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Kazuki Miyamoto

"Here's the deal, try to keep up. Because, there's no way I'm slowing down for you pal." (stat)

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a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by Pandora's Melancholy


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| the hellion ........VOICE........xx....| "i won't let you get away, bang."
| kaz or j ▖|.....||.ETHNICITY...||xx| japanese
| tsukino xx...||||||BIRTHPLACE.....| tokyo, japan
| eighteen xx.||||||BIRTHDATE.......| june 6
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| single
| student and novelist
| senior high school
| kaori himewari
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they ain't even looking at you, baby they looking at me .Image

Kazuki is quite easy on the eyes and because of that, he stands out no matter where he is or what scenario he gets involved in. Why is that? Let's start with his unorthodox hairstyle that is effortlessly messy with an odd color where most is black with the occasional blonde streaks popping out in chaotic formation. No one knows what his true hair color really is, because it looks so natural. Did he dye his hair black? Did he put blonde highlights? The question is never answered. Then, there are his eyes reminiscent of a cat that radiates mystery, danger, and allure with its golden color that appears to glow. Many said that they cannot help but be captivated when under its gaze. These features' effects are tripled because he is remarkably handsome overall. His face structure is chiseled with fine features and strong cheekbones. His body is delectably ripped with strong muscles making it tough, never soft. It also adds that he's not an average stock of Japanese men when it comes to height. He stands at 6'2".

The natural traits are further enhanced by Kazuki's confidence and laidback fashion sense. He is not meticulous for he is a slacker. That shows in how he dresses, a missing button, crumpled pants, missing jacket, loose clothes, and the likes. He prefers comfort and is not the kind to worry about how he looks because he knows well he still looks so damn sexy even then. It seemed he won the roulette when good genes were being given as a prize and he knows it with a devilish smile.

i'm only good at bein' bad, bad .Image

Kazuki is the epitome of a delinquent. There is no other way to label him. He drinks, smokes, brawls, and womanizes without limits or fear. He does whatever he wants and to hell with the consequences. That is why it is not terrible to assume that his morality is a bit skewed. Moreover, he harasses, bullies, and tricks people for the fun of it. So, it is no wonder his actions consistently put him in a bad spotlight. It isn't intentional though. This kind of mindset is due to his cavalier personality which normally does not sit well with authority figures and do-gooders. Actually, he thinks that these types of people are cowards and stupid.

That is when that kind of conflict happens, Kazuki finds hilarity and then relishes in its disregard. It certainly matches his other traits of being rowdy, brash, rude, and outright rebellious. So, it is not surprising that he is seen as selfish, obnoxious especially with his high-to-the-sky confidence, but that's just how he is. Listening to people all the time will only get him nowhere and since he has his own mind, it is better to use it than have other people make him a puppet. After all, there is no fun in that and life is far too short in his opinion to cage himself inside a small box.

Kazuki doesn't brood or gets disturbed about what he considers things he has no control over. So instead, he recklessly handles it enjoyably. Additionally, he never runs out of tricks and is not bothered by any retorts snapped his way whenever one finds his jokes going too far, insincere, or annoying. He takes it with a shrug and continues to be persistent in having his fun. Unfortunately, it is considered his redeeming trait often used in terrible situations, prompting his admission that he is sadistic from time to time.

One might say that this is a mark of being irresponsible and Kazuki certainly acts that way. But believe it or not, he is a responsible person. He never runs away from the consequences of his actions. It does not mean he will not groan about it which is more of airing out the circumstances than dislike or arrogance. He just doesn't like keeping much of his thoughts to himself and tends to speak it out, though it may appear random with a sense of tactlessness. Well, he's not a poet and doesn't filter his words that explain it. But, he makes certain that his outbursts fit the situation and person in front of him. Confusing isn't it? Well, he still has some consideration left in his bones.

After all, Kazuki doesn't like complicated things even though most of his relationships are complicated, especially with women. He has a policy of no attachments and never settling down with anyone. It does get problematic when women get clingy just because of a one-time deal. Then again, there's nothing too tough to ruffle his feathers as he simply does not take anything happening around him too seriously. He also doesn't hide behind anyone and would face his problems or fight head-on with a smirk on his face. One would wonder if he has some kind of death wish or just likes the idea of always being on the edge of danger. It could be both or not when it comes to him, but mainly he just lives the way he wants, and also life is supposed to be exciting, dangerous, and fun and that's how he is.

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Strengths; Weaknesses;
Alley RatNearsighted
"When you go hood, you never come back.""Come close, so I can see where I can bite."
"I do need to punch someone's light once in a while.""Walking is cheaper."
"Buildings? They don't exist.""What the hell are those beady eyes?!"
"If you drown, better be in alcohol.""Ah.. Next."
Sexual GuruHousework
"Will you satisfy me?""Just call a maid."
Computer EXTemper
"Just google it.""Drop dead."
"Locks are meant to be opened.""I just can't let her go."

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Secrets; Hobbies;
Rich KidSex
"Not my fault I have a trust fund.""It is the best exercise."
Erotic NovelistRoaming
"You did say I have to put my best in writing.""Moving is better than staying."
OrphanCigarettes and Drinks
"Everyone is bound to be alone.""My heaven and sea as they say."

everybody in the world knows i'm a little twisted .Image

Athleticism | "You need strength to do what I want."

Charm | "It makes things a whole lot easier."

Intellect「 10 」
Athleticism 「 10 」
Charm 「 20 」
Popularity 「 33 」
Notoriety 「 22 」

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i take a look at my life, and realize there's nothing left .Image

Kazuki was born to Shinjiro and Megumi Miyamoto. His parents were very happy to have him and they raised their son with much love and devotion. They were wonderful parents and no one can deny that as they saw how they dote on their son. For the first five years of his life, he was blissfully contented and spoiled. His every need addressed promptly. It was no issue as his father is a big-time contractor while his mother ran a successful law firm.

But, the rest of Kazuki's growing-up years had to be spent without his parents. They died during their London trip where their car's brake malfunctioned and they fell from the cliff. His parents were able to shield him to the best of their abilities. As a result, he only suffered cuts and bruises. Help did come but it was too late for his parents. He on the other hand was suddenly left all alone in a foreign country. No one knew how much trauma he endured but eventually, he was aided by his mother's assistant who brought him back to Japan.

Kazuki was now an orphan and his known closest relatives have all passed away or location unknown. He was still a minor and would need a guardian to take care of him. Money was not an issue as his parents had a trust fun made for him. They probably did it to ensure that upon their untimely demise, he will still be able to take care of himself. Its amount is enough for him to be able to live comfortably for a long time. For the next 6 years, he was taken under the care of his father's best friend who was also his father's business associate.

Actually, Kazuki was living on his own and his so-called guardian only visited him from time to time to see if he was still alive or if there's a meeting at school or something to be attended. He doesn't have any ill will towards the man who also has his own family to take care of. He was simply an additional obligation. After 3 years, a relative was finally identified. It was his mother's cousin who is his uncle. He was then formally turned over to his uncle who turned out to be a Math teacher at Airdalen Academy.

It was then Kazuki was enrolled at the exclusive school, though, he still lives on his own. But, it's rather different now as his uncle is quite the busybody and nagger who is always on his case. It's also the reason he was employed at the ridiculous Junior-Senior Program because of his uncle. But, it is not really that bad if he would honestly say what he feels. He likes the thought of somebody who really cares for him even if it gets annoying at times. It's just like a family similar to the thing he lost long ago.

So begins...

Kazuki Miyamoto's Story

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"Since, it would be my last year. I'll make sure that it would be a blast. After all, we have to send off my grand self with a big kabloom and wonderful dazzling lights."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

It might have been a gazillion times this had been asked by a very annoyed Kazuki. "Who made it that school should start at the rising of the sun!? Dammnit!" He muttered very loudly as he clicked his tongue in irritation, but that is not really the problem here. Anyone who would come to parking lot inside one of the vehicles parked there would see the notorious or more plainly known as the Hellion, handcuffed to the steering wheel. "Why the hell does he have handcuffs in the first place!?" This remarkable handiwork is done by no one else, but the ever lovely uncle of his who is also actually, Airdalen's Mr. Hayashi, the Math Teacher.

Now, why was he like this It's because, he decided to sleep in and not attend this stupid program. He really planned on playing hooky, but his uncle miraculously did not have one of those forgetful spells and literally kidnapped him from his house on his bed. "This is an outright violation of my human rights! I'll sue his ass when I get out of here... Tch!" Other things to add to his irritable mood are his early attendance, being in a vehicle, and also it was his uncle who dressed him all up, so right now, he looked like one of those picture models for those high school promotional movies or something with slick-back hair. This was going to be bad for his rep. "I'm really going to enjoy cutting that old man to pieces..." He grumbled further as he fought his restraints and looked inside the car for a way to free himself.

"I swear that old man is a pervert or something..." He continued tugging on his handcuffs and in irritation, he kicked the floor of the car. That was then he heard a jingling sound. His golden eyes shimmered like a cat who had found a beautiful fish to pounce on. He managed to open the glove compartment and there he saw the keys to his handcuffs. It was a good thing that his uncle is forgetful. Things were certainly looking up for him. A grin was plastered on his face as he now thinks of ways on how to get it. He managed to grab hold of it by using his teeth and dropped it to his waiting fingers. "You can't keep me locked in, buddy..." He said with a very confident smile as he began unlocking his restraints. It did the trick as he stretched his limbs. He could feel the blood beginning to flow freely once more.

All of this was done so he would participate in this program. His uncle said that he would be returning to take him inside once everything is settled. There was no way in seven levels of hell and seas would he babysit some punk still looking for his or her mommy. There are better things worthy of his time than that. Anyway, he released a big sigh and commented. "This was not how I envisioned myself getting tied up. I was thinking along the lines of a beautiful dominatrix. Anyways, time to split!" He has that Cheshire grin on his face as he whistled a bit and was about ready to leave the car. He doesn't like staying inside of these contraptions as much as possible when his stomach gurgled in rebellion. "I didn't even have breakfast yet." He finally remembered as his wake-up call had been chaotic at the very least.

"Stupid uncle, I still have that leftover subway sandwich inside the fridge. Tch!" He punched the dashboard and then left the car while slamming the door behind him as it fell. He left me in a car that's falling apart... This is why I hate these cars." After doing that, he messed up his hair, returning it to its normal style. He popped open his jacket, loosened his tie and then rolled up his sleeves. That was then, his phone vibrated. It's a good thing he managed to grab that one. There was a message from one of the girls he had hit at the club, it's very suggestive. Then, if a literal light bulb could be seen on top of his head, there will be one. He had a wide grin on his face along with those feline eyes of his. It was rather intimidating like that of a devil, but a handsome and alluring one. It's good for him to be born with such good looks. "Got my ticket then." He went towards the main grounds where he could see that there were some people around. It was passing glance and he didn't really care about them. What good students they are, how boring.

Kazuki ignored them as he went to the gates. He was about to walk passed two girls, one with blue hair (Gen) and the other with orange hair (Vika). But, he didn't have time to confirm who they are since; he has one thing in mind, leave the premises when the guard noticed him. "Oi! Miyamoto! Stop right there!" The guard came out of his booth and began to walk towards him. He stopped momentarily and clicked his tongue. That good old for-nothing uncle of his probably warned the guard. "Shit!" He began to move again as he made his way to the gates, but there was another one waiting for him. They came in prepared and his uncle made sure they did. Why does he have to be serious at the most useless moments in his life? Why!? With that, he quickly made a roundabout to escape their clutches.

"Hayashi-sensei said not to let him escape! Catch him!" One of the guards said as they began to multiply like cockroaches and they were quite good. It's to be expected; after all they have to ensure the security of a very high-end school with very important students in attendance. He made the run while using the obstacles around him like the rails much like a tightrope and then jumped down with smirk on his face. "As if I'd let you catch me! Suckers!" He was able to make his way through the benches and stopped at one where two students (Shiori and Rhys) were presently sitting. "S'cuse me! Up and over!" Kazuki literally jumped over the bench where some of the guards halted. He then landed just a few inches in distance from another pair of students (Akira and Mai). Watch where you stand!" Then, he heard the guards were hot on his heels again. Well, see you later kiddos!"

Kazuki continued as they were still in pursuit as he looked over his shoulder. "Persistent bastards..." He muttered under his breath and then looked in front of him. There he noticed a very large tree where there were another pair of students (Yuuki and Bishop) arguing or more like being told off. "Get out of the way love birds!" He said as he grabbed at one of the branches and swung himself across, much like a gymnast. "Miyamoto! Get back here!" As if, he would do that. He continued his pace as he ran across another student (Johnny) on a bench. He was now on the other side and saw three students at one bench. His smile widened even further as he went towards the group.

"Hot stuff, coming through!" He announced as he pushed his way between another pair. (Saburo and Arietta) Then, he literally stepped on Ryou's foot to wake him up that should serve as a deterrent to the remaining guards coming after him. "When you snooze, you lose!" He shouted towards Ryou and then continued forward as he finally halted in his escape, actually, he tripped on something as he fell flat on his face. That was embarrassing. "Dammit! Who did that!?" He shouted angrily as he quickly went back on his feet. His face was rather red and bit bruised. Then, his eyes landed on the one responsible for his fall. His eyes narrowed in disdain. "And here I thought, the heavens had finally taken you back." There before him was Aeon and the lovely Cassiopeia.

That was when the guards finally caught up to him and grabbed him. "Finally caught you, Miyamoto!" The guard announced with a ragged breath. Kazuki glared at Aeon for being the reason of his so-called apprehension and then shrugged his shoulders as he didn't fight anymore. "Well you know what they say, peeps and pops, there's nothing like a good exercise to jet start your day." He said with his carefree casual way as the guards glared and sighed at this. Oh yeah, tell my uncle. Does he have insurance on his car?" He ended that with his infamous mischievous smile. It was after all a normal thing to be expected from someone like Kazuki Miyamoto.

Popularity +1 to Cassiopeia
(That's my understanding, if it isn't please free to add the stats and edit it GM's)

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"You mean the little fluff of black on the ceiling?" Vika replied when Gen spoke. She'd been too excited to react properly when they boarded the bus, and she had spent most of her time staring out the window. Her mind was reeling with possibilities that could occur during this school year, and every now and then, her eyes would flicker towards Gen. Would they still be friends after High School, when Gen left for college? The thought had momentarily caused a frown to mar her lips, but it was replaced by a smile soon after. She couldn't dwell on something so frivolous. Of course they would remain friends. Even if they were separated for an amount of time, not a day would go by that she wouldn't think of her friend.

"Nope, I didn't see it. He must have crawled down the sink by the time I went in," or was accidentally squished and she didn't know about it. A visible shiver went down her spine as she absently lifted her arm and checked for remains. Satisfied, she went back to staring out the window, watching the scenery pass by. Once they arrived at the school, Vika's eyes widened slightly in awe. It was beautiful, the grounds. The school itself was rather large in appearance, but also pristine. It seemed almost flawless, or perhaps it was the spur of the moment that made it seem ethereal. She continued to gaze at the school, glancing at the small crowd of students already forming, however; a tinge of familiarity hit her when she caught sight of pink hair.

She couldn't tell who it was, seeing as the pink-haired girl was currently embracing another; a male with blonde hair that she did not recognize. Maybe he was a senior? The scene was rather warm, in her opinion, and she smiled at the two. She was pulled from her stupor, though, when Gen spoke. She resisted the urge to giggle at her friend, and instead, played along. She stared at Gen, holding her gaze before finally speaking. "But you must know, moy Gen-chan! I only have eyes for you!" she stated, removing one of her hands from her friends grasp, and reaching up to gently touch Gen's cheek.

"With eyes as beautiful as the Dahlia's, how could I look elsewhere?" she continued, leaving her hand still on Gen's cheek a moment longer before removing it. She chuckled as she folded her free hand beneath her chin. "I don't know if I'll let my eyes wonder, moy Gen-chan. Relationships and I aren't built to last," she continued, being only half serious. Much like her friend, Vika hadn't experienced a relationship before, however; it didn't mean she didn't know what it was supposed to feel like. She did not have her friend's fairy tale view of them, but she didn't have a cynical view of it either.

She was much too young to be thinking of something like that to begin with. She needed to finish school, perhaps in college she could find the time for dates and the like. For now, she was content in being a teenager, being with her friends, and being herself. If the time came that she would have a relationship, then she would welcome it with open arms. "Don't worry moy Gen-chan. If, by chance, my eyes do wander, you would be the first to know," she reassured her friend with a gentle squeeze of the hand. She opened her mouth to say something more, however; she was abruptly cut off by someone shouting. She blinked in confusion as she turned towards the source, and noticed a guard following after another student.

"This will certainly be an interesting year, it seems," she stated with a short chuckle.

STATS Popularity + 1 --> Gen, Cassiopeia, and Aeon

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Bishop sat on his bench as content as could be. He had a tiny smile on his face, looking around and taking in his surroundings with a youthful awe. He felt lucky to be here, the school grounds were stunning and gave the presence of culture, sophistication and above all quality not just in the physical aspects but academic as well. He gently nodded his head from side to side as his bright golden hair shown in the early sunlight making him appear bright and cheery like the spring air. <Well.... It appears that no one noticed my mother's attempt of embarrassing me. This is an omen! If I persevere and do my best, I can over come any obstacle!> His smiled brightened and the freshmen clenched his right hand into a fist of determination that fire in his eyes coming alive again betraying his innocent appearance. He felt he could accomplish anything!

"Do you often make a hobby out of playing music right next to strangers when they are trying to study..?" Bishop visibly flinched now noticing a girl with purple hair and glasses (Yuuki) standing in front of him... And boy did she look upset. "Aahh umm... Eh-" "I take my education very seriously, and I am trying to work on my cram school assignments. I cannot do that when that, whatever that was, is playing!" Bishop was flabbergasted. Never in a million years that he thought his first 5 minutes on campus that the blonde wold be getting chewed out by a girl. To be honest she kind of reminded him of his aunt, how she lectured him. His eyes widened taking on the appearance of a puppy's looking up at her in shock, appearing to water up. "What do you have to say about yourself?" Bishop flinched again but never took his eyes off of this upset girl (Yuuki). "Uhh.. Y-You.. Don't like music?" He paused asking a question that seemed innocent and fine to him, although it was actually rhetorical. "I thought- that maybe some people would like something nice to listen to." What might be a surprise to other people, was his tone wasn't defensive or retaliatory in any manner of speaking. His words were laced with an American accent but it wasn't atrocious by any means despite how nervous he was. Bishop adjusted his posture and fixed his collar as a nervous tick diverting his eyes away from the girl (Yuuki) to spy and see if anyone else was watching them noticing a tall brown haired boy quickly turn away as if he was about to watch a train wreck- which is exactly what this was. <Oh my god! This is a disaster! How could this happen to me right when I was about to turn everything around! I'm gonna be ruined!> His mind reeled thinking of exaggerated circumstances where he was going to be made fun of for life because of this simple misunderstanding.

"I... I don't have time for people. Please turn that down... or put these on. You're distracting me..." Bishop blinked when the girl (Yuuki) spoke again and offered her a set of headphones. He looked at her hand then back up to Yuuki again and held his hands up. "Oh umm.. N-No thank you. I couldn't take something that's yours, especially something so personal. Hehe. He smiled sheepishly, yes he smiled at the girl (Yuuki). Despite being beat over the head for trying to make someone's day better. "I have my own headphoness. I'm sorry to have bothered you, I didn't know it would cause a problem." Bishop would first turn off the music then straighten up in his seat and bow in apology towards his violet haired heckler. When he came up there was a soft, gentle smile on his face as he closed his eyes. "I-I hope you won't hold this against me... I hate to make a bad first impression my first day here." He absently rubbed at the back of his head, gently ruffling the golden locks that swayed in the soft breeze. Bishop's thought process was largely anti-conflict. His mother gave him some advice as a kid when he was holding a grudge against a boy in elementary school. <Every person is having a struggle that no one else knows about. So be respectful.>

"Get out of the way love birds!" Bishop looked to see some guy (Kazuki) swinging on a bench flying past them. "Wah!" He flopped to the ground to avoid being hit. He sat up from his position to see that same person (Kazuki) sprinting around the courtyard avoiding the security guards like the plague. That was until he tripped by a a couple (Aeon & Cassiopia). He looked back up to Yuuki and rubbed the back of his head again a bit nervously. <I'm such a dork....>
+1 Notoriety- Yuuki

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The small girl had been humming the first theme song to Rangers Unite! to herself quietly. She looked pretty content with herself as she absentmindedly swung her legs back and forth. Although she knew it made her look even smaller, Mai enjoyed doing it since it gave her something to do. Mai was even swaying to the song as it played in her head but only if you paying close attention would you notice her movement. Every now and then Mai would look up to see if anyone else had arrived and by the looks of it someone did. A young man, or rather a pretty boy, had arrived. He was smaller than most of the men she has seen but he was certainly taller than she was. The fact that he wasn't that much taller than her made him seem less intimidating. I wish I was his height. Mai pouted inwardly hating the fact that she didn’t inherit her parents genes but rather her Oba-san, may she rest in peace. Had Mai watched the boy a little longer she would have seen him approaching her and could have prepared for a confrontation however those green orbs caught sight of a ladybug that was crawling on the edge of the bench to her right.

Mind if I sit with you? I'm new and fairly lost.." Mai jumped a bit as she wasn’t expecting to be spoken to. Instead of looking up right away, Mai hunched her shoulders slightly in hopes that this boy was talking to someone else. She noticed that he had an accent and the butterflies in her stomach got worse. In that little moment Mai really wished she was the ladybug right now. "I'm Akira Miyuu, and I'm a junior this year.. What is your name?" At this point Mai finally realized just how rude she was being.

Taking in a deep breathe, Mai finally looked up at the boy who had introduced himself as Akira. Green met aquamarine for a brief second before she diverted her eyes elsewhere. Placing her hands together on her lap, Mai fiddled with her thumbs as she made attempts to calm herself down to give him an answer. Why is such a pretty person talking to me? And he wants to sit next to me!? The young woman simply couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea. Mai dared to look at his face again and noticed the kind smile that was present, in a way seeing that smile put her at ease if just a little. Come on Mai! Just breathe and answer his question and you’ll be just fine. She bit the corner of her lip and fiddled with her thumbs a bit more before finally she spoke.

“H-Hell-o. U-um y-you –ma-ay, I do-don’t m-mind at a-all.” Closing her mouth she got the first half of what she wanted to say done with but her stutter was getting worse every second. “I-I’m M-Mai K-Kon a-a J-Junior, pl-pleased t-to ma-mak-e y-you-you’re a-aq-aquian-tance.” Releasing a sigh of relief, Mai visibly deflated and had stopped twiddling her thumbs. Mai looked around at her surroundings quickly and noticed a few more people had shown up. And it sounded like someone was playing music, she couldn’t quite name the band but it did sound familiar.

Straightening up, Mai looked to where the music was coming from and saw that normally sized boy (Bishop) had shown up who looked kind of nice. He had soft looking blonde hair and she could tell, even from a distance, that he might be a bit athletic. He looks happy. Watching him a little while longer resulted in her witnessing him being chewed out by a girl with glasses and short purple hair (Yuuki). A small smile appeared on her lips. Mai felt a little bad for the boy but she didn’t get much time to worry about him since there was one sitting next to him. “Oh.” came quietly as she realized she might have looked like she was ignoring him. Quickly turning her attention back on Akira she bit her lip again and somehow ended up looking like she was going to cry. Okay you got this Mai. Just ask him something, anything. As she opened her mouth, a relatively tall boy (Kazuki) landed right in front of them.

His arrival had been so sudden that Mai jumped and made a small yelping sound of surprise. Watch where you stand!" Mai was still in utter shock, then again she probably wouldn’t’ have had the nerve to give a reply to him even if she wasn’t. “Well, see you later kiddos! All she could do really was watch him in silence as the young man ran off again with the guards right behind them. “Eh?” Mai really was just confused. She seriously hoped that this wasn’t a common occurrence in her first day at a new school.

Popularity +1 (Bishop & Akira) Hopefully it was done right. Edit if it isn't^^;

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#, as written by Stiles


"Hey. I didn't know you went here."

Arietta's eyes shifted from her phone, to a familiar voice standing in front of her. She was completely taken by surprise, then remembered a very important detail. She never got around to asking Saburo what school he was transferring to!! She didn't remember to ask, because their sessions took place in summer, but now she finally made the mistake of choosing to tutor someone who went to her own school. This was going to be very dangerous to her reputation and she'd have to go about this in all the right ways or she'd totally ruin her reputation.

"Shh.." She stated, putting her index finger over her mouth. To anyone watching, she was considerately thinking of Ryou, who was sleeping nearby, but she was honestly just looking out for her own hide. Arietta began playing with her long blonde hair in a fidgety manner, nervous about being exposed to her classmates as a 'nerd'. She didn't want to be seen as her true self, she was afraid that no one would like the real her, because no one did at her last school, "Not so loud." Arietta chimed, laughing softly with a warm expression on her face. She was anxious, freaking out that someone would put the pieces together, but she had to keep her composure. She didn't want to be seen frantic. She took a small breath to compose her nerves before speaking again, "Would you mind if I asked you to keep the details of our arrangement a secret between us? I don't want to look like some kind of nerd." She informed Saburo, eyes shifting to those around them, then back to him. She pocketed her phone, and stood up to talk to him properly, dusting of her skirt after she was upright.

"Being seen with you is alright, but just don't tell anyone that I'm tutoring you. I don't want to be 'that' girl.." She whispered, careful to keep a low tone, just in case there were any eavesdroppers. Sure, Saburo didn't dress like the typical guys Arietta would hang out with, but she liked him as a person. He wasn't bad to look at, for a bit of a bad boy that is, and she was also getting paid to tutor him, so that was definitely a plus. She cared about her reputation a lot, and she was not about to throw it down the drain. Then she tilted her head, a bit confused. Why did he come over here? Was he just being nice, or did he have a question? She was completely clueless, so she pulled out her cell phone, "Though, when you need during school homework help, you can send me a text instead of asking it face to face. It's more discreet that way. Do you think you'll need my number?" She asked in a curious tone, innocently blinking as she held up a light pink phone, with music notes and a girly white bow on the front of it.


"Hot stuff, coming through!"

Arietta fell backwards when Kazuki tore through, her back hitting the bench she was sitting on a few minutes prior. Arietta landed on the ground in front of the bench, but her back up against the bench, probably a tad bruised, but nothing too seriously injured other than her pride, "Miyamoto-teme!" She hissed at him, obviously not amused by his current antics. She knew he didn't necessarily mean to make her fall, but now she was really embarrassed and didn't care if he knew she was angry with him or not. She looked like a fool sitting on the ground and getting knocked over in front of everyone, while in mid-conversation, that was totally humiliating.

"When you snooze, you lose!"

"You're the worst. He was sleeping!" Arietta called out, sticking her tongue out at Kazuki in disgust, her blood boiling. Kazuki definitely was not Arietta's favorite person, in fact, she borderline hated him. She didn't necessarily hate anyone, well, except for Shiori Kitogawa, but Kazuki was very close to pushing her boundaries as well. She was going to make him pay for this, especially since he made her fall right in front of Saburo and anyone else who just so happened to be watching. She wanted to rip his head off right about now, but she forced a calmer expression onto her face. She didn't want to be seen as grumpy or short tempered, there were a lot of new students and she definitely didn't want to make a bad impression like Kazuki.


She pushed herself to her feet, dusting herself off again, averting her eye contact, "Sorry about that... Miyamoto-san.. he's always making things difficult for everyone." Arietta mumbled, still a bit flustered from her embarrassing fall, but also irritated with the guy who caused it in the first place. Then she remembered that he tore in between them, and her eyes widened a bit. Did Saburo get hurt? She was so embarrassed and angry that she had nearly forgotten his well being. She felt bad, and decided to make sure that Saburo didn't get hurt either, "Are you alright, Inoue-san?" She asked, giving him a once over to make sure that he was alright, tilting her head in different directions to get a good look at him. Then her attention turned to Ryou, who got stepped on as well. She gave him an apologetic look, then bowed very quickly, "I'm so sorry, are you alright?" She asked with a curious expression on her face, though she knew he probably wouldn't realize why she was apologizing for something Kazuki did, she felt the need to do so anyway.

Arietta felt bad for sitting next to Ryou without asking for permission. If Saburo had seen her somewhere else, the maybe he and Ryou would have been spared from this incident. Miyamoto only had to go through this crowd because of me... If I didn't come over here, there wouldn't have been a crowd.. It's all my fault that everyone nearly got trampled just now..

+1 Notoriety @ Kazuki

+1 Popularity @ Saburo

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"Uhh.. Y-You.. Don't like music?"

Yuuki's eyes widened at this question. It wasn't that she didn't like music, but music was simply a distraction, just like this boy. She wasn't sure how to answer this, so she went with the simplest one, the truth. She did not care about this boy's opinion of her, nor anyone else's for that matter, "Music is just another distraction from my studies. I haven't listened to music in several years. So, I guess you could say I don't like it."

"I thought- that maybe some people would like something nice to listen to."

"I'm sure some of the others enjoy it, but I don't." She replied back, realizing that he wasn't trying to actively irritate her with his music, he just seemed to do it naturally. His accent was also foreign, so he probably didn't realize the customs here.. So she let out a sigh and rubbed the back of her neck. How did she get stuck dealing with the disrespectful foreigner?

"Oh umm.. N-No thank you. I couldn't take something that's yours, especially something so personal."

"Okay," He refused the headphones, so she put them back in her bag, not even a bit insulted by his denial. She didn't see things like that, though she knew that a lot of people did. Headphones were just a means of listening to audio without disturbing others, she didn't understand how they qualified as a personal object. Everyone had a pair, it wasn't undergarments or clothing, nor were they one of a kind. This boy was simply strange, and she wasn't getting on the right foot with him at all.

"I have my own headphones. I'm sorry to have bothered you, I didn't know it would cause a problem."

Yuuki tilted her head as the blond boy bowed, a bit surprised, but also a little impressed. Despite being a foreigner, at least he knew how to properly apologize. She let out a sigh, seeing as this was a lot more irritation than she originally planned to put up with, but decided to hear him out since he seemed to be sorry and it would be more than a little rude to walk away after chewing him out. She did have respect for manners, "Be more mindful of your surroundings next time." She stated in a calm and indifferent tone, it was so robotically neutral.

"I-I hope you won't hold this against me... I hate to make a bad first impression my first day here."

"I don't have the time to hold grudges against people, so you have nothing to worry about. Just don't do it again, at least not around me." She replied in a flat tone, not really concerned with whether or not he was genuinely apologetic or not. She just wanted results. So long as the behavior did not repeat, she didn't care if he liked her or hated her. The end result would still be the same. Though she did feel something in her stomach, a knot of sorts, but she blamed it on her breakfast. Perhaps she didn't fully cook the eggs? She didn't recognize this feeling, but how could she? It had been years since she'd experienced guilt.

"Get out of the way love birds!"

Yuuki's eyes widened, and as the tall rampaging guy (Kazuki) grew closer. She instinctively withdrew herself from his range of reach, falling backwards on the ground afterwards. It wasn't the dark haired guy's fault (Kazuki), at least not physically. He didn't even touch Yuuki, but she landed on the ground anyhow. How you might ask? Well, Yuuki, being Yuuki, did not want to get close to the stranger, so she stumbled backwards and lost her footing, all just to avoid getting close to the wild hooligan (Kazuki) physically. She really did not like being close to other people, and chose to risk getting hurt instead.


Her golden eyes landed on Bishop who also fell, but he seemed to jump out of the way, landing a bit more intentionally than she had. She noticed the expression on his face, and despite doing everything she could to hold it back, she ended up laughing. This guy was just...weird. She wasn't sure why, but after seeing his expression, the laugh came out without permission. They nearly got knocked out, yet he wasn't even mad? He didn't seem phased by that animal's behavior even a bit, while inside she was fuming. She wanted to chew out that other guy more than she did Bishop, yet the blond seemed to forgive the stranger almost immediately. She didn't understand this boy at all (Bishop).

What a strange person. When her laughter died down, Yuuki realized that she'd dropped her guard, and quickly stood. She bowed in a formal manner toward the blond's (Bishop) general direction then immediately returned to her spot under the tree without another word. She opened her book again with a nervous haste, going over math problems to keep her mind off of what just occurred. It had been over three years since one of her classmates managed to make her laugh, and she'd known that girl her entire life. Five minutes and this goof of a person had her almost in tear jerking laughter? Just who was this guy, and what was with this kind and strange behavior? He didn't even try to argue with her over the music, nor did he insult her. He was the same way when the black haired boy (Kazuki) zoomed through like a monkey swinging through branches after a banana.

Her pencil moved across the paper quickly, though her thoughts were definitely distracted. She was not getting the problems done nearly as fast as she would have liked. Distraction.. see..? People are just obstacles that are meant to deter us from our goals.. After a few minutes she was able to regain composure and work on her homework in peace, but her gaze did discreetly drift back to the blond once or twice before that. She didn't even realize it, but she still had a light blush across her cheeks. The pink shade adorned her cheeks ever since her eyes met Bishop's after they evaded an incident with that wild boy (Kazuki).

Notoriety: +1 (Kazuki)
Popularity: +1 (Bishop) (OOC: I guess Yuuki blushing because of him would count?)
Intellect: +1 (Yuuki)

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“H-Hell-o. U-um y-you –ma-ay, I do-don’t m-mind at a-all.”

Akira was a bit relieved, very appreciative that the girl accepted her so easily. Though she just found the girl to be even cuter now that she realized the girl was timid. Akira was going to sit down, but decided to wait until she caught the girl's name first. She was still getting used to proper Japanese introductions after all.

“I-I’m M-Mai K-Kon a-a J-Junior, pl-pleased t-to ma-mak-e y-you-you’re a-aq-aquian-tance.”

"Kon-san.. That's a really short family name. It's nice to meet you, Mai-chan!" Akira stated, opting to call the girl by first name instead after blinking a few times in surprise by the short length of her name. The girl's first name was Mai, another short name. Though, for some reason, it really fit. Akira couldn't imagine her name being anything else now that she'd heard it. Then she felt the need to admit something about Mai, and before she could even begin to assess whether she should keep it to herself or not, she blurted out the words, "You're so kawaii, Mai-chan." She said this in a serious and shameless tone, a smile on her face the entire time. She wasn't nervous, nor was she joking. She didn't even seem to realize that this would more than likely really embarrass the short girl, especially since Mai was under the impression that Akira was a boy, judging by the uniform, short hair, etc. Akira often forgot that she should be more conscious about her behavior, especially since she was a 'boy' now. It was easy to forget that girls were a bit less forward here, and far easier to embarrass than in Britain due to the stricter formalities here.

Akira noticed where Mai's eyes landed, and she let out a soft chuckle. The blond boy (Bishop) was getting told off by a lavender haired female, and she definitely found it a bit amusing. She liked a girl that spoke her mind, just about as much as she liked shy girls like Mai. Akira then spoke up, not realizing how it would sound, "I like girls like that. It's a good thing that she knows what she wants and tells others when they've displeased her. Ne?" She wasn't even aware that it sounded like she meant she was romantically attracted to girls like the angry bookworm (Yuuki). Akira was oblivious to the fact that she would have to watch her words to avoid misunderstandings, and it would surely put her in a lot of awkward situations in the near future.

"Watch where you stand!"

Akira instinctively shot forward in reaction to Mai's shock and the unknown guy's (Kazuki's) entrance, leaning forward and shielding Mai from the possibility of danger with her own body. Akira didn't even stop to consider that it might make the girl embarrassed, she was too worried about her general. She wasn't sure if this loud delinquent would lose his footing, and she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she stood by and allowed the smaller girl to get stepped on or hurt in any way. She knew she was very close to the other girl because of this, but she couldn't help what her instincts caused her to do, "You could have hurt her! Watch where you're going!" Akira shouted in the tall guy's (Kazuki's) direction, twitching a bit.

"Well, see you later kiddos!"

Guys who put girls in danger.. How dare he risk hurting her for his own sake! She thought to herself, both of her fists clenched as she held in her anger, knuckles turning a pale white as she watched the guy sprint off and interrupt several other conversations.


Then she remembered she was leaning over Mai in a defensive way. Akira blinked down at the smaller girl and removed herself from Mai's personal space. Akira immediately rubbed the back of her neck and let out a nervous laugh, realizing she probably made the girl feel very uncomfortable, "S-sorry about that.. I was scared he was going to end up landing on you. I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable." She replied in a nervous tone, hoping she didn't scare the girl too much with her forward actions. The Japanese were a more reserved group of people, and Akira realized her actions were definitely defined as an invasion of space.

Akira sat down with a generous amount of space between herself and Mai, eyes averting. She realized that she probably came across as some perverted boy from Mai's perspective, but it honestly wasn't like that. Now everything is awkward.. She was just responding to protect the small girl from injury. She never wanted to see someone get hurt if she could take their place. After watching her parents die, she didn't want to see anyone else get hurt, especially people she liked..and this girl was absolutely adorable. She was shy, and very petite, Akira kind of wanted to poke the girl's cheek to make sure that she was real, but she refrained from touching her, even when she'd used her own body to shield Mai from the black haired parkour guy (Kazuki).

"Why did you look like you were going to cry earlier... Did someone say something mean to you?" Akira asked with innocent curiosity on her face, completely baffled by the true cause of Mai's shyness and nervousness. She didn't realize that Mai found her 'pretty' and was extra nervous because she was a 'boy' who approached her out of nowhere. Akira was a bit dense when it came to understanding others, which often put her in uncomfortable situations like this one. It was safe to say that Akira was no good at reading in between the lines. She'd come to a completely off base conclusion in the end, "If they did, just point them out and I'll make them apologize." she responded with a cheerful grin on her face, running a hand through her hair. This uniform was rather hot, considering the sun was blaring down on them and she unbuttoned the black jacket of her uniform to reveal the white shirt, letting out a soft sigh afterwards.

+1 Notoriety to Kazuki

+1 Popularity to Mai

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"Someone once told me, I have a talent to tame wild creatures, not a responsibility I like to have at all."

Another pink was in front of him, however this one was not a petal. It was a form of a human, a rather beautiful one at that. That is something he would not deny. This person is someone he knew for a long time and someone, he would label as his friend. Still, his stoic facade never faded, but those eyes of storm gray held the tinge of recognition and softness. This was only a brief moment, before he answered the source of such a cheerful greeting and the speaking pink ball towards his person. "Good morning, Cassio---" He was unable to continue his words as he felt those slender and soft arms encircling around his neck. This action was something he did not turn away or was he cautious about it. That is because he knew very well that this gesture never meant anything else but simple and pure affection.

However, Aeon did not return it. He is well-aware of manners and the respect he has every intention to show in regards of the quite popular, Pink Princess. She then mentioned she missed him very much. There was an odd sense as he recalled the many calls and e-mails he received during the summer. "I apologize if that made you sad. I answered all of your calls and messages." He then gently placed his hands on her arms, removed it from his form and released it. This was not a sign of rejection, but of courtesy. She then asked how his vacation had been. He looked back to his so-called summer break. It is true that he had been traveling in and out of the country, but they were not for leisure. It was strictly business. However, it was all in all... "It was fine."

He then saw a pink petal landing on her nose. Aeon reached out with elegant yet swift movement as he plucked it, then, he released it into the wind. His eyes lingered on it for a while before he looked at Cassiopeia once more. "How about you." The tone remained with his usual monotone voice as he offered her his hand. It was a polite gesture of an invitation. If she held his hand, he will lead her to sit beside him. Due to these moments, there had been rumors circulating that they are lovers. Furthermore, the only girl who he seemed to tend to without any prior obligations or reason was Cassiopeia. At the same time, she was the only one who could attach herself to Aeon without the fear of being brushed off in anyway.

This might have been contributed to why Cassiopeia does not have much of female friends as they avoid her. They are rather envious and jealous of the pink-haired girl's assumed importance to the rather known School Idol or the relative word, Prince, especially when she just came here last year. However, they do not know the rather complicated nature or the history between the two. They are also not aware that the heart of the Pink Princess does not belong to Aeon in any form nor did he want it. "I have heard from Hotaru. I do not object in any of the decisions you would make in your life. However, I would like for you to remember to take heed of yourself." One of the conditions that Cassiopeia had been permitted to study here and be far from Greece was that Aeon promised to look after her. Of course, he also assured Cassiopeia that he would not be hounding her, he will give her much freedom.

At that point, he noticed from the corner of his eye, a commotion. Aeon is already aware of the source of it as he heard the guards shouting. There was only one person within this Academy that has the audacity to do such things. And as if on cue, the known Delinquent appeared with every intention to escape the clutches of the ones after him. He could also determine that his current track would collide with Cassiopeia which he would not allow. As such, he grabbed her arm and then pulled her towards him. "Excuse me." He caught her as not to hurt her, not minding the closeness of their bodies as he then switched places with her. The one now sitting was her and he was standing. He straightened himself and extended his leg a bit.

The desired result was then achieved as the so-called delinquent fell flat on his face. It was effective as the guards' faces lit up in relief, because they are able to catch up with the animal who is known as Kazuki Miyamoto. However, the man was able to recollect himself and angrily wanted to know who was responsible. The answer came to him without a doubt as those golden eyes looked at him with contempt. He was not bothered by it, but he could not ignore this man as much as he would like. This is all due to the request of Hayashi and the Principal. They placed him into his responsibility. Then, the delinquent noted he had thought the Aeon had been taken to the heavens or roughly meaning, dead.
"You are such a child." He stated this after Kazuki mentioned about his uncle's car having insurance. Through all of that, his indifferent mask never changed or showed any kind of other emotions. "I would not stop your intentions of making yourself as a fool. However." His eyes never leaving the form of Kazuki. The man could be compared to a leech or a parasite. Truly troublesome. "Do not bother others who do not like to be involved with your idiotic machinations." His words were spoken with such flawless precision, but the edge of coldness resembling the coldest of ice. He remains calmly pristine, but it was evident that he is not pleased at all. "I will leave him in your care." His eyes landed on the guards who stood before him with such stiffness and due respect. "Yes, thank you for your assistance, Belrose-sama." He gave them a nod and then looked at Cassiopeia. "I shall take my leave now." And then, he began to walk away whether Cassiopeia would follow him or not. He would not dictate it.

First day of school, it was already starting to be too troublesome for his liking.

Popularity |+ 1 to Cassiopeia
Notoriety | + 1 to Kazuki

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"Let me sleep
as I do, I will have dreams
in them, I could get to see you
smiling at me so serenely and happy
so, let me sleep like this
never wake me up."

"Come on wake up!I want to show you something, Ryou... Something very beautiful."

The voice he wanted to hear so much faded into nothingness and instead, it was replaced by a feeling of pain radiating from his feet. It felt that something or probably someone stepped on it. That's why slowly but surely, his eyes opened to the image of reality. He didn't utter any recognition of it by releasing any sound. This spoke volumes on his tolerance and exhibit of control. He is such a composed person as he simply opened his eyes and then looked to his right side where he felt presences of people nearby. It made him wonder if he will be welcomed by the sights of those hounding girls. They might be the cause of him being stepped on to wake up.

But, he just saw two people, a pair composed of a girl (Arietta) and a boy (Saburo). The female was a familiar one to him. The male was not. His eyes of silver gray reminding one of the moon's light gazed at them. There was no blame in them as it still was faintly hazed with sleepiness, but he did hear the girl, Hakushiro that's her name if he remembered correctly, apologized. That was odd in his understanding. "I'm fine." He answered in a soft yet casual manner as he stood from his seat, finally showcasing his full height. His eyes landed on his foot as he moved it around. "But, why are you apologizing?"

Once more, his eyes fell on her. Then, he heard a familiar voice which he wanted to avoid for the duration of his day. He looked towards that direction seeing Miyamoto surrounded by the school guards and the known school idol (Aeon) and the kind Cassiopeia. Somehow, he now understood. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the scenario. "It's not your fault." He stated without any pretense, but it was enough to silence any argument as he looked at Hakushiro. His words had always have weight about them whether he noticed it or not. There was still a smudge of dirt at the hem of skirt and he knew she was just a victim as anyone else from Miyamoto's rampaging scene. He deduced the girl must be blaming herself for whatever happened which he had a clear reason to believe was done because he was here. Miyamoto had always did everything in his power to issue fights or challenges to him in different ways.

"Here." Ryou took out a clean handkerchief from his pants' pocket and handed it to her. "There's still some left." Whether she took it or not, he continued after she made her response. "It's a thanks for your concern." He said to give reason for his gesture. Most people feel more comfortable when there are reasons behind actions and especially when they're stated. Ryou then looked to the unfamiliar face, the boy (Saburo). "Welcome to Airdalen." He assumed that the new face was a freshman if he was wrong, then it's his bad. He then looked from the boy (Saburo) to Hakushiro. From his observation, they seemed to know each other. He must be interrupting them. "I guess, I'll see you two around then." Once he said that, he took his leave by walking away from that spot. He didn't want to be noticed by Miyamoto any more.

This was one of the days that he didn't want to be bothered by that fellow rowdy senior of his. He had a beautiful dream and that was shattered because of his self-proclaimed rival wanted to bother him with useless things. Anyway, he walked along the pathway as the Sakura blossoms were being blown by the wind. He looked at the falling petals as some landed on his shoulder and head. It was a beautiful contrast against the blackness of his hair and the paleness of his skin. It was like a painting when it involves him. Then, there it was again that voice he wanted to hear always.

"Did you know that the sakura petals can make wishes come true? It made mine into a reality. See, you're here with me."

His eyes held a hint of sadness and had an image as if he was looking across time. Just like that, he reached for one petal which landed at the palm of his hand and then closed his hand as if impaling it with an unspoken wish. Then, he released it to the winds, hoping it would be true, his dream.


Popularity + 1 (Cassiopeia)
Popularity + 1 (Aeon)
Notoriety + 1 (Kazuki)

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Rhys leaned his head back and closed his eyes with his hands stable on the bench. A nice calm breeze passed his way, sending long strands of his hair in even further disarray than it was already. The serene morning was soon bustling with activity as more and more students slipped in by the minute. Schools are probably all the same no matter what part of the world you’re in. He reflected on his school days in Britain and all the trouble he got in with the other kids. He was always rough housing for fun and the pain never bothered him because he couldn’t feel it. The problem with not being able to feel pain was he could never really tell if he was pushing others too hard or even himself. It also makes me feel inhuman...

"Etto... the weather's really hot today.." Rhys startled, opened his eyes and quickly turned his head to face the girl (Shiori) beside him. He had almost forgotten that she was present bearing in mind what a quiet bench mate she had been the last few minutes. Everyone else was also nosier compared to the way they were. “Yeah…” Rhys answered before leaning his head back again, resuming closing his eyes and enjoying the breeze not expecting her to say much else. So, there are still people who casually talk about the weather… there isn’t much to say about it though.

"I'm Shiori Kitogawa." Out of surprise, Rhys reacted with a slight twitch. He didn’t expect the girl to give out her name so freely. In fact, he wasn’t expecting anything at all when he decided to sit there. “Hm?” He opened his eyes again and slouched forward, placing his hands on his knees before turning his head to eye her. His natural intimidating look took over as he tried to read her behaviour. He wasn’t sure what the girl’s--- Shiori’s, motives were as she didn’t look happy at all about introducing herself. So, why did she? She didn’t owe it to him or anything. Rhys watched as Shiori’s shoes kept moving against the concrete in a fidgety display. He sighed inwardly. Women.. if only they could just say whatever it is they wanted. His thought trail applied to his own mother too. She was never very direct about what she wanted with the only exception being chores where it was as straight forward as it could get with sentences like ‘clean your room’, ‘do the laundry’ yadda yadda…

When Shiori’s eyes made contact with his, Rhys let out a light gasp that was barely audible as he was startled again. He hadn’t been able to see her face clearly until now since she had her nose in the books so to speak and down focused on the ground a bit earlier, but looking clearly now as she looked back at him… she was quite pretty. Her hair was silky long and her eyes were a shade of violet he hadn’t seen before. Oh… right, I’m in Japan. Of course the women are beautiful… He regained his composure as the gaze exchange didn’t last long. The mysterious girl went back to staring at the ground as if it were more interesting than he was.

"You don't have to reply to me, I was just trying to be polite, that's all.." Finally, a direct one. he thought sarcastically to himself. I think I just learned a valuable thing about women today… when they’re direct it’s like a kick to the balls. Rhys’ pride was a bit injured when Shiori said he didn’t have to reply back. It was like she introduced herself out of obligation rather than an interest in him. He knew there was no real sense of obligation for her to talk to him but the fact she said what she said…. Ugh, it’s messing with my head.
He placed a palm on his forehead and closed his eyes as if he was having a migraine. You’re fucking overthinking this man just because you haven’t talked to the other half of the race since you got here. Taking a deep breath, he turned to the Japanese beauty and spoke. “Rhys… but in Japan you go by surnames right? So it’s—“ before he could finish, someone (Kazuki) was starting a racket. "As if I'd let you catch me! Suckers!" Rhys instinctively smirked. Boy, does he remind me of back in the day.. The smirk faded quickly when the guy ran over to where they were. "S'cuse me! Up and over!" Rhys didn’t flinch as the student (Kazuki) jumped over the bench. He could only watch as the guy (Kazuki) continued to cause more mayhem on the school grounds. "Gah…” He scratched the back of his head still not phased and wanting to stay out of it before turning to his newest acquaintance. “…Browning.” He finished his name, leaning a cheek against his knuckles as he cracked them.

Popularity (to Shiori) +1

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She didn't really expect an answer from the quiet male (Rhys), and she stole a glance at him out of the corner of her eye when she felt he wasn't looking. He didn't seem to want to socialize, but she knew better than anyone that a cold demeanor didn't mean that the person themselves were truly cold-hearted. She had a lot of trouble making friends, because she would always panic and say something cocky or rude. She didn't mean to, she was just afraid of getting hurt and the words came out of her mouth of their own accord. He seemed to be enjoying the weather, but she wasn't necessarily fond of it, especially since their uniforms consisted of dark colored jackets. The uniforms were gorgeous, but they definitely weren't comfortable on the hotter days of the year.


She immediately tensed up a bit, realizing that she might have been barking up the wrong tree.. He didn't give his name back yet, so perhaps he truly didn't want to talk to her? Was she reading into the situation too much? Her mother always told her she expected too much out of people. Perhaps that was true? He was a very attractive guy, but in a delinquent sort of way. Usually long hair looked really bad on men and made them look like stoners, but she found it rather suited this boy rather well. He also had brown eyes, a common shade around Japan, yet his hair was not. The blond-brunet hair color was very strange, a rarity to be honest, and it was an instant give away that he was foreign, or at least had a foreign parent. She knew of a few others with light hair, but they were all transfers or had parents from western descent.

Though when his eyes landed on her, she immediately felt herself become very nervous. It was very unnerving to know he was looking at her, and she began to regret her direct choice of conversation. Do I have something on my face? Did my mascara run?

She began panicking, especially after she thought she heard a gasp, but she wasn't entirely sure. It could have just been her mind playing tricks on her, but she was totally a nervous train wreck inside of her head. She kind of wanted to run off, but that would only make the situation worse.. and the program would start soon. She didn't need to run off, it would only complicate things in the end, because she'd be too embarrassed to return here. Though after telling him that he didn't have to talk to her, she knew it came off as a bit indecisive, especially since she chose to speak to him first.. She couldn't help it though, every time she got too nervous about whether someone would like her or not, she'd always say the exact opposite of what she meant.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shiori noticed that the boy grasped his forehead, and it seemed as though he was in pain. Did he have a headache? Is that why he was so quiet? Immediately she rummaged through her bag, before extending out her hand. There was two small red pills still inside of their foil containers in a gloved palm, definitely some kind of brand like Tylenol. She didn't make eye contact, but it was the least she could do for being so much trouble. She doubted she was making this guy's life any easier. Though, she was most likely the only student who wore silk gloves on campus. The gloves were a sleek black, and definitely femininely designed. She wore these often, but there was no obvious sign as to why.

“Rhys… but in Japan you go by surnames right? So it’s—“

She was surprised that he started speaking again, and she got a name, albeit it was only his given name instead of his full name. Though to her relief, he mentioned that in Japan, individuals addressed each other by their last names. Thank god.. for a minute there I thought he was going to expect me to address him by his first name.. She had a light blush on her cheeks from the thought. She definitely would have said something harsh if he'd asked her to call him Rhys. That was too forward, way too soon. She was on a totally different planet, no where near addressing boys or girls by their first names. She didn't even notice the racket, but she did notice when Rhys quit speaking. Her eyes lifted just in time to see a dark haired male approaching them with the speed of an angry rhinoceros stampede. Her eyes widened, especially since she recognized this person. This person was none other than Kazuki Miyamoto. If there was anyone in this school that she was most terrified to speak to, it was definitely him. He was outgoing, loud, reckless, and definitely didn't understand personal space. She did not want him to get anywhere near her, because he was unpredictable and no one knew what was on that psycho's mind.


"S'cuse me! Up and over!"

Shiori let out a soft gasp and ducked down as fast as she could, still sitting on the bench, but lowered her form to where she wouldn't become a casualty of Kazuki's escape. He jumped over their bench, and Shiori stopped breathing for a moment, completely terrified. She did not want to be physically touched by anyone, and she couldn't continue to breathe until after he cleared their bench and moved towards another where a petite ivory haired boy (Akira) was talking to a small ebony haired girl (Mai). She remained hunkered down for a few minutes, her heart beating really fast. She didn't see that coming at all, and she was frozen from the fear that hadn't quite worn off yet. She was not trembling, for the fact that she couldn't move at all. Her eyes were glued to the ground and she was breathing very slowly to calm herself down. She didn't even pay attention to her surroundings, and only caught the end of what Rhys was saying. She immediately sat back up, but continued the pattern of avoiding eye contact.


"We do address each other by last name here, unless we feel emotionally connected and close to one another. So I would be Kitogawa-san, and you would be Browning-san. You would use -chan, or -kun at the end to address close friends.." She replied, her fingers now trembling, seeing as she just recently mustered up the courage to move. Though her eyes shifted to him once more, a little curious. Why was he cracking his knuckles? Was he trying to intimidate people? Was he going to get in a fight? She was completely baffled, "Welcome to Airdalen, be aware of the fact that this place is full of idiots.." her tone was much colder, and she was definitely referring to Kazuki, but also several others. Although she didn't hate Kazuki, she definitely didn't like him very much.

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"Every day has been so wonderful.
I've met a lot of people and seen
A lot of things which I could never
Before. This is all thanks to you."

Aeon's simple answer of I'm fine or the complete logical response that she should not miss him as they talked as much as possible were things she really expected out of him, but she did hope that he would entertain him with stories. It was apparent that he was not really the kind to discuss his vacation so openly or he seemed fond of his summer break. Cassiopeia tilted her head to the side in curiosity as she put her hands behind her. Were his trips not exciting and fun? He was always off to one place after another as she heard, but thinking about it now carefully, it must be all business related. That would make it boring then, but it's still a story she would like to hear someday.

It became her turn when he asked about hers as he held out his hand to her. Her face quickly lit up like a child within an amusement park as she happily took the hand and sat beside him. He was always a gentleman which made her happier. "It was so fun! I really wished you were there, Aeon! Hotaru brought me to Kyoto, Okinawa, Mt. Fuji! It was so amazing! It looked like a delicious ice cream! Right, Clio?" She energetically shared while looking for support from her mechanical assistant who bounced up and down matching its mistress' excitement. "Yes, delicious, Clio says!" She nodded her head happily at that agreement. She clapped her hands as she remembered the memories she made during her vacation and continued with her tale. "There were wonderful temples and a lot of sand at the beach. Hotaru told me that there will still be a lot of things I need to see. I'm looking forward to it!"

"Again! Clio Says!" Clio supported its mistress' enthusiasm. Cassiopeia lightly giggled at this. "Yes, let's do it again!" She stated with a bright smile, but it was replaced with a slight pout when Aeon mentioned about hearing from Hotaru. She did hear something about that from her overprotective guardian. She listened to his words and she was thankful for him. It's not a secret that her parents allowed her to come here due to Aeon's help in the negotiations. That's why she's very happy to have him at her side even if she thinks it's selfish of her to use their friendship which started a long time ago to her advantage. He had always been considerate of her. That's why she wasn't that surprised when she found out that Aeon was considered an idol of sorts at this school, but it was still a bit funny in a different area.

She took a deep breath and extended her hands forward where Clio recognized for it to come. It did and Clio was now being held by her in between her hands. "I'm fine... I know that I've been causing you trouble ever since I came here.. But, I've never been this happy before." She stood from her seat and then walked a bit forward as she did a pirouette. She stopped in front of Aeon with a dazzling and gentle smile. "Thank you very much, Aeon." At the exact moment, she said that. Her arm was grabbed by him which earned her surprise, but this was not caused by their bodies being pressed closely for a short time. It was caused by the fact he touched her. It might be odd. It's true that she had been the kind to shower affection through actions and being held by other people was not much of a bother to her, but he was different. He rarely touches her and when he does so, it's for a reason like saving her from a collision. That’s why she can’t help but be surprised, because she does wish that he would touch her someday not for anything else but just because, they’re friends.

She found herself seated again and Aeon standing while looking down at a man who fell on his face. She recognized him immediately. "Kazuki-kun!" She exclaimed as Clio's flapped its ear wings in a frantic manner. "Danger! Danger! Clio Says!" Kazuki was able to get back on his feet and confronted Aeon. She knew that two had always been at odds with each other. They were polar opposites, but she believed that they are wonderful friends because of it. She really does have a different view of things. "Are you all right?" She asked in concern as she stood from the bench and approached Kazuki who were surrounded by the guards. He did fell on his face. She looked at Aeon quickly when he clearly assessed Kazuki as an idiot. "Aeon! You should not say things like that!" She reprimanded Aeon in a motherly tone as Clio backed it up. "Say sorry! Clio Says!"

But, Aeon instead announced that he would be leaving. Cassiopeia sighed at this while lightly shaking her head. She looked at Kazuki again and saw that he has a bruise at the bridge of his nose. That was rather awful as she remembered Kazuki saying that many girls would cry if he gets hurt. It's probably because he's handsome. She released Clio and took out a band-aid with a pink color and heart design. "Kazuki-kun, please be careful. I don't like seeing you hurt. I know Aeon feels the same way." Her perception at best comes out as nonexistent. She then placed the band-aid on the bruise. "There, all better!" She smiled at him in which the other guards present looked at her fondly. "I'll see you later then." She waved at him as Clio followed it up too. "Bye! Bye! Clio Says!" She then followed after Aeon with Clio trailing behind her.

Cassiopeia was able to catch up with Aeon as she walked beside him. "Aeon, that was not nice. Kazuki-kun must have a reason for doing what he did. You should try to understand that." She stated with a motherly tone that is very natural of her. "Right! Clio Says!" She sighed at this and that's when she noticed something bright in front of her, like orange. "Hmm? Could it..." She stopped from walking and just looked at someone who was with a known face to her. It was Gen and the one beside her... At that point, Cassiopeia's eyes twinkled in happiness and a bright smile on her face. "Vika!" She shouted a bit loudly as she ran passed Aeon with such excitement. Her hand was flailing about in a cheerful wave.

She soon reached her destination in which she launched a very delighted hug towards Vika. Her arms were around the younger girl instantly as she gently squeezed Vika in her enthusiasm and happiness. "I'm so happy to see you here!" Her face was truly a reflection of delight of seeing and meeting Vika here. It had been quite a long time since they saw each other. This year was turning out to be a wonderful one.

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"Come now, you know what they say don't you? Trouble is just another red flag which leads to having a grand time of fun. It isn't? Well, that's the way with me."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Detention ] ||

Golden eyes narrowed distinctively as it fixated on the so-called idol of the school which he would like to call personally as an arrogant piece of bastard (Aeon). This pissant and him never got along from the very moment they laid eyes on each other. They were just too different from the personality to their way of life. But, their paths crossed eventually through for whatever reason it may be, this shit-face always manages to stop his antics with the simplest touch. That is the very reason he hates Aeon's guts or whatever he has going on. Ever since then, it has been this guy's directive of sorts to handle him as if Kazuki would dance to anyone's tune except his own.

"If I'm a child, then you're a fucking old man!" He snorted at Aeon who remained ever so calm. It annoyed him even further and really that's something in Kazuki's book. No one really gets under his skin, like Aeon does. Somehow, it seemed to be the same with Aeon who's stoic tone held a noticeable degree of ice coldness. "Good advice, why don't you follow it, bastard." He hissed at him like cat and then it was replaced with an arrogant smirk when the guy finally decided to leave him alone. "Yeah, walk away." He nodded his head, as he saw the pretty-faced pink girl approaching him. At least, something good came out of this.

Cassiopeia had always been the one thing who believed that he's not rotten as everyone else believed. She asked if he's fine and all. He shrugged his shoulders with that confident expression of his. "Nothing hurts me, love." He said with a wink as one of the guards tightened his hold on him. "Geez! Get off my case, already..." He was well-aware how popular the pink-haired girl is not only to the students here, but mostly to the boys. It's because of her infectious kindness in tandem with that beauty of hers. She's a keeper as they would say and speaking of which, she does have Aeon somewhat under her thumb in most cases like how she earlier scolded the guy.

Actually, that's why he would often try to get chummy with the girl. Just to find a way to have a wonderful payback at that good-for-nothing Aeon. It's good the girl has total zero defense towards anyone. But, it does get difficult at times, especially now. The girl suddenly came to him about not liking seeing him hurt and that Aeon feels the same way. He chuckled at that, because this girl has a knack to be a comedian. It made him wonder how Cassiopeia was exactly raised. "You worried? I'll believe, but him? That would be the day the pigs finally fly." Out of nowhere, he felt something on his nose as he took a look at it. The guards tried to hide their laughter about the pink band-aid with a heart on his face. This was definitely going to ruin his current get-up which he just got back earlier from his uncle's styling.

"Oi! Cassiopeia, get back here!" It was a little too late as she had left in tow with that weird looking pink ball of hers, following that stupid Aeon. Kazuki shook his head in dismay, but not about that. This was another thing about that girl. She was completely oblivious and just too naive for her own good. The pink-haired princess was simply someone hard to pin down and that's simply just how she is. At the same time, she just manages to get everyone to be dragged into her pace and her world. Well, it's not like they can blame anyone about that. Her world is certainly much better. He would also admit that makes him at times holding back when it comes to her, but just a very tiny bit.

In any case, he released a big sigh as the guards finally let out their laughter. Kazuki was well-aware of the reason for that. It was the blinding band-aid on his goddamn nose. He couldn't take it off as his hands are being restrained by the guards. "Sheesh! A kiss would have been better." He raised his complaint as he looked at the guards. "Would you release me already? I have this hideous thing on my face." One of the guards managed to stop laughing. "It looks good on you. Pink suits you, Miyamoto." Kazuki rolled his eyes at that and shook his head. "I know... I know.. But, come on, give me a break here. I can't have all you guys swooned at me. I already have my hands full with the girls."

Even with that, Kazuki is still full of himself as he winked at the guards who shook their heads in disbelief. Nothing could really get this guy down for too long. But one thing is for sure, it never gets boring with Kazuki being around. Anyway... "Whatever you say. We'll get you to Hayashi-sensei." The guard said as they drag him to his uncle and he was certain it was another session where he wished he didn't have ears anymore or something along those lines. Really, his uncle just has that screechy voice. He doesn't know if it's because something happened to him while growing up or whatever. It's just not pleasant to listen to it especially when it's used to telling him off.

As far as it looks, Kazuki was going to look forward to the first detention of the school year.

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Saburo wasn't really sure what was going on, but Arietta was acting pretty weird for some reason. Apparently she didn't want anyone else to know about the tutoring because someone might think she was a nerd. He didn't really think she was a nerd though, just smart. There was a difference. Last year there was this smart dude on the team who helped a lot with the plays and stuff. A nerd is like a person who doesn't have a life and just reads sci-fi comics or something.

"You're not a nerd." Saburo lowered his voice for Arietta's sake. "Nerds are the guys who really out of shape and just play otome games all the time." He assured the Senior. "But yeah, I'll keep it low key if you want."
"Though, when you need during school homework help, you can send me a text instead of asking it face to face. It's more discreet that way. Do you think you'll need my number?"
Saburo smiled, pulling out his own phone. "Sure, I'll take it."

Before Arietta could reply the conversation was interrupted. "Hot stuff, coming through!" before he got a chance to look up some random guy (Kazuki) pushed between him and Arietta. Luckily, Saburo was able to catch himself from falling. "Hey! What the hell!" He yelled at the dude after regaining balance. Who was this guy to be pushing him around? If they ever had a run in again, Saburo wouldn't cut the guy any slack.

"Are you alright, Inoue-san?" Saburo's head snapped back towards his tutor. In his short lived anger, he had sort of forgotten about her. From the looks of it, Arietta wasn't able to right herself in time from the flustered look she portrayed.
"Yeah...thanks." The freshman paused for a second, recalling his anger. "Who was that asshole?"

"That was Kazuki. He's pretty well known for pulling stuff like that. He's not that bad once you get to know him though." Tsuyoshi had followed the wake left by Kazuki, finding Saburo in the process.
"You know him?" Tsuyoshi nodded.
"Yeah, we hung out a couple times. I thought you'd like him." Saburo paused to stare at the senior for a moment.
"No, seriously." Tsuyoshi broke a smile. "When your not on the sharp end of his crap it's not that bad."
"Yeah, okay."

Sabruo's attention was diverted to a towering senior (Ryou) who was asleep just a moment ago. "Welcome to Airdalen."
"Uh...thanks man." For whatever reason, he remembered something his father had said once.
"You gotta know the line between being confident, and being stupid. Once you get that down, I think you'll do alright."
Starting beef with this guy was definitely on the stupid side.
"I guess, I'll see you two around then." With that, the giant took his leave.

"So...How's it going Arietta? Saburo tells me you got me in science. I mean it's kinda hard to get the class when the teacher doesn't either right? ...Well you gotta know the stuff to be tutoring it...right?" Saburo glanced at his friend, then at Arietta. He gave the blonde girl a shrug.

+1 Notoriety Kazuki

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"But you must know, moy Gen-chan! I only have eyes for you!"
Gen had to fight back the urge to laugh as Vika played along and she was sure her friend was doing the same. While witnesses may think the girls were being serious, it was just them up to their usual dramatic antics. It made Gen reminisce of when they met, personally hard for her to imagine a close friend once was a complete stranger. Friendship truly was magical in her eyes, along with love. "Dear, you must not tease me so~" she said as she reacted hesitant at the touch of Vika's hand caressing her cheek and even managed to think embarrassing thoughts to surface a blush to go with the act. It was one of Gen's natural gifts; the ability to act. Normally, all she had to do was recall a single or several memories from her life relevant to the character she wanted to portray. It made her performances believable, even if the play itself was written poorly. Gosh, how she loved theater.

"With eyes as beautiful as the Dahlia's, how could I look elsewhere?"
Gen was thoroughly impressed. She couldn't have foreseen such a well done improvised line coming from her friend. They were so in sync that it made her consider if her attitude had rubbed off on Vika or maybe subconsciously, the other way around. She wasn't so sure anymore but she was having fun. Gen wasn't uncomfortable at all as the act continued on, her own hand placed on top of Vi's gently. In this instance, her friend's height could be considered relevant rather than a hindrance.

"I don't know if I'll let my eyes wonder, moy Gen-chan. Relationships and I aren't built to last,"
Gen's fake blush and anything else for that matter were thrown out the window and replaced by a look of utter disbelief. Her gorgeous friend in relationships that weren't built to last? It sounded like such an absurd concept to Gen. She just couldn’t fathom it! "Well ma cherie~ only time will tell." Gen said with her head turning away, lips forming a small subtle smile. You'll see my dear~ when you find the one. It will be a love so beautiful. Gen really believed with all her heart. If not for their conversation still ongoing, Gen would be spending time trying to figure out what Vika's type was.

"Don't worry moy Gen-chan. If, by chance, my eyes do wander, you would be the first to know,"
Gen finally let loose a chuckle in a lady-like manner as her hand covered her mouth slightly to quieten herself. “You have no idea how happy that makes me, dear~” Gen smiled warmly with her hands entwined in a cute manner behind her back. Turning around at the commotion, she observed as a guard chased a student she recognized, senior Kazuki. It was a wonder how that boy had made it to senior year without repeating grade all over again. There were suspicions of Mr. Hayashi’s involvement. It was no secret that they were related.

"This will certainly be an interesting year, it seems."
Gen’s bright eyes lingered a little on her fellow classmate Kazuki as he stirred up further trouble, jumping over a bench that had a young shy couple (Shiori and Rhys) occupying it. The sight made her laugh again. ”Quite a good looking fellow, kno? It’s a shame he doesn’t—“ before she could finish, they were interrupted as a few more fellow faces from her senior year showed up in view. First came Cassiopeia, followed by Aeon but Gen wasn't sure if he would stay long in their company. He didn't seem to be fond of socializing from her experiences sharing classes with him. It was only then that she realised the 'young love' couple she had seen before from a distance were those two but it wasn't much of a surprise. The real surprise for Gen was when Cassiopeia's arms draped over Vika in front of her, causing her to take a step back.

"I'm so happy to see you here!"
Gen's eyes moved from Vika to Cassiopeia and continued at this pattern until she was a bit dizzy. A small world after all. Unsure of how to approach the situation, Gen took a deep breath in and resumed her pleasantries even though her presence had been ignored for a bit. Her optimistic side didn't want to linger on being ignored, but focus on the positives such as her friend having already another friend to help her around Airdalen. She wouldn't have to worry about Vika fitting in as the girl would do just fine with Cassiopeia. The pink-haired elite pretty much got along with everybody. "Cassiopeia, hope your holiday was well~" she spoke up when the opportunity arose, her smile resuming even though she was a tad bit confused. "Aeon, I hope yours was pleasant as well darling~" she gave him a polite bow of the head whether or not he stopped walking to join them. Somehow, this puts me in a strange spot... but just grin and bear it!


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Johnny Farelli

Johnny watched the rowdy individual (Kazuki) get "detained" by security. Judging from the speed and the harshness put behind the words, Johnny imagined the shouting included much swearing. There was an odd feeling in the towering foreigner’s gut as he watched the situation play out. What was it… nostalgia? Johnny knew for certain that he saw something familiar in the events that unfolded the many metres away.

A fair number of the words, Johnny managed to recognize on account of his recent cram-reading of the booklet. He determined that the kid was not pleased about being at this school. Who knows? Johnny thought, Maybe there is something about this school that guy doesn’t like? It was then that he felt that he might have the thousand-yard stare again. Pre-emptively, he shook his head and returned to studying his dictionary.

Thanks to the enclosed space where little outside sound pierced the perimeter walls, Johnny heard many a dialogue delivered in Japanese from a few of the groups of students that had formed. He was barely able to catch to a handful of the words. What words he did catch, he sometimes managed to decipher what was being discussed between the other students. Most of the dialogue he caught was the clear, deliberate dialogue between two who appeared to be actresses. (Gen and Vika) Johnny did enjoy the performing arts, as they were similar to sports... and his personal interests... Plus, the clarity in their speech made it easier to decipher the individual words being said, which was great practice.

Amongst the students, Johnny saw the one who was taller by a measly inch. (Ryou) That one was awake and apparently mingling with the others. Johnny pondered if the near-clone would make an interesting rival to mutually hone each others’ skills with. If there was one thing he learned from his old schools, it’s that having no challenge bored him greatly. It was the main reason why his grades were so… average… Having someone potentially superior to him in some way would certainly give Johnny drive to do better throughout the year. Perhaps moving to this school was a good idea after all.

A little further away, the one with the pink hair stood out like a sore thumb, (Cassiopeia) obviously because of the pink hair… which was pink like a sore thumb. Johnny had seen people with dyed hair before in the States, mainly during family reunions in California. He never understood the appeal behind it. Was it a ploy for attention, like how some treat the idea of fitness? Johnny suspected not, because unlike fitness, dyed hair doesn’t directly benefit the wearer. The way others seemed to swarm around her was ample evidence for Johnny to determine this stranger was a very popular girl, much like he was back in his old schools. The foreigner had no clue how "school hierarchy” functioned in this country, so he wasn't sure what to think of this girl.

The rest seemed like individuals whom Johnny would properly meet soon enough. For now, the foreigner needed to get more familiar with the language. After setting his messenger bag next to him, Johnny leaned back on the bench and crossed one long, muscular leg over another. With one hand, he continued reading the dictionary. The other hand lay stretched, yet relaxed across the back of the bench. He was the picture of relaxation to onlookers, and the stretched nature of his pose allowed his physique to more easily show through the uniform.

As he continued reading, and trying to absorb as much information as he could, he bobbed his head to a tune only he could hear, one of many rock ballads by Jimi Hendrix and his old ‘Band of Gypsies’.

+0 Intelligence (since it’s still the same stuff he’s been doing last post)

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"You know, I do things my way. So, are you sure that you're willing to hand someone to be in my care? Because, let's face it. I only care about me and may be a toy."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Boy Like You ] ||

Kazuki was able to remove that appalling pink band-aid on his face. There was no way he would be caught with that on his face, even if he has a large gash there. He would rather have the gash be seen. That would add to his many badges than take the risk of being seen so uncool which doesn't match with his determined outlook of himself. It was a good thing that he also has a way with the words when it does count. He had managed to convince the guards that he won't run away anymore, but that didn't mean he would not be escorted to his uncle who was currently at the school hall where everyone else was now heading towards.

The teachers began the announcement as he gotten a good look of the two females who for the sake of all worldly things could not remember the name of. Well, he does have his nicknames for them though. There's the Hysteria girl and the Booby lady. He has that smirk on his face as he passed by them. "Hey, there ladies! I would love some action of that with me." He gave them a wink while one of the guards gave him a bump on the head. "Show some respect Miyamoto!" As a response, Kazuki just rolled his eyes and nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. "I'm showing them my respect, you know. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't want to be embraced by those girls? They're hot."

The guards all had red faces whether it was because they were thinking the same rather perverted things or they were annoyed. It was never shown as they only shoved Kazuki to walk faster. "Move it!" As for the Hellion, he couldn't help but chuckle lightly at this. It seemed he made a point and really he does have a mouth that is more tainted than anyone could think of and he's not afraid to showcase every time he could find the opportunity to do so. He caught sight of some of the students looking at him, with those looks as if saying that he is someone who doesn't belong in this elite school. Well, he would agree to that if it means that he isn't one of them who has a stick shove so high up in their a**es.

Others looked at him as sort of icon who can't be tamed and for that he couldn't help but be prouder of his antics than ever. That's why it is not surprising that he also have quite a following that would not be easily ignored when compared to the arrogant piece of sh*t (Aeon) and the man he assigned as his rival (Ryou). He was more approachable and friendly, but more dangeroues than the two combine. Speaking of which, some of the girls greeted him with such enthusiasm as he answered back with a grin. "My my my! Look how stunning you all are. Can't wait to have a bite of you all." His voice oozed with such a hint of risky sexual innuendo which was in pair with his golden eyes that seemed to capture their soul without effort. The girls blushed at this while the guards shook their heads and pushed him to enter the school hall.

"Come on men, it's not my fault they like me." He retorted towards the shoving with his confident smirk. Kazuki was then lead towards the front row without much of a choice as he was forced to take a seat. "Sit down and wait! Hayashi-san will be with you shortly." Kazuki released a big sigh at that and leaned on his chair while his legs were stretched in front of him as he placed his arms behind his head as a sort of cushion. "Let's just get this show on the road already... I do have other appointments to get into." He was not really thrilled to be here or be part of whatever program this school has come up with. Tapping his feet on the floor, he let his eyes look around and directed it to the area where he heard some commotion at the back. His eyes narrowed considerably as he saw his rival (Ryou) who managed to subjugate it with a few words.

"There you are..." Kazuki knew well that the guy is a Killer. He could sense it about Ryou. Someone not meant to be trifle with and that's what excites him, to beat a guy like that. He was about to do something like issuing his challenge when he felt a rather very hot presence before him. His eyes returned at front and he was welcomed by the sight of his uncle who was probably informed of his mischief and about the car. "Hey there!" He greeted him with an innocent smile that the angels would be very proud of. "I guess it's high time you get a new car. You have insurance, right?" Then, his stomach grumbled, reminding him that breakfast was yet to be served. "Oh yeah, you did drag me here so early in the morning. I deserve some credit for that. Do you have something to eat?" Ah yes, he was also the kind that won't find anything wrong with his actions and never apologizes. "I'm starving over here."

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"Good morning and thank you, Fukui-san. I wished the same with yours."
Gen had a passing dissatisfied look on her face like a pout with her fingertips reaching for her brow, covering an eye in the process. “First name basis is quite alright darling~ no need to be so formal.” She responded, removing her hand and smiling as she spoke. She appreciated his reply but at the same time it felt a little off putting if he was going to treat her as if she were a stranger or as if they were newly acquainted. They had been in the same senior class for quite a length of time after all. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Gen had asked that of every other senior too. Despite that, she highly doubted he would heed her words based on his personality and due to the fact they weren’t close to begin with. If they had talked prior, it would’ve been a similar situation as to now with simple light greetings.

As Aeon and Vika introduced themselves to each other, Cassiopeia had turned to her."Good morning Gen-chan! Thank you for asking! Japan is a very beautiful country! I had lots of fun during the holidays seeing different spots!" Gen smiled at her fellow senior’s enthusiasm, already aware that she wasn’t a native to Japan. She was a bit interested in what had brought the energetic girl to their country too; was it family business or something more? There was no way for her to know as just like her and Aeon, she wasn’t close to Cassiopeia. The two had been running in completely different social circles.
Gen’s bright purple eyes widened in surprise as Cassiopeia’s hands clasped hers. "I still haven't seen the other places! That's why during our next break, why don't we go all together?" She couldn’t help but note at this point how the two (Aeon and Cassiopeia) were opposites in regard to how they approached people. Aeon kept people at a distance while Cassiopeia seemed to real them in. Well, they do say opposites attract~ "It would be more fun!" Gen was finding it harder and harder to refuse the girl the longer the offer was pushed forward. It wasn’t that she wanted to refuse, quite the opposite. It did sound like it’d be fun and all, but she wasn’t sure how the rest of the company would take it if it consisted of Aeon and more apathetic men in their travels.

Wait… more men? Gen’s eyes almost glittered at the thought. While she wasn’t particularly attracted to Aeon, she was aware that he was quite handsome and wouldn’t be surprised if there were more just as good looking guys in the pink-haired elite’s life. Maybe it was destined to be! Maybe she’d meet… the one. "Wouldn't it?" “Yes, I do believe so~ but I wouldn’t want to trouble you…” Gen’s hands were now holding Cassiopeia’s with a matching liveliness.
Before she could continue daydreaming and falling deeper into her romantic fantasies, Aeon had caught onto their conversation. "You are getting ahead of yourself, Cassiopeia. Allow them to have time to think about it properly as they could have other things already planned." Gen snapped out of her thoughts and resumed her casual look of friendliness accompanied by calmness. She had gotten a little carried away inside her head at least… not that anyone else would know besides Vika maybe.

An announcement was made by Ms. Araya, requesting all students to head inside the school hall. "Well, since we're all together here, shall we go together?" "I agree! Let's go together, friends!" Gen chuckled lightly at Cassiopeia and Vika, starting to understand just how similar to the two were and why they were friends to begin with. "Come on! Let's go!" Before Gen could say anything further, she found herself along with Vika, holding hands with Cassiopeia in the middle leading them towards the location and Aeon trailing behind. She sighed inwardly but not out of frustration. Well~ this is certainly a bit of a change. Engrossed in her thoughts about school in general, the male eyes observing her and her company were not given any attention from her.
Unfortunately for them, they had only arrived just on time so most seats were for the most part occupied with single seating here and there except for the seats that nobody else but girls wanted in the front row… cause of Kazuki. Those girls of his had likely been disallowed to sit there but as there were no seats really available for all four of them it wasn’t really a decision she had to make. Gen’s hands slid her uniform skirt properly behind her before sitting down next to him, taking a moment to admire his features before returning her attention to the assembly at hand. While she wasn’t a fan of his, she wasn’t against him either as evident by the way she spoke of him with Vika earlier that morning. He was one of the seniors she still hadn’t decided what category (to like or hate) to place him in. Those things took time. Similarly, she was still getting to know Aeon and Cassiopeia.

The appearance of the Principal was a little… odd. She hadn’t expected to see him at all before she graduated but for some reason or another, he had actually gone through the trouble. It was a nice gesture, she supposed.
“For seniors, I encourage you to make the most of your final year before the college entrance exams and before leaving Airdalen in general. The time you spend partying compared to the time you spend studying makes all the difference to what career options are available to you in the future. Not one to brag, Airdalen’s reputation and connections that I have spent years building up to has led to this moment, your final year. I have done my part but it is up to you to seize this opportunity as a student here under this high school’s name, to put in the extra mile that will determine the rest of your life from this point onward.“
She couldn’t help but whisper quietly over to her seatmate Kazuki, “I get the feeling he’s trying to address you~”

“Oh, that’s my cue to leave then…
In short, everyone, I do wish you all wholeheartedly the very best with your studies. Keep in mind I do not mean to alert you, just prepare you for the future as I am confident the Airdalen staff members are trying to do for you as well so please respect them too in my absence. Enjoy your first day back!”

Gen clapped at the conclusion of the principal’s address politely before listening to Ms Araya’s instructions on junior and senior pairings. So, that’s how it will be this time around~ She proceeded to stand up and retrieve her folder but realised Kazuki-san might not be as... willing. "Kazuki, would you like me to retrieve yours as well darling?" She spun around.


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"Well, if I'm going to do something that I don't like. Might as well make sure that it will be done in a way that I prefer. No regrets, okay?"
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Beat Drop ] ||

"You good for nothing scoundrel! I told you to stay put!" If hair could really become roaring flames, Hayashi's red hair would be one. This nephew of his had always been the very definition of trouble ever since he had been designated as the only known relative. "You already ate!" Hayashi declared with those glazing eyes of his. "The subway sandwich!" Kazuki placed his little finger inside one of his ear and rolled his eyes. The old man had forgotten that he wasn't able to eat it, because he was dragged out of the house, saying that they were late, only to find out that they were too early. "I should remind you. You dragged me or technically kidnapped me from my house without letting me eat." Hearing Kazuki talked back infuriated Hayashi more!

"Shut it!" Hayashi then physically took out a roll of tape "I'll attach you to your sit permanently! I can't leave you for one second!" Kazuki quickly retaliated by fighting his uncle's lunge. "Oi! Calm down you old man! You're on drugs aren't you!? I know it!" The security guys present there quickly restrained Hayashi who was rather prone to his insane acts. "Hayashi-san! Please calm down!" Kazuki clicked his tongue and sighed in annoyance while Hayashi finally noticed the other students looking at them. He glared at them. "There's nothing to see here! Get back to your seats at once!" The students immediately did so as Hayashi calmed himself down. "I did say I don't want no part of this stupid program." Hayashi quickly glared at Kazuki who looked away in irritation with his arms now folded over his chest.

"Hayashi-san, everything's fine now?" Hayashi forgot that the security was still around them. "It's fine." He was released and narrowed his eyes at Kazuki. "Stay there." Then, he left but not before Kazuki followed his uncle with his complaint which was ignored. "I'm still hungry! Tch! Bastard..." He shook his head in irritation and that was when some of the girls that adore him began to close on him. "Kazuki-senpai!" He looked at them and his irritable mode quickly turned into a cheerful one. "Hey there girls! Looking very cute today!" He smiled at them with that mischievous swagger of his. "Can we sit beside you?" He was about to answer a resounding yes, but the security and other staff prevented them, saying his uncle ordered them. "What!? This is harassment! You coots!"

It was still done as Kazuki placed one of his feet on his other knee and then placed his elbow on his raised leg where his cheek was now on the palm of his hand. "Boooooring~~" He was not pleased at all. Whoever said school was fun was probably mental. He stayed like that for a few minutes while tapping his index finger on his cheek, before he felt the seats beside him being occupied. He took a moment to look from the corner of his eyes to see it was a girl with blue hair (Gen). This girl was a senior like him if he remembered correctly. He wasn't in school too often and he always skips classes, so he can't be really sure.

It was then the projection screen was lowered down and the principal delivered his speech somewhere not in this country from the looks of it. Kazuki had finally met the guy once with his uncle when he was enrolled here. It was nothing too formal, just introductions and what he personally dislikes, sermons. He was told to behave as much as possible and that his uncle ensuring that he would do so. Well, it wasn't working out as far as he could tell. He closed his eyes, not wanting to watch or even listen to this bull of crap. Speeches are always boring. Oh! How he wanted to just get out of this hall, may be he should. There's nothing to stop him really. He cracked open one of his eyes and could see the the staff watching the students including him particularly with intensity. They're making sure that he won't be causing a ruckus like earlier. "This sucks..." He closed his eye again and sighed it complete dejection. That's when he noticed something warm, a breath near his ear, followed by words.

Kazuki opened both of his eyes and then turned his full attention to his female seatmate. Those golden eyes like that of a jungle cat looked at her with curiosity. "You think so, huh..." He then looked at the screen and the corner of his mouth lifted into a devilish smirk. "Aren't I very popular?" His confidence can be heard in his voice and seen in his expression. That is simply how he is. He then looked at her and winked. "Don't you think so cutie?" When he was done speaking, the speech was finished as well and the order for the seniors to come at front to get some folder was issued. He sighed at this in pure annoyance. This was something he didn't like to participate in. He would rather want to sleep in. "Tch!"

That's why he remained on his seat and then leaned on his chair. Kazuki didn't want to babysit some infant. He had other more important things to deal with than this idiotic sh*t. This was a mess for him in every sense of the word. He crossed his arms again over his chest when his seatmate called out to him by his first name. That was something. He would understand if it was a foreigner thing. Others used it too but with an honorific. That's when he finally recalled her name from the word of mouth he had heard along the way which he matched with her other characteristic which is saying darling. He straightened his back and untangled his arms from its position. "I can't say no to a beautiful lady, especially when she's very willing to do so, Gen, my dearest." He ended it with his trademark smirk and those eyes of his hinted with tease and playfulness.

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"No person is an island as they say
I truly believe in that very much
That's why I'm glad I have met you
And I'm about to have a new friend."

Cassiopeia is completely oblivious from the looks she was receiving from the other students whether it came from the boys or the girls. She entered the hall and all eyes were immediately on them or on her. The seniors knew her very well while the freshmen were in awe of her appearance. She was like the very model of what a princess from a fantasy world should look like which earned her nickname, Pink Princess, but popularity, reputation and things like that didn't matter to her at all. This is would be odd, since she's one of the popular girls or even daresay the most popular in the academy. She's very social which at times can be overbearing which she doesn't mean to. That's why Aeon is very helpful in those areas just like earlier, reminding her to take a step back, but she's still well-liked for she's a very genuine person which makes it very hard not to like her.

The seats were mostly occupied and the ones where they could all sit together was at front. "It's a good thing we made even if it's barely..." She said with a bright smile, since they're not late. There's no questions about where to sit from her point of view. She followed Gen's lead and sat beside her with such elegance for very little effort. Clio finally reached its mistress and landed on her lap with it's ears flapping. "There you are Clio!" She greeted it which happily replied. "Clio made it!" That's when she noticed that Kazuki was on the same row as them. He was actually Gen's seatmate. "Hi Kazuki-kun!" She greeted him with a smile and then looked at his nose in delight not minding that the band-aid she placed was gone. "It seemed to be better now. Does it still hurt?" There's concern on her eyes, but her attention shifted when the program finally began.

She looked at the projector screen and had that wide-eyed look on her face. It was priceless in a very adorable way. She had never met the principal before. He looks to be a very nice and cheerful man. She would like to someday meet the principal in person, because this is a wonderful school where she has so many fond memories and will continue to make more for this year. The speech was wonderful and when it ended she clapped her hands not only for politeness but because, she liked what she heard from the principal. It was then Ms. Araya's turn who told them that the seniors are to come up at the front to pick their folders which contained their freshman partner or for the other word junior.

She was very excited about this and can't wait. "I'm so excited to know who will be my junior! Are you excited too, Gen-chan? Kazuki-kun?" She asked the two and then looked at Vika. "I wonder who's your senior partner going to be, Vika!" Cassiopeia was in full glow of excitement as she then looked at Aeon. "This is so much fun! Isn't it?" Clio supported her as always. "Fun! Fun! Clio agrees!" She then smiled happily as she stood up from her seat while Clio bounces at her side again and went to Ms. Araya. "Good morning, Araya-sensei!" She greeted the teacher and then took her folder. "Thank you!" She looked at the ID attached at the front. "Wow... So pretty... Look Clio, don't you think so?" Clio bounced higher to see the picture and spoke in agreement. "Clio agrees! Clio agrees!"

She happily returned to her seat to show her the others her junior partner. "Look everyone! Look Aeon! She's very pretty! She's my junior!" She showed the junior's picture proudly to Gen, Kazuki, Vika, and Aeon. That's when Clio interjected with a very well-timed fact about her junior partner. "Clio! Clio agrees pretty boy! Pretty boy!" She had a startled expression as she looked at Clio in question. "Eh? Boy? Isn't she a girl? Akira... Blake?" Clio answers. "Boy! Boy! Clio reads boy!" She looked at the ID again and there's the gender which stated male. "Oh... you're right... A boy..." She nodded and the burst into a smile. "Well, he's very pretty for a boy! So cute!"

That's when she hugged the folder closed to her chest. "I'll be looking for him then! Wish me luck okay? I'll see you all later." She happily waved at them and then went on her way as she looked around the hall. "Hmm... Clio, do you see him anywhere?" Clio continued to bounce happily and then its eyes began to blink red in affirmation. "Clio sees! Clio sees!" Cassiopeia brightened at this info. "Where!? Clio show me the way!" Clio did so as it bounces towards Akira while some of the students moved out of the way and looked at the bouncing pink ball in surprise and curiosity while Cassiopeia followed behind. Clio soon was in front of the junior partner (Akira), bouncing with zest. "Clio found pretty boy! Clio found pretty boy!"

"There you are Clio! Oh! You found him!" Cassiopeia was now behind Clio which bounced towards its mistress in pride. "Clio good! Clio good!" She lightly giggled at this. "Yes, you did good Clio." That was then she noticed another presence, this was familiar to her. "Arietta-chan, good morning!"She greeted her fellow senior with a bright smile. She didn't expect to see Arietta and was happy that she did. "How was your vacation? I wish you had lots of fun." She asked with a sincere smile, then she looked at her junior partner (Akira) and the others present there (Bishop and Mai). "Are one of them your junior partner, Arietta-chan?" She asked and then introduced herself to the freshmen. That should be common courtesy. "Hello and good morning, everyone, I hope you're enjoying Airdalen. My name is Cassiopeia Elegy Argryis." She introduced herself with such a natural sophistication similar to that of princesses without any effort while Clio bounces happily at her side in which she gestured for it to come which it did.

She was now holding Clio as she presented it to them. "This is my friend Clio." Clio happily introduced itself. "Clio! Clio's name is Clio! Nice to meet ya!" She then looked at her junior partner with such kindness. "You must be Akira Blake, right? I will be your senior." She showed the ID picture on the folder. "See? It's a pleasure meeting you and everyone as well." She smiled at them kindly and without a hint of anything except for sincere friendliness.
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