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"The song of a robin is an angels voice in the garden."

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a character in “Nothing But The Truce: Angels and Demons”, as played by Machubi-Uniki


Sephiraph (Sephy)
Human: Image
Age: 18

Gender: Female

Role: Angel

Type: Music/Song

Sephy, is extremely dark when in comparison to the other angels. Though, angels are supposed to have white wings, Sephy’s wings are raven coloured. This isn’t because she is half angels or half demon. It is because she suffered serious wounds that completely destroyed one and the other’s lively hood. This causes the feather’s that do grow back to ‘die’ and turn from white to black as she moults. Her hair is black also; however her hair was always that way. In comparison to an angel with a warrior background, physically she does not compare. However, her body mimics that of a well-toned human. This means she is in perfect shape. However it simply mimics, she appears to be in much better shape than she is actually in. Her face is considered to be extremely fair featured, almost cutesy yet still has its adult features. She would probably be described as being extremely beautiful if it wasn’t for her eyes. Her red eyes. Her blind eyes. Red because they no longer live. They no longer see.

Personality:  Sephy does not like people. Nor does she trust people. Not even angels and especially not demons. Though, before her wings became dead she would save people without a thought. Now she’s too scared. Preferring instead to reach out to other’s to do the job. That is not to say she never fights. She fights for herself, she fights for her god. However, she does not fight for anyone else. She is quite reserved, though she gives the outward appearance of being outgoing but mean. Sarcasm is her favourite defence. Her defence to keep others from her true kind, but terrified heart. She is extremely lonely, she just doesn’t want to admit it.

Likes: Irises, reading brail, the rush of the wind, music, poetry, texture. Things to touch. Singing, playing instruments. GLASSES! Only sunglasses however. 

Dislikes: Being ‘grounded’, being blind, her scarred wings. Loud noises, cheese. Those who think low of her. Cowards.

Sonar: This is how Sephy sees the world around her. However, she can’t make out small detail only the vague outlines of things. It works like a bat’s or dolphin’s however she doesn’t have to make the noise herself. Any noise at all will rebound back at her.
Banshee’s Cry: A simple high-pitched scream however, if exposed long enough it can completely destroy an eardrum. It also easily breaks glass.
Lullaby: A sweet melody that puts any exposed creature to sleep, however the time it takes ranges from minutes to seconds.
Emotional Voice: Transferring emotions via song. Again like Lullaby this can range from minutes to seconds.
Bass Fracture: A deep toned sound is emitted that causes anything being touched to vibrate to the point of shattering.
Echo: The ability to hear or send words from far distances.
Soul Song: A song that contacts the soul in order to heal, the more who hears it the slower the healing, and it does not work on musician AKA Sephy.
Instrumental Ring: Sephy must be playing an instrument for this to work, when she plays it she creates a barrier composed of sound waves. 
Sirens Call: Her voice vocalizes the song sang by the Sirens that rebounds or echos off any body of water, thus calling to all the hearts of men who then become hypnotized or stunned. The song only works, however, after it has echoed and reached the man’s ears.   

Weapon Of Choice: Kusarigama, a scythe that is attached to a chain. Great for medium to short-ranged combat.

History: Sephy was not born blind; she was also born with two beautiful white wings. Her eyes were a bright blue. She grew up, happily. Just as all angels do. She was trained in the art of combat, it was quickly discovered that she had an affinity with music and the Kusarigama. Thus, after a while, she was labelled as the Angel of Music. When she was fourteen she was in the middle of an in-flight training course and her teacher and herself were attacked by two demons. She never stood a chance against even one, she was still young and in need of practice. So he attempted to protect both of them. He died however, and Sephy in a fit of rage decided that she would avenge her teacher’s death rather than run. Unfortunately she lost. First they attacked her wings, ripping one to shreds before starting on the other one. She screamed and attacked one. So the other cut her eyes forever destroying all sight from ever returning to them. She heard them laughing as one released her and she fell. She was caught by another angel. That angel brought her back to heaven where she was healed. However, the permanent damage done could not be reversed and she could never see nor fly again. Later she found out that the same angel that saved her also allowed her master to die. He was coward. Though she is a grounded angel she still developed her fighting skills, first developing her sonar ability which ironically, on a battle field, is far more effective than eyesight. 

Anything Else?: She can’t travel down to Earth unescorted, someone who can fly must be with her.

Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence

So begins...

Sephiraph's Story