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Eri Shirakawa

0 · 887 views · located in Somewhere Beyond The Sea

a character in “No, I Won't Notice You”, as played by Keen



"I'm sure whatever you've heard is true, so could you get out of my way? Thanks."


⌈Full Name⌋
Eri Shirakawa

Currently none




Struggling student

⌈Face Claim⌋
Riina Tada - The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

Reflected Image

⌈Height & Weight⌋
Eri stands at a respectably average 5'3" and weighs in on the lighter side of things at 116 lbs.

⌈Hair Color⌋
The uneven crop of hair atop her head is a pleasant golden-brown color.

⌈Eye Color⌋
Two enchanting emerald orbs dot her face.

⌈Distinguishable Facial Features⌋
Nothing in particular about her face stands out.

Both of her ears are pierced but she seems to rarely actually wear earrings.



Inner Soul

⌈Habits Quirks⌋
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♥ Art || From music, to writing, to painting, to sculpture, to theater, Eri revels in creative endeavors.
♥ Games || Often a tool of procrastination, when not out and about in the city Eri frequently spends her nights playing games at home.
♥ Cute girls doing cute things || The name says it all, Eri is quite the fan of slice of life anime and manga, though she'd never admit it.

✖ Work || When it comes to school or most anything she doesn't want to do, bare minimum is all Eri will give.
✖ Being treated like a child || One of the quickest ways to aggravate the young woman, and she doesn't care much for being told what to do either.
✖ Being cold || Come the colder days of the year Eri always wraps up tight in multiple layers and despises being cold.

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⌛ Is actually pretty good at girly things (Cooking, cleaning) and even enjoys them a little.
⌛ All of her art and creations are kept secret and often destroyed before anyone can see them.

Laid-back would certainly be an apt turn of phrase when speaking of Miss Shirakawa. She is a generally good-humored young woman but can be easily pushed from her more level-headed state and become a bit emotional (though that emotion is usually anger, she has an infamously short fuse). Towards those she sees less than favorably she can be standoffish and even mean, or in the case of her elders and teachers, disrespectful. Particularly when she's in an introspective mood her laid-back nature can come off as aloof and distant as she frequently isolates herself both physically and symbolically when she dons her headphones and cuts herself off from the rest of the world. Eri is a very creative girl and has a rather wide range of hobbies and tastes (though she pursues these mostly in private) and has a distaste for authority, rarely taking heed to the words of her teachers and often slacking off during school. Though it's unknown to her teachers or her classmates, Eri lives (mostly) alone in the apartment that belongs to her largely absent mother. As such, with loneliness, little personal support, and a lot of freedom, Eri has developed a more self-destructive side to her personality as well, often willfully ignoring her studies and assignments, staying out late in the city, and drinking every few nights at home alone. With such dubious behaviors and her not exactly friendly image, the school has become ripe with various rumors about the young woman. When asked, she will of course say "Huh? That? Like I care. They can say whatever they want." The truth of such a statement however is an entirely different matter.


⌈Romantic Interest⌋
Most girls whom she gets along with really.

The tale of the Shirakawas is not an untypical one, it's the kind of thing you might see on a television drama perhaps, but a lot less exciting and sexy. But let's start from the beginning, shall we? As a child, little Eri was a rambunctious one, energetic and hard to contain. Her family was small, having no siblings, and at the very least peaceful. Her father had always been a bit of a push over and her mother knew his buttons well so she was often spoiled whenever there was a bit of wiggle room in the monthly budget. Eri's early school life was on the whole unremarkable, adequate in academics and athletics and at the very least enthusiastic with the arts. Her circle of friends was neither small nor large but she tended to make more male friends than female. To her teachers she was a bit of a troublemaker and class clown, but she never got into any serious trouble. This trend held into the beginning of her middle school years.

It was during her first year in middle school that her father passed away, days after being in a serious car accident. A tragic, but ever so common daily occurrence. Needless to say, the event had a quite a profound effect on the little family and on Eri's life at that time. Her mother was at home less and less in the following weeks and months, and Eri's performance in school naturally dropped. Over the course of the next few years the Eri we've come to know today was born, returning to an empty apartment, cooking and cleaning on her own in the absence of her mother who was off at some bar or some such with whatever man she had been seeing that week. With no climactic event nor pivotal plot point on the horizon and having given up trying, Eri goes through the motions of her daily life, mostly doing as she pleases but she still, every month, visits her father's grave.

Nowadays her circle of friends is even smaller and the only friend she sees outside of school on any regular basis is the older college drop-out whom she refers to as Aniki. It is from this mysteriously dubbed young man that Eri receives her supply of alcohol. The man is also the one who often picks her up and takes her to various events in the city late at night.

[ Other ⌋

So begins...

Eri Shirakawa's Story