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Johnny Farelli

"I will get stronger. I have to... for everyone's sakes." (FridayStatsUpdated!)

0 · 6,787 views · located in Airdalen Academy

a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by HolyJunkie




Theme of the Foreigner: Pretty Fly For a White Guy - The Offspring
Theme of the Athlete: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Theme of the Beast: Takyon - Death Grips
Theme of the Warm Home: N O S T A L G I C (Simpsonwave) - Assorted
Theme of Melancholic Jams: Whitewash - Buckethead
Theme of the Forever Lost: Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd
Theme of the To and From: Aunt Suzie - Buckethead
Theme of the Distant Elite: Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
Theme of the Fresh Skeptic: Think - Jimmy McCracklin
Theme of the Ultimate Goal: Heart of Gold - Neil Young
Alternate Theme of the Ultimate Goal: Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darren


Time for school.

Full Name: Johnathan Farelli
Nickname(s): Johnny, Jay, that baka gaijin 
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Face Claim: Makoto Tachibana, Cecil Aijima, among others whose images are used for this thing. 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 
Nationality: American - Japanese and Italian genetics


Intellect: 9 (1 start + 8) 
(git guder.)
Athleticism: 38 (9 start + 29) 
(If I wasn't so strong and fit, I probably wouldn't have made it through the smoke with Haruhi-chan...)
Charm: 8 (0 start + 8)
(I guess actions speak louder than words.)
Popularity: 18 (0 start + 18) 
("Huge", "Muscular", "Kinda Cute", and "Kinda Scary tall" are the general words going around campus.)
Notoriety: 1 (0 start + 1) 
("Did you hear he got in a fight with six guys? He also ran right into the smoke... What's his problem?")

Your most important stat:  
Which stat appeals to you most:
Charm, though "most" in this case is barely reached.


Simplistic, yet chiseled features. He has thick, Italian brown hair and gleaming deep emerald-green eyes. Standing at 6’4”, he very literally stands out in a crowd. He's very muscular, but he's very lean and compact. He's at an ideal BMI at 205lbs. His preferred attire more often than not is lightweight, sporty attire. More often than not, he tends to pull off the hip/hop look with a bandana to keep his hair back. He has no tattoos.


Confident and dependable, yet relatively quiet. To him, actions speak louder than words- especially since he can barely speak the language. When he does speak, there’s only the slightest tinge of jadedness in his voice that he often tries to hide under his otherwise cheery and to-the-point attitude. His voice is a soothing, deep one, indicating great practice for... what? No one knows for sure. (It's music. It's obviously music.) What they do know is that all work and no play makes him a seemingly dull boy… except on the literal court of a sport. He does enjoy physical activity, since that's when he understands everyone perfectly through their actions. He was a lot more fun-loving in his previous schools, but he doesn't talk about that.

He's quite laid-back about a lot of things, from the differing personalities of people to even things that inconvenience himself. This is probably why he comes across as an average student, despite performing extremely well in the academy's entrance exam. He seems to have great potential when he gets really serious and passionate about something.

Always willing to help others out, almost to a fault. Very positive, and has a tendency to spot the silver lining. Patient to a point with everyone, but scary to those who commit injustice around him.



A strikingly normal kid who got big into athletics with an ordinary and a seemingly average academic interest and skill. His parents- his father especially- wanted him to be better at his studies so he could manage a solid GPA so he could make it to the big leagues in the future. This school seemed like the best idea, plus the father wanted to move back to Japan- a plan that was already made before ma and pa got married. Johnny is seemingly behind their plan 100%, if only he could break past that average nature of his during his studies. Learning the language would definitely help him learn things faster. This seems likely, since he managed to pass the very strict entrance exam.

His last home was in a ghetto neighbourhood. He grew up as the only seemingly white guy in a world of ethnic minorities. As such, the only mannerisms he knew- besides the stern love of father figures and teachers, was the stereotypical behaviour of so-called "hood rats". A very poor neighbourhood, which was one of the many reasons why his parents wanted to break out from the area, and also why Johnny's sisters moved out to more decent neighbourhoods for college college. His previous two schools and the experiences within were... eclectic, to describe with a word. He prefers not to talk about certain aspects.

He used to be in a group called "The Boyz". It may sound like a gang, but it was really just a term for "the cool kids" in their part of town. This group also included his best friend Avery. With Avery as "The Brains" and Johnny as "The Muscle", their group of friends maintained a sort of care-free order on the school grounds, where kids can have fun so long as they don't hurt each other. Johnny developed "The Muscle" during school sports and the like, but he also had taken a job at a local gym once upon a time. During work hours, that was the place the Boyz hanged out.

Johnny was rarely ever back at home, instead he was hanging out with The Boyz. Between learning music at Avery's place and playing pool on grubby old tables at a local bar-and-grill, Johnny rarely ever saw much of his parents. What puzzles the boy is that the parents either didn't mind, or didn't notice. Either possibility seemed odd. It was at this point where he realised that his parents must have been hiding something from him. As a way to return the favour, Johnny keeps his musical interests and talents a secret.



Italian mother- whom he takes after- and a Japanese father who moved to the States at a young age. They moved back as the father’s idea, because this school was ranked highly. The mother was not entirely behind the idea due to the language barrier, but the presence of the translator made the decision a lot easier to make. Beyond the parents, Johnny has two older sisters. Both sisters moved out to college, and often Skype back. His sisters, named Machi and Chieko, are both incredibly talented, both academically and physically. Both sisters took after the father, and look almost like twins. Johnny's sisters are currently studying to become doctors.

Avery, his "brother from another mother," is a smaller boy who'd almost be a dead ringer for Jimi Hendrix. Where Johnny was "The Muscle", Avery was "The Brains". His code of ethics is almost like that of an idealistic leader of a superhero team. They were never a real "Gang", at least, not one with the stigma usually associated with the word. Being the brainy one, and also the only one in the neighbourhood with a computer and some kind of internet connection, he is Johnny's only link to communicating with the past.


Athletic: Strong, tall, lean, fast, and generally very athletic. Prior to the move, he had the confidence to boot, sometimes still does- mainly in physical challenges and sports. He’s familiar with the rules of many a sport, save for most of the more Japanese-centric activities, such as that sword fighting thing, and martial arts. He's especially fast on his feet, thanks to his interest in whatever dances he's learned. Street dance, B-Boying, and even a little classical partner-based dances. This also translates into raw fighting talent- though he does not have any formal training in that field. A fast metabolism means he recovers from wounds relatively quickly, with low risk of scarring.

Reading Faces: He is quite skilled at reading faces and microexpressions, and he's always quick to notice even the slightest gesture. The reason for that relates to his previous schools- that which he doesn't talk much about.

Sign Language: Fluent. He prefers not to talk about why he learned it.

Talented Musician: He is skilled with a few instruments (guitar, synthesizer, bass, ukulele) and especially powerful and flexible vocalist. His deep, outright sexy voice would probably give the best singers in school something to pay attention to. He can even pull off a decent falsetto, though it pales in comparison to his normal and especially deeper voices. This is a trait he keeps secret from his parents, where even his old friends are in on the secret.

Tolerant to a fault: Almost impossible to offend. Almost as if he's forcing himself to be naive, he always tries to find the silver lining, why a person acts the way they do.


Given that Johnny's fitness is impeccably muscular, (no pun intended) he is lacking in fat. Therefore while he has explosive power and speed, he's somewhat lacking in energy reserves. Add to that a fast metabolism and you have a guy that rapidly runs out of fuel in the first two rounds of a boxing match.

Awkwardness / Weirdness: His relative hugeness compared to most others makes the rest of the world feel small, especially places like London or Tokyo. As a result, he is deathly claustrophobic. Johnny also sometimes has that flicker of jadedness in his eyes every once in a while when he thinks of the past- in Elementary and Middle school. He comes across as quiet and awkward despite his confidence for two reasons: He’s a foreigner and doesn’t know anyone, and he is only partially familiar with the Japanese language. He is especially unfamiliar with the culture. Good thing the school comes with a translator to help him learn. Due to his desire to not offend anyone due to his unfamiliarity with the culture, he comes across as awkward and kind of a pushover, despite his imposing size and physique. 'Course, once he gets used to the new culture, he'd be a lot more like his old self. Partly related to the past, he holds a few secrets not even his family knows, secrets that he wishes to deal with, but does not yet have a plan to do so.

Gullible: Due to his kind and friendly nature, he is very quick to trust people. Some (ok, let's be real, everyone) would opt to call him "Gullible". Even though his ability to read faces is top-notch, he can still be easily tricked. Also means:
Yes Man: Since he is always willing to help people out, he's also one of those guys who finds it difficult to say "no". This would leave him in awkward situations if he botches his time management- which would become apparent once he starts filling in the schedule.

Unstable Facade: He acts positive, cool, and tough, but is difficult to open up, because he feels he shouldn't share the burdens meant for him. There are some heavy burdens he tries to keep locked away, but the mere act of keeping them locked away is straight-up poisonous to his mental health. Who knows what the results would be if he fails to deal with the emotional strain.

Hard on himself He's not often passionate about his own schoolwork because he's more prone to help others first. He feels that he has to out of some form of penance. While being a rock star is always on his mind, he's somewhat arrogant that he feels he has to be the one to help people. His potential remains somewhat untapped, only bubbling to the surface whenever he feels truly passionate about something- such as when he passed the very tough Airdalen entrance exam in flying colours.


He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, but tries to keep it under wraps due to arrogance. The main symptom in his case is hallucinations involving the Phantom. The Phantom is a pitch-black projection with white eyes and white teeth that assumes a somewhat feminine, yet nightmarishly inhuman form.

He is from the ghettos of Los Angelas. It's not exactly a big secret, but it's interesting to note that he came to the highest school in the world from the lowest point in modern society. Some may say there's a romantic quality of a guy starting from what the rich kids would call "nothing".

Aside from music technology like soundboards and amplifiers, Johnny is very technically illiterate. He doesn't know the difference between a browser and the start button. While he's familiar with video game icons through cultural osmosis, he's never played a video game in his life.

His phone is a simple, cheap smartphone (took him a while to learn it) that he only really uses as a glorified "contact list" via facebook. The phone is modular, and contains a high-GB memory card stuffed nearly to the brim with a wide variety of music.

Slowly forming opinions...


Ryou Giou

I like the dude, in a very home-bro kind of sense. He seems very all-work and no play, which I can respect. Only one life to live, ya know? Still, I know that look in his eyes. Those eyes that seem to look at nothing in particular, because your mind is focused on something else. Something you can't let go of. I know that look too well, man. Would that make us... clones? He also seems happy to help me out, which is pretty rad. He's also the tallest person I've ever met. Symbolic value? Probably. I gotta move on myself.

Gotta chill wit the guy more often. I think he's the captain of the B-Ball team? Can't wait to play alongside the guy. I bet the team'll dominate the ladders, yo.

Awww snap dude! This guy's really good- he had me on the ropes! That's awesome! It's really nice to be in that position when it isn't a fight, you know? It's... nice to not need to keep your teeth in place.

Sora Harigae

He seems more sturdy than he looks. Good to know he's doing fine. He's going out with Fujioka-san? Hope they have a good time... Wait... how did he not know who Luigi is? I don't even play video games, but even I knew about the Mario Bros.

A prime target for bullies... I have no idea why, but it pisses me off. People shouldn't hate on a dude for being.

Aeon Belrose (Shirokami)

Haven't met the guy. Learned his name, it's Belrose, right? Eh... I'm not sure what to think of him so far. Slick hair, though. I'd take pointers, but long hair would get in the way of the now. I'll grow mine out later.

Kazuki Miyamoto

Dude seems to be a big-time rebel. I can respect that. Rebels tend to change the world, man. Saw him at the dance. Very ladies' man, kinda like Lars, actually.

Okay yeah, the guy's like... a Japanese version of Lars. Foul-tempered, impatient, he's like time- he waits for no one. Lars made a great training partner. I like that!

Kaz... Are you alright, buddy?

Gen Fukui

Is that hair dyed, or is it like that one dude with the sick hair? Come to think of it, what is it with bright-haired peeps who wear it out long? I've yet to see an albino home-boy with a crew-cut, know what I mean? Seemed bothered by something, though. I hope I can help. I did learn CPR and stuff... buuut I don't think CPR would help with her problems. I mean, she ain't chokin', na'am sayin'?

I think we'll make very good friends! Great dancer. If she don't mind my saying, that costume was off the hook! ... Whatever it was supposed to be, it was cool!

Inryuko, eh? Maids n shit? Very fancy stuff. I should stop by soon. Gotta check the schedule, see if i got the opportunity. Lunch times seem good. I guess it's some kinda restaurant thing?

Okay, okay... This never leaves this room, but she did look kinda cute with her hair down. Don't you dare tell anyone.

Oh my goodness... holy shit... fuck... that was just... that was too close, man... Thank goodness she's alright... It's not like that... She's a friend, a friend!

Shiori Kitogawa

I think she's a cool cat, dude! Bound to have a lot of cool friends too, I'm sure. I would like to give the guy who bruised her a piece of my mind, though. It'd probably feel... nostalgic... to help a brotha out, you know? Or wait, I mean sista.

Cassiopeia Argyris

Green-hair? She's always with that dude with the slick hair, right? ... Wait, why am I assuming that? It's only been the first day. I don't even know if she's a senior or not.

Come to think of it, what happened to her? I haven't seen her at all this gym class. I hope she's okay.

Devone Kim

Bless you.

Fuyuki Hakuryu

Super cool! We're gonna be good friends, I can tell!
... what the heck is oppai?
Oh... that's "oppai"... So she was asking if guys prefer... Ah jeez...

Haruhi Morinozuka

Never met he- Oh wait, yeah I have. Hope she's alright!


Bishop Trander

Hot damn dude the guy's got more stamina than me! He's gotta be a big-time swimmer dude. I can dig it! I just need to get back in the swing of things and I'll be right there with him.

We're gonna do great! Poor guy's got somethin' on his mind, but I know he'll break through his funk. After all, I did... I did... didn't I?

Johnny Farelli

Saving lives... getting work done... maybe I'm finally moving on after all...?

Rhys Browning

Sick hair, bro. Swimming team captain? I got good vibes about this guy. At least... he kinda reminds me of Avery, especially how angry he's gettin' over Kitogawa-san's bruises. I may have been the so-called "cool guy", but Ave was always the real leader in our group...

Weird leadership choices, not really taking command there. I guess he was just testing the waters... aw fuck that was a pun.

All honesty: I think we're two peas in a pod. He's pretty passionate about helping others, it seems.

Akira Blake

Dude or chick? ... Jeez man, I really shouldn't assume... but my money's on dude... Phew, good thing these are just innermost thoughts, and psychic potential doesn't exist... But then again, that thing with the ninjas never happened before. This school feels... weird...

Tough nut to crack, that's fo sho.

Yuuki Fujioka

Yo, I've seen this kinda thing before. That kinda kid who tries to wall off peeps to focus on schoolwork and nothing else... I've seen bullies flock to that type like moths, dude. Good thing this school's pretty rad. I think she'll do fine, red-head guy considered. Goin' out with the Blue Hair dude? I bet they got somethin' in common.

Given how many uncool dudes I'm starting to come across... I gotta do something... I gotta help...

Tsukiko Kitogawa

Yo it's that musician from Korea! Dude, she's one fine singer. My buddies said a few nice things when we discovered a Youtube video of one of her concerts. I don't think I should relay any of those "nice things", ha ha... Real talk though: she's cool!

Tadashi Kiomine

Yo, that's the dude with the purple eyes, right? I saw him earlier. He looked like he had a lot on his mind. Heh heh, don't we all... I'm sure he's a cool cat. I gotta introduce myself.

Kei Watari

Good eye, recognizing me in the dark. Well, actually Luigi's green stuff would shine surprisingly bright under some of the black lights. Heh.
Strikes me as a dependable guy. Wouldn't mind having him by my side in case shit happens.

Rocco Murray

Was he... was he just choking the kid with the blue hair? Was it provoked? No, I can't assume anything. I gotta know what happened before I can make a call like that.

Mao Nozomi

Who? ... That darker-skinned girl? I mean, she's... someone... Fuck, I was really worried for a sec there...

Maybe i misread entirely, but it seemed like she was a little annoyed at something? I wonder what it was... Was it... Nah, couldn't have been me. I was just helping those photographers out. Helping's what I do!

A really nice artist! And a skater too! She'd like LA. Plenty of skate parks there.

Misaki Serinuma

Wat lol? ... That's what Avery would say. What's that, a photo? ... Huh... Gotta give her props, she's pretty cute. Whoever gets with her'd be a lucky guy, I'd imagine... Well, maybe not. I know jack about her personality, after all.

Kaito Miyuu

What kind of name is "Me-you"? That's a weird sounding name. The pronunciation's all... weird... "Meee-yoooouuuuu"... Eugh. I don't like the sound of it. It sounds like that string that always gets out of tune within minutes.
... Why are you showing me a photo of that Akira Blake fellow? ... Oh, that's Kaito!? My bad! I'd wonder if they're related to each other, but then again I've passed by two albino dudes this morning alone. They're surprisingly common here I noticed. Nothin' like America. No one in the ghetto ever had blue or purple hair either. Is it a Japan cultural thing or something?

Chase Kaufman

Good smile bro! ... You!
... I have no idea who this is...

Kaori Himewari

This is certainly a person! :D

Thanks to Victorant for the character sheet!
Also thanks to Strix for gathering/editing some of the images used!

So begins...

Johnny Farelli's Story

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“Yoooo, I didn’t know Montell Jordan was popular here!” Johnny grinned as he finally and truly felt in his element. His street dance moves finally clicked together in a big way. His arms swayed, his hips swerved, his legs stepped fluidly like a swift creek. The groove was coursing through him in a fashion similar in concept to a warrior’s bloodlust. His friendly smile and closed eyes called to mind a man moving by mere instinct. The moves were practiced to the point where it was second-nature, much like everything else the foreigner’s youthful, yet powerful body could do.

He did not perform any breaking. The waxed wooden floor was not suited for any amount of sliding most of his moves required. The only surface where such moves would be more foolhardy to perform on was that of concrete. If he were to perform again for the joy of the others, he would need some flattened cardboard strewn about.

The dance was cut hilariously short when the foreigner felt his phone vibrate. In a bit of showing off to really shake off anxieties, Johnny spun in place as a finishing move. By the time he stopped, his phone was in his hand, and he was reading the text. He swayed only slightly. He had gone from a full spin to a full stop in nearly an instant, after all. “Murder in the Dark?” Johnny pondered as he pocketed the phone once more into his pants pocket layered beneath the overalls. “Huh… I haven’t played a game like that since grade school. Shall we?” He once more offered his arm. “If any murderers come for you, they’ll have to come through me first,” Johnny grinned, His chiseled physique seemed solid enough to possibly deflect a knife… Or maybe that was just the worked-up, seemingly odourless sweat making his chiseled, tanned body shine like sandy, polished steel.

“Although if I do get picked as a murderer, I’d be…” he continued in Japanese, “Swift… Precise… Without pants…” Johnny paused as he suddenly wondered if he had used the right word. He, in fact, completely mixed up the words. “M-M-Merciless…? (he switched back to English) I think I said the wrong…” The foreigner glanced at nothing in particular in deep thought. He soon after made a silly face as he tried to remember the word he had said. He hoped he didn’t say anything utterly offensive.



Athleticism +1 to Johnny

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Johnny was a nice enough date but Gen began feeling uneasy in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t sure what brought it on but it was there and lingering. Is it the foreign music? Is it the crowd circling us? Is it Kazuki? Is it… “Yoooo, I didn’t know Montell Jordan was popular here!" Gen smiled but didn’t say anything, never having heard that name before until tonight. She would not be so impolite to correct her partner, seeing as he was very happy about it. It barely took a second for him to let loose and pull out all his moves. Still, her mind was elsewhere and continuously wandering even as she did her best to look attentive and as if she was still having fun. Something felt wrong or out of place but maybe she was overthinking things. Gen did her best to pay it no mind and convince herself everything is fine. After all, she found that if you lie to yourself enough it eventually becomes true. She had started out as the weird girl in her junior years discriminated against because of her genetic eye condition but now, only those new to her would batt any eye at her strange recessive trait and barely anything at all would be said against them. Sometimes that wasn’t even the case at all. Unless she had somehow missed it, Johnny hadn’t said anything about her strange eyes and it was a relief. Gen had lied to herself long ago that her eyes were not as peculiar as they were and eventually, it seemed like the student body had been convinced too.

Gen was brought back to reality as Johnny stopped dancing, wondering if something was wrong or if he had noticed that she wasn’t well. The reason became obvious when he pulled out his phone and soon enough, she had to too. “Murder in the Dark?” Just as he said, her text read the same. She knew of the game from one of the theatres she used to take classes in. It had been a method to break the ice and practice acting light heartedly. She smiled fondly at the memory, tucking her phone back in her shorts pocket. “Huh… I haven’t played a game like that since grade school. Shall we?” "We shall. It’s really fun darling even as high schoolers~ I assure you." Gen’s spirits had been temporarily lifted, her smile returning as she took his offered arm. She wanted to be happy and she would work at it if she had to. Some part of her felt ungrateful for feeling bad in the first place. She was fortunate to have a polite and well intentioned date like Johnny. She began to wonder if there were people in attendance who were not so lucky or were dreading the night entirely despite the beautiful surroundings and games.

“If any murderers come for you, they’ll have to come through me first,” Gen was surprised by Johnny’s words that it showed in her facial expression, her eyes a little wide before the lids closed in a brief moment of thought. "I pity the poor soul who would dare then." she opened her eyes again and smiled warmly. "And if any come for you darling, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." She was being a little dramatic but there was some underlying truth to it. Johnny came across as a very nice and genuine person that she believed would be hard to hate unless a person already held that type of hatred for anyone within them. But I suppose murderers don’t really need a reason to kill. She subtly shook her head to distract away from her thoughts. They were originally talking about a game, not real life. “Although if I do get picked as a murderer, I’d be…” Gen patiently waited for him to complete his sentence. It was admirable that he was trying to be familiar with her native tongue even though she had already offered to settle for English. “Swift… Precise… Without pants…”

Without pants? Gen’s smile wavered a tad but not enough to be really detectable. She did admire his efforts and that was more important than his mistake however funny. Besides, she had heard worst at the Inryoku club but this had to be the funniest line so far. “M-M-Merciless…? I think I said the wrong…” Gen decided it was appropriate and probably in the best interests for the both of them to correct him this time. It would be inadvisable to let the junior go around telling people he is without pants in such a conservative country even if it was not true. "I think you mean Mujihi?~" She explained in English along the way to the samurai armor room, saying the Japanese word a few times until she was sure he got the pronunciation correct. When he did, she would clap and say, "Well done~ Learning languages is tricky business. I remember when I first tried English the silent letters were very confusing.” she shared her own difficulties, hoping to make him feel more at ease and less embarrassed as she had been there too. She could only imagine how much more difficult it would be for him to adapt on foreign soil as well. Out of seemingly nowhere or maybe it was the sight of couples that triggered it, she realized why she had felt so uneasy early. It is because I am a hopeless romantic. Looking up at Johnny by her side, the possibilities were leaning towards them ending the night as friends more than anything. She mustered up some courage and asked, "Jay, I hope this does not make you uncomfortable but did you only ask me to attend with you because you felt sorry for me?” Her voice softened at the end as her insecurity was stated. It was not a normal occurrence for her to speak those thoughts that she would try so hard to keep bottled but she had faith in Johnny's genuineness. Even if it is true, I can keep up the lie that it is alright~

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“I think you mean Mujihi?~” Gen explained in English as they made their way through the wooden corridors to the location of the game. They strolled rather slowly. At least, Johnny did, or else his long legs would leave Gen in the dust. Leaving one’s date in the dust would absolutely be the most fitting and chivalrous behaviour for a well-mannered date. Truly. Totally.

“Moo-jee-jee? Uhm, Moo-jee-hee?” Johnny practiced the sound a couple of times before he got the pronunciation correct. “Mujihi! Yes, thank you!”

“Well done~” Gen replied, “Learning languages is tricky business. I remember when I first tried English the silent letters were very confusing.”

Johnny laughed, knowing full well how confusing the silent ‘e’s were for even American-born kids back in grade school. “Ha! It’s not as bad as sign language,” He moved his free hand fluidly to show a few words. “What I said there was I walked to the hardware store to pick up candles, but if I positioned a few of the gestures a little differently, it could’ve been taken as I trousers to the game of thrones to shift shoes. It’s always funny when that happens.“

Gen’s face was suddenly quite serious. Her amethyst eyes seemed to pierce Johnny’s emeralds in ways Johnny found… oddly familiar. He recalled helping a friend through a rough emotional patch a long time ago. This question posed was also similar. “Jay, I hope this does not make you uncomfortable but did you only ask me to attend with you because you felt sorry for me?” Was that what she was concerned about?

Just like before, Johnny only had one kind of answer. “I could never tell a lie to a pretty face like that,” Johnny replied in English, where he knew he’d be perfectly clear. His eyes softened as he placed his free hand over Gen’s own, which was wrapped around Johnny’s arm. They were huge, with long fingers. They were strong enough to palm a basketball, and tough from many a sport and guitar-picking. “I was really asking around at random, because I was new here, and I didn’t know anybody. It’s what made sense to me. It was either that, or flake. As Wayne Gretzky once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” He left a pause, letting the meaning sink in. He then gave a warm, but sly grin. “Bu-u-ut… You did look kinda distressed and lonely under that tree.” he chuckled. “I can’t help helping people, you know? Jus’ the kinda guy I am.”

Johnny gauged her reaction, his eyes unwavering, soft, and green as summertime grass. His mouth curved into a smile worthy of a photograph. At this distance, Johnny could actually see that Gen-san’s eyes were unusually patterned. They appeared to behold cross-shapes in the irises. Johnny thought it was the coolest looking thing he had ever seen.

At the back of his mind, something itched. The hypocrisy of his deciding to flake out on drama club in favour of Band. He ignored the itch, knowing full well that if he had unlimited time, he’d have gladly picked both on top of the sports teams he was meant to join. Besides that, Murder in the Dark was upon them. Whatever would happen, he had his game face. Just do what comes naturally.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

His parents were still out by the time he got back. He knew his father did some sort of construction, but Johnny never really asked his mom what exactly she was doing every night. Then again, it didn’t really strike the foreigner as important. After all, he was meant to focus on his school work. He didn’t really seem to notice that his parents both seemed to have the exact same hours. It not for his focus on everything he needed to do, he probably would’ve noticed that his parents were rarely around in general.

So far, his biggest concern was figuring out how Skype worked. After retrieving Avery’s letter from the bedroom, Johnny stepped up to the computer. Okay… gotta switch this thing on… or… it’s already on. I see lights…

Johnny moved the mouse. The yellow light on the bottom-right of the small monitor blinked to green. The screen lit up as fans whirred to life in the nearby computer tower. The monitor lit in a calming blue as the default desktop background flooded the rather dark room with a blue hue.

Oh! … okay, uhm… skype skype skype… where is… this desktop is very cluttered… what was it Avery called it once upon a time…? “start” button… where’s “start” button…? At the bottom-left, the last place he could possibly look, Johnny found the Start button. Looking through the long list of applications, the foreigner eventually found Skype.

Oh yeah… I need to make an account for this… Johnny thought as he stared blankly at the log-in screen. It took him a bit to finally register a Skype account. Once he signed in, he glanced at the back of the letter. This stuff really is cool. I really gotta get more into more modern tech beyond sound equipment. Johnny tapped out the username he was meant to add, and sent the contact request.

Ave, it’s Jay. I managed to learn this Skype shit on my own, lol. It’s 11:32PM at the moment. I’ll try to be online until 12AM at the latest. If not then, I wake up at 6 in the morning for my routine. Hope to catch you within those times dude! Peace!

Avery did not respond immediately, nor did he respond for the next fifteen minutes.

… Time zones… Johnny tried to count the hour difference with his lean and strong fingers. At this time, it would be very early in the morning- too early for Avery to be awake.

Mafia, eh? Ha ha ha… Being Italian, it’d be pretty funny if I had ancestors in the Mafia. That’d make this family thing right up my alley in a way… well, except the whole crime thing…

I wonder how my sisters are doing… Probably making mom and dad proud, graduating top of their class, getting sick jobs…

One day…

Purple haze, runnin’ through my brain. Lately things don’t seem the same.

The alarm clock blared, knocking Johnny out of his slumber. Automatically, his body pushed himself out of bed, and he performed his morning routine.

1… 2… 3…

Johnny was exhausted. His brain throbbed like an enormous drum, beating at a set pace to establish the rhythm of viking rowers. He needed something to help with the headache, and he needed something fast.

39… 40… 41…

At his level of fitness, overworking it was impossible. He did not feel any pain or strain from so many push-ups every single day. Up and down, up and down, rapid like the pace of a man in a full sprint.

95… 96… 97…

Johnny’s father stepped out of the bathroom. He and his mom were back home, but they looked as tired and worn-out as he was. It must have been rough construction in the middle of the night. He listened to a coffee machine whirr. The water boiled, and the apartment filled with a pleasant morning aroma.

158… 159… 160…

Soon enough, he reached 200 push-ups, when his elbow joints and shoulders finally began to feel the burn. He repeated the steps for sit-ups. By the time he completed the sit-ups, an unusual sound blared across the apartment.

Boop bee-boop. Boop bee-boop.

Johnny burst out of the door before his father even called. “Johnny, you forgot to sign out last night.”

“Yeh, sorry Dad!” Johnny rushed across the small room to the computer.

“Watch yourself, John,” his father jabbed, both vocally and literally at Johnny’s shoulder.

Johnny didn’t respond to his father. This call was immensely important. With only one contact, this call could only mean one thing. He hit the answer button just in time. “Jay! Whassup my man?” There were multiple voices whooping and cheering over the microphone.

“Avery!” Johnny smiled, “What’s good, what’s good? Who else is there?”

“Nahmuch bro. Juss got home from school! We got Lars N’ In Charge, we got Ra-sheem, we got all the brothaz!”

“Man, good to hear from you guys! Thanks again for sending the old boombox!”

“Yo don’t tell me you legit forgot you had it in that locker, dude!”

Johnny paused for a beat, and then replied, “A’ight!”

This resulted in laughter. “Shee-it, you must’ve emptied some shit in yo brain to do well at that exam, dude!

Johnny chortled- byfar the deepest laugh of his old friends. “So what’s good? How’s school?”

“It’s a pain as always, man.” Avery replied, “But we holdin’ up, you know us.”

“Joffrey giving a hard time?”

[color=darkgreen]“He’s overqualified good and teaching in our hood. He sure as’ell stern, his first career burned.”

[color=darkgreen]“Not quite, man,”
Johnny laughed, referring to the mildly respectable rhyme. His father waved goodbye and picked up his keys before heading out the front door.

“Haha!” Avery was interrupted by something. “Oh yeah! See you guys later!” This was followed by more distant voices calling farewells.

“Yo who’s leaving?”

“Everyone, ‘cept me.”

“Peace out dudes!” Johnny called after the others. Hopefully they heard. There was silence for a moment. Johnny’s parents also bade farewell as they left to their respective jobs. Johnny knew at that point, he’d have only fifteen more minutes before his train arrived. Or another half-hour for the last train he could take before he’d be running late.

The first minute was silent, until Avery cut through like a slightly distorted knife. “You’re laughing again,” Avery commented with a slight air of awkwardness, “That’s great!”

“Yeah…” It sure is…

… Simply breathing would be like a foghorn in this silence. “You meet some cool people at that new school?” Avery finally asked.

“Yeh,” Johnny quickly replied, “Some cool people. There’s this dude who’s taller than me.”

“Say what?!” Avery spat, “Someone taller? Get outta here Jay!”

“Yeah, He’s my senior partner. Dude’s captain of the B-Ball team.”

“B-Ball man.” Johnny couldn’t see it, but he could tell Avery was wearing an enormous grin as he recalled basketball memories. “You join their team? Yo! Maybe our schools might do an international exchange thing!”

“You know it! … Well, maybe not that international thing… I dunno, actually! Anyway, I also joined Band, and apparently swimming’s big over here. Joined that as well. By the way, you remember that one Korean singer?”

“Yo, that little slice of pie?”

“Yeah! She’s an exchange student here!”

“Ho-lee shit. Dude you gotta get me an autograph!”

“Nah man, I think she’s trying to keep a low profile at school.”

“Haha! Yeah I feel ya man. You want the autograph to yourself.”

Johnny huffed in amusement, but continued. “There’s this one chick. Tiny, purple hair and shit. Bully-bait type- you know it. Also this skinny dude with blue hair. Picked an argument with this tougher other guy. Not an even fight.”

“A fight? This early?” Avery whistled. “Damn dude. I thought this high-end school shit’s supposed to be safe.”

“The blue-haired dude was knocked out before I broke it up. Carried the tough guy across the gym. Other guys got blue-hair to the nurse’s office. I saw him later though, he was fine.”

Avery tried and failed to stifle his hardest laughter yet. “Yo! You’re pretty much back to normal, dude!”

“Well…” No… He couldn’t bullshit his best friend, even through audio, “Not quite… but I’ll get over it. You’ll see.”

“Hope you do, man. I’m blessed to have you as a buddy. Your school’s lucky to have you too.”

Johnny smiled, though Avery couldn’t see it. He didn’t have the heart to tell his friend about the dance with Gen. “Thanks man. That means a lot… Anyway, I gotta head out, or I’m gonna be late. Talk to you later!”


Johnny shut down the computer, downed a small cup of coffee, rinsed out the cup, and left the apartment. He inhaled the average-quality city air as he left the building. He broke into a sprint, toting his empty backpack and the ghetto blaster. Without the extra weight of his backpack and the solid construction of the boombox, Johnny thundered down the streets until he reached the first train on time. He worked up a solid heart rate.

Talking with Avery put Johnny in a very good mood, and it helped relieve the aching in his head. In a relatively spacious train car, Johnny snapped his fingers and tapped some footwork as he sang Killer Queen. Oddly enough, he thought of the song as he thought about the one student he didn’t have time to mention to Avery: Gen. Super cool Gen, already Johnny felt she’d be a good friend.

He was only at the end of the first chorus when he paused. He saw almost everyone in the car was staring up at him. From Johnny’s elevated perspective, the shorter passengers seemed more like an audience. However, he imagined it wasn’t really an audience.

“Sorry. I’m in a good mood,” Johnny explained in Japanese.

“baka gaijin…” said a male student in the same uniform as Johnny. Damn, Johnny forgot to look up those words… They sounded like insults, judging by the other student’s face. Some of the girls, however, seemed to be staring with faces that did not imply disgust or annoyance. Rather, they seemed to be… enraptured… or at least, they wouldn’t stop staring with… something in their eyes. It absolutely wasn’t hate, that much the foreigner could tell.

Johnny still bobbed his head to the beat as he read his book. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw many buildings pass by along the way to the campus station. He was among the first students out, as he was closest to the double-doors. He jogged down the station platform to build up some momentum. With a short hop, Johnny slid down the railings. He used that same momentum to propel himself across the street right before the red light changed back to green.

He was soon across the main gate threshold, and was once more welcomed by a wall of scents from the pink-petaled trees that lined the courtyards. The ground was covered in the petals.

“Alright,” Johnny practiced some of his new short phrases in Japanese as he pulled the schedule- among the only things that he kept in his backpack. “Let us see the next plural class.”

Up ahead, Johnny spotted a small group of three students sifting through their lockers. They were picking up their gear for the day, like any normal teenager. However, Johnny stopped as he heard words that seemed to be referring to him in particular.

(Note: bolded text are words Johnny understood through actual knowledge or through a combination of body language and logical reasoning.)

You heard his music yesterday at Band booth? He’s very good at guitar.” The shorter of the boys commented.

He’s average,” the slightly taller boy huffed. The girl and other boy chatting with him exchanged glances, as if they knew he was trying to act unimpressed. “Jin-chan was way cuter on the bass.”

Jin-chan’s taken, you baka,” the girl snapped.

“Anyway, I heard he asked out Gen-chan! Doesn’t that gaijin know better?” Hearing it being thrown around so much, Johnny knew it had to be important.

“Word is Gen-chan said yes.”

Are you fucking kidding me?! The guy’s a gaijin! Has she no shame?

Shame? Why would Gen feel any amount of shame? Gen-san is super cool. Silly classmates don’t know what they’re talking about.

“Apparently not. I heard she got mad at Belrose-senpai.

Johnny cleared his throat, emitting a deep “Ahem”. The two shorter boys and one girl might as well have turned to granite. The foreigner was a gorgon to them, and their instinct was to freeze solid and hope that the foreigner couldn’t see stationary objects.

“How goes it?” Johnny asked with a grin and a puff of his chest. He heard enough, but wasn’t about to get offended by rumours, even if some were true. “My name is Johnny Farelli. You can call me Jay. Any of you speak English?”

This friendliness despite clearly overhearing the conversation put the three shorter students in an uncomfortably awkward light, especially when Johnny offered a hand to shake. The two boys stole a glance at each other, before one reluctantly returned a hand. Johnny’s grip was firm, and very strong compared to the smaller student’s hand. “Yeah, I know English,” the student replied the very same tongue.

“Ah, good. I just wanted to say something, and I don’t know how to say it in Japanese yet.” Johnny’s voice suddenly became less bubbly, “School is really stressful stuff, man. That’s why dudes gotta have fun. You feel me?”

“Feel… you?” the student gave Johnny a weird look.

“I mean, do you understand?” Johnny’s grip neither squeezed, nor relaxed, but the other student couldn’t disengage. “That School’s stressful? You understand, right?”

“Yeah… I guess it is,” the boy replied. The other two students seemed to be considering their options behind concerned expressions.

Johnny finally let go, and gave the boy a friendly wink and a thumbs-up. “Keep it real dude!” He chimed once more as he started to walk past them.

As he left, he heard muttering. Something along the lines of “What was up with that? Talk about weird.”

Though his mind paused, Johnny’s body did not. His eyes, however, glazed over for a good couple of seconds. Eh… they’ll get it eventually. Just gotta have… patience… His eyes then refocused as he took a deep breath. The day was afoot… what was happening again?

He stopped by his locker to produce the relevant textbooks he would need by the later periods. They were English versions of the same textbooks the school provided. Apparently the school was high-end enough to receive enough foreign students to warrant the varied texts.

For Classes 1 and 2 for the day, there would be more events in preparation for the year. Johnny did appreciate the light-hearted nature of the school, but he did wonder when he’d actually get around to pulling his weight in the clubs and actually trying to get a proper education. Then again, it was only the second day. There was much to establish yet.

Both events were taking place in the auditorium, so the foreigner got his required supplies packed in his single-sling pack and he power-walked down the corridors. Today was a new day.


+1 Popularity Gen
+1 Athleticism Johnny

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"Farewell, fair cruelty…"
Gen quoted from Shakespeare as she awoke to her empty abode. Slowly goosebumps crawled over her arms as the fear of being alone began to settle in causing her to toss her blanket aside and make a dash for the bathroom. Locking the door behind her, she slid down it and covered her ears. Stop, stop, stop... she kept begging for her incessant fearful thoughts to go away but they were hard to shake. Her mind kept imagining the worst scenarios like a stranger entering her home with the intention of harm. She bit her lip hard that it almost bled, trembling from head to toe as she hid from an imaginary foe. This was not the side she would let just anyone see. I've locked the door and I can't hear anyone present here but me... Gen did her best to reasses the situation and get over her morning panic attack but she wasn't sure how long she could live alone for without going insane. If she hadn't been so worn down from the party, she definitely wouldn't have managed a moment of sleep.

After quickly getting ready for school, she waited outside her apartment to catch a taxi. Her regular school routine would be to catch the bus but she was not in the mood for it today. It was very relieving to be around the city hustle as everyone was making their way to school or work. She sighed softly, closing her eyes feeling at peace even as the rain pattered against her white umbrella acting as her only shield from the weather. A raincoat would be too unfashionable for her taste. When the taxi arrived, Gen stepped and sat in eloquently only required to say "Airdalen please~" The high school renowned enough that it was not necessary for her to divulge its address.
During the drive to keep her mind busy, she retrieved her English textbook from her school bag and flicked through the pages until she reached where she was last up to after the club festivities had concluded.
"Save that my soul’s imaginary sight
Presents thy shadow to my sightless view,
Which, like a jewel hung in ghastly night,
Makes black night beauteous and her old face new...."

Gen closed her eyes in thought over Shakespeare's sonnet, committing the words to memory. The mention of a black night made her recall the night before and her attendance at the Halloween dance. “I could never tell a lie to a pretty face like that,” Johnny's words echoed in her head. She had been initially flattered that he had called her pretty even if she did not have the confidence to believe it herself. However the words that followed, “I was really asking around at random, because I was new here, and I didn’t know anybody." It was honest and fair of him to say but it still stung. I was... random? She contemplated. Gen wasn't exactly sure what she had been hoping for. She did meet Johnny on the same day he had invited her to attend the dance with him. “I can’t help helping people, you know? Jus’ the kinda guy I am.” Did I appear to be like a damsel or like a fool? Gen's insecurities arose at the idea that there was more meaning behind Johnny's words if she were to read between the lines. In her mind, it served as confirmation that he did ask her out of pity rather than interest and it did not meet up with her ideal for a romantic evening. Oh well. she held back her sigh this time. In the end, she did appreciate his honesty and she had no quarrels with being friends. If I had been in his place, I might have done the same.

The taxi stopped outside the gates as Gen put away her book and stepped out with her white umbrella again in hand. It was still a little early until the morning assembly but she had nowhere else to go or anything else to occupy her morning today. Gen had desired to leave immediately to avoid more time on her own. She clasped the umbrella's handle tightly for comfort as she walked toward where the auditorium is in all her feminine graces. Nobody could have possibly known that she had broken down that same morning.
The more she ventured into the school grounds, the closer she could hear someone playing a familiar melody. It was on the tip of her tongue but she couldn't quite recall. It was lovely though and the reason her lips surfaced a small smile. Upon reaching the building, she came across an unfamiliar student also under an umbrella of his own. He (Kei) had dark hair and wore a depressing expression that urged her to step forward. It was a funny situation actually, as it made her think of how Johnny had aided her at random as well. "Good morning~" she greeted in her usual lady-like, light-hearted tone. "Did you perchance attend the Halloween dance last night? I was not fortunate enough to catch you in costume." she said with a closed eyes smile hoping she had started the conversation well enough. She did not want to settle with the weather as a dreary ice breaker. Far too cliched and she was genuinely interested in hearing about his costume choice. Being in the clubs that she chose, costumes were an essential element and he would additionally make for a handsome recruit if he was interested.

Intellect +1
Charm +1 Johnny
Popularity +1 Kei

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

Johnny’s chiseled arms pushed one of the auditorium’s side doors open. On the path from his locker, it was the closest entrance, even if it was a little unorthodox. It seemed like yesterday since the foreigner was here last, probably because it might as well be yesterday that he was here, bopping balloons with classmates. He found it funny to consider if the balloons were somehow the source of his aching head. Along with his backpack, Johnny had procured the concert ukulele from his locker, a point a certain higher being had neglected to mention.

The first one Johnny noticed among the entering students was Johnny’s own Senpai, Ryou. “Ryou-san, what is up my man?” he greeted as he held a fist out to bump. He had half a mind to use a secret handshake he and the boyz used to use on a daily basis, but he caught himself. No Japanese person would know the secret handshakes of the WC. “Weather’s kinda shit, ain’t it?” he commented in a way akin to small talk. Anything to ignore the self-induced headache.

Tadashi was the second person Johnny noticed, for he entered via the main doors with a pink-haired maiden. “I’ll catch ya later, Ryou-san,” He nodded before moving up. “Hey, I never got to introduce myself,” he extended a hand to shake with Tadashi and Casseiopia as he approached. In his now-well-practiced specific Japanese phrase, he said, “My name’s Johnny, but you can call me Jay.”

Regardless of whether or not the handshakes were returned, Johnny slipped into an empty seat and produced the concert ukulele from its case. The instrument looked so tiny in his hands, but his strong fingers met their frets almost effortlessly. While waiting for the teachers, Johnny felt he needed to loosen his fingers. With very fast finger-picking, he played Rondo Alla Turca. “As old-hat as it is, even a ghetto boy’s gotta know the classics,” as Avery’s father always said. Mozart’s bit translated on nylon strings did make for very good practice.

It was good to get the practice in. The only times he had to practice without his parents knowing were on occasions where his parents were out, or when he managed to sneak the instrument out to a park. He paused only to glance at the yellow-haired boy Johnny had seen before. He didn’t recall getting the boy’s name. He’d have to remedy that sometime today. The blonde boy was being greeted by the white-haired girl who took that hit for the blue-hair, and was now hugging a black-haired girl... it kinda looked like the pop-star's cousin at a distance.

That girl the blonde boy was hugging, wasn’t that Ryou’s date? Johnny couldn’t really tell. Or was it that other guy’s date? Then again, it was tough to tell in the dark... Man, I gotta learn names and faces quick. He’d get a better chance in an actual class, however. For now, he wanted to get some practice in before whatever was happening in the auditorium. For now, Rondo Alla Turca continued.

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There was this drop of sadness blooming inside of her. Cassiopeia knew that Tadashi has the freedom to answer no. She won't force him if that was the case, but it doesn't mean she can't be disappointed. Her imagination was already traveling light years ahead of the present time. Tadashi playing with everyone in the Music Club or seeing him perform a recital during one of the school's events. It was really an exciting and wonderful thing, because it would be a shame if someone as talented as he is would not be recognized. That was her current thought process when in reality Tadashi has yet to answer her, and as if sensing her distress. She felt his hand on her shoulder as if assuring her. She glanced at it briefly and when she heard his positive answer. Her face was like a light bulb slowly being illuminated into like of a sun. Her smile was so bright as she nodded happily. "Of course! I'm sure everyone would be happy to have you!" There was not a hint of doubt in her words as Clio joined in agreement while energetically bouncing up and down. "Clio sure! Tadashi member! Clio sure! Clio!"

She giggled lightly at Clio's actions before looking back at Tadashi properly with that gentle gaze of hers. "I'm really glad you'll be joining Tadashi-kun." At that point, Tadashi spoke about them going to the auditorium. She had that bewildered expression for a moment before remembering what was happening there. "Oh! Yes! Let's go!" She was quite an expressive person, so all of her emotions can be seen freely without any restrictions. "Clio! Message received Clio! Message from Aeon! Clio! Read or not, Clio?" She looked at the pink ball for a moment and noticed that Tadashi was packing his instrument. "Excuse me for a while, Tadashi-kun. Go ahead, please read it Clio."

At her permission, Clio began to read the message even with Tadashi present. "Good morning, Cassiopeia. I have arrived at school. Meet me at the Auditorium. I will be seating at the front row. Clio end of message! Clio!" She nodded in thanks of what Clio did. "Thank you, Clio." She then released a small sigh afterwards. "It wouldn't hurt him to text a bit more lively instead of being on point. He could put some smiley faces so, it won't be boring." She pouted a bit at that and then looked back at Tadashi with a smile. "Don't tell Aeon, I said that, okay Tadashi-kun?" Whether she was earnest in her favor or asked so in a playful manner, there's one thing for sure, she was speaking her mind with good reasons behind it. "Shall we go?" She asked him and then, they went on their way.

It was still raining and Tadashi offered for them to share an umbrella. She was thankful for that because, he saved her from being scolded by Hotaru and Aeon, especially when she forgot her umbrella in the car. Her car was allowed entry inside, so she didn't have to walk through the grounds earlier. She gathered Clio in to her hands as they walk together. There were some students that greeted her and she greeted them back in her cheerful and sincere nature. There were a lot more students that seemed to look and request her attention with a simple greeting. But, she was completely oblivious unlike Tadashi about the talks of him and her being together. To her, there was nothing wrong with her being with other men, especially when her intentions were purely friendship. Plus, Tadashi was a gentleman as far as she could see, so she was perfectly safe and that was again, her always trustful nature.

They soon reached the auditorium's entrance. There she saw Gen as she perked up noticeably. "Good morning, Gen-chan!" Her smile was both graceful and warm. It seemed that even the rain appeared to be sparkles of star dust around her. She then looked at Gen's companion (Kei) who was a new person to her. "Good morning as well, my name is Argyris, Cassiopeia." She reached out her hand to him for a friendly handshake whether he took it or not, she smiled at him warmly. "My name is quite a handful, so please feel free to call me whatever comes easy to you. " This was where Clio joined in again. "Morning! Matey! Clio! Morning!" She then introduced the pink mechanical ball followed by a light giggle. "And this is Clio! Well, it's nice meeting you." She bowed her head in an elegant manner that comes easy to her. "I'll see you later Gen-chan!" She was sure the unfamiliar student (Kei) would be fine with Gen by his side.

He entered with Tadashi which earned more gossips, that she was of course, oblivious about. It was quite more than outside, probably because of the students pouring in and Aeon being there. She began looking at the front row for Aeon before a rather, tall person showed before her and Tadashi. She was surprised in a good way, because she never knew there would be someone that can be that high in this school other than Ryou. "Wow, so tall." Her eyes sparkle in awe while Clio now jumped from her hands and tried to bounce as high as this person named Johnny or Jay as he introduced himself. She smiled at him and returned the handshake with hers. "It is nice to meet you Jay-kun! I'm Cassiopeia! Call me whatever you think fits! Are you a new student? If so, let me welcome you to Airdalen. I hope you're enjoying your time here." Her smile never once faltering as her eyes showed her earnest intentions of friendship.

That was then her eyes lingered a bit to the side where she noticed Ryou. She wasn't sure if he saw her but, she gave Ryou, a vibrant smile and a small wave. She also saw Arietta and was about to say hi, but she seemed busy with talking with another student (Rocco), she doesn't know. So, she would do that later and instead looked for Aeon when Johnny left her and Tadashi. She easily spotted the blonde male. "Ah! There he is!" She pointed out proudly before looking back at Tadashi. "I'll have to excuse myself now, Tadashi-kun. Thank you for escorting me. Let's see each other later, okay? I'll look forward playing with you!" Those were not empty words, because that was the truth as she waved him goodbye and went to where Aeon is, but before she could, she stopped midway, because she was startled a bit by a rather energetic greeting. She looked to her side where she finally noticed Bishop, Devone, and her junior Akira. Well, she was not really taken aback with Bishop hugging Devone. She found it a cute thing. Those two were adorable. This is Cassiopeia after all.

She simply smiled and greeted them. "Good morning! Bishop-kun, Akira-kun, and Devone-chan!" She was probably the second one like Bishop who doesn't see anything strange with what happened or even think it was like a ticking time bomb. "It seems you are reuniting with precious friends, Bishop-kun." She was serious in that while smiling at Akira and then to Devone. Well, she should excuse herself since, she shouldn't interrupt such wonderful reunions. "Well, I'll excuse myself now." She then went ahead to where Aeon is. He was sitting there calm as ever and she could see some of the girls stealing glances at him. Well, he is an attractive person. She then stepped in front of the man and greeted him with her brightest smile yet. "Good morning, Aeon!"

Popularity = +1 (Aeon)
Popularity = +1 (Devone)
Popularity = +1 (Bishop)

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"I run and run
through the blistering winds and
rain so, that I could reach you
and hoping at the very least to
touch you even once, so let me
reach you just this once."

It was peaceful as much as he is concerned. The weather or maybe even the fact he was studying up probably dissuaded them from trying to test his tolerance. That's why he was mostly left alone by those harping girls wanting to be close to him. He could still feel eyes on him, but that was fine as long as he wasn't physically disturbed. He really doesn't see any benefits in what they're doing to gain his attention. Their efforts would be rewarded more if they pay attention to other things which is not him.

He closed his physics books and took another book, this time, it was Japanese Literature. English was not a concern but even him living here for a considerable time, Japanese language is still a work-in-progress. He opened it and began brushing up his language with poetry. He was immersed in that, he didn't notice the entrance of Aeon or Bishop waltzing in front of him earlier. He managed to read a few poems before his attention was called by none other but his Junior, Johnny. He raised his head as those silver eyes of his reflected Johnny.

There was a fist raised towards him and he was familiar with that, remembering his associates back in America. He reciprocated it with his fist completing the bump. "Morning, Jay." He then nodded his head when Johnny mentioned about the weather. "It'll get better." Well, he wasn't against the rain, but it does make some activities meant for outside hard to do. That's when he noticed that Johnny was carrying a musical instrument, a ukelele if he is right about it. He wasn't wondering whether his Junior could play it, more like what Johnny would be doing with it.

He decided not to ask since, it's not his business. It was also at that time where Johnny excused himself. "Later then." He followed Johnny's with his eyes for a while and saw his Junior greeting the guy beside Gen before and also Cassiopeia. He was a bit curious as to where Aeon is. It is a known fact that the Pink Princess and the School Idol are a pair. It would be probably why he finally noticed that most of the students were gossiping about it. Well, these people were just wasting time really since those two could care less what everyone else think. That's how it has always been.

But like always, it was not his problem. He was about to return to his reading when he met with Cassiopeia's eyes. He couldn't just ignore it. Well, he would have avoided it if, he had been quicker. She then waved at him with that smile of hers. He gave a small nod before looking away from her. That girl reminds him as he decided to focus back on the book in his hand. It would be best to ignore everything else before the announcement starts. But then, his attention was taken again. This time by Bishop who seemed to be excited. He looked at the younger boy's (Bishop). There he noticed Akira and Devone. Well, there were nothing really between them, so he really didn't have a strong attachment to react about it. He simply returned to his reading. He should return to his peaceful moments. He had enough of interactions from last night.

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[new day]


Rhys watched with a calm expression as the coffee he had just brewed to keep awake after the long busy night was spilled. The hot steamy liquid spread over his left hand and some, somehow ricocheted to his chest being topless after a shower. He was well aware what a normal person would do. They would be rushing to run their hand under cold water, scream a bit at the sting or make whiny sounds. If Rhys was normal, he would probably be swearing incoherently about it right now but I can't feel... He lifted his hand to analyze the burn like it was nothing but an inconvenience before turning around for the sink and letting the water run. Rhys spared one last thoughtful glance at his hand before sliding it under the cooling water. He wasn't in pain but that didn't make it alright to not give a damn about his wellbeing. "I'm running late." he mused, his other hand running through and tugging the back of his brown blonde hair in annoyance. It was not good to be late for a scholarship getting a free ride to one of the best education systems in Japan but there was still hope he could make it living nearby. It was just a walk away and maybe he could make it if he ran.

Rhys ran out the door with his tie loosely hitting against his chest and his left hand wrapped in bandages to hide the unsightly red burn mark. Shit. Fuck. OH FUCK. He continued swearing in the confines of his mind as he ran to cross a street when it wasn't safe to cross, dodging cars that were still in motion at varying speeds. It was comparable to a scene right out of an action film with Rhys' impressive maneuverability and the rain but the drivers were far from impressed. Some of them honked loudly at him, screaming obscenities at the foreigner who was ignoring all the traffic laws today just to make it to school on time. An absence of pain also made it easy for Rhys to be this reckless, focused solely on his goal and number one priority to reach Airdalen. He had a delinquent appearance but cared about his education as much as the top students did. His whole stay in Japan was reliant on his performance as a student. Even as the vulgar words continued to be yelled at him, Rhys ignored them all the way to the school gates. He didn't have the will or time to stick around and pick fights.

Rhys slammed the doors to the auditorium open, his harsh brown eyes scanning the people in the building with some students flinching at the unruly sight of him. His uniform was soaked but not too badly thanks to the small distance and looming shop roofs he ran under that gave temporary shelter from the rain. He exhaled and straightened his posture knowing he had arrived just in time seeing as teachers were just emerging onto the stage. He would have been sorely obvious as a late comer if everyone was seated and quiet listening to announcements. Looking around for a seat while he stood by the door, he identified Gen in the horde and made his way towards her. It was easier than he thought when students did not want to get anywhere near the shady junior, parting like the Red Sea. "Hey Gen." he said, his eyes moving from the pale girl to the guy (Kei) next to her.

The guy that gawked at Shiori? He gave the other junior a stern look out of instinct trying to gauge if he was a pervert or it had been a one time episode. Rhys would keep an eye on him, caring for the welfare of his friends. Shiori and Gen had their innocent sides, making Rhys want to up his guard even more for their best interests. He knew how dirty and clouded a man's fantasies could get. "Yo." he greeted, remembering last night but not acting like an asshole based on a hunch. Rhys had been judged too in numerous circumstances. "We should go get seats." He stated, walking ahead of them and sitting down next to another athletic looking foreigner (Johnny) who was playing the ukelele. It was peculiar to see a student play that of all instruments so Rhys watched the guy play out of the corner of his eye. Not bad. A sophomore girl with long dark hair passed by that he almost mistook as Shiori. Right.. last night. Rhys felt he had accomplished a lot with getting through to his senior, more than he could have expected. In the beginning, it was a scary thought to even brush elbows with the sourpuss but they had danced and taken that photo together. Instead of reading into it more, he wrote the exceptions off as Shiori starting to trust him and he was satisfied with that.


"Good morning students, faculty, everybody! Please be seated as we start the assembly."
Mrs Kita's feminine voice echoed into the microphone as she fumbled across the stage wearing her standard science lab coat that trailed behind her.

"Please be good... Please sit."
she continued making her request competing with the rowdy students but failing until Mr. Hayashi snatched the microphone from her fingers.


Screaming into the microphone while flailing his arms shattered some ear drums but his reputation as the less lenient teacher arguably out of all the faculty did diminish the chaos into peace. When his job was done, he dropped the microphone into the startled blonde teacher's hands and removed himself from the stage to look for his troublesome nephew. Mrs Kita watched as he left in confusion before resuming the assembly as her duty.

"So today is a special day for all students where we announce the student presidencies! These students have been voted by their peers to be model examples for the rest of the school and lead their respective classes and clubs. It is such an honor!" she clapped her hands together with glee, appearing excited.

"When I announce your name, please join me on stage to receive your presidency badges and deliver a speech so we can learn more about you and your plans or whatever it is you would like to share! It is your moment to stand in the spotlight." She traced her finger down the paper from the podium to read the names.

"Starting with club presidents!"
"Fujioka, Yuuki for the Overachiever's Committee,
Belrose, Aeon for Kyudo Elites,
Giou, Ryou for Basketball Conquerors,
Browning, Rhys for Upstream,
Fukui, Gen for Inryoku,
Hakushiro, Arietta for Showstoppers,
Harigae, Sora for Social Society,
And finally, Kitogawa, Tsukiko for Resonance!"

After every name was announced, the students would clap and some cheer their congratulations.

"Oh my! Some of our chosen class presidents are already on stage so to save time I will also announce this right away and you can make one whole speech instead of two. How wonderful!
Fujioka, Yuuki for female Junior Class President,
Blake, Akira for male Junior Class President,
Harigae, Sora for male Senior Class President,
and Kitogawa, Shiori for female Senior Class President!!!"

Mrs Kita awaited the students to arrive on stage before gesturing them to line up in the order their name had been called, presenting them with a badge to pin on their chests with pride and letting them take the podium.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

Having not played the instrument often since arriving in Japan, it didn’t take long for him to start botching notes. Though he did a fine job, Johnny knew it was an indicator that he was falling out of practice. Fortunately, with the ukulele stored at school now, he can put some time to playing during times like lunch, or during band club.

One of these days, he mentally noted, I’ll have a full-blown guitar, and it’ll be sicker than Avery’s dad’s treasure. I’ll be a goddamn rock star. The foreigner slipped the ukulele back into it’s bag as soon as someone walked onto the stage. Was it time to find out what was happening here? The rather ‘obvious’ woman who walked on stage almost seemed to whisper into the microphone. Johnny couldn’t tell what the heck she was saying, even if the louder students around weren’t there.

Yo hol’up… colour drained from Johnny’s face as his peripheral vision caught the colour of darker skin. No… Oh shit! the quack was right after all! It can’t be manifesting like this, can it? His relief was immense when he turned his head and registered that the dark-skinned girl’s resemblance was the colour and nothing more. Oh thank fuck! His heart rate had spiked to uncomfortable levels, but was now lowering once more. His face still looked like he had just seen a ghost. He was perfectly vulnerable to the sudden blast of feedback courtesy of the more boisterous teacher who had taken over. The foreigner cringed in pain as the ringing slowly began to fade. He ended up missing the first part of the whispering teacher’s speech entirely.

“When I… name… please join me on… receive… and deliver a speech so we can learn more about you and your plans or… it is you would.” I know I got good hearing all things considered but god-dayum. Johnny didn’t catch all of it, but he managed to determine that this was some sort of anointing ceremony… maybe “anoint” wasn’t a proper term to use. There was no oil jugs to be seen on the stage. Then again, Japan’s very much about tradition and honor and all that jazz, if all those old kung fu movies were to be believed. Maybe there was religious connotations behind everything…? Johnny snapped out of the train of thought when the teacher continued.

“Starting with club presidents!” Johnny understood that one loud and clear. Of course! Class and club presidents, that’s something familiar! Johnny rose slightly in his seat, interested in what the teacher had to say. That meant more names to learn, more people to meet, more friends to make. The foreigner relished that.

Upon Fujioka’s announced name, Johnny whooped very much like a Westerner. Cheering for others just came naturally to the sports-minded kid. A small part of him made the boisterous celebration because he realised he had been pronouncing the name right after all.

On the second name, Johnny once more cheered, though he didn’t quite remember who exactly Belrose was. Belrose, that’s… that’s the guy with the cool hair! … What’s ‘Kyudo’?”

Upon his senpai’s name, the foreigner called “Ryou-senpai!” Johnny whooped once more. His senpai was the captain of the Basketball Team; hardly a surprise. The dude was the only kid Johnny had seen who was taller.

The next announced name was for… something called “up” and “stream”. The foreigner recalled the name from when he signed up for clubs. Upstream, that’s the swimming team, eh? Johnny rose a fist to bump with Rhys. He determined pretty easily that the boy who sat next to him was Rhys, as he was the one who would’ve risen upon the announcement. “I’m feeling good vibes about this team,” Johnny said through that wonderful smile of his.

It was then Gen’s turn to take the stage, as an… “Inryoku”? The foreigner had never heard that term before. OH! that must be the drama club! That thing that I decided against joining. Aw, I’m flaking on my friend there. Shit… Well, maybe if they need some heavy lifting, I could put some time towards it or somethin’… “Gen-san! Whoo! knock ‘em dead slugger!” He cheered, completely unaware of what Inryoku actually is.

As a matter of fact, it was pretty much a given that Johnny’s deep voice emitted a warming, if potentially unwarranted whoop for every name that was called. It really depended on the patience of every individual whether it was obnoxious or not. At the end of the announcement, the foreigner wound up cheering to every announced name with equal, or only slightly varying fervor. Once all the names were announced and everyone mentioned got on stage, the foreigner leaned back in his chair, respectfully quiet. Besides the cheering from before, one would be hard-pressed to think he was a loud American.

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"The truth of things, I always wonder
whether I'm meant for being in the leader role,
because, all I really cared about are things
or specifically people that touched me
and really, they're not those people
at all, not even one."


Everything around him, it wasn't registering at all. Well more like, he really didn't care what was happening around him. Students were chatting about or minding their own business. He was doing the latter part with his reading. He focused on it and even opened a new book which was suggested to him by Reisha as an advanced reference for some reaction paper during the World War II. It was expansive and detailed at the same time.

Though, he couldn't sympathize about something that happened in the past. especially when he's not involved in it. Then again, he could understand when it comes to retribution, the victims enacting their own version of vengeance. That... he could understand. He was almost reading when the shrill voice of Mr. Hayashi filled the hall. He instinctively flinched by closing one of his eyes while his hand covered his ear. That man could shout.

Well, it seemed that the program was starting as he kept his two books and listened to it. That's when he noticed that there was quite a crowd up front. It was because the two most popular entities in Airdalen are there. Although, he felt a bit suffocated as well, due to the women lingering about him, he could also feel their gazes as if wanting for him to look at them. He will never understand women or the notion of their romance. Then again, he has his own love problems in a sense.

It didn't take while to make it awkward for him. He couldn't help but release a sigh. His name was called and he could hear Jay cheering. Well, that was fine though, he didn't enjoy the screeches coming from the girls.

The episode during the club recruiting day flashed before him and he inwardly grimaced. That won't happen again. He really didn't like the publicity side that comes with being captain adding the responsibility being given to him. It was really bothersome. However, it was really not in his nature to just discard what is needed to be done. He accepted the position in the end, so he's in for the long haul.

He stood from his chair and excused himself to the people he would pass by. After that, he went on the stage and stood by Aeon's side. Well, the presence of his fellow senior is welcomed as the attention is divided between them. It helps easing the so-called fans but in his terms, they're like rabid cats or dogs. He stood there patiently as the badges were given. Though, he was a bit curious as to why Aeon was not the Senior Representative. The guy exudes that kind of presence. If it was the student body voting, the guy would have won hands down being the school idol. It was a curious thing, but he has nothing against Sora or does he really care who becomes the representative. It was not his business, so he stopped his thoughts at that.

Actually, he shook his head a bit when they were being cued to do some speech. That was going to be a problem. He was fine with giving words to prospective members or fellow teammates, but to a crowd? What for? He had said what was needed to be said during the club recruitment day. He sighed once more and noticed that the first one was double dutch being a representative and a president. The female junior (Yuuki) must like school very much. That was good, people have their own preferences. She was nervous it could be noticed, but that was normal from his opinion. When she was done, the next one was Aeon. Well, he didn't have to guess as it would be flawless as always. The guy was effortlessly perfect in what he does. Sometimes, he wondered if Aeon was a robot. It seems watching Transformers and Astro Boy made him think of weird things. He should stave off the robot marathon thing with Hikaru and Trixie for a bit.

Anyway, Aeon was done and he was the one being cued next. Well, here goes nothing. He stepped forward and he could hear the cheers from the basketball team and was actually being overpowered by the females as if it was some concert or awards show of a celebrity. It got to the point of annoyance that if it was possible for his vein on the forehead to pop like in those cartoons, it would have. "Shut up." His eyes pierced them as the hall quieted down. He was not happy at all. He might not be shouting like Mr. Hayashi, but the sheer intensity of his gaze and the rather loud tone of his voice delivered his annoyance. But, the silence didn't last because another group of female shouted, "He's so cool! Glare at us more!" The shouts continued, this was a plain disaster. Why can't they just leave him alone?

He literally face palmed himself. It was at this moment he would want to have Aeon's pacifying skills or Mr. Hayashi to shout them all into silence. "I have enough of this." He muttered under his breath and glared at the group of rowdy females. "If you can't keep your mouth shut while people are talking here, get out and don't disturb the others who want to listen." Those silver eyes of his were now like the blade of swords in its sharpness. Well, his angry face is rather attractive because of his aesthetics. Anyway, his words seemed to be effective as everything quieted down. He sighed at this and hurried it up to get over with all of this. "I've already said my piece during the recruitment day. Join or not. Like it or not. The Basketball team would still stay and do what it does best. We take things seriously so for those who don't stay out of our way. Feel free to ask my Vice-Captain Ford-san for any questions." He pointed towards Ford in the crowd. "If I have to deal with it, I will as the Basketball Captain, but whether you like it or not the outcome, doesn't concern me." He meant that towards the people especially the girls prompting for his attention senselessly.

"That's all." He ended with that and left the stage without another word. He returned to his seat and was glad that was over with. This is why he doesn't like doing things like this. He crossed his arms over his chest and exuded an aura that wanted to be left alone. Because right now, he really didn't like useless chatter. But unknown to him, he earned a more esteemed reputation after all, he had always kept to himself and rarely interacted with anyone. This was a first to everyone in Airdalen that know of him and they seemed to like it more.

Intellect + 1 (Ryou)

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Rhys rubbed the back of his neck when the announcements went underway hearing name after name. Fujioka… Belrose.. He remembered their names and wasn’t at all surprised. Yuuki did have the studious look going for her already and Aeon, that guy just looked like the posh type and Airdalen was a school for the elite predominantly. Now Rhys wasn’t judgemental and he knew better than that, but their appearances had been on point by the positions they were voted into. Fujioka will be the study group president then? Not bad. Rhys was relieved that he already knew her before clubs began. It wouldn’t be that awkward for a guy with his kind of look to show up then. She seemed like a nice enough girl and one of the few he saw Shiori talk with.

"Browning, Rhys for Upstream."
Rhys stood up from his seat out of instinct at his name being announced but the presidency position only dawned on him by the time Gen also stood up for the Inryoku club. What, really? he was flabbergasted as both a new junior and a new club member who had not yet been given the chance to demonstrate any swimming skill. The guy with the ukulele sitting by his other side rose a fist to bump in congratulations, “I’m feeling good vibes about this team,” Johnny, was it?" Rhys finally recalled his fellow junior from the aftermath with Sora and raised his own fist to bump with the guy. It had been a busy scene with carrying the beaten boy to sickbay that he almost forgot. "Cool." Rhys didn't have much to say in response, still stunned by his new role. He wasn't sure if he could say what he was feeling would match with the description of good vibes. Surprised as he was, none of his emotions leaked into his expression. Some students may have even thought of Rhys as arrogant for standing up so firmly after his name was called like he was expecting it.

"Congratz, Fukui-Senpai, Browning-San."
Rhys followed behind Gen when Kei congratulated them and moved out of his seat to give them more room to get through the aisle. "Thanks." he said for both the courtesy gesture and congratulations. Carrying on his way towards the stage not wanting to be late as more names were announced, Rhys was still confused as heck. What had he done to be offered this role in this prestigious school? He stuck out too much like a sore thumb if people were to gawk and compare him to individuals like Yuuki, Aeon, Gen and the others. His clothes still drying from the rain, his unruly hair and demeanour did not suit what a member of student council should be like. Rhys was confident in who he was and what he stood for but was not delusional.

Well, here I am. he thought when he got on stage and received a badge to wear. That's when time stopped for Rhys with the badge sitting in the palm of his hand. He was a toddler when he was diagnosed with his genetic condition so he couldn't remember all the fuzzy details or the hours of testing that went into it but he heard the story enough to know. It all began with something so small, something so minor as a toddler who didn't know how to handle a badge pin. The object reminded him too much that he was different. Rhys closed his eyes and sighed inwardly. Maybe it wasn't even fair for him to captain any athletics team when he didn't know how to judge pain or limits.

He left his thoughts when his attention was caught by a familiar girl, Arietta mouthing a congratulation his way. Rhys nodded his head to affirm that he had received her message and nothing more. It was probably best not to speak in their presidency positions and risk not setting the best example for the rest of the school. Even as he thought that, there was one person who didn't act with the same mindset. "Both club and class president? I will be kept busy." Rhys turned his gaze slightly further down the line to where the recognizable senior who got beat (Sora) was when he made that comment. The blue-haired guy wouldn't stop yapping and Rhys could only wonder if it was out of excitement, nervousness or something else.

"Congratulations, Akira-kun, Yuuki-Chan, Harigae-San~" Arietta continued congratulating all the way down the line of names making Rhys realize how much of the announcements he had just missed from zoning out. Akira hn? Rhys felt more reassured with a friend of his on stage too. Gen was his friend too but let's face it, they couldn't be any more different. "Thank you, a deserved congratulations to you. You forgot Kitogawa-san." The talkative (Sora) one added in, Rhys a bit startled by the surname mentioned. Kitogawa... Shiori? He would have looked more in their direction to try and spot his senior but the speeches began with Yuuki first up. Rhys would congratulate Akira and Shiori if he heard correctly later.

Rhys listened attentively to Yuuki's speech for pointers but as much as he listened, he learned very little about how to approach his own speech. Talking about studying is different to sports I guess. "Grades are an important part of our lives at this point and studying should be taken very seriously." Rhys inhaled deeply at those words because it stood true to him. He needed to improve his grades to stay in Airdalen and Japan altogether. Even if he didn't share Yuuki's exact vision, he understood the gist of it that applied to his life. The speech over, Yuuki removed herself from the stage but not without leaving an impression to Rhys that it would be good to study under her as the president. It wouldn't have been ideal to join a study group that wouldn't help him reach his goal.

After Yuuki was Aeon and the speech couldn't have been more stereotypical in Rhys' mind. Everyone reacted the way he expected they would towards the senior and the words he spoke was on a different level of formal. If he didn't know any better, he could've sworn it was rehearsed and not the last minute task the rest of them were called up for. "As I begin my term, I shall endeavor to bring an environment where inclusive growth for all members old or new towards skills, camaraderie, discipline, and a state of peace both in body and mind are all possible." Fuck, do I have to say something like that? That specific sentence could be applied to any club making it easy to copy and just use different words but that wasn't Rhys' style. He couldn't pull off the eloquence involved either anyway.

The last before Rhys' turn was a tall guy (Ryou) he didn't recognize or the name might have escaped him. He didn't recall them having a chance to be introduced yet but he gathered he was the president for the basketball team. "Shut up." We can say that? Rhys observed as the senior glared around and looked irritated throughout his whole speech if it could be called that any longer. "If I have to deal with it, I will as the Basketball Captain, but whether you like it or not the outcome, doesn't concern me." Rhys was especially surprised when the crowd didn't react the way a normal bunch of people should react with offense and retaliation. He raised an eyebrow watching as the dark haired male finished descended from the platform. It was unreal. Those three speeches alone were crazy different.

Rhys took his place at the podium upon his turn and looked down at the crowd seated beneath. He never thought it was even possible for a guy like him to be giving a speech to others that were higher in status than him but here he stood. With no preparation and nothing to go on besides what the other three before him said, he'd just have to wing it. He rested his bandaged hand on the podium, the other hand clutching his badge tightly as he got started,

"I'll start by saying thanks. Thanks for voting me, congratulating me and welcoming me into high school life with open arms. No doubt I don't know all of you and that all of you know me but I'm a junior and a foreigner." he paused before admitting with a casual attitude, "And I've never been a leader of anything, I've never been voted into anything and I've never been given the opportunity to prove myself until now." He briefly looked down at the badge he had been given and pinned it promptly onto his uniform blazer. That's right... Moving to Japan and starting fresh, he had to move away from the old and get with the times health condition or not. Rhys had to keep moving forward.

Holding both sides of the podium he declared strongly, "As the new president of Upstream and as Browning Rhys... I will work hard to live up to that title and be the leader you guys need me to be." he concluded, bowing his head in respect the Japanese traditional way before stepping down from the podium to return to his seat. It was a short speech but that suited Rhys most as a generally vague talker. While appearing confident, he still spoke humbly.

Popularity +1 Yuuki

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli


“He’s so cool, glare at us more!” Johnny had no idea what the many girls were cheering for. Riou-san was a cool dude, but he didn’t really see what made girls so… oddly lustful. They reacted like the Beatles fangirls in their prime. Ryou didn’t strike Johnny as John Lennon or anything. If anything Ryou only had larger muscles, and was technically overweight. If it was an issue of muscle, The foreigner had a far more defined physique, not unlike Bruce Lee. He didn’t imagine the girls were swooning at the curves of biceps and strong jawlines.

The annoyance Ryou clearly displayed reminded the foreigner of Roger Waters, when he spat at fans trying to climb the net shortly before he came up with The Wall. The Wall… Hmm… Perhaps there was something bothering the foreigner’s senpai? Johnny hadn’t considered that before. He made a mental note to ask about it at an appropriate time.

I’m feeling excellent about this team, Johnny noted to himself regardless. Just like the swimming team, the basketball team is led by a righteous dude. The foreigner knew he’d be a valued asset, but he won’t be relied on. That’s only what a boy as strong and fast as Johnny could ask for in terms of challenge. Being the positive thinker like he wanted himself to be, Johnny did not hold the annoyed attitude of his senpai against him. After all, like a lot of the Japanese language, there’s definitely something the foreigner was missing.

A lot of Fujioka’s and Belrose’s speech was lost on the foreginer, for they used a lot of bigger words than was normally required for an everyday conversation. It was clear they were both intellectuals, and in the case of the silver-haired dude, an elite. Johnny wondered if they knew English fluently. In this day and age, English and Mandarin would be required languages to function in the high-end global markets. Fujioka seemed like one who would be striving for a global market. Belrose probably is part of a global market already.

Gen’s an elite, isn’t she? At least, she carried herself like one. Johnny’s eyes rested on Gen’s for a moment, and he gave a thumbs-up. He had no idea what ‘Inryuko’ was, but the foreigner knew a cool cat like Gen would do very well if she was president. Of course, he had no actual knowledge of her credentials. Being the dumbass he is, he always trusted that “gut feeling”. Maybe if he had the time, he’d go to find out what ‘Inryuko’ was. He imagined it was something like a chess club, or sewing club. Considering how well-dressed she usually was, maybe it was the latter?

Being an American, he reacted as respectfully as any American would when a girl like Tsukiko flaunted what Avery called “the goods”. With a sharp whistle he produced when he put two fingers to his mouth. For a moment, he legitimately forgot he was in a different country with a different culture. Soon enough, he caught himself. Fuck! Too late, though… dumbass… There had to be a reason for his sudden American antics. This isn’t his old home… but something triggered memories of home.

That dark-skinned girl. His flash of seeing a ghost, hanging with his friends, skateboarding, B-balling, B-boying, everything he and the other guys did on account of the ghetto having no computers. Well, there were the ones in the library, and Avery eventually got his own courtesy of his music shop parents having a good few months… but… I gotta leave it behind, he thought as his eyes glazed into that thousand-yard stare.

It was a full thirty seconds before he realized the state he was in. He shook his head and returned his attention to the assembly. Unfortunately, he had missed what he thought was Tsukiko’s speech entirely. Some friend I am… I’ll have to talk with her later, he vowed to himself. He did notice something… off… as she left the stage very unlike her usual exits from old youtube videos. Maybe it’s part of her cover? She is a bit of a secret pop star… I think… Man that’s just a reasoned assumption all things considered…

His mind focused on Tsukiko because his concern for others was all he had to get rid of the thousand-yard stare. Living in the ghetto taught him that the world was cruel. Being the top athlete in school taught him he needed to be an idol, something others aspire to be like. Airdalen would be the school where the foreigner learned to become the best of the best. The students around him will see him shine yet. That performance at the clubs was only the beginning.

Now properly hyped, he was just in time to cheer on the blue-haired boy who had been punched-up just yesterday. His cheering was interrupted by jeering from other male students down by the front row. “Hey come on, let the dude spit,” Johnny’s deep voice pierced the jeering and booing. Where he’s from, “Spit” meant “speak”, or rather, “rap”, in the context of a rap battle. He huffed as he remembered he was supposed to be speaking Japanese. “Let the man speak,” he corrected himself in the technically native language. Those who did turn around, who were not already silenced by the teachers, would see the tall, muscular foreigner giving a stern, yet kind look. Every one who got a look at the gleaming, piercing emerald eyes immediately turned back and kept relative silence. They then whispered things to each other the foreigner couldn’t catch. “Holy shit that gaijin looks scary up close,” was basically what they did. “You hear his sloppy language? Fuckin’ roided out, I bet. How’d a dumbass like him get into this school? It’s a disgrace… Defending that guy though... you don’t think he’s gay?”

Sora’s speech in general was blunt… and oddly focused on himself more than the goals of the club. Considering the response of the ruder students, perhaps there was a reason for it? Was it stage fright, or was that nasty hit from yesterday beginning to take the long-term toll? The foreigner eyed Sora closely, watching for any tell-tale signs of some sports health problem. Shivering hands, or slight spasms. None of the sort happened, at least, not from Johnny’s perspective.

Good vibes, Johnny, good vibes, he relaxed a little in his seat as Sora left abruptly without signs of lightheadedness. Tsukiko was then the next one up. Oh! I didn’t miss her speech then! he thought, but wait… whose speech did I miss? Johnny whooped when Tsukiko finished her speech, and pumped a fist in the air. “Yeah! Music Club get hype!” Evidently, he did not know the proper Japanese term for “hype”, so he wound up whooping that in English. His doofy, yet genuine grin would hopefully translate the gist of what he was saying. He did not catch on the innuendo.

The other students, however, couldn’t possibly know that. “Get a load of this jackass,” the students down in front whispered in regards to the foreigner, if only for a second, so they could return to enjoying the view of the very attractive pink-haired girl.

I get the feeling those dudes aren’t friendly…

Next up was the dude who took one for the team yesterday. He seemed really chipper all things considered. The speech was short and concise, the best-case scenario for someone who at-first seemed to be suffering from a little stage fright. Johnny caught the lip-biting. How could he not? Still, a Junior class president, that would be a lot of responsibility, maybe too much for the foreigner, given all the stuff he has to go through. Also, Akira being announced as the Male junior class president made the foreigner confident that his betting money was already hard-won. If only he had voiced the bet to others. He’d probably have… like… twelve hundred yen or something… That’s like, four sodas… or a six-pack in the sales section.

Next up was Tsukiko’s... cousin? Family member in general, that much Johnny knew. Something was wrong… Last time Johnny had seen her was in a well-made witch costume. Last time Johnny saw her, there was no odd markings on her cheeks. Johnny’s eyes widened as he recognized the markings. Fingers… pinching tight, with a vice-like grip. Whatever caused that very likely had an effect on the poor girl’s speech. It was concise… but also sharp as a razor, mechanical and cold. “Who…”[/colour] he wondered as he could make out the bruises he imagined not many would recognize, as he saw her eyes almost… retreat. [color=darkgreen]Another bully in this school? Not in this school… Not in this place that accepted me. I’ll… I’ll… No… no she wouldn’t want that. Kitogawa-san probably told the teachers. They probably figured it all out out. Calm down. This isn’t America… but still…

“It’s starting to feel like America,” he hummed low. His thoughts were vanquished when Gen-san stepped up to the plate with her own speech as the president of the thing called “Inryoku”. Her speech was crisp, well-worded, and formal… and that meant the foreigner couldn’t register all of it. However, compared to the last few speeches, Johnny knew it was incredibly competent. He pumped a fist into the air with a cheer. As Gen returned to her own seat, Johnny leaned a little to speak, “Great speech, Gen-san!” he smiled. It didn’t matter that he didn’t understand all of it.

It was then that the ditzy teacher returned to the microphone. Johnny still had no idea what she taught, or even if she had the capacity to maintain the focus to teach. However, the announcement was made, two names were mentioned, and a well-learned word “Lunch” was mentioned. Johnny slung the ukulele over his shoulder, over top of his backpack, and turned to the ones who were with Gen. “Hello,” he greeted as he repeated the same Japanese phrase he always used to introduce himself. “My name is Johnny Farelli, but you can call me Jay.”

Gen +1 Popularity
Tsukiko +1 Popularity

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Remaining outside of the isle, Kei stuffed his hands deep within his pockets rigidly, "No problem.." He stated in an unceremonious fashion. He let out a yawned after Rhys continued on toward the stage. Kei really wanted to take a nap, but he highly doubted he'd be permitted to take one anytime soon. Perhaps he would be able to sneakily doze off a little if he chose a seat at the back of the classroom? It was worth a shot. He was far from being a scholarship student, so he could quite literally 'afford' to be caught slacking off. He wasn't sure if Airdalen was like his last school, but he assumed any school's silence could be bribed with a generous 'donation' from his parents. Kei didn't even put his own clothes in the laundry basket at home, so he concluded that money could solve most of his problems. He was a bit of a reckless spender when his trust fund was involved. His family had more servants than they knew what to do with at times and he had a lot of money to blow. If his parents could hire so much extra help, what did it matter if he misused his money too?

"Thank you, dear~"

Massaging the back of his neck and averting his gaze was all Kei could manage without making a fool of himself. Her cutesy nicknames were really starting to embarrass him, quite apparent due to the pale shade of pink forming on his cheeks "You....You should get up there or you'll lose your spot.." he reminded Gen, though she practically skipped off right after the words left his lips. Kei was left standing there perplexed and a little flustered, wondering how the hell he ended up in this situation. Did she even hear me? ...Doubt it... He mused to himself, shaking his head before sitting back down. She seemed like a nice girl, but that was the dilemma... no matter how nice Gen was, she was still a -girl-... He couldn't allow himself to become associated with girls too much. If she were to ever... He didn't even want to think about it. He didn't want to freak out or hurt her, even if it were only her feelings... Not to mention he was pretty sure he'd have that guy, Browning to deal with if he ever did anything that made Gen upset. He couldn't blame him if he did, but Kei really wanted to evade such a hassle if at all possible.

"I'll start by saying thanks. Thanks for voting me, congratulating me and welcoming me into high school life with open arms. No doubt I don't know all of you and that all of you know me but I'm a junior and a foreigner. And I've never been a leader of anything, I've never been voted into anything and I've never been given the opportunity to prove myself until now. As the new president of Upstream and as Browning Rhys... I will work hard to live up to that title and be the leader you guys need me to be."

Kei watched Rhys like a hawk through his entire speech, gauging his personality. He wanted to know what kind of guy his fellow junior was. He was starting to get a general idea based on how pissed Rhys seemed to get when he was around Rhys' female friends, but there had to be more to him than a protective guard dog. He seems rather strong-minded and driven.. likes sports too it seems... Though that only made Kei scowl. He honestly wished that they had met under different circumstances. He had a feeling he could get along with this guy if he didn't have his phobia. It always seemed to find ways to make living his life difficult. He missed out on numerous opportunities due to his problem. Though after losing his sister, he was terrified of growing close to girls. They were so...delicate, emotionally and physically in many ways. He could not handle losing another girl close to him, so he pushed them all away instead, too afraid of being left behind to pick up the pieces again. He stood outside of their isle again when Rhys came to return to his seat. Kei was completely zoned out, completely enamored by his own thoughts. However, when his eyes caught the motion of someone else he managed to move almost robotically out of the way. Kaiya... Kei thought to himself, clenching his fists. He knew he couldn't think about her here, so he let out a sigh and drove the thoughts out of his mind and back behind the little red door to his subconscious. It wasn't until a few minutes after Rhys sat down that Kei started to come back to reality. He blinked over at Rhys, only vaguely remembering him returning to his seat, "Nice speech." Kei declared awkwardly. He knew that the guy one seat down from himself was not particularly fond of him, but not without good reason. He didn't really give Rhys a great first impression to assess him by... Kei tried his best to think of a valid defense because the truth wasn't easy to admit, "I didn't see that girl at first, so I was kind of caught off guard when I did." He didn't want to say anything too incriminating, but he could tell the truth a little, right? There was an abundance of guys in the world who weren't exactly 'smooth' with the ladies. He could play himself off as just a little socially incompetent, and everyone could move on. At least that's what Kei hoped would happen. Born and raised in Japan, Kei found it very challenging to reveal bits of himself or explain his actions. Japan was very reserved and telling personal details usually required a lot of trust building, "So... I guess I'm trying to say that I'm sorry for being 'that guy' at the party. I'm normally not that big of a loser." Kei mumbled, barely loud enough for even Rhys to hear, letting out a sigh. He wasn't sure if it would pave over any of their tension, but he had to try before Gen returned. He couldn't apologize in front of an audience, no matter how small. It was terrible enough saying this to just Rhys.

"So.. I'm Blake, Akira... and I plan to do my best to not let the Freshman class down, Thank you for believing in me, I hope to be a fair and just class president."

Oh, it's Akira-Kun... How many of the speeches did I miss? Kei mused to himself, wondering how long he had been zoned out thinking about Kaiya and explaining himself to Rhys. Although he couldn't hold back a snigger when he realized just how short Akira's speech had been. Kei cupped a hand over his mouth to at least respectfully muffle the noise, but to anyone around him it was obvious that he was considerably entertained by the boy's stage fright, "I can't say I could do much better in that situation I guess..." Kei smirked to himself, vocalizing his thoughts aloud. He was overjoyed that he wasn't the leader or captain of anything. If he had been voted class president he would have beat his head into the first wall he found in his immediate vicinity. He did NOT want to be in charge of anything, whatsoever. Kei cherished being a part of the background. It was much easier to live with his phobia when ninety percent of the female population was unaware of his presence It also made hiding his freakish phobia from the rest of the public that much easier. Kei lowered his head and ran his fingers through his shaggy black hair, trying to disregard everything around him for a moment. The past two days had been so stressful, all he wanted was a moment to himself without anyone watching, judging, or expecting anything from him.

"Ohayo gozaimasu~ My name is Fukui, Gen. As the last person to speak, I would like to extend congratulations to all of Airdalen's newly elected presidents. It is an honor to be Inryoku's president and to have the opportunity to work alongside all of you in the future. I look forward to it. To the Inryoku in-waiting and potentially interested members, I implore you to remember that it is our duty to cater to the needs of our clients first and foremost. You must be prepared to adapt, listen and keep an open mind. While most clubs will focus on team or personal growth, Inryoku focuses also on observing the growth and wellbeing of others. You have to be willing to give more than you take, to invest in others and smile when times are tough to keep morale at Airdalen up. If you experience difficulty in these areas, you are more than welcome to chat with me and join us still if you are open to learning on the job. And to our customers or those looking for even the simplest of pleasures be it coffee, tea, a warm glass of milk or a bit of lighthearted conversation? I invite you."

Inryoku in-waiting? What is that...? Clients...? Kei was left baffled for a moment, despite growing up in Japan. However, it did not take him very long. After a minute he immediately grew wide eyed. She's President of a H-Host club?! He really couldn't believe it, but he had heard of such things before. While he didn't want to believe the girl on stage was a hostess, it was starting to make a lot of sense. She had a certain charm about her. A shiver ran down his spine just thinking about what that kind of club would entail, D-Dangerous... Kei mentally stammered. However Gen began to her way back to her seat long before Kei had recovered. The charcoal haired boy kept his gaze off of her, his cheeks turning a pale shade of pink as he stood and took a side step to grant Gen plenty of room back into the isle. Thankfully, when he sat down the bell rang and there was one final announcement, removing his thoughts from Gen's extracurricular activities.

"Wonderful! Oh alrighty! I almost forgot to announce our Halloween best-dressed winners Argyris Cassiopeia and Miyamoto Kazuki! As a reward, you two will be dining for free at any restaurant of your choice for lunch today! Yay~! Everyone else also please enjoy your break and dismissed!"

Am I supposed to know who they are? At the mention of food, Kei felt his stomach rumble. Even though he ate breakfast with his mother, Kei was very passionate about food. He would NEVER skip a meal, he was very religious about his mealtimes. The shaggy haired boy removed his boxed lunch from his bag, looking over to Gen and Rhys, about to ask them if they wanted to eat together. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't alone with Gen, right? Though before he could utter the first syllable, someone else chimed in.

“Hello, My name is Johnny Farelli, but you can call me Jay.”

Kei vaguely remembered someone of his stature dressed up as.. "Luigi.." Kei spoke his thoughts before he could stop himself. He wasn't entirely sure if this was the right guy, because he wasn't well acquainted with anyone at the school yet. However, Kei was fairly certain he was the same guy. If he wasn't, in Kei's defense the guy who addressed himself as Johnny did look a lot like him, "Konnichiwa, I'm Watari, Kei. " Kei's Japanese was flawless, but such was to be expected of a local. Kei then felt his stomach rumble again. Soon he knew others would hear his stomach growl if he did not appease his appetite, so he sat cross-legged in his seat and opened his bento, "Itadakimasu~!" Kei chimed, undoubtedly the most excited he had been all day. He slowly ate from the bento that the Watari family's chef had prepared. Kei's manners as far as eating was concerned were befitting of his economic status, despite his casual method of sitting.

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"Wonderful! Oh alrighty! I almost forgot to announce our Halloween best-dressed winners Argyris Cassiopeia and Miyamoto Kazuki! As a reward, you two will be dining for free at any restaurant of your choice for lunch today! Yay~! Everyone else also please enjoy your break and dismissed!"

When lunch was announced, Shiori reach for her bag to retrieve her bento, only to catch a glance of the boy that had put the bruises on her face, Takumi, Kyo. Normally she would have remained right there in her seat and ate lunch, but she wished to avoid her tormentor for the duration of her break if at all possible. The dark haired girl quickly slipped the strap to her bag over her shoulder and stood. If she left now, she was confident that she would lose Kyo in the crowd, "I will see you when classes begin, Harigae-San." Shiori bowed politely to say her goodbye and scurried off into a crowd of people. Sure, she chose the easy way out and fled the scene from the bully instead of being a role model and facing him head on, but what was she supposed to do? Her normal tactics did not work with Kyo. He was a bully, and the Takumi family was one of the Kitogawa family's best contributors. If she didn't hold her tongue every now and then, it would only hurt her father in the end. She couldn't treat him with the same unfiltered rudeness she handled Akira with two days prior. I hope he doesn't see me.. I can't even see him. Everyone standing around me, they're so tall...

Shiori let out a nervous sigh, weaving through the crowd wasn't easy when food was the motivating factor. Shiori was relatively short and did not weigh all that much, so compared to larger students, namely the males she was easy to shove around. Shiori managed to escape the horde, escaping to a calm spot just in time to notice Gen and Rhys. There were two other males. The first male she was familiar with. His name was Watari, Kei and she would have liked to avoid him for the rest of her life if at all possible. He had gawked at her during the Halloween dance. She wasn't sure why, but she wasn't fond of being stared at by strangers for any reason whatsoever. The second male, she did not know at all. The unfamiliar male student was a tall brunet (Johnny), taller than most male students at Airdalen for sure. Shiori wasn't sure if anyone in the group noticed her presence, but she turned her gaze away from them all, taking a step forward, but there were so many people moving about that it prevented Shiori from evacuating in a timely manner. The bruises on her cheeks were a distinct shade of purple now, and the last thing she wanted was to worry her junior. Can people please move?! He's going to ask questions. He always does! I don't want him to worry about unnecessary things.... Shiori practically pleaded in her head with the crowd, but everyone was moving at an absolute snail's pace. She let out a soft, annoyed huff. Apparently her new role of class president did not immediately remedy any of her problems, nor did it grant her any special treatment from her peers. In fact, she felt more invisible than ever. Shiori placed one hand on her hip, facing the exit. Perhaps if she didn't make eye contact, no one in Rhys' group would recognize her? Shiori gripped the strap to her bag nervously, dreading the conversation that would commence if her junior partner caught on that the bruises on her face were a result of bullying.

Though... if I didn't bump into Takumi-san... It would have been nice to have lunch with Browning-San... Shiori thought to herself, her eyes softening as she stared downward. However, even without the bruises, how was she supposed to even request something like that? Did Seniors usually eat with their Kouhai? She wasn't really sure, but the more she thought about it the more a dark blush began to consume her entire face. STOP! I can't think about this... It's too embarrassing! Shiori scolded herself, shaking her head side to side. She felt really pathetic. She wasn't even sure what was socially acceptable. Would he think less of her for her social ineptness? So far he was the closest she had ever been to making a friend since Kazuhiko, yet she always found herself worrying that with one fell swoop she could ruin it all. What would she do if she screwed this up? She would have to see him every day for the rest of the year... She wasn't exactly the world's best when it came to apologies. In fact, she was possibly the worst.

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Arietta was the next leader to speak on behalf of the Showstoppers club as he sat down. He remembered the blonde senior from their brief encounter in gym class but because of the fight that broke out, he wasn’t able to get to know her better. Showstoppers? Sounds like something Gen would be into. At the thought of his friend, his brown eyes noticed that she wasn’t anywhere to be found on the stage after he left her. He hoped that she was alright. She should be fine. She’s not alone here, it’s packed. Rhys was one of the few mindful of his friend’s debilitating phobia, making him the go-to guy after her close roommate moved out. They were polar opposites in some ways but their friendship was built upon secrets. Trust and respect were qualities that were bound to come out of such arrangements.

"Nice speech." Rhys nodded over when he realized Kei was speaking to him. He didn’t have anything to add and he wasn’t sure if it was well meant. Rhys didn’t hold an opinion on his own speech. The condition of being called up suddenly to talk in front of a prestige school was daunting. He had just delivered the best he could. It was all he could do really. "I didn't see that girl at first, so I was kind of caught off guard when I did." The next words Kei had to say over the unoccupied seat between them during Sora’s speech were more surprising as he tackled the issue head on. Rhys couldn’t fault the guy for picking up on that, it had been weighing on his mind and mildly showing through his attitude towards him. He directed his eyes back to the front because he was the Upstream president and didn't want to be caught socializing in between passing speeches right after receiving the role but he planned to respond when he had finished hearing Kei out and when everyone else was distracted enough. The opportunities were endless with Sora and Tsukiko's speech creating a ruckus in the auditorium for various reasons."So... I guess I'm trying to say that I'm sorry for being 'that guy' at the party. I'm normally not that big of a loser."

I hear ya. Rhys thought, slouching into his seat a bit more but keeping his eyes firmly set on the front while recalling Halloween night. He was caught off guard too seeing Shiori over and over again in that witch outfit. The more he saw her wear it, didn't make him any more immune to it. It was the same as seeing her dressed that way the first time but unlike Kei, he had more self-control in keeping himself in check. Was it wrong for him to expect other guys like Kei to behave like him? Maybe. And maybe growing up with his mother had taught him to show more regard for women. "That girl's name is Kitogawa, Shiori." he corrected. Rhys was not comfortable with labelling his senior as simply 'that girl'. Even though he managed to reply and not ignore Kei, Rhys’ body was positioned to face the front the whole time still like a soldier who didn’t want to break formation. "And it's her you owe an apology to but thanks for owning up to it." His voice was serious yet sympathetic. If Kei was to apologize to Shiori and if she were to forgive him, then so would Rhys. He wasn't the one wronged and was just defending his friend. It didn't sit right with him to forgive someone on account of someone else.

Discretely listening and taking to Kei had resulted in him missing out on not just Sora and Tsukiko's speeches but part of Akira's too. He had only caught the ending, "I hope to be a fair and just class president." Rhys felt guilty that he had missed it but brought his hands together to give the guy a deserved applause. Akira was currently his closest male buddy in Airdalen and he was happy that he got the class president position. It didn't hurt to be friends with the one in charge and put Rhys to ease that he wouldn't be bossed around by a snobby elite. It also appeared his ears heard correctly before, eyeing his senior Shiori who was next to address the student body about her new position as senior class president. Rhys wouldn’t admit it but he was alert to the fact that they had been each other’s dates last night and it was hard to view someone the same way after that. "Kitogawa, Shiori.. I will do my best as your class president, and will try to make this a safe environment for everyone. I value the rules of this school, I will not bend them for you. Have a nice day." It was abrupt and stern. It's just like her. he thought, not surprised even a little. She seemed to value responsibilities immensely, expressing many times over that he himself was also part of the procedure as her assigned junior. Rhys was curious how she landed the role. She didn’t come across as a socializer or on good terms with her classmates overall. Heck, she barely had sound conversations with him and he was pretty sure they spent most of their time together since the first day. Maybe they’ve realized what I’ve realized about her? It was naïve to hope for but a possibility. Rhys was slowly but surely being introduced to Shiori’s world behind the walls she put up.

Gen was the last to speak soothing Rhys concerns that something might have been wrong. He listened attentively, admiring her way with words that he lacked. ”You must be prepared to adapt, listen and keep an open mind. While most clubs will focus on team or personal growth, Inryoku focuses also on observing the growth and wellbeing of others. You have to be willing to give more than you take, to invest in others and smile when times are tough to keep morale at Airdalen up." Rhys knew right then and there he didn’t stand a chance if he was ever planning to join Inryoku. He couldn’t smile on demand just like that, especially when he was pissed off. He’d sooner introduce someone to his fist before they could finish reading his name tag. Arriving in Japan the fights were rare but some were picked here and there due to his physique that made gangsters try to challenge him. Rhys never started a fight for no damn good reason but it had proven to be hard to avoid and start fresh altogether away from his roots. It had been a year since his involvement in a real fight not including Sora's predicament so things were looking up. Heck, he had practically forgotten all about it. According to him, it was already history.

The teacher's ending announcement was disrupted by none other than, "MIYAMOTO KAZUKI!" That name was being screamed out too often since Rhys started attending Airdalen High. The dark-haired, blonde-streaked senior was hogging the attention whenever he was around. Rhys didn’t have any beef with the delinquent besides that one time run in but that was yesterday and if they stayed out of each other’s hair, everything would be fine. Cassiopeia and Kazuki eating together? Best of luck with that. He hadn't spoken with Cassiopeia lately but he remembered her and her uptight companion Aeon well enough. He assumed that Aeon would be the one dealing with the concerns there so Rhys easily shrugged those thoughts aside. “Hello, My name is Johnny Farelli, but you can call me Jay.”"Konnichiwa, I'm Watari, Kei. " "Yo Jay, Browning Rhys." he quickly gave his name in the event the guy hadn't caught it from his speech already before turning his attention to his friend Gen to respond to her earlier question. "I don't have a spare but it's alright." He patted down his uniform from his chest to his stomach for emphasis. "Almost dry." Sometimes he could swear Gen acted like a second mother or sent by his mother to watch over his health.

He clasped onto his knees relaxed, looking around at the group he was a part of in this moment. Kei was cross-legged and eating his lunch in front of them that was a tease to Rhys' stomach. He had skipped breakfast to make it to the assembly on time with just a cup of coffee. It was keeping him awake but not safe from hunger. "Damn, that looks nice." Rhys said openly about Kei’s meal as he got up from his seat, rubbing the back of his neck and thinking about heading to the canteen before spotting a familiar figure with black locks of hair amidst the crowd. Rhys wasn’t sure how he recognized Shiori that effortlessly but it didn’t dissuade him from approaching her. She wasn’t too far from the group so Rhys didn’t leave a parting message to the others. If they needed him, he was in their sights. “Kitogawa-san.” He called out to her before his short walk could be in vain if she decided to move to the exit.

Rhys wanted to congratulate her, ask her if she could send him a copy of last night’s photo of them together for his ma and maybe see if she had any plans for lunch but all those thoughts disappeared in an instant. Rhys’ mood disappeared in an instant. Rhys didn’t notice it before when she stood at the podium because he wasn’t situated that close to the front but now that he was faced with the bruises, he was shocked. Rhys kept rewinding how this could have happened to her but no knowledge he had was doing him any good. He had escorted her home last night and she was safe but this morning she clearly wasn’t.
He opted for silently inspecting the purple bruise on her cheek in the meantime, cupping her chin with his fingers slowly and gently caressing her face. For the first time since he had met her, he was far from worried about how she would react to him initiating physical contact. He had to make sense of this and if he was right or mistaken. While his touch was soft, his scowl grew more menacing by the second. He didn’t understand how this could have happened but he had been in enough fights to know this bruise was a result of something more than being clumsy. He figured out how the bruise was formed like a puzzle when his fingers fitted as he suspected.

Fuck! Rhys removed his hand from her face and turned his back to her trying to collect himself but he couldn’t do it. He turned around again and slammed the wall with his bandaged hand overwhelmed by anger. Rhys had transitioned from a gentle giant to an angry brute in seconds. He waited for the people around them to lose interest at his outburst which wasn't hard with lunch at stake before continuing, “Who?” He breathed out quietly but angrily, his eyes meeting Shiori’s gaze with a firm sternness. His heart was beating heavily like an animal rattling in a cage. He needed a name and a face. Rhys wasn't going to let anyone hurt those dear to him. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this angry.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

Johnny admired the food present in the unfamiliar box. “That looks actually pretty appetizing,” Johnny said as he produced his own lunch box from his backpack. It was a tin decorated with the album cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The box itself had been dinged, dented, and a fair amount of the finish had been worn off. Despite all that, the unmistakable prism and rainbow light were apparent. Inside the lunch box was a banana, two granola bars, and a juice box. The containers and wrappers were covered in Japanese symbols, none of which Johnny understood. He determined which ones were the ones he wanted during his first month of orientation, practicing his speech as he checked the nearby stores.

“Luigi,” Johnny heard the familiar name. “Yes, that was me,” he replied in Japanese as he peeled the banana open. Much of his verbal tics were lost when it came to speaking a foreign language. There was no word for “Yo” or “mayne” or “whuddup”… At least, none that Johnny knew about yet. "I'm surprised you recognized me, it was kinda dark in there, wasn't it?" he continued in English, as he didn't know the word for "recognize" yet. His jolly demeanour may seem very jarring to any prudes who had seen him rip his own shirt off the night before.

As he took a bite from the banana, Johnny took note of the unusual chime that Watari-san had made before digging into what Johnny imagined was a delicious variety of foods. “Itadakimasu,” as well as the gesture that accompanied it, reminded Johnny of a Christian friend of his, where his family said grace. The foreigner committed the word or phrase to memory, for he imagined it would be required as part of his cultural integration.

Browning-San and Watari-san, Solid names. Browning seemed distinctly un-Japanese, was Rhys a foreigner like himself? His language and look seemed to imply at least partly a foreigner. Certainly more than the distinctly Italian-looking teenager. "Pleasure to meet you guys," Johnny grinned as he once more spoke Japanese. "Going to be a great year, I can feel it in my bones."

The soft grunting of a girl escaping the oncoming sea of students caught Johnny’s attention. He then realized that it was the girl that had been on-stage, the one with the bruises. He was about to gulp down the bite of banana he had when Browning-san moved up and called her name. Kitogawa… that’s… So they are family, Johnny confirmed, thinking of Tsukiko.

He was not surprised to see that Rhys was the first one to move forward to inspect the bruises. The foreigner’s sharp eyes had seen them as each others’ dates last night, and even a foreigner knew the concept of personal space between couples. Even so, Johnny was curious to find out who had delivered the abuse. If anything, he wanted to make sure Rhys’ suddenly dangerous look didn’t go too far. Johnny didn’t want another Sora in the nurse’s office. He’d have to ask Browning-san later if a name was given. He turned back to Watari-san and Gen-san.

“Gen-san,” Johnny’s deep, natural, yet friendly growl penetrated the noise of the mass of students passing by them, “I gotta ask, what is Inryoku? I actually didn’t understand most of your speech...” he chuckled as he scratched the back of his head in mild embarrassment, “… But it sounded really cool!”

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Gen resisted the urge to stare blankly at her lap and fidget with the hem of her uniform’s skirt. It wasn’t ladylike to fidget so she did not but she was all kinds of bottled insecurity. Her strange purple eyes tried to stay distracted by looking around the auditorium as students swarmed the exit doors. A few Inryoku-in waiting were there as she waved at them politely from her seat. “Great speech, Gen-san!” Johnny smiled over to her across the other side of Rhys. Gen looked at him and lit up like a Christmas tree. She didn’t notice her date to the Halloween dance was sitting there all along so it came as a pleasant surprise, she really did need the reassurance to hold herself together. ”Thank you dear~” she said whole heartedly with her shoulders angled inwards and a complementing bashful smile before he made introductions to her other male companions.

It was nice that everyone was getting along as she smiled in the background of conversation. She stood out like a sore thumb as a feminine girl among a group of boys but it didn’t pass her mind. She was very accustomed to being surrounded by the opposite gender. It was practically an unspoken requirement as a hostess and she possessed more male contacts than fellow female ones. It did have the potential to create a misunderstanding sometimes because her personality and appearance did not strike others as a girl who was ‘one of the guys’.

"I don't have a spare but it's alright." Gen was a little confused by what topic Rhys was bringing up because a lack of sleep was making her a bit forgetful. Nonetheless she allowed her friend room to speak more so she could catch on and eventually she did. " Almost dry."Oh that’s right. We were cut off by the teachers. ”Well, if you say so but you did get sick recently. If it’s still raining after school hours you could text me? I have an umbrella.” If it wasn’t obvious how close the pair of friends were before it would be brought to light as Gen didn’t hold any reservations in inviting Rhys to walk with her.

"Itadakimasu~!" Kei chimed on the other side of her as he started eating his bento lunch. Johnny also proceeded to take out his own lunch. It appeared the group would be staying in the auditorium for the rest of their break before classes but it was a problem for Gen. It dawned on her that she had forgotten to pack any meals for today but she opened her bag to slip away her new junior’s file and search for the next alternative. While she was occupied doing that, Rhys had walked off to talk to Shiori. Curiouser and curiouser! she mused, quoting Alice in Wonderland. If she wasn’t so flustered by not having a lunch, she would have watched the two from a distance. Gen did enjoy matchmaking in the comfort of her thoughts, romanticizing events that may not even be. Perhaps she should question Rhys later about his relationship with his senior. Being friends did grant her the right to ask questions.

Unfortunately back to the matter of lunch, she did not pack her wallet either in the morning rush so now she couldn’t afford to buy a meal either. Her eyes subtly shifted from Kei and Johnny to her unhelpful satchel bag. Gen didn’t know what to do or if she should say anything. She wasn’t famished but would it be okay for her to skip lunch? Classes did last for hours. She didn’t want to inconvenience anyone in the group either. She had just met Kei and Johnny, Rhys would without a doubt be up for helping but he was busy at the moment and she didn’t want to selfishly interrupt. How could I be so careless? I’ve never forgotten to pack lunch before. She smoothened out the creases in her uniform’s skirt just as Rhys had an outburst, hitting the wall.

Gen was automatically on high alert because she knew her friend wasn’t violent by nature. Seeing Rhys distressed, she was ready to step in as she had done during the club festival and many times before. All she managed was standing up from her seat in a quick motion before Cassiopeia crossed her vision to resolve the situation instead. Gen gulped as the fear of being replaced and alone started to return. She hadn’t the opportunity to properly speak with Tadashi asides from his return to Airdalen. Although they promised to about his scars, Gen had seen him with the popular Pink Princess several times over the days including this morning. Additionally, the senior had won an outing with Kazuki. And now she’s getting involved with Rhys too? Gen felt like all her closest friends were being snatched away from her, her eyes saddened and becoming glossy. Her insecure thoughts continued to feed her more and more reasons to feel this way until she was withered down to a shell of hostess habit. She couldn’t break down now, not like this.

“Gen-san, I gotta ask, what is Inryoku? I actually didn’t understand most of your speech...” Gen sat down again in a ladylike fashion, sweeping her skirt under her and closing her bag. If she had an appetite, she had lost it from the building insecurities. Eating wasn’t something that could solve her problems or make her feel better. “… But it sounded really cool!” Gen was confused by Johnny because he had complimented her speech earlier which meant a great deal but then admitted to not understanding what she had said. Doesn’t that make the compliment void? Her thoughts were really taking a negative turn. ”Oh, I apologize. I should have been more clear..” Gen smiled with closed eyes, a look that had been rehearsed 100x over. She still had a shell, an image to maintain and all the practice she would need to keep that going for as long as she needed to. ”Have you ever frequented a maid café or host club? Our club is essentially that, with hosts and hostesses. We run a café located by the cafeteria. ” she replied, pointing her finger in the general direction of it. Behind her helpfulness, Gen was not okay. She was not okay with the thought of her friends being stolen from her, she was not okay feeling beneath the worth of Cassiopeia and she was not okay because she accepted those things to be true. But what good does crying do? It doesn’t change that even me being alive was a mistake.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

Once more, Johnny had failed to notice the technical marvel that was the assistant robot held by the pink-haired lady he barely met. Had he seen it, he would have wanted to take it apart to see how such sorcery was possible. Then again, his mechanical skills were only mediocre enough to use a soldering iron well enough. Even then, that was Avery’s teachings. There was no doubt that Johnny wouldn’t even begin to comprehend the sheer wonder of the little device. He was not paying attention to the robot, of course.

He was paying attention to Gen’s explanation of Inryoku. It was true that not understanding the full speech made his initial compliment seem empty, but Johnny knew Gen was advertising the club with a sophistication that was simply beyond the foreigner’s level. That wasn’t a bad thing. Regarding Inryuko itself, the foreigner had never known of such things back in the ghetto. He pointed out as such. “Hey, don’t apologize, Gen,” He flashed a thumbs-up as he completely forgot the suffix. “Where I’m from, the most high-end joint we got is a karaoke bar-n-grill. Mostly pool tables and a couple video game cabinets. I’ve never heard of a maid café or a host club before. I may not have caught everything you said before, but I’ve only been learning the language for over a month. I think that just means you were making it sound awesome.”

He thought against describing the ghetto pool tables, While Johnny learned to do well enough with those pool tables, the MDF boards were warped, and the felt was always grossly humid from the grease over decades of the open kitchen’s operation. It was too bad the joint caught on fire last year, but almost no one was surprised at the time. It was a dingy old place, but damnit, it was a hangout for the boyz.

Johnny then noticed the auditorium was mostly empty by then. “Speaking of cafeteria,” he said after gulping down another bite of his banana, He then remembered that he hadn’t been speaking Japanese. At the same time, he remembered to add the suffix to the name. “I think we should move to the cafeteria. Did you forget lunch, Gen-chan? I've got a granola bar if you need something.” Before he even got an answer, the foreigner had already produced and offered one of the two granola bars from his lunch tin.

Wait… which was it, -chan or -san? Johnny’s features grew slightly pale over the potential mistake. He knew proper terminology was very important in Japanese culture, especially when it came to formalities. Sure he was cool with other people calling him “Jay” even when they first met, but not everyone was Johnny. “Hold on… is it Gen-san?” he asked slowly as he pondered with visible strain. He then shrugged in defeat. “Guess I forgot.” he laughed as the colour just as quickly returned.

Johnny leaned forward in his chair as he continued eating the banana. He had just stood from his seat when a rough voice called, “Gaijin!”[b] Recognizing the term, Johnny turned. A rather tough-looking boy seemed to be standing out on the aisle, staring right at the foreigner. To the boy’s left stood a second boy with a similar look. Johnny recognized the second boy as one of the kids who were talking smack about the blue-haired boy. He finished the banana and placed the peel back into the lunch box. He then returned the lunchbox to his backpack and stepped out to the now-cleared aisle. .

Johnny greeted. What does that word mean? "Gaijin"... I keep forgetting to look it up… Johnny scratched his strong chin.

“I heard you were talking shit to my friends in the assembly,” the boy stepped up to the foreigner. He was only a head shorter, but brimming with confidence. His build was admittedly larger than Johnny’s own toned, chiseled build, though that was mainly due to the “extra padding”.

The second- likely the first boy’s smaller friend, added, “‘Roided-out meatbag, I bet that muscle’s just for show. All that smiling, I bet he’s never seen a real fight.”

”muscle… just for show… all that smiling, i bet he’s never seen a real… Johnny had an idea it was nothing good given the tone, the expression, and the body language. However, he was still puzzled as to the exact nature of what was being said. He stuffed both hands into his pockets, looking very laid-back and calm in the face of two irritated boys.

“I heard about you, gaijin, Just moved here and you land a date with the Diva of Inryoku?" he jabbed a thumb towards the group Johnny had just stepped away from, "New meat should know their place.”

Something… of Inryoku? That’s… Oh, they must be more of those guys who think Gen wronged them for some reason… Johnny recalled the gossipers he had met prior to the assembly. “So… What do you plan to do?” Johnny asked calmly in Japanese.

This elicited laughter from the boy, especially since the teachers had already left. “Examples need to be made, gaijin.” The left hook came, and slammed against Johnny’s right cheek. With his hands in his pockets, the foreigner merely took the blow and swerved to the left.

One would expect such a sucker-punch from a practiced brawler’s hand to send the foreigner sprawling. However, Johnny’s legs snapped into place and caught himself. The foreigner then stood up once more. The smile was gone; his face was dark and gaunt, as if he had aged twenty years in an instant. For a split-second, his eyes held a terrible look: startlingly bright, amidst a darkened face. A single thin drop of blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. The poisonous green eyes met the other’s own with the unwavering focus of a laser, biting hungrily into the boy's soul like a pair of needle-like fangs. The foreigner almost seemed at least a whole foot taller than an instant before. His muscles expanded as he took a sharp breath, making him appear even larger than anyone could’ve possibly imagined. The second boy flinched and took a step back, while the one who had punched Johnny was paralyzed entirely. For that exact moment, the air almost seemed to rumble like a drum.

Johnny’s own left came up, and grabbed the boy’s left hand. His right hand clapped lightly on the other boy’s shoulder. The foreigner’s face brightened once more, and his eyes closed in a kind fashion. The bruise slowly began to form, but the foreigner’s cheek wasn’t in any way permanently altered. Not even a tooth had been knocked loose. If anything, the other boy’s hand had taken it worse, given how he winced when Johnny held a firm, yet not overwhelming grip. “Letting off steam. Always good idea, friend. However, use a sandbag at the gym instead of a person,” He spoke in Japanese as he shook hands with the boy, “I am not fond of bullies.” The last statement was incredibly well-practiced.

Normally the other boy would've been arrogant enough to demand if the foreigner was mocking him, but he was left dumbstruck by the sheer juxtaposition of the foreigner’s demeanour. The boy and his two present friends were the only ones who had seen those terrible green eyes for that one moment.

“My name’s Johnny Farelli, but you can call me “Jay”. What’s your name?” He asked.

“Y… Yuga… Yuga Hinata…” the boy stammered.

“Yuga-san?” Johnny replicated the phonetics. “Good name.”

“Uh… thanks…?”

Johnny lightly pat the boy’s shoulder as he broke off the handshake. “Oh hey, do you know where the swimming pool is?” He asked, "I have Swim Club later."

The second boy, just as stunned as the other, pointed at a building two doors down in their path. “Arigato!” Johnny gave a thumbs-up, “See you later, Yuga-san,” he then waved and rushed off.

“Dude… what the hell?” The second boy wondered why the brawler stood down entirely.

The first boy was as silent at-first, but then arrogance returned like an antidote. "Let's just go..."

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#, as written by Strix


”Have you ever frequented a maid café or host club? Our club is essentially that, with hosts and hostesses. We run a café located by the cafeteria.”

At the mention of Hostesses and Hosts, Kei could not control the shiver that ran up his spine. N-Never would I go to something like that... I couldn't be paid enough. NOTHING could bribe me. Kei thought to himself, rubbing the back of his neck with another brief shiver. He managed to return to his meal for the most part unscathed by the mention of a plethora of girls acting cute and hitting on boys. A host club he could handle, but a bunch of girls who were paid to flirt with him just made him uncomfortable. He couldn't handle normal interactions with girls very well, let alone something of that caliber. He was relieved that he had not signed up for such madness, "I'm sure you'll do well. I wish your club luck." Kei added in after he swallowed, having at least a few manners of wealth. They were now acquaintances, and wishing her good fortune was only common courtesy, as was waiting to talk until his mouth was no longer full of food. While he grew up wealthy, his parents often behaved like commoners. They were not very popular with other rich families for that reason. His mother and father were present in his and Kaiya's lives as much as possible, and now he was the golden boy. Their only child. Despite his misbehavior, they always did their best to bail him out of it with little or no conflict when they returned home.

His eyes shifted in the direction that Gen pointed, taking a personal note. He thought something was off about Gen, but asking would only bring them closer as 'friends' and he couldn't get too close to girls. He did not want her to feel she was given a green light to touch him after all. Despite her seeming to be like a nice girl, Kei would not be able to handle it. It would end catastrophically. Just sitting this close kept him on edge. He could barely relax. The fact that he could escape into the isle gave him some comfort though. A method of escape always eased his mind.

He noticed that the guy named Johnny seemed to be having some trouble with a few Yakuza wannabes, but Kei sat by and watched for now. Given Johnny's size and build, Kei was confident that the guy could handle himself. Besides, what about his lunch? If Kei left it unattended to get in the brawl, it could get spilled and then he would not be able to finish it. That itself was a crime. He could not leave his food unprotected unless it became a dire emergency. Then he witnessed Johnny being punched in the face. His silver-blue eyes widened and Kei stood, sitting his food aside. He glared at the hooligans who dared to fight so close to a girl, ready to jump in if necessary. While he was not the strongest guy around, Kei couldn't stand by and watch a bunch of idiots gang up on someone just for going to a dance with the girl he liked. Though before he could ask if he was needed, Johnny's friendly expression disappeared like smoke in the wind. The black haired junior tilted his head, wondering just what kind of guy the foreigner actually was, shoving his hands in his pockets. He stood in front of Gen's chair, not caring what the two thugs thought of it, as he was also a freshman. If one of them ended up somehow hitting her I'd never forgive myself, "If it makes it over here, please quickly move down the isle, okay?" He looked over his shoulder briefly to Gen, his back to her. He quickly returned his attention to the other boys, refusing to get caught off guard. This was Johnny's fight, but if it became unfair, he had no choice but to become involved. However, Kei's expression was somewhat bored and angry, like a cat someone had just woken up from a nap. This is so troublesome....

Fortunately, Kei was left speechless when Johnny shifted back to his cheerful self. What in the fuck? Kei thought to himself with a confused look on his face. Given how the attacker seemed to flinch when Johnny's grip tightened, he figured that Karma had taken care of things for the most part. A smirk formed on his lips and Kei shook his head, wondering if he even needed to protect Gen at all. It seemed Johnny had this handled as he expected, but he didn't regret standing up to defend. Things could have turned out completely different. He only knew Johnny's name after all, until now he didn't know if those muscles were for more than just show until he had proved it just then. At least this didn't get too ugly... That would have been a pain in the ass... Now I'm sleepy... Kei thought to himself, fighting back a yawn. It wasn't the right time for something like that, as much as he needed to just then.

Kei mumbled under his breath a little as the bullies left, turning his attention to Gen, finally facing her fully now that the threat was gone. After such a thing took place, he couldn't just abandon her.... even though every one of his instincts told him to. Of course, Kei was painfully aware that his fear was illogical. To be afraid of women was just silly, but most fears that people have are extremely illogical. He couldn't help it any more than someone afraid of bees or snakes could. He reach over from behind his chair and boxed up his lunch, gently tossing her a juice box and some chips, "It isn't much... but I doubt you want to eat after me, right?" He chuckled a bit at the thought. His sister had often called it an 'indirect kiss'... At one time he found that behavior cute, but now he couldn't help but be just as embarrassed. If she or any other girl ate from his bento, he wasn't sure how he'd feel anymore... He closed his eyes, somewhat copying Johnny in an attempt to be as friendly and comforting as possible, especially after such an ordeal. He knew she must have not been very comfortable with how her date to the dance had been treated, "Let me walk you to your club, okay? I can't stomach letting you go by yourself after all that.... I can't say I'm anything like him... but I won't let them pull any crap either." He knew he wasn't scary or intimidating like Johnny, but his pride as a man wouldn't let him leave a girl alone when there were guys like that Yuga and his friend lurking around. Just please keep your hands where I can see them and for God's sake please don't hug me.... I don't want to be rude to a girl... He thought to himself, stuffing his hands back into his pockets after slinging his bag over his shoulder.

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