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Pit Mason

You're cold? I'm colder and deadlier.

0 · 761 views · located in Dusk Haven

a character in “No One's Hero”, as played by SugarNspikeS


Name: Pit Mason
Alias: Ice Pick
Age: 16
Powers if any: Cryokenesis (Ice powers), Flight, Super Strength.
Eye color: Lavender - Violet
Hair color: Black w/Blue streak in normal form, Ice blue/clear in powered form.
Sexuality: Gay
Likes: The night, writing poetry, dark colors, retro video games, swimming and cute guys
Dislikes: Bright lights, pastels, warm colors, hipsters, the sun, and being hit on by girls.
Origin Story:

Pit was walking home from school after staying late to catch up on his science lab he missed while sick the day before. It was the day before winter break and he was looking forward to the two and a hlf weeks off. He heard an explosion a few blocks away and thought nothing of it as it was comon place here in Dusk Haven. Later he would find out that it was due to a battle between Blaze and some electric elemental villian coliding with a local gas station. A minute later he heard a whistling sound above him like a bomb dropping in a cartoon. When he looked up he saw a piece of metal falling right as a truck was driving by. The truck was carrying tanks of liquid nitrogen to the local cryogenics lab. The piece of mettal fell in such a way that it sliced right through the retaining strap holding the tanks stable on the back of the truck. Pit ran after the truck and yelled to try to get the driver's attention, but the truck hit a pot hole and one of the tanks fell off the back. The tank hit the pavement and broke the valve and sparked. There was a huge explosion as the first tank set off the whole truck. The explosion sent Pit flying into a snow drift and seared off most of his clothing. The owner of the dairy farm next to where he was walking and where he landed found him face down in the snow unconsious. She called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospitol where he remianed in a coma for two months. While in the coma he experienced varying forms of conciousness. Through most of his coma he was only aware of the fact that he was very cold, like freezing cold, but not painfully so. He eventually felt a warming sensation and he was able to focus on that. The heat grew warmer 'til it was searing hot on his lips. His lips? Was he being kissed? Was that the heat? He Awoke to his best friend and long time crush, Christian, kissing him, but played it off like he woke up a little while later. When he went back to school he passed the site of the explosion. The snow had melted, but the trail and crater in the ground where he skidded into the ground was still there taunting him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar site, the piece of metal that cut through the retaining strap on the truck. He went to examine it and realized it was the spout from a slushie machine. He was walking home again, when he felt a gun pressed against his back and a guy told him to give him his money. For reasons he couldn't figure out, Pit felt a rage start to overtake him. He started to feel the familiar cold he felt in the coma. He didn't want to be a victim anymore. He grabbed the guys arm to the hand holding the gun.
"What the Hell is wrong with you? You think you can just take what you want just because you want it? You think the world owes you or something?"

The guy started screaming that his arm hurt , it was cold and to let him go. Pit looked at the guy's arm and saw that it was frozen solid. He was so pissed at the guy that he slammed his arm against the ally wall and shattered it. He ran away as the thug lay on the ground clutching the frozen stump that used to be his arm. He saw his reflection in a mirror in the window of a small antique store and was shocked. His hair had gone from black with a blue dye streak to a clear light blue, as if each strand was made of ice. His skin was even paler than before but his lavender eyes remained the same color. As he calmed down he saw his looks return to normal. A sly grin made it's way across his face. Now he knew he had power and he could use it to get even with the freaks who caused his accident.

So begins...

Pit Mason's Story

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It was cold. Pit wasn’t aware of much else. It should have been uncomfortable. It should have been numbing. It should have painful. But it wasn’t any of these things it was just cold. He was barely aware of the passage of time. There were times of pure cold and times of nothing, not even dreams. It was horrible. This went on and on and seemed endless.

Then came the warmth. It was subtle at first, barely anything. But it got warmer and warmer, then it was hot. Searing heat burning his lips. “Wait, my lips?” Pit thought. “Why were my lips burning?” And there was a soft pressure on them too. He was being kissed! He opened my eyes to see Christian’s face pressed against his, eyes closed and sad-looking. He closed his eyes again and allowed Christian to finish his kiss. So many things went racing through his mind. Christian? He was Pits best friend, sure, but he never showed any interest in him before. But then Pit had been crushing on him since they were 10 and had never showed it, apart from coming out to him first. Christian had never had a girlfriend, though, but he never had a boyfriend either. Maybe Pit was reading too much into this. Maybe he was just worried about Pit and it was a completely platonic kiss, like from a parent. No, his mom never kissed him like that. There was passion in that kiss.

While Pit was over analyzing everything in his mind, he suddenly realized the room had gone quiet. He heard Christian’s voice and his mom’s coming from the hall.

“Let me know if there’s any change.”

“We will, Christian.”

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He had tubes going into both his arms with all sorts of fluids going in.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?”

Pit’s voice was weak and he could barely hear it himself. After about ten minutes he still couldn’t get anyone’s attention, then he saw the remote on the rail of the bed. He pushed the “call” button and a startled nurse came running into the room with a doctor.

While the doctor threw a barrage of questions at Pit the nurse went out into the other room and told his mom, who in turn called his dad at work, his older brothers at school and Christian who had just left.

Pit’s mom came into the room, crying of course, and gave him a big hug while the doctor was still interrogating him. After about an hour his room was filled with friends and family, but the only one Pit was focusing on was Christian. He couldn’t get the kiss out of his head. Every time he looked at Christian, he did his best to avoid eye contact. Pit went through the motions with everyone while they told him what happened and how long he had been in a coma until they agreed that Pit was okay to go home and return to normal life. Since Christian and Pit had almost all the same classes, Pit was seriously considering asking him to tutor him on everything He had missed over the last two months. He was sure Christian wouldn’t mind after that kiss.

The next day, as Pit was walking to school, He saw something familiar near the crater where he had taken a dive. It was the piece of metal that fell from the sky and caused his accident. He had done some investigating on the internet last night and saw that there was a battle between Blaze and some electric elemental who’s name he couldn’t remember. He picked up the metal and saw it was the spout from a slushy machine.
“Damn supers!” He muttered under his breath as he put the spout in his backpack.

He went to school as normal, well, a little better than normal, especially when he realized that it was February and only a few days ‘til Valentines Day. The school always had a dance on the Saturday closest to Valentines Day and Pit was slowly building up his courage to ask Christian to be his date. Sadly, though, his courage faltered and the best he could do was to stare at Christian in all of their classes. In fifth period Pit didn’t share a class with him, so he decided he’d write Christian a note to ask him out. In their final period Pit could barely handle his excitement as he gave him the note.

The Note:

Hey Christian,
I know this is kind of sudden and I have know idea how you feel about me, but I figured I should ask anyway. I’m not sure what your “preference” is and I’m sorry if I’m wrong on this. I hope this doesn’t change our friendship if I am wrong, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to jeopardize that, but, will you go to the Valentines Day dance with me as my date?

Love, Pit.

Christian didn’t even read the note in class. Pit was sure he was avoiding the teacher catching them passing notes. When the final bell rang Pit left without talking to him. He didn’t want to seem needy and had no idea how Christian was going to react to the note and he wasn’t ready for a big scene in front of the whole school. Pit wasn’t closeted, but he didn’t advertise his sexuality either.

Pit decided to take a shortcut through a back alley just in case Christian tried to follow him. He let my mind drift as he was walking, wondering where his newfound confidence was coming from, when he felt a small cylinder at the back of his neck and heard a deep voice saying “Gimme your money!”

Rather than feeling scared like he should have, Pit felt a rage flow over him. With out thinking, he reached behind his back and grabbed the guy’s arm and twisted around in one fluid motion.

“Hey, what’s happening to your hair?” He heard the thug ask, but he ignored the obvious attempt to distract him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Pit hissed at him through clenched teeth as he shoved the thug against the alley wall.
“You think you can just take what you want from who ever you want? You think the world owes you?”

“Oh god, stop it hurts! It’s so cold. Let go please!” He cried.

Pit looked down at where he had grabbed his arm and saw that it was frozen solid from just below his wrist, where Pit’s hand was, all the way to his fingers which were frozen around his gun. Pit’s other hand was against the wall of the alley and the bricks of the building were frozen in a 3 foot radius around his hand.

“You know, in some countries, if you’re caught stealing or robbing someone, they’ll cut off your hand.” Pit sneered at him.

“No, please, don’t.”

But it was too late. Pit had already made up his mind. That guy had fucked with the wrong teenager and he had to pay. Pit slammed the guy’s hand against the alley wall and it shattered to pieces as the gun fell to the ground. The thug curled into a fetal position clutching his stump while Pit ran away. As he passed the antiques shop he saw a mirror in the window and was shocked. His hair was an icy blue like each strand turned to a diamond-like ice. His skin had turned even paler than usual with a bluish hue like he had just been pulled out of a glacier. He stared and tried to calm himself and as he did his complexion went back to it’s normal state of black hair with a blue streak in the bangs and his normal skin tone. He watched the grin slowly spread across his face as he had a realization.

“I have power now. And I will make Blaze and that electric freak pay for what they did to me!”

The setting changes from dusk-haven-high-school to Dusk Haven


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Christian sat in the ward next to Pit's bed, just watching him. He had run out of words to say to him. There were only so many times he could say 'sorry' for doing this to him. God, Pit would kill me if he ever found out who I was, Christian thought. Pit hated the Super Humans, he hated people like Christian. His best friend hated a part of him. At that point in time, Christian couldn't say he blamed Pit. Blaze the Super Human, had, inadvertently mind you, put his best friend in a coma. How could Pit not hate Super Humans after this?

Christian had spent so long in this room the last two months that he had probably committed the pattern in the lino floor to memory. Every imperfection in the room was etched into his mind. The steady beeping of the heart monitor kept him company as he watched over Pit. Pit's face was slightly swollen and, besides Christian, his hair was the only colour with any vibrancy to it. Christian looked around him, thinking people came to hospital recover from illness. Hospital just sucked the life from people. He sank into the seat, feeling an intense wave of sadness. He'd overheard various people who were far more qualified than he was talking about taking Pit of support if he didn't begin to improve. Would this mean Christian had killed his best friend? Before Christian really knew what he was doing, he was out of my seat, his face inching closer to Pit's.

Christian kissed him. If he was being honest, it was something Christian had been wanting to do for a while, but being Blaze had held him back. But here, now, nothing was holding me back, he had nothing left to lose. It wasn't the way Christian imagined his first real kiss going, he'd kissed someone before when we were playing Spin the Bottle but that didn't count, this one did. It would have been much better if Pit had actually been conscious. Christian pulled away, lingering by his bed for a moment before heading out. He left with my usual parting request to Pit's mom. As Christian walked out across the hospital car park, his phone began buzzing in my pocket. He pulled it out and saw Pit's number on the screen, "Hello?" I answered the phone.

Pit's mom's voice came through the phone, "He's woke up Christian, he's actually awake," Her voice was shaky with what sounded like a combination of relief and exhaustion.

"I'll be right up."

Christian practically skipped up the stairs back to Pit's ward. The doctors were flitting around him, wanting to make sure he was ok. His heart pounded as he waited. His family went in first, Christian following in a few steps behind, hanging on the fringes of the group as Pit and his family were reunited. He nodded awkwardly at Pit when he looked over. Did he know I'd kissed him? Christian thought. He wasn't even sure Pit knew he was gay.

Seeing Pit at school again was a welcome relief. The whole school was a hive of over excited teens looking forward to the Valentine's Dance. And no one had asked little old Christian. He wasn't sure if he was relieved or insulted that no one had bothered to ask. He could ask Pit to be his date, but Christian wasn't entirely certain that his crush was reciprocated. Christian sat through four classes with Pit, wondering whether he was brave enough to ask him out or not. Jesus, he was a superhero for crying out loud, he mentally yelled at himself, I fight villains on a regular business and I can't even ask a guy out. Pathetic.

In the final period, Pit handed Christian a note. Christian looked at him curiously. When the hell had Pit Mason ever sent him a note? Christian pocketed the note, not wanting to face the embarrassment of reading the note out in front of the class. Christian figured he'd read it after the lesson. Christian wasn't entirely sure what else went on in the lesson. He was too busy trying not to stare at Pit too obviously. He was barely aware when the bell rang. Pit took off pretty quickly. So quickly that he had vanished by the time Christian got out of the school building. As he wandered idly down to the bus stop, he fished Pit's note out of my pocket. Christian stopped dead in his tracks.

Holy shitake mushrooms... If Christian's genius levels of deduction didn't fail him, Pit was asking him to go to the dance. Now, while Christian Carter, gay teen with a limitied social life, would have been thrilled to go to the dance with Pit, there was the small matter of Blaze. Blaze, the superhero with a hectic schedule that could change at a second's notice, could not make promises such as going to the Valentine's Dance. Christian would have to come up with an excuse to not go without utterly ruining everything that was happening with Pit.

Christian sat on the bus, wondering what my excuse would be. The same thought followed me as he got home. Christian threw his bag down at the front door and my phone buzzed. Christian checked the screen. SOS flashed across the screen. He rolled his eyes and ran up the stairs, beginning to strip as he went. Christian grabbed Blaze's suit as he entered the bedroom, pulling the gas mask down over his face before running back out the house. How the hell he managed to get any homework done was beyond anyone's guess. Christian ran to the Shawarma Palace before firing himself up, using microwaves to shoot himself through the air. One more crazy to take down. Bring it on.


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Upon arriving home, Pit was blasted by the sent of his favorite dinner in the oven. His mom made the best meatloaf in town and any of his or his brothers’ friends would testify to that.

“How was school, honey?” His mom’s voice rang out over the sound of her washing dishes.

He walked to the kitchen and inhaled deeply the aroma of the meatloaf.

“It was fine. Mr. Lightner, the principal, worked out a deal with my teachers that if I can keep up with where they’re at, I’ll be excused from the assignments from the last two months. A few of the other kids were ticked, saying that I got to sleep through two months of class and got excused. I told them they could do the same thing if they wanted to get blown up too.”

His mom snickered in response as he went down to his room, which was actually the basement that his dad had converted into a bedroom when his older twin brothers decided they didn’t want to share a room anymore. It was really perfect for him. It had a full bathroom that he didn’t have to share with any one, though his mom insisted he also clean it and she checked once a week, enough space to have a study area and sliding glass door that opened to the back yard. He quickly did his homework and went upstairs right as his mom was putting the meatloaf on the table.

“Danny, Randy, Bill get down here. Dinner’s ready!” She yelled up the stairs.

Everyone was around the table in minutes. They kept the TV on while eating; none of them were really much for conversation. The evening news was on and Pit wasn’t really paying attention to anything but getting gravy all over everything on his plate, but then he heard what he was dreading. The perky news anchor started talking about him.

“ And in other news, tonight, a new super human has revealed himself in a most unusual way. Earlier this afternoon an admitted mugger went to hold up a teenager with an unloaded gun when, according to the suspect, the teen’s hair changed color, he turned around and froze the mugger’s right hand solid just by grabbing it and then shattered it against a wall.”

“Serves him right.” Pit muttered as he was shoveling a mouthful of mashed potatoes into his mouth. The room went silent aside from the TV. He looked up from his plate to see everyone’s eyes on him.

“What?” He asked after swallowing a mouthful.

“You, of all people, are taking the super human’s side?” His dad questioned skeptically.

“He pulled a gun on a kid. And for what? Money? He got what he deserves if you ask me. And besides, now he has a cool new nickname, Lefty.” Pit replied to which his mom snickered a little.

“I suppose, but it’s just not like you to take the side of a super.” his dad muttered and it was the end of the conversation.

They went back to listening to the news, when the perky anchor got under his skin once again

“Also in superhero news, Dusk Haven’s favorite pyromaniac has returned to fight crime again after a two month hiatus. A super strong villain was tearing up the downtown area when…”

“Two months? What, was he waiting for me to come out of my coma so he could finish the job?” Pit sneered.

“Now that’s the Pit we know and love.” His dad chuckled.

After Dinner Pit went to his room as he usually did. He spent a few hours trying to learn how to control his powers. He started by focusing on controlling his emotions, but soon realized that couldn’t be what did it; he’d been mad at the dinner table tonight and he didn’t turn. He tried to remember what he had heard about super humans; how life threatening situations triggered a gene or something. But why would that mugger give him ice powers? Then it hit him, it was the explosion that gave him his powers; the doctors still weren’t sure how he survived, his pulse was incredibly low during the coma and feeling so cold while he was out. And the accident was caused by Blaze fighting the electric guy. How cool would it be for him to get revenge for the accident that gave him ice powers by using said powers to get revenge? He realized that he was focusing too hard on trying to activate his powers, and instead just allowed them to activate and before long he had mastered them; forming icicles in mid air, throwing ice balls, freezing a glass of water from across the room and freezing things till they shattered. Then he got on the computer and started looking up information on Blaze. He found that Blaze had indeed gone on a hiatus shortly after the battle with Amp, the electric elemental, in fact, he only had two more fights and both of them were the same day. Then, only a few days after he was out of the hospital, he shows up again and starts crime fighting again. Maybe he was planning to finish the job. He put that thought out of his mind, but he still knew that he had to study the hot head before he could even think of taking him on.

He turned on the TV in his room to clear his head after saying goodnight to his parents and saw that blaze was in another battle with Amp. He saw the location and it was pretty close. He decided to sneak out and watch the battle for himself. He changed into his “Cold Form” and threw on one of many black hooded sweatshirts and left through the sliding glass door and ran off to the scene of the battle. When he arrived he saw the two supers fighting. Or rather he saw Blaze beating the shit out of Amp. Though he couldn’t tell from through the gas mask the passion in his fighting showed that he was angry, like he was holding a grudge.

He watched from the cover of some bushes a few yards away and he became entranced. The way Blaze was fighting was almost like he was dancing with the flames rather than controlling them. There was beauty in his fire. He studied Blaze’s movements as he fought and by the end of the night he wasn’t sure he wanted to get revenge anymore.

The next day he had a hard time getting up to go to school, but he eventually made it, he did have incentive after all. He sat down at his desk in his first period class. He stared anxiously at Christian waiting for an answer to the note, but Christian didn’t look like he had gotten much sleep.

“That boy studies too hard.” He thought to himself

Finally he couldn’t wait any more and he tapped Christian on the shoulder. He turned to look at him.

“So… did you read my note?”


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Blaze skidded to a halt as he landed, the tarmac smoking as he stopped. Amp was making a show of himself again. Blaze felt a rush of anger surge through him. He had been fighting Amp just before Pit had ended up in hospital. If this asswipe of a Super Human hadn't been making a spectacle by trying to blow up half the city, Pit wouldn't have ended up in hospital. Blaze conjured a fireball in his hand, sending it zipping past Amp's head before it burned out, grabbing the elemental's attention. Amp opened his arms wide, as if welcoming Blaze into an embrace, "Blaze!" His voice boomed across the square, "How nice of you to join me after all these weeks!"

Blaze regarded him silently, a slight tilt of his head the only indication that he was actually listening to Amp. He gave half a shrug. Blaze could hear his heartbeat in his ears as adrenaline and anger increased his heart rate. Wanting to keep Amp away from the crowd gathering, Blaze raised his hand, crooking his fingers, Come and get me. His stature was all arrogance and self composure, taunting Amp like a red rag to a bull. Electricity crackled around Amp, lightning bolts shimmering through the air. Blaze rolled his eyes. Didn't this guy pay attention during Fire Safety? Blaze jumped, flames engulfing his bottom half and propelling him into Amp. The pair went tumbling down the roadway, rolling to a halt with Blaze on top of Amp. Blaze's fist connected with Amp's nose. Blaze felt the crack of Amp's nose breaking, "You are responsible for hurting someone I care about," Blaze said calmly, his words muffled slightly by the mask, "You are going to pay for that," he finished, hauling Amp to his feet, which was no mean feat considering the guy had about half a foot in height and several kilos on Blaze. He pulled Amp back down, his knee driving into the taller man's gut. Blaze through him away in disgust.

Amp took several deep breaths while Blaze stood over him, the pyromancer's own chest rising and falling rapidly. Blaze's fists were clenched. "Get up and fight!" Blaze growled. Flames began burning around Blaze, sprouting from his arms and shoulders. Amp remained doubled over. Blaze reached out, intending to pull Amp to his feet. Amp's arm swung round with the intent of throwing a charge of electricity at Blaze. Blaze jumped back, throwing up a wall of fire to absorb the electricity. He used the wall to hide himself, as he jumped through the flames, just to the left of Amp, his foot connecting with Amp's jaw. Amp stumbled away, the kick knocking him off balance. When he regained his balance, Blaze followed through with a solid hook to the jaw which sent Amp spinning. Another fist followed, hooking in under the jaw, clattering Amp's teeth together. Amp was numbly aware that he was thankful the second punch didn't have as much power in it as the first. Amp shook his head, clearing the dizziness. Not that it really mattered all that much as Blaze leapt into the air and planted his feet firmly into Amp's chest, a blast of hot air knocking Amp further back.

Blaze was acutely aware of the crowd gathering. It was a minor annoyance and meant that this fight had to be finished sooner rather than later. Blaze lit his legs, jumping in the air, before launching himself at Amp, leaving the electric elemental sprawled on the sidewalk. Blaze turned the flames off and dropped to the ground, using Amp as a landing mat. He heard Amp give a soft oof as Blaze landed. Blaze sat up, resting his elbows on his knees. He signaled a group of cops over, "Any you guys wearing rubber soles? Gloves? Anything rubberised?" A member of their group turned, apparently summoning another officer, who came forward from the police van, wearing the rubberised uniform that had been commissioned following the first appearance of Amp. Blaze waited until Mr. Rubber-police-man was closer before rolling off Amp, who elicited a small whimper as the weight was lifted from his abdomen, "Put him somewhere secure this time," Blaze commented before taking off, a tail of fire extending out behind him as he flew back home.

He touched down gently in his backyard. He took the gas mask off and his hood down, feeling the cold evening air against his face, the breeze ruffling his hair. He entered the house through the back door, "Christian, that you?" His mom called.

Christian blinked, "Yeah, just been out the back studying," He yelled through to the front room, hoping his mom didn't have the presence of mind to come through to the kitchen to check her son wasn't lying, "I'm gonna turn in now, night!" He carried on as he walked through the house and up the stairs. He pulled Blaze's uniform off and hung it back up, changing into an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of lounge pants. He flicked his table lamp on and began his homework. It was the early hours when Christian finally called it a night and crawled into bed.

Christian's alarm clock went off far to early as he reluctantly pulled himself from the bed. He purposely got up earlier than his parents so he didn't have to wait an age to be able to use the bathroom. The short shower he had did wonders in waking up, as did the giant mug of coffee Christian allowed himself to have when he was fully dressed. Feeling a little buzzed, Christian grabbed his bag and left for school, his hair still slightly damp.

Christian took his usual seat next to Pit in first period. He was acutely aware that Pit kept staring at him and tried not to blush like prude in a sex-shop. He felt a tap on his shoulder, "So… did you read my note?” Pit asked.

"What?... Oh yeah," In all honesty, Christian had barely thought about the note. He had been a little preoccupied, "I can't go. I mean, I'd love to go to the dance with you, but I'm not actually in town that weekend," he answered, his words a little rush as the caffeine hit kicked in bigtime, "My aunt has this thing on and my mom promised the entire family would go without actually informing us of the event. You know, the way she does?" He asked Pit, "So yeah, sorry."

Sorry for so many things, he wanted to say, almost spilling everything out to Pit. About the accident that left him in a coma, for lying to him so many times, for not being the friend he really deserved. There were a great deal of things Christian felt the need to apologise to Pit for. It was an apology of such a depth for Christian but Pit would never know that. He could never know the truth. Not without their friendship being destroyed.

The setting changes from dusk-haven to Dusk Haven High School

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“Yeah, I know. Parents can be a pain sometimes

He did his best to contain his emotions. On one hand he was devastated that he wouldn’t get to go to the dance with Christian, but on the other Christian had just made clear what he’d known since the kiss; Christian liked him.

Throughout the rest of the day Pit had the day dreamy look in his eyes and couldn’t stop smiling. He was practically skipping through the halls, and for a Goth boy like him the smiling was creepy enough. He didn’t even think about Blaze or Amp or revenge the rest of the day. At lunch, a girl from his algebra class came and sat next to him while he saved the seat next to him for Christian.
“Um, could you by chance help me with some homework? I know I haven’t talked to you before but I kind of really like your hair so it just seemed easier to approach you”

She stopped messing with her hair and tried her best to look him in the eye

“See, I’m kinda shy....”

"Well, thanks." He said, blushing from the compliment. "But I don't think I'm the best person to be asking, I've been absent for two months. I barely understand the material myself, I doubt I could explain it very well." He shrugged. "But if you want, I have some magenta hair dye, we could put some streaks in and it would really bring out your red eyes."

"Red eyes?" He thought to himself "That's ... completely normal around this place."

Christian returned and sat next to him, instantly sucking up all his attention. After the final bell rang he walked with Christian to the bus stop and when he was sure no one was looking he kissed him on the cheek. He watched him blush for a second before leaving to walk home.

He kept in good spirits until he saw his crater in the field and remembered Blaze. He knew nobody was around to see him and he conjured an icicle and launched it at the crater in frustration. He was feeling a need for revenge, but he remembered the way Blaze was fighting last night with such passion and grace. And the way he beat the shit out of Amp was cool too. At least one of the parties responsible for his accident was taken care of. But if Blaze took care of Amp, could he really be all that bad? Was it possible that his own prejudices toward supers had blinded him to the good they do? He didn’t know what he believed anymore. Sure the supers caused tons of damage, some of which wasn’t fixable, but was it worth it? Did the ends finally justify the means?

By the time he got back to the thought of Christian liking him he was as his front door.

“Hi sweetie.” His mom called from the kitchen.

“Hey Mom.”

“I know that tone, what’s going on, who is it?”

“Damn she’s good.” he thought to himself as he took off his backpack and threw it on the couch.

“How do you always know these things?”

“I’m a mom, it’s my job to know. So spill it.” She insisted.

“Well, it’s Christian.” Pit stammered

“Really?! It’s about time.”

“Wait! You knew he liked me?” He shrieked.

“Honey sit down.” she said as she sat at table and motioned for him to have a seat.

“Sweetie, a boy like you, well, doesn’t have many friends. But the ones you do have are real friends. You’re different, weird and kinda spooky; all great qualities, but they’re off-putting to the sheep of the world. Christian is no sheep, he’s a great guy. He was always coming over for dinner, you were always talking about him and you always smiled when you did. Shortly after your accident you got a phone call (how your phone survived the blast we never figured out either) and when we answered it, it was Christian wanting to go to the arcade with you. We told him what happened and he was at the hospital so soon, I thought he was going to be followed by the police for speeding. He was there every single day for two months. He would read you the comic books you liked, tell you what was happening at school and even watch TV with you. He was the first to get here everyday and the last one to leave. He’d stay with you sometimes in complete silence while he did his homework in that uncomfortable chair in the room. Sometimes I’d watch him from the hall when I knew he didn’t see me and he’d whisper things in your ear while his eyes filled with tears. And on the last day, right before you woke up, I saw him kiss you.”

“So you knew he liked me and didn’t say anything?” Pit grimaced.

“Sweetie, the guy I just described doesn’t just like you, he cares deeply for you and may even love you. To be honest I thought you two were dating in secret, so nobody made fun of you.”

“Wow, Mom. I love you.” Pit said as he hugged her. He grabbed his backpack and went down to his room to do his homework. His mind was racing with all she had told him, but then different things started flashing and playing back in his head.

“He was there every single day for two months.”

“…Dusk Haven’s favorite pyromaniac has returned to fight crime again after a two month hiatus.”

The searing heat that woke him from his coma, the way Christian always had somewhere to be, the way Blaze fought Amp with such anger and passion, the haggard look Christian always seemed to have in the morning like he never got enough sleep, that hurt look on his face when ever Pit was bad mouthing supers.

It all made sense now.

“HOLY SHIT!” He yelled with the realization.

“You Okay?” His mom called down to him.

“Yeah. Just killed a big spider.” He called back.

He couldn’t believe it. Christian was Blaze or at least that’s what the evidence suggested.

“That boy is Lois Lane-ing me.” He muttered.
“Trying to keep me in the dark, thinking that if I knew the truth I’d be in danger. I can keep a secret. I have my own super powers nobody knows about.”

He knew what he had to do. He went upstairs.
“Hey, Mom, can I borrow the sewing machine in the storage closet downstairs? I got a few pairs of jeans that are tearing around the seams.”

“Sure sweetie, just put everything back when you’re done.”

“Thanks Mom.”

He returned to his room and got the sewing machine. It was time for a costume of his own.

“Looks like Blaze is gonna get some help in the crime fighting business from … Ice Pick.”

The setting changes from dusk-haven-high-school to Dusk Haven


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It was night time, Sebastian was looking over the footage of all the recent super heroes. He wanted to get to know at least one of them, they would be a great asset to him. There where now two kids with powers, Blaze the Pyro-kinetic who no one had seen for two whole months and the new kid who was a Cryo- kinetic. Sebastian thought that there was some irony to that, it was as if nature saw an imbalance and introduced this one to balance it. There was amp that blaze seemed to take a liking to beating and there was some super strengthened man who was more brawn than brain.

“Wait hold on a second”

Sebastian began to think, the last time Blaze fought amp there was an accident, a liquid nitrogen related accident that left someone in the hospital. Blaze stopped being active right after that night and it wasn’t because he was injured, he quite obviously won that fight.


Sebastian began to contact Cody and asked him to find out who this kid was. Cody immediately began shuffling through the records at his police station. He searched file after file, cabinet after cabinet until finally he found the file that contained the incident. There he was, his name was Pit Mason, age 16, high school student at Haven High. There was no need for Cody to give him the information in person, now the Cody knew Sebastian new and he knew this information would get him somewhere.

“This kid has to be linked with blaze somehow. It can’t be a coincidence that when he gets injured Blaze stops showing his face but the minute he is okay he’s back to work”

All Sebastian had to do was establish a link with him and he would get all the information he needed, but he couldn’t just walk up to his house, no. He had someone just for this type of situation, and that was Marissa.

Marissa was a high school student at Dusk Haven High with just a thought, the mission was clear. To befriend Pit mason, the rest would come as he saw fit. During lunch Period Marissa found pit and began to talk to him for the first time. She was a short girl with sleek black hair and a cute face. She spoke in a very cutesy tone fondling with her hair and looking down

“Um, could you by chance help me with some homework? I know I haven’t talked to you before but I kind of really like your hair so it just seemed easier to approach you”

She stopped messing with her hair and tried her best to look him in the eye

“See, I’m kinda shy....”


Sabdra was ruffling her hair at her rundown apartment hoping and praying she would find a way to get past this hard time but she saw no light at the end of this tunnel. How was she supposed to pay for her own shitty apartment, pay for her parent’s shitty hospital and still get along in life? Life was hard in Dusk Haven and it spared no exception for her. Sabdra always saw the poverty. It usually takes poverty to know poverty. She can say this with ease because there was a point where she didn’t have the sting of it following her everywhere she went. She used to shrug off those less fortunate as those with no drive to go forward, but now she saw.

Sabdra had all the drive in the world to get through this point, she worked extra jobs, stayed overtime at work, begged the health insurance companies for as much as she could, but her luck was now dry. No one wanted to support a couple that were essentially dead. The thing that made it the worst for Sabdra is that no one else seemed to care but her. No one cared she was driven into a shitty living condition. No one cared she was suffering extreme amount of stress. No one cared that her loved ones were dying.

“But I suppose that’s Karma, it’s the same way I used to look at others.” Sabdra said begging to cry, her tears accompanied by the loud screaming next door, that she had become so used to that it didn’t even seem to bother her anymore.

She cried for a minute or two before coming back to her senses. She realized feeling bad for herself and crying wasn’t going to fix anything, only action was going to fix an ounce of what was happening, but what action was she to take? She looked at her hand, she remembered now the ability she had obtained a few nights ago, she disintegrated a lot of things of value with it, things she could have sold for extra cash (not that it would have meant much). She had tried to ignore it ever since that night, but now there was a use for it.

She figured she could get through any type of security with this ability. To test and see if it was a fluke she tested her ability on her futon and just like that the mighty futon fell, into a billion different particles to be more specific. She went into her closet and pulled out a hokey mask and a baseball cap. If you asked her where they came from she wouldn't be able to tell you, at least one of them was probably a bad birthday present.

Society didn’t care about her so why would she care about them? There was no more time for tears, only action…


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Christian was insanely happy as Pit walked him to the bus stop. A weird, fluttery feeling tumbled around in his stomach as they talked about things that no one else thought was important. The topic of Supers was skirted around and ignored altogether. Sure, Pit was a little weird, a square peg in a round hole as his mom would say, but that just made him all the better as far as Christian was concerned. It felt like half the school was standing at the bus stop today, which was a little unusual, although everyone knew that Daz's, along with several other heavy hitters within the clique system's, car tyres had been melted yesterday. It was his own damn fault for parking it near a Supers fight. So now everyone was taking the bus. However, the large crowd did provide for excellent cover when Pit kissed him on the cheek. It was an innocent gesture, but Christian felt his cheeks burn up. He turned to look a Pit, but the dark haired boy just gave him a knowing smile before walking off home.

Christian was on cloud nine when he got home. His dad picked up on his good mood, "What's his name?" He asked, looking over the edge of his newspaper. His parents were just about the only people who knew he was gay. His mom had guessed. Mom's were always the ones that guessed. They were like Columbo, they knew everything but still felt interrogation was necessary.

"None your business," Christian answered, taking a bite from a bread roll. His dad raised an eyebrow at him, "Look, it's going pretty well and I think part of that is because no one knows about it and I don't wanna jinx it by telling people, y'know?" His dad didn't say anything. He just nodded his head and left Christian to his own devices.

Christian bound up the stairs. With no homework to do, he considered crashing until the early morning. Then he remembered the absolutely crushed look on Pit's face when he declined his invitation. He got up and raided his art supplies, searching for enough paper to make some chains and whatever other decorations struck him as necessary. He found the whole process of making the chains very therapeutic, sinking into a steady rhythm of cutting and sticking. Before long, he had a considerable chain that was at least twice the length of his bed. He dropped the chain to the floor and began a new one, continuing until there was a small pile of paper chains at his feet.

"DAD!" Christian yelled through the house while searching his CD collection for something Pit would deem acceptable. Given Christian's eclectic taste in music, he thought this would be an easy task. No such luck.



Christian heard footsteps coming up the stairs and his bedroom door opened, "Are you planning an orgy or something?"

Not for the first time in his life, Christian had to question his father's logic. Most parents would jump to 'house party' conclusion. But no, not his father. His father jumped to 'orgy'. He didn't know of anyone else's parents who thought like this about their children. "Yes dad, an orgy is exactly what I'm planning. A huge homosexual orgy with fetish gear and kinky sex," Christian deadpanned, "The 'or something' option is the actual answer to your question," He answered, pointing to the small pile of paper chains.

His dad nodded understandingly, "Your mom and I have a very busy day tomorrow."

"Thank you," Christian waited until his dad left the room before darting back to his desk. He scrolled through his contacts until he found Christian's number. He tapped the 'Send Message' option.

Saturday is a very good day and you are keeping the entirety of tomorrow free because I have plans. You will be coming to my house at roughly half past twelve. Ask no questions, just turn up. Oh, and dress sort of formally if you can x

Christian rose insanely early for a Saturday morning. He had a fair bit of preparation to do. He grabbed his usual mug of coffee to wake himself up, shoveling down a bowl of cereal and giving himself hiccups in the process. He jogged up the stairs and grabbed the paper chains from his room before heading into the back garden. He propped his dad's ladder against one of the trees and climbed up, the ends of the paper chains in tow as he hooked the chains over various branches, repeating the process on a second tree.

When he went back into the kitchen, his parents were up, "Your suit is hanging up for ironing and your up before ten on a Saturday morning. What are you up to?" His mom asked.

"Christian has a boyfriend." His dad rather unhelpfully explained.

"He's not my boyfriend. Not yet. But he is the reason you and dad are busy today. Now finish your breakfast and get out of my kitchen."

"Your kitchen?" His mom echoed.

"For the immediate future, yes. I have more need of it than you," His parents didn't move, "Now hurry up!"

"Yes sir!" His parents replied in unison, finishing their breakfast and vacating the kitchen.

Christian busied himself prepping the food for himself and Pit. There was no point in cooking the food just yet, it was far too early. The food would be cold. He looked up the time, mentally calculating when to start the actual cooking. When he was done with his prep, Christian set up the ironing board, calling a farewell to his parents. He bought his shirt and dress pants down to iron them. He pulled the trousers on, leaving the shirt until most of the cooking had been done. With nothing left to do for a while, Christian collapsed onto the sofa. Blaze's phone was switched off. If trouble kicked off, someone else could handle it. He might be the city's favourite pyromaniac, but he was entitled to a Saturday afternoon off.

Christian must have dozed off because when he next checked the time, it was almost eleven. Christian jumped to his feet, racing through the house to get things together. Christian grabbed his battery powered CD player and a handful of CDs at random. He pulled a blanket from the linen cupboard and threw it over his shoulder before heading back downstairs to the garden. He lay the blanket out between the trees and used the player and CDs as weights to stop the blanket blowing away. Satisfied that the blanket was secure, Christian headed in to begin the cooking, throwing the prepped food into pans and ovens as was necessary. Now with truly nothing left to do, Christian changed his X-Men T-shirt for his freshly ironed white shirt. He left the top button undone and threaded a dark green tie through the collar.

Christian plated the food up and realised he had nothing left to do until Pit got there. He sat down with an odd sense of emptiness and anticipation as he watched the clock tick by, counting down until 12:30. After about a minute, Christian got bored of sitting around with nothing to do and proceeded to spend the next blur of minutes sorting his hair. He knew he was fussing over nothing, but he just needed something to do. Oh stop peacocking he mentally scolded himself. Jesus, Pit had seen him in the full grip of influenza and still had a crush on him. It was highly unlikely that Pit was going to be put off by a stray hair.

12:20 came quicker than Christian wanted but slower than he would have liked at the same time. He began taking the plates outside along with a bottle of wine he was sure his parents wouldn't miss and two wine glasses. Then he sat beneath the trees and waited for Pit to arrive.


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Pit looked through the closet for a while ’til he found the box he was looking for; the one marked Halloween costumes. Pit’s mom always insisted on making their costumes rather than buying cheap, off-the-shelf costumes and they were always theater quality. He dug through the box and found the grim reaper robe he used for Halloween last year. He split the front of the robe and hemmed the edges effectively making a hooded cape. He then found the holiday decorations and pulled out two blue fabric snowflakes, one large and one small, and sewed the large one to the back of the cape and the small one to a tight-fitting black active wear shirt. He put the costume on with a pair of black cargo shorts and it looked good, but it needed one more thing. He grabbed a black mask out of the box from when his brother was the lone ranger. He put it on and transformed to his powered form and stood in front of the mirror. He looked like a true hero.

It was then that he heard his phone go off. It was a text.

“Saturday is a very good day and you are keeping the entirety of tomorrow free because I have plans. You will be coming to my house at roughly half past twelve. Ask no questions, just turn up. Oh, and dress sort of formally if you can”

He quickly sent a text back:
“No questions? Formal? You’re so mysterious and a total romantic. I’ll be there.”

Was he really actually blowing off super hero duty? Was it possible that Pit was wrong and Christian wasn’t Blaze? He threw his new costume in his closet behind an old stereo. Now he was all anxious and giddy.

He went upstairs for dinner, which was uneventful, with the exception of his brothers getting all weirded out by his grinning when he told his parents about his plans for the next day. He barely paid any attention to the news only to see if Blaze was fighting anyone tonight. He wasn’t, only a couple of supers called Scab and Tank going at it. He was a little astonished seeing Scab take a beating and keep coming back to return the favor. After dinner was done and he helped his mom with the dishes, he told everyone goodnight and went to his room. Once he was down there he downloaded a police scanner application for his computer so he could hear what was going on in the city. With in seconds of turning the app on and tuning in the frequency for the DHPD he heard a call come across.

“We got a screamer in 200 block on Stevens Street. All supers are occupied or not responding to SOS calls send backup.”

He threw on his costume and snuck out the door to the yard. Realizing his transportation was limited, he got frustrated.

“This would be so much easier if I could fly.” he thought as he crept toward the woods behind his house. Then it hit him, how did he know he couldn’t fly, he never tried. He did the same thing he did to activate his powers, he closed his eyes and envisioned what it would feel like to fly. He opened his eyes and found himself hovering above the ground. From that point it was easy to control, he just thought of where he wanted to move and he did.

He flew to Stevens Street where the disturbance had been reported. The cops weren’t kidding about the “screamer” description. A lady in her mid twenties was shrieking in the streets causing all kinds of destruction with just her voice. You could actually see the air ripple with the sonic waves she was letting out. Luckily no one had seen Ice Pick yet and he used that to his advantage. He conjured a ball of solid ice and from above he chucked it at her head, forgetting that he had super strength. The ice ball went sailing through the air at a super sonic speed with incredible accuracy. He pegged her in the head and the ice ball shattered and her head started bleeding. She turned around to see him above her and she opened her mouth to let out another shriek, but then her eyes rolled back in her head, and she fell down face first into the street. He landed on the street next to the banshee and turned to the group of cops that was soon converging on him.

“Do you have anything to contain this kind of super villain? A sonic nullifier or something? He asked in a deep gravely voice he used to disguise his actual voice.

“No.” One of the cops replied. “This is the first sonic villain we’ve ever faced.”

“Of course it is.” He replied. He looked around the street to see what kind of stores were there that may have something he could use to neutralize her ’til she could be locked up. Nothing, no hardware store, no drug stores, not even a gas station, just a bunch of office buildings, a bank she was trying to rob and an adult video store. That was it. The adult video store, they had toys, S&M toys. He ran into the store and came out with a ball gag and a leather mask with the zipper mouth. He put the gag on followed by the mask and he zipped it shut and broke off the zipper. For added measure he froze her throat so she couldn’t use her vocal chords.

“This won’t hold her for long and she needs medical attention for her head wound. Cuff her, get her to a hospital and keep her sedated until she can me neutralized.” He told the officer who looked to be in charge.

“Thanks kid. What do we call you?”

“Ice Pick.” He replied.

“Here, I’m Chief Hendricks. This is so we can notify you when there’s a super villain. It will flash SOS and give you a location. Help if you can. We could use all the help we can get with all the new villains popping up.” The chief said as he tossed Ice Pick a small cellular phone.

“Thanks, I’ll do what I can to help.” He replied.

“No, thank you.”

And with that he flew away back home with the phone in his pocket. He snuck back in to the house and changed into a retro videogame shirt and a pair of sweat shorts. He put the costume into his backpack and the phone into his desk.

“Now, what to wear tomorrow?” He pondered as he searched through his closet. He settled on a bright blue button down shirt with a black suit jacket and slacks.

Of course he barely got any sleep that night, but that didn’t stop him from getting up early. He woke up around 8 am, which was early for him on a Saturday, got a cup of coffee and made some pancakes and bacon for breakfast. He shoveled it down before his brothers came downstairs and stole his bacon, they loved to do that. He passed the rest of the time by watching cartoons and playing his classic NES. Around 11:00 he took a shower and got ready for the date. He combed his bangs straight back so they weren’t covering his right eye, sprayed on a little cologne and brushed his teeth. At around 12:00 he left to walk to Christian's house.

When he got to the house he heard classical instrumental music coming from within and the aroma of delicious food flooded his nose. He could barely breath he was so excited, would he be able to keep his mouth shut about what he thought he knew, or about last night? He took a few calming breaths and knocked on the door.


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Christian jumped up at the sound of knocking on the door. He checked his watch; 12:30, right on time. He cantered through the house, pausing to check he looked presentable, before pulling the front door open to reveal Pit standing at the front door. Christian's breath caught in his throat. "Pit," He started, his voice betraying his breathlessness. Christian cleared his throat, "Come in."

Christian stood back to let Pit in. When Pit was in, Christian stood behind him and covered Pit's eyes with his hands. This was partially an excuse to stand really close to Pit, damn he smelled good, although it was mostly to stop Pit being able to see into the back garden as Christian guided him through the house, "Watch your step,we're at the back door," He murmured, a little nervous, as they came out to the backyard. Christian took a deep breath, "Keep your eyes closed," Christian said as he let go of Pit's face. He stepped out in front of Pit, "Ta-da! You can open your eyes now," He grinned at Pit sheepishly, slipping his hands into his pockets, "I mean, I know it's not exactly the Valentine's Dance, but I figured this would be a nice alternative," He rubbed the back of his neck, anxious to learn what Pit thought of his endeavours.

Morrigan padded silently across the raised walkway. Even in the mid-afternoon, the entire industrial estate, which had been abandoned many years ago, was gloomy, making keeping out of sight a much easier process. She reached for her bokken at her hip as she cautiously made her way through the warehouse. Her own private investigations had informed her that a drugs deal was taking place here. She just hoped that she had hit the right warehouse.

She heard voices in the near distance. She could hear three voices as they spoke. Unsheathing her bokken, Morrigan continued forward, rounding a corner and seeing a group of men beneath her. A quick count of five and Morrigan weighed her options. Hell, she could handle five. She climbed up onto the railings before launching herself to the ground, landing in a crouch, sword arm raised behind her.

The men's attention was now firmly on Morrigan. She grinned, "Sorry boys, there's no business scheduled to be happening here," She quipped as she rose to full height, "So you lovely lot can go on your merry way and we'll say nothing about what happened here," None of the men moved to leave. One by one, three members of their party reached for their pockets, revealing an array of weapons, "Nun chucks?" Morrigan exclaimed, "I haven't seen them used in a while," She shrugged, "So be it."

She gripped the bokken in both hands and moved to her first opponent, an absolute tank of a man who favoured knuckle dusters. Don't let him hit you she instinctively thought as he started to throw a right hook. Morrigan ducked beneath the fist, bringing the bokken swinging up into the connection of jaw and neck. She spun around, gathering momentum and letting momentum swing the bokken into the other side of his neck. Morrigan spun away and sliced through the air until the bokken clattered into his rib cage, winding him and perhaps fracturing a rib or two. She heard another, the one who for some reason liked nun chucks, making his move. She grabbed Knuckles by the collar and threw him into Chuck, the two men falling over like bowling pins. Chuck wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Knuckles started to rise, albeit groggily. Morrigan whipped her foot out, crushing his nose and leaving knuckles unconscious.

Her distraction allowed one of the motley crew to get her arms in a lock behind her back, her bokken falling from her grip. A fourth man, who Morrigan christened Switch, given he was carrying a switchblade, approached, sneering at her, "No, please, not my weakness," She whimpered, "If you're going to cut me, please, not my face. It's too beautiful," She finished dramatically, before lifting her knees to her chest and, using her captor as leverage, planted both feet in Switch's chest, sending him stumbling. That bought her enough time to bring her foot scraping down her captor's shin, headbutt him in the nose, elbow him in the stomach and twist out of his grip. He was doubled over, obviously winded. Morrigan steadied herself and executed a near perfect roundhouse kick, which folded her captor in half. She scrambled for her bokken, getting a hand to it in time to swing the what was supposed to be the handle into Switch's head, the hilt sinking in slightly deeper than it should have. She suspected she had fractured Switch's cheekbone.

Morrigan flipped back up to her feet as Switch crumpled. The final member looked at her, bug-eyed, before sprinting towards the exit. Morrigan looked around her for something to throw to stop him running. Seeing nothing on the men that would help, she searched the trunk of the car nearest to her. Bingo!. She pulled a pistol from a weapons bag and aimed for the back of his knees. Judging by the way his leg collapsed underneath him, Morrigan knew she had made her target. She sheathed her bokken and made for the roof before sending an all clear to the police to come collect the unfortunate souls.


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Pit looked around at Christian’s garden picnic. He had one of Pit’s favorite meals. It was simple, but perfect; spaghetti and garlic bread and was that a pan of brownies for dessert? He saw Christian rubbing his neck nervously. All this work he put into decorating, cooking, picking out the music and he still wanted Pit’s approval? What did he do to deserve a guy like Christian? He said nothing at first but just smiled devilishly at him, walked up next to him, pulled his arm from behind his neck and wrapped it around his own waist. He leaned in and looked him in his gorgeous fiery orange eyes and pressed his lips to Christian’s. Christian’s eyes closed while Pit watched. Though there was no sizzling sound, Pit noticed a small puff of steam raise between their faces. That did it for him, he closed his eyes to and pressed harder against him feeling the searing heat on his lips and wondering if Christian was feeling the icy cold rush of his own. After a few mind-blowing minutes, Pit broke the kiss.

“Yeah” Pit smiled. “It is a nice alternative. I hope your parents are okay with the under-aged drinking.” He snickered noticing the wine in an ice bucket on the blanket. The two of them sat down and began to eat before everything got cold. Using all his self control, he managed to eat Christian’s outstanding meal rather than making out the whole time. The two of them did the usual idle chit-chat while eating, that was the great thing about being friends for so long; everything came naturally, even when they had nothing to say.

“My mom was right about you.” Pit finally chuckled after an extended silence just looking in his eyes. “You’re a great guy. I just wish I had had the nerve to say something sooner. All this time you were right in front of me and I missed every signal. I want to ask you something serious. I think this whole event says it all, but I want to hear you say it. How do you feel about me?”


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When Pit pulled Christian's arms around his waist, Christian took a deep breath, trying to calm the butterflies. Sure, he'd kissed Pit before, but Pit had been in a coma last time. This was entirely different. Christian realised two things when Pit kissed him. The first being that Pit felt cold, in a good way, but then again, most people felt cold to Christian. The second being that kissing Pit ranked at number one on the list of Christian's Favourite Things To Do.

“Yeah” Pit smiled and Christian felt his heart skip a beat. “It is a nice alternative. I hope your parents are okay with the under-aged drinking.”

Christian looked at the bottle of wine and shrugged, "I could list all the countries where it's legal for us to drink, but I couldn't possibly remember all of them, so I'll just say, we're European for the afternoon."

Spending the afternoon with Pit was quickly becoming a contender on Christian's list of Favourite Things. "We should do this more often," was said in among the idle chatter of the afternoon. Talking with Pit was easy. They had been friends for years and knew each other pretty much inside out. Of course there was the massive superpowered elephant in the room, but Christian couldn't tell Pit. If he told Pit, Pit would want to get involved and Christian couldn't bear the thought of anything further happening to Pit.

My mom was right about you,” Pit started “You’re a great guy," Indeed I am, Christian thought, not wanting to interrupt Pit, who seemed like he had some more to say, "I just wish I had had the nerve to say something sooner. All this time you were right in front of me and I missed every signal. I want to ask you something serious. I think this whole event says it all, but I want to hear you say it. How do you feel about me?”

Those god awful butterflies started in Christian's stomach again. Whoever said butterflies fluttered in the gut was a liar. They kicked. 'Flutter' implied something pleasant and gentle when this feeling was anything but pleasant. Christian thought for a moment, searching for the right words for how he felt, "How I feel about you?" He finally echoed, slightly incredulously. He scrambled to his feet, pulling Pit up along with him. He rested a hand at the small of Pit's back and began moving in an approximation of dancing. Christian had a few inches of heigh over Pit, meaning he had to dip his head slightly to look at Pit.

"I believe, Pit Mason, that throughout life, you get to meet one person who is unlike any other," He said quietly against the outer shell of Pit's ear, "One person that you could speak to for hours and never get bored of. For me, that's you. You are the one person unlike any other and I believe I am absolutely, definitely, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond all doubt in love with you. And have been for quite a while," He planted a small kiss on Pit's cheek,"Does that answer your question?"

April collapsed onto her sofa, throwing her wig across the room. She ran her hand through her short hair. She had recently took to cutting her hair to make getting the wig on easier. She flicked on the news, frowning when a bank robbery was reported, but with no news of a Super turning up. Why hadn't she been told? Why had no one turned up? She grabbed Morrigan's phone and connected the Police.

"Why was no one told about to the bank robbery?" She barked down the phone at the hapless officer at the other end.

"Blaze was told. He didn't turn up," Came the reply.

"Then why not pass the buck to someone else?"

"You were busy Morrigan."

"Blaze and I aren't the only Supers that exist in Dusk Haven. There are plenty of us floating about!" She yelled before hanging up the phone rather abruptly. She tried to call Blaze but got no response, "Call me when you can," She said when the answer machine had finished.


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Pit blushed a little at the kiss, but more so at the words. He had never been the object of so much affection before and he knew that Christian meant every word. He turned his head away slightly to avoid eye contact as he knew that the first part of what he was about to say would be painful, but necessary if they were to have a real relationship after today and if he saw Christian get weepy, he wouldn’t get to the consoling part.

“Yes, it does answer my question.” He sighed.
“You… Love… Me. You’ve proven it more times than I ever noticed. You proved it when I wanted to go swimming and you said you had a stomach virus. You proved it when we were supposed to hang out at the arcade and you told me you were grounded. You proved it when you told me we couldn’t go to the dance next weekend because you were going out of town.” He paused and turned back to see Christian’s head was hanging low like a kid who had just been caught in a lie. He could tell that Christian thought he was going to break up with him. Pit placed two cold fingers under his chin and directed his gaze back to his eyes.

“You proved it in the hospital when you took two months out of your life to watch me sleep just for the hope of being the first one I saw when I woke up. You proved it when your kiss was the one thing that pulled me out of that coma. You proved it when you took on this burden of guilt that I’ve been smothering you with, when you never said a word in your own defense when my own prejudices kept me from a part of you. You did all this; the lying the secrets, enduring the torture of my hate … because you love me. Because you knew that if I knew what I now know, I’d be in danger and you couldn’t do that. Even now while confessing your love you still couldn’t reveal all of yourself to me. Well, I’m relieving you of this burden. You don’t have to lie anymore, because I know. You don’t have to protect me, because I can protect myself. What I’m trying to say is I love you too …Blaze.”
Pit saw the utter shock and relief as the weight of his secret was lifted off his shoulders. Before Christian had a chance to respond he decided to throw one more confession at him.

“And I’m not sure if you saw the news last night or this morning, but there’s a new superhero in town with some freaky cool ice powers, calls himself Ice Pick, and I think he might want to be Blaze’s new partner.” He said with a devilish grin as he dipped his finger in Christian wine goblet and barely touched the surface of the wine freezing it in the glass. He planted a smooch on his cheek.

“What do ya say, no more secrets?”


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Christian looked down at the wine Pit had just touched. Completely frozen. The cogs in his mind whirred and he could have sworn Pit could hear them. Pit had powers? Since when? Then it clicked. The accident. The accident had given Pit powers? Well, this was certainly a turn around. "What do ya say, no more secrets?"

Christian gave half a laugh, "You're a human popsicle maker," He started, more than amused at this change, "My opposite. Figures," He murmured, still amazed by the wine trick. He flickered his gaze between the wine and Pit. Pit wanted to be his sidekick. Was this such a good idea? Would that work? Or would he get distracted, making sure that Pit was alright? Could he put Pit in-

"Can you stop grinning like that, it's damn distracting," He tried to scold Pit, but even he could hear his voice sounded about as threatening as a bunny. His grip on Pit's waist tightened slightly, "Really though, it's very sexy and very distracting. I'm trying to work out logistics here and you're not helping at all," If he knew Pit well, and he did, any second now he was going to start doing that look. That look that Christian found it impossible to say no to. Yep, he was doing the look. Christian wasn't even sure that Pit realised just how potent that look was. If Pit used the look, he could probably get half the villains in Dusk Haven to do what he wanted without lifting a finger.

Oh Hell, Christian thought, there's no talking him out of this.

"You want to be my partner?" He reiterated, trying desperately to ignore the puppy dog eyes, "Not content with just being my boyfriend, you now want to go out into the big wide world and kick ass with me?" He grinned, a big goofy grin that was slightly too big for his face, "Who is Blaze to deny Ice Pick?" He brushed his lips against Pit's, "No more secrets, partner."


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“A human popsicle maker?” Pit thought to himself. “That’s a bit demeaning. I just froze wine solid, that has alcohol in it and that don’t freeze easily.”

"My opposite. Figures," He murmured, still amazed by the wine trick. He was right it did figure; they were always opposites and there was an old saying, not to mention science, that said opposites attract. He watched as Christian’s eyes darted between the frozen wine and him like he was watching a tennis game he knew that Christian was unsure of what to do. Pit was still green, or in this case blue, and apart from last night and that mugger, he had no crime fighting experience. But, hell, everyone has to start somewhere and what better place to start than with some one who had some experience in the field? He knew that Christian was worried about Pit’s safety, but that was a moot point now that he had super strength. Pit’s eyes were begging him to let him partner up with Blaze, but his mouth couldn’t stop grinning knowing he had been right about who Christian was and better still knowing that Christian loved him.

"Can you stop grinning like that, it's damn distracting," He tried to scold Pit, but he could hear his voice sounded about as threatening as a bunny. His grip on Pit's waist tightened slightly, "Really though, it's very sexy and very distracting. I'm trying to work out logistics here and you're not helping at all." Pit liked the way Christian was getting playful and tightening his grip.

“Holy crap Christian just called me sexy!” he thought getting a bit distracted himself as Christian’s grip got even tighter.

"You want to be my partner?" He reiterated, trying desperately to ignore the puppy dog eyes, "Not content with just being my boyfriend, you now want to go out into the big wide world and kick ass with me?" He grinned.

God, Pit loved that grin, he very rarely got the chance to see it and it was a little goofy, but it usually meant one thing: Christian was about to cave and despite his best efforts he couldn’t hide the fact that he was thrilled to do so.

"Who is Blaze to deny Ice Pick?" He brushed his lips against Pit's, "No more secrets, partner."

Pit nearly melted from the heat Christian was giving off. He felt a wave of goose bumps flow down his spine.

“I promise to keep it strictly business while we’re in the field. When the mask’s on we’re heroes not boyfriends.” He vowed as Christian’s kissing got a little more aggressive. “But I’m not wearing my mask right now.” He said giving into his impulses with a devilish grin. He pushed Christian down gently onto the blanket and kneeling over his waste with a leg on either side.

“You need to cool down.” he grinned as he tapped the back of Christian’s neck sending a chill down his spine and readjusting his position to where he was kneeling on all fours over Christian. He started kissing him passionately. It was amazing how relaxed and relieved he felt now that there were no secrets between them. After reluctantly breaking the kiss and rolling over to Christian’s side, he laid his head on his chest and he heard his heart beating like a humming bird. “Opposites” he reminded himself in a cute mumble.

“So” He stated as he traced random shapes on Christian’s ripped abs through his shirt. “What else did you have planned for today? I’ve barely been here an hour and already I have you on your back and you told me to keep the whole day cleared. I like where this is headed.” he mused in a mockingly innocent tone. “I have a few ideas if you don’t.”


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#, as written by Zetna
“I’ll have a glass of Whiskey please…” said the man as he arrived at the bar

As usual, the bars here in Dusk Haven were full. Such activity for such a town… The waitress slowly poured the man a glass, visibly interested in him. Young and pretty, the waitress was in her early twenties…a good age. Firm and voluptuous, she carried herself like a lady with dignity, but also like a girl who craved a good time. She was eyeing Alastar, giving him signals. The Irish man smirked, moving a strand of orange hair that had fallen over his eyes. Alastar was in his thirties, some would say too old for such a prize. But that had never stopped him… Alas, he had to admit that she was border line, for never would he dare attempt such a game with a girl below twenty. But this one was rip and asking for it. Alastar slowly took a sip of his whiskey, starring right into the girls eyes. “No…” he thought to himself, “Not tonight…”. He took another sip and reached for the girl’s hand, putting a 10 dollar bill in her hands. “This is for you, have a good night.” With that said, he walked away to sit down on his own.

He wore, as usual, clothing that most would deem “old-fashioned.” But such were his ways! He wore on his legs, black clean pants, fitted with semi formal grey shoes. After that, he wore a white dressed shirt, sleeves rolled up and collar undone at the first two buttons. Over that, he wore a long black jacket, which had been his signature piece of clothing since he was young. Recently, he had also purchased two black leather gloves to keep his hands warm. So there he was, Alastar Ciar, in his entire glory. Taking another sip of his glass, he looked at the television play the news about the so called “Hero” Blaze and the newcomer “Ice pick.”

Alastar sighed. “They are only kids and already they think they can play a man’s game…if only they knew…”

Much wiser than he was before, Alastar had time to develop his powers and gain wisdom from there. That being said, never did Alastar fall into that Hero or Villain category. All that mattered to him was survival and hunting. The hunt for the person…or thing, that caused the deaths in his family. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out that anonymous note he had received all those years ago. This was his only proof of someone knowing about the mysterious deaths in his family. He put the note back in his pocket and looked at the television, where it showed Blaze and Ice Pick fight off another villain. He sighed again.

Standing up, he walked outside of the bar and onto the sidewalk. There, he put his gloves on and look around. After asking questions and breaking a few skulls, he had gotten a name. A crime lord that was the leader of the Omega gang. His name was Michael, and Alastar needed to find him. Maybe he could get some answers from him; maybe they could talk business…


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Christian shuddered when Pit sent a chill down his spine. "Nothing wrong with my temperature," He murmured as Pit continued kissing him. He felt Pit's hair tickling his face as their kissing intensified. He may have let out a small whimper of protest as Pit rolled off him, but he was fairly sure he had gotten away with it. Pit rested his head on Christian's chest and he absently ran his fingers through Pit's hair, while his new boyfriend drew patterns on his abs, continuously brushing over a very sensitive spot on Christian's hip. It was taking a great deal of willpower to not let Pit have his way with him there and then.

“So” Pit started, “What else did you have planned for today? I've barely been here an hour and already I have you on your back and you told me to keep the whole day cleared. I like where this is headed,” he mused in a mockingly innocent tone that told Christian that Pit's thoughts were anything but innocent, “I have a few ideas if you don’t.” When had Pit become such a tease? Christian thought. He was fairly certain he knew what 'ideas' Pit had, but he decided to push Pit a little further.

Christian propped himself up on his elbows, "'A few ideas'?" He quirked an eyebrow at Pit, "And what exactly do these ideas entail?" There was a hammering at the door. Christian frowned, counting out the number of knocks and the rhythm. He sighed, "Hold that thought," He said, pressing a chaste kiss to Pit's lips before heading for the front door. He crouched down and flipped up the letter box, "Morrigan?"

"One and only," Came the distinctly feminine voice. A voice that sounded very annoyed.

"And what do you want?"

"Why aren't you answering your phone Blaze?"

"Because I am entitled to a Saturday off every now and then."

He saw a flurry of activity and was now eye to eye with Morrigan, "You have two months off Blaze. No one questioned anything, no one gave you hassle. You have a personal life, we get that. We all have civilian lives Blaze. But after two months, you don't get a day off for a while now,"He could see Morrigan was smiling sarcastically without actually seeing her mouth. The eyes gave it away. She shoved her cell through the letterbox, "Niru's back Blaze, figured you should handle this one."

"How's he... I thought he was in The Island."

"He was and he escaped. Now you get to go take him back in."

"Thanks Morrigan," He said, not really grateful at all. He let the letterbox clatter shut. Christian wandered back to the back garden, "How soon can you change?" He asked Pit, "Just this water guy called Niru's escaped from The Island, and with us being elementals and all that, the powers that be figure we should go get him." He explained before running upstairs to get changed. He cantered back downstairs to Pit, gas mask in hand, "Do you wanna take off and I'll meet you at Little Italia, and then we can take care of this and pick up where we left off because I really wanna know what ideas you had, 'kay?" He pulled his gas mask on and his hood up, "Later partner," He said, giving Pit a mock salute before taking off, "Keys are by the front door," He called back, not altogether sure if Pit had heard him.


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“The Island? Niru? Powers that be?” he questioned in his mind as he saw that whoever this guy was had Christian in a frenzy and too flustered to answer any questions.

"Do you wanna take off and I'll meet you at Little Italia, and then we can take care of this and pick up where we left off because I really wanna know what ideas you had, 'kay?" He pulled his gas mask on and his hood up, "Later partner," He said, giving Pit a mock salute before taking off, "Keys are by the front door," He called back.

Pit looked back at the garden and sighed then turned to the door. He grabbed the keys off the counter by the door and locked everything up before he hid the keys in a fake rock he noticed by the door. He only noticed it because it looked just like the one his parents had. He ran home as fast as he could wishing he could fly in public, but he couldn’t with out his disguise.

He saw that the car was gone and he hoped against hope that everyone was gone. No such luck. He opened the door and gave out a cautious “Hello?”
“Hi sweetie. That was a quick date.”

“It’s not exactly over yet, just sorta postponed.” he replied, calming his breathing as much as he could from the running.

“Oh, Okay. While you’re here I have a bone to pick with you.”

“Oh shit, I don’t have time to be in trouble right now!” His inner monolog was screaming at her.

“What’d I do this time?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t care what services you’re providing the community, in this house you ASK before repurposing Christmas decorations.”

“What?” He asked, not quite getting her statement.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice the snowflakes that I made myself?”
That’s when he got it and the “Oh Shit!” look washed over his face.

“You know?” he whimpered.

“Don’t be so shocked, I knew before you did.” She smiled.

“How is that possible?”

“At the hospital, when the doctors were trying to figure out how you survived, they figured that they should test for the “Super chromosome” to see if it was in your DNA, as it’s only traceable after it’s been activated. They ran the test and came to me with the results while your father was at work. It was positive. The doctor told me to be on the look out for any strange abilities, the most likely being super strength. When I saw the way you reacted to the kid who froze the guy’s arm and shattered it, I knew it was you.”

“Please tell me Dad doesn’t know.” he pleaded.

“No, he’s oblivious as are your brothers.”

“Can we keep it that way please, Mom?” He begged using the look.

“Sure sweetie, I’ll cover for you as long as you help me make some new snowflakes this year.”

“Deal.” He said as he ran to his room.

“Oh, and give Blaze a kiss for me, he’s such a sweet boy.” She called to him while he was changing into his Ice Pick costume and checking the messages on the phone that Chief Hendricks had given him.

“Really, Mom?! Can no one keep a secret from you?” He called back.

“I’m observant, especially when my boy is sad and depressed. I’m a mom, that’s my job.”

“So what, you just happened to notice that every time Christian canceled or flaked out on me, that Blaze showed up on the news?”

“Pretty much. At first it seemed like just a coincidence, but it was happening EVERY time. I knew something was up.”

“Okay, well just keep it between us, and when I get home we’ll have a little chat about keeping this a secret. Love you, be back late.”

“Be safe sweetie.”

And with that he was out the basement door. He checked quickly to make sure the neighbors weren’t looking and flew off.

His mind was racing. “How the hell am I going to tell him that my mom knows who we both are? He’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna think I told her.” He tried to get his bearings as to where he was in relation to Little Italia. He still had to get used to the view from above everything. He heard panicked screams and sure enough he saw huge columns of water shooting into the sky and Blaze was in the air nearby waiting for him.

“Hey Blaze” he called out “So what’s this guy’s deal?” He asked looking down at the blonde he assumed was the one who contacted Blaze at the house, as she was battling some guy who wouldn’t hold still long enough for Ice Pick to get a look at him. “He all ticked off about water pollution?” He asked sarcastically.


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Blaze found Niru easy enough. Niru was always easy to find. He had a particular flair for causing trouble and attracting his attention to himself. More so than Blaze did. And that was saying something given that fire wasn't a particularly subtle means of attack. Blaze dived, rushing towards Niru. Niru saw him and threw a wave of sewer water his way. Blaze jackknifed upwards, planting his feet into the wave, the water boiling away on impact. The stench almost made Blaze's stomach flip. He was not throwing up in his mask. Not again.

“Hey Blaze” he heard Ice Pick call “So what’s this guy’s deal?” He asked looking down Morrigan. Blaze felt an odd pang of jealousy that was completely irrational since Ice Pick was gay and Morrigan was definitely a woman. “He all ticked off about water pollution?” He asked sarcastically.

Blaze looped back over to Ice Pick, "You know, the usual. Girlfriend left him, daddy issues, no prospects," He shrugged, "Turns many a man to insanity. Also, watch out, he likes to use sewer water and it can get pretty gross," He pushed Ice Pick away and dodged a meteor-like rush of water, "You go in first, freeze what you can. I'll be right on your tail if you need me," He explained, enveloping his entire body in flames as Ice Pick went ahead.

Blaze remained a little way back from Ice Pick, keeping a close eye on the rookie Super. Niru managed to throw a rogue water bomb towards Ice Pick. Blaze clocked before his partner had and threw a fireball, evaporating the water. Blaze ducked down further, accelerating through the air, cannon-balling into Niru. He could feel water burning away around him, the acrid smell permeating the air around him. He was going to have to wash his uniform when he got home.Great.

Blaze collided with Niru and the two elementals bounced off the road, rolling to a stop some way down the street. Unfortunately for Blaze, he landed underneath Niru; something the older and altogether more psychotic elemental was thrilled with. Blaze flinched, moving his head out of the way of a fist that was intent on doing serious damage.And another. And another. Blaze began to wriggle and jerk, trying to throw Niru off him. He looked around for Ice Pick, hoping the other Super would get the message that he need help and sharpish, otherwise Niru was going to turn his face to mush.

Not long after leaving Blaze's house (jarringly pleasant and suburban, it didn't suit Blaze), Morrigan received another call. She flipped it open, a second SOS flashing on the screen. She sighed, making sure her headband was on properly before hopping on her motorcycle. It was a slightly odd sensation, driving at speed, feeling the wind on her face but not through her hair. She skidded to halt on a street corner. Niru was obviously near, judging by the panic. A charming fellow on the Most Wanted list had been spotted in Dusk Haven (idiot Morrigan thought) and she was being sent to take him down. She scanned the crowd looking for his face. She spotted him pushing through the crowd that was ogling Blaze and some new Super that she didn't recognise.

He was coming closer to her, so she hung around on the corner until he passed her, "You know, you should always look both ways before you cross a street," She quipped.

He stiffened slightly, looking over his shoulder at Morrigan, "Whu-" He didn't really get to finish his question before Morrigan hit him over the head, momentarily disorientating him. He was made of sterner stuff than the gang she had taken down and recovered his balance fairly quickly. A flurry of fists and kicks were exchanged between Morrigan and the criminal. Damn he's good Morrigan thought as she jumped back to give herself some space. If she could land a solid punch on the guy, she would probably be able to gather the upper hand in this fight. Then he stopped landing punches. Another guy, another Super if she wasn't mistaken had joined the fight, distracting the target for a moment.

Morrigan landed a solid punch on the target's jaw, breaking it. She swung her leg into the Super's gut, winding him, "My target," She warned him, before grabbing the target in a lock and flipping him over her hip, slamming him into the ground. He probably had jarred joints up and down his body. He moaned pitifully, "Oh shut up," she said, her patience wearing thin. She looked to the other Super, "And who the hell are you?" She demanded, "You didn't need to interfere, I had everything under control."

The dark haired boy looked blankly at the man sprawled on the sidewalk, "Looks like it. Name's Scab," He introduced himself, "And you're welcome." He said, before taking off, leaving Morrigan quietly fuming. Morrigan fished her phone from her pocket, "You can come get him now," She said, her voice eerily calm when the call connected.


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Ice Pick went barreling into the fray freezing as many of the attacks as he could feeling the heat of Blaze’s fire right behind him. As he was distracted by one wave of sewer filth, Niru tossed a water bomb at him with the intent of taking him out, but Blaze had seen it first and evaporated it. He then went flying past Ice Pick like a meteor and directly into a column of water turning it to steam and shit as he flew through. The back draft sending him spiraling down to the ground.
“Now I see why he wears a gas mask.” He sneered as he picked himself up off the ground. He looked fro Blaze and Niru , but didn’t see either one of them. Then he heard the sound of soggy punching. He turned to see Niru had managed to get Blaze on the ground and was beating the tar out of him. He was doing some major damage too. Luckily Ice Pick had the element of surprise on his side. He formed talons on his fingers turning them into ice claws and flew at Niru’s back at full speed.

He hit Niru’s back and the claws sank in all the way and he broke them off inside. Then, while he was writhing in agony trying to reach his back and pull out the claws, Ice Pick placed his hand into the puddle they were standing and, as if it was completely natural, he pulled a sword of solid ice from the puddle. He placed it at Niru’s throat, who was now bleeding profusely as the talons were melting quickly.

“Now, we can do this the easy way or the fun way.” he growled through clenched teeth as another set of claws grew onto his hands.

Niru had lost a lot of blood and was starting to turn pale. “The easy way.” He coughed spitting blood as he tried to speak.

“Wise choice, but forgive me if I don’t take you at your word.” He sneered as he kicked him onto his back into the huge puddle of shitty water. He froze the water around him incasing him in a giant shitsicle as Morrigan and Blaze gathered behind Ice Pick.

“Take him back to where ever the hell the Island is, get him medical attention, then seal him up in something water tight.” He said without even looking behind him at the others.
He turned to look at Blaze who looked pretty beat up.
“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice changing to concern from anger. “If so, we’re going to have to have a talk later, I was just given some info before I got here.”


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Sabdra walked slowly through the bank interested by how it looked while there was nobody around. She could hear every single step she took and even her steady breaths behind her mask seemed to echo in the empty space. She walked up to the windows separating her from the back of the bank and stared at it for a moment. Contemplating whether she should actually go through with this or not. In the end however she decided to throw out any doubt any worry about consequences and went on with her plan.

She placed her hand right on the window and concentrated, and just like the door that came before it, it was changed into a pile of dust and taken by the wind that was being let in by the hole where the door used to be. Everything was going according to plan, she thought as she climbed through the opening in bullet proof glass.

The Safe deposit boxes weren’t hard to find, it was simply one locked door away, which might as well have been no door given her ability. She was a bit worried though because she got rid of more than just the door to the safety deposit room, the whole wall seemed to have disappeared, not what she had intended. She didn’t want to cause unnecessary destruction.

She adjusted the mask on her face checking to see if her eyes deceived her. For such a small town there were a lot of boxes of valuables. She wondered which one she would take, or rather which few she would take. 2511, 2512, 2513,251…

“Eh, forget it, this one is as good as any”

She put her hand on the box and concentrated once more on getting rid of the door, and before opening her eyes she felt it disappear. Upon opening her eyes however she saw that she got rid of more than just the box, she managed to get rid of a whole section, leaving no valuables behind, only ash.

Her eyes widened behind her mask, this is not what she wanted. She turned and placed her hand on another section disintegrating that whole section as well. She looked down at her hands

“Whats going on!”

That’s when she heard the police alarms outside. All that and nothing to show for it except the destruction of money that could have been hers. There was still more boxes, she had to be able to get something out of this. She frantically started placing her hands on any of the intact boxes, creating more and more destruction.

All the boxes were gone, the police were coming in, and she had no money.



Sebastion was angry that his initial attempt at getting closer to pit was a failure but he could always try again, this time giving a little more direction to Marissa because letting her handle it the way she wanted to produced 0 results.

That didn’t matter to much because soon after there were more interesting things happening in this city. Cody had sent him reports of a super showdown upon hearing this he instructed Michael to have OMEGA members follow both of the kids home. He needed to be able to talk to them, so hopefully his lackeys were at least a little bit competent.

Cody was soon sent to go check out a bank robbery where he found a girl who had somehow forced her way inside, this wasn’t nearly as interesting until she started doing something extraordinary. It seems or failed little attempt freaked her out and she started screaming and destroying the building with a random scatter of energy.

It was a big light show Swiss cheesing the building and killing 3 other cops. Luckily Cody survived. He was told to not arrest the girl, she was obviously desperate, and this would be easy. The only thing Cody had to do was follow as she made her escape to wherever she needed to get. If everything turned out according to plan Sebastian would have 3 supers to turn too


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“Are you okay?” Ice Pick asked, “If so, we’re going to have to have a talk later, I was just given some info before I got here."

Blaze could feel that his mask was cracked. He maybe had a few bruises on his face. He was fairly certain there was nothing serious in his injuries. A few aches and pains, but he would live. Blaze nodded to Ice Pick, "I'm fine," He stood up, standing close to Ice Pick, "Fly high and fast. When you get home, go for your back garden then wait a little while before you start heading to my place, ok," He clapped Ice Pick on the shoulder and nodded to Morrigan who remained silent, her face unreadable as she left, apparently satisfied that everything was in hand. Blaze took his hand away from Ice Pick's shoulder, realising that he had been lingering just a little too long. Blaze took off at a run before launching himself into the air.

Landing in his back garden, Christian ripped the gas mask from his face, examining the damage. One of the lenses had cracked and the material was coming away from the edging. Fucking great Christian thought bitterly as he made his way into the kitchen, dumping the mask in the bin. He rapidly stripped off his uniform, throwing everything into the washing machine, setting it away to wash.

Grimacing, Christian took a moment to check how he himself smelled. The experience was not pleasant and he headed for the shower. Standing under the warm spray of the shower, Christian felt his aches ease and melt away. His tensed muscles relaxed and he began washing the stink of the sewers from his skin, almost dousing himself in sandalwood body wash. He jumped out the shower, now smelling more like a human being than a sewer rat. He heard the front door click open. He grabbed a fresh pair of boxers and his trousers, half dressing himself and grabbing his shirt, "Pit? That you?" He called down, shrugging his shirt onto his shoulders, his fingers fumbling with the buttons. He had most of the buttons done up when he finally gave in, leaving the top and bottom two buttons undone, waiting for a reply from his house guest as he came out into the landing and headed down the stairs.


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Pit did as instructed and took high to the skies. He was about to take off as fast as he could to his house, but something didn't feel right. He felt like he was being watched. "Just paranoid, I guess. ”
He shrugged off the feeling. And blasted toward his housekeeping an eye on the streets below as he went. He notice a black car following him as he flew and he kept an eye on it. He decided it would be best to try to loose who ever was tailing him so rather than landing in his own yard, he landed in the park that lay just beyond a small wooded area that separated his yard from the park. It was his best option. He touched down right by the swings and sure enough a large muscled thug came out of the car and started walking toward him. He blasted into the trees, swerving between them like a drunken frat boy in the hopes of loosing whoever was fallowing him. When he thought that he had lost the guy he circled back to his yard and snuck in through his door.

His uniform was pretty gross, so he wadded it into a ball took it upstairs to the washing machine. He went back down to his bathroom and jumped in the shower to rid himself of the stench.

“Sheesh! Second time I’ve had to shower today.” He thought as he scrubbed down with his favorite bubble gum scented body wash. Sure it was a bit of a girly scent, but he knew that when he mixed that with a couple spays of his favorite cologne, it made a scent that drove Christian crazy. On several occasions he had caught Christian sniffing him, but didn’t say a thing; he liked the attention. He got out of the shower, toweled off, sprayed a little cologne, and threw on some clothes. He went up stairs and saw his mom in the kitchen. “Hey, Mom, I’ve got some clothes in the washer, would you mind drying them when they’re done?”

“Sure, sweetie, you going back over to Christian’s”

“Yeah, but I was planning on inviting him over for dinner if that’s okay. I figured later the three of us could have that chat I was talking about.”

“Of course, he’s always welcome to come over.”

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible. Love you.”

He put on his shoes and opened the door. Standing by the black car across the street was the muscled thug that he thought he had given the slip to. Pit turned and locked the door as if nothing was going on and began to walk down the street toward Christian’s house. The guy crossed and started following close behind him until he was nearly on his heels.

“This won’t end well for you.” Pit said keeping his eyes forward but staying aware of his surroundings. At the same time he was discretely growing another set of ice talons.

“That’s what you think rookie.” the thug snarled as he lunged at Pit from behind and pulled a knife on him and held it to his throat.

“Really?! Is that your plan, a knife?” Pit laughed at him and froze up a thick layer of ice on his throat to prevent the knife from having a chance of cutting in at the same time growing his talons even longer.

“That’s the problem with you heroes; all talk, but you’re just a puny kid with superiority complex.” He said pressing the knife harder against the layer of ice that he hadn’t noticed.

“Well, if you hadn’t noticed yet; I’m not like the rest of the heroes around here. I play dirty.” He grinned as he raised a taloned hand and slammed it into the thug’s groin. Like before he broke them off and let them melt. The thug fell over in pain screaming and pit ran off back to the woods where he changed to his super form and flew into the air as high and fast as he could. He landed just outside Christian’s house and saw another black car like the one at his house. He looked and saw another guy in the front seat. The guy made eye contact and drove off. He walked up to Christian's door and knocked.


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Selena raced to the scene of the super battle just in time to see a blonde lady taking away a guy that appeared to be frozen in sewer water.
“Damn it!” She cursed as she stomped her foot. She saw the two newest super heroes flying off in different directions then something caught her eye. She saw two thugs keeping a closer eye on the two than she was and she saw them get into two very similar looking cars and follow the heroes. She got in her own car and followed one of them from a distance. “ I might be able to get in with the villains around here after all.” She chuckled to herself as she tailed the car. They stopped at a park and she stayed in her car as she watched the ice elemental touch down. Predictably the large man got out of the car and tried to pursue the kid and he took off into the nearby woods. Shortly after he came out of the woods empty handed and returned to his car. He drove out of the park and around to the houses that were on the other side of the woods.

She followed as before and waited as the other guy waited. About an hour later she saw him get out of his car, probably to stretch and he leaned against his car. A few minutes later a kid that looked similar to the ice kid, except for the hair, came out of the house across the street from his car. He started following the kid and she saw as a confrontation erupted and didn’t end well. She saw the kid run to the woods.

She ran up to the guy and tried to help him get to his feet.
“Who do you work for?” She demanded.

“I’ll never tell you.” He coughed

“You sure about that?” She asked as she held her finger nails up for him to see, then down to the fresh wounds hovering above them. “I could kill you with a single touch.”

“Okay, fine. I was following orders to keep an eye on the new supers, but I got cocky and thought I could take him."

“Who’s your boss?” she said inching closer with her nails.

“His name’s Michael, he’s our leader.” he whimpered.

“Who’s boss?”

“Us, the Omegas it’s a secret underground gang.”

“Perfect. You’re going to take me to him.” she demanded as she pulled him to his car and got in with him.


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"Pit? That you?"

He saw Pit's silhouette at the door as he pattered down the stairs. He briefly searched for the keys before realising that Pit had moved them when they had to take off. He crouched down in front of the letterbox, "Pit, as great as this view of you is, crouch down a sec," He grinned when Pit crouched down, "Where are the keys?" He asked, carefully enunciating each word, "Because I am currently locked in my own house and you are on the wrong side of the door for this to be happening."

Christian sat down on the bottom stair, waiting for Pit to find the keys to the house. When the lock clicked, Christian bounced up, his hands in his pockets, "So, do you wanna ideas or 'information' first?" He asked, remembering Pit telling him that they needed to talk if he was feeling up to it.


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#, as written by Zetna
Out on the streets, Alastar reached for his pockets and took out a pack of 20 cigarillos. Propping one up, he placed it in his mouth and put the pack back in his mouth. As he walked, Alastar made the tip of the cigarillo vibrate, just enough for it to flame up, letting him smoke it. He took a large puff and let it out, removing the blunt from his mouth with his right hand. As he walked, he just happened to catch a glimpse of a fight between Supers (Because that’s what they were called now). He had arrived only to see the end of the fight unfortunately. As he turned the corner, he could see the authorities grab some guy who seemed to have been beat up pretty bad. He decided to stay at the corner and watch.

“Well…it’s seems Torchy and Icy were able to take some bad guy down” he chuckled and stayed behind, waiting for them to leave. He needed a way into this cities “Super” environment. As of now, no one knew that he had his own abilities; in fact, he had not used them since he got here. He had finished his blunt when the “Supers” split up. Torchy and Icy both dashed in opposite directions, after have a little talk, while the other girl slowly walked away without saying a word. Choosing his target, Alastar was about to go after the girl, when he noticed a shady black van following Icy.

“That looks promising”

And so he followed the van instead. He started running after it, but even with his enhanced speed, he would not be able to catch up to the speeding van. He quickly thought of a plan and put it into action. Planning his own route, he ran to an alley way where he was able to leap from one wall to another and grab onto a ladder. From there, he found himself on a roof. On said roof, he was able to find the van and follow it once more. Running towards it, he leaped from one roof to another, rolling to break his fall. After he had flipped over and exhaust vent, he found himself on a roof adjacent to the scene at hand.

He had got there just in time to see the poor fool (Who though he could take down a super) get his ass handed to him. Alastar chuckled from his roof, as the boy ran off. He was about to jump down from the roof and interrogate the guy, when a girl walked over to him. From his distance Alastar heard nothing, but the girl was leaving with the man and he would follow them.

“It seems I am not the only one looking to get my hands dirty…”