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Noelle Carter

"My body is only the vessel for the creature that is my mind."

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a character in “Normality”, as played by Aphrimas



Name: Noelle Carter

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Physical Description: Standing at just above 5’6”, Noelle is of average height, with an average to slim figure. Not very strong or fit, but not unhealthy, genetics have left Noelle with next to no exceptional traits. Pale skin, full lips, blue eyes… you could call her beauty an exceptional trait, but she hardly sees it as so; there are many beautiful girls in this world.

Yet blending in has never been Noelle’s style. Naturally brown hair is dyed black, with streaks of the brightest red she could find. She dresses in extreme colors: pure black, pure white, and neons of every hue. Yet practicality also plays a role- you’ll never see Noelle in something she cannot run, climb, and flip in.

Supernatural Talents: Magic powers? Ha. Noelle is as human as could be physically, and since her discovery of the mutants she’s longed to ascend to their level. I suppose you could call her skill with electronics almost supernatural.



Personality Traits: When Noelle was nine, she decided she was going to get on the roof of her parent’s two-story home. After four hours, dozens of plans, and a sprained ankle, Noelle sat with her back against the chimney and stared down at the bewildered world…

Noelle loathes giving up. Fiercely independent, she will try to do something on her own until she is too injured to keep going. It is because of this she is so often in pain, and also because of this she has achieved what she has. She has more determination and drive than most could hope for.

Noelle is strongly introverted. Somewhat socially awkward, she is blunt, sarcastic, and sometimes flat-out rude when she does decide to speak. Usually she is just taciturn and aloof, possibly leading people to think she has no emotion at all.



-Her independence and determination, while being her greatest strength, are also her biggest weakness. She often finds herself injured or trapped due to her impulsivity, and has been hospitalized more than once on its account.
-Emotionally, Noelle is weak. Her aloof, taciturn exterior tends to hide this, but when she Is pushed -hard enough, she is prone to panic attacks, extreme depression, and rage.
-Her physical weakness. She’s never been one to visit the gym, always preferring to focus on her studies and her computer. It is due to her nearly anorexic eating habits that she maintains a low weight.

-Her determination and drive. She has pushed herself to the point of achieving brilliance in the things that interest her.
-Her hacking skill. Fluent in over 50 programming languages, Noelle can get into any computer and do virtually whatever she wants with it, given enough time. She has a typing speed of 140wpm.
-Her pain threshold. Sometimes Noelle can seem almost masochistic with her ability to endure physical pain. This can probably be attributed to all the injuries she has had over the years.

(In order of strongest to least)
-Trypanophobia, an intense fear of needles in medical procedures.
-Contreltophobia, an intense fear of sexual abuse.
-Merinthophobia, a strong fear of being tied or bound.
-Dementophobia, a strong fear of going insane.

Freedom / Captivity
Cats / Dogs
Computers / Sports
Special / Mediocre



History: Noelle was born into a small, sleepy little town in southern Virginia. Her father was the town’s only mechanic, and her mother was a quiet, mousy woman with self-esteem issues. Noelle was the youngest of three girls, and was often alone as a child, reading infinite numbers of books and getting herself hurt by her curiosity and stubbornness.

When she was eleven, her father disappeared, and her mother went into deep depression. Both of her sisters had already moved out, so it fell on Noelle’s shoulders to deal with her mother. They lived off of Welfare for a while, and it was over this time Noelle began to detach from the world, spending all of her free time on the one thing that fascinated her. Computers.

Things began to look up. Noelle’s mother got on antidepressants and got a job, and Noelle dropped out of school and began to devote her time fully to the study of computer programming. She was fourteen when she released her first program, a word processor, and began to make money. She ended up releasing a total of six programs, under the pseudonym of NodeCorp.

When she was sixteen, she passed the tests required and got her high school diploma as a homeschooler. That summer her mother fell ill, and she
spent the next two years supporting them both and taking online college courses.

But brilliance has a price. When Noelle was eighteen, her mother died, and Noelle snapped out of her world of business and education to realize she had hardly known the woman. She was alone, out of contact with her sisters and with no friends to speak of. She went into a depression of her own, living off her savings and getting into several fleeting relationships with less than desirable men.

When she was nineteen, the teenage software magnate sold her company to a competitor for a little under two million dollars. Financially secured for life, Noelle changed her focus off of software and onto more… illegal practices. That is, hacking.

Her curiosity leading the way, Noelle spent the next couple of years all over the internet, in company databases and even some government accounts. She invested stock in what had formerly been NodeCorp, and may have used her insider knowledge of competitors to help the company prosper.

When she was twenty-one, she caught wind of something the government was hiding. Playfully called DOG Mountain, it incited the determination with in her. She was going to learn everything. It took a good six months before she finally uncovered the truth about the mutants, with a particularly daring hack into one of the official’s personal computer.

The next day, there was a knock at her door. The Department of Genetic Modifications had discovered her, and she was to come with them immediately. Noelle tried to run, but a tranquilizer dart ended that attempt. She awoke in a second floor apartment. But they made the mistake of giving her a laptop, even one with wireless internet disabled.

She re-enabled the internet, and in the ultimate act of retaliation… ordered twenty-seven pizzas. She was a criminal by government standards, and she had no friends to call to help her. The guards were NOT pleased at the delivery of twenty-seven expensive specials with pepperoni, and Noelle’s electronics were removed and she was given a warning.

But will she behave?

((OOC: I plan my first post to be Noelle misbehaving and getting moved to the 3rd floor… if anyone is interested in interrogation that would be fine.))

So begins...

Noelle Carter's Story