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Ezariah Piper

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."

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a character in “No Limits”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Ezariah Selene Piper



Ezariah is mildly insane. With a laugh that comes out at the wrong times, and a fiery temper that gets her in alot of troublesome situations, she is extremely unpredictable. She was trained for quite a few years to become one of The Seven - though of course, so did everyone, this was because of her 'mild insanity,' and the group were afraid she might suddenly change her mind, and join the Heroes. So they trained her to love the Seven, but most of all, hate the Deity. She often uses her looks to her advantage, and can be very cunning and sneaky, when she puts her mind to it.

Starting powers:
#1. Gravitional Manipulation; Ezariah has the power to control gravity - to an extent. She can jump higher than the average person, and can change her gravity, so that she is standing on the walls or roof. Her weakness's with this poer woul be that she can get headaches if overused, and can only manipulate her own gravity.
#2. Mirror Manipulation; When she looks in mirrors, she can make her mirror image come to life. It will step out of the mirror, and have any items on it that she had on her at the time. She can only use the mirror once every time, for example: If she uses that mirror, she can not use it for now, but when the image enters the mirror yet again, it can be used again. The power weaknesses would be the fact that she has to have mirrors, that are more life-like when full-length, and that her clones do not possess her powers themselves.

She is quite tall, mostly because of her long legs, which are very muscly, which helps her go faster, and stands at 5'10. She has dirty blonde hair, that looks brighter in the sunlight. It falls down below her shoulders, and is naturally wavy. She has a small and petite build, which makes her quite weak, but still stronger than she looks. Her eyes are a hazel brown, and are quite big, which gives her an innocent look to her. Over all, she doesn't look like someone who would be in The Seven, and she often uses it to her advantage.

Starting weapon:
Ezariah has a whip, which is very long and black, with a spiked end. Though it doesn't look it, it is actually razor sharp, the blades are under the skin of the whip, and are hidden by a light felt material. It doesn't have any 'magical' qualities, but Ezariah views it as her most prized possesion, and calls it 'Air-Whipper.'

Ezariah was born to Makenzie and Joseph Piper, and had a sister named Lisa. She had an average childhood, eating ice-cream, hanging ou with friends, going to school. When she was fourteen, she was in a shopping centre with her family, and burglars broke in with guns, threatening to shoot anyone who tried to stop them. When the police entered, to show that the burglar was prepared to shoot, he shot her father. Something 'snapped' in both her and her mother, and they were never the same. Four hours later, when they finally got home, her mother just sat on the sofa, staring at the fire. Though her sister tried to snap her mother out of her 'trance,' Ezariah already knew that she had lost not only her father, but her mother as well, and possibly her sanity. So she packed up and left, changed her name from Elizabeth to Ezariah, as she thought that Elizabeth was too 'ordinary.'

Starting clothing:
Her tank top is a dark colour, a dark blue to be precise, so that she is not so easily seen at night. She has black tracksuit bottoms, that are baggy, but underneath are some strap on armour pieces to protect her legs, which are a midnight black. She also has similar armour under her tank top, but makes sure none of this is visible, so that (a) she can go out without it being noticed and (b) people may aim for her chest instead of her head, and that way she will suffer less damage. She also has a black hoodie, a zip-up one, which she throws over her tank top. She has her whip tied through the belt-loops, looking like a belt to the unobservant.

So begins...

Ezariah Piper's Story

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Ezariah woke up to the familiar sound of her alarm.With a slight groan, she rolled over and pressed the snooze button, but not before glancing at the clock. 11:00. She cursed under her breath and rolled out ofthe bed, quickly getting dressedand wrapping her whip around her waist. It was 11:05 when she had gotten ready, and she was already bored.

She left the apartment and walked along the village, at the market. It always humoured her to see how 'normal' people spent their day. She noticed Fiamar just a few metres away, killing a family. That's why it was so quiet, she thought. Though she was used to it, she couldn't help but wince at the sound of the mother's skull crushing. Even if she was evil, so to speak, she still found that mildly... gross. She looked around the market, slightly pissed for no apparent reason. She noticed a few people still out. Fools, she thought. Fiamar is here, what on Earth are they doing?

She held her hand to shield her eyes from the sun, and noted who the people were. From the clothes, and the weapons, they looked suspiciously like... The Deity. Ezariah narrowed her eyes, and took out her whip from her belt. Even if the weren't the Deity, it didn't make a difference to her. She could really use some killing to calm onw, take her mind off things. And it looked like she had found her next victim.

The girl with the blonde hair and the extremely large sword. Ezariah ran towards her, and before reaching the girl, did a flip. She flew over the girl's head, and whilst in the air, cracked her whip at the girl's head. If it had met it's trget, then that wold cause some pretty serious damage, especially with the hidden spikes under the skin. She landed behind the girl and shot the whip at the girl's legs, attempting to make her fall over.

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It took a few seconds and the feel of the cool liquid dripping down her temple for Skye to fully register that she was being attacked, even then the shock of being hit was more. Blood continued to dribble down the side of Skye's face, the pain of her ripped skin sent small shocks to her brain. The distraction of her pain was almost Skye's downfall as she barely dodge the second shot from her attacker, a thin line of blood trickled from her ankle, lightly soaking her blue jeans.

The blonde turned to face her attacker, eyes hard as she glared venomously at the other girl. Immediately her hand flew to the handle of her giant blade and using strength was wasn't aware she had, Skye ripped the sword from its holster and pointed it directly at the enemy; jagged end gleaming.

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(gues it's my turn to post something, seeing concrete and converse aren't continuing their battle, it's too bad this kind of screws up the rithem of the RP, also, i have tryed posting this before, but my stupid computer logged me of, so i needed to log in again , so expect it to not be as good as the original)
Aron turned around a corner and saw two girls standing in front of each other, one with a big sword, and one with what form this distance looked like a belt, it looked as if they where fighting. suddenly, Arooonstarted yelling in Aron's subconsciousness:' That girl! That girl with the sword! She is dressed up as the Deity!'
Arooon had told Aron about the Deity, a fake god who fooled the people by making them believe that only getting rid of some people would save the universe. Aron knew better.' Shall i attack her too then?' Aron asked, opening the container with his whip. 'Yes, that would help our future plans.' Arooon relpied, and if he would have controlled Aron's face on that moment, it woulde have displayed an evil smile.
(P.S: I would like to nerf Aron a bit, by making Arooon a bad wip user, and give the weapon another form, which Aron cannot unlock yet with his current power, but whit wich Arooon actualy is good, but then make Aron suck with it, this would limit Arooon's powers this early in the story, but give him some extra power later on, together with this, i would like to give the weapon a new name, if you think it is too late to do this, thuiy, or if it's against the only-one-weapon rule, i won't do it.)