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From London to the City of Law to Rome... this is where it is happening.

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Capital City is the metropolitan utopia where peace and security are paramount. No human rights are recognized here, only privileges. Technology here is advanced and invasive. Ruler: Emperor Balderus.

Kranson is a small town on the east coast of the North Amerikan Empire where vampires have taken over. Currently a war is being waged between the vampire clan leader Vesago and RACE, a four-person gang charged with protecting humans from these monsters. Ruler: None.

The City of Law is a sick and starving place that used to be a highly populated Texan city. While the majority of the small populace there are brigands and cannibals, there are a few moderately sized resistance factions seeking to keep alive the Law of the Land, the antiquated United States Constitution. Ruler: President _____(Apply)______

Athens is the seat of power of Izanami, a female Grigori who threatens war with the NAE. Athens is haunted by the ghosts of the Draconians and Igigi. Captain Vorshal, a renegade "ghost" or "wraith", seeks to establish an alliance with the resistance of Athens in order to dethrone Izanami. Ruler: Izanami.

Jerusalem is the seat of power of the nameless world-leader. This is also the home of the new world religion, One and Three. No news comes from Jerusalem. Ruler: Unknown.

Danu is in what used to be Ireland, but is now New Atlantes, West. The Irish have been completely subjugated and demoralized by Pleiadian and Anunnaki soldiers, as well as New Atlantean Enforcers, who are human members of the global military known as the Federal Enforcement Division (or "FED") of the world government. Ruler: Wayland the Wayward.

London is in ruins. Scavengers, cannibals, and other "Lows" populate the entire city. London's infrastructure collapsed during the crash of the world economy in 2013. However, there is rumored to be great wealth and power hidden beneath the once bustling city that would grant the right person with extraordinary ability and riches. It is for this reason the government's Enforcers and cybernetic Transportation Security Agency have entered London and begun an investigation. Assuming Ruler: Prince Mammon.

Reykjavik (commonly called Atlantes City) is what used to be the capital of Iceland before the Great Awakening of 2012 and subsequent shifting of landmasses. Now, Atlantes City is basically a grander version of Capital City. Most Capitalians seek to outdo Atlantes City in splendor, wealth, happiness, and technology. Ruler: Ahriman Apollumi.

If you wish to RP in another location, such as an unnamed place or one of the other capitals, just PM me or make a thread.
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Earth 2017

From London to the City of Law to Rome... this is where it is happening.


Earth 2017 is a part of Nothing New Under The Sun.