Aimi Lee Mikato

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Aimi Lee Mikato

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Role: Third Princess of North Kingdom

Personality: Aimi is not very social. It's not that she's shy but she much rather enjoy the peace and quite. She dosen't really like starting conversation's with people first. She also dislike's talking to airhead's, moron's, and people who she think's is a waste of time. She, herself though it clumsy, smart, loving of her friend's and sibiling's, love's nature, and singing. She absoulutly ALWAY'S has her favorite dagger on her at all time's.

♥Sticking with her Elder twin Brother♥
♥Making sure her family is safe♥
♥Training with her twin brother and by herself♥
♥Reading and Relaxing/Napping♥
♥Singing and practicing her piano skill's and learning new thing's♥
♥Winning at game's, challenge's and bet's and tough Challenge's♥
♥Hanging out with her Fiance~♥

✖When her one of her family member's get injured✖
✖Being picked on for being short for her age✖
✖People who think it's fun to pick on other's/Bullies and meanie's✖
✖Loosing at anything✖
✖Small space's and the color red✖
✖Falling and getting injured✖
✖Attention or being center of it/ large crowd's✖

History: Aimi's name in japenese actually mean's love beauty. She actually wonder's why her parent's named her that, she dosen't really have a high self-esteem. Everyday she would wake up get dressed and go out into the garden's to relax and sing with the bird's. Though her parent's would scold her about it saying how she must push forward and become a perfect child. She would alway's ignore them and do her own thing. She wouldn't really call herself a rebel but she never did what she thought was dumb or made no sense or didn't apeal to her.

Everyday though she would practice her aim and train with her twin brother or tutor. Her tutor was a girl named Yuki Yishga. She was a very nice women and was very kind toward's Aimi, like a sister. One day though during there practice the guard's came and arrested Yuki. Someone had framed her for the murder of the chairs man.

Aimi pleaded with her parent's to let Yuki go but they did not listen and ordered her for exicution. Just before Yuki's exicution, Aimi snuck down into the dungoen's and visited Yuki. She pleaded with her to say she was not guilty but Yuki said no because she admitted that it was her brother who had done it and that she did not wish for her brother to die. But Yuki gave Aimi her favorite golden dagger and told her to take care of herself. After the exicution Aimi never really spoke to anyone especially her parents, except her brother and sometime's her other sibiling's.

Strengths: Aimi is very good with throwing knives and has perfect aim and eye coordanation. Also because of her weight and size she had the ability to run at high speed's, flexibility, and higher jump's. She never leave's without the dagger that Yuki had given her.

(Dagger Picture: http://www.collectorsartnet.com/Pics_App/zoom_5677.jpg )

Weaknesses: Her weakness is also her strength. Because of her weight and size, someone could easily, if they caught her, snap her in two. Also because she can be quite clumsy at time's she looses her balance and fall's ruining her throw's and speed.



Breif Description:
Height: 5'2

Weight: 160 pd

Eye's: Darkish Purple but in the light there bright purple and long eyelashes

Hair: Dirty blonde hair

Body Type: Slender and curvy in all the right place's but short

Prefered Clothing: She actually enjoy's taking her twin brother's shirt's and boxer for pajama's or around the palace. He dosen't really like this but oh well.

Markings?: She has a tattoo of a rose and black design's that cover's her back, her twin brother wasn't very pleased about her getting it. (Tattoo Picture: http://www.tattoodonkey.com/pics/g/o/go ... ey.com.jpg)

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Aimi Lee Mikato's Story