"You're only here because I need an audience as I slay gods."

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General Info

Full name: Ivaldi Thunderheart
Nickname: None
Gender: Androgynous
Species/Race: Faerie, Gnome
Age: 41
Hometown: The Stormlock Peaks
Current location: Kellus
Profession: Professional Problem Solver


Height: 3'6”
Weight: 38 lbs.
Eye color: Dark Red
Hair color: Bone White
Scars/tattoos: Depictions of demons, devils, and similar infernal entities embroiled in combat decorate Ivaldi's arms and hands. These tattoos are rendered in a milky-white ink, contrasting starkly against the fae's dark skin. They cover an intricate latticework of scars.
Extra detail: A trio of small garnet gemstone studs are bolted to the skin above Ivaldi's left eyebrow.
Overall: Like most of their kind, Ivaldi is a diminutive humanoid resembling a miniature elf in many respects. Ivaldi sports deep, dark brown skin and dull, pupiless red eyes that many humans with little contact with other races often find unsettling. More often than not, they keep their hair shaven on one side. The other side is woven in to dozens of tight braids and left long, obscuring the left side of Ivaldi's face when left unchecked.

Again, like most fae, Ivaldi has a highly androgynous nature, often responding to both male and female pronouns. Ivaldi does not care much for labels that lesser races put so much emphasis on, and their style of dress emphasizes this mindset. Baggy, formless robes are found on the gnome's spare frame whenever possible. Ivaldi fancies loud, garish colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Boots are something Ivaldi can live without, though, the gnome preferring to travel bare-footed when circumstances permit.

Extra Character info

Likes: Revelry
Winning Games
Overt displays of power
People in General
Losing in any way, shape, or form
People who harp on little details

Personality: Trying to explain the mind of a faerie to non-fae is like trying to explain color to a blind woman. It doesn't really work in all but the most abstract sense. From the outside looking in, Ivaldi would appear to be inquisitive and social in most cases. Any client that has hired them for martial purposes, or someone who has challenged Ivaldi to any sort of competition, however, would attest otherwise. Ivaldi scoffs at notions such as “honor” and “respect”. The closest Ivaldi comes to these emotions is fear, usually of something more powerful than him/herself. Ivaldi revels in the most ostentatious displays of their magical might, and loves it even more when others take in the spectacle as well. It would only take a compliment or two regarding their spellcraft to win over the little faerie.
Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Ivaldi is the product of drastic immigration on part of their family. For reasons Ivaldi would only later come to understand fully, the faerie's family took up residence in the Stormlock peaks. As odd as it was having a small colony of humanoids that one could easily squish underfoot, the local giant clans had little trouble accepting the faeries in to their home. Well, tolerating.

As Ivaldi grew, the young gnome found themselves drawn to the cabals of giant shamans that ruled the mountain peaks. During storms, they shamans would tame lightning and bend it to their will, calming the howling gales and funneling torrents of rain in to rivers. The cabals would quell eruptions before they happened and halt landslides in the dust, as if the shamans themselves were the true force of nature.

Much to the dismay of their family, Ivaldi grew up with an aching lust for magic and power. Although they were steered away from such paths on many occasions, Ivaldi still snuck out to spy on great conventions of shamans, and even spellcasting merchants that wandered in to the peaks to do business. Ivaldi watched, listened, and learned.

Despite having no inclination for the natural magicks wielded by the shamans they so avidly studied, Ivaldi discovered a budding talent for the more entropic forces of spellcraft. Ivaldi could drain the life from plants and small animals, and turn around to use that stolen energy in focused attacks that parodied the powerful bolts of other spellcasters. With practice and time, Ivaldi found that they could match nearly any shaman their age one on one. It was a disappointment to learn that much of shamanism relied on drawing strength from those around you.

Well, Ivaldi mused, their own magic worked similarly. But unlike the pure, natural cycle employed by the druids and shamans, Ivaldi found that (s)he enjoyed the draining of life to fuel spells. Upon maturing, Ivaldi immediately struck out to learn more about the realm of magic. (S)he would wield the most potent spells and bring gods to their knees, just for the hell of it.

As of now, Ivaldi has found work in Kellus protecting miners from the beasts that call the deep caves their home.

Family: Several dozen Thunderheart gnomes up in the Stormlocks
Titles: None

Combat Info

Agility: 1
Stealth: 1
Thievery: 1
Cunning: 1
Fighting: 1
Strength: 1
Endurance: 1
Marksmanship: 1
Survival Knowledge: 1
Animal Knowledge: 1
Wisdom: 5
Intelligence: 6
Focus: 4
Healing: 1
Spirituality: 2
Knowledge: 1
Will: 3
Persuasion: 6
Language: 4

Class: Warlock

Weapons: The biggest, flashiest, most destructive spells Ivaldi can manage.

-A crimson cloak with black trim
-A baggy set of burgundy cotton traveling clothes
-A small hip satchel filled with minor spell components
-A coin purse

Currency: 72 silver

Skills: “Thinker” and “Calm” are not words that spring to mind with Ivaldi. Warlocks don't do subtle. As such, their skills range the expansive gamut of “tearing things apart with your mind” to “blowing things up with your mind”. Quite a diverse skillset, in Ivaldi's opinion. On a side note, Ivaldi does have a good amount of experience in tending wounds. Mostly their own, but hey.

Class based Abilities:
Curses- A dark, archaic form of energy channeling the binds to (usually) one target and applies a negative affect that builds in power over time, such as the sapping of strength or robbing the target of a certain sensory faucet. This is Ivaldi's least used form of magic, mostly due to the lack of instant, visceral gratification.
Invocations- Purely energy-based, invocations are nothing but damaging spells. An arc of painful electricity, a burst of hellfire, both fall under the realm of invocation. They begin relatively weak as far as damage spells go, but increase in power each time an enemy is harmed or slain. This form of spellcraft comes most easily to Ivaldi, which is no surprise given the destructive nature of the tree.
Blights- Ivaldi's personal favorite type of spell, blights act as a sort of middleground between the slow debilitation of curses and the rapid punishment of invocations. Blights apply immediate damage as well as some sort of after-effect. Although they lack the raw damage of invocation, or the variety of applications that curses sport, blights are quick and versatile. Swarms of otherworldly, ravenous flies, or the rapid putrefaction of flesh are examples of blights.

Exp/point history:

So begins...

Ivaldi's Story


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#, as written by Perfidy
“What in the 3 Hells do you mean the mines are closed? I was told that I would have guard-duty for the next four weeks at least, and I won't be robbed of my gold-”

The foreman raised her hands in a placating gesture. In truth, she was beyond done dealing with the diminutive demi-creature before her, but things were rarely so easy with Ivaldi. It had only taken the woman three days to come to the conclusion that the gnome was a pompous, prattling little boor of a person, and only four to see that, unfortunately, Ivaldi had the magic to back up his boasts. Her boasts? That was yet another thing foreman Urza Varelk did not particularly care to dwell on overly much. Returning her attention to the dark, scowling gnome, she placed a hand on Ivaldi's shoulder.

“Listen, fae.” she indicated the splash of color painting the normally gray skyline of the city proper a few miles out. “We've got parades, nobles coming in from all corners to parade their knights and men at arms about like show-ponies. It's a time of great celebration for Kellus and-”

“Celebration?” Ivaldi interrupted, the beads adorning their braids clinking as their head turned to glare at the larger human skeptically.

“Yeah, celebration. You know, parties, drinking, dancing-” Ivaldi immediately raised a hand to wave away any further comment.

“I know what a bleedin' celebration is, you mundane,” Ivaldi hissed a little more harshly than necessary, “I meant why is this worth celebrating? I've seen maybe one or two magi of any significant skill since entering the city, and am told the the court wizards will not be participating in any of the events.”

Urza pursed her lips, fixing Ivaldi with a quizzical stare. It was a long while before she figured out what exactly about Ivaldi's wording that made her want to stomp the pint-sized warlock in to the dust. A combination of pompous, self-indulgent ego-stroking and superiority that made people granted less opportunities in life (like Urza Varelk) want to beat the living hells out of people like this. Still, she was an adult, and Ivaldi could smite her before the first blow fell. She'd seen as much in the tunnels. Enough desiccated goblin and mega-rachnid corpses in the tunnels below remained to attest to the gnome's power. Taking a steadying breath, Urza found her voice.

“Ivaldi. Most people lack any sort of magic. Wars are won by men and women wielding steel and leather, and the King's Tournament is a chance for the great noble houses of the land to test their best soldiers without the need for true bloodshed. It is a martial display, not arcane.” Urza was pleasantly surprised by the lack of reply forthcoming from the gnome. “The fact of the matter is, so many of my miners are using their days off to watch the tournament that there are not enough of them to even continue deep operations until the end of the events. As a result, your services will not be required for a couple weeks at least. Not everything is about magic, Ivaldi...”

Ivaldi wordlessly spun on their heel, bobbing a bit as they made their way down the path that would take them to the small steel wagons that ran routes to the city. The last sight Urza caught of the gnome was a quick, almost imperceptible glance backward. Some sharp, dark glint in those garnet eyes screamed a force of will. You are so very wrong, they said.

The city proper was bright, hot, and crowded. It was all Ivaldi could do to keep themselves from invoking a corona of hellfire or something equally gruesome just to keep the sweaty throng of bodies away. As it was, Ivaldi was ill-equipped to deal with an entire city of guards and settled for doffing their hood and keeping as uncovered as possible. It did little to help, and their dark skin and bright hair brought for than a few stares in a city of pale, hairless apes. Hells, humans were disgusting. Always hairy and damp somewhere. Although, Ivaldi admitted privately, the hair was sometimes amusing. Fae did not really grow hair on their-

A heavy shove cut through the gnome's reverie, knocking the child-sized fae to the ground. They had to scramble in order not to be stepped on by the press of citizens. Ivaldi wanted to seek retribution, but their assailant was already long gone.

Seeking refuge, the gnome shoved their way out of the crowd to one of the slightly less crowded food carts. Upon moving to withdraw their coinpurse to purchase some dried meats, Ivaldi's blood ran cold. That cold was replaced with an intense flare of anger, hot and indignant. Someone had dared to steal their money. Grinding their teeth, Ivaldi found themselves rooted to the spot in front of the food cart. To move would have probably ended badly.