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Hani Farihah Kuno

"A little bit of fun never hurt anybody!"

0 · 840 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Notes and Bullets”, as played by sweetshearts




⌈"A little bit of fun never hurt anybody!"⌋


Pharell|| Happy
Bruno Mars||Lazy Song
Lil Jon||Turn Down For What
Ludacris||Party Girls



⌈"Ain't I special?"⌋





⌈Face Claim⌋
Michiko Malandro



⌈"Beauty, beauty,beauty! Is there anything else to talk about!"⌋

⌈Hair Color⌋

⌈Eye Color⌋

⌈Skin Tone⌋
Dark Caramel Skin


114 Ibs.

⌈Physical Description⌋
Hani is a dark skinned girl with a diamond face and no visible blemishes, though she may get a bruise or two from doing something wild. She has a skinny nose and naturally full lips. Her eyes are black and deep set shaped. She has black, long, straightened hair that she puts in ponytails and braids usually. She has an hour-glass frame and is quite tall, towering the majority of the other girls and boys she knows, but she is also very skinny. She has thin, black eyebrow that almost look like semi-circles above her eyes. She has a tattoo on her stomach with the initials of fallen friends. She usually wears clothes that, though stylish, usually aren't too girly. She likes clothing that shows off her body since she doesn't really like wearing things that are too warm.



⌈"I know a lot, I do a lot."⌋

⌈Potential Interest⌋
Nobody or Thing at the Moment

    âœĻ Fighting || Being that she's lived in some bad neighborhoods where she needed to protect herself she knows fighting like the back of her hand.
    âœĻ Social || She came from a big family, she had to be social. Also she is funny and knows how to strike up a conversation.
    âœĻ Team Player || She loves working together with others and being in a team.

Iron Fist
    ✔ Cooking || Even though she is fond of sugary sweets and salty junk food made by overly rich companies, she'll always enjoy the recipes her mother had taught her to use before her sickness got drastic.
    ✔ Math || Even though in other classes she is a real bad student (and to be truthful she still acts stupid in math) she is quite good with numbers.



⌈How much more of me can you take?⌋

She is of African-Caribbean and Indian decent, her mother being African-Caribbean and her father Indian.

    ❖ Biting Nails || She does so randomly, though if something important is coming up she'll wear gloves for the whole day just to not bite her nails.
    ❖ Giggling || Everything is funny to her.
    ❖ Bouncing Balls || It is both a stress reliever and just plain fun.
    ❖ Always Chewing Bubble Gum|| Well, when she's not snacking on some other junk food.

    â™Ĩ Snacks || Mainly chips and chocolate bars.
    â™Ĩ lGames || Board, electronic and outside games all interest her.
    â™Ĩ Comedy || Comedy shows or just jokes in general.
    â™Ĩ l Television || Just lazily sitting on the couch watching T.V. is a fine day for her.

      ✘ Sadness || She's normally cheerful so doesn't like seeing others or herself sad.
      ✘ Being Alone || Being that she comes from a big family she normally was around many people, being alone has always scared her.
      ✘ People Talking badly about her or her family ||Nothing in the world can make her grin fall off quicker then talking badly about her family or herself. Don't do it.

      âœĒ Physically Strong || She knows how to win a fight.
      âœĒ Good In Close Ranged Fighting || She likes being in the action, dealing out the punches and getting punched herself, it gives her a thrill.

      ⌘ Gets Exhausted Easily || She is not the type of person who can fight for too long, especially if she has to do a lot while fighting.
      ⌘ Impatient || She doesn't like waiting to do things, usually.
      ⌘ Reckless/b] || She may do stupid things that destroy her whole plan.



⌈"I'm just here to keep the seats warm and to show y'all how I'm like."⌋


Funny | Dare-devil | Lazy at Times | Caring

Hani is a fun-loving girl who will do anything for a good thrill. She loves to be around people and is very good in social situations. She is also quite comedic and loves lightening up the mood with jokes that she made up. She can be lazy when she wants, especially when it comes to school, which she sees as boring. She is usually never mean and doesn't fight with others often, this doesn't mean she would take the peaceful option in a fight, though. She would never want anybody to think she's weak, since the majority of people around her seem to be high-class kids who couldn't last a day in the rough part of the world she's from. She is also quite caring, especially of friends and family. She'd never want to hurt somebody she's friends with. Even though she is usually very happy and laid-back she will get serious if someone talks badly about her or her family, she is not the type to play around with stuff like that.


⌈"My family is my life, all I do is for them."⌋


Hani has never been rich, her mother working as a math teacher at a small school. She lived in a four bedroom two bathroom apartment with her three sisters, four brothers, five cousins, and her mother, she being the fourth oldest in the bunch. Hani's mother took care of all of these children after her husband divorced her and her brother died. She learned a lot from her mother, loving her deeply. Her mother taught her many things like cooking and math. Sadly, when Hani turned 13 her mother became seriously ill, making her bed-ridden. Hani and her three older brothers had to work for money. Hani found jobs as an assassin and would work all night doing what people hired her out to do. She didn't tell anybody the jobs she took, especially her mother, who worried endlessly about what her children were doing for money. As of now Hani's mother is close to death and Hani will do anything to get the medicine she needs.

⌈ "How funny, ass."⌋

So begins...

Hani Farihah Kuno's Story