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Monica Leighfox

A brave hearted halfling, fighting to protect everything she loves. And as said, 'The heart of a volunteer is stronger than that of a soldier.'

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a character in “Nomad - Book One: War”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Monica Lilly Leighfox
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Race: Halfling
Class: Guardian
Physical Description:
Monica is a grand example of the beauty that can come from small-folk, although, she hardly believes herself to be as beautiful as she is.

Her body is slim, and lethe, bearing the light frame that is known for her kinsman. Standing at a brisk 3'5, she isn't remarkably tall for a hobbit, but few are. Her flesh is a soft tanned tone, which reaches across her entire body - sunlight clearly touches her quite often. Meanwhile, upon her head is her cascading locks of hair, colored the boldest tone of orange-red - as if someone had mixed the richest scarlet and the creamiest yellow. The straight hair is cut short, almost resting upon her narrow shoulders, as if suspended just above there. This bright mane hangs loosely in battle, often in front of her face, hiding her gentle eyes; a slight shade darker than that of ice. Dark freckles splaters across her cheeks give them tone, and make her facial features seem even lighter. She always forgoes make-up, or anything that might take time to apply. No reason to enhance your looks in the middle of a war, correct?

Her body is a curveless, shaped statue, being able to endure much more than it would let on... much like all hobbits. Her light frame - small shoulders, and hips, as well as her unflattering chest and rear make her hardly a woman worth courting for such features. She weighs just above eighty pounds. Her torso is small, as mentioned, bearing little more than a very, very lightly toned abdomen, her arms the same way. The limbs have been used - they don't hold the drastic look of a well muscled fighter, yet the gentle curves of one whom fights. When you shake her hand, and feel her grip... you know she has a solid heart. You feel it under her fingers. Her slight hips give her a slightly feminine curve, a slight 'hourglass' if you would. And from them, would distend the legs of a runner - the legs of one whom knew how to hustle, whom knew how to dance, and to ride. The legs of a worker. At the base of her legs, you'd have her feet - slightly larger than those of most hobbit women. She claims them to be "A firm foundation."

A picture of Monica


Monica is a woman of brave, yet easy heart. She is exactly as you would expect from a hobbit. She lived a happy life, with as much spirit and spunk as the firefly does in the peak of summer. She is a woman of simple life - a farm girl, in all literal meanings of the term. She is generous, and friendly, always willing to share, or make sacrifices for those in need, or those whom are without. Her spirit is hard to dampen, and once her mind is made, their is little that can sway her actions. She always is a little headstrong and persistant, although none of it comes from pride. She is hardly pressing or spiteful, usually simply defusing the tensile situation by avoiding it. She has no inner desire for strife. Nor does her heart wish foul upon another. She has lived the simple life, and has learned that it is the one she truly enjoys. Monica has little formal education, but is very knowledgable. She has the knowhow of many labor-intensive things, rather than being able to recite literature from a page. And she is understanding - she knows when something is beyond her, or something is too much for her. She knows of her capabilities, and follows them. But she is not a soldier - a soldier follows orders. She is a warrior: And they follow their heart.

Monica speaks with kind of a cockney accent, that all country folk speak with.

In combat, Monica's heart never falters, standing a beacon of her beleifs. She fights boldly for what she stands up for, and is true to what she fights for. She is protective of her allies, protecting them when they tire, or aiding them when they are down. But she is not afraid of the reaper, nor is she afraid to send others to him. She is no blood thirsty barbarian, whom will kill the second they get the chance.... But if her well-being is in danger, or that of her friends and family, she fights with passion, and heart. A m

Romanticallly, Monica seeks no particular person. She doesn't exactly have a dream man (or woman) in mind. She has yet to find one that strikes her fancy. But as she's not racist or sexist, it could be any man or woman out there.


Beginning Armor: Monica wears no real heavy armor. She has steel bracers, but that is the extent of metal armor on her form. Her armor includes a sturdy leather chestpiece, which does little to hamper her movement. The clothing she wears is thick cloth, but would do little to stop a purposeful sword swing. She prefers mobility over protection, as mobility is her protection. She bears thick leather armguards, coated with thick cloth, which might protect the limbs from a bashing weapon, or a weak slashing attack... but as her chestpiece, no real armor is worn. What appears at first to be a skirt is actually wide-legged shorts, which rival bloomers in their 'poofiness', but again, do not offer real protection. Suspenders run underneath her armor from the front to the back of her shorts. And lastly, she has her tough leather boots, which encase her enlarged feet. The leather rises to her shins, and colorfly cuts off there. She bears a winter cloak, but seldom wears it unless the enviorment she is in deems nessicary. In her hair, and on her armor, are the feathers of one of the rare birds found around her homeland. Few people know of this bird's feathers having a slightly dampening effect on magic. While Monica takes less damage from magical attacks, and suffers less from magical effects, healing and beneficial spells are also dampened.

Beginning Weapon(s): Monica has an array of weapons at her disposal. Four, actually. The most commonly seen is her shortsword, made from tempered steel. The halfling craft makes it the perfect size for her to use in conjuction with her other primary weapon - a rather large circular shield. The shield is made from hickory wood, a very hard, durable wood. It has a steel outer rim, and a steel boss in the center. The shield lacks decoration. On her hip is a rather large rondel dagger, the wicked curve of the blade making it perfect for jabbing through even thicker armors, or thick flesh. More used for an ambush, this weapon seldom sees itself drawn unless Monica is sneaking, or her sword or shield has been discarded or broken. And lastly, Monica usually carries a simple throwing dirk. She's not trained to throw weapons, but she finds herself accurate out to twenty feet.

Fighting Style Monica's fighting style is very protective. Unless the enemy is unaware of her presense, she is usually protecting her weaker, less combat-able comrades. It's on position to see a hobbit out fighting in the front lines. But it is where monica excells. Her fighting style is highly baised on midigation..... Block, dodge, parry, however you can stop an enemy attack, stop it. Midigate, counter. Midigate, counter. She relies on her blocking and dodging skills to open up a fighter, before moving in for a weaker, yet significant attack. Some might call her a bumblebee. She's hard to hit, and she doesn't hit hard. However, if the foe is unaware of her presense, she is quite sneaky, and can make some rather devious manuvers for stealth-baised fighting.

Favored Weapon: Monica's favored weapon is her sword and shield combination, as it enables versitily in combat. However, her sword can be substituted for a club, mace, or even an axe. So in reality, her favored weapon is her shield.

Other: Monica is also skilled in mounted combat. As a farmgirl she learned to ride a steed (in halfling's case, a large dog), and if familiar with mounted tactics. She however, prefers to fight on foot.


What did you do before the war? What led you to join the war effort? Just some background information:
Before the war would errupt, Monica of course was a civilian. She was no bloodthirsty berserker, looking for a fight, no was she some amazing hunter that'd been killing all of her life. She was a simple farmgirl. She grew up in fields of green, surrounded by the houses and people of her home village: A large, rural town called "Farrenbough". The place was amazingly huge, with fields of green that streched endlessly from eyeshot. Crops filled the hills, as many hobbits were farmers and traders. Monica's family was no different. The Reighfoxes weren't actually big farmers, but they were ranchers. They raised livestock, and produced good such as milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, and meats. They also trained ranching dogs for others.

As a family, Monica, her brothers (Andley and Paladin), as well as her mother and father would seemlessly run the quaint farm, even at young ages. And to this day, Monica and her brothers all have houses near their mother and father's land, where they go every day to work the land lovingly to produce their goods. And simply because Monica was female didn't exempt her from the more difficult chores - in fact, her father would actually put her up to them. He figured that if she could handle the tough chores now, she'd learn to bear other hardships in the future. And it seemed to work, really. All three of his children grew up to be strong hearted, and enduring to any trouble they would come across.

But as the war grew intense, there wasn't anymore desperate need for supplies... but there was need for blood in the front lines. But few people come looking for hobbits to join their ranks. Halfings are twice as couragous as men... yet their strength of arm makes them lackluster in most peoples' eyes. But the family knew that with the war growing closer and closer to their homeland, that it would inevitably close in on them. The three children agreed: They'd take up arms, and defend their countryside homes, as would the rest of the hobbits that felt so. Instead of waiting for the military to seek them, they would form two militias... one that supported each side. Each hobbit had their reason for picking sides. And instead of soreness or bitterness at the other side, the two sides would support another, untill they went off to join the respective armies. A silent pact remained in the mind of all hobbits of that town.

"Should you run across friend or foe inside the ranks of your enemies, do not falter. They have chosen their side, as you have chosen yours. What they stand for, and what you stand for differ now. And though it may be tough, you musn't show weakness when you share their gaze. No hate from the battlefield shall seep to the farms and pastures of peacetime. For we are all halflings, and we all have hearts."

Monica and her brothers would go off to fight for their beliefs, making sorrowful departure from their parrent's house. And as they arrived in the camps of the army, they were greeted, and instantly welcomed into the ranks. However, since they were a militia, they were not given standard issue armor, and arms. Some of the hobbits were fighting with makeshift spears, or clubs. Some found proper weapons on the battlefields of the future, but few actually had weaponry to spare. Monica, and her brothers were eventually separated. Paladin would fall in combat, and Andley was dispatched with another regiment to a different location. She knows not his wearabouts.

To this day, Monica still fights with the hope in her heart that peace can be found, and she can go back to life of simplicity.... But she also knows that her realm of peace must be reached by wading through seas of red.

"I don't want to fight anymore. But if I have to fight, I might as well fight good!"

So begins...

Monica Leighfox's Story