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Alexander Tyr

Not much point in living in the real world, it just disappoints.

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a character in “Not in my Social Circle”, as played by TemplarWarden



Name: Alexander Tyr

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:


Alexander is almost an average boy. Just under 6'0" and topping out at 73 kg he is a little on the skinny side despite having a naturally broad build. That isn't to say he is unfit but he isn't impressive physically, his size being more to his detriment. His short straight black hair is typically a mess, stubbornly staying how it was when he woke up. If he gets it in hand it actually falls neatly to his shoulders. In terms of fashion Alexander dresses smart, like a typically nerd. He actually doesn't concern himself much with his appearance he just likes black trousers and long sleaved shirts. Overall he usually appears chaotic and disheveled at the best of times. However despite this he doesn't slump all too much, with a rather stiff back and sure stride that gets him unfortunate attention. His eyes are dark green and he has a scar across his collar at the base of his neck. He does wear oval glasses with rather thin frames that are just a little too small for him so they leave a mark across his nose.

Role Nerd

  • History
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Mathematics

  • Has a New Zealand accent strong enough to kill.
  • Gets irritated when someone calls a kiwi fruit a kiwi.
  • Incredibly excited and intense when discussing his ideas.

Favorite Hobby
  • Creating stories/ideas/settings

  • Trucks
  • Crowds
  • Making mistakes
  • Zombies

  • Good Stories
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Concept art
  • Cats
  • Stars
  • The sunrise and sunset
  • Board Games

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Jerks
  • Girls in revealing clothing
  • Chocolate

  • Typically wears headphones only in a single ear.
  • Scribbles and doodles on almost every piece of paper he uses.
  • Plays and fiddles with clothing tags when he has a free hand and is either concentrating on something else or doing nothing.

Alexander is someone who doesn't particularly go out of his way to talk to people. Which suits him well enough, not many people want to go out of their way to talk to a stick man who has a weird accent. He'd much rather be on his own and doing his own thing. He gets very enveloped in what he is doing, able to focus on something nonstop for a couple of hours or more. Despite this he is not actually incapable of social interaction, however he is somewhat uncomfortable around girls and most of the time he can't think of anything to talk about with people. Tyr is rather considerate and withholds from talking about stuff he expects others aren't interested since most of the time it creeps people out. He would be a silent helper, holding doors open, picking up books or volunteering to help with stuff. Usually he doesn't say no and people sometimes take advantage of that, although it isn't like he doesn't notice that. Alexander is able to learn things quickly, so he excels in most of his academic pursuits.

Rugby but no one plays it here.

Alexander Tyr has always lived a reasonably average middle class life in New Zealand. He had never known his father since his mother had a fling in her late teens that he was the result of. He didn't really mind that, his mother's parents were reasonably happy to have a grandchild as well. They owned a reasonably small farm well positioned at the edge of town. He went to school in the day like a normal kid and helped out around the place when he got home.

When he was about 15 his mother started dating again, this time it was a young businessman from the USA. It was a serious relationship but Alex wasn't sure if
he liked it or not. James McAdams paid for several extra trips across the pacific so she could visit him or he could visit her. Eventually they agreed to get married and his mother moved away saying that after he finished that year and they got him a school there he could join them. Well they did but things didn't turn out the way he had hoped. Instead of moving to Washington DC his father agreed to pay for him to live in New York and visit Cornell University.

Anything Else:
Licensed to drive a car and ride a motorcycle. Travels around on a motorbike.

So begins...

Alexander Tyr's Story

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Tap. Tap. Tap.

Alexander's long fingers drummed against the table. His right hand was the impatient one. Leaning hunched over the table, green eyes scrolling along the lines of a book. His left hand bent behind his neck, under the collar and stroking the label of his long sleeved white shirt. A cable ran from the pocket of plain black trousers to his ear. One ear bud hanging friend while the other played some music. Alexander Tyr didn't care what he was listening to while reading. His attention was on the book, the story and the characters within. He always enjoyed losing himself in the words, a world so much better than the real one. Characters far more interesting and unique then himself and the people around him. Even though Americans were an interesting and varied bunch in this place. None of the more outstanding characters weren't around. The library seem reserved for people like him and a few others when it wasn't being used for study.

It wouldn't last, he had a lesson soon. He'd have to leave this particular literary world in favor of the real one and an art class. He liked art, that's why he chose to take it. Its just he would much rather read, a nerd to the core it would seem. With a stretch he completed the chapter. Dropping the book regretfully in his shoulder bag. Then he simply waited with his head in his hands for the next lesson to come. Still ignoring the particular kind of music that intruded on his senses. He was curious about what would be happening in this class. They had just completed one project, now to start another. He always looked forward to doing something new and creative. A way to put his ideas and imagination down on paper.

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Finally the MP3 player switched to a song that he didn't particularly like. It got him moving, for the last minute or so he had just been sitting staring at the table. He stood and disentangled to music player from his pocket, checking the time before turning the device off and stowing it back in his pocket along with the matching headphones. Alexander swung his bag strap onto his broad shoulder and lifted his art folder from the space opposite him that it occupied. Half of the mass of that particular luggage wasn't even art work for his course, a sketch book for his own works and a set of notepads for ideas and brainstorming. Brainstorming wasn't politically corrected but that wasn't so much his problem.

The trip to the art room wasn't a long one. He expected to be arriving along with the others so he was moderately surprised when he opened the door to a mostly empty classroom. Mostly empty because it was still occupied by a single character. Certainly Charlie stood out with her heavy make up and deep red hair, he had noticed her before. Their teacher had unleashed a little rant about punctuality just the last lesson before Charlie turned up late, because Charlie turned up late. It wasn't all that surprising to see her on time since he wasn't aware of her being particularly tardy before the one event. She wasn't someone you missed, even if there were a number of other people around with the same fashion sense.

He stood in the doorway for a moment, sheepishly. He seriously didn't think he was early and now he felt incredibly uncomfortable. Awkwardly he stepped through, saying nothing and looking straight towards the clock. He let out a little sigh, if the one in the classroom was correct than he was early. Which mean he'd have deal with fixing his own time. Not right now though as he moved to his seat a little bit across and behind Charlie's. Settling down and storing his bag under the table before taking his personal sketch pad from its folder. His eyes shifted across to glance at the room's other occupant. Her hair was rather something, he kinda liked the color. A deep vibrant red. Of course he found her attractive but that wasn't particular unique and he meant nothing by it. He quickly turned back to his sketching. Tapping the pencil on the paper trying to think of something to work on. By the time the rest of the class arrived he'd hadn't achieved anything, other than I generally wanted it red like most of his drawings.

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Looking up, the girl noticed another had come into the class room. She gave the dark haired young man a smile. Alexander was his name, wasn’t it? As kind hearted as she was, the girl had the hardest time remembering names. Ah, yes, his name was Alexander. Setting her things down, she cringed as her violin case made a loud thud against the hard wood flooring of the room.

“Good morning,” She said softly to the only other person in the room. She had never really spoken to him before, maybe a quick ‘hello’ if even that. She sat down in her seat, watching as everyone else began to file into the room. Finally the professor came in and noticed that Charlie had made it on time, if not early.

“I see you’ve made it on time, Miss Sykes.” He said, smiling at her in a mocking sort of way. Yes, please be punctual or you’ll be berated by a man with a major in art. She almost said, but if she ever had the heart to, she knew it would be a lost cause. He would probably lecture her on respect if she did that. Instead, she ducked her head and looked at the pen she held in her hands. She gave the tiniest of sighs.

He then started off about the project they would be doing, although Charlie wasn’t paying much attention until he said something about grouping in twos for the project. “This might also help you to create a friendship with your fellow classmates. Isn’t that right, Charlie?” There he was again; talking to her like she was his personal clown.

Instead of lashing like he would hope, she gave him a bright smile, “Of course, Mr. Polanski,” She stuck her tongue at him when he turned his back to her. Yeah, it was childish, but who cared? He was making fun of a girl thirty years younger just because, which was immature in itself.

“The pairs will be at random, so don’t think I’m trying to punish you. As fun as that would be.”

The man began to rattle off the pairs, looking at each individual before he told them who they would be paired with. Soon, he landed on Charlie.

”Charlie,” He said with a grin, ”You will be paired with Alexander Tyr.” He motioned to Alexander and Charlie looked over at the dark haired boy. She gave him the tiniest of smiles before returning her attention to the front of the classroom.

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Mr. Polanski was such a stereotype teacher it hurt. With a name like that and a classroom manner like his he had the making of an unlikable story character. Of course he always passed Alexander over most of the time. That's what you got for sitting quietly and simply working. Then again that was unfair on Charlie, as far as anyone could tell she wanted to work as well but Mr. Polanski had somehow decided he didn't like her. It wasn't exactly something you would want from your teacher, but at least he taught them art in the end. Alexander was eager for a new project though his lack of energetic smile didn't give that impression. Really Alex gave it no more attention that usual. He was slightly curious who he would be paired up and simply lent on the desk.

”Charlie, you will be paired with Alexander Tyr.” Mr. Polanski motioned to Alexander, who straightened in his seat. That was somewhat ironic since she was probably was the one singled out and he was the one ignored most of the time. Also since they were the early pair that day. He turned to Charlie and smiled with a small shrug before looking back down quickly when she turned away. He didn't find it particularly complimentary that their thoughtful teacher's tone suggested that pairing up was anything other than punishment. Tyr didn't know who Mr. Polanski thought he was punishing. Alexander wasn't exactly comfortable around woman. Something that he should be ashamed of at 19.

He waited for more to be covered, Mr. Polanski led them through some examples of collab work. Which styles meshed well and how to coordinate your individual images. He spoke like he knew and to be honest Alexander didn't have much to contest about that. He always worked on his own and in fact he didn't give much concern to the theory from art classes. Although coming from him that meant that he probably knew and absorbed as much as someone not as diligent at studying but still learning. When Mr. Polanski finally stopped repeating some book's three paragraphs on the subject he allowed them to start working. Eager to get on with his work but also rather cautious about working with Charlie, of whom he had not true opinion.

"Uhh... I guess we need to sit together." He began slightly uncomfortably, shifting his cargo to the desk adjacent to her's, its occupant had already paired up. "Well, I'm Alexander. I guess you know that already. Call me Alex or whatever. I don't mind." He didn't stumble over his words and managed a sincere smile. At least he didn't mind being paired with an attractive girl. Although 'didn't mind' was used loosely. It was already determined he was uncomfortable but despite that, Charlie's looks were a plus.