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I will show you the true might of Kanto. We're taking back our home.

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a character in “Nuzlocke: A Deadly Adventure”, as played by BAWADABOO


Are You a Boy or Girl?: Boy

How Old Are You?: 60

What Was Your Name Again?: Brock

Your Very Own Pokemon Adventure is About to Unfold


Personality: Brock is tough. He can be very stern and callous sometimes, but that is only because he needs to be. He trains himself, his soldiers, and his Pokemon with ferocious intent. Everyone under his leadership is in top condition, because they need to be. Brock hides his true face from people, so they dont see him as weak. Candidly Brock is a very caring and nurturing person, but with the current conditions of Kanto Brock needed to step up his game and become the leader his region needed him to be.

Onix: Male
Lv 87
Stone Edge
Iron Head


Lv. 85
Stone Edge
Rock Polish
Sucker Punch

Focus Sash

Lv. 88
Rock Slide
Fire Fang
Ice Fang

Expert Belt

Biography: Brock was just a gym leader until the epidemic started. The first time he killed a young trainers Pokemon he closed the gym. He would never take the life of another innocent Pokemon. Once Daemon started taking over he locked up Pewter City tight. There was no way any of the Daemon Corps G-men were getting him, or his people.

He was not a military leader. The only thing he had over anyone else was that everyone in Pewter respected him and would follow him unconditionally. Red was no where to be found, so he would have to take the reigns and be the sole resistance. Unfortunately the location of Pewter city was not a good one. It was nearly impossible to travel anywhere or plan anything from the elbow of the Daemon Empire. He would need help to get to Daemon, and maybe these new kids would be just what he needed.

So begins...

Brock's Story

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"Onix! Use Stone Edge!"

The rock snake dove forward at high speed, spun around, and stabbed the rock wall with it's tail. The wall exploded into a million pieces. Brock ducked behind Golem as the rocks rained down. Once the rocks had all fallen Brock looked up with a smile. "Nice one Onix, Stone Edge is only getting more and more powerful"

Brock stood tall and returned his Pokemon. "take a rest guys" he offered as he put them back on his belt.

Brock stood alone in his training area, a large plateau on one of the mountains surrounding Pewter City, and breathed in some of the fresh air. Up here all he had to worry about was whether or not it was going to rain. There was no war, no fighting, no death, just peace. He came up here at least once a day...

Just to keep his sanity

His earpiece piped up. "Brock sir, we've captured the students you told us about." Brock sighed. He had gotten word from Red a few days ago that he would be sending four students from Ever Grande to help him. He didn't know what help these students would be to him, but maybe they could be of use.

"Take them to the Gym, I'll be there soon"

"Yessir" Brock grabbed a ball from his waist and tossed it. Brock hopped onto the Aerodactyl's back before it had entirely materialized. "Take us home Aerodactyl." It crowed and took off.

Hopefully these kids would be as good as Red said they were.


The first thing he saw was a faint fuzzy light. He slowly opened his eyes. Ryan had never been knocked out like that before, it was really disorienting. It's not like falling asleep. When you fall asleep you dont remember it. Getting knocked out like that... you remember everything until you lose consciousness. It was like one moment he heard Rya scream and felt himself hit the grass, and in the next he was in this room. Rya!

He sat up quickly. Bad idea. The blood rushed from his head and he fell back. He felt a pair of hands grab him to stop him from hitting the floor. His vision was blurry, but he could see that it was Rya that caught him. He braced himself on one arm and rubbed his head with the other. "Thanks Rya..." he could feel the cut and the bruise on his face. That son of a bitch. He was able to sit up now. "You alright?"

He didnt know where they were. He assumed they were in Pewter, and from the atmosphere in here it must've been the gym. There were rocks placed all over, it looked like a battlefield, Brock was a Rock type master after all. This field probably played to his strengths. It was in his survey of the field that he saw another figure lying nearby. It was pretty dark so it was hard to make out who it was.

Ryan scooted closer to the figure. It was Jack! Relief rushed through him, but was then quickly overtaken by worry. If Jack was here, where was Jessica? He grabbed Jack's shoulder and shook him awake. He noticed that he and Jack had matching wounds. Rya must have cleaned and dressed them.

"Do you have any idea whats going on Rya?"

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"Yeah guys, go ahead and let out everyone who can help us out here."

Rya was right. As long as they were in a Rock gym there were probably gonna be other ground/rock type challenges ahead. Ryan let out Constantine and Hector. Hector because rock didnt affect him much, if at all, due to his super high defense and Rock/Bug typing.

Constantine and Hector quietly huddled together near Ryan, trying to figure out what was going on. He rubbed Constantine's head. "It'll be alright bud" He stared quietly into the darkness, wondering what was gonna happen when Brock showed up.

Jack had let out his Pokemon as well. Ryan didnt know what to think about all of this.


The lights came on in a flash! The entire arena was lit up immediately, exposing two sets of bleachers on each side and a large pedestal in the back. On this pedestal stood the Gym leader, and Rebellion General, Brock. He stood with his hands on his hips staring down at the three students.

Hmm... They were well prepared for battle. Brock looked over their Pokemon. All had a Pokemon with advantage over his own, but he knew damn well there was no way they could beat him. They were just too low leveled. They were scared, and Brock could see that the boys had been injured. He took a few seconds to collect his thoughts...

"Relax." he finally shouted. "There is no need to get testy, I'm not going to attack you." He held out his hands innocently. It was obvious that the kids weren't gonna lower their guard.

He began stepping down to the battlefield, arms folded across his chest. "So you three are Redwood's pets eh?" It was true, he harbored a bit of loathing for Red. When push came to shove Red hit the road while everyone else stayed to help. They stayed to fight back. What had Red done? Sent a few children? Brock could feel he was starting to get angry... These kids better be worth something.

He stopped walking when he got to the battlefield. "Look kids, I don't know if you've noticed, but we are at war!" He reached for his belt and drew a Pokeball. "I dont know what Red sees in you, but if he was willing to pull his cowardly ass out of hiding you must be worth something...." he twirled the ball in his hand, thinking things over.

"Red told me what you said." he was speaking to the boy with the Quagsire. "He said you wanted to help. to 'save Kanto.' Let me give you a little taste of what you are up against." He tossed the ball into the air, releasing his Onix. The snake appeared on the ground and gave an earth shattering roar. Dust was shaken off the bleachers and the students each took a step back. Onix's power was massive. If it wanted to it could destroy most of Pewter City with one attack, and he hoped the kids could see that.

"Here is what's gonna happen." He was pacing back and forth now. "If you three, together... can beat my Onix... Don't worry about killing him, just give it your all my judges will end the battle when it is necessary... If you three can beat my Onix, I will allow you to help." he stopped pacing. "If you cannot... you will go home. I will not be responsible for your deaths. Red may think you are worthy, but youve got a long way to go before you've convinced me." He looked directly at the leader boy. "Do you have what it takes?"


This guy was the definition of intimidating. Ryan was shaking, not with fear, more like... adrenaline. The Onix shook the world with just his entrance, he had no idea what kind of power such a Pokemon would have...

Ryan turned around to look at his partners. They were both probably as shaken as he was. Nevertheless they knew what needed to happen. They'd come this far, there was not going back now. Ryan nodded and turned back to Brock. The man was unbreakable, and he had called Ryan out.

"Brock!" he shouted. "We'll take you on."

Constantine, Nami, and Osha approached the battlefield in a triangle formation. The three trainers lined up next to each other as well. Ryan took a deep breath.

"Lets do this guys."

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#, as written by Polka
The boys let out their Pokemon. They both made wise choices.
The type advantage would be helpful of things got too serious.

As soon as all the groups Pokemon were released the lights flew into action. The large Gym was revealed.
It was huge and Rya had not been expecting it to be as big.

Brock appeared as if out of nowhere. He didn't seem interested in the group at all, he wasn't hospitable like Rya had imagined but he was harsh and rough, just like his Pokemons type.
He mentioned something about war! of course they knew it was a war, they wouldn't have just decided to come here without researching everything. Well at least Rya did.

She balled her hands into a fist. She was really mad, frustrated because they were here to help and this old man couldn't look past his own bitterness for Red.
Rex could sense his trainers anger and tried to step forward but Rya stopped him.
When Brock released his Onix, Rya was not as surprised she had already seen one and she was not frightened anymore. She sent Osha forward. She knew that Osha had this battle down.

' If you wanna fight then I am ready!'.
Rya looked at Jack and Ryan in turn. She had the determination to win.

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Jack smirked at the famous Gym Leader's show. 'So after all these years the guy can still hold a grudge against someone who wanted to protect his friends and help in his own way. I can't wait to stomp him.' Jack had very little patience. He'd had a long few days. First Jess left then Ryan and Rya had been abducted. Then he almost got his head knocked off. All in all he was not happy and was all to eager to send his Pokemon into this battle to show Brock exactly what he and his friends were capable of. Luckily he picked a loophole in Brock's plan. With the three of them working together they would be allowed to use any and all Pokemon they thought would give the advantage. Reaching to his belt he released Nami and Karma. "Nami get ready to attack, Karma your support keep everyone up to speed as long as you can. Kiiro stay back for now your no match for an Onix your attack won't do anything just cheer us on." He smiled to his partners and looked to Ryan and Rya nodding. "Let's show him what we can do."


Brock let out a laugh as the three determined trainers prepared. "You really don't know how powerful my Onix is do you?" Seemingly without prompt Onix whipped up a sandstorm.

Ryan took the lead with his Constantine. "Constantine Amnesia then Mud Bomb." Constantine stood still for a moment forgetting his problems then lept into action launching a dark ball at the Onix who didn't even attempt to dodge and just took the flat blast of the attack. It just rolled off barely even marking his surface.

Jack was the next to take action. "Nami Water Pulse" Nami nodded raising herself up on a plume of water sending the pulse deep into the sandstorm just missing the Onix's head. The pulse continued on bursting against the wall.

Rya quickly followed her friends. "Osha use Water Sport take down as much of this sand as you can!" Osha spent a moment building up its power before releasing a torrent of water reducing the density of the storm.

Brock smirked. 'These kids are smarter than I gave em' credit for. Their doing everything they can to exploit their type advantage over Onix... It's not going to be enough.' "Onix dodge through the storm then Stone Edge." Onix roared as it dove into the storm slamming its tail into a rock as it passed by sending the shards flying directly at Nami.

"Nami coil up for defense then get close and use Aqua Tail." Nami coiled up doing her best to deflect the attack. Due to her hard scales many of the rocks broke apart, but she still took a good bit of damage from the attack. "Karma, you know what to do." Karma pressed her hands together focusing her psychic abilities on healing her Nami's injuries.

Rya was the next to give an order. "Osha get in close and use Metal Claw!" Osha charged forward flanking Onix with Nami and smashed her newly sharpened claws roughly against Onix who let out a slight howl as the attack landed but didn't seem to take much damage at all from the attack.

"Constantine use Surf! Clear up this storm before and hit him hard!" Constantine lifted into the air on a jet of water slamming down to the ground sending a wave crashing over the entire field. The attack landed on all three of the other Pokemon. Nami and Osha almost didn't notice the wave as they cut through it. Onix on the other hand took the wave hard finally starting to show signs of the waging battle.

"Onix, Iron head on the Prinplup then dodge away don't let them surround you!" Onix roared and lowered his head at Osha charging furiously into Osha and surged through their ranks escaping the flank and getting all three in front of him again.

"Constantine cut him off with Slam get him back between us!" Constantine jumped into the air and slammed down on top of Onix's changing its direction back towards Nami and Osha.

"Good job Ryan. Nami hit Onix with and Aqua Tail!" Nami swung around on a wave of water crashing her tail right into Onix's side. He winced slightly at the impact but every attack seem to do less damage than it should be doing, and their Pokemon were starting to get tired and worn out.

"Osha Bubble Beam see if you can slow him down a bit." Osha nodded and shot a stream of bubbles in the middle of Onix's body. As the bubbles burst against Onix he seemed to slow down slightly. Their repetitive attacks were finally staring to show some affect on Onix.

Brock gritted his teeth as he watch his Onix getting pounded on. 'These kids are working really well together. They actually be able to do something. Never thought I'd have to resort to this.' "Onix use Earthquake." He didn't sound enthused or happy when he said this. More like he was testing them.

"Nami Recover!" Jack watched as the gym began to shake rocks crumbling and crashing into his Pokemon as she tried to recover over the damage, but this was to much Jack couldn't let Nami keep going after an attack like that. "Nami come back you were great. Alright Karma you're up. Double Team!"

Constantine faired well against the attack thanks to his typing. "Can you keep going Constantine?" Constantine nodded bellowing defiance at Onix.

Osha was looking pretty beat up so Rya called her back sending Rex out in her place. "You did great Osha, Rex let's finish this." Rex roared as he jumped onto the field.

Brock smiled to himself again as he watched them recover from Onix's strongest attack. 'Their doing much better than expected...' "Onix Stone Edge hit the Gabite. "Onix roared slamming its tail into the ground sending rocks flying into Rex. Luckily Rex was quick enough to dodge most of the rocks but a few struck his stomach.

"Karma use Magical Leaf!" Plants sprouted from the ground slowing leaves hopping off of them before flying towards Onix. Each leaf made contact and he could tell Onix felt each one as it hit. He howled loudly in pain. Finally they were making headway against Onix's spectacular defenses.

"Constantine. Mud Bomb!" Constantine launched another dark ball at Onix crashing it against its head. Onix cried out again looking even more run down.

"Rex Dragon Rage!" Res pulled back before releasing a torrent of energy into Onix.

The ref jumped into the middle of the field. "Enough Onix is no longer able to battle!"

Brock called Onix back and walked to the middle of the field motioning to Rya, Jack, and Ryan to come down and join him. As they reached Brock in the middle of the field Jack spoke up. "So now what? We passed your test. I don't know about the others but I want an apology for being attacked." He stood there with Kiiro on his shoulder and Karma standing next to him each looking as serious as Jack did. Even Kiiro who'd just joined his team yesterday.

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Brock stepped down to the middle of the field. That was a decent battle. Of course, if the battle had been real, this would not have gone the same way. Despite that, they'd done well. Once the three met him in the center, the boy with the Pikachu spoke out.

Brock held up one hand between him and the Pikachu kid. "Calm down." Why were these kids always so confrontational? "First off, I suppose an apology is in order." he took a deep breath. "I am very sorry that my men attacked you, however, I have standing orders for them to neutralize all threats, and from what I've heard, you" he looked at Ryan. "you were getting physical before my soldier took you out." He then looked to Jack. "And you, my men had plenty of reason to believe you posed the same threat, with you wearing your anger on your sleeve. Seriously kid, you might wanna get control of yourself. Something like this may happen again."

Brock crossed his arms and let that sink in for a bit. "Regardless, I apologize."

"Second. Yes, you did pass my test. You managed to impress me, and that is not an easy thing to do as of late." This was true enough. None of his men were able to fight his Onix with that much intensity. These kids would be useful, maybe even helpful.

"Before I give you any information, I want you to go to the Pokemon Center just south of here and get your Pokemon fixed up. I'll meet you there in an hour or so." With that Brock spun on his heels and left them, heading for his quarters behind the Gym.


The Quagsire returned to Ryan, as the only Pokemon who had maintained through the entire battle, he was probably pretty tired. "Nice work bud, take a rest." He returned Constantine and joined the others in the middle. Brock began to speak, kinda tearing Jack a new one. That was a little harsh, but ya know... kinda true in a way. Brock than told them they had impressed him (nice to know) and told them to go to the Pokemon Center.

He was right. Ryan's Pokemon were wasted. They needed help.

The three of them were now alone in the room. Ryan looked to the others. "C'mon guys, might as well go. I'm sure your Pokemon are as messed up as mine." He turned around and headed for the door, making eye contact with Rya as he passed and giving a small nod, signifying that their time as a duo seemed to be over.

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#, as written by Polka
It was done.
The battle that all three of the young trainers weren't expecting went there way.

Osha of course was pretty beat up but the penguin types level had increased. Plus Rya was sure Osha would have learned a new attack from the whole ordeal.
Rya stroked Osha's pokeball. Osha was her first friend and Rya truly appreciated how hard her pokemon had fought for her.
Rya thanked Rex and returned him. That dragon was always ready for a fight and it left Rya wondering what he would be like once he had evolved again.

Brock sent them to the pokemon centre and took the lead. Ryan signalled to her. Looked like their duo was done.
However, Rya was more than pleased that Jack had came back to make them into a trio. Clearly the three of them worked well together.
As the group headed out into the open air Rya stopped.
' I just wanted to thank you both. I can't say I have ever had people I can call close friends. Other than my Pokemon of course. '.
The red haired girl put her arms over each boys shoulder. She was not afraid any more, she could do it and it was all down to having a great team alongside her.

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Ryan sat quietly in the lobby of the Pokemon Center. His Pokemon were under the care of the center. The others sat nearby, probably running the days events through their heads as well.

He wondered why Brock was so upset with Red. It seemed like they would be on the same team. What could the Professor have done to upset him?


Redwood tossed the files aside. There was nothing in any of Oak's research to explain the problems here in Kanto. Oak was still very much alive when this whole thing started, so Redwood figured there would be something here, but after three days of searching he'd found nothing.

"Dammit Oak, there must be something..." He stood from the desk and left the laboratory. Someone in Kanto had to know something.

"Ding! ding!" his PokeGear was going off. He tapped the button to answer.

"Red. This is Brock" Red's eyes dropped a bit. "I've got your kids, you better hope they can make up for your mistakes."

"Brock, I..." he had already hung up. How long would it take for Brock to forgive him...?"

-Pallet Town. Circa 40 years ago.-

Red hoisted his back pack onto his shoulder lazily. His gaze was stuck on the ground beneath him. His hat turned downward to cover his face. He couldn't bare to look at anything, or anyone.

He placed his hand on his Fearow. "There is nothing here for me anymore Fearow, Take me somewhere, anywhere else." The bird cooed quietly as Red hopped on.

"Red! Stop!"

Red turned his head to see Brock riding at him on an Onix. Red turned away and tapped Fearow's body. "Let's go"

"Onix! Use Rock Tomb!" Onix growled and smashed the ground with its tail. Boulders hurtled toward Fearow. They fell in a pentagon around Fearow, pinning its wings, and trapping it from taking off. Red growled.

"Brock, Get out of here. Unless you want me to take you down." He glared daggers at Brock, who stood his ground. Brock was well aware that if Red wanted to, he could wipe him clean, but he didnt think Red had it in him right now.

"Red! I know what happened on Mt. Silver. I know it hurts..."

"How can you possibly know?" Red growled. "How can you know how it feels?!" His voice was getting louder and more furious.

"You are the CHAMPION, RED!" Brock reached for his other Pokeballs. "We need you HERE! So that nothing like this can ever happen AGAIN!"

Fearow was starting to get free of the Rock Tomb. "Brock, I wont warn you again. Leave!" Red reached into his bag. Every Pokemon he owned was in there. All except....

"Red... I cant let you go..." Brock pulled a ball from his belt. "RHYPERIOR, I NEED YOU!" He tossed the ball, and sent out a behemoth of a Rock Pokemon.

"You asked for this Brock!" Red threw a ball. "Go MEWTWO!" The legendary Pokemon materialized and floated menacingly in the air above Rhyperior.

Brock gritted his teeth. Red had never used his legendary Pokemon on anyone. He always thought it was too dangerous. What happened to him...

"Rhyperior! Use Giga Impact!!" Rhyperior charged at Mewtwo at full power.

"Use Psychic Mewtwo!" Mewtwo calmly raised his arm and stopped Rhyperior in its tracks. It lifted the Pokemon high into the air.

Brock could feel his nails digging into his palm from the clenched fists.

"Red... please..."

Mewtwo screamed and threw the Rhyperior into the ground. An explosion of dust and debris filled the sky as the gigantic Pokemon crashed into the ground. Onix coiled itself around Brock to protect him from the falling rocks.

Red dropped his head. "I'm sorry..." He returned Mewtwo to his Pokeball as Fearow took to the skies. When the dust had finally settled enough to see through, Onix uncurled and let him out. Red was long gone. "Damnit. You coward..." Brock returned his Rhyperior. It was knocked out, but not dead. The old Red was still in there... somewhere...

-- Present Day --

Red shook his head. He felt that he would never be able to make it up to Brock...


Ryan thought about calling Redwood to ask about his past with Brock. But he figured that it was probably not a can of worms he wanted to open up. Maybe he would ask about it later on...

The door to the Center opened, and in walked Brock. "Glad to see you are all well rested, you are heading out again tomorrow. You need to go through Mt. Moon and make it to Cerulean City. There you will meet the gym leader Misty. She is vital to our cause, and communications have halted between us recently." He crossed his arms. "Check in with me once you have repaired communications with her and I'll give you more information." he turned around to leave. "See you soon..."

Ryan blinked and the 'conversation' with Brock was over. Once the Gym leader had gone he looked to his friends. "Well that was abrupt." he blinked a few more times. He was exhausted. "We should get some shut-eye..."

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#, as written by Polka
The old woman tucked her now golden hair behind her ears.
She placed a pair of glasses on before reading through a pile of old letters.

They were old case files, the first few instances where pokemon had been dying.
It broke her heart to look at the same files everyday but she believed by looking over them she would find something, a reason behind all the suffering.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder. It was Joy. The two women had shared a close bond after opening the Cerulean City retreat. However, it had aged them so. Misty rubbed her eyes.
' Still nothing Joy. Red was always the one with the Brains. How on earth can we hope to save Kanto if we don't know how to stop this! '

Joy sighed, it was the same conversation most days. Misty had never fully gotten over that man leaving her and she couldn't forgive Brock for not bringing him back.
Luckily joy took care of contacting Pewter Cities leader. In a way she felt bad for the man, he apologized every day but Misty was never ready to hear it but of course the incident in Mount Silver did not help.

' Look Misty I have some news. It may be a small ray of hope. Red has sent someone according to Pewter '.

There was a flash of hope in the old Cerulean Gym leaders eyes at the mention of his name. She had loved that man once, though he may have never knew it. Once he left she almost shut down all contact with most people until Joy brought her back around.

' Have our best trainers meet them at the entrance to Mount Moon. I want them here in one piece Joy. If he sent them then they must be worth something '.


Rya sat with the others whilst her Pokemon were being attended to. Each trainer had been given a small red pill to take just incase they had ingested any poison.

Ryan mentioned sleep but she couldn't say she was tired. Far too much had happened today.
' I need to get some air'

She stood up and headed to the front door. The cold air hit her instantly.

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Brock sat atop his gym, staring at the mountain. They left only a few hours ago... Would they be ok going through the cave?

He shook his head and pulled himself to his feet. His thoughts were plagued with worry for the kids, and he didn't know why. He had much more important things to worry about than whether or not Red's pets made it to Cerulean. In all reality, the only reason he let them through Pewter was to get them out of his hair so that he could deal with the more important things. More important things like...


To be honest... the rebellion was getting nowhere. The last plan to infiltrate the Daemon Perimeter didn't go so well. No casualties.. well no human casualties anyway. His forces were sent packing with severe prejudice. It's probably why the soldiers were so on edge as of late. It also didn't help that he had had no contact with any of his allies for quite a while. He and Misty hadn't directly spoken in years, hopefully that would change when... if the kids made it to Cerulean. Janine had not made contact since the last job, so her fate was uncertain. She was strong, even so, he hoped she would be fine. Blue... Brock hadn't the slightest clue where Blue had gone to. Red was definitely around, but that coward was not worth Brock's time.

Those kids... Suppose he shouldn't refer to them as kids. They were in their twenties. Brock had already been a gym leader for quite a few years by the time he was twenty. And Red... Red was a damn genius when he was ten. That level of strength, perhaps Red had passed it onto his disciples.

After a bit of pacing he threw his arms in frustration. "Damnit!" he growled and ran his hands through his hair. He let them fall to his side, defeated. "They might be what I need to get the ball rolling again." He hated to let Red win.. these three were just so damn good.


Brock was shaken from his inner monologue by a distressed soldier calling from below. Brock stepped quickly to the edge. "What! An attack!"

"No! We just got word of a group of Daemon thugs heading into Mt. Moon!"

"They must be after the kids!" Brock tossed a ball, releasing Aerodactyl. He hopped on its back. "Take care of the City, I'll be back soon, I have to warn them." And with that he took off.

The entrance will be about an hours flight from Pewter. He needed them to bring down Daemon...

Who was he kidding... He would never be able to live with himself if they got hurt on his watch.

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Jack smiled. Despite his rather avid dislike of dark places he was having fun training with his friends. He was focusing his training on Karma and Ken. The two of them were getting close to evolving so he was hoping that through the course of working through the mountain they would reach the point of evolution. There was nothing he loved more than watching his partners grow.

About quarter of the way through the mountain pass Karma grabbed his side looking worried. "What's wrong Karma?" She looked back towards the way they'd come. Suddenly he knew what she was trying to tell him. "Umm guys... I think we're being followed by someone that doesn't have our best interest in mind."

Almost as an answer to his statement he heard voices echoing along the walls of the cave. "Yeah those kids that beat us went this way. We'll show em this time."

Jack's smile quickly changed to a scowl. "Looks like we need to fight again... Karma, Ken are you up for this?" The pair nodded looking ready to fight. "We're in a good spot here. Let's get ready."

After a few minutes the group of grunts came into view. "There they are! Let's get em!" Each of the grunts lined up across from the one they'd fought earlier and released their newly given Pokemon.

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Everyone was fighting so hard. Jack and Rya were off in their own battles. It wasn't safe to have battles like this inside a cave.

"Ursa!!" Ryan heard the shrill cry of his Teddiursa as it received the Hyper Fang from Raticate. Chloe fell to the ground, motionless. Ryan's heart dropped. She can't be gone. Not now, not here! His breath returned when he noticed her stirring. D

"Muk! Finish it off with a Sludge Bomb!" The purple blob opened it's mouth wide and fired a cannonball of slime at the defenseless bear. She wouldn't be able to take that hit. But Dio could. "DIO! take the hit for her!" The small rodent dove in front of the bomb just before impact. A huge purple explosion overtook Ryan's Pokemon. The purple cloud was quickly dispersed however, by a blinding light. Ryan knew this was Dio evolving. This was the same thing he'd seen when Dio evolved the first time.

The light diminished, and there stood Dio. The new Dio. It stood on two feet, and was about three times as big as it used to be. A plume of fire flashed from his neck and shoulders. It gave a hearty roar as the smoke vanished and the grunt realized just how deep of shit he was in. Ryan smiled, making eye contact with the enemy.

Another roar came from the same place, not the same roar. Not Typhlosion's roar... Ryan looked back toward Diocletian and didnt see Chloe. Instead he saw a gigantic grizzly bear with a circle on it's chest. Ryan's smile widened. Chloe had evolved too. Ursaring stepped next to Typhlosion. They were of nearly equal height, and likely equal power. Ryan had to rack his brain for any moves Chloe would've learned on evolution.

"Chloe! Slash on Raticate! Dio, Flame Charge Muk!" The two charged forward together, hitting their targets simultaneously. The cavern shook with the impact, sending the foes hurtling toward their master. Ryan was overcome by the power of his pokemon... He never thought Chloe would get this strong.

His happiness would be short lived.


"yes. The Weezing are in position."

"Right. Everyone! Clear out!" All the men left the cave and hid behind rocks and boulders and such. Once everyone was out of danger area he gave the order.

"Weezing!! Self-Destruct!!"

"WHEE!" the group of Pokemon lamented as they began to glow stark white.



The entire world shook. Ryan fell onto his stomach. He returned his Pokemon to their balls. Everything was shaking so violently, he could barely pull himself to his feet. Rocks were falling all around. They had to escape soon, or they were gonna get trapped.

He ran to find Rya, she was closest. He found her nearby with Empoleon, trying to find her way out. He grabbed her shoulders. "Rya, We've got to find Jack and get outta here!" He took her by the hand and took her to find Jack.

Jack was near the opposite exit with Blaziken and Gardevoir. "JACK!" Jack turned his head, but only to see the rockslide that fell between them. "JACK!!" Ryan stopped against the rocks, trying to pull them apart to get to Jack, but there was no chance of that. "Jack! stay put! We're coming to get you!" He tossed Chloe's ball. The large bear appeared and started pulling on the rocks. Even with all her might, there was no moving these rocks. "Dammit!" Ryan growled and slammed his fists against the rocks.

He grabbed Rya's hand again. "Let's go. He'll be alright." He wasn't sure about that, but there was no time to think right now. He led her back the way they came, the exit had to be back here somewhere.


Brock hopped off the back of Aerodactyl. Without missing a beat he sprinted for the entrance to Mt. Moon. Just as he got to the entrance he heard a huge explosion and a blast of air from the tunnel knocked him off his feet. The explosion sent him rolling into a boulder nearby.

He looked up to see the mountain shaking. What could have happened? Had they made it to the other side? He could only hope...

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"Dio... *cough* Chloe..." Ryan fell to the ground, buffeted by the smoke. He wouldn't be able to keep going for much longer. Climbing out of a collapsing cave was tough enough without carrying an invalid Rya. She hadn't spoken, and had barely moved since Osha saved them. She seemed nearly brain dead, just moving along silently. But the smoke and rubble was too much, and Ryan couldnt see clearly. A crash from above sent a rock torpedoing at his torso. The impact knocked him off his feet, causing him to release Rya's hand. He could feel himself slipping, everything was getting dark. From the rocky floor he dumped two Pokeballs out of his bag. Their only chance was for Chloe and Dio to drag them out. His vision dwindled to nothing as his Typhlosion lifted him into its arms.


Onix slammed the entrance with its tail, breaking apart the boulders that had blocked it. Brock could see into the cave, but could not see the others. He hopped onto Onix and tapped its head. "Let's go Onix, find those kids!" The Onix roared and dove into the collapsing mess that used to be a tunnel. Brock had to duck down and watch his head so that he wouldn't get decapitated by falling rocks. He grasped the fin attached to Onix's head and scanned the cave for Oak's kids. A small flicker of light shined in the distance. "There!" He outstretched a hand, pointing to the source. It was the flame plume of a Typhlosion. An Ursaring brought up the rear, both of them carrying something in their massive arms. As he got closer to the Pokemon he confirmed the two were Ryan and Rya, but where was Jack?


Ryan was pulled to consciousness by a voice. "Ryan! Rya! are you alright!" He tried his best to give a nod. His chest was screaming in pain, and he was having trouble breathing. Who was this person? "Ryan! It's Brock!... I'm gonna get you outta here." Ryan was placed onto a rocky platform. He could only assume it was Onix's back. He felt a change in weight as Rya was placed next to him. She wasn't hurt, not that he was aware of anyway. His two Pokemon forcibly returned themselves. Through all of this, all he could think of was whether or not Jack was safe.

The body below him was moving rapidly. All he could see was the ceiling above him whizzing past. The further they went, the brighter the cave became. Ryan closed his eyes once more, his chest was really giving him trouble. He must have broken a rib or something, because breathing caused him extreme pain.

The ride ended shortly afterward, and Ryan was slid onto a much softer surface of dirt and grass. He opened his eyes to see Brock sliding Rya off as well, before hopping back onto Onix. "I'll be right back! gotta go find Jack!" Ryan summoned all of his strength to yell to Brock. "No!" Brock turned back with a quizzical look. The gym leader hopped down and dropped to a knee next to Ryan. "Jack... separated... almost out... safe..." He couldn't speak well, the smoke and pain in his chest was killing him.

Brock nodded. "Alright.. I'll get you guys to Pewter before you know it." He lifted the two back onto Onix and the three set off for Pewter.

Ryan craned his neck back to see the mountain crumbling in on itself. What were they going to do now?

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The two were dropped in Pewter City in a building they'd not been in before. Ryan was still woozy when Brock told him that he had to go check... something out. Ryan hadn't heard what that something was, but it was the least of his worries. He hit the ground against the nearest wall he could, and Rya grabbed the opposite. He spilled his bag on the tile floor beneath him. Out fell five Pokeballs that promptly popped open and everyone began to look around in a confused manner. A quick once over of his team showed that everyone was ok. It was only now that he realized that some of his Pokemon hadn't met. He gestured with a small smile to his new Pidgeotto. "Guys, meet Leon." He moved his lazy gesture to his newly evolved partners. "And we've got some updates with Dio and Chloe too." The two gave a slight nod to their friends, but were not in a particularly friendly mood.

Across the room Rya sat in a huddle of her Pokemon... and it was easy to tell that something was missing. The poor girl hadn't so much as spoken since they left the cave. It had to be hard, to lose someone you've been with for so long, just like that. He craned his neck, looking up at Dio. If Dio were to die... He didnt think he would have much different of a reaction. Still, what good was he if he didnt try to help. His muscles screamed as he pushed himself to his feet. He quietly limped his way across the room to where his friend was sobbing. Her Pokemon released their tight huddle as he approached, and they were just as upset as she. Ryan said nothing while the her partners parted, allowing him to drop next to Rya. She didn't acknowledge him, just continued to cry into her arms.

Without a word Ryan draped his arm around Rya's shoulders, feeling her dig herself into his chest. Her shoulders bounced with each sob, and he could feel the tears soak through his shirt. He wanted to say something... anything to make it better, but there was nothing. There was nothing that could make this ok... So they just sat there, in this strange unfamiliar room, in this strange unpredictable region, in this strange unforgiving world, for who knows how long.

All the Pokemon had grouped together in the same fashion as Rya and Ryan. It was weird how... human Pokemon could be sometimes. They sat together, comforting each other, and feeling the same loss. All of them together. Just another way that Pokemon were so amazing. It gave him a small inkling of hope... that even in a harsh world like this, and after such a heavy loss they could find comfort in each other.

After what seemed like an eternity Rya's sobs grew quiet. Brock was not back with any information yet, and Ryan had no idea where to go from here, and he was exhausted. He found himself drifting off, his head leaning on hers. Every now and then Rya would make a quiet whimper, but he could tell she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. He thought it safe to nod of... just for a little bit.

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#, as written by Polka

As her pokemon kept close to her Rya kept sobbing. She wondered whether she would ever be able to stop. It didn't seem possible, she couldn't really fathom what had happened but in her mind she kept repeating:

She's dead. She's dead. She's dead

However, this chain was broken when her team dispersed and Ryan embraced her. Rya had not expected it, in all honestly she had forgotten Ryan was there. Burying her head into his chest she began to sob harder. She didn't say a word,just kept crying.
If she stopped crying then she would have to face the situation for what is was...

Eventually Ryan nodded off on her shoulder. The Pokemon snuggled in too but of course there was far too much going on in her mind, preventing her from sleeping.
She looked down at her legs, Tai and Squishy had snuggled in, so she couldn't move. Zephina lay close to Dio. The pair had formed a bond from being the same time.
Rex was also still awake. He just kept staring at her.
' I am sorry Rex. It's my fault she is gone. I couldn't run fast enough.' The small whimpers went back to heavy sobs. That was until Rex placed his head on Rya's other shoulder and began letting out small chuffing noises.
He wanted so deperatley for her to stop crying.

After a while, the chuffing noises acted as a lullaby and Rya began to fall asleep.


Thank God! He was one of the students. At least one of them was safe.
'Are you Ok, Let me help you!'

Taking Jack by his working arm, Misty took his remaining weight, whilst the Doduo sped over to the pair.
She helped Jack on first and then placed herself behind him. There was no use waiting around here. If the attack had been by who she think it was then she had no time to have a battle now.

As the pair made their way back to Cerulean the sun began to set.
' Once we arrive I will have Nurse Joy fix you up and get you a warm meal. AT Cerulean you will be treated as our Guest until you feel well enough to carry on'
Misty could only assume that Brock had not been too friendly. Many of her guests complained about Pewter and the tactics they used on travellers.

Back in Cerulean Misty and Jack were greeted by a small group of people. Two bigger men lifted Jack down and carried him inside.
Of course Joy had been waiting patiently.
'What happened?'She asked.
All the old Gym leader could do was shake her head. At an instant the nurse followed of after Jack.

It was about time that Misty made an important call to her old friend Brock. Hopefully he would have some news regarding the explosion, though she was not thrilled that she had to talk to him again.

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The call came into Professor Oak's office rather than Red's PokéGear. Brock must have guessed that he'd be here. Red picked up the phone. "What is it Brock?.... What!? How!? Where are they!?"


Ryan had been awake for about an hour, but he dared not move. Rya was still out, and he didn't think she needed to wake up. He wondered if she was dreaming about Osha. He hoped not. That wouldn't be very pleasant. The Pokémon had fallen asleep as well. They must have been there for a few hours by now... so where was Brock? Shouldn't he be here helping them?

His thoughts were interrupted by a bright, but familiar flash in front of them. Ryan covered his eyes quickly, feeling Rya stir next to him. He slowly lowered his arm only to see a small Pokémon occupying the formerly empty space. All the other Pokémon jumped up, ready for a fight, but Ryan held up a cautionary hand. It was just an Abra, the same Abra that had brought them to Kanto.

Ryan nudged Rya's shoulder. "Rya? I uh... I think we have a problem." She gave a sleepy grumble in response.

Suddenly the Abra began to glow blue, and float in the air. One after the other the other Pokemon returned to their Pokéballs forcefully. The Abra was using Psychic! Rya and Ryan began to float off of the ground. "What the hell?!" The two slowly started floating toward the Abra, until they were mere inches from it. Ryan tried to pull Rya away, but it was no use. The Abra draped it's arm gently across Ryan's shoulder. Everything went white.


The world flooded back into Ryan's view almost as quickly as it had gone. They had teleported again, but to where?

Ryan scanned the room looking for something familiar, which wasn't difficult. Everything was familiar. The desks, the book shelves, the chalkboard.. They were back in Redwood's classroom... In Evergrande City!

His suspicions were confirmed when Red stepped out of his office, hands behind his back, and wearing an apologetic gaze. Ryan sat up, holding a still groggy Rya, and stared in disbelief at the Professor. "Red! What are we doing here? We have to go back, we have to get Jack, we have to..." The Professor held up a hand.

"Go home kids... It's too dangerous." He produced a Pokéball, returned the Abra, and left the room without another word, leaving Ryan lost and confused. After all they'd already been through... Redwood was just gonna pull them out? As if they had failed his class? No. They had to go back. It wasn't over yet.

"Rya! Wake up." He firmly shook her to full consciousness. He would need her help. She finally opened her eyes, and punctuated her nap with a long yawn. "Rya. We have a serious problem.

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#, as written by Polka


Luckilly Jack had recovered quickly and was ready to begin training. The bet thing that Mist could do was help him to become stronger as she had no idea if his team mates were still alive.
Being as stubborn as she was, Misty had made no contact with Red or Brock to tell them she had Jack in her care. Though Joy had tried to persuade her to get in touch she had decided against it.

Misty had decided only to let Jack battle against Starmie for the time being. It had been the sturdiest pokemon in her team and her first. Not only was she teaching Jack about battling but also about the bond you create with your Pokemon. Misty and Starmie had became fluid, just like water. Both were completely in tune with each other and she wanted very much for Jack to accomplish this with his own team.

In the middle of a rather heated battle the pair were interrupted.
Misty. I know you asked not be disturbed but we have had some news from Pewter. Brock found Jacks comrades and took them to Pewter. He went to check on them a half hour ago and they are gone!'.




Rya could not believe her ears...


He just gave up just like that. She had no other words she just fell to the floor.
It wasn't until Ryan told her they were going back that she popped back into reality.

'Before we go Ryan would you come out side with me?'

She held out her hand for him to take. His hand was warmer than hers, she gave a shudder as thier finger met. She used his weight to lift herself from the floor and lead the way.
The pair ended up outside in the Univeristy courtyard. In the centre there was a large tree.

Rya pulled out a small pocket knife from her small satchel. She had taken it to Kanto for extra protection but it seemed fitting that it was here now to fulfil a new purpose.

' Ryan would you release everyone... I think they all need to be here for this..'

As the sun set Rya began to carve into the tree as the group watched. Her team were huddled together. It seemed like a perfect way to say goodbye.

' Goodbye little Penguin. Be safe...' She murmerd after carving the last digit.
She was crying but this time it was different. She was confident and ready even if she had lost Osha, the Empoleon would never be forgotten.