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Rein Terryn

"There's a reason I'm the most feared General in Fera's Promised Army."

0 · 217 views · located in Nomad

a character in “Nomad - Book One: War”, as played by Karri Khaos


Name: Rein Terryn
Age: 99
Sex: Male
Race: Nagi
Class: Arcane Warrior
Physical Description:
Height: usually stands at about 6'7" but his maximum length is close to twelve feet.
Weight: ................ Really heavy considering his whole snake portion is one big muscle and his human portion is well toned. Let's just say you don't want his on top of you and leave it at that?
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red but he always has the red sash covering them


A well toned athletic human body, he's quite the looker, his snake portion has black scales that are kept clean and seem to have a red tone to them. He wears a red robe like top usually worn loosely so one can see parts of his chest. He uses a chain weapon so the chains are usually wrapped around him when he's not using the weapon. His hair is healthy and also well taken care of like the rest of him, his finger nails can extend into claws for hand to hand combat if needed but usually they are a normal humanoid length. His skin is pale naturally and over all his appearance gives one the thought he's a pretty boy, which is what he wants, for his enemy to underestimate him. He wears a red sash over his eyes because he was blinded about two years ago by a feisty priestess who was in a temple he lead an attack on, which his eyes look the same the innards of them were frozen and caused him to loose his eye sight.


As a child Rein grew up getting what he wanted, not even through his parents but his own means, while he was spoiled he was also greatly intelligent. A child prodigy in martial arts, he showed great promise to be a great fighter at a young age and over the years he grew arrogant. He quickly became bored with parties and things of the like and in secret became sadistic for fun. However he's still a noble, he can put on a perfect mask of politeness and kindness and uses it to his advantage to take advantage of people. He thinks following the rules are boring and often breaks the rules of war because he knows he can get away with it. Clearly a man who doesn't like to hear "No" he will do whatever he can to get things his way.


Beginning Armor: His robes are enchanted to protected him, under his robes he still wears a light chest plate when he goes into battle, his tail is extremely hard and strong so arrows and most one handed swords aren't strong enough to penetrate it so he often cant use his tail as armor as well.
Beginning Weapon(s): Chain sickle, the chain is magically enchanted to grow so her can fight long ranged and usually stays out of reach as long as he can. His claws, powerful and sharp like little blades when extended they can also become coated in toxins and make him a lethal close combatant one has more chance of surviving him at a distance.
Fighting Style He starts out long ranged and uses his chain sickle cutting down multiple enemies quickly and efficiently. He's a master of multiple hand to hand combat styles for close ranged combat as he's lived long enough to train under multiple teachers, he also uses his tail as a shield and weapon to knock enemies down so it's almost impossible to bind him or surround him
Favored Weapon: His claws, they can lead to a slower more painful death than his chain sickle can
Other: He wields magic, usually fire aligned, which allows him to make his weapon burst into flame, light battle fiels on fire, breath fire, shoot fire balls from his hands and things of the like.

Chain Sickle


What did you do before the war? What led you to join the war effort? Just some background information.

Before the war Rein was a noble player in the capital of Fera's Promised's capital. Because of his families wealth he was able to have anything he wanted and train under many combat styles as he grew. He also took part in politics and had multiple enemies in the West Marches. His intelligence and skill in combat instantly got him placed high up in the army and it wasn't long after the war started before he was promoted to General. His attitude and personality led him to be interested in the war because he was always rearing to hurt and use people and to prove that Fera's Promised was the proper rulers of this world's lands. He saw the war as a chance to show the wrath and power they had and why the West Marches were fools for being their enemy. He's lead multiple attacks both on the battle field and off, defensive and offensive, spy infiltration missions, and things of the like.

So begins...

Rein Terryn's Story