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Johnny Farelli

"I will get stronger. I have to... for everyone's sakes." (FridayStatsUpdated!)

0 · 6,678 views · located in Airdalen Academy

a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by HolyJunkie




Theme of the Foreigner: Pretty Fly For a White Guy - The Offspring
Theme of the Athlete: Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Theme of the Beast: Takyon - Death Grips
Theme of the Warm Home: N O S T A L G I C (Simpsonwave) - Assorted
Theme of Melancholic Jams: Whitewash - Buckethead
Theme of the Forever Lost: Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd
Theme of the To and From: Aunt Suzie - Buckethead
Theme of the Distant Elite: Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
Theme of the Fresh Skeptic: Think - Jimmy McCracklin
Theme of the Ultimate Goal: Heart of Gold - Neil Young
Alternate Theme of the Ultimate Goal: Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darren


Time for school.

Full Name: Johnathan Farelli
Nickname(s): Johnny, Jay, that baka gaijin 
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Face Claim: Makoto Tachibana, Cecil Aijima, among others whose images are used for this thing. 
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 
Nationality: American - Japanese and Italian genetics


Intellect: 9 (1 start + 8) 
(git guder.)
Athleticism: 38 (9 start + 29) 
(If I wasn't so strong and fit, I probably wouldn't have made it through the smoke with Haruhi-chan...)
Charm: 8 (0 start + 8)
(I guess actions speak louder than words.)
Popularity: 18 (0 start + 18) 
("Huge", "Muscular", "Kinda Cute", and "Kinda Scary tall" are the general words going around campus.)
Notoriety: 1 (0 start + 1) 
("Did you hear he got in a fight with six guys? He also ran right into the smoke... What's his problem?")

Your most important stat:  
Which stat appeals to you most:
Charm, though "most" in this case is barely reached.


Simplistic, yet chiseled features. He has thick, Italian brown hair and gleaming deep emerald-green eyes. Standing at 6’4”, he very literally stands out in a crowd. He's very muscular, but he's very lean and compact. He's at an ideal BMI at 205lbs. His preferred attire more often than not is lightweight, sporty attire. More often than not, he tends to pull off the hip/hop look with a bandana to keep his hair back. He has no tattoos.


Confident and dependable, yet relatively quiet. To him, actions speak louder than words- especially since he can barely speak the language. When he does speak, there’s only the slightest tinge of jadedness in his voice that he often tries to hide under his otherwise cheery and to-the-point attitude. His voice is a soothing, deep one, indicating great practice for... what? No one knows for sure. (It's music. It's obviously music.) What they do know is that all work and no play makes him a seemingly dull boy… except on the literal court of a sport. He does enjoy physical activity, since that's when he understands everyone perfectly through their actions. He was a lot more fun-loving in his previous schools, but he doesn't talk about that.

He's quite laid-back about a lot of things, from the differing personalities of people to even things that inconvenience himself. This is probably why he comes across as an average student, despite performing extremely well in the academy's entrance exam. He seems to have great potential when he gets really serious and passionate about something.

Always willing to help others out, almost to a fault. Very positive, and has a tendency to spot the silver lining. Patient to a point with everyone, but scary to those who commit injustice around him.



A strikingly normal kid who got big into athletics with an ordinary and a seemingly average academic interest and skill. His parents- his father especially- wanted him to be better at his studies so he could manage a solid GPA so he could make it to the big leagues in the future. This school seemed like the best idea, plus the father wanted to move back to Japan- a plan that was already made before ma and pa got married. Johnny is seemingly behind their plan 100%, if only he could break past that average nature of his during his studies. Learning the language would definitely help him learn things faster. This seems likely, since he managed to pass the very strict entrance exam.

His last home was in a ghetto neighbourhood. He grew up as the only seemingly white guy in a world of ethnic minorities. As such, the only mannerisms he knew- besides the stern love of father figures and teachers, was the stereotypical behaviour of so-called "hood rats". A very poor neighbourhood, which was one of the many reasons why his parents wanted to break out from the area, and also why Johnny's sisters moved out to more decent neighbourhoods for college college. His previous two schools and the experiences within were... eclectic, to describe with a word. He prefers not to talk about certain aspects.

He used to be in a group called "The Boyz". It may sound like a gang, but it was really just a term for "the cool kids" in their part of town. This group also included his best friend Avery. With Avery as "The Brains" and Johnny as "The Muscle", their group of friends maintained a sort of care-free order on the school grounds, where kids can have fun so long as they don't hurt each other. Johnny developed "The Muscle" during school sports and the like, but he also had taken a job at a local gym once upon a time. During work hours, that was the place the Boyz hanged out.

Johnny was rarely ever back at home, instead he was hanging out with The Boyz. Between learning music at Avery's place and playing pool on grubby old tables at a local bar-and-grill, Johnny rarely ever saw much of his parents. What puzzles the boy is that the parents either didn't mind, or didn't notice. Either possibility seemed odd. It was at this point where he realised that his parents must have been hiding something from him. As a way to return the favour, Johnny keeps his musical interests and talents a secret.



Italian mother- whom he takes after- and a Japanese father who moved to the States at a young age. They moved back as the father’s idea, because this school was ranked highly. The mother was not entirely behind the idea due to the language barrier, but the presence of the translator made the decision a lot easier to make. Beyond the parents, Johnny has two older sisters. Both sisters moved out to college, and often Skype back. His sisters, named Machi and Chieko, are both incredibly talented, both academically and physically. Both sisters took after the father, and look almost like twins. Johnny's sisters are currently studying to become doctors.

Avery, his "brother from another mother," is a smaller boy who'd almost be a dead ringer for Jimi Hendrix. Where Johnny was "The Muscle", Avery was "The Brains". His code of ethics is almost like that of an idealistic leader of a superhero team. They were never a real "Gang", at least, not one with the stigma usually associated with the word. Being the brainy one, and also the only one in the neighbourhood with a computer and some kind of internet connection, he is Johnny's only link to communicating with the past.


Athletic: Strong, tall, lean, fast, and generally very athletic. Prior to the move, he had the confidence to boot, sometimes still does- mainly in physical challenges and sports. He’s familiar with the rules of many a sport, save for most of the more Japanese-centric activities, such as that sword fighting thing, and martial arts. He's especially fast on his feet, thanks to his interest in whatever dances he's learned. Street dance, B-Boying, and even a little classical partner-based dances. This also translates into raw fighting talent- though he does not have any formal training in that field. A fast metabolism means he recovers from wounds relatively quickly, with low risk of scarring.

Reading Faces: He is quite skilled at reading faces and microexpressions, and he's always quick to notice even the slightest gesture. The reason for that relates to his previous schools- that which he doesn't talk much about.

Sign Language: Fluent. He prefers not to talk about why he learned it.

Talented Musician: He is skilled with a few instruments (guitar, synthesizer, bass, ukulele) and especially powerful and flexible vocalist. His deep, outright sexy voice would probably give the best singers in school something to pay attention to. He can even pull off a decent falsetto, though it pales in comparison to his normal and especially deeper voices. This is a trait he keeps secret from his parents, where even his old friends are in on the secret.

Tolerant to a fault: Almost impossible to offend. Almost as if he's forcing himself to be naive, he always tries to find the silver lining, why a person acts the way they do.


Given that Johnny's fitness is impeccably muscular, (no pun intended) he is lacking in fat. Therefore while he has explosive power and speed, he's somewhat lacking in energy reserves. Add to that a fast metabolism and you have a guy that rapidly runs out of fuel in the first two rounds of a boxing match.

Awkwardness / Weirdness: His relative hugeness compared to most others makes the rest of the world feel small, especially places like London or Tokyo. As a result, he is deathly claustrophobic. Johnny also sometimes has that flicker of jadedness in his eyes every once in a while when he thinks of the past- in Elementary and Middle school. He comes across as quiet and awkward despite his confidence for two reasons: He’s a foreigner and doesn’t know anyone, and he is only partially familiar with the Japanese language. He is especially unfamiliar with the culture. Good thing the school comes with a translator to help him learn. Due to his desire to not offend anyone due to his unfamiliarity with the culture, he comes across as awkward and kind of a pushover, despite his imposing size and physique. 'Course, once he gets used to the new culture, he'd be a lot more like his old self. Partly related to the past, he holds a few secrets not even his family knows, secrets that he wishes to deal with, but does not yet have a plan to do so.

Gullible: Due to his kind and friendly nature, he is very quick to trust people. Some (ok, let's be real, everyone) would opt to call him "Gullible". Even though his ability to read faces is top-notch, he can still be easily tricked. Also means:
Yes Man: Since he is always willing to help people out, he's also one of those guys who finds it difficult to say "no". This would leave him in awkward situations if he botches his time management- which would become apparent once he starts filling in the schedule.

Unstable Facade: He acts positive, cool, and tough, but is difficult to open up, because he feels he shouldn't share the burdens meant for him. There are some heavy burdens he tries to keep locked away, but the mere act of keeping them locked away is straight-up poisonous to his mental health. Who knows what the results would be if he fails to deal with the emotional strain.

Hard on himself He's not often passionate about his own schoolwork because he's more prone to help others first. He feels that he has to out of some form of penance. While being a rock star is always on his mind, he's somewhat arrogant that he feels he has to be the one to help people. His potential remains somewhat untapped, only bubbling to the surface whenever he feels truly passionate about something- such as when he passed the very tough Airdalen entrance exam in flying colours.


He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, but tries to keep it under wraps due to arrogance. The main symptom in his case is hallucinations involving the Phantom. The Phantom is a pitch-black projection with white eyes and white teeth that assumes a somewhat feminine, yet nightmarishly inhuman form.

He is from the ghettos of Los Angelas. It's not exactly a big secret, but it's interesting to note that he came to the highest school in the world from the lowest point in modern society. Some may say there's a romantic quality of a guy starting from what the rich kids would call "nothing".

Aside from music technology like soundboards and amplifiers, Johnny is very technically illiterate. He doesn't know the difference between a browser and the start button. While he's familiar with video game icons through cultural osmosis, he's never played a video game in his life.

His phone is a simple, cheap smartphone (took him a while to learn it) that he only really uses as a glorified "contact list" via facebook. The phone is modular, and contains a high-GB memory card stuffed nearly to the brim with a wide variety of music.

Slowly forming opinions...


Ryou Giou

I like the dude, in a very home-bro kind of sense. He seems very all-work and no play, which I can respect. Only one life to live, ya know? Still, I know that look in his eyes. Those eyes that seem to look at nothing in particular, because your mind is focused on something else. Something you can't let go of. I know that look too well, man. Would that make us... clones? He also seems happy to help me out, which is pretty rad. He's also the tallest person I've ever met. Symbolic value? Probably. I gotta move on myself.

Gotta chill wit the guy more often. I think he's the captain of the B-Ball team? Can't wait to play alongside the guy. I bet the team'll dominate the ladders, yo.

Awww snap dude! This guy's really good- he had me on the ropes! That's awesome! It's really nice to be in that position when it isn't a fight, you know? It's... nice to not need to keep your teeth in place.

Sora Harigae

He seems more sturdy than he looks. Good to know he's doing fine. He's going out with Fujioka-san? Hope they have a good time... Wait... how did he not know who Luigi is? I don't even play video games, but even I knew about the Mario Bros.

A prime target for bullies... I have no idea why, but it pisses me off. People shouldn't hate on a dude for being.

Aeon Belrose (Shirokami)

Haven't met the guy. Learned his name, it's Belrose, right? Eh... I'm not sure what to think of him so far. Slick hair, though. I'd take pointers, but long hair would get in the way of the now. I'll grow mine out later.

Kazuki Miyamoto

Dude seems to be a big-time rebel. I can respect that. Rebels tend to change the world, man. Saw him at the dance. Very ladies' man, kinda like Lars, actually.

Okay yeah, the guy's like... a Japanese version of Lars. Foul-tempered, impatient, he's like time- he waits for no one. Lars made a great training partner. I like that!

Kaz... Are you alright, buddy?

Gen Fukui

Is that hair dyed, or is it like that one dude with the sick hair? Come to think of it, what is it with bright-haired peeps who wear it out long? I've yet to see an albino home-boy with a crew-cut, know what I mean? Seemed bothered by something, though. I hope I can help. I did learn CPR and stuff... buuut I don't think CPR would help with her problems. I mean, she ain't chokin', na'am sayin'?

I think we'll make very good friends! Great dancer. If she don't mind my saying, that costume was off the hook! ... Whatever it was supposed to be, it was cool!

Inryuko, eh? Maids n shit? Very fancy stuff. I should stop by soon. Gotta check the schedule, see if i got the opportunity. Lunch times seem good. I guess it's some kinda restaurant thing?

Okay, okay... This never leaves this room, but she did look kinda cute with her hair down. Don't you dare tell anyone.

Oh my goodness... holy shit... fuck... that was just... that was too close, man... Thank goodness she's alright... It's not like that... She's a friend, a friend!

Shiori Kitogawa

I think she's a cool cat, dude! Bound to have a lot of cool friends too, I'm sure. I would like to give the guy who bruised her a piece of my mind, though. It'd probably feel... nostalgic... to help a brotha out, you know? Or wait, I mean sista.

Cassiopeia Argyris

Green-hair? She's always with that dude with the slick hair, right? ... Wait, why am I assuming that? It's only been the first day. I don't even know if she's a senior or not.

Come to think of it, what happened to her? I haven't seen her at all this gym class. I hope she's okay.

Devone Kim

Bless you.

Fuyuki Hakuryu

Super cool! We're gonna be good friends, I can tell!
... what the heck is oppai?
Oh... that's "oppai"... So she was asking if guys prefer... Ah jeez...

Haruhi Morinozuka

Never met he- Oh wait, yeah I have. Hope she's alright!


Bishop Trander

Hot damn dude the guy's got more stamina than me! He's gotta be a big-time swimmer dude. I can dig it! I just need to get back in the swing of things and I'll be right there with him.

We're gonna do great! Poor guy's got somethin' on his mind, but I know he'll break through his funk. After all, I did... I did... didn't I?

Johnny Farelli

Saving lives... getting work done... maybe I'm finally moving on after all...?

Rhys Browning

Sick hair, bro. Swimming team captain? I got good vibes about this guy. At least... he kinda reminds me of Avery, especially how angry he's gettin' over Kitogawa-san's bruises. I may have been the so-called "cool guy", but Ave was always the real leader in our group...

Weird leadership choices, not really taking command there. I guess he was just testing the waters... aw fuck that was a pun.

All honesty: I think we're two peas in a pod. He's pretty passionate about helping others, it seems.

Akira Blake

Dude or chick? ... Jeez man, I really shouldn't assume... but my money's on dude... Phew, good thing these are just innermost thoughts, and psychic potential doesn't exist... But then again, that thing with the ninjas never happened before. This school feels... weird...

Tough nut to crack, that's fo sho.

Yuuki Fujioka

Yo, I've seen this kinda thing before. That kinda kid who tries to wall off peeps to focus on schoolwork and nothing else... I've seen bullies flock to that type like moths, dude. Good thing this school's pretty rad. I think she'll do fine, red-head guy considered. Goin' out with the Blue Hair dude? I bet they got somethin' in common.

Given how many uncool dudes I'm starting to come across... I gotta do something... I gotta help...

Tsukiko Kitogawa

Yo it's that musician from Korea! Dude, she's one fine singer. My buddies said a few nice things when we discovered a Youtube video of one of her concerts. I don't think I should relay any of those "nice things", ha ha... Real talk though: she's cool!

Tadashi Kiomine

Yo, that's the dude with the purple eyes, right? I saw him earlier. He looked like he had a lot on his mind. Heh heh, don't we all... I'm sure he's a cool cat. I gotta introduce myself.

Kei Watari

Good eye, recognizing me in the dark. Well, actually Luigi's green stuff would shine surprisingly bright under some of the black lights. Heh.
Strikes me as a dependable guy. Wouldn't mind having him by my side in case shit happens.

Rocco Murray

Was he... was he just choking the kid with the blue hair? Was it provoked? No, I can't assume anything. I gotta know what happened before I can make a call like that.

Mao Nozomi

Who? ... That darker-skinned girl? I mean, she's... someone... Fuck, I was really worried for a sec there...

Maybe i misread entirely, but it seemed like she was a little annoyed at something? I wonder what it was... Was it... Nah, couldn't have been me. I was just helping those photographers out. Helping's what I do!

A really nice artist! And a skater too! She'd like LA. Plenty of skate parks there.

Misaki Serinuma

Wat lol? ... That's what Avery would say. What's that, a photo? ... Huh... Gotta give her props, she's pretty cute. Whoever gets with her'd be a lucky guy, I'd imagine... Well, maybe not. I know jack about her personality, after all.

Kaito Miyuu

What kind of name is "Me-you"? That's a weird sounding name. The pronunciation's all... weird... "Meee-yoooouuuuu"... Eugh. I don't like the sound of it. It sounds like that string that always gets out of tune within minutes.
... Why are you showing me a photo of that Akira Blake fellow? ... Oh, that's Kaito!? My bad! I'd wonder if they're related to each other, but then again I've passed by two albino dudes this morning alone. They're surprisingly common here I noticed. Nothin' like America. No one in the ghetto ever had blue or purple hair either. Is it a Japan cultural thing or something?

Chase Kaufman

Good smile bro! ... You!
... I have no idea who this is...

Kaori Himewari

This is certainly a person! :D

Thanks to Victorant for the character sheet!
Also thanks to Strix for gathering/editing some of the images used!

So begins...

Johnny Farelli's Story

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Gen could feel herself choking on her own breath as she clung to the cellphone in her hand like a lifeline. Her other hand firmly grasped the door frame for stability and to release the tension in an effort to calm down. Mind games. Fear is just a mind game. Her heart began beating wildly against her rib cage, eventually becoming a painful sensation. Gen hated this side of her the most; the insecure and desperately lonely half that she had buried deep down behind a smile. She was a mess, an illegitimate child and a bad omen. Gen had done everything in her power to fit in by accommodating her peers and going along with their whims but the shame never ended and being charming had a price. It was almost fitting that she had argued with a popular boy. While she dreamed of living a normal life, she detested the process at the same time. You have to give up a few things to truly fit in...

Gen stared at her phone's screen, eagerly waiting for it to light up. The weight of the phone felt heavier in her palm the more time passed. At some point, she lost hope but the phone lit up and it was not who she was expecting. Facebook? she read the notification with surprise. Gen had an account but only ever used it for the photos she got tagged in after performances. His message was more than enough to distract her as he brought up the Halloween Dance, her breathing and heart palpitations returning to a steady regular state as her fear vanished. Talking to someone albeit via Facebook, gave her the temporary illusion that she was not alone.

“Hey Gen-san, it’s Johnny. I asked you out to the Halloween dance. I actually have no idea where Hijemi castle is, lol. Anyway, I’m taking the train. All I’d need would be the name of the train that would pass by Hijemi.
Gonna be a lot of fun! Hope to see you soon! -J.”

Gen felt her old habits of composure kick in, as if she was serving a customer at her club. Putting her anxiety aside, her thoughts wandered over to the information she wanted to relay. Gen didn’t wish for her date to get lost, that would really dampen the night. "Hey Jay~ I think the train you're after is the Sanyo Shinkansen line. You should be able to see the castle when you get off at Himeji station.. hope this helps! :)" Gen quickly messaged back in English with ease, making her beam with pride that her favorite subject was being put to good use. She also attached an English version of the train schedule to the message. Holding the phone close to her chest, she sighed at the realization that she was going to be okay and there was still reason to be happy. Standing up and dusting off, she made her way to her locker to get changed. It didn't take much to snap an optimist out of depressing thoughts or much to distract a hopeless romantic when there was a date to be had.

n.b. To be continued in collab post

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

”Hey Jay~ I think the train you’re after is the Sanyo Shinkansen line. You should be able to see the castle when you get off at Himeji station.. hope this helps! :)”

It did help. Johnny committed the names to memory.

Johnny’s parents still hadn’t returned by the time he left the apartment. He left a note telling his parents where he was, and when he expected himself to return home. His parents were used to Johnny being out of the house on account of his many visits to Avery’s. Plus, the transit system was known to be pretty safe… At least, his parents thought so. Johnny, however, had no reason to doubt it. He hadn’t come across any untoward situation yet. Donning his full Luigi costume, the foreigner made his way to the train station. The castle was a bit farther away from home than the school, but it was still within walking distance from a station. The sky had only began to shift from blue to the yellows and oranges that accompanied a sunset. As a result, the plain white lights of the train became more and more obvious in lieu of decent daylight.

Johnny was not the only one aboard the train wearing a costume. There was a shorter boy wearing a Mario costume who called for his friends to include Johnny in a photo-shoot. A Peach, a Daisy, and an unusually sexy-looking King Koopa costume on a short, cute girl joined in the group shot, huddled around the much taller Italian boy. All of them struck flamboyant poses, so Johnny did the same. He balanced on one leg with the other crossing back a little. His torso leaned back, and he had his arms in a weird-ass pose he copied from a hilariously pretentious white rapper he had met once upon a time. (Avery would’ve been offended at how hard the rapper was trying to be black, but he found Johnny’s laughter contagious.) His eyes assumed a more sultry look as most of his face was hidden between his left hand’s spread-out fingers. This was mainly to cover the lack of moustache, though the Mario had no facial hair either.

In response to Johnny’s own pose, the other kids erupted in some song. Johnny memorized the lyrics. “So-no-chi-no-sa-da-mey, Joooooooooooo-Jo,” was basically how it sounded. There was much laughter afterwards. Though Johnny didn’t understand too much of it, he found the good times highly contagious. The foreigner found himself fist-bumping the kids, and bid them farewell as they got off on an earlier stop.

“You watch Jojo?” an accented English reached Johnny’s ears.

Johnny turned. There was some random boy who appeared to be slightly taller than the Mario kid. “Nah man, What’s Jojo?”

The kid laughed. “Dude, you did perfect Jojo pose! You sure you never watch the show?”

Johnny shrugged. “Guess I don’t! Any good?”

“Oh yeah! Really good! Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

“I’ll be sure to look it up, thanks dude!” Johnny gave a confident thumbs-up. He doubted he’d get the chance to watch a TV show between school and his dreams, but he figured it’d be something to add to a list of “things to do when I learn the language.” Then again, watching a TV show would probably help with learning the language… probably… Maybe if it had English subtitles to match words to…

“Oh right, the party,” Johnny checked when his stop was coming up, only to find out that the train was just beginning to slow down at that very stop. Time sure flies when having fun.

The castle was a short walk away. At least, it was a short walk for Johnny’s long legs. After crossing the more modern road from the tram station, Johnny entered a gate set within walls as white as Johnny’s pearly-whites. As the foreigner dressed as Luigi walked through the paths flanked on both sides by trees, Johnny smelled the air. It smelled more fresh than the inner city, that much was certain. He almost planted his face against the castle proper, before he stopped dead in his tracks to admire the old architecture.

The building was an enormous collection of stones and mortar. The blood and sweat of hundreds of ancient workers had gone into the construction of this stone exterior, Johnny figured. Glancing up from the stone wall, Johnny realised that the huge exterior was, in fact, simply the imposingly strong foundation. It was the walls that enclosed the area that held the real castle: A series of spires rose even higher above Johnny’s position. An elaborate series of traditional Japanese-style rooftops fit snugly atop marble-white walls of a material Johnny couldn’t discern from that distance. (Though he’d be probably unfamiliar with said material even if he did.) Said material was probably the same cement-like stuff that made up the outer walls that bordered the castle grounds… But who knew? Not Johnny.

There was nothing like this fortress back home, Johnny thought, not even in the East Coast cities where America was not even it’s own country yet, with their European-style brick-work buildings. This country was indeed very different in the way it’s citizens approached architecture.

The foreigner rapped a knuckle lightly against a veined stone set within the foundation before continuing his walk along the bottom of the wall. Part of him wanted to climb up the wall, Johnny’s strong hands and agility would allow him to do so. However, he imagined that security would be around to arrest him. No point getting into trouble when school had already planned this amount of trouble for him and the rest the classmates… At least, those who could get dates in time.

Dates… a ludicrous concept at this point in the school year. Most of the invited students were just like Johnny- fresh as field turf cut that morning. Who would date on the first day of school, besides people who make such a thing their hobby? It was outrageous… and an unwelcome reminder…

Speaking of dates, Johnny spotted the rest of his classmates up ahead. Most of them appeared to be dressed in ornate, themed lingerie, many with an unusual penchant for animalistic qualities. Fuzzy ears, tails, and light, yet fragile wings were among the accessories. Belts and pockets seem to exist where Johnny imagined the wearer couldn’t reach. Comparatively, Johnny was the most conservatively and simply dressed out of the entire group. Though the green t-shirt fit rather snugly over his chiseled torso… so what the hell would he know about dressing decently? The dumbass looked like a male stripper! Beforehand, he looked like a gangbanger, so it stood to reason that the foreigner really knew nothing about fashion decency from a Japanese perspective. That being said, the lovely ladies in the area probably wouldn’t be caught dead complaining. They’d be the last to think that Johnny only managed to get this costume by sheer dumb luck.

Come to think of it… what would I have done in order to get a costume together if I didn’t have this? Borrow some stuff from my shorter parents? Sheeit… Avery really saved my ass.

The white-haired boy he assisted earlier was with the blue-haired boy, and also that one stammering girl the foreigner couldn't understand. Johnny spread his arms out in a boisterous greeting as a friendly smile crossed his face. "Greetings!" Johnny called in Japanese. This greeting was pretty much automatic, since it was how he greeted his old friends. The only difference was that he never spoke in Japanese; his usual phrase to his old friends was "Sup, dudes?"

"You guys are looking excellent tonight," Johnny complimented the trio, remembering to speak only in Japanese at this point as he approached. He then recognized the blue-haired one as the one who had been punched up hours earlier. With a more hushed voice, Johnny asked the blue-haired one, "Hey, how are you doing?" The foreigner gently pat a large, strong hand on the blue-haired boy's shoulder. Genuine care was in his voice. Though living in the hood taught him to be tough, he didn't much like to fight. He wound up using his size and strength to break up schoolyard fights more often than the teachers.

His build did not matter to him at the moment, however. He was more concerned about how he'd come across to the fellow students. Hopefully he'd do a better job with conversation and understanding what's being said. After all, Johnny did crack down a little on learning the language after heading home from school. Maybe he'll understand the tiny, stammering one.

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The sound of another voice was a pleasant surprise to the ivory haired girl's ears. Being alone at this creepy venue was beginning to give Akira the creeps, so she was relieved to hear the presence of another. She removed the earbuds and pocketed them, looking over her shoulder to see who had arrived. She hoped that it would be someone she knew, as unlikely as that was. She barely knew anyone at this school, unlike her previous one she attended in Britain.

"Neko is it? Is it some sort of trend?"

She recognized the boy, having met him earlier that day. He seemed to be doing a lot better, which brightened her mood considerably. With furrowed brows, Akira attempted to make sense of Harigae's questions. She had to admit it was a little disappointing to be labeled as a Neko, considering she was aiming more along the lines of Bakeneko Yokai. However, considering she wasn't well versed in Japanese culture she assumed that the misconception was due to her lack of knowledge rather than Harigae's perception, "Hai."

Speaking of Sora's perceptions, Akira couldn't help but notice that the azure haired male was staring at her. She went rigid under his bold gaze, nervous while under such scrutiny. She didn't feel comfortable that he was paying attention to her physically, worried that he might figure out her true gender, "U-Uhm...?" She wanted to ask him why he was staring, but to be honest she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

"You have an impressive abdomen."

The girl's pale blue eyes widened as Harigae admitted what he was staring at, and even going as far as to look again. Her cheeks were immediately engulfed by a dark crimson hue as Akira struggled to cover the said region to the best of her ability with both arms, "Is that appropriate? Don't look!" Akira asked in an anxious tone of voice, thrown off by the forward statement that Harigae made. She wasn't angry per se, it was more accurate to describe Akira as self conscious and frantic. She wasn't sure whether to look away or make eye contact with Harigae himself. This situation had gone from relieving to stressful within the utterance of one sentence. She rubbed the back of her neck, choosing to avert her gaze as she came up with a response, "Thanks I guess...?" She wasn't really sure if she should thank him or not, but she did remind herself that commenting on body parts was common among guys, at least the ones she had spent time with In Britain. However she never recalled them commenting each other on their abdomens, she did remember words of praise for pectoral muscles.

Then it struck her, she wasn't sure if Harigae knew her name, or even recognized her for that matter. With the black wig and her eyebrows temporarily dyed black she highly doubted he would, seeing as they'd only met once during his fight. She looked to him once more, meeting his gaze, which was not that difficult seeing as Harigae was only a few inches taller than her. "My name is Blake, Akira, your costume is killer." She introduced herself with a warm smile on her face, before a look of awe crossed her features as she allowed herself to fully appreciate Harigae's costume.

"I helped break up the fight. I don't like fights... anymore at least." She explained, memories she did not enjoy resurfacing as she spoke to Harigae. The friendly look in her eyes grew dark and somewhat pained as images of her last fight flashed through her mind. It was definitely the last thing she wanted to think about before the dance, so she immediately started talking again, "Fujioka-San explained everything. I'm sorry I went off, I was scared Fujioka-San would get hurt being so close to the fight." Akira shot him an apologetic look before laughing nervously. She wasn't the best when it came to an apology, but she knew that he deserved to hear one.

“H-Hello A-Akira-kun. S-sora-senpai.”

Reflexively Akira whipped around when she heard the soft voice that she'd grown rather accustomed to in the past two days, blinking in surprise as she noticed Mai's costume. Akira's eyes sparkled with admiration as she allowed herself to fully take in Mai's appearance, "You look really cute, Mai-chan!" She stated with a childlike grin. Once she managed to recompose herself, Akira's steel blue gaze returned to Sora, realizing that now she knew his entire name. She also grew curious as to how Mai knew the boy's first name, but she assumed that there were plenty of people that her adorably short friend had met in their time apart, "So who is your date Mai-chan?" Akira asked with a straight face. There was no doubt in Akira's mind that Mai had acquired one, because she couldn't fathom how a girl as cute as Mai couldn't snag a date. Surely someone had asked her, right?


Akira was initially taken by surprise, instinctively prepared to throw a punch if necessary, but lowered her guard when she realized it was the foreigner (Johnny) who dragged off the wild card (Saburo) during the fight.

"You guys are looking excellent tonight,"

Akira sweat dropped at the compliment, still shaken by Sora's praise to her abdomen. In fact, she once again covered her midsection with her arms in fear that the foreigner might decide to mention it as well. Please do not say anything about my abdomen... she thought to herself, hoping that the newest addition to the group would not scrutinize her like Sora had.

She wasn't sure what the foreigner (Johnny) was saying to Sora, but it wasn't her business either. Akira simply smiled at Mai, letting the two boys discuss whatever for the moment, "Have you heard from Trander-San?" She asked with an expression of curiosity on her face. Now that more people were arriving Akira was beginning to feel more at ease. Soon the party would begin and she would hopefully make some new friends. Speaking of, she made a mental note to ask the foreigner (Johnny) his name. She always seemed to never get around to introducing herself.

+1 Popularity to Mai

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#, as written by Tinkers

"N-No no! It's not like that- not at all." Skylar tapped her bottom lip with her finger while gazing absentmindedly above. "Oh.. so it's not true that you're good in bed? Bummer!" she responded, misunderstanding his denial with a big grin in amusement. She had heard that 'blondes are good in bed' statement from a previous classmate. Skylar would be sure to get her facts straight next time she saw her. Skylar's head moved energetically to align her sights with the blonde's (Bishop) seeing another blonde but female (Arietta) in the distance. Skylar growing up in the top tier of the wealthy class was used to limousine luxury, more curious on the two blondes connection to each other. It wasn't just the hair color but the eye color as well. They looked pretty much like twins in her eyes! "That's uncanny in Japan ehh. She looks like the female version of you!" Skylar chuckled her honest thought, proud of her uniqueness as she puffed out her chest. "One of the many reasons I wear horns boy. If I somehow run into a twin, she's not going to have these bad guys on her head." she announced, wrapping her hands around the horns to place emphasis on what she was saying. "And then I get dibs on being the Yin in Yin Yang. It's no fun being a goody two shoes, know what I'm saying?" Skylar rambled, releasing her horns and jabbing a thumb at her chest twice when talking about herself. Individualism was a core belief of hers.

"Ahhh, well... It's through that door, take the hallway to the left and it's the third door." "Okay!" she said enthusiastically, giving the blonde another wide grin with a thumbs up gesture. The small fry was so quiet (Mai) she had almost forgotten her, giving a quick wave about to joyfully skip away. "Well, there's this dance tonight... A Halloween dance- and~ the school has made it mandatory to go with a date. So- umm, I was wondering if you. Would consider, going with-me~?" Skylar turned on her heel instantly with a 180 degree turn, blinking repetitively in surprise. She glanced behind her then in front of her where the blonde male stood to check he wasn't asking someone else. As he looked at her, she silently started jabbing her thumb at her chest again with wide eyes to clarify if he was asking her out. She was so shocked she was almost speechless, almost. When the realization hit her, the biggest smile she could muster formed on her face and she leaped in the air towards him. "Mamma mia!" Whether or not he caught her, she hugged this stranger tightly as her arms wrapped around his back. "I love a good party! I'll be there!" she talked into his chest, releasing him for a second. "Nobody has ever asked me out to anything. This is gonna be off the hook!" Skylar was so excited she was practically yelling. Releasing him completely, she resumed skipping away with a back handed wave. "Seeya blondie and small fry! Catch you on the flip side."


Skylar had completely neglected the details of the social event. Fortunately, her host family was more than accommodating. She had not yet the pleasure of getting to know the student Sora she was living with, both youths busy arranging their individual costumes. "I can't pick between the two!!!" she groaned, falling back into the comfort of her bed and laying an arm against her forehead. Sora's limousine had already departed and Skylar was left to fend for herself in making this difficult choice. Coming up with an idea, she sat up in an instant and punched a fist against an open palm. "Genius!" she praised herself, hopping around the room and into her selected costumes.

Skylar's limousine ride was uneventful, contrary to her earlier taxi cab ride. The difference was she was alone with the exception of the driver and one of her costumes was particularly restrictive; the ghost half. Underneath her ghost cover was her other costume as a cop that she bought back home from a lingerie store. The thigh high stockings matched with her teasing cleavage made the teenager appear sexy and dominant. She wasn't sure why exactly she brought the attire set to Japan, being a random spur of the moment choice but it had come in handy for the occasion. "We've arrived."

Skylar stepped out of the limousine in her ghostly form and stepped as quietly and lightly as possible in a crouched stance to avoid detection of the few students gathered for entry to Himeji Castle. Sora and the small fry was among them but Skylar would go through with her plan unstoppable. Stealth mode activate. she snuck up on the group in absolute silence as they talked to one another, hopefully unsuspecting of her presence. When she deemed herself close enough in range, she jumped up from behind them and screamed,"BLARGHAFAH!" An incoherent choice of speech.

+1 Charm [Bishop]

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"Even with the
streams of time flowing
I will find a way to make
a bridge, so that I'll be able
to see you, to feel you, to
talk to you when the time comes."

Ryou wasn't sure what to make of his costume. All he really could tell was that his manager and fellow co-employees at Paradiso were having a good time at his expense. He had even been asked to wear different clothes and paraded it around. They even took pictures and said something about selling it or something. It's not like he didn't notice, but he did ask for their help and he continued with it even when it was obvious from the very beginning that they find his ordeal very entertaining.

He couldn't complain really as they did help him to finally have a decent costume for the party. It's just that he wasn't sure what he was portraying. He got called as a rock star, vampire prince, demon, warrior, dark prince and etc. There was no problem really, but he has no idea what to tell others when he's asked about who was he supposed to be. They just advised him to ignore those questions and said he looked very cool. That wasn't really helpful, but it will do for now.

The event did require a companion and since he had no intention of attending before, he had no one. He also wasn't sure who to ask. It's not like there was a shortage really, but he didn't like the thought of asking those girls always clamoring around him. He would not ignore his chosen companion but if they get a bit overbearing, he just didn't like too much trouble that's all, so they're out of the question. This was meant as a form of enjoyment which Kasane wanted for him, not an annoyance he had to put up with. He would have to find someone and somehow, he was beginning to understand the concern that Saburo was having earlier.

He took out his phone and began to scroll down his contacts. There was really no one that stood out. It seemed he would have to make do with other students who does not have a companion at the event itself. Aeon and Cassiopeia surely would be coming as a pair. He would have guess the others would already have their partners as well. "Excuse me, sir, but are you a model by chance?" Those words lifted him from his inner mind and looked at the cab driver. He was actually thinking of using the bus and the train, but that would probably not be advisable because of his current state of clothes. That's why in the end he used the a taxi to go to Himeji Castle. "No." That's his simple answer as he met the driver's gaze through the rear-view mirror. "Oh! Sorry, I thought with your looks and clothes."

That really wasn't a bad guess on the driver's part. "It's fine. It's a costume for a school party." He answered back casually as he returned his gaze back on his phone and kept it. He would have to go back to basics then, hopefully someone was still available. "Here we are!" The driver soon announced as he looked out the window seeing Himeji Castle. "Thank you." He stated after giving the driver the fare. He then left the cab as he walked towards the entrance. There he saw the students gathered along with familiar faces. They seemed to be same faces he saw earlier at the school gates at dismissal time with the addition of his junior. "Jay." He called out to his junior. "Good evening to you all as well." And then to the group right after a prank from a fellow student portraying a ghost and scaring the others.

There was Blake, Kon, Jay, Harigae, a new student. Ryou stood before them in his garb. He was not really that bothered with how his clothes revealed his skin. It was the same when he was playing basketball and all. They were really not that revealing in his head and growing up in America. He was more liberal than most. It revealed his smooth and chiseled chest with an antique rosary necklace hanging around his neck. His double x tattoo fully revealed along with his unique piece of earring. His nails now resembled of claws suggesting he is portraying an inhumane character. Then again, his clothes resembled that of a noble with a touch of rebelliousness because of the leather straps and belts depicting he is not a commoner. He might also believe in the divine or for blasphemy reasons with his choice of accessories, a dangerous connotation. He could really be of many things.

His silver eyes seemed to have an ambient glow due to the light of the moon above them and his black hair swayed lightly from the breeze. Ryou stood there in front of them with his rather towering height. He seemed as he had always been even with the costume on with that he greeted them once more, "Happy Halloween." That's proper to say, isn't it?

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"I refuse to miss out on an event due to someone else's personal feelings of inadequacy."

Yuuki was inspired by the boy's determination, that much she knew for certain. This boy was unlike anyone she had ever met. In certain ways he reminded her of herself, but there were several things that set this boy apart from everyone else. He seemed to be highly intelligent, yet managed to socially function as well, at least better than Yuuki could ever hope to.

"Who would say such a thing?"

Well.. Yuuki thought to herself, but did not supply him with an actual answer, realizing it was not a question she was intended to answer, but she could supply the names of several imdividuals, including her own parents, that called her dull or boring.

"Fun is subjective and it is of my opinion that you would be fun to be around."

The violet haired girl remained silent, because she it wasn't like she was exactly sure how she should respond to Sora, or his compliments. Compliments regarding her personality were far and few between, so Yuuki was left dumbfounded when she faced such praise. The eye contact that he maintained further convinced her that Sora's words were genuine, a girl like Yuuki, she couldn't let herself be swept away. There was too much at stake, she couldn't be sidetracked now. I can handle it. A charming smile and a few nice words will not break my will to achieve my goal. Yuuki thought to herself, reassuring herself that she was strong enough, that the ice around her heart was thick enough to withstand a boy like Sora, not that she'd ever met a boy like him, so it was merely conjecture. Her cautious nature demanded for her to be wary, but Yuuki was still a teenage girl at heart. Nearly every teenage girl felt invincible when a cute boy praised them.

"And as for dancing..."

Yuuki's composure immediately shattered upon physical touch and a dark blush exploded upon her cheeks. To be honest, up until she began attending Airdalen, it had been some time since another student had broke the touch barrier, Arietta being the only other to do so, but it was considerably different when compared to Sora. She couldn't describe that difference, but she undeniably felt it.

"Like any other skill, can be learned."

The words caught her off guard, and suddenly everything in the room appeared brighter. It was as though a light was being shined on Sora the rest of the room. Logically speaking, she knew that his words were a basic truth. Dance, just like any other physical ability could be picked up by anyone, assuming they were physically able, with enough practice. Despite logic, despite herself, something struck a chord. Everything seemed so vivid and lively now.The eye contact involved shook her to her core. Yuuki did not realize it, but somewhere along the lines, she began holding her breath. Had it been a moment or over a minute? She couldn't tell; but she finally drew a small breath to keep from running out of air.

"Sora, there you are! What on earth happened?"

At the sound of another voice, Yuuki felt her entire body freeze in mortification. To be in this position was outrageous enough, but to be seen like this was an entirely new level of humiliation. Yuuki stumbled backwards almost the exact moment that Sora withdrew, eyes darting between Emi and Sora, both who seemed nonchalant about the entire ordeal. She mentally cursed herself for allowing herself to be drawn into such a compromising situation, but there was little she could do about it. Her parents were threatening her, so she had no choice but to attend the dance and deal with moments like this, for now at least. Don't get caught up. He's just a boy, he's a senior and he's intelligent, but he's still a boy and that means trouble. Boys are a distraction when it comes to school... Yuuki mentally cited to herself, seeing as the eccentric maid all but labeled Yuuki as invisible. However, she couldn't blame the girl, considering Sora's physical condition.

"I'll discuss it later."

Then her eyes landed on the maid one final time as she began to escort Sora out. She suddenly realized that this girl was Sora's maid. Sora was definitely not poor like herself. The situation struck Yuuki as if she had been stabbed with a spear. E-Eh?! He's... Why am I surprised...? I mean, look at this school..." Yuuki thought to herself, closing her eyes to hide her eyes from view. She felt an array of emotion and she did not want anyone else to witness it. She had displayed enough idiocy in front of Sora and during the fight, perhaps so much that it would be irreparable. At this rate she would have to harshly turn away so many people who deemed themselves as her 'acquaintances', or even 'friends', if they were forward like Arietta.

"I'll see you tonight."

"...Hai. See you then." Yuuki stated in a quiet tone. She felt trapped, trapped between her parents threat and her sacrifice to achieve her goal as fast as possible. Sure, if she was being honest with herself: She wanted to attend the dance and she wanted to let herself like a boy, especially one like Sora. What girl wouldn't want to do those things? However, Yuuki wasn't being honest with herself. How could she? Her father was sitting at home, terminally ill. Her mother was struggling to pay for hospital bills, and both took from their retirement to make sure that she could attend Airdalen. How could she be happy, relax and let herself do something as foolish as falling for a boy when her parents were suffering? How could she risk letting her grades slip when her parents put everything on the line for her education? She felt like the walls were closing in on her. What she wanted to do, what she thought she wanted to do, and what she had to do.. It was emotionally ripping her apart. Despite her tenacity, she couldn't keep this up forever. Slowly, but surely, she could feel the walls she built all those years ago beginning to crack. Sooner or later; the walls would come crumbling down and she would be forced to face every emotion she'd tucked away for the sake of her determination to cure her father.

Yuuki tugged at her costume as she boarded the train, her attire earning her several looks from other passengers. The last time she wore this many frills she was still attending preschool. Honestly the apparel was embarrassing, but she didn't have the time or the funds to retrieve anything else, plus her parents spent their hard earned money on it.. She had to wear it despite how badly she detested it. She started doing math problems on an app she downloaded to her phone, deciding to study at least a little during this 'leisure' time that her parents forced upon her. She lost all track of time as she immersed herself in the problems, until she heard the right stop called over the intercom. She stood, scurrying off of the train, accidentally leaving her jacket behind in her haste.

By the time she realized it, she was halfway to the castle. She assumed it was stolen by now, so she brushed it off as a careless loss. She was angry with herself, finding it difficult to finish the problem she was working on. She tilted her head at the problem, enjoying the challenge, but it did little to ease her irritation. How could I have been so thoughtless? I left my coat? It's not like it had anything important inside of it... but still. That's the first time I've ever done that.. She thought to herself, wondering if she had less grip on her emotions than she thought. Ever since she came to this school she couldn't seem to keep it together. What was it about this place that unnerved her? Or perhaps it was the people?

While she was not cold yet, she had no idea what was in store for her later that night. Either way, there was nothing she could do about it. As she finally saw the castle, she noticed the crowd of people that formed outside. Blinking curiously, she slowly approached. There were several odd individuals standing around, but two caught her eye immediately. The first was a tall male she was unfamiliar with (Ryou), who on another note was clearly exposing a lot of skin. Before she could become embarrassed by his appearance, Yuuki quickly turned her gaze to the other person of interest, who thankfully seemed to be showing a considerably less amount of his body. She approached him, seeing as he was her agreed upon date, "Harigae-Senpai, it's nice to see you... S-Sugoi! Your costume is interesting! What material was used to make the wings?" Yuuki asked, leaning her upper body to the side in order to examine the demonic wings better. Her golden eyes sparkled as she scanned the entirety of the costume, the challenge of mentally constructing a theory on how the wings were made bringing a glimmer to her features. She had several hypothesis, but without touching the wings, which she would not do so forwardly, she wouldn't be able to narrow down her thoughts, "I do not know where this costume came from... my parents sent it." She stated with a sigh, rubbing her temples. Then the violet haired girl asked her azure haired escort the question that had been bugging her since she arrived at the castle, "Why are we all standing outside..? Are we early or are they too afraid of a historical building and a fictional monsters?" she had not honestly checked the actual time for when this event started.. So she wasn't sure how long it was until they could go inside, or if they could already go in. When the school sent the text about the dance, she honestly had no intention of attending, so she wrote off most of the details.

+1 Popularity to: Sora, Ryou

+1 Charm: to Sora

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Sora was indifferent to the neko’s fuss after his verbal observation, the straight line of his mouth not faltering at the uncomfortable situation he was unknowingly responsible for. His major flaw as a human being was his incredibly detached perspective from others that he would fail to consider their emotions as relevant to himself. He tilted his head side to side for the right angle to properly inspect the neko costume, his hair swaying at the motion of his movements matching a dog trying to see past an equipped muzzle. "Is that appropriate? Don't look!"
At this, Sora stopped tilting his head to speak. His mind was no longer focused on the costume and instead dwelling on the question of appropriateness. “From where I am standing it is appropriate. That is your costume, is it not? Costumes are meant to be seen.” He said bluntly and expressionless, confused by this certain individual’s words and sense of logic. Sora had merely said that remark as a result of his exposed abdomen, as per his costume selection. It didn’t make a lick of sense in Sora’s mind to want to hide what he had decided to show off when selecting that costume. "Thanks I guess...?" He simply nodded; pleased to get his point across.

"My name is Blake, Akira, your costume is killer." Sora blinked slowly, mentally registering the name. It clicked in his subconscious but in actual awareness, he could not remember how this individual was connected to him. Harigae, Sora." His oceanic eyes honed in on Akira's facial features and body shape in an effort to remember. "Killer? I suppose demon lords do appear to be the sort to go out and kill people." Sora acted immune to the compliment, unable to recognize it as one and taking the literal view. More concerning than that, his words said in such an emotionless tone could be deemed enough to send chills down spines. He mentioned killing as if it were a trivial matter. "I helped break up the fight. I don't like fights... anymore at least." Sora stared at Akira more intensely than before, his subconscious and awareness meeting like puzzle pieces. "So that was you." he spoke out the obvious, the puzzle complete. In the same way as Yuuki, Akira was also demonstrating emotions through her eyes that Sora did not comprehend. It truly was a mystery what others' eyes were communicating to him. Their limited height difference did however serve a purpose in letting Sora observe this moment without the need to inch closer.

"Fujioka-San explained everything. I'm sorry I went off, I was scared Fujioka-San would get hurt being so close to the fight." Sora continued intensely staring at Akira as if he were silently judging him but that was not the case. Akira had just snagged his full attention at the moment with no others around to intrude on their conversation. "Fujioka did?" He stated the obvious again, blinking slowly once more but in full recognition this time of the name. He was happy that someone had spoken out in support of him, so much so that he nearly cracked a smile as the corners of his lips twitched upwards. It was a rare occurrence indeed that another would speak out on his behalf for incidents he got involved in. Normally, he would receive all the blame because of his strange and extroverted personality. "Fujioka is my date tonight." He declared. "Tonight she is mine. The fear you hold over her safety should be my own." Sora was stern, maintaining stable eye contact with Akira. Sora was a stranger to the concept of jealousy and possessiveness but he knew what a date was. He was confident that Yuuki was to be his concern and not someone else's who was not her date. However, there was a slight possibility he was speaking that way out of immaturity like a child who does not wish to share. At Akira's erupted nervous laughter, Sora nodded in the belief his point had made it across again.

“H-Hello A-Akira-kun. S-sora-senpai.” His eyes changed its subject of focus, honing in on the fragile girl he had acquainted on the first day of school. "Hello." he greeted back adding, "So you are not a gradeschooler.. I made an error of judgement." he thought aloud, distracted by that thought alone to not inspect her costume better; a circumstance for the best with her shy demeanor. Akira and Mai talked to each other as a hulk of a figure in the most confusing Halloween costume of all that Sora had observed tonight, advanced towards him. "Hey, how are you doing?" When the hand of this brunette brute-looking guy landed on his shoulder, Sora looked up at him more interested in his confusion of a costume than the question. "Sore as expected. What are you dressed as?" Sora talked at a quick pace, eager to receive the answer. His mind was utterly boggled and it did not occur to him that the guy of foreign aesthetics would have trouble coping with his Japanese.

"BLARGHAFAH!" Sora was startled by this loud sound but the only sign of his surprise was the little jolt he did on the spot. He sighed upon turning around to identify the cause. This girl did not remind of the peaceful wonderful sky at all, disappointment subtle in his eyes as they narrowed a tinge. "Skylar, you're too loud." He did not realize that being loud suddenly to scare others was part of the idea, getting his head around motives another weak spot of his. He had the observational skills of a detective but the interpretation skills of a robot. "Jay.""Good evening to you all as well." Sora looked up at Ryou upon his arrival, admiring his attire. He admired it so much he started picking at it without permission for inspection. His fingers traced along the edges of the senior's coat only stopping when he was satisfied or when made to stop. "Happy Halloween.""Mhm." Sora said, not really paying attention to what was even said as he focused on the style of costume. He loved fashion immensely.

"Harigae-Senpai, it's nice to see you... S-Sugoi! Your costume is interesting! What material was used to make the wings?" Sora's eyes locked on his date as she made her presence known to him, instantly moving up and down her figure to analyse her costume choice for the event. It was a good thing that she had more to say, he might have ruined the night with a blunt statement on how she was not as flat chested as he thought. "I do not know where this costume came from... my parents sent it." Yuuki was speaking a lot in such a short time frame that Sora forgot what his original thought was as he listened to her every word. "Thank you, we used Nylon and bent clothes hangers." Sora's eyes flickered with enthusiasm over the topic as he held her hand and guided it towards a wing of his to feel the fabric for herself. "I designed this outfit. I am glad you approve." He smiled warmly. There were very few things in the world this boy could show passion for, fashion being one of such things; the reason for his smile. "Why are we all standing outside..? Are we early or are they too afraid of a historical building and a fictional monsters?""I believe we are early but we can go ahead to check the doors."

+1 Popularity [Yuuki]

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“Sore ... what are you dressed as?”

Johnny caught “sore,” as well as an inquiry on the foreigner’s costume. He knew the word for “sore”, for he learned it early so he could reference sports injury jargon within the first week in Japan. “I am dressed as Luigi. I guess he is from a game. Anyway, I helped pull that boy away- not sure if you saw. Still, good to know you’re alright.” Johnny replied in slightly broken Japanese as he pat the boy’s shoulder and gave a thumbs-up with his other hand. At least, he must be doing alright. Otherwise he wouldn’t be here. The foreigner glanced between the blue-haired boy and the others who were currently present. “I have not introduced. My name is Johnny Farelli, but you can call me Jay.” This time around, his introduction came across quite competently, oozing with new-found confidence from his earlier reading.

Johnny very visibly flinched at the sound of a girl blasting some sort of voice at a great volume. He spun around to see a ghost with a bunch of holes cut in. Three made comical face holes (at least, comical to Johnny) while the other two seemed to be for letting two horn-like appendages poke through.

Johnny couldn’t help but laugh. He felt a few threads in his tight shirt snap as his torso flexed and contracted during his laughter. Great jump scare, dude he thought as he moved to a stance that no longer intruded on anyone’s personal space. With chiseled arms crossed, Johnny listened to whatever conversations were happening. He attempted to follow, though it was very clear that his crunch-study had hardly much effect. The foreigner then heard something about this jump-scare ghost being named… Skylar? That’s definitely not a Japanese name. Another foreigner? Johnny couldn’t really tell under the ghost sheet. Cool kid, though, Johnny was certain.

“Jay,” Ryou-senpai, Johnny’s senior, called out in greeting.

“Yo! Whussup, Ryou?” Johnny rose a fist to bump as he automatically spoke in English. He did not, after all, know how to say exactly that in Japanese, “Sick tats, your suit’s off the hook! You’re really rockin’ that sleeveless look!” He seemed to make the rhyme as if it were second-nature. Hrm… those two lines might flow better swapped…

His friendly smile seemed to grow closer to a more doofy grin. This complemented his scanning emerald eyes as he gathered every detail on the excellent costumes on display. He started to notice most of them looked fresh, if not brand-new. His Luigi costume looked perfectly fine on it’s own. However, when juxtaposed with these fresh costumes, the faded nature of the greens and blues started to stand out. Not to mention his shirt that fit snugly last year was starting to tear at the seams.

“Why… standing outside? … early or are they… (scared?) … monsters.“ Those were the words Johnny managed to catch from the purple-haired girl, Fujioka-san. Johnny imagined this was a question coupled with a joke. He personally was waiting outside because Gen hadn’t showed up yet. That didn’t bother the foreigner- few things could. He was frankly surprised at how early he had arrived, all things considered.

Johnny jammed his hands into the pockets of his overalls. He was content to listen in on conversations to test his current level of knowledge further. After all, he was still a newbie at this oddly complex language. He was only as far as he was because Japanese isn’t the first language he learned. The theory behind learning a language was still known to him.

The blonde-haired girl Johnny met on the first day arrived alongside the purple-eyed boy Johnny saw earlier in the locker room. He waved with genuine kindness, completely unaware of the glares some other students were giving. Would the other students react poorly to Johnny's friendliness? Hell I dunno. I ain't God or whatever.

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"Rhys worries too much~" Gen muttered under her breath as she arrived at Himeji Castle, tipping the limousine driver with thanks as he dropped her off. She walked onward a little up the pathway before turning around and realizing she was alone in the dark without the vehicle's headlights. Immediately tensing up and feeling frightened, she turned on her phone for its emitted light source but there was little she could do about being alone for the time being. While she wasn't the type to swear, it was definitely the time for her to get started considering she was faced with the daunting task of reaching the castle by herself without losing her mind; all the crying would ruin her makeup. Gen could already feel her throat becoming restrictive, making it harder to breathe as she gently wrapped her hand around it. Calm Gen, calm. She tried to focus on the destination rather than the journey, her eyes glued onto the glow of the castle in the dark. It's beautiful... It will be a romantic night! She continued avoiding thinking about how alone she was only interrupted when she started hearing voices amidst the darkness.

Breathing a sigh of relief that she wasn't as alone as she thought, she looked around. Her attention was immediately drawn to two human-esque shapes where the park was if she remembered correctly, having visited this tourist attraction before. Unable to see them, she moved towards the voices hoping they were also Airdalen Academy students that she was familiar with. Maybe they could all go together?
Such hopes were crushed when she began to recognize one particular voice belonging to her newest formed crush, Kazuki. "Shall we go, Vampire-chan? Before, I take a bite of that forbidden fruit." Her eyes scattered elsewhere as she tried to process the words she had eavesdropped on. Tsk she scolded herself within the confines of her mind, reality finally hitting her like a slap to the face as she pivoted on her heel and left the couple undisturbed. Of course he has a date.. of course he didn't mean anything he said to me.. of course I got swept away in the fantasy. Admitting to her own flaws, she mustered her courage for the trek up to the castle. Gen had a date of her own to attend to.

Gen was running late as she started picking up the pace to make a dash towards the gates. Luckily upon her arrival, some students were still lingering outside easing her nerves. Briefly placing a hand over where her heart resides in an attempt to relax her heart palpitations as she was surrounded by people again, Gen's eyes looked around almost too easily spotting... "Jay!" A few heads turned particularly her admirers as she walked through the crowd towards him, ignoring the whistles and remarks on her costume for the night. Usually, she would accommodate and tolerate their behavior but not tonight. Gen didn't want to inconvenience or test the tolerance of her date, it wouldn't be proper etiquette to. Reaching him, she put a hand on her hip posed confidently and flicked her stray strands of a side fringe from her eyes. "Sorry i'm late, shall we get going?" she suggested with a polite smile, eyeing his costume. Gen recognized it, her time at the arcade making her meet all sorts of people interested in games. "You're dressed as Luigi, correct~?" she asked, closing her eyes while she smiled. It was a little bizarre for Gen to be dressed the way she is when she acted as herself, polite and accommodating as ever. The only change in her was the way she walked and posed, more suited to the character she was trying to portray. "We're so well matched. We'll stand out as the only game characters in the crowd so far tonight~" Every corner Gen looked at of the venue, she could not sight anyone else dressed that way. Her pink eyed contacts almost shone, so excited for the main event. It had been a long time since her last party with her peers and she planned to enjoy it, even though her day had not gone over so well.

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"Even with the
streams of time flowing
I will find a way to make
a bridge, so that I'll be able
to see you, to feel you, to
talk to you when the time comes."

The moment he greeted Jay, his junior spoke in his mother language which was at a point was his as well. He met the fist bump with the same gesture. "Thanks. You're good with the rhyme." It made him wonder if Jay had a partner for the night. He did remember that Inoue doesn't have one as the younger male asked for his help. He took a look around to see if Inoue is present, but the boy was not yet. That was when he noticed someone coming towards the group, unable to ask his question as it took his attention.

There was another newcomer, a female who wore a maid costume and apparently was Harigae's companion. He does not care for rumors or such things. He does not involve himself in such trivial things, but he does know what is present before him without being told. It was not really his concern, but that meant she would not be one of the people he could ask to accompany him for the night. It was fine and he was about to answer the question when he felt someone touching him, specifically his clothes.

He looked to see that it was Harigae. He wasn't really opposed to it. He did hear of the blue-haired senior's quirks from the others, but he doesn't see it as that. He let the guy do what he wants as long as it doesn't bother him on a very personal level. It eventually stopped when Harigae's attention was shifted to his wings and eventually, the earlier question had been answered. It was also after that another came, it was Trander, the other foreigner he met at the opening ceremony. The boy complimented the costumes and that was true. Everyone had worked on their costumes at some form.

Ryou's attention was taken when another newcomer joined the group. It was a guy in a samurai costume, but it seems this guy had been in a rumble of sorts. He introduced himself in a friendly manner and Ryou did the same in his own way. "No." That was his answer to this boy now known as Kei Watari and the proper response to an introduction. "I'm Giou, Ryou." He gave a small nod of his head and then looked at the others who could introduce themselves too. There was another question directed at him and it was a problem he does want to have a solution about. It was also apparent that he has to since Watari said that there are traps present for those who do not follow the condition of having a date. It seems Watari also shared the same fate as him for the night.

"No, I don't have one." He smoothly said that. It was rather hard to believe especially with his certain avid fans. Those who heard looked at him in disbelief, whispers began, all that he was used to along with the flashes of the cameras on him or towards their group by the other students. He initially had no intention of coming and really, he was rather conflicted of having a companion really, for in the end of the day, he only have one individual in mind that was truly fitting to be identified as his date. "It seems I need to get one now." He cast his attention briefly to the group and then to other students, before realizing something. He looked back at Watari. "Thanks for the advice, Watari-san."

He then noticed another person approaching them with a rather eye-catching costume. It was Fukui and from the looks of it a date of his junior. It seemed he would not need to worry about Jay when it comes to socialization. That was really a good thing. He ought to worry about himself as he looked around because as far as he could tell the group he was in seemed to be paired up already. Blake could probably be having Kon as his date. He wasn't sure about the ghost (Skylar) or for Trander. That's when he caught a familiar figure in also another eye-catching costume. It seemed that was a trend as he looked back at the others. "Excuse me, but do you know anyone who has no date?" It was a question he should have asked earlier isn't it? He was fine with anyone as long as it was not one of those rabid fans.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli


Johnny, being nearly as tall as Ryou, was easy to pick out in a crowd, especially with his green plumber’s cap. Though faded, the colour of the hat was still a strong, noticeable hue.

That didn’t compare to Johnny’s date, however. Gen in particular was very… conspicuous, to say the least. Scraps of hot pink fabric coupled with leather belts- and very little else. The scraps were stitched professionally together to form a pseudo-sports bra and short shorts. She wore mismatched, loosely fitting boots with matching finger-less gloves, and a single long pink stocking on one leg that nearly reached her thigh. She had split her large braid into two slimmer braids. There was a lot of visible skin; pale, and very fair. The overall look was quite wacky, but not in an overwhelming way. With part of her bangs flared out forward, Johnny thought she looked pretty cute.

Of course he would at least think that sort of thing. Despite himself, Johnny felt rather hot under the collar. He tried to force his heart to keep an even rhythm. His tight shirt stretched as he tried to control his breathing. Johnny could’ve sworn he felt- not heard- some threads snap along the shoulder seams. He hardly expected such a… non-conservative costume for a place that seemed to hold onto traditional values more strictly than most places in the United States. Sure there were lots of girls who dressed similarly where Johnny came from, but that was Johnny’s old hood.

Being relatively illiterate in the way of technology and video games, the foreigner had no idea what Gen was supposed to be. (Heck, he never played the game his own costume was from.) The “bullets” attached to the sides of the “bra” belt seemed out of proportion, almost cartoonish, like they were meant to fit a gun that couldn’t exist in reality. Was this a character of some Japanese cartoon? … Or a video game? Hell, with Nintendo and Sony, Japan basically made both anime and video games. Maybe this was a character from both?

The pondering helped Johnny cool his head enough to think about what he wanted to say. With an almost flamboyant spreading of his arms, he greeted Gen and sized her up with a gaze going from head to toe, and back to head again. “Yo! You’re rockin’ that look, dude!” He started… in English… dumbass… He dropped his arms slightly. “Wait, I mean… (in Japanese, and more professionally, more like an unintentionally sultry growl)*ahem* You look great, Gen-san!” He meant it too. Johnny rose a hand to rub the brim of the Luigi cap between a finger and thumb. Along with the hat, he wore that wonderfully friendly smile of his. He laughed off his earlier dumbassery. Despite growing up in the hood, Johnny made sure to take care of his pearly-whites. All his old friends did.

“Sorry I’m late, shall we get going?” She suggested with a polite smile. Johnny knew every word for this one. He memorized most of them before he left.

Johnny’s smile did not falter. “Hey, no worries! I actually got here early.”

She was clearly checking out the goods, but Johnny knew she too was checking out costume choice. “You’re dressed as Luigi, correct~?”

“You got it!” Johnny grinned, and held two thumbs up akin to the Fonz.

“We’re so well matched. We’ll stand out as the only… in the crowd so far tonight.”

Only… only what…? Johnny glanced around to check out the other costumes to buy time to figure out what could’ve been said. What does her costume and Luigi have in common? … Oh! She must mean that costume is also from a video game!

“I think you’re right!” Johnny’s grin widened as his eyes returned to see her’s. Huh… Imagine that, it was like… fate or something brought them together with near-matching costumes… well, matching in the sense that they originated from the same medium. That’s like saying “two colours in a watercolour paint kit.” Not that Johnny would know anything about that sort of thing… well… he sorta does… kinda… He had many… friends back in America. The only thing he ever drew was an attempt at an album cover. The others in his core group all drew superior images, however. It was pretty laughable, although…

No… not a good time to think about that. To try to hide the slight glaze his eyes may have developed, the foreigner blinked and glanced up to the location he and the other students were meant to party at. The handsome-looking traditional Japanese castle would soon be inhabited by teenagers dressed in Halloween costumes. Johnny wondered what cool cultural stuff resided within the fortress walls, and how jarring it would look juxtaposed with these kids in absurd modern attire.

“Anyway, let us go.” Johnny continued. He bowed his head a little in a respectful nod and offered a chiseled arm as bare as most of Gen. He couldn’t wait to see what cool stuff lay in wait for himself and the rest of the students. To the rest of the crowd, he shouted, “Let’s get this party starteeeed! WHOO!” with a voice like an R&B legend.

Hopefully he’d keep it together… keep it together through this… reminderThis isn’t a date for me, after all… A school project… a field trip… something that isn’t… But then again… Gen should have a good time all the same. I mean… she probably expects this to be a date. Johnny didn’t like the idea of this being a date, but he loathed making enemies. Sometimes it couldn’t be helped, but Johnny never consciously made the effort to be malicious. He never considered the mere thought. One thing was absolute: Gen deserved a fun time. After all, she agreed to join the foreigner. Hopefully it’ll work out.

Glancing inside wide-open entrances to the many buildings, Johnny spotted the furnishings within the assorted turrets and buildings within the walls. The interior consisted of wooden pillars and wooden walls, holding up a wooden ceiling only Johnny could consider “low”. Dark wooden floors covered the entire walkable interior. Every plank was polished evenly to a mirror shine. The mixture of subtle reds and browns, and the whites of the walls, reminded Johnny of pictures of some old, middle-class houses in Italy. The general architecture, however, did not resemble anything European. There was a greater presence of rectangles, rather than triangles. between the shelves that held blade-less pole-arm handles, and the grid-like windows covered in a thin membrane of paper, and the perfectly vertical, or perfectly horizontal support beams, one was hard-pressed to find a single angle that was not ninety degrees.

Most of the locations were shut off due to other events, but the path leading to the intended location was very easy to navigate.

The intended location was not just an interior. Outside of the main building was a large flat plateau- a field of grass bordered by gravel pathways held along the edge of an enormous retaining wall. Looming over the largest grassy field was the main building of the large castle. It looked ever more impressive the closer Johnny got. It was nice to feel small every once in a while, especially when one felt so big every other time.

Inside the castle was obviously an old-style emperor’s court repurposed to a dance floor. Surrounding the floor itself sat dozens of well-kept suits of traditional samurai armour. ”If I had more time to prepare, I probably would’ve gone as a samurai,” Johnny joked.

He and his friends watched old martial arts movies, as was fitting for kids from their area. The theatre was run-down and cheap, and almost never had any new releases until months later when the owner went to the bigger cities to pick up DVD’s. That theatre also had the most comfortable chairs in the world. Best of all, the owner always made sure they didn’t squeak.

… Shit shit shit don’t think about the past. It’s about the present. It’s about the now!

“So, uh… Couldn’t figure out how to say this in Japanese, but I’ve never been to a Japanese dance before. I guess they’re pretty different from stuff back in America?” Johnny asked in English with a laugh, “Well, besides the decor, I mean.”

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#, as written by Tinkers

Skylar hunched her shoulders forward and giggled into the tips of her fingers at the reactions of her jumpscare under her ghost cover. She was really proud making the giant hunk (Johnny), Sora and maybe others visibly flinch at her little prank. Hulk man started laughing (Johnny) but the senior she was living with was not as amused (Sora). "Skylar, you're too loud." She overly enthusiastically slapped Sora's back hard that he almost kneed over. "You can never be too loud for a party!" Skylar then froze, twisting her head eerily to stare at him. She was hidden under the white tablecloth with eye holes to speak, see and give her horns breathing space but she still had no idea how it was possible to be identified. "Wha?! How did you know it's me?!" she swayed side to side, the cloth moving along with her body as she tried to imitate her idea of a real ghost. "For all you know I could be the GHOST of Skylar!" she lied through her teeth, trusting in her costume's low detection risk. "Good evening to you all as well." Skylar hovered over to the stranger (Ryou) when he greeted everyone, with a tick for getting close to people she hadn't met before. This dude acted indifferent to Sora's poking around with his clothes but could he handle Skylar too? "Woahhh! If you unbuttoned your red shirt a bit more, I'd see your nipples!" she exclaimed getting on her tiptoes to examine the chest she spoke of. "Can I see? I'll show you how to purple nurple.." she whispered creepily staring him right in the eyes only moving away when another stranger (Kei) entered the picture. Skylar stopped tiptoeing, returning the weight to her heels about to hover over to the samurai but the person she was waiting for finally turned up to steal her attention and affection. "Wow, everyone's costumes look great!"

"Blondie-kun!" That was how the Japanese would say, right? Skylar still did not know the name of her stranger danger date. She hovered over to him at the speed of lightning that her shoes screeched as she halted in front of him with their bodies only an inch away from bumping. "It's me! Skylar!" she announced, swaying side to side again to imitate ghost behavior. "Bet you couldn't guess it was me, huh?" she stopped moving, putting her hands on her hips to stand proudly. Her weird horns were a dead giveaway though...
Not leaving a single gap in her speech for him to speak, she dramatically pinched the end of the cloth she wore and flung it over revealing her other costume as a seductive cop. She allowed the cloth to hit ground while she winked at him waiting for his approval. Can't go wrong with TWO costumes! Her hair was in two ponytails to fit the hat and making her active personality look more messy with how they bounced to each action. She raised a hand to adjust the hat better along the back, tilting her head to make it easier on herself. "Just a sec." When the back snapped on just right, she resumed the conversation. "So what's shaking Blondie?" Skylar had run out of things to say. It wasn't like it was her party, she had no clue what was supposed to happen next until her focus drifted again; a short attention span. "I'm really digging the wild look!" she praised, moving around him to pet his tails and gasping openly when they moved. Rolling up her non existent sleeves, "Oh no you didn't!" She leaped forward like a hunter for prey, grabbing and hugging a tail against her chest like a plushie.

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Gen could read the shock in her date's expression as she made her way to him, eager to hear what he had to say but it wasn't quite what she expected. “Yo! You’re rockin’ that look, dude!” Gen was proficient in English but she wasn't confident in the slang. Rocking? Is that.. good or bad? And is dude for men? She remembered overhearing Rhys call some people at the bar 'dude' before but they were all male. She immediately felt bad and regretted her costume choice, misunderstanding that her date was criticizing her as having a male figure. Gen was easily insecure, the costume showing off a lot of skin and aware that she wasn't blessed in the chest area. Still, she never once thought she could be compared to the male gender altogether. Gen tried to hide her swelling emotions under a smile plagued by nerves and summon up all her host club practice but it was hard. She put a lot of effort into her costume, make up and hair. “Wait, I mean… *ahem* You look great, Gen-san!” Gen's face quickly lightened up followed by a modest closed eyes smile, so grateful to have been wrong. "Thank you darling~" It was her turn to return the compliment, looking over his build and realizing how masculine her date was. Johnny was not just tall but very muscular, his costume only teasing rather than hiding the definition of his muscles. "You look handsome~ I really appreciate being your date tonight. Thank you." Gen felt the need to express her gratitude. Despite being courted by guys on a frequent basis, she had always been humble with no display of affection managing to cure her of her insecurity. In her mind, she was far from perfect but always striving to be her ideal self. That was why she would always thank anyone who showed the least bit of interest in her, doubting her own worth and too easily crumbling under scrutiny and comparisons.

“Anyway, let us go.” Just like a true gentleman, Johnny bowed and offered her his arm. There was no way Gen could refuse. "Let's~" she smiled excitedly, taking his arm and allowing him to lead the way inside the castle. While they walked, she would take brief glances at his face to try to read how the date was going so far for him but something felt off. Johnny didn't appear to be entirely there but she couldn't quite put her finger on what was bothering him. The interior of Himeji Castle hadn't changed much from when Gen last visited but she was happy to see Johnny so interested in her culture, admiring every inch of the place from as far as she could tell by where his eyes wandered. When they reached the room surrounded by samurai armor, he broke the silence. ”If I had more time to prepare, I probably would’ve gone as a samurai,” Patting his arm that she was still holding onto she replied with, "You're just fine as you are, Jay~" Gen wasn't oblivious to the wear and tear of his current costume it being not exactly brand new but there was nothing wrong with that in her eyes. She was easily pleased spending her time with a well mannered date for the night, hoping they could come out of the experience at the very least as friends.

“So, uh… Couldn’t figure out how to say this in Japanese, but I’ve never been to a Japanese dance before. I guess they’re pretty different from stuff back in America?” Gen understood his English perfectly especially with no slang involved as she nodded along to show she was listening attentively. “Well, besides the decor, I mean.” Gen chuckled politely as he laughed, reflecting over the topic in her head before answering. Johnny being a foreigner, she wanted to be able to answer his question on her culture properly. "It's fine, darling~ English happens to be my best and favorite subject." Gen realized she could have afforded to say that fact much earlier to save him the worry, chuckling again but sheepishly. "In America, dances like 'prom' if I recall correctly are common? You may be surprised to hear that dances in Japanese schools are not so. The biggest event considered common in highschools here would be chaperoned class trips. We're fortunate at Airdalen to have dances at all.~" Gen looked around at the party atmosphere and all the students in their less than conservative attire just like her. Such things were probably outrageous under the normal Japanese school system. It reminded her that she would be graduating this year and she should enjoy the time she has left under such carefree circumstances. Heading off to study in the performing arts wasn't going to be a walk in the park, planning to dedicate herself full-time to her ambitions. "Is there anything else on your mind~?" Gen was referring to his interest in the culture but she was also addressing the question towards how off he seemed to be in general. She hadn't done anything to make him dislike her, had she?

The Japanese song Liar by ONE OK ROCK started playing and the dance floor picked up and got lively. Gen released his arm and started heading towards the music as the idea hit. The whole event was for dancing after all and she was excited. Clapping once, she turned around and looked back at him. "Let's dance Jay~" She suggested, biting her lip and genuinely hoping he would join her. Gen didn't want to force him into it if he wasn't interested and they weren't acquainted enough to give her the right to be pushy but she would feel silly dancing alone. Her reputation and outfit would also leave her vulnerable to certain types of attention that she didn't want to be too bothered with tonight. I just want to have fun and let loose a little.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“You look handsome~ I really appreciate being your date tonight. Thank you. ... You’re fine as you are, Jay.”

Come, as you are, as you were, as I want you to be as a friend… Johnny grinned in response to that. He would’ve confessed that he never played a video game in his life if not for her answer to the later question. "No problem, you're very welcome!"

“In America, dances like “prom” if I recall correctly are common?” Johnny confirmed the correct usage with a nod. He didn’t speak up to interrupt her, for she continued. “You may be surprised to hear that dances in Japanese schools are not so. The biggest event considered common in highschools here would be chaperoned class trips. We’re fortunate at Airdalen to have dances at all.~”

“Heh, sounds kinda like Footloose,” Johnny quipped. Among the movies he and his friends saw in the near-dilapidated theatre, the classics were among them. But that didn’t answer my question… or maybe it did… being so uncommon, this dance would be treated as very special events… suddenly this date… I underestimated the importance of this, and now I’ve risked hurting someone I barely know-

“Is there anything else on your mind~?”

In all honesty, there was a lot on the foreigner’s mind. It had only been a month, but the past two days really have been the most healthy he had felt since arrival. He maintained and improved his fitness every day to be sure. His body was too used to training to suddenly stop. It was an illness of the mind… of the heart. He had to mask that well, This stranger shouldn’t bear the brunt of Johnny’s deepest anxieties. They barely knew each other. It wouldn’t be fair.

It would be… criminal… “Not really,” Johnny lied, His smile faded slightly as he considered how likely she would buy that simple response. “Well, no that's not true… I’ve been here a month now. Just a little homesick, I guess. You never see anything like this where I’m from.” He indicated the traditional, ancient, yet refurbished architecture surrounding them. The beautiful stained wood, carved stones older than his home country… This stuck out to Johnny, considering he was from the hood, where the only structures that withstood the test of time and crime was a clinker brick community centre built next to an equally fortified church. Every other house was wood, cheap stucco, drywall if one was lucky, and insulation if one were rich. Winters back home were non-existent near the American desert.

A rather interesting song reached Johnny’s ears, which made him perk up. His mind automatically recorded the techniques likely used to produce such sounds on a guitar. “Haven’t heard much Japanese music before. I can dig this,” Johnny’s grin widened once more as his eyes closed. He felt the vibrations in the polished, stained wooden floor, as the guitarist struck hard power chords, the bassist plucking their own strings, and the drummer slamming that kick pedal like a beast. Slowly, Johnny's concerns began to melt away in the music.

But then his bare arm no longer felt anything. “Let’s dance Jay~” She chimed.


Gen had released his arm and stepped quickly to the middle of the dance floor, leaving Johnny standing around the edge. Johnny opened his eyes to see those amethyst eyes almost glowing in the soft strobe lights and the hard spinning lights casting colours everywhere. Johnny’s mind raced. He couldn’t hesitate, or else it would… it would insult Gen… Insulting a stranger, would the foreigner live with himself? Time seemed to stop for him. The spots of light froze in place. The lead guitarist far ahead on the stage hung in the air, mid-jump, with his locks standing on-end.

Would she be alright with it? This dance, I mean?

Would it matter?

… I think it does… But… what matters more is I should think quick. She’s gone to the dance floor… Join her.

Join who?

Her, the one in front, not the one behind.

There hasn’t been enough time… my grip’s too strong. I can’t let go yet…

I am strong enough to let go. I just need to make an effort. I know I cannot break.

We’re all high school students, and that’s a fact. We all have our burdens. No one needs mine… It’s been so little time.

Then make that effort. You pulled it off with the entrance exam, you can do it here. You sure as hell can do it here. You’re in your element, in music and dance. Join her.

… I can do this.

Time resumed, and Johnny’s eyes glinted like polished emeralds. The foreigner waved limp hands to loosen his joints a little. He then joined the dance floor.

He had moves, to be sure. He performed some American street dance moves- a very distinct style in this foreign country. As he approached, he jokingly did the air guitar in-sync with the music.

A good time… For her sake, as well as her’s.

As Johnny danced, the easier it felt. The flow of the music, the flow of the movement, it came back to him like a long-forgotten instinct. He didn’t know that he’d feel incredibly sore the next morning. This mental battle would tax him greatly later… but for now, he had to perform. Even if he knew what the future had in store for him… he probably wouldn’t care. He currently cared about this potential new friend, this new friend who needs a good time. That’s what she needs, a good time- a good performance. A good performance like Johnny dreamed of when he decided to strive to be a rock star. Gen needs to have fun.

After all… What are friends for?


+1 Charm to Gen
+1 Athleticism

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#, as written by Stiles


Arietta allowed Tadashi to maneuver their position in any way he wished, only shifting to his nonverbal direction. After the photos, she smiled up at him, "Make sure to delete the ones with my eyes closed." She chimed jokingly. She was fairly certain she did not blink, but she put that out there just in case. She wished to keep a pristine photographic and electronic reputation, seeing as she was a showstopper, specifically the president! She had to keep a smooth image, but she did not wish to come across as a unlikable prima donna.

"You have a lovely smile."

Her eyes lit up at the compliment, wishing she could return one just as genuine, but despite her efforts all of her ideas sounded corny, even in her head, "You're going to make me spoiled, Kio-kun." She teased, hoping he knew that she found him charming, even if she could not directly say so without worrying she if she came across as insincere. She allowed herself to bask in their closeness, butterflies swarming in her stomach as she burned the moment into her memory. He's so kind.. I feel bad that he doesn't know... He deserves someone so much better than me. He's too good for a liar like me.. before she could fall into depression and ruin the moment, Tadashi's voice ripped her from her downward spiral.

"Shall we get going then? We're already late as it is and I'm sure we'd like to show each other off."

"Of course I would." She responded with a pout on her face. She knew people were staring, she knew some were jealous, but in reality she knew everyone should have been jealous of her. She was no catch, but her date definitely was. Arietta was constantly realizing how lucky she had been with her choice. She never imagined that asking a complete stranger to the dance would have went so well. She believed in that moment that she was the luckiest girl attending the dance. She let her thumb timidly caress the back of his hand after they began their way toward Himeji's entrance. She took in the beauty of the scenery, glancing up at Tadashi as well, hoping he would not think she was ignoring him. She simply had not visited a castle before now, despite coming from a wealthy family herself. Her family could afford lavish vacations, but they scarcely indulged in such luxuries, much to Arietta's annoyance. Her life was painfully boring, possibly one of the main reasons she had become a compulsive liar in the first place. She had to spice herself up to be interesting, right?

"A vampire and a castle... I might be in danger..." She mused as they entered the courtyard, but only loud enough for him to hear. She liked watching television when she was not busy or had no other plans, and her particular favorite was romance. Once they arrived in the courtyard, Arietta gave the area a once over before Tadashi spoke up, reassuring her that he was having a good time.

"Happy Halloween everyone!"

She couldn't help but giggle, waving at anyone in the courtyard, "Hello~!" She chimed after her date. Her tone was carefree, despite her general dislike for creepy places. She felt more at ease by Tadashi's side, and the decorations made the castle slightly less eerie.

When Tadashi ushered for her to take charge, she bit her bottom lip, glancing around. She was distracted by music however, immediately wanting to see if Tadashi was able to dance. She smiled mischievously, leading him towards the source of the music, "I like this song, let's dance, okay?" She did not wish to be too demanding, but he did ask for her to be more assertive. Once she saw couples dancing, namely Gen among the crowd at her first glance. She did not recognize Gen's date (Johnny) but they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After they were among the other couples, she slowly released her date's hand, allowing her's to gently brush against the palm of his as they parted. She closed her eyes and let herself lose her worries in the music. She began dancing, her hips rhythmically swaying to the sound. She raised her arms above her head, hands twirling slowly for a moment. After showcasing her provocative dancing, Arietta lowered one arm, allowing it to loosely stretch out in front of her with her palm facing upwards as she coiled and uncoiled one finger. As she beckoned him to join her, a flirtatious glimmer flickered in her eyes. While she waited to see if he would step up to the plate, Arietta returned to her somewhat sensual manner of dancing.

Charm: +1 to Tadashi

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Image Image ImageThis girl certainly knew how to entertain that much he could say. It's a good thing so she could have his attention, because everyone knew, his attention span was no better than a fruit loop. For that, he smirked, it seemed he would have a night without much trouble in regards to fun, well minus that mishap with his uncle, but hey, that's part of the occasional fun. "Well, I don't think you would have to worry about that Castle Owner soon enough." He licked his lips with an expression befitting that of a predator eyeing its delectable prey. It's good that she responded to the flirtation well along with the teasing, but that would quickly grow old with him if she doesn't deliver, so to speak, but the night is young, isn't it?

He caught up with her and then playfully traced a finger across the skin of her arm. "If a dance it is, then a dance it would be for Vampire-chan." His finger stopped at her hand in which he took hold of it and lowered his head in a gentlemanly bow. "Let me have this dance then." There it was his smile that revealed those pearly white teeth of him just enough of a peek along with those installed fangs, giving off the dangerous spark. After that, he whisked her away towards the main hall where the music was coming from. It was upbeat and if he wasn't mistaken quite popular nowadays.

There he could sense the people's look on them. He was after all half-naked and with his rather seductive companion, well why would they not look. He even recognized a few faces like that of Gen dancing with a guy (Johnny) in jumpers. Scratch that, it must be a game character where there were mushrooms and all that jumping. Anyway, it didn't matter. He was rather interested in Gen's chosen attire. That was quite sharp and tickled the fancies. He would like to have a bite of that, but, that's right. "Shall we show them how it's properly done?" Playfulness oozed about him, but there's that wrap of mischief hinted in those eyes. Nothing will ever be simple when he's involved.

Without any more delays, he pulled Tsukiko to the dance floor. When it comes to dancing, he wasn't ignorant. He does knew a few formal ones since it's helpful dealing with the socialites and also it's an easier hunting ground for casual fun in those kind of circles. More than that, he's more suave to dances more on the intimate and sexual side, with all of his partying at the clubs. He would make good use of that right now. Once, they're situated at the dance floor, he further pulled Tsukiko towards him with their skin touching against one another or rather against his.

"Don't shy away, Vampire-chan." He didn't whisper this to her ears rather he spoke it face-to-face for her with but a centimeter away from each other's lips. His breath blowing ever so faintly upon hers, while those golden eyes of his glowing with this predatory gleam. His hand traveled to her back where he playfully traced his fingers along the spine while moving to the beat of the music in such a closeness that would make anyone blush or considered them to be lovers. His other hand held hers and made her turned around, after that he quickly embraced her from behind. His face now positioned at the crook of her neck, while he continued to sway rather sexually with the music. "Vampire-chan, won't you moan for me?" Without fail, he teasingly bite onto her neck, not caring who could see.

Popularity + 1 to Gen
Charm + 1 to Tsukiko

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Arietta was a pure delight to be with at this dance. She was adorably flirty, just as engaged in him as Tadashi was in her (Arietta), with everything from the costumes to the attention they gave each other so far in the night. The two walked through the the castle hallway being safe from any sort of booby trap seeing as they followed the rules tonight. That didn't mean that they weren't sparred from watching other students succumb fall victim to the evicting traps and devices set in place. It seemed a bit strange, but that wasn't something for him to judge on. His focus for the night was his date, and his friends. Speaking of which, he was curious to what Gen was up to. He hoped that she (Gen) found a fitting date for her. She deserved at least that much, probably a person he didn't know. Gen was a very inviting and gracious young woman that could charm her way into anyone's favor. Listening to the music, Tadashi closed his eyes letting the reverberations of the sounds waves spread through his body igniting his nerve endings into a frenzy if bliss. He knew this song, it was easy. He didn't look the type- well maybe he did. He wasn't entirely sure how people perceived him or his taste in music. Tadashi's relationship with music was extremely close, it nearly consumed his entire life outside of school. But this relationship wasn't very public. At least not until recently, but to call it 'public' was an over-exaggeration. No one that he knew here at Airdalen knew of his musical ambitions, or of his natural talent. He had friends in Canada that knew him exclusively from the music they all shared together. Slowly he glanced towards Arietta. He wondered what her talents her, as well as her ambitions and passions. That'd come with time however after this date. But a boy couldn't help but wonder.

He lingered, seeing what his adorably blonde date (Arietta) had up her sleeve. She gleaned in on the music being played from the dance floor, and invited him to dance. "I like this song, let's dance, okay?" Tadashi smiled letting her break away from their grasp and back away from him. "That sounds perfect." Tadashi his eyes growing back to full red watching her dance. He didn't have to travel too far when she (Arietta) waved him over provocatively. He would keep it to himself, but Arietta brought up more provocative thoughts in his mind. As the chemistry between them bubbled, the chemicals of satisfaction in his brain being released Tadashi joined his date in dancing. He never considered himself an extremely gracious dancer, but he had a sense and a half of rhythm so dancing was at least easy for him. Tadashi relaxed his shoulders and swayed to the music moving in close to Arietta under the lights. There was always something pleasant about dancing in an atmosphere like this, that's why he preferred out door music festivals. He didn't mind in door, but the freedom of outside couldn't be beat and often the sky castes the greatest background for music.

Out on the floor, his red eyes would look into Arietta's the contrast very noticeable between them. In the back of his mind he enjoyed the contrast in their costumes as well. A priestess and vampire. Tadashi of course wasn't going to stare at Arietta the entire night, glancing around he spied Gen dancing as well with a very tall boy, who in the dark and from a distance could be mistaken as a senior just from stature alone (Johnny). The only reason he knew it was her, was because of the hair color. Other than that, he was internally amazed at how accurately she captured the look of Jinx from that online game League of Legends, it was humorously fitting that she was dancing with a tall Luigi. He would wave towards Gen and Johnny in hopes of catching their attention but wouldn't interrupt her dancing. <I will have to catch up with them later in the night.> He glanced towards Arietta to gauge her body language and adjust accordingly. A good date was always attuned to his or her date and he wanted. There were a good many distractions tonight. With the arrival ofCassiopeia and Aeon, people starred at something but he wouldn't have any clue it was them since he was focusing on dancing. Of course others were starring at Kazuki and Tsukiko, either out of awe, jealous or an odd assortment of teenage hormones- the night was only young and getting older as time went on. But for now, Tadashi's only priority's were the music in his ears and the girl swaying in front of him. Everything was optional.

+1 Charm (Arietta)
+1 Popularity (Arietta, Gen, Johnny)
+1 Athleticism (Tadashi)

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  1. Song requested by SuperQ19

    by Valkyrieknight

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Among the entering students, Johnny spotted that one blonde girl who appeared to be paired up with that one dude with the purple eyes. Their costumes, like most everyone else who wasn’t the cheapskate Johnny, looked excellent. The blonde appeared to be some sort of priestess, while the other donned some sort of Victorian-era outfit. Johnny, however, did not know the meaning of “Victorian”. He did, however, see when Purple-eyes waved, and returned the greeting gesture. The music was too loud for his deep voice to carry over the distance.

Gen’s eyes followed Johnny’s to see what had caught his attention and also waved over to them a little surprised to see the two together. She knew Tadashi back from early high school but she was confident that Arietta was not attending at the time that he was. Well, it didn’t matter. Gen had only just met Johnny the day he asked her to the dance so maybe it was the same for them as well. She was just happy that her returned friend was having fun on one of his most favorite occasions, hoping they could snag a chance to talk not forgetting what she saw along his arms. Before she could get too lost in thought, Gen reminded herself that she was a party. As a performer, she knew the fundamentals of rhythm and coordination, her movements calculated in time with the pace as she kept her body relaxed to go with the flow. What she wasn’t sure of was how to dance with a partner like Johnny not familiar with the air guitar but it looked like fun so she gave up professional solo dancing and started learning a thing or two from him, mimicking the way he strummed the air. She felt silly but it was as fun as she had imagined, chuckling and smiling like a giddy school girl. It was as much fun as competing in the arcade dance games. There were times even Gen could let loose a little.

The foreigner also spotted Tsukiko as some sort of vampire and that one rebellious kid who brought “Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room” to Johnny’s mind. The rebel was wearing a lot of furry material, but the foreigner couldn’t tell what he was supposed to be. Identifying that particular costume did not really matter to him. Johnny simply felt happy when he saw that Tsukiko managed to land a date as well and join this most excellent party. It would have been a shame if someone as cool as her didn’t land one. After all, she’s a pop singer… well, a pop singer trying to hide the public identity to come across as normal, but a pop singer nonetheless. Johnny imagined it would feel humiliating if he were a rock star and he couldn’t get a partner for a party apparently as rare as this.

Gen’s eyes were again distracted when her date’s was, settling over a girl she didn’t recognize (Tsukiko) and the object of her recent affections. Her eyes uneasily moved away the moment he pressed his mouth against the girl’s neck, a seed of jealousy sprouting that she’d rather ignore. Her logical mind knew he was not worth the chase but somewhere deep down, she wanted to doubt and to be proven wrong the way all fairy tales go. I have my own date to focus on… she reasoned, not wanting to linger on the negatives. Gen would not remove herself and her partner from the dance floor over that. Kazuki was a flirt everywhere he went and that couldn’t be avoided. If only she had not missed the precise instant Kazuki had glanced her way, then maybe she would have been a bit more content.

Tsukiko and the other guy seemed to be getting unusually intimate on the dance floor. Heh heh… Ain’t that a reminder…? Welp, it doesn’t matter anyway. That dude’s got some smooth dance moves. I gotta step it up! Johnny was already mentally fortified for the night. His confidence did not waver as he turned the plumber’s cap backwards and began to break dance. All of these kids were so cool to the foreigner. Ryou, Tsukiko, Yuuki, the punch-up dude, the punched-up dude, Gen…

When Johnny began break dancing, Gen was impressed. She was not familiar with the dance style at all but it looked incredibly hard to pull off that she was not confident enough to try it on the spot. All she could do was clap with the beat, encouraging her partner to show off his moves as others made space for him.

Gen was especially cool, considering she decided to put up with the foreigner. It only made the foreigner feel that he needed to do better at everything and give Gen a good time. He felt an absolute need to prove himself as someone also cool. If only he could manage four school clubs at once, then he could attend drama club as well. He had no choice but to flake. After all, he needed two sports in order to better hide the truth from his parents.

Gen caught Johnny’s gaze and smiled, subtlety reassuring him that she was having a good time. She dearly hoped he hadn’t noticed her waver slightly over the intimate tension happening near them. There was no way she could bring herself to talk about it to her date of all people, it would be discourteous. Her latest foe, Aeon, and rival, Cassiopeia had shown up fashionably late but she continued dancing even as everyone became distracted. She would not give any more attention than necessary towards him after earlier today. The last thing she wanted to do was throw a tantrum, his presence making her blood boil as she remembered.

Break dancing was probably one of the coolest things Johnny could do, besides display his incredible speed out in the basketball court. It was also the thing that tore Johnny’s shirt nearly in half. Shit! Johnny flipped back onto his feet. The tight shirt was now riddled with large tears. The foreigner chuckled heartily. “Ah well, it was old anyway.” The foreigner grasped at the still-tight collar and tugged lightly. The shirt finally tore right in half, and he pulled the ruined fabric away, and then stuffed the shirt into the large front pocket on the overalls. The foreigner then resumed dancing.

“Are you sure darling?” Gen showed concern as she stopped dancing and her voice competed with the music’s volume. She was worried he would catch a cold on the trip home, the night not warm enough to withstand shirtless. Being reserved, it was also a little overwhelming for her to dance with a shirtless man. Too much, too soon. If it was Rhys, she wouldn’t have batted an eyelash being close friends but Johnny she barely knew. Despite her discomfort, she didn’t speak a word of it and her expression remained as polite as ever. She would not risk offending him. He didn't look bad at all.

Aw man… I really messed up. Gen was extremely good at hiding her discomfort. The foreigner did not even notice a single thing about her expression. Rather, Johnny's mind filled with a harsh reminder to himself on how different Japan very likely was to the American deserts. Down South, people often wore very little due to the heat, and the only people who cared were the old farts that yelled at the young’uns. He had no idea how the Japanese took this sort of nature. Most everyone outside of Johnny's old hood would have definitely been cut from a finer cloth. Would these top-tier students see this display as… barbaric? Or indeed an insult to their mere presence? “Or… wait… Maybe I should’ve left the shirt on?” Johnny stammered as his mind began to race. “No! It’s fine! I can get this back on-” The shirt was tattered beyond belief. It was impossible to tell which hole was the neck hole and which was a sleeve. Johnny tightened the straps on the overalls to try to cover his torso. “Oh jeez, I hope I didn’t offend. I forgot Japanese culture is so different to…”

Gen picked up on the panic in his tone and bit her lip. She wasn't sure how to help him cover up, not having brought any extra clothes like a jacket. She would have let the awkward situation slide but somehow he had become aware of it on his own.

It’s your fault, John. Once again, it’s your fault… No… I can… I can salvage this! I gotta do it for her! Johnny's hands darted quickly with the tattered shirt. Within seconds, he had wrapped the shirt around his neck to form a makeshift scarf. It was rather goofy, but it did a better job of covering his pectorals than his attempt with the overalls. “There, perfect!” Johnny announced with a sincere grin. You pathetic dumbass… Johnny’s grin faded as he slouched over. “Yeah, I guess scarves aren’t fashionable this time of year…” He emitted an empty chuckle. So much for keeping my anxieties from spilling out... Damnit...

"Hmm let me take a look." Gen reached out to help him rearrange the shirt scarf a little better that it could pass for an intentional dystopian style after her years of experience with theatre. She wasn't embarrassed helping Johnny out of his predicament even as people started to look at them funny as it was the least she could do for the one who lifted her spirits. "It's not much but I think it'll do for now.. don't worry about offending anyone darling, this is a Halloween Party after all. It's the best time to dress outrageously." She lightly patted him on the shoulder and brought out her best smile as the song changed to the next.

"Thanks, Gen- I mean Gen-san," Johnny smiled as he pat his own hand over Gen's. His eyes twinkled a bright green in the strobing spot lights that caught his simplistic, yet chiseled face. "This is really cool." Oh yeah! Gotta dance! Realising he was holding a gaze, Johnny let go of Gen's hand and then resumed his unusual (for Japan) street dancing. This time, he did not do any B-boying, as his bare torso and shoulders would not suffice for slides and spins on this particular floor.

Collab between Valkyrieknight & HolyJunkie

Popularity + 1 Johnny, Arietta, Tadashi, Gen
Charm + 1 Johnny, Gen
Athleticism + 1 Johnny, Gen

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At the comment of his name, Bishop blushed in surprise. People's reactions to his name were rather unique, his name was different but it seemed normal to him. Well normal enough at least. It was no more unique than Skylar's name, which he thought was pretty endearing. Back to the matter at hand, Bishop still had a lingerie cop cuddling with his tails. But she seemed to perk up hearing that there was a 'real' happening beyond the courtyard where people were dancing and having a good time. "You mean we're not even at the heart of the party yet?! O-M-G let's go!" "Alright, sounds like a-ahh~!" Bishop nearly fell over when Skyla glomped him from behind, all smiles and giggles while she peered over his shoulder. He turned to look her in the eyes, only to blush at how close she was, not to mention the feeling of her chest on his back, knowing the outfit she was wearing. It'd get any teenage boy's blood going. "Hey, you're pretty cute up close. Boink!" Bishop opened his mouth to speak but her nose pinch distracted him, making his face screw up. "H-Hey~!"

He turned around to get Skylar off of him but she managed to spin off and was heading towards the dance floor. He saw her twirling and skipping along then ran forward to catch up with his date (Skylar)where the music was getting louder. He entered the dance floor right as the song chained to an upbeat electronic song. In his mind h wanted to try and remember it so he could download it later, maybe he should ask the DJ? He looked to Skylar who was doing an adorable little number making like... Cat paws? That's what it looked like to him, which he just rolled with. "Come onnn. Show me you got the moves like Jagger!" Bishop smiled, feeling the nine tails sway excitedly behind him. "Be careful what you ask for!" Bishop actually loved to dance. He smiled wide getting in the moment and grabbed Skylar's wrist to pull her on the dance floor. From their he began to dance, the tail swaying counter to him, which was an interesting sight on it's own.

Bishop laughed and raised his hands to the beat, swaying his hips with a surprising sync to the rhythm. the occasional shoulder roll here, shifting his weight and balance and Bishop was completely in the groove of things. He was naturally skilled dancer, he wasn't break dancing but the blonde's enthusiasm and talent excited the energy around him hopefully making other people want to dance or dance more freely. He looked to Skylar as his blue eyes kept changing different shades and hues of blue as the flights flickered and spun above and around them. His eyes would catch a few familiar faces, his senior Arietta in a priestess costume with her date (Tadashi) the guy who's arms she fell into, who was either a dapper gentlemen or a vampire- maybe a dapper gentlemen vampire? Behind him was Gen and Johnny by a few meters. His dancing was overshadowed by the taller boy's break-dancing but Bishop was too modest for the limelight anyways. He just wanted his date and friends to have a good time, if they were ok then so was he. as an after thought he wondered about his friends he was suppose to meet up with, Akira and Mai. Last he saw a guy (Kei) asked Mai out and he must have entirely missed Akira or he hadn't shown up yet. Shaking those thoughts away, Bishop smiled in a hopeful and kind manner towards his date (Skylar) and moved a little closer. He was a care free teenager out on a date with a girl in Japan, what better night could any boy ask for?

Charm +1 (Skylar)
popularity +1 (Skylar)
Athleticism +1 (Bishop)

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#, as written by Stiles


The sound of a good beat, lights, attractive bodies moving to the muisc, and a hot date. Tonight was everything that Arietta had hoped it to be, and then some. Airdalen had outdone itself this time, but she was surprised by many of the seductive costumes... To be honest, she felt a little TOO covered up despite the obvious shortness of her dress. While bending over was out of the question, her breasts and arms were modestly concealed from view, only her shoulders peeking out through the slits in her priestess costume's sleeves. Would she be seen as a prude? Arietta allowed her eyes to wander to those around them. There was a beautiful pink haired girl dancing with Kazuki. If not for catching a glimpse of the unknown girl's face (Tsukiko), she would have immediately assumed that the girl dancing with the troublemaker was Cassiopeia. While the stranger was not Cassiopeia, she was still quite beautiful and was quite seductive. While not actually attracted to other women, Arietta had eyes and only someone blind would have not noticed the pinkette's sex appeal.

Arietta eyed her date, her lips curving into a smile. He kept up fairly well on the dance floor, which was something she admired in a man. She was glad that her date knew how to move his body, because otherwise she would have been extremely embarrassed. Looks like I don't have to make up an excuse to stop dancing.. she mused to herself as she continued to move to the sound. Her aqua eyes glistened as she etched this moment into her memory, wishing to never forget it. She felt him looking at her, so her eyes met his, which were an interesting shade of red once more. Sooner or later she knew she would have to ask about them. She couldn't help but wonder how his eyes shifted color. When his attention shifted to Johnny and Gen, her blonde brow quirked. She was not aware that her date knew Gen, but now she was curious. It was no secret that Gen looked absolutely gorgeous, tonight especially. She couldn't fault her date in noticing her.

Seeing as Arietta played Otome games to the level it could be deemed an addiction, she had a general knowledge of other types of games as well and recognized Gen's costume to be a cosplay outfit from another genre of game. She knew that Gen and Johnny were dressed as characters of games, but Gen's character's name was escaping Arietta at the moment, seeing as she did not play the game she was cosplaying from and it wasn't from her genre. However, the Luigi costume Johnny sported was more iconic, so she recognized it immediately despite never playing those games herself either. She would have to ask Tadashi about how he knew Gen later, but she would hold off on her question. Arietta knew that she would have to approach it with grace, thus she needed time to find proper word choice. The last thing she wanted to do was come across as a lame jealous witch because she blurted the question out without giving it any thought. She refused to be tactless, she was better than that. She had to be. She couldn't help but notice that Gen was dressed in a sexy outfit as well, once again questioning if she should have opted to reveal more skin.

As it began to bug her more and more, she tried her best to shove her insecurities aside. Besides, Tadashi told her that the outfit looked good on her... Yet... that was before they saw everyone else's costumes. She wanted to punch herself for allowing her thoughts to become this pessimistic, but among so many of her classmates she had no choice but to pretend that everything was fine. She couldn't miss a beat, s he couldn't let anyone find out that she was an extremely insecure person. Fake it til you make it, Arietta... She repeated those words to herself several times, trying to banish her worries, pretending to look around the room while she eradicated her self doubt. The last thing she wanted to do was worry Tadashi unnecessarily. She couldn't ask for reassurance that she'd dressed appropriately, because then she'd come across as pathetic and lacking in confidence. Her blue eyes remained locked on their surroundings as she kept her mind on moving to the music and attempting to vanquish her poisonous thoughts before they could take root and ruin her night. Everyone in the crowd was blending together as her mind was elsewhere, to be honest, she felt as though she were underwater. The voices and the music sounded rather distant all of a sudden. It was a strange sensation, one she had not felt in some time. Panic.

Popularity: +1 to Tsukiko, Gen

Athleticism: +1 to Arietta