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Danny Marks

"If at first you try and don't succeed - cheat. If you cheat and get caught - lie."

0 · 304 views · located in New York

a character in “No Looking Back”, originally authored by CharlotteV, as played by RolePlayGateway


Daniel Jacob Marks || Daniel Jacob Lynn



Elizabeth, New Jersey

Runaway || Thief || Undercover Cop

Game Shows || Plaid || Alcohol || Money || Shiny Things || Adrenaline Rushes || Pot || Classic Rock || Superhero Comics

Horror Movies || Pepsi || Authority || Being Denied Things || Boredom || Greasy Food || Hard Drugs || Cold Weather

Strategy || Theft || Lying || Academia

Irritable || Headstrong || Sarcastic || Reckless

Irrationally afraid of spiders
Very afraid of getting exposed
Even more afraid of Francis' reaction if he did

Anyone who meets Danny in passing takes an immediate liking to the kid. He's all smiles and easy charm, overly helpful and friendly; he laughs openly and has a tendency to make a person's day just a little bit brighter. And when that person goes home and realizes their expensive watch is missing, or their wallet mysteriously gone, they never think to point fingers at the nice boy they bumped into on the street.

Anyone who knows Danny wouldn't be so kind.

When every word that comes out of his mouth isn't a well crafted lie, it's dripping with irony and condescension instead. Danny seems to survive on sarcasm the way normal people survive on oxygen. To a point, it's often hard to tell when the boy is actually being honest about something. But as with most things, actions speak louder than words, and although Danny makes himself difficult to trust with what he says, he always delivers. He keeps secrets well, sticks with his promises, and has proven himself loyal when it counts.

Danny doesn't have much of a filter on him. If he thinks something, he usually says it, often followed by an unapologetic shrug and a head-tilt that just dares someone to argue with him. He's cynical and crude, curses like a sailor, and is not the kind of person many would come to in need of a shoulder to cry on. Instead, he'd probably be more suited for helping out with revenge.

Despite being exceedingly bright - Danny's IQ is well above average, if not particularly utilized - he's rather reckless. With his self, at least. When Danny actually sits down and puts his mind to it, strategy is one of his strengths, but he rarely uses it for himself. He doesn't seem to think twice before jumping head first into anything, and normally isn't bothered by the consequences of his actions. Especially when he's told he can't have or do something.

While Danny normally prefers to sit in the back of a room and mutter comments about whatever happens to be going on, he has a bit of an anger trigger. He can be easy to irritate at times, and when pushed his headstrong nature can often land him in trouble...if his mouth hasn't already gotten him there. He has a tendency to think he's right regardless of a situation, and it's usually difficult to persuade him otherwise.

Once upon a time, Danny would have categorized himself as a moral and just person, but over the last few months he's began to question that part of himself. He's beginning to wonder where the lies end, and who he really is.

Robert Lynn and Zoe Mackenzie (Danny's parents) met in college, and would probably swear on their dying breath that they were soulmates. They were a solid couple for years, with plans to travel the world and blow through their Bucket List like nothing else mattered. It was an amazing life plan, and only backfired when Zoe found out she was pregnant.

Unable to handle the alternative methoods of dealing with a baby, Robert and Zoe decided to get married and put their lives on hold to raise their child. For about a year, it was fine, but it became obvious very quickly that motherhood was not for Zoe. So she left, and went to travel the world alone. She sent post cards, and brought home trinkets a few times a year, but she simply wasn't around much.

Danny was a surprisingly well adjusted kid for being raised by a single parent and basically living off pizza. He excelled in school, was personable and friendly, and no one ever worried about him. Until the summer just after he turned fifteen. Robert Lynn was a decorated officer who lost his life after a bank robbery gone wrong. Danny heard about it on the news before anyone from the station managed to tell him.

He barely remembers the week he spent in the hospital, sleeping on the makeshift cot on the floor by his father's bed. His mother stayed with him the entire time, making it the longest she'd consecutively been in their lives since he was a baby. Eventually, the doctors said there was nothing they could do, and Danny held his fathers hand and cried for three hours straight when they took him off life support.

His aunt and uncle took him in after his mother left again, but Danny was never the same. He became a violent kid, protecting his emotions with sarcasm and his fists. he ended up with a juvy record a mile long - everything from alcohol and drug use to vandalism and fighting. When his aunt and uncle began to restrict his freedoms, Danny only spiraled father out of control, and that was when he began to steal. If he wanted something, he took it. Life owed him, after all.

Stealing became more than just a habit though, it became a lifestyle. He was good at it, too. So good he got cocky, and messed up. Barely eighteen, Danny was done getting to slide under the red tape, but the judge on his case had been a good friend of his father's, and Danny ended up with a clean record but a very stern conversation.

He's never actually said what happened that day, but Danny got his shit together after that. He checked himself into rehab, got his GED, and then joined the Academy. Danny worked hard and graduated top of his class. Right on track with the way things had been going, he'd barely been handed his uniform when he was approached by a senior officer who offered him an undercover job. He trained for a full year to infiltrate the De Rossi organization, and still spent five months on the street before he got anywhere.

His cover works because it's the truth. The only things changed were his last name and his father: who on record is now known as one of the civilians who lost his life the day of the robbery instead of an officer. Daniel Lynn ceased to exist almost completely, replaced by Danny Marks - a lonely kid with a record who disappeared just before his eighteenth birthday.

Height & Weight:
5'11 || 157lbs
Hair & Eye Color:
Brown || Amber
Face Claim:
Dylan O'Brien


So begins...

Danny Marks's Story


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Two years ago, Danny had never gone by a nickname. His parents had named him Daniel. Not 'D', not 'Dan', not 'Danny'. Daniel was the name on his birth certificate, his social security card, his badge...Daniel. But none of those things existed anymore. Oh they were somewhere, he was sure, under a red label that claimed 'confidential'...but not real. Not tangible. Not something he could pull at and look at.

To be fair, Danny wasn't on anything he could pull out and look at either. It was just...something he could feel. Something he could relate to every time he heard Cora call it down the hall, or when Wyatt gave him an acknowledged nod before work, or when Frank whispered it somewhere near his ear...

Danny sighed and brought his cigarette up to his lips. He could remember Daniel Lynn...but he could hardly see him anymore. He wasn't in the mirror staring back at him, that was for sure. Daniel Lynn was turning into a memory...and Danny was both ready to be free of him, and terrified to see him go.

It was all very confusing.

Kind of like these damned parties.

Danny opened his mouth and let smoke fall out of it, watching the party around him come back into view full force. Diavolo de Rossi looked spectacular as always, done up in beautiful reds and golds, the sign out front claiming they were having some kind of fancy charity event. Inside, however, the people weren't just rich and famous...they were also dangerous.

The waitstaff was mostly made up from kids in his building, the ones on the second to the top floor. Not good enough to play with the big boys, but smart enough to keep their mouths shut. They were too busy to overhear anything important anyway...well, except for Cora, who he could pick out of the crowd only because he knew her. She seemed just as busy as the other servers in their professional black dresses, but Danny had learned to watch her, really watch her. She was eavesdropping, listening into the conversations the other Family members couldn't.

Zack was also a top-flooer blending in with the staff himself, his unruly curls tamed back for the night, his fingers moving quickly over the drinks he passed out. Danny could only catch them occasionally, the little packets of drugs, the secret exchange of smiles and nods. Zack was good, even for Danny's trained eye. Very good.

Kitty was there too, a knock-out even compared to the other women who were hanging onto their husbands (sugar daddies?) arms. She looked fantastic, in her element, hard at work. She knew things too, heard things even Cora didn't, because she spent her time surrounded by yes-men...and Danny was sure all she had to do was bat her lashes to earn a handful of secrets.

He took another drag of his cigarette.

Elena and Adrain De Rossi were socializing with every bit of grace they'd been born with, dressed in clothing so expensive he was sure it would pay his rent three times over (not that he was paying his own rent, really. The services he provided the Family covered that expense). On the other side of the room, Ivonne was doing the same, a champagne glass held elegantly in her hand, expression blank as usual, gaze ever vigilant. Looking at them, one wouldn't ever expect something was wrong.

Then there was Wyatt, always close to Francis, even surrounded by people they called Friends. Granted, Danny knew better. For one thing, Frank was ever paranoid, for another...these parties were rarely what they appeared to be. Danny had only been to two himself, but he recognized a recon operation when he saw one. This time he was at least somewhat in the know. He'd earned some trust, finally.

Money was missing. Large sums of it, siphoned out slowly from the Family budget for the last couple of months, at least. It was sloppy work, which meant it hadn't been someone in the inner circle, but one of the soldiers out on the street everyday. Probably some idiot who had stumbled onto numbers he wasn't supposed to have. But they hadn't been able to lock down which division the leak had come from. Sex, Drugs, Weapons, so on, so forth.

Thus, the party.

It was a game of politics, manners, and skill.

Danny finished off his cigarette and snuffed it out in the ash trey next to him, his eyes following his mark diligently. Sebastian Olivarez. Danny recognized him not only from the folder Wyatt had handed him earlier that week, but also from police reports...although the former was much more detailed. Drug Lord, low level, fairly new to the game. Worked down in the Bronx. Armani suit, but a little ill fitting. Danny swiped a whiskey glass off one of the trays going around, took a large gulp of it, then rounded the corner

He pressed two fingers to his forehead in a salute around his glass when they touched, and Olivarez gave him a respectful nod in return.

Danny deposited the glass on another floating tray then looked at the phone he'd just snagged from Olivarez's coat pocket. Blackberry, password protected. No problem, just mildly annoying for now. He caught Frank's eye when he looked up, grinned and sent a wink his way, then disappeared into one of the backrooms to drop the phone in the collection of mobiles, planners, tablets, and anything else he'd gotten his hands on in the last ten minutes.

His job was simple: steal, look, return. It'd been a little tricky at first, but the more rounds Zack and the alcohol made, the more susceptible people were. Not to mention, it was quick work. Most of the electronics were uninteresting, because the smart mobsters didn't keep private information on hackable devices. Then again, smart mobsters also didn't steal form their bosses, so there was that.

Danny plopped himself down on one of the sitting sofa's, threw his feet up on the coffee table, and sat to work undoing the password. He wasn't a hacker by trade, but he'd picked up a few skills over the last couple of months, and he was sure it wouldn't take him long.


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attire; x XXXmood; self-assured


"You must understand that I only want what's best for..." The man's hands fumbled against each other, and his tongue flickered over his wet lips every time he took a pause in his overly deliberated sentences. "... I would hate for a silly rumor to impair not just my reputation, but our relationship..." He was excessively groomed, with trimmed nails, glowing teeth, and white hair waxed and sprayed to the point of looking like plastic. "... It's all a misunderstanding, of course..."

His name was Chancellor Bevon Willcox, and his expression was saturated with stress as he searched for more to say. The 'silly rumor' was concerning a grim-fated concoction of him, his secretary, and an excessive amount of unwanted touching. A 'misunderstanding', indeed.

"It would certainly be mutually beneficial for you to-" "How so?" He was clearly unsettled by the woman's sudden reply, and his slackened jaw moved up and down as he gaped for words. "I don't really know what you mean-" "I mean, how will it be mutually beneficial?"

The woman took a sip of her wine, a matter-of-fact expression on her face. "As far as I can tell, the only one that benefits is you. The man that sexually harassed an employee and then began sputtering excuses when he got reprimanded for it."

The chancellor reddened, and his jaw once again began gaping. "I- I said it was a misunderstanding! Y- You must understa-" "You must understand, Chancellor, that among our 'ranks', we employ corrupt policemen, drug dealers, arms dealers, and prostitutes,"

Her smile was soft, and almost solicitous. "But even we have standards."

His eyes widened in shock, his rubber lips forming an 'o', and she retained her smile, and bobbed her head softly. "Enjoy the party."

She moved swiftly past him, and in afterthought, added over her shoulder, "I doubt you'll be attending another one."

Ivonne moved to a spare space in the room, taking a sip of wine as she metaphorically caught her breath. It was supposedly a party, but all Ivonne could see was an ocean of business transactions. A commerce of gossip and secrets. It was at parties like these that some of the most important decisions were made, where 'familial' bonds were strengthened, and others were cut. Ivonne brought the glass to her lips, analyzing the crowd as she waited for yet another pig-brained politician with some self-caused problem to come to her, claiming innocence.


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#, as written by Chandz


attire: xXXX location: Bar | Party


3:48 PM

“Alex, I already told you. It’s my job. I have to do it.” Wyatt sat at the bar, leaning on his elbows over a short glass of whiskey on the rocks. His head was bowed; his index finger tip ran over the rim of the glass as he avoided eye contact with his younger sister. She stood on the opposite side of him, with a white rag tossed over her shoulder and her hair up in a high pony. She had her arms spread eagle, gripping the rim of the bar top. She too bowed her head, but with her came an elongated sigh of pure annoyance. She picked her head up only to speak.

“You know, I just don’t understand why you have to sacrifice your life every day for the son of the man that –“

Wyatt’s head shot up from his drink and his eyes gazed into his sisters. His eyes were cold, but hers were in pain. Wyatt knew exactly where her mind was going to go and he knew she needed to be stopped. When his gaze met hers, Alex immediately stopped talking. The subject of the matter was still a sensitive topic, even decades later.

“Sorry. I’m just saying. I don’t think it’s worth it all.”

“I know,” Wyatt said standing from his bar stool. He gripped the edge of the short glass near the mouth of it, guided it towards is mouth and tipped the glass towards his mouth, stopping only the ice with his teeth. He winced at the strong whiskey making its way down his throat and gently set the glass back down on the wooden bar top. “Why do you think I’m trying to get out?” Wyatt pulled a 20 out of his suit jacket pocket, much more than his drink cost, and tossed onto the bar top gently landing it right by the glass he just finished. He gave a small salute to his baby sister who worked the bar as he turned towards the door and left the bar.

* * *

8:24 PM

With every swift movement he made, Wyatt’s eyes stayed pressed to the back of Frank De Rossi. Wyatt stood at a perfect distance from Frank, never allowing him to wander too far or stepping too close as to intimidate the guests that interacted with Frank, unless of course someone needed to keep their distance from Frank; then Wyatt would step closer, moving his hand to his holstered gun while setting a rough gaze towards the person. Otherwise, however, Wyatt stayed several steps behind Frank, as he had ordered.

Today was a day of business. As was most days for the De Rossi group. Someone had been infiltrating Francis De Rossi’s accounts and smuggling money for their own benefits. Something that will not go unrecognized or unpunished by Francis. He took his business very seriously and would not let anyone sabotage the De Rossi name in any way, shape, or form. He intended fully to get to the bottom of it and his best men and women were behind him. Wyatt more so than anyone else. He had been loyal to the De Rossi family and name since his birth essentially. He had grown up alongside Frank and Adrian and when the two brothers worked their way to recreate what their father had started, Wyatt stood along them and vowed to protect them from all of the things that would attempt to stand in their way. Now, as Frank owns the title of Boss, Wyatt protects him more than ever.

Wyatt’s eyes wandered across the room. He needed to always keep the area clear of danger. Of course, he didn’t work alone. He had his own recruits that helped with security. They weren’t part of Frank’s runaway crew but they worked similar to that. They were clueless teenagers once who knew not what to do with their lives. Wyatt calls them when he needs heavy security detail. They know nothing about what’s going on ever, all they know is that they protect De Rossi and they get paid, which works for them as much as it does for Wyatt. From across the room he can see Danny sneak past a few guests and into a back room, which only meant the boy was doing his job; Wyatt had him swiping devices off the guests and hacking into them to gain any sort of intel possible. From his phone, Wyatt sent a text to Danny, encoding the message, asking if they had yet found the culprit, in case his phone were to ever be hacked by someone else, it would seem like a generic message.

To: Danny
Are we out of milk yet?

Wyatt hit send and slid the phone back in his pocket and turning his attention back towards Francis. Asking Danny if they were out of milk was actually asking if they’ve discovered the right phone and person yet. If they had, Danny would respond saying that they were in fact out of milk. If not, they still had enough milk. Now, it was just up to Danny to respond with the message and from there, they would decide where to go next.


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Nights like these were both simultaneously enthralling and tedious, commonplace and nerve-wracking, and Frank knew not where the line between these extremes was drawn. There was something about these gatherings that made him feel the respect he had craved for so long as he worked to rebuild the business empire. It certainly appeared that way from the outside, for he had seated himself at a table that was now filled with senators and businessmen alike. Like a king surveying his kingdom, he gazed at the faces, glanced about the opulent room, and offered up jokes or comments when the time seemed right.

But he also felt like a spider, perhaps, what with his so many intricate pieces of the operation coming to together all at once, weaving together like the strands of a spider’s web. He could see his brother now as he moved towards Ivonne. Oh, she certainly looked uncomfortable, but there was little he could do from where he was. Instead, he focused on Elena now as she lit up her cigarette. Katalina had positioned herself in a corner too. Danny was making his way to the back room now, unfamiliar phone in his hand.

In a way, he envied their ability to blend into the crowd, to remove themselves from a situation. He, on the other hand, seemed to always find himself at a table such as this one, his neck breathed down by society’s brown-nosers. He certainly exaggerated to an extent, but Frank had a tendency towards that at times. Nevertheless, he did play the role well -- kept the drinks on the table and the spirits high. As his peers lost their inhibitions, Frank continued to nurse the same glass of wine, afraid to let himself off too easy this night. Not when there was so much to do.

He knew the procedure by heart now, and he ran over it in his head as he waited for Danny's signal -- which came in the form of a wink and grin. Frank couldn't help by smile back to himself, hoping that maybe Danny would pick up on his subtle acknowledgement.

"Something on your mind, Frank?" questioned a man across the table, forcing Frank back into the moment.

Francis shook his head suddenly, grabbing for his wine glass as he faced the man, New York’s governor, a man who most certainly had come all this way from Albany simply to join in the revelry. Few other places had so much to offer, and for “clean men” like the Governor, it was their only way to even get to the drugs without starting a scandal. ”Just thought of a story I’d heard,” he recovered quite smoothly, delving into a tale he made up on the spot. Perhaps that was one of his talents -- he knew how to catch himself, check his surroundings. It was why he had to keep his head on and couldn’t ride through the night on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol as he was certain a few of his cohorts would.

No, the only time he could was when he was in the comfort of his home. And even then, he knew he wasn’t safe there either. But now, he fished for a cigarette in his trousers’ pocket, and five businessmen extended their lighters as he nonchalantly held the cigarette out, letting them struggle to be “the one who lit Frank De Rossi’s smoke.” There were others at the table who met him with a look of disgust, but they wouldn’t voice their opinions. He knew that they never would vocally.

The text from Danny to Wyatt would come at any moment, and he knew they’d have to be getting closer to finding the one. The rat. When the time came, he knew Wyatt would interject, and he’d leave the table. The men around him would have their suspicions, of course, but none of them had ever seen Frank in that state of mind. It certainly wasn’t something they hoped to experience. Until that text, however, he kept himself in the conversation, his eyes never lingering in one place for too long.


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Danny knew the text from Wyatt would show up eventually, but he still frowned down at it. To be fair, they had been at this for awhile, and so far he hadn't hit any winners. Granted, if he'd stumbled onto something red hot his first try, he'd assume someone was trying to pull a fast one on him. Nothing was easy, not in this world. So he'd made it through half the guests with no hits.

So he didn't text back, just went through the handful of devices he already had on him, but finding nothing interesting. At least...until he stumbled across something curiously blank. iPhone 5, and according to his list belonging to Jason Rubio. The thing was, Danny had learned pretty quickly that almost everyone carried two phones. One for work, one for personal life. The phone currently in his hand should have been one or the other...but it wasn't. There were numbers in the contact list, of course, but no apps, no dates in the calendar, no alarms set. Nothing downloaded for a moment of boredom sitting in an office, or to remind him of a business deal.

Plain. Empty.


Danny's eyebrows arched and he sat up suddenly, making a grab for his tablet and pulling up the information he had on Rubio. Low level, mercenary type. Marked down to watch because he had a tendency to call up the attention of Elena's girls, then claim they didn't deserve whatever he was supposed to pay. Didn't 'work hard enough for it'. He also, evidently, had a bit of a drug problem...and a wife in the hospital.

Made sense. If the fucker was already in debt, of course he'd be interested in siphoning the people he owed back with what was already theirs. It was petty, and not exactly smart. But, then again, Danny had already known that. And he'd rather find motive than nothing at all.

He hurried to find the right cords he needed to plug the phone in and clone it. He wasn't sure what he could get, with it wiped like that, but something was better than nothing. Most likely all he had was a needle pointed in the right direction, anything else would have to be pulled out from Rubio by people better with words than he was.

To Wyatt:
Think so, yeah

Once he had what he needed, Danny packed his stuff back up, shoved his back somewhere inconspicuous, and stood up. He rumpled the sleeves of his shirt a little, loosened his tie, tried to make it look like he'd actually had something more than just a few sips of Whiskey here and there.

Then he went back out into the crowd, to socialize, and step around in a careful pattern, returning electronics here and there with much more ease than he'd started out with. Eventually, he was dropping Rubio's phone at his table, no one even bothering to look up at him, the cloned version in his hand.

There were deleted files that he had access to now. Notes, mostly. Basic, kindergarten level coding. Granted, if Danny hadn't been looking for it, he probably wouldn't have thought twice about the list of groceries...except that he knew the account number they were looking for, and he wasn't a big enough believer in coincidence to think anyone honestly needed seven artichokes. The quantity of each item lined up exactly right...

It was painfully obvious, and yet not at the same time. He was a little afraid to admit that if the phone hadn't been wiped, it probably wouldn't have caught his attention. He slid up to Wyatt easily, grin plastered on his face, thumb swiping quickly across the screen as he looked up at his boss. "Look. You have to read this thing my friend sent me. It's hysterical." With that, he handed over the cloned phone, knowing no one was really paying attention to him, but smarter than to try to be too sneaky about that one.