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Rosalie Meleine

"I do what I have to..."

0 · 216 views · located in Myru

a character in “No Longer Chained”, as played by Arixenia Rose


Gender: Female
Age: 24
Appearance: Rosile portrayes herself as a beautiful woman that can certainly put someone in their place, especially a man. She walks with pride, her long brown hair almost reaches the middle of her back. She has amazingly beautiful eyes. She isn't the skinniest woman in the village but that is how she likes it, she has nice. thick curves.
Personality: Rosalie doesn't take any bullshit from anyone. She is independent and would rather run things her way. She is a beautiful person, although she may seem cold. She is actually a very kind and loving person. She doesn't hate men but she believes in her goddess... She wouldn't treat anybody so terribly. But she will follow the rules, Rosalie often makes her own rules. But if you mess with Rosalie... She will surely kick your ass. She is very strong and has a nice build. She is confident and secure about herself. She doesn't hate on everyone, she is easily-impressed and easy to get along with.
Bio/History: Rosalie has had a bad past with men. She never did live in the town, which made her vunerable to men who wanted revenge... As a little girl, she never meant to harm anyone. But rageful men, took out their anger on Rosalie, kidnapping her and raping her numerous times because of what other woman did. Rosalie didn't blame the woman and she doesn't blame the men either, she just doesn't trust them. Rosalie believes that everyone is different, she tends to stay away from small minded people because small minded people are the kind of people who raped her numerous times as a little girl. She fought her way out of their clutches, barely alive. She lived on her own ever since that day, she learned to hunt. Rosalie is familiar with a bow and arrow.
After awhile she met a beautiful girl named Emilyn Rose... They soon became very close friends. They met one day while Rosalie was hunting, Rosalie was defensive at first but then she saw that Emilyn was defenseless and Rosalie knew that she had to help her. Time passes on and they develop a lesbian relationship, Rosalie asks for her hand in marriage and they've been married for 5 years now. Rosalie is 24 and Emilyn is 23, they are the perfect couple. As time goes on, she ends up here... Where she is now... She can see an uprising from her small house on the moutain... It seems that the men are acting up again. They'll never learn... From here, the adventure begins...
Rank: Huntress
Weapon: Bow & Arrow
Wife - Emilyn Rose
Slave - [Still available]
Other:My wife is by far the best thing that has happened to me... I couldn't have asked for anyone better than her. She treats me with such respect, and I respect her to. It is crazy in this world of men slavery... we are simply trying to get by with our lives but something is missing... There is always a fight in the village, either a man doesn't obey his mistress or a woman is caught with a slave...

So begins...

Rosalie Meleine's Story


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It was like a dream, floating and feeling the soft air flow through her fingertips. Oh wait...this was a dream. Maya knew this as well as her conscious. But what what wrong with dreaming? Nothing. Because one moment your falling on clouds the next you wake to the bright sun, Maya hated this feeling and she wished as everyone else did that she could dream forever for this was the place most sacred to her. No one could enter her mind in this state and for once she could get her imagination to turn it's clocks without having to have them be shut off by her mother, for her imagination was crushed when she was but a child. Maya woke to the bright sun, groaning as she tossed and turned over in her soft feathery bed. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she realized her dream wasn't as great as it would have seemed. Maya shook the thought away perhaps it was just the sun heating her skin? As it normally did. Maya knew she was one of the tannest girls in Myru but it was just the hours of training and hunting she had done to make herself this way. Maya's self conscious told her to get up but she could stay in her bed all day if she wished and she did very much wish she could stay. But just as she was about to fall back asleep a sharp knock on the door made her narrow her eyes over at it, a grumble turned into a sigh. "What is it?!" she grumbled as the sharp knocking sounded again. Before Maya could even straighten her mother enterered the room, her eyes narrowed, her chin pointed in the highly directed way, as her eyes drifted on her still waking daughter. Two slaves entered the room, one a dark skinned man that was Maya's slave the other was The Empress's. "Mother? Why do you wake me so early in the morning?" Maya grumbled, covering her self with the sheets as the slaves and her mother entered. The Empress crossed her arms, clearly not amused. "You were suppose to take the hunt patrol out this morning and yet you lay sprawled on your bed like you just fought a war." Her mother said in her high shrill voice. Maya sighed and brushed an annoying piece of hair out of her face, "It feels like I've been fighting a war." she mumbled under her breath, her mother narrowed her eyes and raised a hand to slap Maya but instead clenched her teeth. "Just get dressed and meet me downstairs when your done." she growled and went out of the room. Maya's slave stayed in the doorway watching her with curious dark eyes. "Your dismissed. I don't need help getting dressed." Maya growled and the slave bowed his head and left the room silently. As soon as the door was shut Maya stretched and got herself up and out of the bed, she didn't feel like denying her mother this morning as she grabbed a light chainmill shirt, she quickly put the chain mill over her undergarments and then put a tight pair of leather pants. It wasn't much but it would do for today. She quickly put her hair up into a small bun, looking at herself in the mirror. With a shrug she quickly put on her boots and dispersed down the stairs. "Now what is it?" Maya demanded looking her mother up and down. The Empress took a quick glance over at Maya, doing the same. "Go and do your duties, the patrol is waiting to be taken out." The Empress said with her head tilted high. Maya raised a hand and rubbed the back of her neck. "Yes, Empress." Maya said with a bow, she quickly left the castle she hated so much and before going to where the patrol was she entered the blacksmith's part of the shop. The woman worked quickly and swiftly on a nice looking sword. She looked up, "Why good morning, Maya. What can I do for you?" she asked calmly. A young man came in with a few daggers and sat them down, looking up at Maya but not looking her in the eye. He quickly dismissed himself with a bow from the room and the blacksmith narrowed her eyes but said nothing. Maya looked back at the woman, "You made the belt I presume?" she asked calmly. The blacksmith nodded and handed her a fine black belt with silver edging. Maya smiled at the work and quickly wrapped it around her chain mill, she placed the scabbard and sword in it's place on the belt and did a twirl, the belt looked good. The blacksmith nodded with a smile. "Looks great." she commented. Maya nodded and thanked the Blacksmith as she quickly left the shop, Maya headed towards the patrol, nodding politely to other women as she passed.