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..with grounded toes and a head full of sky.

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a character in “Notting's”, as played by Wudgeous


Name: "Sire! SPELL IT, ESS-AYE-ARR-EE-LINE-DOT." No, seriously, Sire! insists on the exclamation point. It amuses Sire!.

Nickname(s): "She" or "he," depends on what you like to think. Sire! does not mind. Sire! encourages you to "guess" Sire!'s gender, actually. It makes Sire! chuckle in little breaths.

Race: Notting. "Like the hill, yeah?"

Age: ? Not sure what you'd be counting, exactly. Physical appearance or time spent with an active consciousness? The former is young enough--eighteen, twenty--the latter is very, very young. Sire! was created recently, and can't be more than a few years old. One year at the least. Needless to say, there's a big world waiting out there.

Gender: "Mmm, you'd like to know, I can tell." Ambiguous.

Ethnicity: Sire!'s skin is faded, but Sire!'s facial features read like those of an islander. Prominent lips, diamond-shaped face.

Orientation: ? Sire! seems open-minded enough. Or callous.

Romantic Interest: Love.... is interesting. It's an interesting little hole Sire! will peek through in someone's chest. Is it powerful? Is it sweet? So many questions and so few certain answers. But the real question is, would it be right to abandon Sire!'s creator to catch it? Or shall it be the created that is left behind in search of it? Frightening thoughts, to be sure, and few subject matters unnerve Sire! more. But if you're asking if Sire! has a "type," well, that would be you, you nosy little interviewer. The very act of showing interest in anything to do with Sire! is extremely attractive--and flattering. Literally, what more could a Notting ask for?
But Sire! is nothing if not coy. The introspective and philosophical are also among Sire!'s favorite people--though sometimes for the sake of tripping them up and giggling at the ensuing flabbergasted reactions, rather than engaging in deep conversation.

Residence: Nalin's head, perchance? No one's quite sure. "Haha, I'm just fucking made for you, aren't I?"

Appearance: With hair always moving, swimming, embracing: a translucent puddle of interwoven dreams and reality, sprinkled with speckles like a galaxy of stars, outlined with black pen strokes.
With eyes milky white, unseeing, yet seeing all; shielded by those long lashes.
With that knowing little grin, always.
Oh, CLOTHES? Forever low cut jeans.

Personality: Sire! is the earth. Sire! is the sky. Sire! is the air you breathe. Sire! is here, right in front of you. You need only look. Right?

Unlike Sire!'s Specific, Sire! is very innocent--or at least, puts on the guise very well. Not innocent in the sense of gullible or naive, but in open, reaching arms. In wide, believing eyes. In the inability to be corrupted by the surrounding world and its people.
Tell Sire! a fib, Sire! will trust you. Inform Sire! that it was a lie, and Sire! will react with nothing more than: "Oh." Your malice doesn't affect Sire! Your loss if you'd think otherwise, you poor thing.

That said, Sire! is really really nosy, and will be ALL up in your business before the day is done--reading diaries (and scribbling notes if Sire! can get away with it), feeding your pets, hopping onto your bed. Clinging, nagging, whining creature that Sire! is, Sire! demands attention--all the while, Sire! is flightier than a mosquito. Sire! is easily pleased, yet isn't. There's an innate sense of wistful freedom wrapped around this Notting, and with that freedom comes a level of aloofness, absence in immediacy. Sire!'s just bobbing along, singing a song, after all. Short-term thoughts are the only thoughts--what future is there for someone who doesn't exist? None. Plenty of presents, though!

Sire! dreams extensively, often spouting ideas of Sire!'s own and being thoroughly amused by them. Sire! is fascinated by trash. Unloved, unused, tossed away.

Family: "Er... Naliiiin?"

Tattoos: Ah. Sire!'s name written in bold print and sharpie, along Sire!'s left wrist: S I R E !

Other: Sire! is a friend, first and foremost. Accepting to a fault and never short of teasing words to dish out. Sire! encourages every idle motivation, and is the first pair of giddily, congratulatory, clapping hands. Sire! enjoys flopping onto people and objects--not like it ever hurts--and making funny noises. Oh man, Sire! LOVES funny noises, such as "BWOARHGGGG!"
Sire! enjoys telling people that Nalin has pierced nipples. Sire! enjoys telling people a lot of ridiculous things, which may or may not be white lies. Never meant to hurt, but always to procure smiles and red cheeks.
The only time Sire! can be self-centered is during a bout of jealousy--which usually stems from being left out in some way. It's not like Sire! normally has anything to gain or lose, or talk about life like an old man returned from a fishing trip. Sire!'s experience in existing is generally limited, and most of the time, Sire! does not feel like a person. Not that that's a bad thing. It does help Sire! with being a good listener.
(Anything else important we should know about?) [Er, idk. Maybe I'll continually add things as the rp goes along.]

So begins...

Sire!'s Story


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It would not be terribly farfetched to conclude that the absolute main repercussion of Sire!'s introduction to the modern, civilized human world was the waste copious amounts of electricity. Sire! would very frequently have outright and ongoing feuds with the mother of the house, with the latter combatant turning televisions, radios and general lighting off, and Sire! insistently, irritably turning them back on immediately afterwards--or else after the briefest of delays to allow her to think she'd won. This once was one of the few times Sire! surrendered the battle (but not the war!!), retiring to the Young Master's bedroom, plowing headfirst into the nearest lacey pillow like a dolphin returning to water. But somehow more pathetic and far less graceful.

"I wanna go out. You wanna go out? Because I do." said the Notting, not missing a single beat. Such was the awesome thing about not having to breathe through a circulatory system. It didn't stop the sound from coming out muffled though, which was curious. Sire! sat up when Sire! realized the noise output wasn't the best, tussling at the funny conceptual hair attached to Sire!'s own head... then, after musing over the idea a bit, meandering over to roughly tussle Nalin's funky rebel hair. For no reason other than to be a jerk, really.