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SHIZU Ambrose

"I can make your hands clap."

0 · 479 views · located in Airdalen Academy

a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by R.T.M.X.



• The Paradox/ The Wildcard [Cultural role]
• Meme Queen [Self-Proclaimed]


12 with 6 years of experience (18)//December 7 (birthday)

5'5" (65in.)

┙Hair Color┍
Lavender Pink

┙Eye Color┍

┙Sexual Orientation┍


Japanese and American (Portuguese-French descent) // Dual citizenship



Shizu is very fitting to her name, in a twisted sense; she is neither quiet nor clear in the way of understanding her machinations. She is loud, yet quiet; wild, yet tamed. Boisterousness and mischievousness to a point, Shizu is quite the opposite of how her appearance and voice would have others believe. Through her normal shenanigans, she is a highly flippant, bright, and an overly over-the-top individual. Equal parts confidence and directness with added sassiness to taste, she is the girl that looks at everything of this world in a similar sense: For you to learn how to swim, you need to jump into the water first! There is rarely a dull moment around her, as she hates to be bored, as she will always do things to spark a little flame into situations, because nothing shakes things up like a little spontaneity and surprise!

However, it is a mistake to simply write her off as unhinged just because of her usually lighthearted and extroverted nature. She is both highly protective and supportive to those she either cares about or has taken a liking to, showing off a more serious, and to some a slightly perverted and sadistic, side of hers that's scarcely ever known or seen. She's caustic to the touch; her words drip with enough sarcasm to make fun of somebody without them even realizing it. She's a firecracker in her own right, where she'll burn you if you try to contain her.


Observational Skills
The pranks and jokes that Shizu otherwise play on her peers aren't just a way for her or others to enjoy their time, but a machination of hers to read into and understand the body language and mannerisms of those involved. By interpreting these cues of how others react, she can correctly predict her mark's preferences and what have you.
While not as skilled as her uncle in the way of electronics and computers, Shizu has picked up quite a skill in programming and otherwise tomfoolery when it comes to the art. She had taken a particular liking to trolling the interwebz and finding what would seem as ambiguous bits of information.

Overconfident and Stubborn
While she may have a happy-go-lucky and headstrong approach towards most things, Shizu oftentimes have too much of a willingness to be daring and take risks, especially when told that she can't do something in particular. While she is mostly regarded as unpredictable, those few individuals that have noticed this flaw of hers can instead use her overconfidence to predict her.
Lack of Personal Space
As a highly extroverted and friendly person, Shizu has a tendency to invade other people's personal spaces through body contact, and with Japan's culture, there will be some clashes and misunderstandings between her and others. Then there's the other personal space that she likes to dig into.

Inconspicuous Nature
Shizu is unassuming and nondescript, almost as if she was designed by the universe as a living prank to those around her. She is generally overlooked (and ignored on a lesser note) by her peers, despite her loud and unpolished personality. She uses this selective obliviousness from everybody to her advantage, allowing her to do certain things that an average person can do, even making an occasional reference regarding this.
Lethal Chef
Shizu has the professional skill of burning water if she boiled it. Her cooking is so terrible, it can bring back bad memories. Some survivors of her cooking (her uncle included) have even claimed that her meals constitute as borderline torture techniques. Rumor had it that she had once baked a cake for a friend's birthday that had come to life and screamed, even bleeding when sliced into.
ASSistant Manager
She does miss school on occasion, due to having a part-time job as an assistant manager for a nearby financial firm that's owned by her uncle. While it doesn't necessarily interfere with her schooling at Airdalen, it does have its benefits.

✦=2 ✧=1
✧ 1
"Yup, that tasted Purple."

Physical/Sporting Ability
✦✧ 3
"I'm not into gymnastics, but I'm into flipping things. (╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)"

✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ 16
"Let's meet all the colors!"

"That squirrel looks familiar."

"I'm best under the radar."

Your most important stat
"You will witness one of the great miracles of life." Charm
Which stat appeals to you most
"Beware, the bumblebear!" Charm/Intelligence


Mr. Ambrose
She takes after her uncle quite a bit, due to him adopting and taking care of her for the majority of her life. Like Shizu, he lives a mostly carefree and prankish existence, generally taking action just to solicit certain reactions to his liking. He's an highly skilled computer programmer as well as a reputable information and financial broker, often employed by those that can afford his price for certain private information. Despite "living" in the same household, he is almost never home nor in the country.

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Don't listen to this song.

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So begins...

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