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Angelic Covina Merovech

Being a Lord Admiral isn't a easy job.

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a character in “Null Alliance's Universe”, as played by AngelicCovinaMerovech


Physical description: He has fur on most of his body, with some cybernetic apertures, he is of a medium athletic build, he has a scar on his chest, his eyes are a golden amber color, pointy wolf like humanoid ears.
Personality: his overall personality is stern and dominant, given a prowess of combat and naval warfare, he has a strong self discipline.
Equipment & Abilities: he wears a standard combat exo-armor when on the field, with a ion-pulse rifle, standard combat knife and cybernetic wings. he relies mainly on his psionic abilities, and combat prowess, he also occasionally relies on Allura who is his Cortex chip AI.. When he is in command of his ship he is in a standard Enlisted Null Alliance Naval Uniform and a standard sidearm and Allura.

Historical Background:
Early Life
Angelic was born July 7th, 4515 K.C. (Kataxian Calendar) to a royal and noble family, he was the only child of his parents but was appreciated greatly by them. He eventually started his normal Academic courses in schooling, eventually going to the Kataxian Royal Navy Academy of Kataxia Ursa.
Naval Academy Training
Angelic was sent to the Kataxian Royal Navy Academy of Kataxia Ursa, where he trained and learned with standard Naval Officer training, and had added classes sent from the Kataxia Science Academy as recommended from his parents. After his standard four year course he graduated with all honors and was sent with a active commission as a Ensign on the KRN Agriera.
Early Career
Angelic started his naval officer career as an Ensign on the KRN Agriera, as a Assistant Navigations officer. He served for a few years on the Agriera before its scheduled decommissioning and transferred to the KRN Desmod.
Promotion of Rank
Angelic served on the KRN Desmod as a Lieutenant First Class, as a Navigations and Helm Control officer. he served on the Desmod for six years before becoming a first officer on the KRN Javelin. He served as the first officer on the Javelin until the death of his captain during the battle of Shuhundaria Extosa. The KRN Javelin was sent to Shuhundaria Extosa as a support Cruiser with the Delta's Hope Fleet of the KRN. right after the fleet dropped out of slipspace they was immediately attacked and decimated by a new Shuhundarian prototype ship, the World Ender class. the Desmod suffered heavy casualties and extensive damages to the ship, Angelic became captain after the death of Captain Cossak Edinton. Angelic ordered the crew of his ship to evacuate the ship in emergency jump-gate pods as he activates the self destruct of the ship, he piloted the ship helm controls to a collision course with the World ender fleet, as the ships reactor was going into critical overload. Angelic then immediately activate a Automated navigation systems to the programmed collision course after all the remaining crew was evacuated, he then activates his own emergency jump-gate pod and sets the course to Kataxia Prime. A few years later angelic was a captain of his own ship which was a prototype ship, the KRN Nova which was a prototype Dreadnought class ship, with experimental dark matter drives and weaponry. Kataxia Ursa was under attack by the Shadarians, the Kataxian Colonial Navy was holding at a deadlocked fight because neither side was advancing, The Shadarians was loosing due to the KCN Defense stations and the KCN was loosing due to the Shadarians kept their onslaught but was holding up with their defense Stations. The KRN Nova dropped out of slipstream-space with Destiny fleet that had many other prototype ships. Eventually the Shadarians retreated due to the damage done by the dark matter weaponry, and was classified as a victory and Angelic was promoted to Admiral due to his daring and successful defense of the colony world. Angelic eventually had his own command of a flagship, the KRN Degra which was a Command Carrier class ship, the Shuhundarians Suddenly attacked Kataxia Prime with a new deadlier weapon, which was a Viral and biological weapon that was dropped via Akra Drop pod missiles, and released the Katex Spores into the atmosphere of the planet, his wife and daughter was killed in the attack, whereas angelic wasn't affected, instead it created a genetic augmentation in his DNA that was unknown. He then orders all KRN Home Defense Fleets to attack the Shuhundarian Death Shrouds ships, Many casualties happened, Angelics flagship was heavily damaged, 98% of his crew was lost so he ordered them to evacuate the ship, he activated the ships reactors to go critical mass overload while manually piloting the ship on the collision course due to the Auto-Nav being destroyed. The KRN Degra collided with the shuhundarian death shroud flagship and exploded both ships, however angelic was spared on a reinforced bulkhead compartment of the ship which was pulled into a slip-space rift and dropped out near the Galanian System and was then adrift in space for several years. He was later picked up by a Galanian Frigate and was brought into naval service for the Null Alliance, being commissioned on the NACN Warrior, a prototype Guided Missile Destroyer.
Battle of Demonicron Prime
years later Angelic was on the NACN Warrior, Formerly the UNCN Warrior and had it retrofitted with newer weaponry and technology to handle the threat of the Demonicron ships. the battle lasted several months until a unorthodox method was used, by bombing the Demonicron homeworld with a Nova class tactical thermonuclear warhead. Angelic suggested to High Command of the Null Alliance that a tactical approach should be used to handle the demonicron threat. The High Council of the Null Alliance agreed to it, so his ship was retrofitted with four prototype Nova Class Tactical Thermonuclear Warheads. Two was fired onto Demonicron Warships, One malfunctioned, so the remaining one was fitted onto a Aegis Flight combat exo-armor and was launched from the exo bay. Angelic landed on demonicron prime, set down the warhead and activated its countdown timer, he defended it for a few minutes then flew in the Combat Suit back to the Warrior and the warhead detonated, anhilating the entire planet and surrounding demonicron ships, After the victory angelic was awarded both the Wings of destiny and Shield of Tribunes, he was the only NACN member to be awarded both. He also was promoted to Fleet Admiral and was given command of the NACN Aegis. Years later Angelic became a Lord Admiral, and was in command of the CES Agemenda, a prototype Agemenda Class Supercarrier, outfitted with the most advanced and prototype technology, including a Chronon-Tachyon Influx Drive.

Affiliation: Various Null Alliances factions
Place of birth: Kataxia Prime
Species: Kataxian
Gender: Hermaphroditic Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Sexuality: Bisexual

So begins...

Angelic Covina Merovech's Story