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No Heroes Here

The Institute, United States


a part of No Heroes Here, by LuckyNumber24.


LuckyNumber24 holds sovereignty over The Institute, United States, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Institute, United States is a part of No Heroes Here.

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Paris Malum [25] "Move out of the way! The eye candy is coming through!"
Jayce Striker [22] "What is this Kidz Bop meets Vanity Fair?"
Max Hill [22] "Hacker? No, more like re-programmer."
Syd Oswald [21] "I'll just do my time and go home "
Daniella Lynx [17] "The music... is the only reason why I'm still alive."
Elena Estrella [17] "Like a serpent, I shed my skin when it's necessary."
Aleka Bellacour [15] "Geeky Monkey is bored over here, can I go now? "

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'Thank god.' Paris thought. His powers seemed to be working on Syd. A sense of relief washed over him. After the ordeal with Max, Paris was concerned that all of his new team mates might be immune to his allure. But here Syd was, resembling something akin to a smitten puppy with his big brown eyes. It was adorable. Paris smiled. At least now he didn't have to go up against the former CIA agent completely alone. He needed to have at least some fire power behind him. Paris bit his bottom lip, a thoughtful look in his eyes. Would Syd actually stand a chance against Max? Maybe with Paris pulling the strings he'd be a little more secure with his powers and he'd pack more of a punch.

When he heard Jayce's voice, Paris jumped away from Syd and the metallic fist coming towards him. He looked at the two of them, taking notice that the young boy's shield had shattered and some of the debris must've cut his face. Paris shed the kind face he had been wearing with Syd, the expression replaced by an angry twist of a scowl. Could he get a fucking break? This was some major bullshit. All he wanted was someone who could stand a chance against Max. He took several steps backward, still watching intently even after Syd told him to run. Jayce captured Paris' eye and some of the anger in his face melted away. Perhaps this was a good thing. He took a couple more steps back.

With all of his force and a quick prayer, Paris took three strides and jumped, launching himself at Jayce. 'If this doesn't work, I'm fucked.' Paris landed on the man's torso, wrapping his lengthy legs around his waist and locking his hands around his neck. He held on for dear life and pushed his forehead against Jayce's, forcing him to look into his eyes. "Max is who you're looking for. He's made you very angry." Paris frantically sorted through his mind, searching for leverage. "Max called your mom a dirty druggie. He said it's a miracle you managed to crawl out of the filthy slums you were born into. He said that you aren't even that good of a boxer. You want to find him and prove him wrong. Make him pay for saying that shit." Paris forced his influence with everything he had. His heart raced with anxiety. If it worked, Jayce would most likely hunt Max down and beat the shit out of him. If it didn't, Paris would probably get sent flying across this holographic forest.

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Jayce felt the impact of Paris' jump. It was like a pillow being thrown at him. Before he knew it Paris' face was inches away. Jayce turned his face away and pushed. He tossed Paris off of him and turned his gaze towards the other boy, Syd. He was going to attack but suddenly an urge came over him. He couldn't tell what it was, but it kept telling him to look for another person.

Seconds later Jayce stormed off in the direction he had came from. Soon he saw a big ball of light. Jayce squinted and peered into the bubble. There stood Max, stoic and ready. Max turned towards Jayce, who must have looked frightening since Max's smirk changed into a frown. Jayce then charged forward.

The bubble of light was very surprising to Jayce. By the looks of it he thought he would be able to walk right through it, yet his body bounced off as if it were made of reinforced concrete. Max jumped back in surprise.

"What are you doing?" Max yelled out from behind his cover. Jayce shook his head. Syd, where was Syd? No he had to fight Max now, but why? Jayce flared out a volley of punches against the light, each hit shaking Jayce's now metal bones. That crap was tough, whatever Max had done to protect himself was working, but for how long?

Jayce continued to attack the bubble, mixing in kicks and elbows. Inside Max was concentrating, perhaps keeping the light stable? Jayce backed off a moment. Paris? Was this Paris' doing? It didn't matter, he couldn't control himself now, Max was his new target.

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Watching the scene unfolding in front of him Syd took a step back dropping his control over the fragments fluttering around Jayce's face. He reached over supporting himself by leaning again a tree hurriedly wiping away the blood from his face only managing to smear it over his nose and cheeks. His head was clearing and he was able to see how close he was to being used, he blinked a few times rubbing his eye with on hand managing to get blood over his eyebrow. Finally Syd looked down at his bloodied hands and figuring he short wipe them on something to at least try to get them clean, just then he heard rushing water coming from behind him and moved in that direction figuring it would be good to try to get away from Paris least he try anything again.

Syd had a reason to hate people who could take over other people's minds, back at the facility where the mutants were kept he had a cell next to a telepath who took pleasure in taking over Syd's mind. The person loved making him lose hours of memory waking up to himself scratching at the walls and screaming at the top of his lungs guards grabbing him and attempting to restrain Syd. The only comfort was that the psychopaths influence had a radius and he couldn't get to Syd if the boy sat in the far corner of his cell, still the times that Syd did get into his path were the worst times in his life nearly driving him to insanity.

But that felt like ages ago, now Syd splashed his face with the clear water letting the small stream wash away the blood from his hands, he thought about his time in the facility letting out a deep breath. He promised himself that all of that was behind him and that he would do his time and get out of here, and it wasn't going to take one kid messing with his head to change all that. However this brought up the question why did Paris help him? Being that Jayce wouldn't hurt Paris because he wasn't the target, Syd was, so why help him? The only thing Syd could come up with was that he was trying to get as many people against his opponent as possible. With this Syd stood up stepping over the stream facing the direction he had walked from ready if Paris decided to follow him determined not to have himself be controlled by anyone.