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The Debonair

"Illiteracy is the inability to read between the lines."

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a character in “Noir: The Darkest Shade”, as played by TheFinalOne


N a m e s a k e:
David Thomas Rhineheart
A l i a s:
David, Dave, Mister Rhineheart, Bossman
N u m e r i c a l:
Age: 32 Birth: January 14, 1899
S o c i o l o g i c a l :
Profession: CEO, Rhineheart Industries Marital Status: Married Homeland: Chicago, US of A
B i o l o g i c a l :
Height: 6 feet. Weight: 170 pounds Ethnicity: White American Blood-type: B-

P s y c h o l o g i c a l:
For Rhineheart, image is everything. "It is more powerful than power," he says. Over the years he has
developed a title for himself in the social circle, "the perfect gentleman." To his child, the first eight years
of whose he was not a part of, he is affectionate, caring, forgiving, gentle and kind. To his wife, even after
what transpired, he is devoted, compassionate, appreciative and loyal. To the men in the Rattleskin social
circle he is intelligent, humble, trustworthy and truthful and to the women he is humorous, tactful, sweet
and sincere. To his employees he is considerate, brilliant, hard working and charismatic and to their families
what their husband/brother/son/father should have been. He always has a smile on his face, except when
something bad happens. Then he will be the shoulder everyone needs.

He has also developed a few quirks for looking good. For example, when dining outside, he will reset all
the condiments and such after he is done. Waiters really hate it, and get embarrassed, when he insists.

But these people are easy to fool. The ones who know his true identity are ones who have played the same
game, the older tycoons. They know he is smart and cunning and will abuse his image to make people willingly
bend over to his wishes. They know he is very good at making people agree, even endorse, a decrease in
wages and increase in work time, which he did slowly unlike the fools who lost everything in the prelude to the
Great Depression. He is ruthless and efficient, the only way anyone could survive in this world. He will use
anyone and everyone, and push them aside, albeit gently and whispering soothing words in their ears, when
their usefulness has passed its expiry date. Now he plans to make Rattleskin the next Detroit, his Detroit.

P r o f i l e :
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Standing at six feet, when wearing his shoes, David is not one to look intimidating. However much he may try,
he still has that Chicago street thug look on his face, a face that looks content, not that he is, of what he has got
and weary of what is to come at the same time. Rather large dimples on both cheeks and a cleft chin do help his
image, much like his beautiful eyes, of an innocent lamb surrounded by big bad wolves, a great image for the big
bad wolf to have.

Regular visits to the gymnasium have kept his body in good shape and regular visits from a beautician have left his
slightly tanned skin looking youthful.

K i n d r e d:
Rhineheart’s father sailed around the world and his mother stayed at home, expect for once when she worked in a
factory at some point in the war. His father was rarely home, much like David himself, and David does not know
much about either parents. Even when his father was home, he'd sit outside, usually reading the newspaper. His
mother would practically live in the kitchen, creating little postcards and cooking. He has not seen them since when
he was eighteen; since the day his father left for the war. Considering he has been in the news more often than not
and their inability to contact him, it could mean that they have died.

He wedded a friend of his, Maria Von Basten, at the age of twenty two. Regrettably, just a day after the marriage
she left him for Rutskarn Washington, an oil baron. She came back to him eight years, when the oil baron lost
everything one fateful Tuesday, claiming the child with her was his. He, of course, took her back in and made sure
the newspapers knew that. Their marriage is slightly strained by the past but it seems to be going the right way.

His child, Elizabeth Rhineheart, just celebrated her tenth birthday two weeks ago. She is slightly distrusting of him,
but he is making progress.

He is also friends with a clergyman who works in the local church. What people don’t know is that the clergyman
provides David with sacramental wine for consumption.

A r c h i v e:
What many newspapers like to talk about is how David Thomas Rhineheart went from being a nobody to a person
many newspapers like to talk about. It all began many years. Even though he had a house and something masquerading
as a family, he never felt like staying inside and reading and in general being a model child (that definition of a model
child is his mother’s). He spent his days playing on the streets and getting into fights. He has always stated, while
advocating sports as part of the curriculum in schools, that if he had just sat inside he would never have been as successful.

At the age of eighteen he decided to leave this life behind; a day after his father left for the war, he stepped out in
the world never to be seen in the neighborhood again. He joined a mechanic shop on the other side of the city. At first,
life was fine. But for men like Rhineheart, fine is never good enough (nothing is ever good enough.). He wanted more

So he started advising the boss on how to keep customers coming back. Installing cheap parts instead of the real ones
gave two advantages; the parts broke regularly after duration or so, forcing the customer to come back and they could
sell the better quality stuff to high end users who liked shiny things. Fast forward a year and their garage was reputed
as being the best in the business, or at least the richest. It never hurt that they offered on-the-side-under-the-table services.

Another year passed and the owner decided to buy a steel mill that was losing money. David was put in charge and as
expected, the mill started making money again. One primary reason was a complete overhaul in the work process and
ethics. He brought in new staff and equipment. One wondered how the garage owner agreed to spend so much money.
Well, one, David had gained his trust and shown his potential. And two, he was the garage owner’s new heir. Unfortunately,
Maria left David. The garage owner’s reputation was left in ruins, but David’s shoulders were there to support him.
He promised the garage owner revenge and gently, David pushed him into early retirement whilst taking over everything.
He renamed the company Rhineheart Corporations; and with the blessings of the garage owner, he set out to conquer the



So begins...

The Debonair's Story