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Shintaro Tanikaze

"...Ara? Annyeong hasey- I-I mean, O-Ohayou..."

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a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by gihasimon




Full Name:
Shintaro Asuta Tanikaze

Face Claim:
Raku Ichijou | Nisekoi


Sexual Orientation:





Generally, Shintaro is a very timid person, usually staying reserved and quiet. He usually talks to himself quietly, just to note on his surroundings, but otherwise his lips are sealed. Like most of his Korean friends in grade school, fashion and looking good was key to gaining popularity. Even the little accessory on his bang was an addition to this. And even after the move to Japan, fashion has still been something important to him. Of course, he isn't searching as of yet, but it can never hurt to "look a little good".

He loves to listen to Japanese music, especially songs similar to Korean music, like various anime endings and emotional songs. This is a habit, and sometimes he can be caught listening and doing other little things, excluding paying attention in class. Although Shintaro isn't the best at socializing or making friends, he does great in most of his classes. Music, history, physical ed- you name it, he doesn't do bad in it. He tries his best to to stay active, while also doing good academically.

When Shintaro was born, his parents were in Korea, making him a Korean citizen. For most of his grade school life, he lived in Korea, and only knew Korean. This was somewhat awkward, as his name was Japanese and he was in Korea. Making a few friends here and there, a pretty average Korean life was in store for Shintaro- until his Korean mother died, and his father decided to move back to his home of Japan. Shintaro had to quickly learn Japanese for the move, and he studied nonstop at home, until he knew basic Japanese to engage in normal conversation. Vocabulary excluded, he had quick talks with his father in the language, but they usually ended with him confused.

A day before his 14th birthday, Shintaro arrived in Japan after years of preparing for the trip. Of course he was nervous, but it was
TIME FOR SCHOOL. (See what I did there? hehe.) He settled in quickly in middle school but he didn't make many friends. His lack of advanced Japanese vocabulary meant he couldn't fit in with certain individuals or groups, but to him that didn't matter. Japanese class in school was more than enough to help him. And his groups of friends here kept him occupied for the mean time- but they weren't really that important in the large scale of things. Since his comforting mother was gone, it was only him and his disciplinary father. That meant more studying- less playing around. And to top that off, at the end of his middle school life, his father moved for work- to another prefecture across Japan. With no friends, no useful social skills- and the personality of a total nerd, poor Shintaro was dropped into a random high school. That high school- Airdalen Academy. It was hard to fit in, but after a while he got used to high school life. Although not at all popular, Shintaro was unarguably a top student in his classes. His freshman, sophomore, and junior years were basically hell, but he seemed to gain at least a little respect from his peers.



Avid Reader
Shintaro reads a lot, like his mother. He learned to read when he was a toddler, but only in Korean. Now, he usually only reads Korean, which he is most familiar with.

As mentioned in his personality, a habit of his is studying and learning. After doing it for a while, he knows when he's actually benefitting him or not. And when it does, he makes sure to pay attention an take it all in.

Chef Tanikaze
Something he caught on as he entered high school was cooking. School-provided lunch in his Korean school was okay, but he wanted to make better food. So he practiced cooking both Korean and Japanese dishes- but he didn't stop at that. Now it's on to Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and even Mongolian.


As noted in his personality, he can be very intelligent, but he prefers to stay quiet and... not socialize.

Still learning Japanese
Living in Japan after moving is hard- especially if you haven't fully learned the language. And of course, a few years of high school isn't enough to make you a full-fledged Japanese speaker.

Glutton may not be the right word to describe Shintaro's avid eating habits, but it is enough to display how much he eats. And he doesn't just eat to get full; he eats because the food is good. It won't be uncommon to see Shintaro spit out bad food.
Whom you live with / Family:

Father | Nagate Tanikaze
The only family he lives with or is in contact with. Nagate is very strict, keeping an eye on Shintaro's progress every day.

Intellect: 8
Physical/Sporting Ability: 1
Charm: 1
Popularity: 0

Your most important stat: Intellect

"My dad told me that you need to be smart to survive nowadays. I think I believe him there..."

Which stat appeals to you most: Physical/Sporting Ability

"Well, physical beauty is a factor, but there's beauty in other things. Like sports, for example."



Shintaro Tanikaze
"I have low self esteem..." -floats away-

Gen Fukui

"She seems... odd. Not in a bad way, but I think I might need to steer clear of her for a while."

Aeon Shirokami

"I don't really like him. So I won't talk to him."

Arietta Hakushiro

"I guess she's cool! Although Shiori and her don't exactly get along... I can't really help that."

Ryou Giou

"Hehe... I... think I remember him from last year...?"

Shiori Kitogawa

"She's really cool! I hope we can become good friends."

Kazuki Miyamoto

Cassiopeia Argyris


Akira Blake

Johnny Farelli

Mai Kon

Rhys Browning

Vika Saitou
Shintaro's Junior

"Uh... I really hope I haven't kept you waiting! I'm terribly sorry!"

Saburo Inoue

Yuuki Fujioka

Bishop Trander


So begins...

Shintaro Tanikaze's Story

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A peaceful morning. Outside of the quiet Tanikaze household, the cardinals were chirping, and the smell of fresh morning dew filled the air. That is, until a sense of worry literally flowed out the window.

"Oh no.... I'm late! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" said Shintaro as he leaped out of bed in his pajamas. "I'm actually late on my first day back to school!" He was hitting his head with his palm over and over again, to the point where you would think it was at least bruised. The blue-haired boy quickly undressed, replacing his old clothes with the old Airdalen uniform, one that catered to his liking. And the most important part of the change were of course the two white clips on his hair. After applying a little cologne, Shintaro dashed out of his house, after locking the door.

Luckily, Airdalen wasn't that far from his home. It was definitely within walking and biking distance, and the heat couldn't get him tired. It was already autumn, how could it be too hot? After a few minutes of running, Shintaro faintly heard the PA from the school. Wow, it was still the same guy. After doing all the announcements for a few years, you'd think that job got boring.


It didn't take long for Shintaro to realize that the ceremony was going on. "Oh noooooo!" he yelled, as he boosted his sprint. He was running so fast and hard that if he stopped, he would probably do two flips and land face-first into the dirt. Nevertheless, he kept running, straight into the entrance of the school. This is where he started to slow down, more because the entrance was as empty as a ghost town. "Man, I really am late..." He frowned.

“For juniors, I encourage you with the school motto Keizoku wa chikara nari. High school while a time for fun and meeting new friends is not always easy or as bright as expected. It is a challenging time, debatably the most challenging phase of your life as you go through stages that test you as an individual in a society that thrives on conformity. At Airdalen, we are not all about conformity. We believe in exploring new possibilities, new experiences and that those tough times that can come with being different can serve to strengthen the being. Continuing after setback is strength in itself. Airdalen Academy is all about continuing, your decision to continue and seek higher studies. One day, you will also be in the same position of our seniors so don't feel as if you will never get there.”

"There's the principal... Why am I wasting time? I need to get there." Shintaro awkwardly speedwalked his way to the school hall, noticing that EVERYONE was already inside. His brain did a little twirl, and his cheeks turned red in embarrassment. He saw a few students even look at him. "S-sorry... I'm late..." he said, taking a seat. He was so embarrassed that he didn't notice that he stated the obvious.

He was sitting in the middle of a bunch of people he'd never seen before- juniors and seniors alike. "H-hi.. I'm..." He tried to introduce himself, but his target just ignored him. Did he actually not hear, or was he just a douche? "Never mind..." he said. Was this how he was going to start his year? Late?

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"I can't say no to a beautiful lady, especially when she's very willing to do so, Gen, my dearest."
I…I- Gen turned away from Kazuki for a moment as her eyes darted around the room with panic. All she could hear was her heart beat racing. The romantic side of her told her she had been hit by cupid’s arrow but would she be able to handle its calling? -Thump thump- She placed a gentle hand against her chest, trying to remain calm as she usually does but it was futile with two contradicting thoughts fighting one another in the back of her mind. It’s too soon.. -Thump thump- Don’t you believe in love at first sight? Well yes- but I’ve seen him before and I never--Thump thump- She loosened and stretched out the fingers of her free hand before forming a tiny fist, followed by closing her eyes and breathing in and out. Gen always wanted to be in love but she had never felt this way and it wasn't turning out the way she imagined it would be. She always thought she would have a crush on someone more of 'her type' which was someone charming, decent looking, tall... and mysterious. Kazuki was all of the above but mysterious as she wasn't blind to his reputation or the way he flirted around. Why do I hold his words with great weight nonetheless? With the hand above her heart, she gripped the material of her uniform a little tighter. Maybe it was simply the way he called her 'dearest' or maybe his handsomeness had won her over or maybe she was just a tad bit more dramatic and idealistic than the average girl but there was no helping it for Gen. It was out of her control in the meantime. She turned around again on her heel to meet his gaze, with a dreamy look on her face. Just roll with it dear, we don't pick who we fall in love with~


"Thank you dear, you're absolutely charming~" She smiled, a real smile. It was something she didn’t do very often but she couldn’t help herself. It was thrilling to feel that way for someone, even if that someone for now was Kazuki.

"I'm so excited to know who will be my junior! Are you excited too, Gen-chan? Kazuki-kun?"
As if on cue, Cassiopeia spoke up glancing at the two making Gen feel inferior. Her smile faded and was replaced with a lost look like a deer in headlights. It wasn’t Cassiopeia’s fault, but the girl made her rethink her position. She was far from a princess, as the daughter of a butler. Gen shook her head not wanting to dwell on that thought. It wasn’t like her to think negatively about anything and she loved her father with all her heart. Also, theater that she loved so much would say otherwise. It wasn’t birth alone that made one a princess. “Yes, but of course~ I hope we all get along just fine.” Gen replied, her smile returning but the polite one rather than the toothy grin. Cassiopeia appeared satisfied with her answer as she turned to Vika giving Gen room to compose herself more.

Folders~ She dropped a fist in an open palm at the realization. Gen walked to the front at normal walking pace and politely requested both her and Kazuki’s folders from the teacher. While Ms. Araya looked for them, she glanced around the crowded hall for a distraction. She spotted a fellow senior (Shintaro) in the distance looking anxious and wondered why he wasn’t picking up his folder too. Did he not pay attention to the announcement? “Actually~ may I also request Shintaro’s? Poor darling looks confused.” When given, she hugged both folders to her chest and returned to her little morning group with her hair hitting against her back.

"Look everyone! Look Aeon! She's very pretty! She's my junior!" Gen only managed to get a quick glance of the white-haired junior (Akira) before Cassiopeia continued to excitedly show everyone else. It was a little humorous as Cassiopeia discussed the junior’s gender with her little contraption friend. “Well, he's very pretty for a boy! So cute!" Gen chuckled and looked over at Vika, as they hadn’t been able to talk much since the group formed. She gave the girl a reassuring smile and a few words. “I hope you’re not nervous ma cherie~ we’re quite a good class of seniors this year.” Gen wasn’t quite so lucky back when she was a junior. The memory itself was making her smile crack. Her senior would get so annoyed at her overuse of the word darling because she was the younger one in that pairing arrangement.

"I'll be looking for him then! Wish me luck okay? I'll see you all later." Gen waved as Cassiopeia made the first move to leave. "Fukui-san, Saitou-san, I will be going on ahead as well. Excuse me." She watched Aeon leave before sighing aloud beside her friend Vika. She had already told him to call her Gen, but as she predicted he was going to stubbornly keep up the formalities between them. “Well dear~ we must part but let’s walk home together?” She suggested even though it was practically a given with them living together. Gen handed Kazuki his folder with a lingering stare before withdrawing her grasp. “Try to have fun too dear~ it’s not so bad.” She said encouragingly while holding her cheek before making her way through the crowd to Shintaro further away.

She extended her hand to give Shintaro his folder but as she did, she managed to glimpse a very familiar face as she eyed the ID. ”Oh, you got paired with Vika! Please do take care of her~” she nodded and looked over her shoulder as she turned away to say one more thing to urge him to follow through with his role. ”We’re a bit behind darling~” Gen was aware that he wasn’t as social as her other peers but he had a responsibility to fulfill as did every other senior. As Vika’s assigned senior, she also didn’t want the girl to be kept waiting. Goodness knows how nervous Gen herself was when she first started at Airdalen but thankfully she got the hang of things rather quickly despite her unpleasant senior.
When her favors for other seniors were done, all that was left for her to do was meet her own junior. She finally snuck an once-over at the folder’s photo to see whom she had been assigned. Saburo. Male~ Without further thought, she looked up and her purple eyes scanned the room for chestnut colored hair to match the photo. She had to maneuver around the crowds which took time being small and easily overlooked, but eventually managed to find him sitting with friends of his own. Without a doubt in her mind, she knew it was the right person. Gen was pretty good with faces and didn't feel the need to reaffirm it.

”Hello Darling~”
She approached her junior with a subtle smile, removing the paper clipped ID copy to show what she was here for before snatching an unoccupied seat near him. “I’m Gen Fukui, but Gen will do. Welcome to Airdalen Academy darling~” She said cheerfully, bowing her head before reading the team name. “We’ll be group Lions… Lions? Well, that’s certainly something on its own don’t you think so? If not, we can change it your liking~” She proceeded to share the contents of the folder by opening it between them but her head was in the clouds. She looked for Kazuki discreetly while Saburo was occupied. She wondered how he was doing and caressed her cheek shyly thinking about the future.

Popularity (Kazuki) + 1
Charm (Kazuki) + 1

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is by Yoko Kanno feat. POP ETC.


The young man didn't notice any students near him stand up to retrieve their folder, so he remained being seated like the rest. Was it just pressure? They weren't calling names of people either- but that was understandable. There was a vast number of students in the hall. It would take hours to call every single one up. As Shintaro watched rows of individuals head up to the front, he was able to identify a few seniors out of the bunch. A blonde, who he saw occasionally in the halls, and a few he heard from gossip and talk in previous years, such as Ryou, Shiori, and Gen.

It was taking quite a while for the people near him to stand up. He lightly elbowed one of them, and the girl he nudged looked at him. "H-huh...? What do you want?" she asked, surprised. She was wearing round glasses, along with the natural navy blue Airdalen uniform. "Uh, yeah... When do we get the folders?" he asked. He felt like he missed an announcement of some sort, or a message that was handed out, possibly? "Um... We're supposed to go up get our folders, but no one nearby is getting them, so I didn't either..." is what she said, before he heard a familiar voice from behind. He quickly turned around to see Gen standing there.

"Darling~" She handed him his folder. He was about to speak, but his response didn't come out fast enough. "Oh, you got paired with Vika! Please do take care of her~" He nodded. "Uhm... okay then! he said. She was the first familiar face he'd talked to this year, and for just a quick conversation, he thought it went pretty well. ”We’re a bit behind darling~” Gen said, walking away.

Shintaro opened the folder instantly after Gen left him, scanning its contents quickly. The petite, bespectacled girl who he was talking to earlier was staring first at him and then the folder, but Shintaro didn't seem to notice that. The first thing he noticed in the folder was a picture of a red-haired girl on an ID badge for the school, labeled "Vika Saitou". This was probably the Vika that Gen was speaking of, his junior. Other than that, he saw a pack of gum, some balloons, and other various supplies, probably for the year. "Balloons...?" he looked oddly at them, and then let it go with a shrug. Then he remembered there was a girl behind him. "O-oh yeah! You have to go up to the front to get your folder. I guess you shouldn't follow whatever these guys are doing." The three males who were just sitting in front of the two looked behind, and when Shintaro stood up to look for Vika, he noticed that the boys already had their folders. "Well that explains everything..." he thought to himself, before leaving that row.

With the badge in hand, Shintaro set off to look for his junior. There was a small selection of red haired girls scattered around the large hall, but he had to find the right one. "Vika, Vika, Vika..." he muttered, when he caught sight of a female matching her appearance speaking to a young brown-haired boy and Ryou, who was probably a senior by now. He made his way through the crowd, saying "Sumimasen" countless times, to get through politely. He was just feet away, when he was able to barely overhear the conversation. "Hello, Johnny-san, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Vika Saitou, but you can call me Vika, or whatever you'd like. I don't mind." she said, and Shintaro knew that this was Vika at that.

He quickly rushed up to the three, but stood back just enough so that they could continue uninterrupted. He'd already caused Vika enough problems by making her wait, so he didn't speak to her or make himself that noticeable that quickly. "Oh, she's probably going to kill me before I even apologize..." he said quietly.

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Johnny was nearly about to pop in his earbuds to listen to some Rolling Stones. Such an action for calming music was not meant to be, however. “Eh?” the violet-haired girl he observed earlier suddenly asked, “Did you need something?” Johnny knew all of these particular words, but the suddenness took him off-guard. Evidently, she managed to hear him exercise the new knowledge provided by his senior. After all, he was speaking rather low, as his chords were too powerful to whisper.

“What?” Johnny asked, in English, as he turned his head to the shorter girl. He then corrected himself when he realised he was talking to someone who very likely didn’t know his native language. “Wait, shit- I mean, shoot... Damnit.” Johnny put a hand to his forehead as he adjusted his seating. He didn’t know the word for “honorifics”, or whatever the term the Japanese used to describe said honorifics. Since he didn’t know the specific terms, he spent a couple seconds thinking of a work-around with the words he did know. “Very sorry. Heard name, wanted to say correctly,” was the gist of what he managed to say in the new country’s language.

Heh… nailed it… totally… yeah, I probably nailed jack. He fought a grimace at his own ineptitude, hoping like hell that whatever he said made a lick of sense and explained himself properly. During this slightly embarrassing situation, Giou-senpai was called away by that one teacher with the intense eyes. Johnny nodded to his senior before returning his attention to the girl he feels he might have offended… somehow? Was there something against saying names… or against whispering? Or attempted whispering? Sometimes Johnny’s self-consciousness got the better of him, flooding his mind with questions without answers, flooding whatever narratives he could think of, and also these very paragraphs with worthless dreg. Worst of all, it was very unlike him. The Johnny he knew was confident, full of gusto, who didn't let little things keep him down. A new culture seemed to bring such an uncharacteristic behaviour to the front lines for the first time ever... that, and the past... Though his face didn’t twist, a slight flush betrayed any professional demeanour he tried to pose. The girl’s lovely golden eyes certainly didn’t help his attempts to remain professional any.

Regardless of the girl’s reaction, Johnny made sure he apologized once more, before Ryou returned with another girl. With yet one more apology, he wiped a hand over his face to try to wipe away the embarrassment. The foreigner stood from his chair and turned to greet the newcomer. An orange-haired girl with dark, yet vibrant eyes- not nearly as vibrant as his own eyes, (green as healthy leaves) but bright nonetheless. She had a physique similar to his mother’s back in what she described as her “heyday”, if old photos were anything to go by. The general shape of the physique was the only similarity, however. Like Arietta, this new girl was easy on the ey-

… Goddam- Johnny got the feeling his face-wipe didn’t do anything. So many mistakes already mad-

“Hello, Johnny-san, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Vika Saitou, but you can call me Vika, or whatever you’d like. I don’t mind.”

Oh thank god, More importantly than the previous observaions, she spoke English. Johnny’s new worries about meeting yet another person melted away, only to spawn new ones. Did everyone in this school understand English? Johnny wondered, Because that would kind of defeat the purpose of my continued learning of Japanese.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be with the both of you, but I hope we can be friends,” Vika-san added.

Friends. Yeah, Johnny could use friends, especially in a foreign country where he knew no one. Especially useful were friends to help put the past behind him. “Charmed, Vika-san,” Johnny quipped with a bow of his head, “You know my name already, but you can call me Jay for short.”

Over Vika’s shoulder, Johnny spotted another boy approaching. This one seemed to look younger than Johnny or Giou. However, judging by the folder the boy had, this one appeared to be a senior, and a more academic-focused senior at that. The poor guy had skinny arms- as evidenced by his uniform sleeves- which were not stretched tight by any muscle besides the usual thickness around the elbows. The blue-black hair contrasted sharply with Johnny’s natural brown.

When he noticed the boy suddenly decide to keep his distance, Johnny spoke up. He heard the word used before as a greeting, but he wasn’t entirely sure what it meant. “Ohayou,” He also quickly added the explanation that his Japanese speech was pretty much only a month in development… without the specifics. Basically he said his Japanese wasn’t that good.


+1 Popularity to Yuuki
+1 Popularity to Vika

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"It's not like I
dislike the presence of others
I simply don't want to
be bothered by them
because I had enough
to worry about without them."

The announcement soon commenced. Ryou looked towards the front where Kita-sensei explained the activity to be held with the help of Araya-sensei. There were a few antics from the female teachers, but the instructions were clear for the most part. They were going to have a Balloon Pop. He had never heard of it before, but whatever it might be most of the students were excited about a wish being granted. It was rather ironic as he had done earlier with a sakura petal.

His silver eyes held a ghostly tint of sadness, before it disappeared into nothing as he heard Vika addressing him. The girl was excusing herself while also apologizing as a teacher came over to them. It seemed like there was something very urgent for Vika to take care of. "Don't worry about it. Go on. Later." He spoke in Japanese for this matter as he was again left with just one junior which was Johnny. Ryou looked at the contents of his folder and took out the pens, papers, and balloons. "Here. Write your wish and then we'll look for the Leopards." This time, he didn't revert to English.

He also did his own wish. He wrote it in a piece of paper after making it smaller and then rolling it. He placed it inside the balloon and then began inflating it. The action didn't take long for him. It was even effortless as his balloon was quite huge and it was not in threat of popping. He made sure that it wasn't push to its limits. He then tied the end to make sure the air doesn't get out when he's done, he looked at Johnny. "Are you done?" Still in Japanese, it was his own way of helping his junior to get used to the language. He did notice that Johnny was having a hard time as proven with the girls earlier.

Ryou began to look around if he could spot someone carrying a folder with Leopard. It seemed that would be a bit hard as he suddenly remember Vika's folder. He looked at it and saw the team name Leopard. This was certainly interesting. A team is composed of two, a senior and a junior. Now, the junior had left and the senior is nowhere to be found. He should notify a teacher about this. He looked at Johnny again and noticed that the younger male had greeted someone. His eyes went to that direction and saw a familiar face. If he remembered correctly, that is Shintaro Tanikaze, another senior. They passed by each other, nothing special. Then, there was something in his mind that connected. "Tanikaze-san." He called out to the other senior. When he knew that, he has the guy's attention, he continued. "Are you a Leopard?" He asked, but if not. There was no trouble, he did just ask. Still, it is a problem even if Shintaro was a Leopard. Vika has left which makes them an incomplete team. Would that be fine?

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That was odd. Vika just dismissed herself. I wonder what could have been so important... Shintaro thought to himself, watching the red-head leave without saying hello. Well, at least someone else was saying hello. Shintaro noticed that the young man that Vika was talking to was greeting him, as well. It was a shame, because Gen seemed like she wanted him and Vika to get along.

Before approaching the male, he was intercepted by another nearby male: Ryou Giou. "Tanikaze-san. Are you a Leopard?" he asked, and Shintaro nodded. "But I noticed Vika left... Maybe I took too long..." he said, with a slight frown. "Since you asked that, I'm guessing you're a Cheetah?" He then turned to the boy standing next to him. He had brown hair and green eyes, an abnormal combination for someone from Asia. "And this is your kouhai, I assume?" he asked, with a smile.

“Ohayou,” he greeted, and Shintaro nodded. It wasn't an Asian accent (more specifically, Japanese)- meaning that he was a foreigner. Well, even if he wasn't Asian, a foreigner was good enough. If only they were more common...

"Yo. You speak English?" Shintaro said, with a rather shabby Asian-American accent. At least, he seemed to be American. In his life, Shintaro had seen very few real life Americans. Most of them were muscled baseball or football players on TV- and some were very... buxom-figured women holing cigarettes in magazines. Otherwise, they were just tourists and otakus fooling around in Akiba. Nevertheless, this one was not that much different from the players he'd seen on various media. He seemed to be much more well-built than Shintaro or any of his friends, and definitely taller as well.

He slowly approached, before speaking up. "You probably wonder why no one speaks English, right?" he said, with broken grammar. "Well, some do, I think." He grinned. It was his first time talking with an actual American, so the English he learned in Korea was foggy and mostly broken.

"Anyway, my name is Shintaro. I come from South Korea, and I'm to be Ms. Vika's jun-yur." He had a feeling that he said something wrong or mispronounced something. "Well, I was supposed to." He ruffeled the back of his hair in embarrassment. She probably left because he took too long.

Regardless, he held out his hand. If he made a mistake, hopefully this guy would correct him. "What is your name?" he asked, with curiosity. If he was talking to Vika, that meant he had something to do with her anyway.

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Once more, attention was pulled en masse towards the podium, where an absurdly well-endowed teacher with long, Rapunzel-like blonde hair spoke with deliberation into the microphone. Though there was a steady pace in her speech, the teacher in question added unusual emphasis to the words she spoke. There were unusual pauses, among other verbal tics that implied that this teacher was very ditzy, light-hearted, and probably daydreaming throughout the speech. Visually, she was a polar opposite to the brunette teacher with the eyes that resembled Johnny’s own at times. She mentioned something about splitting into the teams, but Johnny did now yet know the word for balloons.

He did catch something about writing something onto a slip of paper and slipping said slips into a balloon. The visual aid was (though awkward) well-appreciated. However, he did not learn “wish” yet, so he was entirely out of the loop for what purpose the paper would serve. There was later mention about calling names and body parts, which confused Johnny greatly, considering he lacked all the required context. Even with Ryou speaking in Japanese to help Johnny out, he still didn’t understand the word “wish”. Ryou also handed Johnny a pen, a slip of paper, and a balloon.

Lastly, from the teacher, he did understand the order to form a circle. At that point, Johnny managed to piece together what was happening. His old schools did similar things with pieces of paper and odd activities that were not physically taxing to perform. The pieces of paper were used for… The foreigner tried to remember way back when.

A goal, perhaps? Or… Oh! That word must be something like “goal”, or… “wish”? Johnny pondered what he would write in the paper. There were the obvious ones; success in his studies, achieving his dreams, being the best man he could be, leaving his mark on the world, but all of those sounded like long-term goals, rather than wishes for the present.

With that one limitation, the choice became abundantly clear. Johnny placed the slip of paper onto the back of his hand and wrote down, “I wish to move forward, my way, fearless and with purpose.” He did not know calligraphy, so he wrote his sentence in his native language. His handwriting was well-practiced, and looked quite excellent, despite him standing up and writing with the slip of paper on the back of his hand. It was a small, unintentional display of the dexterity of his hands and fingers. He rolled up the piece of paper and slipped into the mouth of the leaf-green balloon he received.

Ryou left to find the other team, leaving Johnny by himself, besides Yuuki’s response. Yuuki’s response was in English, and sounded very much like how he imagined his attempts to explain his skill with a foreign language came across. However, this girl struck him as academically strong, and was probably doing a better job than he was. He spoke in English at-first out of impulse, and didn’t realise the girl probably didn’t speak English.

Those uncertainties regarding her knowledge of language, of course, were quashed. However, the girl’s response to Johnny’s attempt at an explanation did concern the foreigner greatly. This could be going better, he thought. Johnny pushed the awkwardness out of his mind as he bid farewell to regroup with Ryou for the upcoming activity. First meets had a tendency to be awkward, and it took discipline to put that awkward meet behind him so he could foster a meaningful friendship. He knew this from experience.

Ryou was with the nearby blue-haired boy, who had also responded in kind as Johnny approached in kind. Jesu Christo, Johnny thought, Everyone knows goddamn English here? Am I just wasting my time?

“Yo, you speak English?” the boy asked in a weirdly pronounced English. There was a heavy accent, but the words were at least clear.

“Is the Pope Catholic?” Johnny asked with a grin. Hopefully the joke would take. The Pope is world-renowned, he was certain… sort of…

Regardless of this abundance of English-speakers, Johnny was not about to stop learning the language. However, it did make the nights of the past month spent reading his pocket dictionary seem rather pointless in hindsight. At least this blue-haired one held a similar level with English as Johnny did with Japanese… sort of… There was a question about why no one spoke English, which confused Johnny. Wouldn’t it be the other way around? Wouldn’t the answer be ‘I don’t actually wonder why no one speaks English in Japan- it’s the country where the Japanese language is from.’ He did not make that reply, however, and chalked the confusion up to the other boy’s skill in the foreigner’s own language.

Johnny switched to English for this particular encounter. He grasped Shintaro-senpai’s hand with his right hand. (His left continued to hold the balloon with the note.) His long, lean fingers practically engulfed the smaller boy’s hand like a tidal wave. Though he looked lean and skinny, there was a great amount of seemingly effortless strength put into his handshake- like it was well-practiced. In reality, he had to shake hands with many when he was in his older school teams- especially the opposing teams he wound up beating. “I’m Johnny, but you can call me Jay. I’m Ryou-senpai’s junior,” Johnny replied, fighting back a grimace at how out-of-place the Japanese term was in his English sentence. Regardless, he did pronounce his words correctly, so Shintaro could pick up on the proper pronunciation.

From the edge of his vision, he noticed a number of people blowing up their own balloons. Some of the balloons also had slips of paper inside them. Balloon bop, Johnny wondered as he brought his own fresh balloon up. He stretched the balloon out to build it’s flexibility, and he brought the mouth to his lips.

His powerful lungs- conditioned for optimal oxygen intake for long stretches of cardio, coupled with the rest of his vocal organs, made blowing up the balloon a cinch. He blew it up to an optimal fullness with one and a half breaths. He then tied the knot and tested his handiwork. He bounced it lightly off his elbows, with only a foot’s height in the air at a time. Satisfied, he snatched the balloon out of the air and palmed it like his hands would do a basketball.

Yeah, I can do balloons, Johnny thought as he twirled the balloon on his finger- also not unlike a basketball. "I didn't quite catch everything, but do we bop balloons into the air, and call for others to make the next bop?"

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"It's not like I
dislike the presence of others
I simply don't want to
be bothered by them
because I had enough
to worry about without them."

His guess was on point. This makes them a three-man group. It can't be helped since Vika had left on some emergency. He hoped that everything will be fine with her. She was a nice customer. He stopped his thoughts at that, because there was nothing else to think about really. He focused instead at the people in front of him. Shintaro asked him if he was a Cheetah. He nodded as his simple answer and then, there was the next question about Johnny being his kouhai. "Yeah." The conversation was now focused on the introduction between Johnny and Shintaro.

Ryou took this chance to approach one of the teachers. He told them the situation of how the Leopards are missing a junior. He wanted them to know and to advise them what to do on this group activity. He was then told that to continue with the activity with just the three of them. It seemed that Shintaro's missing junior would be addressed tomorrow. He accepted the instruction and returned to the two males. "Tanikaze-san." He called out to the fellow senior. "You'll join us as instructed." He wasn't really the kind to explain things. The thing with the honorifics was already hard for him in an essence, he had never spoken in so many words before.

He looked at Johnny when he noticed that his junior was playing with an already inflated balloon. "Have you done yours?" He asked Shintaro before looking at Johnny again who asked about the balloon bop activity. It seems that Johnny wasn't able to fully understand the instructions. It was spoken in Japanese so, it was understandable.

He really doesn't like explaining, but this is his responsibility as Johnny's senior. "A balloon is thrown in the air and the person who threw it will call a name and a body part." He looked at his balloon and threw it to the air at a relative height before catching it easily without looking at it. His eyes were on Johnny. "The person called will make the balloon stay in the air with only the body part called and it continues on." His eyes then looked at his balloon which contained his wish. "If the balloon falls to the ground, it remains there. The last balloon with a wish in the air wins and the wish is said to come true. We're grouped with the Leopards in this event." He explained that in fluent English, but at the same time translating it in Japanese in each pauses of his statements.

He then remembered that he should tell Shintaro what the teacher told him. "Tanikaze-san, the teacher said that your junior will be taken care of tomorrow." This time, it was spoken in Japanese. It did take him a long time before he did manage to speak a well-enough Japanese, even now. There were still some things, he doesn't know about the language or even the culture. He would just make it in his own way when he encounters certain things he doesn't know about. "Johnny, do you have any other questions?" He began to speak in Japanese again. His junior was trying isn't he? He won't let that go to waste.

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Katsumi Kurosawa
Location || Outside?
Dialogue || #6B3E53
Thoughts || #804080
"So where did your senior go Kurosawa-san?" A teacher asked with his arms crossed and foot tapping away. "She requested a change this time." He obviously appeared irk and she didn't blame him... This wasn't the first time she was left unsupervised by her senior, she sighed remembering what happened.

Flash Back

"Katsumi you could do this..." She stared intensely at the bathroom mirror, "Smiles arent hard..just.. focus" She added, before taking a deep breath.. Slowly she began to smile, and while she did so, she nodded approvingly. What she put forward seemed natural enough, a kind of calm sort of grin really, 'Aye not bad.' Katsumi thought victoriously, 'Maybe this year wont be a total failure.' Feeling her sense of hope rise, she walked out of the bathroom with a slight hop in her steps, "Ne Senior-sa-" Suddenly she found her back being pressed against the wall, as if she was trying to hide.. "What...?"

"So I heard your Junior was Katsumi Kurosawa.." A girl said, as her name was taboo or something, "You must be pretty brave." Another girl began to nod, agreeing with the first girl's statement, "Yeah did you hear, not only was she seen soaked in blood (in actuality, just red paint) in the art room, but she also got kicked out of her past school due to gang activities.. geez scary.." Silence pursued, before the hateful question was asked, "What do you think of her Senpai? I mean, you've been around her for awhile right?"

Katsumi's fingers tightened to form a fist, she knew this was going to happen, 'Please senpai..' She thought desperately.. It was the last thing she wanted to hear, her own senior calling her out and agreeing with the notorious rumors. Katsumi thought she gave off a good impression, she practiced so hard with her brother, was it all for not?

"Yeah she's pretty scary, I swear every time my backs turned, I feel like shes about to pounce me." Her lips tightened. "It so scary to know she's always behind me, and shes trying to act all goody two shoes, but yknow she just wants to take advantage of you.." Her pulse increased. "God, why did I have to be paired wi-"


Three sets of eyes met hers and if she wasn't so "pissed", she would have laughed, they looked like a bunch of deer caught in the headlights. "But what were you saying?" She smiled, however it was not like the one she practiced, instead it was- "GAH!" In seconds flat she was left alone in the hallway, her "smile" gone, and she merely stuff her hands into her pocket, slouching slightly. "Whatever." Her voice was flat, uncaring, while her face appeared stoic and nonchalant.

She was quite used to this.


"Sorry... my fault." She replied, not bothering to take time to explain what happened. She knew it was going to be in vain, for the rumors that went around not only went to the students but teachers as well, which was obvious when she saw the look the teacher was giving her. Sighing, he massaged his temples, "Kurosawa-San, I know you just moved but please dont make such trouble.." She nodded solemnly. "Well for now, go to the group of three over there, we'll arrange something for you later."

Without saying a word, she walked away towards her designated group for this.. "balloon pop"? She remembered the instructions, clearly understanding it, but even then, she never played the game before so she had her doubts. However that wasn't the problem she was worried about, 'Would they freak out too.' She studied the men from afar, 'They seem.. friendly enough.' If anything, her nerves relaxed since in her experience, most male students freaked out less- maybe they judged less or perhaps it was just a front to keep their masculinity in tact? She wouldn't know but at least one of them seemed tough.. (Ryou). The other two? Questionable.

"Hey." (She is currently speaking in Japanese) She lifted a hand up in a curt yet boyish form of greeting, "I was sent over by the teacher," She gestured a thumb towards said "sensei", "he said since this is a group of three I could make it even." Katsumi explained, hoping to disguise the fact that she had no senior to pair up with and that it was simply due to uneven groups.

Attempting a smile, despite her secretly bitter mood, she decided to introduce herself, "Im Katsumi Kurosawa, nice to meet cha three." She eyed them, curious if they would recognize her as a result of the rumors, it would be nice if they didnt, but she highly doubt it.
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The explanation was simple, yet exactly what Johnny needed. Though unsure about the usefulness of his learning the language, he did appreciate the option to communicate clearly. Regardless, he wanted to continue conversing in the language this country was known for. “No. Thank you very much, Ryou-senpai,” Johnny returned, also in Japanese. The simple phrases he used were among the first he learned. As a result, that particular response sounded very competent. Johnny continued to bop the balloon with the flexibility and skill that garnered him the sports-related prestige in his old schools.

Almost as if on-cue, the blonde teacher announced the start of the balloon bop. Johnny snatched his balloon out of the air. “Ok, let us begin,” was the general gist of his addition. This time, it was right back to amateur town.

Johnny formed up opposite the other two dudes. The stark contrast between the two fit giants and the skinny short-stuff would make the stuff of legends if anyone had been paying attention to this particular group. Chances are, everyone else was focused on their own brand of the same activity. With a single tap of his fist, Johnny launched his balloon up close to the ceiling. There would be plenty of time for him to call a name, a body part, and for the intended student to make due on the limitations.

For now, Johnny had no deeper concerns. There was only the present, and the balloons filling the air with the sounds of rubber drums, as students bopped at their own pace. The rhythm was haphazard, but Johnny could tell there was a groove to be made somewhere in the collection of sounds that flooded the large, echoing chamber of the gymnasium. Might as well start with his Senior. “Ryou-Senpai,” he called in Japanese. He then struggled for a split second. The only name for a body part he learned was “foot”, so he went with exactly that. “Foot.”

It was then that the new Junior arrived. She spoke in Japanese, only she sounded similarly as Johnny thought he sounded. It sounded like a more casual version of a greeting, followed by some kind of explanation involving one of the teach… Sensei’s? Sensei? Whatever… Still, another foreigner? Johnny wondered. She looked different from the Japanese folks he’d seen this past month. This girl looked more… Chinese…? It was hard for him to tell. He couldn’t be arsed to put those differences into words for his brain because she looked kinda cute. She had long, dark hair and perfect pearly-whites and-

… I don’t even know where to start with you, dude, Johnny thought to himself. Don’t you even see it?

Indeed, one look for Johnny’s trained eye, and the foreigner could see that the new girl’s eyes betrayed the smile she wore. There was definitely some kind of darkness within her, much like many students. Johnny recalled his father once say that “That darkness you see is a teenager coming to grips with their identity.” Seeing that look in his eyes in the mirror since last year, Johnny knew exactly what pops spoke of. “It’s a part of growing up.” Johnny got that from his dad, though he did not say that it was his own eyes that he noticed that occasional oddness to them.

Despite that read, Johnny knew nothing about any rumors, nor anything beyond "she's got her own deal, same as everyone else". He only waved back with that confident, yet not at all fake smile of his, and an equally decent word in greeting. The past is the past, and previous weak encounters would make way for better encounters. Time to pull the stops, he thought, this time the greet will go swimmingly. The foreigner, of course, knew jack squat about this girl, and he wouldn’t be sure what to think if he knew.

Frankly, all the foreigner cared to know about at this point was that she needs to get her wish and balloon set up so she can join the game proper.


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"I guess that this year
will be different from last one
I'm more talkative than I have to
but, i don't mind it
as much I had thought otherwise
I'll just see what happens."

His junior has no other questions for the mean time. That's good to know. He looked at the balloon in his hand which carried his wish inside. He knew deep inside that this activity was just for fun. It's impossible for a wish to be granted just like that with a balloon bop game, if it did, people would just be playing this game all of their lives. Ryou even with such stark thoughts actually, wanted to believe that this superstition would add a chance in her recovery, at the most.

He then heard the teacher saying that they were to start. Johnny was rearing to go on ahead which his junior did. He was bout to follow the trend especially when he called out his name, but there was another addition to their group. His eyes went to the newcomer, forgetting the activity around them. It was a girl with a rough demeanor around her. She wasn't like most of the girls he had seen around him. Most usually are very feminine as he recall his experiences with them. This was... refreshing. She began to explain about being sent here by the teacher to make the group even, but he doubted that. She was a face he doesn't recognize. It meant a freshman. She must also be in the same circumstances like Shintaro, but he didn't say anything about it.

"Giou, Ryou." He introduced himself simply, then looked at Johnny and Shintaro to do the same. "Here." He showed her balloons. "Pick one and then write on a piece of paper what you wish for. Put it inside the balloon after, then inflate it." He explained and somehow, he was opting to record his voice in a recorder, so he won't have to say the same things again. It was nothing against anyone, he just wasn't used talking a lot or even leading situations.

He also noted that smile of hers. "Kurosawa-san." He started and then did what he had always done for all the juniors for this school year. "Welcome to Airdalen." He wasn't being sarcastic or anything. He was just told that it would be appropriate to say that. It was then he heard some of the students that were looking at them whisper about a word, scary. He wasn't sure what that was about, but he ignored it. Just like his junior, he wasn't well-read with the rumors flying about. He wasn't the guy to let himself get lost in it or really cared for it. More importantly, he really doesn't care about a person's preference or anything beyond or behind them. It was okay as long as it wouldn't bother him.

It wasn't mandated to him to be a judge or whatever. "Just tell me, when you're ready. We'll continue the game." He waited for a while to give Katsumi time to prepare her balloon and wish. When the balloon and she had told him, she was done. He started the activity again by doing what Johnny called him out on earlier. "Let's go." He then kicked his balloon into the air with his right foot. The balloon was rather high in the air even if his kick appeared to have no strength. "Jay. chin." He continued on for the others. "Tanikaze-san, shoulder. Kurosawa-san, knee."

Just like that, their balloon bop activity had finally began, hopefully, everything else would proceed on smoothly.

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Johnny "Jay" Farelli

“Jay,” Ryou called, “Chin.”

You got it, Johnny thought. He considered his options for accomplishing the challenge posed to him. He could jump up and bop the balloon at the right time, but even with a good jump, that would only send the balloon a certain length. The force behind the jump would be spent on pushing his body, and not transfer properly into the balloon to send it high enough for him to send a command, let alone let the next student react.

One other option: Johnny stepped swiftly to the estimated landing zone for the incoming balloon, and dropped onto his back. From there, he pulled both legs up with a slight bend. His flexibility allowed his legs to cross over his head. When the balloon was mere feet away, Johnny thrust his legs out and forward without grazing the balloon. Performing a well-practiced tip-up, Johnny tilted his head upwards to poke out his pointed chin. His core tensed up as the force applied to his legs transferred to his torso and neck like a bullet. With the sudden change in force, Johnny’s torso lifted off the ground. Though a tall, lean boy, Johnny performed the recovery surprisingly well. It seemed it wasn’t the first time he had to get off his muscular back. Indeed, in his old schools, Johnny was often targeted by the heavier athletes in games, since they knew just how much of a threat Johnny was on the field.

More importantly, however, the timing could not have been more nearly perfect. The swing of the foreigner’s back, neck, and head allowed the chin to whip the balloon with enough force to propel the balloon higher than his initial idea of a simple jump. The wish-container was once more in the air. Hell yeah! he thought as the feeling of the thin rubber membrane propelled away from him. His feet stamped lightly against the floor as he righted himself from the jump. He felt a sense of pride in his physical prowess for a good couple of seconds, only to realize that he hadn’t called out a name and body part yet.

Most importantly, the maneuver send the balloon slightly outside the perimeter of their circle.

Shit, he thought as his mind raced. Next up would have to be the girl, who had introduced herself as Katsumi Kurosawa. She appeared to speak with a similar accent to Johnny’s. Could she know English? It would make this game easier… But she still had to make her wish-balloon.

Best to keep it safe. He went with Ryou once more. “Ryou-senpai,” he called. In English, he added, “Inner elbow- like volleyball.” Of course, he did not know that particular combination of words in Japanese. Johnny knew little about Japanese, as if that ever needed to be stated. Quickly, while he was still clear of incoming balloons, he asked Katsumi, [b]“Hey, do you know English?”[b]

It was then that he realised that there was a light layer of dust that had settled on the waxed floor over the night after the waxing took place., and the backside of the black uniform held an imprint of dust where his muscles pressed down against the floor. Thankfully, the task did no damage to the buttons. If the foreigner's uniform had been any tighter a fit, that would have been a different story. His flexible arms managed to reach behind him and pat away some of the dust... only some, however.

Aw man, are there customs discouraging dusty uniforms? he wondered.