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Evangeline Lorane

A member of the special cases team for the FBI. Brilliant, brave.

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a character in “Nursery Rhyme Murders”, as played by Rhasslairiel

So begins...

Evangeline Lorane's Story

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"Y'know... if Marc would just do his job..." her voice was irritated, her cold, bright eyes were scanning over the files in her hand. The pictures weren't taken very well, and the description of the scene was rather vague. Marc had really slacked up on his job lately, and it was really starting to piss Evangeline off. I mean, what the fuck is this: Strange writing on the wall in blood.... Thanks Captain Vague. She shook her head, and flipped another page rather angrily, ending up in giving herself a cut on her finger as the paper slid across and opened her skin. She hissed, and stuck her finger in her mouth, before continuing to flip through the pages, not that she was going to find much. With a sigh, Evangeline rested her head on her hand, and stared down at the images that they were shown.

So far, from what she could tell, the victim's eyes had been taken out. Not the first time she'd seen that. They were sprawled out on the ground, in their living room, on their backs, but outside of that, Evangeline couldn't really tell anything. There were no pictures of the blood on the walls. She sighed. The NYPD had called in their special team to check it out. Why they hadn't just called the team that's stationed in New York, Evangeline didn't understand. But since she and her team were stationed in DC, they were going to have to get on a plane and head out to the small town in New York state and figure it out. The arrangements had already been made. The hotel rooms had been bought, the office space had been cleared for them, and all they needed were the people themselves. Evangeline stood up, and reached over for her suitcase. God damn she felt sick. She blinked and breathed away the nausea before opening it quickly, and checking to make sure, again, that she had brought everything she needed. A week's worth of work and causal clothing, her toiletries, her camera, and a few things here and there that she felt like she was going to need. She was surprised she had been able to get it all into one suitcase. Most of the women in the FBI, actually, didn't pack very lightly. But she packed heavily enough to make it through anything, but lightly enough to get it all into one bag. She pulled her purse over her shoulder, and held her suitcase in one hand before going through her desk to make sure she didn't need anything else. She flicked off the light, which was cold and blue, made the room look rather depressing, but what room wouldn't look depressing with the weather outside? There was no rain, yet, but there sure were clouds. The view of the White House out her window didn't even look nice. Everything looked grey, and unhappy. But she was an optimistic person, and hoped that the sun would be out at least a little bit in New York.

As she started walking toward the door of her office, to meet the rest of her team, oh! the files! Evangeline, with a sigh, turned on her heel and walked back to the desk to pick them up and tuck them into her bag. She finished organizing the last few things on her desk, before flicking her dark brown hair over her shoulder, straightened her trenchcoat, it was cold out there, and started toward the door. Just as she reached her hand out to the doorknob, there was a knock that made her jump.

Knock, knock, knock...

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Evangeline, upon hearing the voice outside the room, let out a little sigh. Why she had let the little knock frighten her even a bit was beyond her. Perhaps she was just on edge today. Perhaps it was the fact that she was counting down the seconds until they got on the private jet, and she hated being on airplanes more than ever. Yeah, that'd probably be it. Evangeline tucked the files under the arm of the hand holding the suitcase, before reaching out and opening the door.

"Adam," she said, still that hint of relief in her tone. "Hi there. I was just finishing up the last of the packing. You ready to go?" she raised her eyebrows, not stopping to chitchat, but instead turning on her heels and walking down the steps toward their general working space, where she hoped the rest of the team would be, if she was not already late to get to the airport. The screen still had the images and whatnot of the murder's location, some pictures, and their briefing on what the police station in New York had done already. Evangeline used the corner of the file to scratch just under her cheek before looking around.

"Is everyone already at the hanger?" she asked Adam, turning around to look at him.

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Character Portrait: Evangeline Lorane Character Portrait: Adam Dawwenga
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((sorry, I was in the hospital))

Evangeline shrugged her shoulders before hoisting her large purse on her shoulder, her other hand gripped on the suitcase. "Well, come on then, we'll wait for them by the plane." she said and began making her way down the hall toward the jet hanger.

She knew that Adam had been looking into her romantically, and to be honest, she wasn't sure what to make of it. She thought he was handsome, sure, and capable, but last time she had been romantically involved with a coworker, with anyone really, he had been killed, and she didn't know if she could go back and face that. She felt safer being cold, being quiet, and letting others do what they will.

When they finally reached the hangar, Evangeline handed her suitcase to the man loading their luggage. She opened her mouth to say something to Adam before she was cut off by a familiar voice behind them--

"Special Agents Lorane, Dawwenga?" Evangeline turned her head over her shoulder and saw their boss crossing the lot toward them. "I'm afraid you two are going to have to go ahead. The rest of the team will catch up to you, but there's a pressing matter regarding the court date for the Kenner case, and some of the team needs to stay here to testify. They'll be along soon enough though."

Evangeline nodded firmly before reaching out her arm to shake her boss's hand.