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Cleopatra Moss

0 · 291 views · located in Marthos

a character in “Not a Hero”, as played by VyxnMoon


{"Life is truly nothing but a lie."}
Cleopatra Vivian Moss
Cleo, Moss, Viv
Vortex Luxury Apartments
Building #55
Apartment #15


{"Death, sometimes it seems like a nice escape.
Russet, or other wise known as a copper red.
Hazel, normally appearing brown and gold but on occasion you get a glimpse of green.
5'2 FT
Has a tattoo of an owl on her right shoulder and a small cross tattooed on her left wrist.
Has several scars from exploring but the most noticeable is a deep one across the top of her breasts and one on her left thigh.
Typically wears dark tank tops with dark jeans and combat boots, occasionally will wear a lacey over shirt. Her type of style is a rocker boho chic. Doesn't really care what others think of how she looks and honestly she rocks it.
When Cleo was little she was attacked by a wild dog, she lost her right leg and now has a robotic leg. It looks completely normal unless she is repairing it, at which time the 'camouflage' mode is turned off and the high tech chrome and copper wires along with other robotic guts are visible.

«Standing at 5'2 feet tall she is only a little shorter then the average woman, though she is much slimmer and has a more compact muscle build due to working out on a regular basis. She still has a softly feminine quality about her, from her silky smooth fiery hair that is well maintained to her gently carved face a features. Because she doesn’t like to dress up often the clothing she wears is slightly frumpy but it doesn’t draw away from her looks but enhances them in an odd way. It makes people imagine what she really looks like and it gives her a very down to earth feel. In addition to her hair and almost fairy like quality her eyes are literally the windows to her soul and allow anyone to read her emotions and even her thoughts if they know her well. »


{"I'm not going to die, not this way!"}
Cleo likes a variety of things, from coffee to tea and everything in between. Really though she isn't a cat or dog person because she is an animal person, she likes being social but also likes the quite. She likes being alone and just thinking, she likes working out and fighting. Honestly she just enjoys life and dislikes very few things.
Though she likes most things she does have things she hates; she hates pitch black darkness, she hates being around too many people, she hates crying in front of others, she hates feeling weak, she especially hates the way the world is now run and how everyone in the VLAC seems that it is ok.
Cleo dreams of changing the world, but this time for the better.
She dreams of having a family and finding love.
She also dreams of outer space and the Aliens that most likely caused the Glowing Death.
Cleo is afraid of dying, no matter how big her talk on the matter is.
She is afraid of getting the Glowing Death though it has been non existent for the past hundred years.
She afraid of the people she loves dying because of her.
Years of martial arts training and secret street fighting have made her body a weapon, along with her rebellious attitude which lead her to learning how to pick a lock, throw knives, and sweet talk people.
She is also very observant but doesn't always know the meaning behind some of the things she sees or hears.
Her right leg will occasionally freeze or glitch which causes problems if she is fighting or running. She also has a soft spot for animals even though she was attacked by a dog when she was young and will risk her life trying to save an animal.
She also has a tendency to distrust overly happy people.

«Though trusting and kind Cleopatra is a hard person to figure out, she appears to be a jumble of contradictions and has a very short fuse. Even though she is hard to get to know she is extremely loyal to her friends, probably because she has so few, She keeps her deeper emotions hidden meaning very few people really see who she is. All most see is the kind but cold outer shell, and occasionally her temper which is very much like an out of control forest fire.»


{"Pain is fleeting."}
Father: Marcus Moss {DECEASED}
Mother: Janet Moss {LIVING} 55, retired Bioengineer, Goes by Jan
Brother: Tutias Moss {LIVING} 31, Teacher, Goes by Tut
Cleo is a successful Graphic designer, one would think that when the world ended so did the need for graphic designers and artists but in the VLAC the world went on uninterrupted and the kept the cities around the complex pretty close to 'normal'.
Arrow, Female Great Dane
Bow, Male Pitbull

Brother and sister kittens Whiskey and Whispers.
Cleopatra found out and traded the secret about one of the more prominent men in VLAC molesting young Street kids.
What she gained from the trade she isn't willing to share at this moment.

She also has a secret about herself she isn't willing to reveal.

«Born on a stormy winter night Cleopatra was born because her parents believed she would do something great. She isn't so sure.
Outside of sneaking out of the complex when she was ten and being attacked by a hungry wild dog she has done nothing with her life that would be considered great, she joined the Wall guards when she was fourteen and through them gained a special skill set and learned about computers which is how she became a Graphic Designer.

So begins...

Cleopatra Moss's Story