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Strawberry Halo

See the world through the sightless eye.

0 · 250 views · located in California

a character in “Notting's”, as played by Belladonna Dawn


[center]Name: Strawberry Halo
Nickname(s): Berry, Blondie
Race: Specific
Age: 16
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Italian/European
Orrientation: bisexual
Romantic Interest: TBA
Residence: 778 Park Street, in a small house. She lives in the attic that has been finished.
Appearence: Image
Personality: Strawberry is generally a nice girl. She works hard in school, but she is so involved with her grades that she never had any social time. She'd rather read a book (brail) or listen to a book on tape than go shopping with friends. Her biggest fear is that she will be forgotten or never find a friend. She likes to sing, although she doesn't often sing in front of people. She is a very thoughtful person and expresses her ideas and thoughts through poetry. She is an outsider who really just wants to meet someone nice to help her break out of her shell. Sometimes, she can be a little emotionally unstable. She also knows how to throw a punch.
Family: Foster family- foster mother, foster father, and 2 foster sisters whom she dislikes.
Tattoos:[b] She has a tattoo on her lower back (okay, a tramp stamp) that says "Remember."
She's blind. She used to be able to see when she was a little girl, but she one day got in a fight at school where her eyes were injured. The eyes she has are prostetic.

Reason: She wanted someone either to love or to help her find someone to love. She wants to feel cared about. She also just needs help because she's blind.

So begins...

Strawberry Halo's Story


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Since when does sightless mean brainless? Strawberry sat alone now twirling some sort of flower in her hand. She felt its stem and wished that she could just look at its color one last time. Beauty used to mean so much to her. Now it means nothing. Nothing, like wind whistling through the broken-hearted trees. Like her life that she couldn't enjoy now. Not even a bit.
She stood up, though. She knew that she wouldn't let herself lay down and die. Life could be adapted to fit her condition. Weak of sight, strong of mind. The girl felt for her cain. Finding it, she grasped it tightly. Then she walked. With the loss of her sight came hightened awareness and bettering hearing. The birds could be her friends. She had to have a friend. Someone...
Someone to care and help her now that she was so alone and lost in the world. The cain moved from side to side, hitting every crack and stone in her way. She found her way home and into the house. Up in her bedroom, she sat with a brail book, just trying to figure out where it began and ended.