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Heidi Gravelings

"My statistics tell me, you're not even trying,"

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a character in “No Regrets”, as played by Bashie L. Craft


The Sorority President

Heidi Andromeda Gravelings


Criminal Justice


A Legacy, she was a Legacy. She was from a generation of Sorority Presidents. Her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother and so on and so forth were Sorority Presidents of the house. It was her turn to shine, her turn to become the Sorority President. Dark, wavy tresses and gorgeous light blue eyes but believe or not, all she cared about was her brain. She was never considered beautiful until after high school.

Her mother; Jessica Lorne was a Sorority President before her. She married a wealthy man twice her age soon after her twenty-fifth birthday. Heidi was Jessica's first child but Abraham's third. Abraham was a business mogul, famous for his casinos everywhere. Jessica on the other hand stayed a simple housewife, never using her Bachelor's Degree in English Literature other than writing romance novels. Over the course of her childhood and high school life, she gained two sisters; Leia and Beatrice.

Despite her beauty now, she was considered at best cute in high school. Large glasses that hid her eyes, a chubby figure with her hair always tied into a pony tail. She was a lonely girl, always cooped in the library to study. She was considered the smart one and her brain soaked up knowledge like it was a sponge. A genius with books and all those lonely days paid off as she was able to go to university by the ripe age of seventeen.

This was the time when her hormones kicked in. The time span between high school and university changed her greatly. She lost her baby fat, slimming down. She chopped her hair until it reached her shoulders, she started to wear contacts and her parents loved it. Jessica loved the dramatic change especially. She left her family to got to her mother's university and to carry on the legacy.

A strong, wise yet still lonely young woman. She perceives herself as the mother of her sorority even if she is still naive. She is intelligent, quick-witted and the most mild out of the girls. Reasonable and honest, always attempting to be the best even when she fails. While she's almost never bad and rather quiet, when she drinkss, get ready for hell. She'll burst out the crazy in her. She'll be the mood-swinger who will never take no for an answer.

She has maintained a 4.5 GPA all her life and received near-perfect SAT scores. She may have Asperger's Syndrome and mild OCD.

Secret Word
Boop Boop beedoop

So begins...

Heidi Gravelings's Story

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"-And so as the Sorority President, I have my final decision." Heidi's beautiful eyes looked out with reason to her fellow sisters as they held their hands together in anxiety, "Those who are the age of twenty-one and over and have succeeded in gaining more than twenty points this month are allowed to accompany to the party." A few cheers, more groans were emitted through the living room. It was how she did her role as Sorority President at Baylor University. There was a vote casted, she'd use them as influence but she would still have the reasonable judgment.

"Get ready early," she clapped her hands thrice before making her way to her bedroom. She had approximately an hour and forty-two minutes and counting to get ready. Her dress and shoes were laid neatly on her bed. It was new, recently bought from a boutique in the city. A ruffled, off-shoulder turquoise number with it's skirt ending two inches above her knees. Her stilettos were silvery, snake-skin and beautiful to boot. Her hair was going to be let loose, her beauty was going to be marveled at. She was ready.

An hour and forty minutes later, she and a group of girls were off. The rest stayed at home, either waving good-bye and sobbing. She checked every girls' name, age and points scored twice before leaving. She made sure to have been given their phone numbers and that everyone had a partner for a night to check-up on. All and all, she was a mother without having a child yet.

She barely knew the hostess, Erica.They might have spoken to one another during her time at Baylor but she had a pass as she was a Sorority President. Her sisters begged her to agree to go, claiming it was going to be 'crazy' and 'epic.' She needed none of that but a few drinks couldn't hurt. They called two taxis, one for her and a couple of the girls and another for the rest. She entrusted the other with her Vice-President. Hopefully, this night would go smoothly. She had to study for tomorrow again.

She thought it would be loud, but she never expected it to be this loud. quickly, the girls disappeared and she was left alone. She needed a drink. Maybe just one glass. Making her way over to the bar, she asked the bartender, "Can I have a Virgin Mary?"

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Lewis was glad that the drink he had made was a success. He put down 'Elle-vate' as the name of the drink in his phone and listened to Craig as he went on about juice. "Just because you don't enjoy alcohol doesn't mean I'll serve you plain juice." Lewis said to Craig. "Cranberry right?" He proceeded to crush ice, pour cranberry juice over it, add club soda to give it a fizz and squirted a whole lime into the cup. He stirred the cup and handed the drink to Craig. "Here's your mocktail." Lewis said "So what happened that keeps you sober during a party like this?"

Suddenly a group of sorority sisters showed up at the party and the whole place became more lively. One of the sisters approached the bar and asked for a Virgin Mary. Lewis tried to remember where he had seen her before and came to conclusion that he has never seen her in the parties hes served, not recently at least. The fact that she ordered a drink like Virgin Mary proved he had never served her before. "I'd love to make a drink like that but you have to take a raincheck on it." Lewis told the girl. "I don't have half of the ingredients here, How about I make you another drink? And maybe one with little alcohol in it to lessen the tension?"

Peyton returned but her drink had disappeared and Lewis was unsure whether it was her or someone else who had taken it. Pouring whiskey into a plastic cup for the second time, Lewis wished Peyton had been more specific on what shot she wanted and exactly how many shots does she mean when she says 'shots'. Remembering that Peyton had already taken a tequila bottle from him, he set 7 shot glasses so when she returned if she wasn't too drunk she could pour herself the shots. Next to Peyton's drink he kept a cup of soda ordered by the asian goth girl who had disappeared into the crowd.