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Leonel Bouvier

Scientist's Son

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a character in “Nobody Would Ever Love a Beast”, as played by Zitacamron95


Name: Leonel Bouviet
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Description: ImageLeonel is five foot nine inches. He has an average build and weighs about 155 pounds. He has short brown hair, that almost goes into his eyes if it isn't slicked back. He has green eyes that are usually hidden behind a pair of black rimmed glasses. His right arm is actually robotic, but looks like a normal arm and works like a normal arm.
History: Leonel had an interesting childhood. At a young age he and his father were moved into a government facility. His father working on projects that Leonel thought were supposed to help people. He still went out and went to regular school like everyone else his age, but he wasn't allowed to talk about his personal life at all. He was forced into either lying to people or just not talking to others. He decided it was for the best that he just stayed on his own. Because he was always on his own he would read a lot, usually it was fictional books, but later on he got extremely interested into science himself. He started reading a lot about it and thought that e could just go and work for the government as well after he was done with school. He'd just be a scientist like his father.

During his teenage years there was an accident at one of the government facilities. One of the people that were being experimented on had gotten loose and it attacked Leonel. It severed Leonel's right arm and left a scar on his face. The government had to cover up the whole incident, and that included making sure there was no evidence at all of the attack. Leonel was given surgery that removed the scaring from his face and gave him the electronic arm. He started to question what was going on, and what sort of experiments these people were doing. It was never explained to him, but he was no longer trusted to go out in public alone. He had to be escorted by his father if there was anything that he wanted to do outside of the government facility, and he was forced to be home schooled.

As an Adult, Leonel hasn't really been outside. Every now and then he'd sneak out on his own, but it was dangerous to do so and even more dangerous when he tried to sneak back in. He usually spends his time in the government library, and reads anything he can find, and keeps to himself. He cares about his father and making sure that nothing bad ever happens to him. It's a difficult thing to do when he barely gets to see the man or even gets to know what's going on in the place he lives.

So begins...

Leonel Bouvier's Story


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It was late at night, his father had been missing for a while now, and the government clearly wasn't going to be doing anything about it. Leonel decided to take matters into his own hands, he slipped out of the facility without an issue. He wore a black cloak to help fight the cold and be able to blend in with the darkness. He knew better than to let someone see him, there were people that might recognize him from school or there might be government officials that will know that he's not supposed to be running around town alone. He was only outside because he wanted his father back. He didn't care that a beast had him, or that this beast could easily kill him, he wanted his dad to be safe. He didn't have anyone else in the world, and he wasn't about to lose his father because the government couldn't keep a handle on their own projects.

Leonel walked through the alleyways, trying to make sure that nobody was following him and he wasn't going to be seen. The moon was high, and he didn't have that much time to be running around looking for this beast. He could only search where he thought the beast might hide. The same sort of places that Leonel had thought would be great for hiding away from this government and be able to live a normal life again. He knew that his father would have never allowed such a thing, but the boy used to wander around and think how easy it would be to get away from these terrible people. That was before he had been locked up in the facility. When he was locked up, he would run out of the facility and use abandoned buildings as quiet places to just hang out. He couldn't always handle not being able to go outside and there was just something inside him that always wanted to rebel.

Leonel finally came up to a building that had been abandoned for quite some time. He stopped dead in his tracks and saw that the door he was sure had been boarded up before. The windows still were covered with wooden planks nailed in, but the door was bare. It didn't really make sense, but still it brought a small smile to Leonel's face. He tried to look through the windows, but he couldn't even see a sliver of the inside through the glass. He sighed, the only way in was through the front door. He would have to take it, his dad might be in there. Leonel pulled the cloak around him and made sure the hood was pulled up and covered his face in shadow. Not that it really mattered, he was sure the beast had no idea who he was, he was just there for his father. Finally, the boy went up to the front door and slowly opened it. His hands shook with fright, he knew that this was a stupid idea, yet he still continued into the abandoned house, looking for his father.


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Character Portrait: Leonel Bouvier Character Portrait: Brendon Smithy Spence
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#, as written by merthur
Brendon Smithy Spence

The young man would be greeted by three lit candles as he entered the abandoned house, which in reality was probably large enough to be considered a mansion. There was a old-looking clock sitting next the old-looking candle holder, but it was broken, long forgotten. The rooms were dark, other than the one source of light in the downstairs. He would hear sounds upstairs, someone moving around, no voices though. And even the slight tap, tap, tap of feet could be a figment of his imagination. There were sheets over the furniture they left when they abandoned the house, mostly big stuff, stuff that probably either took too much time to move or maybe would have been too difficult to take out of the house. Maybe it was just so old that they didn't want to keep it any longer. There were three arm chairs and a couch, little side tables on each end of it, and a coffee table. These were not the reasons that Brendon picked this house though, no. The reasons he picked this house was because it was far away. Because it was one that wasn't infested with rats, or roaches- no grime or mold. More recently abandoned than the rest of them, which wasn't saying much. And it was easy to get into, they had only boarded up the door.

But perhaps he should have thought that more through. He didn't expect anyone to come looking for him though, at least not over this way. It just didn't seem like anyone would have noticed the scientist was gone yet, didn't they all look the same to those stupid humans? White hair and a lab coat. Maybe they distinguished them by their baldness, or what facial hair they had. Humans were so subpar in this world, in his world. He was better, faster, and stronger in tens, his senses and reflexes enhanced to an amazing extent so that he would be able to carry out his job.

They fucked up on him though. Gave him too much Human or something, he didn't know. But he had his own thoughts, he felt thing sometimes, like a twinge of guilt for killing someone, or contempt when he got a new assignment, a new identity. Now, he just used his most recent one, a Brendon Smithy Spence. He was going to be sent to Los Angelos to assassinate someone, and instead he stole the scientist and took off. Brendon, somehow, did not hear the son enter the house. He was too busy trying to shut up the old man, who had now taken to shouting at him and then a moment later pleading to be let free.