Now, now, now we must behave. Said the Kepper

Now, now, now we must behave. Said the Kepper


In a far off dugen, in a far off lays a casle were in the dugens lay humans waiting for escape. Will you join them or hold them.

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"The keeper is comming" is the worst words you wont to hear if you'r a prisoner in this dugan. You will be given oputrnites to escape this living hell if you know were to look. 2 meals of old food and stale water a day and 3 meals of nice food for gards. You live in small cages from ages 0 - death or when captured. Pleese the keeper and join there personal army. Rules of the casle:
1. Do as yourll told
2. Dont speek unless asked a question
3. You have no rights and can be punised for no reason
4. Obay the gards
and some advice, fear the Keeper.

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Have fun, mild language aloud, correct spolling is optunal. Say pie to show you read the rules.

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Re: Now, now, now we must behave. Said the Captor

Hey bud, not to be mean or anything, but you should really work on your spelling. Use a spell check system or something. It'll attract people a lot better if correct grammar and spelling is used. Like Dungeon, please, guards, and obey. Add a little more of an intro, and give a character sheet outline so your players know how to create a character. Get creative when making the intro, describe the cell the characters find themselves in, or give some kind of small scene where the keeper or one of the guards is beating and/or killing another prisoner for not obeying the rules.

These are just some things you may want to consider in order to create a flourishing RP on this website.

Now, now, now we must behave. Said the Captor

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