks mom!" his mother looked to him and smiled, reaching out to stroke his blonde hair. "I'm so proud of you honey! I'm so excited that you get to go to a wonderful school like this, and get to meet new friends. I'm sure you'll do great." Bishop blushed sheepishly and twiddled with his bag some. "T-Thanks mom. But I gotta go, don't want people to stare at me." She giggled to herself drawing her hand back. "Oh my, my young man is already too cool for her mother. I understand. Now go! And find a cute girl!" "MOM~!"

Bishop hopped out of his car and put both straps over his shoulders. He mentally prepared himself for the journey he was about to embark on and smiled confidently. There was a small fire in his eyes as he looked to the awaiting gate guard who had a knowing smirk of his own. He stepped forward only to freeze hearing his mom honk the car horn. "GOODBYE SWEETIE~! HAVE A GOOD FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL~ MOMMY LOVES YOU~!" His mother blew a kiss and giggled driving off seeing her son's reaction. She was very loud and was bound to grab at least someone's attention. Bishop froze in fear and turned a deep red. "S-She.... She did that on purpose!!" <Why!? Why me!? Why now!? That is NOT how you start being cool in high school! Ugh! I'm gonna kill her!> He turned around seeing the gate guard sling more and chuckling to himself. Bishop lowered his head and walked inside.

"Welcome to Airdalen. The guard politely commented and nodded knowingly. Bishop simply closed his eyes and waved politely somewhat forgetting his Japanese customs. He would turn to see the expanse of the campus and looked on int awe. "Sugoi...." He walked somewhat aimlessly around until he noticed that some people were already here. He had a wary eye seeing if people were staring at him. He looked very convincingly like a lost puppy, being a freshmen at his school and was all by himself now in the center of the courtyard. He looked around seeing a pretty blonde girl (Arietta). That struck a chord with Bishop, seeing blonde's in this country was rare and always something to talk about with his peers donning the vibrant gold locks. He would make a mental note of the girl and nodded to himself. He barely noticed a male who seemed less than conscious (Ryou) sitting next to the blonde girl which made him curious. There would be time to learn more about the people around him in the future. Turning around he noticed another boy-girl pair on a bench sitting together but not talking (Rhys and Shiori). He could get a decent idea of who was in what grade, but his ability to read people wasn't the best being somewhat socially inexperienced.

<Ok.... Don't linger too long. Don't want to look weird.> He spied the third group of people, which appeared to be a very short girl with blakc hair (Mai) talking to another boy (Akira). Not wanting to force himself into a conversation he decided to go off to the side and sat by himself in front of a tree on a bench. He never noticed that a dark haired girl (Yuuki) was behind him under the tree however. To pass the time Bishop pulled out a small speaker and synced it to his iPhone deciding to play a favorite song. He wasn't meaning to disturb anyone, he just wanted some nice relaxing music to start his day as he sat on the bench and minded his own business. As the soft harmonies of the string instruments, coupled with the sounds of a guitar played in everse and the piano Bishop bobbed his head with the music letting out a content sigh. <Music is always a good ice breaker! Maybe someone will like this band too.> He smiled to himself and leaned back against the bench looking up at the tree above him happily.
-3 Coolness (JK lol ^^')
+1 Popularity- Arietta

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Immediately, Shiori tensed up as a tall male with fairly pretty long brown-blond hair sat down beside her. She didn't recognize him, so he was obviously a Junior. Just because she didn't socialize often, didn't mean she wasn't aware of her classmates and their names. She cared about them and made a point to remember their names, she just couldn't express any of that to them in a healthy way. She was trembling just seconds before his arrival, and she was nervous that he might have noticed.

She took a moment to look at him when he turned his gaze the opposite way, blinking in curiosity. He sat here, only to ignore her? She tilted her head a bit at him, completely baffled by this boy's sense of logic. If he was shy, he would have had trouble approaching her. If he was hyperactive she would be looking for a way to plausibly escape this seating arrangement, and if he was creepy, wouldn't he have done something strange to her by now? Did he expect her to say something? Was he sitting here because she was quiet and just wanted to be left alone? She began to really overthink his actions and it was driving her a little crazy trying to decipher through all the possibilities on her own.

She turned her head away from the long haired junior (Rhys), completely confused by his choice to sit with her in silence. Suddenly the lack of noise was beginning to feel very awkward, so she did the best she could. Socializing was always her worst subject, but there were a few topics she could discuss without going on the rude defense, "Etto... the weather's really hot today.." She stated, looking up at the sky, shielding her eyes with one hand. The shade of blue was beautiful, and despite her home-body reputation, she did love warm days like this. Something about days like this one was nostalgic and brought her a small sense of peace. Perhaps it was because she met that boy on a day somewhat like this one?

"I'm Shiori Kitogawa." She added, not looking at Rhys directly, in fact, she was now staring at the ground, letting the toes of her shoes shuffle against the concrete to keep her mind off of the fact that she was talking to a complete stranger. So far she was doing alright, but she was definitely nervous. It wouldn't be long before something spurts out of her mouth to offend him. She was just postponing the inevitable. Sometimes she wasn't even sure why she even tried. Most people at this school hated her, the others simply tolerated or didn't care about her existence in the first place. Why did she try so hard to change? Then an image of that little blond boy she met as a child came back to her. The boy hugged her once when they first met, and she completely froze in panic. She knew there was probably still a picture of it somewhere, but she didn't personally have a copy of it. Ever since that day, she decided she wanted to be more like him, to be able to warmly embrace others and make friends so easily, to smile in that warm way, just like he did.

When she thought of him, she saw the colors one typically associated with summer, because that's exactly what his kindness felt like, the embrace of a warm summer's day. Her violet eyes shifted to the tall junior, and then back down to the ground, "You don't have to reply to me, I was just trying to be polite, that's all.." Her tone was a bit distant and definitely had a defensive edge to it. Her nerves finally got the best of her, and her body was going into protective mode. This was her own form of self preservation, of keeping her feelings protected from greater forms of pain at all times. Sure, loneliness hurt, but rejection from someone considered a cherished friend hurt way worse. She found that out at a very young age from her mother, but also because a friend betrayed her trust back in elementary school. She never wanted to feel that pain again.

Why did he sit here..? I want to ask, but I'm scared of the answer.. just like with Kazuhiko.. I'm always scared to ask people the more serious and intimate questions and end up making a fool out of myself instead. She was growing depressed with herself, so she busied herself. She put her pen and notebook in her bag, looking around at the students that came in since she began talking. T-That many!? She was immediately intimidated by the number of known and unknown faces surrounding. She knew that no one was watching her, but somehow she felt as though they were all spying on her, waiting for her to slip up.. She felt like everyone in the area was waiting to find a reason to judge her, even though common sense told her that no one here cared about her or what she was doing. Half of them didn't even know who she was, and the other half..well, we discussed the seniors earlier in this post. Why do I overreact to everything? Why can't I be like all of them and just act natural..? Why do I have to be so different..? I wish I could talk freely about anything, just like everyone else.. I hate being different.. Shiori thought to herself, nervous and angry fists tightening in her lap, sort of crinkling her skirt.

Popularity +1 (To Rhys)

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Saburo's hand searched for the phone on his nightstand, shutting off the alarm. With a groan, he rolled out of bed. "I knew I'd regret that party." The day before, Saburo had went to a "end of summer" party. It sure was fun...but he got home pretty late. At least his dad wasn't in the house to lecture him. After a quick shower, he threw on his school uniform. Heading down the spiral staircase, the Freshman found a breakfast waiting for him. Which he shoveled down. His dad had gotten a nice maid, since he wasn't home all that much. Saburo was in charge, since he was the heir to the house. He was easy on the girl though, she did a good job. Besides, she didn't look half bad. Leaving the dirty plates, Saburo grabbed his backpack, but was interrupted by the ringing of his phone.

"Hey what's up Saburo? Are you about to leave?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Thought I'd come pick you up. You wanted to see my new ride right? I'm right outside."
"Sweet, I'll be right out."

Saburo left his skateboard leaning against the wall as he left the house. A beautiful Audi was there to greet him. "Damn Tsuyoshi..."
"I know right? She's one hell of a car."

Tsuyoshi Hagiwara and Saburo had met each other through friends. Though Tsuyoshi was a couple years older, the two got along really well. Tsuyoshi was probably gonna end up being the baseball captain this year, since he was a senior and had a killer curve-ball. Nothing Saburo couldn't handle though. Saburo leaned into the passenger seat before the Audi revved back into the main street.

"Hey, when are you gonna be driving?"
"It's gonna be a few years. I'm just a freshman, remember?"
"Oh yeah...but I bet your dad would get you one nice ass car."
"I hope, I really want one of those Corvettes you know? Convertible. But dad's trippin' about getting my grades up, so he'll probably throw me a curve ball. Not one as good as yours though."
"Damn...a Corvette convertible?'ll make this thing look like a VW."


Saburo shrugged. "Maybe if your nice, I'll downgrade to a camero so you don't look too bad. I mean, I wouldn't want to make you look THAT bad. Not one of those wimpy V6 Cameros though. The two students shared a laugh. After the car was parked, the duo approached the guard posted at the gate. After showing their IDs and passing through, the Tsuyoshi led Saburo to the designated area where there were already plenty of other students waiting.

Saburo took a look around, taking in his surroundings. "See anyone you know?" The Senior craned his neck a bit. After a second, he shook his head.
"Not really. Well, I guess I know 'em, but I don't really hang out with any of them." Tsuyoshi spaced out for a moment before speaking again. "But I heard about that girl with the pink hair. She's pretty nice, and she's smart. So if you ever need homework help, go to her."

But Saburo was already being tutored by someone. Someone who caught his attention in the crowd. "You've got to be shitting me. Out of all the schools...Well, might as well say hi. I mean she looks alright, that's the main reason why I chose her over some super nerd with glasses."
"Hold on a sec, you know the girl over there? Next to the real tall dude." He pointed towards the other two to help Tsuyoshi find them.
"Oh yeah, I do. The girl's Arietta she's alright. Why?"
"She's my tutor. Dad made me get one after last year's report card." The senior's eyes widened a bit.
"Really? She doesn't look like the type...I mean, she doesn't look Well, how's it going?" Saburo rubbed the back of his neck.
"Well...I don't know. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm retarded though. I just don't study, that's all. Maybe I should start for real soon cuz dad said something about getting me an autographed ball from the LA Angels if I get my grades up. He knows someone who works with them.

There was a brief silence between the two. "I'ma go say hi real quick." With that, Saburo made his way towards his tutor. The blonde senior didn't look like she was occupied by anything. Strangely enough Arietta was sitting next to some dude that was asleep. "Hey" Saburo said as he got closer. "I didn't know you went here."

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"Since, it would be my last year. I'll make sure that it would be a blast. After all, we have to send off my grand self with a big kabloom and wonderful dazzling lights."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

It might have been a gazillion times this had been asked by a very annoyed Kazuki. "Who made it that school should start at the rising of the sun!? Dammnit!" He muttered very loudly as he clicked his tongue in irritation, but that is not really the problem here. Anyone who would come to parking lot inside one of the vehicles parked there would see the notorious or more plainly known as the Hellion, handcuffed to the steering wheel. "Why the hell does he have handcuffs in the first place!?" This remarkable handiwork is done by no one else, but the ever lovely uncle of his who is also actually, Airdalen's Mr. Hayashi, the Math Teacher.

Now, why was he like this It's because, he decided to sleep in and not attend this stupid program. He really planned on playing hooky, but his uncle miraculously did not have one of those forgetful spells and literally kidnapped him from his house on his bed. "This is an outright violation of my human rights! I'll sue his ass when I get out of here... Tch!" Other things to add to his irritable mood are his early attendance, being in a vehicle, and also it was his uncle who dressed him all up, so right now, he looked like one of those picture models for those high school promotional movies or something with slick-back hair. This was going to be bad for his rep. "I'm really going to enjoy cutting that old man to pieces..." He grumbled further as he fought his restraints and looked inside the car for a way to free himself.

"I swear that old man is a pervert or something..." He continued tugging on his handcuffs and in irritation, he kicked the floor of the car. That was then he heard a jingling sound. His golden eyes shimmered like a cat who had found a beautiful fish to pounce on. He managed to open the glove compartment and there he saw the keys to his handcuffs. It was a good thing that his uncle is forgetful. Things were certainly looking up for him. A grin was plastered on his face as he now thinks of ways on how to get it. He managed to grab hold of it by using his teeth and dropped it to his waiting fingers. "You can't keep me locked in, buddy..." He said with a very confident smile as he began unlocking his restraints. It did the trick as he stretched his limbs. He could feel the blood beginning to flow freely once more.

All of this was done so he would participate in this program. His uncle said that he would be returning to take him inside once everything is settled. There was no way in seven levels of hell and seas would he babysit some punk still looking for his or her mommy. There are better things worthy of his time than that. Anyway, he released a big sigh and commented. "This was not how I envisioned myself getting tied up. I was thinking along the lines of a beautiful dominatrix. Anyways, time to split!" He has that Cheshire grin on his face as he whistled a bit and was about ready to leave the car. He doesn't like staying inside of these contraptions as much as possible when his stomach gurgled in rebellion. "I didn't even have breakfast yet." He finally remembered as his wake-up call had been chaotic at the very least.

"Stupid uncle, I still have that leftover subway sandwich inside the fridge. Tch!" He punched the dashboard and then left the car while slamming the door behind him as it fell. He left me in a car that's falling apart... This is why I hate these cars." After doing that, he messed up his hair, returning it to its normal style. He popped open his jacket, loosened his tie and then rolled up his sleeves. That was then, his phone vibrated. It's a good thing he managed to grab that one. There was a message from one of the girls he had hit at the club, it's very suggestive. Then, if a literal light bulb could be seen on top of his head, there will be one. He had a wide grin on his face along with those feline eyes of his. It was rather intimidating like that of a devil, but a handsome and alluring one. It's good for him to be born with such good looks. "Got my ticket then." He went towards the main grounds where he could see that there were some people around. It was passing glance and he didn't really care about them. What good students they are, how boring.

Kazuki ignored them as he went to the gates. He was about to walk passed two girls, one with blue hair (Gen) and the other with orange hair (Vika). But, he didn't have time to confirm who they are since; he has one thing in mind, leave the premises when the guard noticed him. "Oi! Miyamoto! Stop right there!" The guard came out of his booth and began to walk towards him. He stopped momentarily and clicked his tongue. That good old for-nothing uncle of his probably warned the guard. "Shit!" He began to move again as he made his way to the gates, but there was another one waiting for him. They came in prepared and his uncle made sure they did. Why does he have to be serious at the most useless moments in his life? Why!? With that, he quickly made a roundabout to escape their clutches.

"Hayashi-sensei said not to let him escape! Catch him!" One of the guards said as they began to multiply like cockroaches and they were quite good. It's to be expected; after all they have to ensure the security of a very high-end school with very important students in attendance. He made the run while using the obstacles around him like the rails much like a tightrope and then jumped down with smirk on his face. "As if I'd let you catch me! Suckers!" He was able to make his way through the benches and stopped at one where two students (Shiori and Rhys) were presently sitting. "S'cuse me! Up and over!" Kazuki literally jumped over the bench where some of the guards halted. He then landed just a few inches in distance from another pair of students (Akira and Mai). Watch where you stand!" Then, he heard the guards were hot on his heels again. Well, see you later kiddos!"

Kazuki continued as they were still in pursuit as he looked over his shoulder. "Persistent bastards..." He muttered under his breath and then looked in front of him. There he noticed a very large tree where there were another pair of students (Yuuki and Bishop) arguing or more like being told off. "Get out of the way love birds!" He said as he grabbed at one of the branches and swung himself across, much like a gymnast. "Miyamoto! Get back here!" As if, he would do that. He continued his pace as he ran across another student (Johnny) on a bench. He was now on the other side and saw three students at one bench. His smile widened even further as he went towards the group.

"Hot stuff, coming through!" He announced as he pushed his way between another pair. (Saburo and Arietta) Then, he literally stepped on Ryou's foot to wake him up that should serve as a deterrent to the remaining guards coming after him. "When you snooze, you lose!" He shouted towards Ryou and then continued forward as he finally halted in his escape, actually, he tripped on something as he fell flat on his face. That was embarrassing. "Dammit! Who did that!?" He shouted angrily as he quickly went back on his feet. His face was rather red and bit bruised. Then, his eyes landed on the one responsible for his fall. His eyes narrowed in disdain. "And here I thought, the heavens had finally taken you back." There before him was Aeon and the lovely Cassiopeia.

That was when the guards finally caught up to him and grabbed him. "Finally caught you, Miyamoto!" The guard announced with a ragged breath. Kazuki glared at Aeon for being the reason of his so-called apprehension and then shrugged his shoulders as he didn't fight anymore. "Well you know what they say, peeps and pops, there's nothing like a good exercise to jet start your day." He said with his carefree casual way as the guards glared and sighed at this. Oh yeah, tell my uncle. Does he have insurance on his car?" He ended that with his infamous mischievous smile. It was after all a normal thing to be expected from someone like Kazuki Miyamoto.

Popularity +1 to Cassiopeia
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#, as written by Stiles


"Hey. I didn't know you went here."

Arietta's eyes shifted from her phone, to a familiar voice standing in front of her. She was completely taken by surprise, then remembered a very important detail. She never got around to asking Saburo what school he was transferring to!! She didn't remember to ask, because their sessions took place in summer, but now she finally made the mistake of choosing to tutor someone who went to her own school. This was going to be very dangerous to her reputation and she'd have to go about this in all the right ways or she'd totally ruin her reputation.

"Shh.." She stated, putting her index finger over her mouth. To anyone watching, she was considerately thinking of Ryou, who was sleeping nearby, but she was honestly just looking out for her own hide. Arietta began playing with her long blonde hair in a fidgety manner, nervous about being exposed to her classmates as a 'nerd'. She didn't want to be seen as her true self, she was afraid that no one would like the real her, because no one did at her last school, "Not so loud." Arietta chimed, laughing softly with a warm expression on her face. She was anxious, freaking out that someone would put the pieces together, but she had to keep her composure. She didn't want to be seen frantic. She took a small breath to compose her nerves before speaking again, "Would you mind if I asked you to keep the details of our arrangement a secret between us? I don't want to look like some kind of nerd." She informed Saburo, eyes shifting to those around them, then back to him. She pocketed her phone, and stood up to talk to him properly, dusting of her skirt after she was upright.

"Being seen with you is alright, but just don't tell anyone that I'm tutoring you. I don't want to be 'that' girl.." She whispered, careful to keep a low tone, just in case there were any eavesdroppers. Sure, Saburo didn't dress like the typical guys Arietta would hang out with, but she liked him as a person. He wasn't bad to look at, for a bit of a bad boy that is, and she was also getting paid to tutor him, so that was definitely a plus. She cared about her reputation a lot, and she was not about to throw it down the drain. Then she tilted her head, a bit confused. Why did he come over here? Was he just being nice, or did he have a question? She was completely clueless, so she pulled out her cell phone, "Though, when you need during school homework help, you can send me a text instead of asking it face to face. It's more discreet that way. Do you think you'll need my number?" She asked in a curious tone, innocently blinking as she held up a light pink phone, with music notes and a girly white bow on the front of it.


"Hot stuff, coming through!"

Arietta fell backwards when Kazuki tore through, her back hitting the bench she was sitting on a few minutes prior. Arietta landed on the ground in front of the bench, but her back up against the bench, probably a tad bruised, but nothing too seriously injured other than her pride, "Miyamoto-teme!" She hissed at him, obviously not amused by his current antics. She knew he didn't necessarily mean to make her fall, but now she was really embarrassed and didn't care if he knew she was angry with him or not. She looked like a fool sitting on the ground and getting knocked over in front of everyone, while in mid-conversation, that was totally humiliating.

"When you snooze, you lose!"

"You're the worst. He was sleeping!" Arietta called out, sticking her tongue out at Kazuki in disgust, her blood boiling. Kazuki definitely was not Arietta's favorite person, in fact, she borderline hated him. She didn't necessarily hate anyone, well, except for Shiori Kitogawa, but Kazuki was very close to pushing her boundaries as well. She was going to make him pay for this, especially since he made her fall right in front of Saburo and anyone else who just so happened to be watching. She wanted to rip his head off right about now, but she forced a calmer expression onto her face. She didn't want to be seen as grumpy or short tempered, there were a lot of new students and she definitely didn't want to make a bad impression like Kazuki.


She pushed herself to her feet, dusting herself off again, averting her eye contact, "Sorry about that... Miyamoto-san.. he's always making things difficult for everyone." Arietta mumbled, still a bit flustered from her embarrassing fall, but also irritated with the guy who caused it in the first place. Then she remembered that he tore in between them, and her eyes widened a bit. Did Saburo get hurt? She was so embarrassed and angry that she had nearly forgotten his well being. She felt bad, and decided to make sure that Saburo didn't get hurt either, "Are you alright, Inoue-san?" She asked, giving him a once over to make sure that he was alright, tilting her head in different directions to get a good look at him. Then her attention turned to Ryou, who got stepped on as well. She gave him an apologetic look, then bowed very quickly, "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" She asked with a curious expression on her face, though she knew he probably wouldn't realize why she was apologizing for something Kazuki did, she felt the need to do so anyway.

Arietta felt bad for sitting next to Ryou without asking for permission. If Saburo had seen her somewhere else, the maybe he and Ryou would have been spared from this incident. Miyamoto only had to go through this crowd because of me... If I didn't come over here, there wouldn't have been a crowd.. It's all my fault that everyone nearly got trampled just now..

+1 Notoriety @ Kazuki

+1 Popularity @ Saburo

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"Let me sleep
as I do, I will have dreams
in them, I could get to see you
smiling at me so serenely and happy
so, let me sleep like this
never wake me up."

"Come on wake up!I want to show you something, Ryou... Something very beautiful."

The voice he wanted to hear so much faded into nothingness and instead, it was replaced by a feeling of pain radiating from his feet. It felt that something or probably someone stepped on it. That's why slowly but surely, his eyes opened to the image of reality. He didn't utter any recognition of it by releasing any sound. This spoke volumes on his tolerance and exhibit of control. He is such a composed person as he simply opened his eyes and then looked to his right side where he felt presences of people nearby. It made him wonder if he will be welcomed by the sights of those hounding girls. They might be the cause of him being stepped on to wake up.

But, he just saw two people, a pair composed of a girl (Arietta) and a boy (Saburo). The female was a familiar one to him. The male was not. His eyes of silver gray reminding one of the moon's light gazed at them. There was no blame in them as it still was faintly hazed with sleepiness, but he did hear the girl, Hakushiro that's her name if he remembered correctly, apologized. That was odd in his understanding. "I'm fine." He answered in a soft yet casual manner as he stood from his seat, finally showcasing his full height. His eyes landed on his foot as he moved it around. "But, why are you apologizing?"

Once more, his eyes fell on her. Then, he heard a familiar voice which he wanted to avoid for the duration of his day. He looked towards that direction seeing Miyamoto surrounded by the school guards and the known school idol (Aeon) and the kind Cassiopeia. Somehow, he now understood. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the scenario. "It's not your fault." He stated without any pretense, but it was enough to silence any argument as he looked at Hakushiro. His words had always have weight about them whether he noticed it or not. There was still a smudge of dirt at the hem of skirt and he knew she was just a victim as anyone else from Miyamoto's rampaging scene. He deduced the girl must be blaming herself for whatever happened which he had a clear reason to believe was done because he was here. Miyamoto had always did everything in his power to issue fights or challenges to him in different ways.

"Here." Ryou took out a clean handkerchief from his pants' pocket and handed it to her. "There's still some left." Whether she took it or not, he continued after she made her response. "It's a thanks for your concern." He said to give reason for his gesture. Most people feel more comfortable when there are reasons behind actions and especially when they're stated. Ryou then looked to the unfamiliar face, the boy (Saburo). "Welcome to Airdalen." He assumed that the new face was a freshman if he was wrong, then it's his bad. He then looked from the boy (Saburo) to Hakushiro. From his observation, they seemed to know each other. He must be interrupting them. "I guess, I'll see you two around then." Once he said that, he took his leave by walking away from that spot. He didn't want to be noticed by Miyamoto any more.

This was one of the days that he didn't want to be bothered by that fellow rowdy senior of his. He had a beautiful dream and that was shattered because of his self-proclaimed rival wanted to bother him with useless things. Anyway, he walked along the pathway as the Sakura blossoms were being blown by the wind. He looked at the falling petals as some landed on his shoulder and head. It was a beautiful contrast against the blackness of his hair and the paleness of his skin. It was like a painting when it involves him. Then, there it was again that voice he wanted to hear always.

"Did you know that the sakura petals can make wishes come true? It made mine into a reality. See, you're here with me."

His eyes held a hint of sadness and had an image as if he was looking across time. Just like that, he reached for one petal which landed at the palm of his hand and then closed his hand as if impaling it with an unspoken wish. Then, he released it to the winds, hoping it would be true, his dream.


Popularity + 1 (Cassiopeia)
Popularity + 1 (Aeon)
Notoriety + 1 (Kazuki)

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Saburo wasn't really sure what was going on, but Arietta was acting pretty weird for some reason. Apparently she didn't want anyone else to know about the tutoring because someone might think she was a nerd. He didn't really think she was a nerd though, just smart. There was a difference. Last year there was this smart dude on the team who helped a lot with the plays and stuff. A nerd is like a person who doesn't have a life and just reads sci-fi comics or something.

"You're not a nerd." Saburo lowered his voice for Arietta's sake. "Nerds are the guys who really out of shape and just play otome games all the time." He assured the Senior. "But yeah, I'll keep it low key if you want."
"Though, when you need during school homework help, you can send me a text instead of asking it face to face. It's more discreet that way. Do you think you'll need my number?"
Saburo smiled, pulling out his own phone. "Sure, I'll take it."

Before Arietta could reply the conversation was interrupted. "Hot stuff, coming through!" before he got a chance to look up some random guy (Kazuki) pushed between him and Arietta. Luckily, Saburo was able to catch himself from falling. "Hey! What the hell!" He yelled at the dude after regaining balance. Who was this guy to be pushing him around? If they ever had a run in again, Saburo wouldn't cut the guy any slack.

"Are you alright, Inoue-san?" Saburo's head snapped back towards his tutor. In his short lived anger, he had sort of forgotten about her. From the looks of it, Arietta wasn't able to right herself in time from the flustered look she portrayed.
"Yeah...thanks." The freshman paused for a second, recalling his anger. "Who was that asshole?"

"That was Kazuki. He's pretty well known for pulling stuff like that. He's not that bad once you get to know him though." Tsuyoshi had followed the wake left by Kazuki, finding Saburo in the process.
"You know him?" Tsuyoshi nodded.
"Yeah, we hung out a couple times. I thought you'd like him." Saburo paused to stare at the senior for a moment.
"No, seriously." Tsuyoshi broke a smile. "When your not on the sharp end of his crap it's not that bad."
"Yeah, okay."

Sabruo's attention was diverted to a towering senior (Ryou) who was asleep just a moment ago. "Welcome to Airdalen."
"Uh...thanks man." For whatever reason, he remembered something his father had said once.
"You gotta know the line between being confident, and being stupid. Once you get that down, I think you'll do alright."
Starting beef with this guy was definitely on the stupid side.
"I guess, I'll see you two around then." With that, the giant took his leave.

"So...How's it going Arietta? Saburo tells me you got me in science. I mean it's kinda hard to get the class when the teacher doesn't either right? ...Well you gotta know the stuff to be tutoring it...right?" Saburo glanced at his friend, then at Arietta. He gave the blonde girl a shrug.

+1 Notoriety Kazuki

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#, as written by Stiles



"No problem." She chimed in a happy-go-lucky tone. Unaware that he noticed she'd lost her balance in the incident. Though what she didn't know definitely wouldn't hurt her. She'd probably drive herself crazy with embarrassment if she knew. It was better that she was oblivious to the fact.

"Who was that asshole?"

"That was Kazuki. He's pretty well known for pulling stuff like that. He's not that bad once you get to know him though."

...Not bad? Arietta's expression grew skeptical, and she wanted to lean forward and check Saburo's friend's temperature. There was a lot bad about Kazuki, and she kind of wanted to give that loud cocky asshole a piece of her mind, but then again, that would totally shatter the image she'd created for herself. Cute, popular, cool. She didn't do much of anything that would ruin those three aspects from describing herself, at least in public. Sure, she'd lose her temper now and then, but she never let herself get too out of hand. She didn't want others to hate her after all, "I guess you could say that.. In a way..." She laughed nervously, though she didn't mean a word of it.

"You know him?"

A boy she met once or twice at school named Tsuyoshi nodded in response and Arietta sighed, "Who doesn't know Miyamoto-san if they're a Senior? He's a major troublemaker. Some girls find him attractive, but I think he's simply annoying." She decided to add her two cents in while pouting. Her tone was a irritated, but she wasn't letting it get the best of her. She didn't recognize him at first, seeing as he wasn't as popular as most of the people she hung out with or was aware of. Then her mind began to wander, tuning out of the boy's conversation.

"Nerds are the guys who really out of shape and just play otome games all the time."

Those words rang through her ears in repetition like a broken record. He didn't realize just how close he was to her description. She was skinny, but she wasn't necessarily in shape.. She played Otome games.. the only part of his definition she definitely lacked was being a male... Though her mind was brought off of her depressive thoughts when Ryou spoke up.

"I'm fine. But, why are you apologizing?"

"Etto.. he might have avoided this spot if there wasn't a group of three here?" Arietta replied in a sheepish manner. Now that Ryou called her out on her apology, it didn't really make any sense in the end. She felt fairly stupid in the end. It made more sense in her head, but most things usually did, including her white lies she told to vamp up her life.

"It's not your fault."

Arietta was a bit shocked, but relieved that he didn't blame her. He also didn't ask them why they were standing so close to him while he was sleeping, so Arietta felt that this situation diffused rather well. She was glad that he was so understanding. If it had been someone else, she feared that it wouldn't have went so smoothly. Ryou seemed to be a lot nicer than he let on sometimes.


"Eh?" Arietta was completely taken aback. Where did she miss? She was certain that she'd wiped down thoroughly after her fall, but apparently she missed a spot. She accepted the handkerchief, opening her pocket mirror. It wasn't her face, nor her hair.. so it had to be her clothes. Arietta turned, checking her uniform. Her jacket was clean... so it had to be..

"There's still some left."

H-how embarrassing!! Arietta's eyes widened a bit in shock, trying to find the spot on her skirt. She honestly thought she'd gotten it all... She used the handkerchief and wiped it off once she'd found it. A light blush formed on her cheeks, not necessarily because of Ryou himself, but because he noticed her in less than pristine condition.

"It's a thanks for your concern."

"A-Arigato, Giou-san..." Arietta replied, a grateful smile on her face as he explained himself. She honestly wasn't looking too far into it, since they were only acquaintances after all. She figured that he was just caught up in the habit of having to explaining every single act of kindness, especially since he had his own personal fan club that followed him almost everywhere he went.

"I guess, I'll see you two around then."

"See you later..." Arietta replied with a cheerful expression, waving to Ryou, "Thanks again, Giou-san!" She called out, glad that he didn't let her roam around school with dirt on her clothes. That would have been so horrible... She would have been too humiliated to face anyone after she found out about it if a lot of people would have noticed it.

"So...How's it going Arietta? Saburo tells me you got me in science. I mean it's kinda hard to get the class when the teacher doesn't either right? ...Well you gotta know the stuff to be tutoring it...right?"

Arietta, tilted her head and laughed a bit. She shook her head immediately, "I just stole the teacher's notes and we read them over.. Apparently they're not as hard when Sensei doesn't speak. Though I barely remember it. Do you really think I could remember all of that? School is not my strong suit." She lied and asked Tsuyoshi with a charming smile. Though on the inside she was fuming, she managed to keep her sweet and girly exterior in tact. Arietta's acting classes were really paying off, because at the moment she looked very friendly, yet there was nothing she wanted more than to strangle Saburo right now. Saburo already told someone!? How many people did he tell?! The day barely began and he already spilled her second biggest secret? This was going to be a long day, if not a long year. She immediately shot an angry glare at Saburo when Tsuyoshi wasn't looking, twitching a bit in irritation. She was definitely going to get him back for the lie she had to tell to keep her reputation protected, especially one that was on the spot like that..

"You never gave me your number, Inoue-san." She stated again, an innocent blink on her features as she held out her girly phone in his direction to put his number in it. She wasn't sure how he'd respond in front of his friend, but she brought it up now, because she would forget if she didn't. Not to mention the event would start at any time and she wouldn't get another chance soon, "I'll text it so you can have mine."

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"I just stole the teacher's notes and we read them over.. Apparently they're not as hard when Sensei doesn't speak. Though I barely remember it. Do you really think I could remember all of that? School is not my strong suit." Saburo didn't even try to stiffle his laugh. It rang true and clear, cutting through the buzz around them.
"What?" Saburo just shook his head. Notes? What notes? She practically had the stuff at the top of her head. Saburo was pretty sure Arietta could teach the class herself. Besides, what sort of teacher would let someone take their notes? This school was supposed to be top notch, what sort of knock off would be let in here? The best part was probably that Tsuyoshi actually believed what Arietta was feeding him.

Sabruo still didn't really get what the big deal was for Arietta keeping her tutoring secret. Maybe all the people who would come running for her help? He wouldn't say anything though, not now. Arietta would probably be extra hard on him the next time they met. Arietta angry, now that would be something new. He never remembered the tutor being really mad. Agitated, yes, but not angry. Well, Saburo was always one for new things never before seen.

"You never gave me your number, Inoue-san."
"Oh yeah, my bad." he replied, regaining his composure and snatching Arietta's phone. After tapping in his number, the Freshman handed the phone back.
"I'll text it so you can have mine."
"Fine by me."


"'Stay sharp'? That's a first. Are we in the army or something?"
"Isn't that your next stop after this?"
"Me?" The male senior gestured towards himself. "And have to do that 'harakiri' when we lose a fight? I'm not about that life."
"Well, you're the senior, so lead the way."
"I don't even know how you'd get lost trying to get to the school hall, but you might be an exception." Tsuyoshi said as he began walking towards the school hall. Saburo followed.
"Just because I'm not a try hard who studies 5 hours a day doesn't mean I'm a retard. I've got common sense you know."
"Common sense? You sure did a good job hiding it yesterday."
"Hey, that doesn't count. I wasn't myself."
"Blame it on the alcohol huh? Probably another good reason why you shouldn't have gotten back on your skateboard that day."
"Just cuz you're the only guy who's too much of a pussy to try anything doesn't mean you can be proud of it."
"Hey, someone's got to keep you guys from killing yourselves." Tsuyoshi turned to Arietta. "We're having some fun at my house tonight if you wanna come. It's nothing wild, nothing you can't handle."

Saburo sort of wondered what Arietta would be like at a party. What an interesting thought.

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#, as written by Stiles



Arietta shot a well timed glare in his direction, her blues eyes very expressive as far as her anger was concerned. Though, considering her typical attitude, and her genuine personality, the look came off as a really strong pout. It wasn't intimidating in the slightest way at all.

"Oh yeah, my bad."

He took the bait well enough, and Arietta waited patiently for the return of her cellular device. Little did Saburo know, she reminded him simply for the fact that it would allow her to stealthily chew him out. Though, she kept all indication that she was still irritated from her face, like a good little doll. Her constant happiness was definitely a bit like a doll's expression. It was almost as if her face was frozen into a smile.

"Fine by me."

"Alright, then hold on a sec..." Arietta replied as she retrieved her phone. She immediately found his name in her contacts sending a text immediately. She did this so she could scold him without Tsuyoshi witnessing it. She couldn't have other people realizing the extent of her temper after all. Phones were a brilliant invention, and she was so glad to have one. She could be as mean as she wanted and no one else witnessed a single thing, completely none the wiser.

From: Arietta Hakushiro
To: Saburo Inoue
// Tell anyone else about me tutoring you, and I will decapitate you. Got it? Not a threat, that's a promise. Anyway, welcome to Airdalen~! ^-^ //


She pocketed her phone, pretending that nothing was wrong. There was a warm smile on her face, and it only dissipated when the announcements began. The loud teacher put a frown on the blonde's face. Arietta really wasn't fond of her.. and it put her in a bit of a sour mood until her thoughts were redirected by Tsuyoshi.

"'Stay sharp'? That's a first. Are we in the army or something?"

Arietta nodded in agreement. Why would they have to stay sharp? She shrugged it off, assuming that they meant Kazuki. He managed to knock quite a few people down and they probably meant to look out for him so that none of the newbies would get hurt. Though even if you somehow had 360 degree line of vision, it was still more than likely you'd end up in some kind of confrontation with him. For a minute she checked out of the conversation, zoning out into nothingness for a minute.

"Well, you're the senior, so lead the way."

Saburo's voice brought her back to reality, and she quirked an eyebrow. Lead the way? The building was practically right in front of them, but she chose to not say anything, besides, right after she silenced her own temptation to comment, his friend Tsuyoshi chimed in with a comment equally as teasing as she'd had in mind. He's not the only Senior here.. She thought to herself with a roll of her eyes, but kept it otherwise to herself.

"I don't even know how you'd get lost trying to get to the school hall, but you might be an exception."

She followed behind the boys, looking to the sky as she kept a casual pace, in no rush to get inside, especially since she'd have to find somewhere to sit. She preferred having less options, it was a lot less overwhelming that way. Though she hoped she wouldn't get stuck sitting next to someone lame. That would totally suck, and she wasn't sure if she'd be able to handle it at this point. Her nerves were still jumbled because of Kazuki and Saburo. If one wasn't knocking her over, the other had exposed her secret. This year was going to be a constant headache, she just knew it. She could feel it in her stomach that she wasn't going to have an easy senior year ahead of her.

"Just because I'm not a try hard who studies 5 hours a day doesn't mean I'm a retard. I've got common sense you know."

Try hard? Arietta kind of twitched at that description. She was a bit offended, but she knew it was kind of true. The truth really did hurt sometimes. Although she didn't spend five hours studying, she did enjoy school and she did her best in every subject. She enjoyed learning, but she didn't want anyone to know, at least not her classmates. She found her mind trailing off into thoughts about the school year, whom she'd make friends with, and her grades, neglecting the conversation once more.

"Hey, someone's got to keep you guys from killing yourselves. We're having some fun at my house tonight if you wanna come. It's nothing wild, nothing you can't handle."

Arietta tilted her head after receiving the invitation, definitely taking the offer into deep consideration, Nothing wild? It didn't sound like it, but she had to keep up with the reputation that she'd set for herself, "Sure. Just send me directions." She responded with a smile, tapping her chin afterwards. This would her first time attending one of Tsuyoshi's parties. If she invited a few people to this party, and it turned out to actually be something cool, she'd make total points with the them for it, "I could probably invite a few more girls if you'd like.. I do know quite a few." She added with a giggle, definitely pondering on the possibilities. She'd been to a couple parties at her old school, but ever since attending Airdalen, Arietta straightened out her act for the most part, only attending a few parties at Airdalen, and only the cool ones.

She had a fair drinking tolerance, which was a bit well suited, except for the fact that she was completely unaware of her Irish descent. She never really thought to look into where her blonde hair and blue eyes came from, because she held a grudge against her parents for abandoning her as a baby. She wasn't curious about her ethnicity, not even a little bit. Though once they made it into the hall where everyone was sitting, she tilted her head to Saburo and the other boy, "How about we sit over there? It looks rather empty." she referred, pointing to the seats next to a tall brunet Freshman (Johnny), and a couple seats to the right and behind the violet haired girl (Yuuki). Though she went over and sat down next to him, not waiting for an answer. She did not ask for permission either, considering this room belonged to the school and this was school function, not some kind of hangout spot where she would have to introduce herself or be given permission first. She didn't feel like being caught standing when the presentation began, and that's all there was to it.

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Johnny Farelli

The sound of someone’s rear planting itself onto the seat of a chair reached Johnny’s ear, with the implication that wherever the sound came from, it was to his immediate proximity. He instinctively turned his head slightly so his eyes could get a good look at whoever joined the row. He saw a blonde girl he remembered spotting out in the courtyard. She appeared... apathetic, as if she was only there because she had nothing better to do... Unless Johnny's ability to read faces failed him temporarily.

He knew that he had no reason to not want anybody sitting next to him on chairs that were not his inside a giant room that was not his. Though he was a trusting kind of guy, he had to admit that he was too used to the lack of trust and the larger spaces that were more common back in the United States. He couldn’t help but adjust his seating position to something more professional than relaxed. He was unfamiliar with how he should act in front of others in Japan- especially girls. Hell, he wasn’t even sure if the semi-detached respectful demeanour was even the best idea.

Damnit, why did I tense up? he thought as he considered relaxing again… but how would that look?

All of a sudden, a loud bang caught Johnny's attention. From the corner of his eyes, three ninjas burst through the doors with nunchuks and those lightweight military picks with chains. (Kusarigama, but Johnny didn’t know the name) The three ninjas bellowed uncharacteristic war cries in unison. It was clear from the get-go that they planned to do very terrible things.

Johnny never fancied himself a fighter, but he knew that something had to be done. Immediately, Johnny leaped into action. Fifty of the chairs were sent flying as he hopped over the back of his own chair and stamped both feet onto the hard wooden surface of the floor, people included. The gymnasium walls cracked and buckled, and the ceiling was thrown a mile into the air, where it disintegrated into trillions upon trillions of pieces of concrete dust, cement mix, metal beams, and every other stick of material used for the construction of the hall.

With great skill, he tore a hole into the fabric of space and reached into the spacial rend. From the anomaly, Johnny produced an axe guitar- namely the one Gene Simmons was famous for. However, this one included a real, functional blade. Johnny gripped his fingers over a set of frets, and he strummed the sickest lick. Though the guitar was not plugged into anything, the power of the strum translated into a shockwave. The blast of energy ripped open the gym floor in a line to the wall. The three ninjas were launched into the air, for they were too slow to dodge the sickest lick ever shredded.

Johnny then threw the axe guitar in a sloppy, metal-head fashion. The wide swing of the flailing, mid-air guitar caught two of the ninjas in their respective faces, and they both dropped to the floor, soundly defeated.

The third ninja panicked as he watched Johnny follow up the throw by closing the distance. By the time the ninja landed, Johnny had already moved to a position where he was behind the ninja. Johnny locked both arms around the ninja’s waist with the immense strength Johnny had trained many a year to maintain. “OOOH MY GOD!” shrieked the ninja in the most broken English. Johnny hoisted the ninja, and performed the sickest and most excellent German suplex in the history of mankind.

The ninja stood no chance; he could only watch as the world spun downwards from his perspective. Up became down, and down became up as the ninja was flipped by the suplex. The roof- sorry- the floor homed in like a missile, and the ninja’s final thoughts before impact were of how much he enjoyed murder and how he regret not murdering as much as he could have. Johnny knew this, and was satisfied that true justice had been done.


… and then he blinked. Johnny was back in his chair, with no sign of the carnage to be seen. The walls were flawless, and the ceiling was completely intact. Nothing in the past few paragraphs had happened, nor was there a sign that Johnny was imagining it. The blonde girl, however, remained seated next to the foreigner.

Deep inside, Johnny was greatly bothered. These... visions.. had never, ever happened before. Despite the impossibility, it felt so clear and so real. A premonition, or ungodly boredom I never noticed until now? Johnny wondered. The correct answer seemed difficult to come to. After all, if there was anything his constant pushes to the limits and beyond have taught him, it’s that anything was possible. This felt especially true In this school, where he was no longer the best. He was back to square one. The thought continued to appeal to him.

However, the blonde girl still sat next to him, and still no words had been exchanged yet. Crap, His mind raced back to his original intended meeting with the blonde boy. Specifically, he recalled the word he planned to use for a greeting. “Hajimemashite,” he greeted the blonde girl with a nod and a confident smile. He followed with a couple of phrases that he learned perfectly prior to coming to school. “My name is Johnny Farelli. My Japanese is not that good. It's nice to meet you.” Unlike most every other phrase he knew, Johnny had practiced these phrases more often, as he had to use them for more than school. As a result, his Japanese sounded actually half-decent. He closed his booklet, but kept it on-hand in case he needed it for an upcoming conversation.


+1 Popularity Arietta (My bad, forgot to add this.)

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She didn't even think of how wrong this would look if someone decided to look in their direction, but that's just because she was on the formal side of medicine. Both of her parents were doctors and she often forgot that drugs were often taken recreationally.

"Ah, look.."

She wasn't sure what he was getting at, but she kept quiet as he searched for words. Was it because she had medicine on hand? Immediately she felt bad for just pulling out medication from her pocket, "M-my parents are doctors. Gomenasai! I wasn't trying to.." Her eyes were slightly wide from worrying about his reaction, wondering if he'd tell anyone that she'd tried to offer him medicine. That wouldn't get back to the teachers in tact and she would be rumored as some sort of drug dealer and that would hurt her father's reputation. She didn't even think about it, and she began mentally beating herself up about it almost immediately after the realization hit her..

"I don't mean to be a jerk but... no need."

"Suit yourself then." She replied in a nonchalant tone, as if she'd never cared in the first place. There was no way for her to know the reasoning behind his denial, so she more or less stubbed up in response. She was trying to be nice and was shot down, so she definitely didn't feel too confident at the moment. Perhaps another student told him about her and he figured it was an attempt to poison him? She wasn't exactly popular among her peers, especially since she had a tendency of being rude whenever she got nervous or felt she was being criticized or rejected. She couldn't mentally handle someone else rejecting or abandoning her.. So she developed a rough around the edges outer shell that made others think she didn't care about their opinion, so she couldn't get close to anyone. Seeing as that only made her lonelier, Shiori has spent her high school career attempting to correct her behavior, but has had no success this far. This was her last year, and she was determined to kick her habit of being rude, but here she was, doing the same old thing a whenever she got in a situation she didn't know how to properly process.

"Riiiight... thanks for the heads up."

"No problem." Shiori replied in a slightly arrogant tone of voice, not making eye contact with Rhys, she was also no longer staring at the ground, instead Shiori was staring directly ahead of them at one of the numerous cherry blossom trees in the vicinity. She was feeling a bit guilty as far as her closed off behavior was concerned. She knew it was rude to act the way she was right now, but it was the only way she knew how to handle her assistance being tossed aside without fleeing from the scene like a madwoman. She didn't want to come across as psychotic or hysterical.. Cold was a much better option, but she really wished she could be cute, like the bubbly and innocent girls she saw in romance movies and anime. She envied girls that could be so effortlessly adorable, because acting the way that they did, Shiori was certain that she could never do it, she'd die of embarrassment before that ever came to pass. She didn't feel she would ever reach that level of socialization and confidence. She severely lacked both, and doubted she would be progressing in either at a well enough pace.. I suck.. I can't even talk to a junior without making an ass out of myself... Shiori thought to herself in a downhearted manner. She didn't know how to mend her behavior, because she never properly made friends before.. Even Kazuhiko, she didn't fully consider him a friend, but he was the closest thing she had to one.

"Thanks but.. are you alright? Uh.. are you alright, Kitogawa-san?"

Shiori quickly brushed her depressed thoughts aside, seeing as this boy caught on that all was not well. She wasn't sure what he was referring to, but she immediately became nervous. She couldn't just come out and admit that she had problems speaking with others and had a bad habit of either insulting or being mean to other people if her feelings were hurt. That was too personal, she'd never told anyone that, ever. She definitely couldn't admit that to a stranger, and the same went for why she didn't want to be touched by Kazuki, or anyone else for that matter. That would involve speaking of her mother, and she couldn't do that. She was certain that her mother's actions qualified as child abuse and she couldn't bring that kind of heat into her home. She couldn't tell anyone, so she was stuck here in this endless cycle of self loathing, rude behavior, and written apologies.


She wasn't sure what was up with the announcement, but she didn't really care. She'd go on towards the indicated spot without hesitation. That's how she'd spent every other year at this school, invisible. She went through the motions of her day so well. The only exceptions were when others chose to talk to her, and as usual she would always end up running them off before the week was through. The longest record was five days of someone attempting to form a bond of friendship with Shiori, needless to say, the boy gave up.

[b]"Well, I guess we should get the show on the road as they say..."

"Of course. We don't want to get the seats with gum on them." She replied in a detached and somewhat formal manner, and she also hesitated to answer his question that was interrupted, but shook her head after she'd given the question some thought. She had to answer, or he'd probably only ask her again. She let out a quiet breath to secretly compose herself before she chose to vocally respond, "I'm fine by the way, why did you ask?" She responded in a sound tone of voice, no breaks in her tone indicating that she was upset; and it definitely didn't crack as she spoke. Though her eyes always seemed to tell another story. Her eyes were sad and lonely, as always, but that could easily be chalked up to simply be due to the fact that they were a dark and depressing shade of purple. Most of the time other people assumed it was due to her dark hair and eye color. Though she turned her gaze to her clothes just in case. She didn't want pity. She wanted to make friends, but she didn't want to accomplish that through a pity party. That would be pathetic and she'd never forgive herself for choosing the easy route. She stood and dusted off her skirt and the back of her uniform blazer, waiting to see what he would do from here on. She didn't want to be the first to walk away, especially since she'd made a lot of rude comments to him already..

"Let's go, yeah?"

Though she was pleasantly surprised when he spoke up. He wanted to walk with her? She blushed a bit, though she kept it hidden from him by turning towards the building, "Alright, don't slow me down though. It's this way, we just have to follow the crowd that's forming." She stated running to catch up so that they'd be walking at the same pace in the same area, but kept a comfortable distance between not only herself and Rhys, but also between herself and everyone else around them. She didn't even scan the crowd for anyone she knew, but that's because she really didn't know anyone here, aside from her classmates names. There was no one in her grade that she knew on a personal level, not one. Though that's because her only real friend was a boy she chose to write to for half of her life. If he were here, she doubted she'd be able to treat hm the same as she did when she wrote letters to him. Letters were easier than face to face interaction. She didn't have to deal with the confrontation immediately. She always could wait to respond if a letter upset her. People were far crueler and impatient in person. She sat down next to a cute purple haired female student who seemed to be patiently and quietly waiting for the program to start (Yuuki) and in front of a brunette male student (Johnny) who was sitting next to a gorgeous female blonde. The two behind her were in conversation, and the purple haired girl seemed to be actively avoiding one, at least to a certain degree. She understood that very well, but she couldn't help but look over her shoulder to see if Rhys chose to sit with her or slipped away in the crowd. She couldn't say she blamed him if he chose to give her the slip..

+1 Popularity (Arietta and Yuuki)

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Bishop was in the middle of a giant heard of students funneling into the large school hall. He didn't really notice a specific face or person go by him amongst the crowd too caught up in reading the signs over each classroom door. <Ahuh.. So this is the building that the staff mainly works out of.> He sighed trying to get a feel for his new school. It was definitely different that any school he had been to in America or on a military base. From the uniforms to the layouts, he would have to see how things were when it came to assignments as well. But that was for later. The blonde shook his head reminding himself not to think too far ahead, that how you get discouraged. He took a breath and finally broke through the threshold of the school hall finding that since he walked so slow in order to not get lost, that many students had beaten him to get a seat.

"Aahh.... Ummm." He contemplated where to sit slowly walking down the left isle to find a seat. He first noticed a tall brown haired kid, sitting next to that blonde he saw earlier (Johnny & Arietta). But he didn't make a move to sit next to them, honestly not seeing the open seat. He moved further down the aisle beginning to think ins a vicious circle. <If I don’t sit now, more seats will be taken up. If the seats are taken up I’ll look weird. But what if I sit next to someone weird or mean? So I have to find a good seat! But if I don’t sit now-> On and on it went as he walked down the aisle until he reached the end and looked to the side and saw the purple haired girl from before (Yuuki) who yelled at him. He froze for a moment with wide eyes; if she looked to make eye contact he would turn awkwardly away and shuffle off <Like hell I’ll sit with her!> He didn't even take the time to notice the two other students sitting next to her (Shiori & Rhys). The American was having a bit of a hard time trying to assimilate in Japanese school, being spooked by a purple haired girl.

Bishop walked back up the aisle noticing some of the looks he was getting and decided to just take a seat anywhere. He opted for the right sight of the hall where there was a large gap between the row of seat in front of him, leaving the students sitting there with leg room. He removed his back pack and set it in his lap, looking around. To his surprise Bishop’s phone would ring, and he brought it up seeing it was a text from his dad; ’Hey son! Have a great first day at school. Always remember that me and your mother are proud of you and we love you very much.’ Bishop smiled at the message and replied back thanking his dad, but was interrupted by another male student. ’Hey, do you mind if we sit here? We’re trying to stay together.’ Bishop looked up seeing several junior class students looking down at him, their gazes curious seeing his foreignness. Bishop looked to his side seeing that the seats beside him were filling up and they didn’t have enough room for them all unless he moved. ”Ah… Sure-” ”Thanks!” Bishop spoke hesitantly wanting to be nice, but as soon as he began to speak they took his offer for an inch and made it a mile.

Slowly he stood up, once again seatless and sighed looking around clutching his backpack in his hand. It wasn’t like the others, some girls had cute charms or anime chibi characters on there’s. The same was for male students, though their bags were typically more conservative. Bishop’s backpack was an olive green, a military bag actually. He took off the American demarcations and insignias not wanting to stand out too much. However on his backpack were several pin buttons he acquired through his travels. He had 13 in all. Some were cities he’d visited or lived in, a few were companies that made products that he used for hobbies and some were music bands. All however were western, which was enough of a giveaway if one were to pay attention. Bishop now stood in near the center of the hall, looking back and forth to find an open seat. He’d take anything now…. Except if it was in front of next to that girl who scolded him (Yuuki). He spotted a seat to the rear of the hall and didn’t think twice about it. Bishop hurriedly went to take that seat just noticing a tiny girl sitting next to that seat (Mai). He looked down towards her automatically assuming she was a freshmen like him. He looked up seeing a silver haired, yet effeminate looking boy (Akira) sitting next to a super tall guy (Ryou). He gave the briefest of glances to them and went back to his phone to look over his text, and then hit ‘send’.

Bishop sighed and put his phone on silent, not expecting a text back and put his phone away. He fidgeted in his seat placing his unique backpack in his lap, only to look down to fuss with a few of the buttons lost in thought. Bishop was rather oblivious to what had happened before, keeping his head low with a troubled expression. From this point on, he figured that keeping a low profile on the first day wasn’t such a bad idea. He didn’t even think that suddenly sitting next to these people and not introducing would be rude, he was very use to the somewhat anti-social American culture. Bishop raised his head causing his blonde hair to sway gently, looking up only to see a few girls staring at him. He blinked and looked back not sure of what to do. He looked down at his uniform to see if it was something on him, then touched his face thinking maybe there was dirt or worse- a booger! When he found nothing, the freshmen heard laughing and just went back to looking down. Whatever it was, he had missed it like always. <This first day is not going to plan... I wish I was swimming.> He just hoped that the announcements would start soon so he could move on.

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Yuuki nearly fell asleep waiting for the program to begin. The loud and rowdy boy (Kazuki) from earlier seemed to be giving a teacher a lot of trouble, from what she could see. He was up front and somewhat appeared to be arguing with the adult. Perhaps that was why the program hadn't begun? Either way, she was a bit tired of seeing that guy around here. He seemed to cause trouble for everyone he met, and she wasn't looking forward to having a run-in with him, she'd surely tell him off way worse than she had the blond guy that had carelessly interrupted her studying with his wretched excuse for music. Suddenly she noticed that the seats around her began to fill in. There was a very cute and feminine blonde girl (Arietta) that chose to sit not too far off in the row behind her, along with a brunet male who chose to sit down a little while before the blond. He was sitting a bit closer to Yuuki, but was in the same row as the blonde female.


The boy (Johnny) seemed to be attempting to converse with the girl (Arietta) and the male definitely seemed to be struggling with the language. He was doing rather well, but as a native of the language, Yuuki noticed the slight errors in his pronounciation. He was trying, so she couldn't fault him on that. Not to mention he wasn't very loud. That was something she definitely could applaud. The conversation wasn't very annoying, or perhaps it was because the entire room was buzzing with noise, either way, this wasn't a place she could study. She didn't mind the noise when it was suited for the situation, and this was a situation where others were expected to at least greet one another..

“My name is Johnny Farelli. My Japanese is not that good. It's nice to meet you.”

Even Yuuki almost laughed as she overheard that. Was he reading from a Japanese 101 handbook? She didn't turn around to look, or she probably would have laughed noticing the conversion book he held. She only caught glimpses of the two out of the corner of her eye. He was definitely foreign judging by his name, but was he American or Italian? She wasn't sure, but it was definitely food for thought.

Suddenly Yuuki froze. She got her own seat mate. She looked over and noticed a very 'classic' Japanese beauty (Shiori), well, aside from the girl's stunning gemstone eyes. Yuuki had never seen eyes that color, but she was fairly certain that not many were accustomed to purple hair. It was Yuuki's natural color, which even she found to be a bit odd, but she couldn't argue with the fact.

The girl didn't seem very social, but Yuuki decided to at least say hello and introduce herself if they were going to sit together, "Ohayo.. I am Fujioka, Yuuki." Her tone was formal, very serious and didn't seem to be very energetic like the blonde girl (Arietta) in the row behind them. The dark haired girl (Shiori) seemed to be waiting on someone to join them, because her head was turned away. Yuuki sighed a bit at this and adjusted her glasses. Perhaps she just wasn't suited for this kind of thing? It might have been a sign that she shouldn't try with others.. even when the timing permitted it. The two seats in front of her remained empty still, and Yuuki wondered when the program would begin. Perhaps the girl sitting beside her wouldn't notice her failed attempt to make idle chitchat? She noticed that blond guy from earlier and rolled her eyes as he fled the scene. Running away because he got scolded once? Wow. Pathetic.

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#, as written by Stiles

Arietta began to wonder if Saburo chose to sit elsewhere, and was completely oblivious to Johnny's nervousness, and even more unaware that he'd had a full on cinematic hallucination. She wasn't really concerned, well, to be fair, she wasn't really concerned about anything that didn't bring her popularity, aside from her school assignments. The only thing she did notice was his change in position, not that she cared to ask about it. She knew asking questions wasn't necessary this early in the game, besides, she wanted to observe for now. Watching people and listening were the easiest ways to figure out whether or not their friendship would benefit her quest for obtaining and maintaining popularity. Her goal was to avoid losing popularity, especially since a lot of her habits would definitely dock several 'cool' points if anyone found out about them.


Arietta was surprised when the stranger (Johnny) attempted to strike up conversation. Immediately she weighed out the risks and perks of responding. If she ignored him he might begin telling people that she was rude. If she was seen speaking to the brown haired male, Arietta doubted that it would harm her reputation too badly, seeing as he seemed to be quite sporty. Sure, she was judging him solely by physical appearance alone, but she felt that talking to him held little to no risk factor.

"Ohayo. I'm Hakushiro, Arietta. You're new, right?" She replied back to the boy with a warm smile spreading across her features. Though she was totally just playing along. She wasn't in a good mood, nor did she feel like being social, but it would hurt her reputation to be snappy or rude so she had to be nice to him in the end. Though it wasn't the boy's fault (Johnny) she was just having caffeine withdrawals. She wasn't really sure what to say to him, seeing as she was completely unfamiliar with the boy (Johnny). He came across as confident, which was a good trait to have in Arietta's opinion, especially when entering a new school.

“My name is Johnny Farelli. My Japanese is not that good. It's nice to meet you.”

So his name is Johnny? Well that was kind of anticlimactic.. Where is this kid from? Though she didn't linger on that, instead, she chose to surprise him. It wasn't every day she was allowed to reveal that she was bilingual after all, "I can speak English rather well, or so I've been told. You don't have to use Japanese to talk to me if you don't want to." She replied in English to him, unsure if he was Italian, British, or American. As long as he wasn't born in Italy, she was confident that he would understand her use of the English language. She was kind of glad that her grandfather forced her to learn right about now, it would definitely come in handy if they'd be dealing with Americans this year.

Her eyes returned to the front of the room, blue orbs rolling as the faculty failed to get a move on, "I missed my coffee for this...?" She asked herself in a soft, rhetorical tone. She wanted to get this program over with, it made her too late to grab a morning coffee, hence why she was kind of grumpy this morning.

+1 Popularity to Johnny

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#, as written by Stiles


“For seniors, I encourage you to make the most of your final year before the college entrance exams and before leaving Airdalen in general. The time you spend partying compared to the time you spend studying makes all the difference to what career options are available to you in the future. Not one to brag, Airdalen’s reputation and connections that I have spent years building up to has led to this moment, your final year. I have done my part but it is up to you to seize this opportunity as a student here under this high school’s name, to put in the extra mile that will determine the rest of your life from this point onward. “

Arietta turned her head to listen as the principal mentioned the Seniors, not that she was being motivated by the speech. He was talking about grades and academic reputation. No one cared about that stuff, and the people who did typically were at the bottom of the social food chain. Her grades were not in jeopardy, she knew she would get into a good college. She wasn't worried about improving her grades, too much. Sure, she would put forth effort, but she was more interested in making her final year count socially, to rank up a lot of popularity points. She wanted to be someone that her classmates would never forget, but for a good reason. She wanted to make friends, she wanted it so desperately that she sometimes would lie to make others like her better. She doesn't consciously choose to lie, it just sort of happens, and she later regrets doing it. It's a habit she wishes she could nip in the bud.

“For juniors, I encourage you with the school motto Keizoku wa chikara nari. High school while a time for fun and meeting new friends is not always easy or as bright as expected. It is a challenging time, debatably the most challenging phase of your life as you go through stages that test you as an individual in a society that thrives on conformity. At Airdalen, we are not all about conformity. We believe in exploring new possibilities, new experiences and that those tough times that can come with being different can serve to strengthen the being. Continuing after setback is strength in itself. Airdalen Academy is all about continuing, your decision to continue and seek higher studies. One day, you will also be in the same position of our seniors so don't feel as if you will never get there.”

Oh, so we mention making friends for the Junior students? They're not the only ones having a hard time with that.. Sure, she had a few friends, but nothing close. She was mostly just in acquaintance to everyone. She didn't have a specific friend circle. She would hang out and talk to just about anyone, but she didn't really 'belong' to one group. She didn't have anyone she could go shopping or have lunch with.

“To all students—“

Why didn't they edit this out of the video? Embarrassing much? Arietta thought, brushing her hair back as she criticized the film production. In her mind, this was almost like being forced to watch your ten year old brother's first home movie. Had no one heard of cutting out unsightly interruptions? She didn't really care, but it was irritating her inner perfectionist.

“Oh, that’s my cue to leave then…
In short, everyone, I do wish you all wholeheartedly the very best with your studies. Keep in mind I do not mean to alert you, just prepare you for the future as I am confident the Airdalen staff members are trying to do for you as well so please respect them too in my absence. Enjoy your first day back!”

The principal returned on topic, and Arietta was getting tired of the speech. She wanted the staff to get a move on with this program and get it over with. She had better things to do than babysit a snot nosed freshmen all day. Well, that's how she saw it at least. She often neglected to remember that she was once a freshmen as well.

“I will now be handing out folders to the seniors with your activities inside. Juniors please remain seated and await your assigned senior. Compared to previous years, we will also be assigning team names due to the feedback we received from our graduated seniors. You are free to discuss your team name with your partner and change it to another animal provided it isn’t taken already. We will be proceeding with activities once everything has settled, thank you.”

"Sayonara." Arietta stated in a casual tone towards Johnny. She couldn't stick around and lag behind on this. She didn't want to be that senior. If she was the last one to receive their folder, she'd end up keeping her Junior waiting. She didn't want to cause a delay, that would be uncool, the complete opposite of what she was trying to achieve for herself. She approached Ms. Araya without a single word of recognition. She waited to be handed her folder, and blinked at the word written on it. Wolves, huh? That's not so bad. She thought to herself with a smile. Then her eyes shifted to the picture of a male student (Bishop), whom she deducted to be her freshman partner. He was blond, much like herself and he had blue eyes as well. This was definitely going to lead to a lot of misunderstandings, she just knew it. There were just too many physical similarities between them. Natural blonde hair wasn't exceedingly common among the Japanese. Great.. She thought to herself with a strong sense of dread.

Arietta began looking through the room, her eyes scanning the room carefully as she mentally went through the process of elimination. She located all of the blonde students, then narrowed it down to the males, and with just a little bit of effort, she managed to locate her freshman. (Bishop) He happened to be in the back of the room, sitting near the spot she'd noticed Ryou when she walked in with Saburo. She made her way from the front towards where her partner sat. Her approach was a confident strut, and once she was in close enough of a proximity to hold decent conversation, she introduced herself, "Ohayo, I'm Hakushiro Arietta, your Senior partner." She spoke first in Japanese, but decided to show off a little bit, and repeated herself in English, just in case. He was blond after all, so he likely wasn't from around here. She knew there was a chance she was wrong, considering she was raised in Japan her entire life, but still it was worth it. She didn't want to intimidate him with a foreign language if he wasn't Japanese. The presentation was subtitled in English, so she felt it was necessary to equally accommodate as well. There were two other students present that Arietta didn't recognize (Akira and Mai), but they weren't her concern, so she ignored them entirely.

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“Oh thank goodness,” Johnny breathed in relief. Was his lack of skill in the language that obvious? He suspected so; it would be unusual if he was, in fact, skilled in Japanese after a month of reading his dictionary. Odder still even with some notes from a father who hasn’t been near the country since said father was a child.

Johnny was about to continue with the conversation, ask questions about the ‘word on the street,’ when the video feed flashed into existence. He silenced himself as he saw the image of an older man with very laid-back attire, not unlike a modern hippie.

The principal? Johnny thought. He looks like no principal I’ve ever seen.

The principal spoke in Japanese. It was Johnny’s ultimate test for the day, to identify as many words as he could, and discern a meaning from them. There was the introduction, where “Dr. Gorou Endo” fit in the typical place for a name in an introduction. Johnny also caught the words ‘welcome’, ‘seniors and juniors’. He caught very little on the encouragement for the seniours, For the bit directed towards the juniors, Johnny caught something about “meeting new friends”, as well as “exploring new possibilities” and “continuing.”

Continuing, Johnny thought, Yeah… I know I need that, man.

Almost as quickly as it happened, Johnny blinked away the thousand-yard stare. He missed the closing statement of the speech, but he guessed it would been a repeat of “welcome back”, followed by “Have a great year”, or something like that.

Johnny determined that it was a typical “welcome, or welcome back, to school,” speech that he heard in Jr. High thrice before.

A very lovely-looking teacher rolled up the projection screen before standing at the podium. Johnny couldn’t help but notice a familiar-looking set of eyes, as if she knew things she preferred keeping under wraps. Johnny knew that gaze well, so he easily identified it. The teacher did a hell of a job hiding it regardless, and she delivered her instructions as professionally as he usually does.

Johnny caught ‘folders’, and everything about how the “juniors should remain seated”. He did catch something about ‘team names’ and ‘partners’. Partners? As in year-round partners? Forming teams that run throughout the year… Johnny felt a sort of giddiness in his stomach at the thought of the idea. Teams… friends and rivals… pushing him to be the best he could be.

Moving, he was certain, was a good idea after all.

Team names, though… Johnny kinda hoped for “Wolverines”. Red Dawn, if anything, taught the foreigner how awesome a war cry that word made. Way better than “Eagles”, or “Cheetahs”.

The blonde girl said “Sayonara”, which was a common enough phrase for Johnny to understand.

Johnny nodded and replied, “See ya.” in his more native language. For a second, he watched as the blonde locks waved behind the girl. She was certainly easy on the ey-

Wait, no. That's impolite. Damnit. Johnny willed himself to relax, if only for half a minute. The one who remained taller than the foreigner approached. “Johnny Farelli?” came the fellow giant’s first words. “I’ll be your Senior, Ryou Giou.”

Now that Johnny got a good look, he noted the slick black hair, the long face with the strong jaw, and the silver eyes that hid only the details behind an obvious darkness. With a little work, they could easily look like twins. “Charmed,” Johnny replied in his deep, almost smooth jazzy voice as he stood and extended his own hand. His own grip was practically identical to Ryou’s; strong and firm, but not overbearing. His lean fingers were lightly calloused- especially by the fingertips. That made his hand feel stronger than it already was.

“We’ll be…” Johnny glanced down at the folder along with Ryou. Apparently the team name was written on the folder. Ryou continued, “Cheetahs.”

Cheetahs… Johnny returned to his previous thoughts. While Wolverines would make an awesome war cry, the animal itself did not seem to represent them. Wolverines were small, yet savage and cunning. Cheetahs were lean and fast- both were values that encompassed the foreigner better. Back in his previous schools, he was easily twice as fast as the next-best athlete. It was practically a given which team would win before the team picks were even finished.

Johnny waved off the offer for another name, “It’s all good, dude. Cheetah’s fine by me.”

Ryou announced and handed Johnny his schedule and map. The map seemed a little complicated, especially with a few glyphs he couldn’t read (ie: almost all of them) but he could tell from the images where he was, and which rooms belonged to which building. Thank goodness good old universal numbers were used. “If you have questions, ask away.” Ryou added.

Johnny was glancing over his schedule as the offer to answer questions came up. “Nah, I’m good man,” he said as he looked up to meet Ryou’s eyes like a polite Junior… or… was eye contact not proper in Japanese culture? Or... wasn't it Chinese? Is that aspect even similar? Crap, I didn't think this through.

The sudden uncertainty made Johnny look away, where he then spotted the blushing girls sneaking glances at the two giants. A smirk formed on his face as he stifled a light laugh- if only to hide his earlier uncertainty, and the thousand-yard stare that comes with it. “Jeez, I didn’t think I’d get such looks so soon,” he quipped before glancing back to Ryou. Johnny knew with Ryou being the senior, the girls were probably looking at Ryou more than Johnny. He reached out and patted the slightly taller boy’s shoulder. “ Hey, if you need a wingman, I’m your guy,” he said with a wink and a white grin, completely unaware that Ryou had a very personal and troubled past. (God what a douchebag, Johnny is.)

Johnny often played wingman to many a friend in Jr. High. This would be the first time he played wingman to someone almost as fit as him, and slightly taller. The notion sounded pretty slick... unless that's not how Ryou rolled. Damnit...

+1 Popularity to Arietta
+1 Popularity to Ryou