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Kimiko Kuromiya

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a character in “No-Go AA+”, originally authored by Chrysothemis, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Kimiko Kuromiya's Story

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Day: Monday
Weather: Sunny

It was a normal day at Airdalen Academy where the overqualified staff started to rush the final preparations for the return of their seniors and the welcoming of their new juniors.

Mr. Hayashi; the mathematics teacher was in his usual bad mood of sorts, crazily scratching at his red hair with his butt on the floor as papers descended after having bumped into Mr. Kido; the Physical Education teacher.

β€œHaha.. I’m terribly sorry.”

Mr. Kido unlike Mr. Hayashi, was taking the matter lightly while Mr. Hayashi on the other hand..


before Mr. Hayashi could finish, Mrs. Kita; the science teacher also joined as she slipped on a piece of paper.

β€œWatch out!!!”

Mrs. Kita tried to warn as she collided into Mr. Hayashi as he was starting to get up.

β€œOof.. oh my word.”

Mrs. Kita landed on top of Mr. Hayashi who was pinned on the floor squashed by her bosom, red as a ripe tomato from both anger and embarrassment. Mrs. Kita and Mr. Kido both started to laugh nervously knowing this wasn’t going to end well untilβ€”

β€œWhat are you all doing?”

Ms. Araya; the English teacher arrived at the hallway and blinked several times trying to register the scene in her head. She gasped, holding her hands to her mouth after an explanation clicked.

β€œAre you performing some kind of cult ritual?!”


Mrs. Kita and Mr. Hayashi screamed in unison whilst Mr. Kido put his hands on his hips and laughed heartily.

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"You mean the little fluff of black on the ceiling?" Vika replied when Gen spoke. She'd been too excited to react properly when they boarded the bus, and she had spent most of her time staring out the window. Her mind was reeling with possibilities that could occur during this school year, and every now and then, her eyes would flicker towards Gen. Would they still be friends after High School, when Gen left for college? The thought had momentarily caused a frown to mar her lips, but it was replaced by a smile soon after. She couldn't dwell on something so frivolous. Of course they would remain friends. Even if they were separated for an amount of time, not a day would go by that she wouldn't think of her friend.

"Nope, I didn't see it. He must have crawled down the sink by the time I went in," or was accidentally squished and she didn't know about it. A visible shiver went down her spine as she absently lifted her arm and checked for remains. Satisfied, she went back to staring out the window, watching the scenery pass by. Once they arrived at the school, Vika's eyes widened slightly in awe. It was beautiful, the grounds. The school itself was rather large in appearance, but also pristine. It seemed almost flawless, or perhaps it was the spur of the moment that made it seem ethereal. She continued to gaze at the school, glancing at the small crowd of students already forming, however; a tinge of familiarity hit her when she caught sight of pink hair.

She couldn't tell who it was, seeing as the pink-haired girl was currently embracing another; a male with blonde hair that she did not recognize. Maybe he was a senior? The scene was rather warm, in her opinion, and she smiled at the two. She was pulled from her stupor, though, when Gen spoke. She resisted the urge to giggle at her friend, and instead, played along. She stared at Gen, holding her gaze before finally speaking. "But you must know, moy Gen-chan! I only have eyes for you!" she stated, removing one of her hands from her friends grasp, and reaching up to gently touch Gen's cheek.

"With eyes as beautiful as the Dahlia's, how could I look elsewhere?" she continued, leaving her hand still on Gen's cheek a moment longer before removing it. She chuckled as she folded her free hand beneath her chin. "I don't know if I'll let my eyes wonder, moy Gen-chan. Relationships and I aren't built to last," she continued, being only half serious. Much like her friend, Vika hadn't experienced a relationship before, however; it didn't mean she didn't know what it was supposed to feel like. She did not have her friend's fairy tale view of them, but she didn't have a cynical view of it either.

She was much too young to be thinking of something like that to begin with. She needed to finish school, perhaps in college she could find the time for dates and the like. For now, she was content in being a teenager, being with her friends, and being herself. If the time came that she would have a relationship, then she would welcome it with open arms. "Don't worry moy Gen-chan. If, by chance, my eyes do wander, you would be the first to know," she reassured her friend with a gentle squeeze of the hand. She opened her mouth to say something more, however; she was abruptly cut off by someone shouting. She blinked in confusion as she turned towards the source, and noticed a guard following after another student.

"This will certainly be an interesting year, it seems," she stated with a short chuckle.

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