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Not Your Average Sea Story

Not Your Average Sea Story


Humans only choice after WW3? No, not fly to another planet. Move to the sea!

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The worst case scenario has happened: World War 3 had began, and very much ended within the same month. And it didn't end due to a surrender or armistice, rather, nobody wanted to fight anymore. There was no use. Anybody remaining on the surface of the planet would die due to radiation burns, or the lack of an atmosphere that was left on the planet.

I know what you're thinking: Why not go to another planet and live there? Well, I laugh at you. We would never have had the technology to get off this planet permanently in time. So, we went with a "plan B" sorta. Humans instead were evacuated by the thousands to massive undersea facilities. The majority of which near Antarctica, due to its massive amounts of sea creatures for food.

These so-called "Bio-domes" are just like they're called. Large powerfully reinforced glass domes, housing up to a population of 10,000. The air is filtered from the air on the surface of the planet. The main source of commerce is from a very powerful fishing industry, powered from individual fishers in their own specially made submarines. Some people are employed as freighters, delivering masses of resources from one bio-dome to the other. Other people are employed as escorts, keeping the fishers, and freighter convoys safe from harm. Harm such as pirates. And there has been a large boom in the number of fish. And if you know economics 101, that means more pirates.

Other imminent dangers to the the straggling submarine are the Radicals. They purely believe that humans do not have any place underwater, and should revert back to their Earthly environments, whether they survive or not. These Radicals believe that they should, "persuade" others into heading to the surface, through any means necessary. They believe that they are not to enjoy the benefits of living on the surface until they have "rescued" others from their underwater torment.

One other danger to the trade between the bio-domes is the Antarctic Faction's imposed taxes, which if not paid when passing through the waters between bio-domes, any sub passing through will be viciously attacked and a bounty will be placed on their heads, including fishers, escorts, and convoy members.

There are rumors, however, that there are rebellions starting all over. Whether they are rebelling against the pirates, the AF, or the Radicals, isn't totally clear. But whatever is going to happen, will happen really soon...

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Violet wakes up to the noise of her father talking. "Oh good morning dad."She hugs him."I'm going to go get breakfast" She walks down the corridor and to the left then enters the cafeteria. The cook gives her a plate with otemeal. She takes it and sits at a table alone.

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