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Benitsubasa "Benny" Bennett

~Life is full of beauty. Notice it.~

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a character in “Notting's”, as played by misssweetness821


β€œLife is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Name:Benitsubasa Bennett
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Engilsh
Orrientation: Pan-romantic
Romantic Interest: ~
Voice Claim: Jillian Star
Residence: With my new Specific, if (he/she) will have me as their Notting.
Personality: Benny is sweet and kind, with a beautiful voice. Her demeanor is gentle and comforting. Nothing pleases her more than making other's smile. She can be seen as a big sister, to a child in need of comfort. Or a sweet girl, accepting and devoted. It was her motherly, sweet attitude that helped the orphans through the hardest times. Her true nature was simple; to spread happiness, and comfort the sad, dissolve arguments peacefully with her sweet voice, and to care for others with all her heart and being. However she is no slave, and has a assertive side of her own. She will not hesitate to tell you her opinion on something if it is your best interest. Her actions are guided by guidance, and supporting love. Through the previous years she has learned sadness and loneliness, but also felt joy, and love.
She is flexible in her demeanor, and can become more or less assertive, pending on the situation. Previously she dealt with children, but has had the chance to observe others.
Family: My new Specific currently.
Younger sister: Akimi Bennett(7)
Younger brother: Harihitsami Bennett(7)
These were her previous specifics. It was a pair of orphaned twins, who begged for an older sister to save them. They were Benny's original creators. Before however, she had a different name. She stayed by their side in the orphanage, day in and day out through the lonely nights, wishing for parents. After three years, she had successfully kept the children optimistic, and cheerful, and one day they were adopted. Before they left the orphanage, they decided to release her from their service. Akini begged her to go and find love, Hari agreed and asked her to help more children if not. She had told them that she would be free to roam, but it was only a lonely path she would follow. They gave her a new name, and ended their contract.

[font=Corbel]Other: Benny speaks with an English accent.


So begins...

Benitsubasa "Benny" Bennett's Story


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The streets are filled with people, walking with their children or carrying briefcases. The variety was incredible as the city blended cultures and defied the normal way of thinking. However, to the blonde girl walking aimlessly down the sidewalk, it was the loneliest place in the world. Her two cascading ropes of blonde tumbled from her tilted head, as she stared down at the ground. Her arms hung in front of her, her hands clutching a golden locket whose chain dangled down from her fingers. Teardrops fell from her face leaving little disks of wet sorrow on the collar of her uniform.
The people shrugged past her as they walked, none taking any notice of her. Only when she slid down the face if a brick apartment building did she lift her gaze, resting her amber eyes on the tiny gold locket, Why can't I remember my real name... her thoughts wretched for an answer, but none came forth. Only the name she was given when she was abandoned. The steady stream of tears continued down her cheeks as she pressed the locket open, revealing a a photo of a pair if twins smiling back at her.
I know that I love you...but I can't remember...your names either....
As she sat on the street and tried to recall the memories of her life she realized, This must be the fate of a forfeited Notting, ...loneliness
It had been three days since they had given her up, the twins. However Benny hadn't told them her fate, and only hoped they never found out. Though if they did come across her, she wasn't sure if she would even know who they were.
All she could do now was sit, and wait. Without the twins, she wasn't sure how she even existed anymore. She couldn't help but notice no one looked at her, or even moved when they waled into her. Humans couldn't see her of course, but could anyone else? Maybe she didn't exist anymore after all...