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Mandy Waters

"Life isn't just having fun, it's mainly hard work, and getting stuff done"

0 · 346 views · located in Ithaca, New York

a character in “Not in my Social Circle”, as played by PansylovestheBeatles


Name| Mandy Ethel Waters
Age| 19
Gender| female
Physical appearance| ... _large.jpg
Roll| Nerd
Classes| Law, in part because her father is making her
Quirks| bites her eraser or lip when nervous, plays with her hair, clicks her tongue, breathes strange when nervous and has the dorkiest laugh ever
Favorite Hobby| reading, studying, shopping for records, playing records, listening to old music, watching the sunset over the roof top of her dorm, writing
Fears| loosing her virginity, fire, showing too much skin, jocks, jerky guys, and the scenes
Likes| playing records, old music, vintage clothes and technology, the library, sunsets, writing,
Dislikes| people who don't appreciate old music or technology or her old style, jocks, girls who dress 'slutty', jocks, jerky men and cheerleaders, popular kids
Habits| wears hats and old clothes, likes her coffee cold and her lemonade warm, licks book pages before she turns them, stutters around people she doesn't know
Personality| Mandy is your typical shy girl, while she can be a know it all, she is often very scared and unsure of how people will take her so she doesn't talk. She's a huge worry wart and stresses herself out to the make at times over things as simple as spilled milk and as big as two exams on the same day. She fears and resents the popular partying kids who's parents are the only reason they're at the university who just goof around.
Sport| does chess club count?
History| Mandy's older brother Marty owns a record shop back at her home town with his best friend. She grew up around vinyl and old music and prefers it to any other kind of music. Mandy wanted to be a writer but her father told her that she ought to study law with the scholarship she earned and so she's studying to become a lawyer which is anything but easy and bores her to death, she rarely ever has any fun.
Anything Else| ... -shelf.jpg ... +girl.jpeg

So begins...

Mandy Waters's Story