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Cameron Knight

"Reckless boy, you're going to get yourself in trouble."

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a character in “No One Mourns The Wicked”, as played by jeydon



Image"Don’t become accustomed to running away because you’re scared. Otherwise, you’ll be running for the rest of your life."
⌊ Cameron Knight ⌉
⌊ Cam ⌉
⌊ Twenty One ⌉
⌊ Male ⌉
⌊ Bisexual ⌉
⌊ British Caucasian ⌉


"There’s a part of him you know is wild."

⌊ Mr. Tall Dark And Handsome. The young male is everything you could ever dream a man of possessing. From head to toe his body screams utter perfection, there is not a single flaw to him, at least not when it comes to his physical appearance. From his broad shoulders and beautiful collar bones to his soft long locks and dark brown orbs. Tall, built, and handsome are just a few words to describe him. It's as if his body was sculpted to perfection by an artist, each and every part of him shinning in beauty. His chest just the right mixture between muscular and a swimmer's build, his abs noticeable but not over doing it. His physical appearance is usually the first thing that catches the eyes of others and he uses it to his advantage. The male is only ever seen in dark clothing, black for the most part which leads people to believe he's what they call a 'bad boy.' His pale complexion stands out yet there's a porcelain like appearance to him, which is seen as beautiful by many.⌉
Cameron attempted suicide last summer by overdosing on anti-depressants which led to him getting checked into a mental hospital against his will by his concerned parents. He spent a little over 3 months there and now returning to his normal life, he's doing everything he can to keep his sudden disappearance a secret from everyone in order to protect his rep as a bad boy who doesn't care about anyone or anything. He doesn't want anyone to realize he actually has emotions let alone that he was in a damn mental hospital for not being able to keep them under control.


This young man does not take life seriously. A mercurial type, friendly, flirty, but unreliable, he is both well liked by many, and trusted by very few. Few think he will amount to anything...secretly he's inclined to believe them. Deep inside he longs for the time when everything was so filled with importance and meaning, but he wouldn't like to admit to it. He wants his life to mean something, but fears it's too late to live a meaningful life. Even at the age of twenty-one, he feels hopeless and so he acts recklessly, not caring what happens to him. He hides his scars (inner and outer) behind smirks and sarcastic remarks. He can be a very charming young man, but he can also be ruthless and rude when he's in a bad mood. He has a temper to him, so I wouldn't suggest upsetting him.
Desires :
✧ Attention - He likes to have all eyes on him, everyone focused completely on him. He craves attention and will do whatever it takes to gain someone's attention even if that means manipulating their feelings towards him just the littlest bit.

✧ Power- He likes having power over someone, something to hold against them and make them do whatever he pleases. He likes to belittle someone to the point that they feel powerless against him. It makes him feel like a God.

✧ Water- Either swimming in it, or just admiring it, he has always been a big fan of water. It's beauty is one of a kind to him.

✧ Clothes- Despite his body being admired by others, his sense of style is also a great selling point for him.

✧ Sex- Watching someone lust after him is pure amusement for this young man. He'll tease them along, watch them beg and whimper for awhile, before eventually giving them what they want most: his body.

Detests :
✧ Darkness- He likes his life full of light and sunshine, he dislikes being in dark settings. Preferring to stay out in the sun than hidden away.

✧ Liars- Despite being known to twist the truth rather often himself, he can't stand being lied to. He will hold a grudge against anyone who tells him a fib.

✧ Studying- He can't stand studying or learning new things, he likes to stick to what he knows.

✧ Change- Once again, he wants nothing more than to stick to what he's used to. He likes things to stay just the way they are.

✧ Know it alls- He will not take being sassed or "out smarted" by anyone. He can't stand someone who thinks they know better than him.


Acting is his biggest talent. He can make you believe anything he wants you to and snap into any character in a second. He's acted his way out of so many bad situations. His innocent act is one of few that are actually believable. The only thing is, sometimes even he can't tell if he's acting or not. He's talented when it comes to sneaking around, he's like a mouse and can go on unheard. He's talented at fighting for what he wants, and he won't give up until he achieves what he's fighting for.



✧ Selfish- He focuses more on himself than those around him, always putting himself first and sometimes ignoring those around him all together. This act of his isolates him from the rest of the world, making it so that he doesn't have many friends.

✧ Reckless- He will act with out thinking his actions through first, and more often than not making huge mistakes that he will later regret. He uses people and things recklessly, not bothering to worry about the side effects that come with over using them.

✧ (Lack of) Strength- Despite his beauty, the boy isn't the most strong both physically and emotionally. If he were to have an enemy, he wouldn't be ready for a fight. He's used to playing with people's emotions to win his wars.

✧ Temper- He can sometimes allow his temper to get the best of him, throwing childlike temper tantrums whenever he doesn't get what he wants.


✧ Commitment - He fears having to commit to someone and having to live up to someone's expectations of him. He'd much rather go through life with out any commitments, it's easier for him that way. He doesn't have to feel anything or grow attached.

✧ Attachment - He fears caring about something so deeply that he grows attached and expects it to always be there. Attachment is a weakness in his opinion.


"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."


Cameron attempted suicide last summer by overdosing on anti-depressants. His parents, concerned about his well-being and wanting to prevent him from hurting himself again, sent him away to a hospital for mentally unwell. While there he put on an act, pretending to be the well-behaved patient who was getting better, who was happy and content with life. His act was so believable that after 3 months they finally released him to return back to his family. He made his parents and little sister Elizabeth promise not to tell anyone in town the real reason for his sudden disappearance and keeps his trip to the mental hospital a secret from everyone. He wants to keep up his bad boy rep, to keep pretending he doesn't have a care in the world about anyone and anything. If people were to find out how weak and helpless he truly was, they would never look at him the same. Not only is he keeping it a secret that he was in the hospital from his friends but he's keeping it a secret from his family that he's not actually better. His depression has only been getting worse, leading him to act recklessly. From little things like smoking to bigger things like joining a gang and spending his evenings breaking into the rich neighborhood houses to steal precious and expensive items. He's given up on doing anything good with his life, finding it meaningless to even try at this point.


Written by: jeydon

So begins...

Cameron Knight's Story


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"You sure you're okay, love? One of us can cancel our trips, come get you if it's all too much," his mother said. "Yeah, I was planning on staying in town for another little while anyway. Still have a few people I want to catch up with and so on," he replied, running his free hand through his hair. Both his mom and his dad had been called away on sudden business trips, a few days before he was supposed to fly home. Honestly, it suited him to the ground. As strange and unsettling as being back in town was, he was seeing friends he hadn't seen in years, and he'd take that. "Okay, well, I'll have my mobile, as will your father, so call us if you need us, okay? And enjoy yourself, honey. I'll talk to you when I get back," she said. "I will, Mom. You relax and don't be worrying about me, okay?"

"Your father says if you ruin the house with any parties, you're paying for renovations, by the way," she added, and Spence laughed. "Fair enough. Bye, mom," he said, rolling his eyes as she said her goodbyes on the other end. His parents had had the initiative to do up the family home and rent it out after they moved. They were currently between tenants, so instead of having to stay in a hotel, he had the house to himself. At times, it was lonely, but it also meant that he could stay as long as he liked.

Dressed in a leather jacket and jeans, he double checked himself before heading out of the house. He'd had a few days where his mental state had been shaky at best, so now that stability had returned, he was finally getting to meet up with some of the others.

To: Iggy
Starbucks, ten minutes? :D

To: Cam
Meeting Iggy for coffee now, but you feel like hanging out later?


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From his perspective Smithbrook was trapped in a cycle of monotony, and since his arrival he had sought out antidotes to cure the periods of nothingness, however being questioned by the police did break his expectations a bit – it was certainly a unique follow-up to the funeral. Unfortunately for the investigators he had a strong alibi that included video footage (a few vines to be precise) of him in Seattle, exploring the city (or the city’s party scene), and the novelty quickly wore off as the implications of the investigation settled within him.

In Smithbrook's downtown Jude sat outside of a locally owned café situated right across from the infamous Starbucks (though he did love a good green tea frappuccino) where he drank an Americano with a cigarette nestled in between his index and middle finger, brow furrowed and lips pressed into a thin, anxious line. Maybe it was the funeral that upset him, and the espresso did little to sooth the uncertainly churning within his stomach, and he slowly came to terms that another person he had known passed away – and this time due what seemed to be a murder. Is this what it meant to grow up? To continue crossing paths with the ugliest things in life?

He inhaled another lung full of smoke, seeking to clear his mind of tragedy, and he looked to his phone, the nuances of impatience making him check the clock every thirty seconds. He had already texted Cameron about his current whereabouts in hopes that he would crawl out of whatever hole he dug himself into to hang out a bit (though since last summer they were doing that a lot anyways – but still, he was bored, and couldn’t stand being alone for too long). If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, and cursing the day’s awful, brain rotting dullness he began to send out a series of texts.

To: Cam
ohhhh my god where the fuck are you [[gun emoji]] i’m losing it over here. the most entertaining thing out here are the old folks squading up at starbucks and even that gets boring after 5 minutes.

To: Original G Anne
so i get back into town right and then the cops brought me in for questioning like i'm a potential killer and this is csi miami. did you get a similar welcoming or am i all alone in this?

To: Iggy-Pop 2.0
this town is ass hahah

To: Iggy-Pop 2.0
but if we don’t party here again for old-times sake then i’m about to be pissed. let’s make this happen [[peace sign emoji]]

Groaning, Jude locked his iPhone screen, returning to the rich depths of the Americano and his occasional hobby of people watching, observing the coming-and-goings of the elderly crowd beginning to disperse across the street. If everyone was too busy doing fuck-all today then he would conjure up some plan from the recesses of his maddened impulses, and he briefly thought of the people he used to know. Maggie would be a no go, she was probably a straight-edge professional by now. There was Rose and Audrey, but he hadn’t spoken to either of them in ages – and there was James, but the guy dropped off the face of the Earth, so chances were he wasn’t about to show up here. He paused in his musing, thoughts wandering over to Oliver – that could be an option – but his stomach twisted and sank, and he brushed the idea away from now, ashing his cigarette on the railing.