Kim Jeremy

"Adorable or sexy? I can do both..."

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a character in “No Ordinary Love”, as played by PrincessBoy


Kim Jeremy
Mimi, Jerry, or just Jeremy.
College student/Part-time model
.:Sexual Orientation:.
Thought of himself as only straight, but he always wondered, so you can say he's bi-curious.
Modeling, money, videogames, technology, working out, talking with his accent when he's bored, and doodling (even though he's terrible at it).
No attention, injuries, getting sick, eating fatty foods (even though he eats them all the time), being bored, yelling, and losing muscle.
Despite Jeremy's life and part-time job, he's actually a very nice and gentle guy. He loves to have cheerful conversations with everyone. Sometimes he doesn't know when to stop talking at times. He hardly talks about anything other than innocent things, which means he's a little bit naive. Being naive and 22 has it's up downs, but he just doesn't like talking about those things. He's also very oblivious to love and can never tell if people are in love with him or just want to be friends. He's just a bit clumsy, but not to the point of annoying. Though, when he really thinks about it, he can be a real romantic and love someone to the fullest. With the his naiveness, some people think he might use it to get everyone's attention in which he really doesn't try to get everyone's attention. It just happens.
Jeremy was actually born in Seoul, South Korea before he moved to America. He lived there until the age of ten, before his father was transferred to America. He was pretty good at picking up English and was glad that he learned fast at everything school related. He excelled though middle school and high school. Right after high school, he didn't know what he wanted to do. He's 18 without a clue in the world. Plus, he always had everything in life. Nice clothes, a big house to live in, or just anything he ever wanted. He even wanted to go to college, though the college he was put into, his parents got him in with money. During college, he thought of something he wanted to do. Modeling. He asked his parents and soon it took place. He worked out and soon got a modeling job. Just like that. You can say he's a spoiled rotten brat (which he will agree too, he has always gotten what he wanted), but that might be why he's naive. Jeremy may have lived in America most of his life, but he will forever have a Korean accent (which makes him adorable in a way). Meaning, sometimes you can't understand what he says, especially when he's confused and jumbles up on his words. Sometimes he uses it to get people's attention. His girlfriend is also a model he found through his agency. She's really adorable.
Don't call him idiot for answering a stupid question, he can't help it that he's oblivious...to everything.

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