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North, to Bryndisfjord

North, to Bryndisfjord


A stolen magical item needs to be brought back to its owners without anyone noticing.

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--- this is a roleplay that failed for no good reason ---

From the diary of Sir Jon:

Arasborg, May 17, 648

The situation that arose today is both baffling and embarrassing. One of my servants found a misplaced item in my personal library, a small silver box decorated with obsidian and mother of pearl that I would surely recognize if it were mine.
Inside the box is what appears to be an ordinary rock. Magister Thorvardtur has explained to me that the rock is worth far more than its container, and that without it nobody can be initiated to magic.

As far as we know, nobody has noticed that this object is missing yet, but this will certainly happen once it is needed at the midsummer festival of Bryndisfjord. If the mages should find out that it is here and not believe me when I tell them I don’t understand why it is, this could cause a war between the magic and the noble classes, which we would most likely lose.

I have decided to hire a group of travelers to take the rock back to Bryndisfjord. Hopefully they will manage to return it to its rightful owners; if not, at least nobody will find out that it has been here.

* * *

The objective of this roleplay is to transport a magical object from A to B. The characters do not know each other at the beginning, they will have to get to know each other and learn to cooperate with each other.

The setting is fantasy, on a very large island. There are no countries, but there are cities that are independent of each other. Arasborg is somewhat north of the center, Bryndisfjord is at the northernmost point.

There are a few classes in this society:

Mages recruit from the other classes. They often wear silver jewelry, which displays their rank and abilities in a secret code.
You will find out more about them during the RP. There’s an explanation of magic here (#1).
Names: Magister/Madam <name>, or novice <name>

Nobles: Rulers of cities and the surrounding land, and their relatives. They show their class membership by wearing gold. Gold is very expensive, the highest value coins are made of silver. Someone who is not a noble but who does own gold is likely to be assumed to have stolen it.
Noble class membership is inherited.
Names: Sir/Lady <name> of <place name>.

Citizens live in cities or travel between them. Some of them are distant relatives of nobles. They wear an iron ring that is given to them by the city they are citizen of. Serious crime leads to having ones ring confiscated in addition to prison time. Prisoners who escape or misbehave become classless.
Names vary.

Free peasants: Owners of farms, which are inherited from father to oldest living son or brother. The oldest daughter will marry another free peasant, all other children will become serfs. Some own a house and a fishing boat instead of a farm.
Names: <name> <parent>sson, or <name> <parent>sdaughter

Serfs choose their own masters. Many of them stay with their families. Some choose to serve a noble or a citizen, both of which may promote them to citizenship. Studying magic is an attractive option for the most intelligent among them. Those who refuse to serve anyone become classless.

Classless: Exactly what the name implies. They are criminals or trading with them, legal jobs are not available to them unless they choose to become serfs.

The Others use a weaker type of magic than the mages do. They’re considered evil. Little is known about them. Most of them live in the far south, but they may be encountered anywhere.

Toggle Rules

Original characters only! Please do not clone those of other authors.

As you may have noticed, the place names are Scandinavian-like, this is not a required theme, merely a choice for place names. You’re free to make your characters, their names, and other things fit any other real or imagined mythology.

It is preferred that you create both a major character that will travel in the group, and a minor character that will want to steal the magical object from the group. The minor character doesn’t have to be created immediately.

Major characters may be citizens, serfs, maybe classless, maybe novice mages (but cucumbersome is already playing a novice and more than one is silly), or maybe nobles that aren’t closely related to any rulers.
Minor characters (bad guys) may be citizens, serfs, classless, or Others (discuss these in OOC or PM first).

If you want to create a character that is not human, please PM cucumbersome about it first. (Non-human characters like dwarves, elves, goblins, etc are acceptable, but they would have to be from overseas. Vampires, werewolves, demons, nekos and other less fantasy-ish species are likely to be rejected unless their character concept is amazingly interesting.)

Please do not write one-liners, and write in third person past tense.

Obvious rules: no powerplaying, godmoding, bunnying, etcetera. Obey the RolePlayGateway rules. Be nice to each other in OOC.

Taking place in...

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A clearing in the forest east of Arasborg, morning, May 18, 648

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather do this inside the city?” Thorvardtur asked. “A voice can be heard from far when there aren’t four walls around it.” He was a heavy elderly man, who had started shaving his entire head when he began to get bald. Normally, he would wear fine red silk robes, but today he was dressed in simple grey shirt and pants. He had also left his jewelry at home to look more anonymous.

“The problem is that there always are extra ears inside any building, and many eyes outside to observe who enters and leaves” Sir Jon replied. “Besides, my guards are making sure that nobody is sneaking around.” The middle-aged blond man was the sovereign of the city Arasborg. The identical grey outfit was even more unusual on him. Unlike his advisor, he still had all of his hair, both on top of his head and on his chin.

“Perhaps people wouldn’t pay as much attention to you if you didn’t wear that crown everywhere even when dressing modestly to avoid being noticed” Thorvardtur suggested.

Jon laughed. “I hired you to be my advisor, not my jester, so don’t give me foolish advice. A man has to have class.”

“Excuse me,” a female voice interrupted their conversation. “Are you the people who posted that notice offering the job of taking something north?”

The two men turned around. They hadn’t expected anyone to arrive from that direction. The girl dropped to her knees as soon as she saw their faces. “Magister Thorvardtur. Sir Jon” she greeted them in almost the appropriate way, but in the wrong order. They couldn’t see much of her, she was covered in a hooded cloak that hid all except her small hands, a few brown curls, and her mouth and chin now she was looking down. The large horse that followed her made her seem even smaller.

“It’s not a job for a girl” Sir Jon replied curtly. He didn’t like being acknowledged second.

“As you wish. I assume you would rather I did not tell anyone you are offering this job that isn’t for girls?”

Jon and Thorvardtur exchanged a look. This girl was behaving respectfully in a superficial way, and being rude below the surface. “Very well,” Sir Jon said, “if you give us your name, your silence will be rewarded.”

A smirk appeared on her lips. “That won’t be necessary. Not if Magister Thorvardtur asks it.”

Jon frowned. Was she deliberately insulting him? At the same moment, something occurred to his advisor. “Show your face, sister.”

The girl complied. One look at her one earring with the black bead confirmed his thought and told Thorvardtur her rank. “Actually, you would be perfect.”

“What? A witch?” Sir Jon protested. “No offense to you, Magister, but that’s even worse than a random peasant girl. The last thing we want is that your people find out.”

Thorvardtur shook his head. “No, not a ‘witch’, not yet. But she will be one of us after she returns from the north this summer, if a certain misplaced object is returned to its place in time, that is.”

Sir Jon stroked his blond beard. “I see. In that case I agree a more reliable candidate couldn’t possibly be found, we’re lucky that she is also the first...”

A guard ran onto the clearing. After whispering a message to Sir Jon, he was sent away. “The servant was found dead in a tavern,” Jon said to Thorvardtur, who seemed to understand what that meant. “I think I’d better hire some strong men to protect her.”

“Maybe also women, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to leave a girl alone with adventurous men” Thorvardtur added. “We’ll have to see who shows up. Novice, you may rise and tell us your name.”

“About bloody time” the young woman mumbled under her breath. In her speaking voice, she said “Marian Annasdaughter at your service. Would you be so kind to tell me what you expect me to do?”

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Re: North, to Bryndisfjord

Bad guys are needed for plot reasons, but we can certainly have bad guys that stay around for longer. If you want to play someone who keeps chasing the group all the way from A to B, I’m fine with that.
There’s also the option of a heel face turn, but maybe we should leave that for anyone who wants to join late.

On the other hand, someone who prefers to play a hero might introduce a bad guy who quickly gets defeated and then disappears. I think it’s a good way to let people bring out the interesting sides of their main characters (and it also saves me the work of creating a lot of villains of the week :) ).

Now we’re talking about bad/misunderstood guys anyway... The Others would like to take the place of the mages, but they’re not very organized and are less able to use magic. One or a small group of them stole the rock thing, couldn’t figure out how to use it, then decided to put it somewhere where it could cause trouble. Other Others do not know this, and will try to steal it after they hear a rumor about it being transported from A to B.

Re: North, to Bryndisfjord

If we made a bad guy atop the main character, would they constantly be used or just as required for plot reasons?

Re: North, to Bryndisfjord

Some background information that still needs to be put somewhere:

Bryndisfjord is on the polar circle, which means that the sun won’t set during the midsummer festival. There is no land further north.

The year 1 in this place was roughly when the first “new” people arrived in the south from overseas. Before them, the idea of numbering years had not occurred to anyone. Those who introduced the concept reset their calendar because they were starting over after fleeing from something. I may think of what that was later.

At first there was some hostility towards the newcomers, later the languages mixed and their names became fashionable, then normal. The names of cities still remind of the language being different long ago. Also, people from the far north are still more likely to have names from the old language.

The origin of the Others is somewhere beyond the south sea. The mages were surprised by their existence, they thought it was impossible to gain the ability of magic without crossing the polar circle. They now know location doesn’t matter, but would rather stay in a traditional location with symbolic meaning (Bryndisfjord) than move their meeting place to a more central location.

Re: North to Bryndisfjord

I’m trying to get everything ready as quickly as possible, so some missing information is hard to avoid. Everything OOC will be updated, and questions are very helpful.


Magic is the ability to modify reality using ones mind. It isn’t free: it’s not possible to create matter or energy out of nothing, or to make it disappear into nothing, it is only possible to transform one type of energy into another, and matter is a type of energy. The easiest source of energy is ones own body, meaning the mage loses weight. Many of them are fat on purpose to prevent problems. For example Thorvardtur is a fat old guy. (I’ll make sure to describe the appearance of him and Sir Jon in my next post or edit the first, I just noticed I forgot (EDIT: done)) Creating objects costs much more than the weight of those objects, setting something on fire costs much less, moving things around even less, and changing something about the mind of another being is the “cheapest” but usually very difficult.

Some mages use spells and gestures, but those are nothing more than mnemonics.

Mages need a lot of practice to do complicated things. They also need to know a lot in order to use their ability in a useful way. For example to heal a disease one would need to know what causes it, and combining magic with a medicine would make it much easier.

Mages can scry (and/or use other methods to sense more of reality than normal humans can). The Others can not, because they gain their magic ability from a different source and ritual. Without the ability to “see what they’re doing”, the Others can only use magic in simple and usually destructive ways.


Non-human characters like dwarves, elves, goblins, etc are acceptable, but they would have to be from overseas. Vampires, werewolves, demons, nekos and other less fantasy-ish species are likely to be rejected unless their character concept is amazingly interesting.


If you’re not a noble, wearing gold or being known to own it is a bad idea. It’s very expensive, so one will be assumed to have stolen it.

The iron ring is a proof of citizenship, similar to a passport or driving license but less verifiable. It does leave a brown stain on the skin, if someone doesn’t have that or the ring itself and the city has not recently given or taken away a ring to/from the person, officials will know something is wrong. The penalty on ring fraud varies, different cities have different laws.

Silver for mages is not enforced. Coins are made of silver, so it’s not difficult for anyone with money to make silver jewelry and this is allowed. Mages use a complicated code of shapes and colours in their jewelry that depends on their appearance. For example if Marian had brown eyes, the bead on her earring might have to be made of glass instead of a black material. Someone trying to impersonate a mage, or one higher in rank than they are will get it wrong.

Why do mages wear silver and not other metals? Gold is not allowed, silver is expensive enough to show off, other durable materials such as bronze are cheaper.

Re: North to Bryndisfjord

Looks good! ^^
I'm gonna go ahead and ask some questions related to characters.
1. Little information is given about mages. What is magic like in your setting?
2. I noticed you said it was possible to make a non-human character. What's your policy on these?
3. How strictly is the "jewelry rule" enforced? Would it be possible for a character of one class to possess the jewelry of another for an extended period of time?

North, to Bryndisfjord

This is the OOC topic for the roleplay "North, to Bryndisfjord"

Please ask questions, mention potential problems, and talk about anything important related to this roleplay.

A separate randomness thread may be created if it is needed to keep this one clean, and we may also create a notes thread for information that may be needed in the future. In my experience those don’t get used a lot, so we’re starting without them.