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Maverick Rease

"Hey asshole I dare you to say that to my face!"

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a character in “No Regrets”, as played by blackberry jam


The Angry Drunk

Maverick Blaine Rease


Computer Networking


Maverick is a complicated type of guy, his father was an abusive drunk that didn't hesitate to knock around his wife when he felt the need to. His young son being a witness and sometimes the recipient of his abuse. When Maverick was 9 years old after years of taking his fathers shit, his mother finally got the courage to leave her husband. She took her son and moved all the way across the United States to Washington DC, with another man she had met through work. This was very confusing to Maverick, not only did he have to get used to a new state but also another man who was trying to replace his father. Not that he had a good relationship with his father, but he still felt like he was being torn in so many different directions.

Maverick soon fell into the wrong crowds at school and was getting into trouble almost all the time. He eventually was spending less time in school and more time on the streets, doing illegal things. Then something even more devastating happened, Mavericks mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Even though he had spent the past seven years barely thinking of his mother or what was happening at home, Maverick felt deeply for his mother and ashamed of his behavior. So he decided to straighten his life up, go home and take care of his mother.

It's hard to sit and watch someone slowly slip away and have no control, or be able to do anything about it. This was what Maverick had to endure everyday for three years. He did his best to make his mother comfortable, going to school and coming home and being her primary care giver. Maverick graduated high school at the age of 19 (a whole year after other peers his age), and six months later his mother passed away. Maverick didn't know what to do with himself, he had spent the last three years working his ass off taking care of his mother and trying to get through school. Now she was gone, Maverick's father soon got in contact with him after several years, finding that his father was now sober and had a place for him he decided to move in with him.

It felt odd to Maverick being back in Washington State, so he decided to bury himself in school, his last three years of high school he had worked so hard in school and made up for all the crap he had done before then. So he applied to Baylor University, when he got his acceptance letter he was ecstatic and ready to get out of his father's house. Even though his father was sober he still was a complete asshole and Maverick was tired of putting up with him. Maverick knew he wanted to work with computers and decided to go into computer networking. But the temptation to party is too much and he finds himself partying with the rest of them. He has procured a reputation of being an "Angry Drunk" and getting into fights, even though this happens Maverick fears it because of his fathers abuse. Maverick tries to avoid getting into relationships with girls because he's afraid he might hurt a girl like his father did, but he doesn't know how to stop partying either.

Maybe there is a girl out there that can help him turn his life around, or maybe a girl that will drag him further down the road to destruction.

Personality: Maverick is an all around nice guy (when he's sober) he loves to have fun and hang out with friends. Even though he looks like a jock he is in fact quite intelligent and kind of a computer geek. Do to his fathers abuse of his mother and him as a child Maverick has severe commitment issues and hasn't had a romantic relationship last longer then a few months. His biggest problem is his temper that is escalated by his use of alcohol, it is starting to affect his performance in school and is afraid of flunking out.

Secret Word
Boop, boop, beedoop

So begins...

Maverick Rease's Story

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Hannah was almost skipping along as she made her way out of class; she had stayed late to write a little bit more of her final piece, and she was loving it. Most university students liked to finish class as early as possible and either sleep, or drink away the rest of the day. Not Han. Nope, she loved working on her creative writing; it really was her life. It felt like her outlet, her only way to escape the reality of life, and run away into her own little dream world. Not one of the worlds from stories, like Middle Earth or Hogwarts, but her own place, based on her own design, where everything was just how she liked it, and had created it to be perfect. Ah, the joys of being a writer. There was a smile plaster on her face too as she made her way back to her dorm room, to get ready for the latest party. There was usually a shindig or two happening every night, but tonight, she had decided to attend this one, along with her friends. Sure, there weren't many people that she could call "friends", only two, in fact, but that was because she was usually more fascinated with her fictional life than her real one.

As she showered, Hannah hummed a happy little tune to herself, which carried on playing on her lips all the way through her blow-drying her hair, even though she could barely hear herself, through the application of her make-up, a lick of foundation, a touch of mascara, eye-liner to frame the eyes and coatings of lip gloss, and finally, as she pulled on her outfit for the evening. It had been unusually warm these past few days, so the peach coloured summer dress that she had pulled on was perfect for the weather and the occasion (not too posh, but not slutty), and she pulled on her beige cardigan over the top, just to keep the chill away. She had also taken to wearing flip-flops, sandals or ballet flats to parties now, usually because whenever she wore heels, she usually ended up in a cast the next morning. Trust me, it had happened. Hannah was a regular in the hospital, for a being a clutz. She had broken her arm(s), her leg, her ankle(s), her wrist(s), her fingers, toes, nose and her collarbone over the years that she had been at Baylor. There was no other reason that she hurt herself so much - it was only because she was such an idiot. And with alcohol coursing through her system, and stiletto heels on, she was more of a risk to herself than ever. So, heels were a no-no, as she wasn't going to stop the drinking.

The party had barely gotten into full swing when she arrived, the song on her lips being wiped away completely by the booming coming from the speakers. The one thing that Hannah hated about parties was how loud the music was "supposed" to be, and she made her way over to where the music was usually the quietest - the bar. If the music was loud over there too, then the bartender wouldn't be able to take his orders now, would he? A playful grin graced her face as she recognised the figure already sitting at the bar. She walked over behind one of the two people she called "friends," and flung her arms around his neck, surprising him in a hug. Her petite arms could barely fit around his jock-like figure though as she embraced him, and soon she let go, plonking herself down onto the seat next to him. "Heeeeeey, Rick." She crooned, before swivelling her head to the bartender. "I think I'll start easy. Could I have a beer, please?" She smiled, before turning back to her friend. Maverick was her best male friend, and it had been that way since she had met him. She knew about his commitment issues all right, but over time, she had learnt not to care. There was something about him that made her like him even more every time that she saw him, and it gave her little flutters in her heart when she saw him, and her heart skipped a beat when she hugged him. But for now, she was content in being his friend. For now.

"So, how art thou today?"

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Cordella decide to use the Morelli's back door to make her way towards her friend's party. It has been more than 3 years since she made herself comfortable in her best friend's household. She met her Erica's family during the first week she got along with the girl and hit it off like she was adoptive daughter. And it looked like they didn't mind "adopting" her, they all knew about her vagabond family and were more than happy to take her in during the holidays. In fact, she sometimes spends more time sleeping in Erica's room than her dorm place. It was nice to be fed with home made food rather than suffering the curse of fast food and cafeteria.

She tried to look for her best friend among the throng of college frat boys, cool wanna be's, sluts and familiar faces. She shrugged her shoulder when it seemed next to impossible to detect Erica so she took the liberty of climbing the Moretti's stairs and made her way towards her best friend's room. She intended to leave her satchel bag inside Erica's closet (where some of her stuff also have their own place) but found two canoodling fresh men (most probably freshmen because it was so obvious that they didn't know how to kiss each other without getting sloppy) on her best friend's bed.

"Oh my gosh! Ewwww!!! Get out!!!" The two embarrassed individuals started scampering and hurriedly made their way out and down the stairs. A few upper class men snickered at the two as a few guys tried to get her attention by waving or winking. She rolled her eyes at them and give them the middle finger before entering Erica's room and shutting the door behind her. She walked towards Erica's humongous closet and dumped her bag and cardigan inside. She closed it and stood before the full length mirror. She tried to see if there was anything that looked misplaced in her clothes and admired her chosen outfit for the night. She wore a midrib blue corset top that showed off her flat stomach and a navy inspired skirt paired with a pair of red Lacoste sneakers. She adjusted her clover leaf necklace that her sister gave her before they left for Germany as well as her mother's bracelet on her right arm. She grabbed Erica's gloss and dab some on her lips, the only cosmetic that she'd be needing. There's no way she'd apply mascara or they would start running on her face by the end of the night. Besides she knows she look good enough not to even bother applying any.

She headed towards the room's door when she realized that the noise had started growing louder by the minute- she needs to remind Erica to tame it down a little or the police will come knocking on their door anytime. Elle shut the door behind her again and made her way towards the party. She squeezed her small body towards the other party goers and finally reaching Lewis' drink station. Hannah was already reached him before she did and asked for a drink. "Ahah! Just the person I needed," She beamed at Lewis and winked at Hannah. "I don't mind a drink as well." She toyed with her necklace as she asked for Lewis' specialty. "So Han, looking good! How's it going? Has the two of you seen Erica? That girl is like a chameleon!" She tried to speak louder so the two can hear her beyond the blasting music. Elle moved her gaze towards the crowd in hopes of locating her best friend but failed again. Her attention was then shifted to an Asian looking girl who called for Erica. Her left eyebrow rose as she wondered who this girl could be.

She grabbed someone else's drink and didn't bother waiting for Lewis and spoke, "I'll be back for that one." She addressed Lewis and walked across the room without caring whether the first year got offended when she stole his beer cup. But the whole time she kept her eye on the Asian girl. There was something she didn't like about the girl. Call her selfish but she preferred keeping her best friend to herself.

Elle took sip from her stolen beer and bounced her head to the beat of the music when she bumped into someone. It was one of her friends, Mini who was busy chatting with a few guys. "Oh hey Min! Wow you are one hot bombshell tonight," She gave the girl a kiss on the cheek and tried to speak closer to her friends ear, somehow the people by the sound system thought of blasting a louder beat. "What the- whatever!" She complained then asked Mini again, "Have you seen Erica?! I've been looking for her everywhere," She spoke as she offered the stolen beer to Mini. "We should get another round of drinks," She suggested as she held Mini's hand and walked towards Lewis' makeshift bar. If she can't find her best friend might as well round up the others. Just then she noticed that the guy she has been crushing on was seated near Hannah. She wanted to faint but it sounded so tacky so Cordella tried her best to keep her composure and acted nonchalantly. "Got me a drink already?" She spoke to Lewis sweetly as she waited for her drink request, looking at Maverick from her peripheral vision.

She has seen him in campus millions of times, knows his name and major but somehow she was such a scared-y cat to approach him and never bothered to change the idea of not being introduced to him. She just couldn't bear the thought of actually talking to him when she knew she could faint if she did. She acted like she didn't see him and carried to bounce her head to the beat.

Just then a huge arm enveloped her torso in a friendly hug and started greeting everyone in the Lewis' station. She turned her head to see one of their good friend Craig. "Hey sugar pop, looking amazing. Where's Erica?" He asked.
"Well I've been looking for her as well," She answered and gave him a high five.

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Craig had just ended his part time job shift in a sports equipment shop just a few blocks away from the university and decided to go straight to Erica's house party. The girl manages to come up with the greatest party in NYU and Craig knows better than to get his self drunk. He attends the party for the sake of his friends and seeing Mini at her best. How she wished for the day that he gets to tell her that other guys are too stupid to play with her feelings but from the beginning of time Craig knows he has been friend zoned since he met her.

An unfamiliar Asian girl entered the Moretti's house just before he got off the cab he took. He saw her talking to a drunk guy who was plastered on the yard. He guessed she wasn't from around here since only new people talk to NYU drunks. One should know better than to waste time of people who preferred getting wasted on alcohol. It was never Craig's thing to get drunk. He'd get a bottle or two of beer and a few shots of hard drinks but never got drunk to get passed out on someone else's yard.

As soon as the girl entered the house, he did the same and slap a few high fives with the a few familiar faces and few people in some of his class as the loud music started thumping and causing everyone to scream in order to understand each other. He looked for his friends and saw them seated on Lewis' makeshift bar. If anyone knew alcohol it would have to be Lewis. Craig saw his friend Cordella's back skin when she leaned on to ask for a drink, he shook his head and chuckled. He knew his friends are guy magnets and somehow he felt protective about it- especially over Mini. He approached them and hugged Elle from the back, surprising the group as he greeted them. "Hey sugar pop, looking amazing. Where's Erica?" He asked.

"Well I've been looking for her as well," She answered and gave him a high five. He gave him one and motioned for a drink from Lewis. "Hey Lewis, hey Han, hey Mini, now where could the party hostess be?" He asked as he noticed Maverick next to Hannah.

"Hey man," He gave him a small wave and asked. "How's everything going?"

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The best way to get over a hangover was to get drunk, again and that was exactly the plan that Peyton had that day. After doing the walk of shame across campus at 7am that morning, heels in hand, make up smudged and ruffled hair she had sacked of the days lectures and slept to be refreshed for tonight. Peyton awoke two hours ago not feeling the best but after a shower and perhaps one too many paracetamols she felt slightly better, save for her churning stomach yet a stiff drink would sort that out.

After drying and lightly curling her hair, she applied her make up and proceeded to dress, walking over to her wardrobe she stood infront of it in her black lace underwear as she pondered on what to wear. Finally deciding on an outfit Peyton dressed and put on her heels, once satisfied she grabbed her purse and left the dorm after saying goodbye to her roommate. As she walked across campus she stopped to talk to a few friends but the excitement about spending the night with her friends excited her, saying by to the guys she passed she walked towards Erica's house.

When Peyton arrived the party was already in full swing and a smile appeared on her face, she walked past a few friends that she knew, a few frat boys who she smirked and waved at before walking into the house, which was already a mess, empty cups all over the place, drunken women already passed out, people making out and probably more in dark corners, hell this looked like a great party.

As soon as she spotted the make shift bar she wandered over "Hey Lewis!" she smiled brightly to the colleges resident bar tender "Can I have JD on the rocks plus..." quickly looking around she looked for her friends "a bottle of tequila and shot glasses" she smirked. Once he gave her the drinks she poured him a shot "here' she smiled "I'll see you in a bit!" she called out before walking over to Craig and Mini "Hey guys" she smiled "I got the tequila" she laughed in a sing-song voice, turning her head slightly she saw Maverick and Hannah "Mav, Han, come over here! I got tequila!"

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Just as Cordella answered Craig's question, she returned her attention back to Lewis who instantly concocted a drool worth drink, it was partly red but she can distinctly smell it's citrus flavor, she gave him a raised eyebrow and a pursed smile as she prepared to taste his masterpiece. Elle took a sip but didn't swallow just yet. She tried to judge the alcohol mix like a professional wine Connoisseur she then raised her free hand and asked him for a high five as she continued to chug down the drink like a beer master. He just earned a 5 star from her.

She gulped and exclaimed, "Oh wow! You never fail to surprise me man!" She slammed the empty cup on his make shift bar and beamed him a satisfied smile. "But seriously I still haven't revived from last night's drink and I need to find Erica- fast!" She talked loudly so her friends can hear her. Just then Mini chanted something, "Hey guys, I got the tequila" She shook her head in amazement and laughed. Peyton then just arrived in time for all the fun, she approached her friend and gave her a kiss on the check before talking near her ear. "Pey love, have you seen Erica?!" She hoped her friend has seen their hostess. "I've been looking for her!" She said a little too loudly.

She knew Peyton needed more fuel so she leaned towards Lewis again and asked with a loud voice, "Lew! We can use a few more rounds of your Elle-vate. Yes I decided to name it after me!" She then followed her words with a laugh. And danced to the loud music, her top exposing more skin as she grind towards Mini and Peyton. She pulled Hannah's hand so she can join them. Being tipsy can really be fun especially if all the boys turn their heads towards you.

Elle knew she was acting really naughty but the hell she care about other people. She just wish Maverick would turn his attention to her- just once.