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Non-Human Resources Office

Demi-Human Possible Parallel Earth


a part of Non-Human Resources Office, by NurseUrsus.


NurseUrsus holds sovereignty over Demi-Human Possible Parallel Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Demi-Human Possible Parallel Earth is a part of Non-Human Resources Office.

2 Places in Demi-Human Possible Parallel Earth:

3 Characters Here

Kyle Morgan [1] Just your everyday, average satyr...heavily medicated to control his sexual impulses.
Braxton "Braggs" Marks [0] The Ex-Military Wolfman
"The/That New Guy" [0] The new and only arachnoid working at the office, he's rather quiet and doesn't actually have a name.

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Kyle sat nervously in his cubicle, taking a moment to rummage through the contents of his desk before standing up, popping a pill into his mouth and swallowing it down dry. ‘Damn! DAMN!’ Taking a deep breath, he stepped out of his cubicle and walked over to the one across from it. The new guy just came in, and was busy organising some new paper work…
The new guy turned around and nodded curtly at Kyle, “Is there a problem, Morgan?”
Morgan…? Right, right, his own last name…“Stop with the formalities, it’s Kyle, man…”
“Very well. Is there a problem, Kyle?”
“Problem? No, no…you just came in, so you must have passed by Lisa…?”
For a moment, the new guy had a passing expression of confusion…which quickly switched over to a look of recognition, “Yes, Miss Alders?”
Kyle wrung the end of his shirt a little nervously, yes, Lisa…is she…is she in yet?”
“Actually, Lisa is in the backroom blowing Steve.”
“WHAT?! R-r-repeat t-that?” His yell rung out loudly, startling the man in his chair.
“…Lisa, gone to the break room, blow off some steam? Kyle, are you quite alright?” The new guy looked at him rather…not critically, but still in a rather analytical manner.
Kyle turned away, embarrassed but...glad he misheard, “I’m fine. Fine…thanks anyways, I’ll go see Lisa, then…” Quickly, he walked off in hopes of getting to the break room quickly. He’d been dying to ask Lisa to that new movie he heard women were rather fond of…what was it? Kyle vaguely recalled some sort of vampire romance? Whatever the case, he wanted to ask her out before his nerves left him. Finally getting to the break room, he spotted Lisa Alders right away. Her long blonde hair, light peachy skin, bright green eyes, and pointed elven ears…clopping his hooves on the flooring for a moment, he pushed himself to approach her, “Hey, Lisa, I—“
“AHHHHHHH!” Lisa, with her beautiful bright eyes widening, she jumped back nimbly and screamed...pointing down at…him.
Kyle looked down at where she point—oh, what the fuc—this is what happened when he ogled too long! The medicines failed him this time, two hands would not be enough to cover his issue. It was all over!
“Nooooooo~! Why, gods and goddesses?! WHY?!”
Suddenly, Kyle snapped back to reality, and out of his nightmare. The new guy peered down at him, look of confusion and slight amounts of worry apparent on his face, “Kyle, you were yelling…? I know it is early in the morning, but you shouldn’t be falling asleep on the job.”
Kyle let out a sigh of relief. Waiting for the new guy to leave, he checked own at his crotch before rummaging through his desk for his medicine, popping a few tablets a few moments after.