Miakoda Citlali

A Cherokee Warrior with a tough exterior and a hatred towards her enemies.

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a character in “No More Tears of the Trail”, as played by TenSecondObjection


Gender: Female
Age: 23
Origin Tribe or Nationality: Cherokee
Dexterity: Ambidextrous
Portion of Rebelling Group: Warriors
Weapon: A large Variant Gun that attached to her arm. It is powered by Steam made from Coal. It uses a variety of barrels and shots ranging from that like a pistol to that similar to a sub-machine gun. She had stolen off of an enemy.
Sub-Weapon: A long sword-like Dagger she wield with her left hand.
Eye Color: Hazel, but can appear a bit red in certain lighting.
Hair Color: Dark Brown with a few strand of Black here and there.
Distinguishing Features: Her Headdress, handed down from her father
Height: 5 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 104 pounds
Body Type: Slender
Past Associations: Her Father was a chief of a small group of Cherokee. The rank had been handed down generation to generation, until it reached her. When she was of age, she took the headdress and control from her father. However, their group consists mostly of her extended family due to disease taking the lot of their followers.
Fears: The Destruction of her Origin Tribe or the group she is to lead, as well as being unable to protect those she cares about.
Personality: She is often cold towards strangers, never having been trusting before speaking to somebody. She also can turn very sarcastic when she is grumpy, and small things can set her off into rage at times. However, she is a tough and strong individual who would die to protect others. If one were to get to know here, she will open up her shell eventually, and would begin trusting them. She also is very protective of the people she opens up to as well.
Special Abilities: She was born with a good ability to lead and get a point across with little words. Many also naturally look to her as a leader, of though there are times she wishes it wouldn't happen.
Poor Traits: She is a very poor liar, and isn't the most charismatic, often coming off rude when she is nervous. She also struggles a bit with reading high-level documents, but can handle a novel only being slowed down a bit.
Confirmation Code: Screeching Eagle

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Miakoda walked silently on the streets of the small Reservation, her head trained to look down. The feathers of her headdress fluttered on proudly behind her, despite the weak appearance she was trying to give off. For now, it was safe for her to wear the family heirloom. She passed by a few men, who of which eyed her in disgust. It was typical, she had moved on. Her pace then became more brisk, and she approached a storm drain on the sidewalk. She glanced around, briefly checking for eyes watching her, and knelt to the ground. Once she was on her knees, she lifted the metal covering the entrance down the drain.

She could see a rusty metal ladder, and quickly climbed down. She pulled the metal covering back over her before continuing, making it appear as if she was nowhere to be found. Soft bars of light penetrated the darkness of the storm drain, allowing her some sight to the area she knew like the back of her hand. She climbed down to the ground, and took a step into the inch-deep water that seemed to always be there. She began walking off into the darkness ahead of her, leaving only the ripples of water and a subtle sound of splashing as a trail. In the direction she walked, one cold make out a soft scent of smoke.